The characters of "Digimon"
The plot of "Gatekeepers"
The direction of Tai Kamiya...
The premonition of disaster.

Shows- Digimon

Author Comments-
This is the silly one that I felt obliged to do in between "Mole 2" and "Grim Reality." The whole thing's a joke, so sit back and enjoy it. Also- you do not need to have seen "Gatekeepers" to enjoy this.

Posting  Period- January 2002 to
September 2002
Episodes- 18
Rating- Rated TV-14 for violence, some language, and mild adult themes.

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Episode 1- Start the New Show!

Planes are exploding, aliens are invading, and Kari's in one of them sailor fukus... it must be the dawn of a new shounen anime. Joe commands the secret organization given the unenviable task of saving the world. Meanwhile, TK is just another normal kid... yeah, right.

Episode 2- Play That Funky Music, Sora!

TK gets accustomed to his new life as a Gatekeeper, and has more issues with his late father. Meanwhile, he and Kari are on the prowl for new Gatekeepers, leading them to a strange piano player with the power to create illusions through her music. But can they get to her before the Invaders do?

Episode 3- Let's Find Another Idiot!

The trio of Gatekeepers head to Himeji Castle in search of another teammate. They find a new one, full of pride and with a desire to do good for the common man. That comes into play as a heartless corporation wants to fill some valuable salt fields. Could the Invaders be involved?

Episode 4- Charge Towards Takyako!

Yolei Inoue has a dream: To be the best. And so far in life, she has accomplished this, becoming a track star for her school. But what happens when she discovers that her Gate Power gives her an unfair advantage? What happens when somebody bests her in battle? What happens to be the reason why nobody writes TK/Yolei fics anyway?

Episode 5- Storm the Girls' Dorm!

With the recruitment at a temporary standstill, the team has to choose a captain to lead. Unfortunately, a potential Invader is discovered… in the girl’s dorm at school. This gives Kari the opportunity to handle the threat herself. Fearing the potential for her to clinch the captain position through this, TK and Izzy plot a way to sneak in themselves.

Episode 6- Shoot Down the Casting Director!

With the Invaders concentrating their effort on Japan, the team gets help from a special operative from Hong Kong. Despite this girl’s small size, she packs quite a punch. And with an Invader-controlled airplane wreaking havoc in the skies, the team will need all the help they can get… even if she's played by Cody.

Episode 7- Integrate the New Seasons!

Two episodes are squished together to round out the introduction of the major characters. In the first, the discovery of an Invader disguised as a person very close to the group is upsetting to many, especially a young prodigy in their class. Afterwards, TK befriends Ken Ichijouji, a kid with many special talents. But that becomes insignificant as a "Dark Gatekeeper" makes his presence felt. Can they put two and two together?

Episode 8- Dream a Dream With Devimon!

After a routine clean-up operation over the Pacific, the kids find themselves caught in a trap- a world of illusions and fantasies stirred up by the second "top brass" Invader. In this world, all of the Gatekeeper’s fantasies are played out… most of them with swimsuits being a key element. So pick your favorite couples, and watch the fun begin!

Episode 9- Stop That Love Triangle!

The final member of the triumvirate is introduced… and boy is he introduced! Being the nice guy that he is, he possesses a train which happens to be carrying TK and his family. Can TK hold him off long enough for the other Gatekeepers to step in and stop that train?

Episode 10- The Kook of the North!

After a cargo ship crashes in the mountains to the North, TK and Kari are sent on a special mission to find it. Along the way, they come across a mysterious boy with some very strange powers. Will Ryo show TK and Kari the true powers of the Gate? Will Cyberdramon really pass as a pet ermine? Will everybody else get the day off??

Episode 11- Fun With the Foreigners!

Michael, Jun, and Catherine are in town, and things get a little bit different. Their expertise is one thing, but are they truly capable of defeating Machinedramon and Devimon? Is Davis going to get completely overshadowed by his sister? Is TK going to make another move on the French… er German girl?

Episode 12- Mimi's Getting Married!

In a cheap filler episode, Mimi discovers that she's been arranged to be wed to a charming husband... well... Mummymon. Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated subplot, Ken begins to woo Kari, making her question whether or not she has feelings for TK. Huh?

Episode 13- Sora's Giant Robot of Love!

Despite the various opinions of Digimon fans across the globe, they can all agree that the greatest moments of the series were in the first season, with the trials and tribulations of Sora, and how her strained relationship with her mother affected her position on the team. Okay… maybe they weren’t the greatest moments. But since fans either 1) connected deeply with her, 2) had a good laugh, or 3) got some cheap Taiora out of it, the sappy Sora episode deserves new life in the context of Gatekeepers.

Episode 14- Interrupt the Christmas Special!

Christmas is approaching, and as always- it doesn’t matter what kind of festive spirit is about, the only thing on everybody’s mind is “who’s making what for whom?” But that’s not the only thing on the minds of our heroes. Ken and his political club have received the big opportunity to debate on national television. But will the Invaders interfere?? Huh… this sounds awfully familiar...

Episode 15- New Year, Old Plot!

For some obscure reason, there’s an episode centered around TK’s little sister right before the plot gets good. So this one’s all for the Matt fans as Matt explores his friendship with Ryo while Ryo explores the true meaning of New Year’s Eve. Namely… getting stinking drunk. But can Ryo help Matt through his problems with a love interest… especially since there are no more girls left to play Matt’s love interest?

Episode 16- Begin to Wrap it Up!

It’s the start of the big, bad, trilogy that attempts to bring closure to this farce. While Kari’s father is away at a World Expo, the Invaders attack the expo, making this new battle personal. But when Ken pulls out some new weapons, can it be that the Gatekeepers have finally met their match? Wow… that sounds awfully serious.

Episode 17- Put It All On the Line!

A rally at Tokyo Tower turns into a riot as Ken unleashes his greatest weapon ever- his own Gate Robot. But when the Gatekeepers try to stop him, the mob sides with Ken, and even more chaos ensues. To make matters worse, the whereabouts of Kari and Rika are still unknown, and TK can only fear for the worst.

Episode 18- For Tomorrow's Ratings!

The big series finale is upon us, and there’s still half of episode 23 to cover. So with that in mind, TK and company set out on fixing the Gate Robot, while TK learns the truth about his father. Meanwhile, Rika attempts to open Kari’s Gate of Darkness, Ken’s power increases, and the UN sits on their asses and does nothing as usual. All that- next time! Oh… and maybe a massive climactic battle if we have time.

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