Tai Kamiya Presents "Gatekeepers"

Episode Three- Let’s Find Another Idiot!

Author’s Notes
In case anybody is wondering about the real Gatekeepers show (and this was written for those who had no knowledge of the show), I found a fantastic website for you to learn about it, including pictures and early episode summaries. There’s also not too many spoilers. Pioneer's official site at http://www.pioneeranimation.com/gatekeepers/main.html also includes character profiles of all the Gatekeepers… and a picture of the Giant Ball! If that’s not enough incentive to check it out, I don’t know what is.


(An alarm clock is buzzing. Kari wakes up, wearing a nightie. She stretches a bit, then gets out of bed, and walks over to the window. The sun is shining through the curtains and everything is right with the world. She opens the curtains. Directly across from her is TK, getting dressed. He stops midway through putting on his pants and turns towards Kari, with a smile.)

TK: (cheery) Morning Kari!

(Kari stares at TK for a second, embarrassed. She becomes even more embarrassed when she realizes what she’s wearing.)

TK: Mimi found me a place to live!!

(TK walks over to his window and looks at Kari… or rather at Kari’s nightie. He smiles.)

TK: Isn’t that great?

(TK is answered with an alarm clock to the face.)

Kari: (OS) Pervert!!

(Kari walks over and puts a robe on. She walks off the set and up to Tai.)

Kari: Okay, Tai, what’s going on??

Tai: I know, I know. This scene was supposed to go into last episode but…

Kari: I don’t mean that. I’m talking about TK.

Tai: What about TK?

(They look over at TK, who is walking over. He has a nosebleed.)

Kari: He’s got a nosebleed. His character is a pervert!

(TK feels his nose.)

TK: No… I have a nosebleed because you threw an alarm clock at my face. I gotta get this cleaned up…

(TK walks off.)

Kari: Whatever. Tai, his character is nothing like TK. He’s playing a perverted idiot who thinks he knows everything and has somehow cast himself as the leader of the group.

Tai: So?

Kari: Why didn’t you use Davis?! He’d be perfect!

Tai: (smiling) You’ll see… sometimes I amaze even myself.


Episode Four- Let’s Find a New Fighter!

(A bullet train is speeding through the Japanese countryside.)
Kari: (VO) We really have to maintain some sort of professionalism here. We are travelling on business, and have to represent AEGIS as well as possible. So with that in mind…

(TK is seated next to a window, and his face pressed up against it, watching the scenery fly by. Kari is seated next to him and looks angry.)

Kari: Would you sit down??!!

TK: But I’ve never been on one of these before! I wonder how fast we’re going.

Kari: It doesn’t matter how fast we’re going, just as long as we get there soon. After that last attack, it’s clear that the Invaders are getting stronger. Finding more Gatekeepers like Sora are a top priority. Right Sora?

(Kari looks at Sora, seated opposite TK. She too is pressed against the window, looking out. Kari slaps her forehead.)

TK: It’s got to be rough finding Gatekeepers, especially if they’re spread out all over Japan.

Kari: Actually, TK, there are Gatekeepers all over the world.

TK: Really?

(TK looks at the camera.)

Tai: (VO) Don’t worry, I already called Catherine!

TK: All right!!

Kari: Anyway, like I was saying, try to be more professional.

TK: Look who’s talking…

(TK points down at Kari’s legs. On the floor are tons of lunch trays.)

Kari: I was hungry!! Professionals have to eat!

Sora: They certainly do.

Kari: See?

(The train stops at a station.)

Sora: In fact, I’m going to go get some lunch myself.

Kari: Okay.

(Sora steps into the aisle… and steps off the train. Kari and TK are oblivious for a second, then look at each other in concern. They look out a window on the other side and see Sora trying to choose what she wants. TK and Kari are screaming at her.)

Sora: Let’s see… what looks good… oh yeah! I’ll have one of these!

(The train leaves Sora behind. TK and Kari sit down and sigh.)

TK: Great. She’s been here for one episode and we already lost Sora.

Kari: Well, she knows where we’re going. She can find it herself.

TK: Good point… where are we going anyway?

Kari: Himeji Castle. Reports say there’s a potential Gatekeeper nearby. We have to check it out.


(Himeji Castle. It’s looks really impressive, and there seems to be quite a few tours going on.)

TK: So where’s Mr. Gatekeeper?

Kari: Let’s see… hey there!

(Kari walks up to a tour guide.)

Kari: How’s the weather?

Tour Guide: Not bad.

Kari: How far can you see from the top of the castle?

Tour Guide: As far as you want to. I know I’ve seen enough.

Kari: Have you seen this?

(Kari flashes her Earth Defense License. The tour guide salutes and hands her a sheet of paper.)

Tour Guide: Here’s the info on the candidate. I saw him down a little ways.

(Kari takes the sheet. TK looks at it.)

TK: Davis Motomiya…

Kari: Yep. Let’s check him out.

TK: Why? We know he’s one of us.

Kari: No we don’t. We have to investigate them before telling them anything about AEGIS.

TK: Formalities, formalities… you know he’s a Gatekeeper. It’s Davis!


(Speaking of which, Davis is being surrounded by a vicious looking gang.)

Gang Leader: Prepare to die, Motomiya!

Davis: You know something guys- I really feel sorry for you. I mean come on- what’s the point in all this? I mean, you’re all just fighting for the hell of it. That’s no fun.

Gang Leader: Get him!!

(They begin to charge at Davis.)

Davis: Boy… I’m really going to feel sorry for you!

(They charge, but in an impressive sequence, Davis soundly handles all of them with his impressive fighting abilities and strength. The entire gang ends up on the ground.)

Davis: Another senseless fight… but hey- I won!

TK: (OS) Yeah… well try winning against us!

(Davis turns to look. TK and Kari are both dressed as gang members. TK is holding his kendo stick towards Davis. Kari is clumsily swinging around a chain, which hits TK in the back of the head.)

TK: Ow! Watch it!

Kari: Sorry! I haven’t used one of these before. Why are we dressed like this anyway?

TK: Simple. This might be a difficult customer, so Joe custom-fitted these outfits for us. Let’s do it.

Kari: (shaking her head) Yeah, yeah.

(TK returns his attention to Davis.)

TK: (macho) My name is TK Takaishi, and I came here for one reason and one reason only- to get a piece of you.

(Kari swings her chain around, this time hitting TK in the chest.)

TK: (wimpy) Ow!

(TK looks at Kari, then turns back to Davis.)

TK: (as an afterthought) And this is Kari.

Kari: I’m with him.

TK: We came all the way from Tokyo to take on the one and only Davis Motomiya.

(Davis looks confused, then gets a wide smile.)

Davis: They’ve heard of me down in Tokyo?! Wow! I’m like a superstar or something! Am I like mega-famous, or popular… do I have people who wear t-shirts with pictures of me on them? Maybe there are even websites created by crazed fangirls devoted entirely to me!

TK: Um… can we fight?

Davis: Dude, no way! I’m famous, I’m popular- why should I fight nobodies like you and your girlfriend?

(Davis starts to walk away.)

Davis: I’m going to see if I can get on a talk show! Maybe I should call my agent…

TK: What? Are you scared of us?

(Davis stops.)

Davis: Hey, come on, it’s just that I’m such a big-shot and you’re just a pansy with a kendo stick. Besides, there’s no sense in fighting. The only reason for fighting- is if we have a reason for fighting.

(Davis stops for a second after hearing that line. He turns to Tai.)

Tai: (OS) Sorry… that line sounded a lot better on paper.

Davis: That’s because paper doesn’t talk. In the future, would you mind not making me look like an idiot?

Tai: (OS) No problem Davis. I’m sure you’re more than capable of doing that on your own.

Davis: Thank you.

(Davis turns to TK.)

Davis: Where were we?

TK: Um… we were about to fight.

Davis: Oh yeah… prepare to be defeated- what was your name again?

TK: It was…

Davis: Never mind, I won’t remember it anyway.

(Davis and TK get into a stance, preparing to strike. Both appear ready, and look into each other’s eyes. We hear their thoughts.)
TK: (VO) Oh yeah… I can feel it. He is definitely a Gatekeeper. Now to impress him with my own skill and sign him up.

Davis: (VO) Live from Tokyo… it’s The Davis Motomiya Show! Yeah… I like the sound of that.

(TK and Davis are ready to strike… when Kari interrupts.)

Kari: TK! Look out!

(TK looks up just in time. About five Invaders are approaching, and prepare to open fire.)

TK: Invaders!

Kari: TK, can you at least pretend to be competent this time?

TK: No problem. Check it out, I was practicing last night and made up a new attack.

Kari: (sotto) As if you had any to begin with…

(TK holds out his kendo stick and charges towards the Invaders.)


(Amazingly enough, it works. His bokken glows blue and delivers a powerful shot which takes out two Invaders.)

Kari: Good work TK. My turn!!

(Kari strips off her gang clothes, revealing the fuku again. She pulls out her bow and arrows from her special hiding place and fires a shot, taking out another Invader.)

TK: Um… Kari? Did you throw an alarm clock at Davis?

Kari: No, why?

(Kari looks over at Davis. Having just seen that sequence, he has a nosebleed.)

Kari: Oh no… oh no!! Not this!

Davis: Such beauty…

TK: Oh boy… here we go again.

Kari: Not now… please not now…

(The Invaders prepare to attack Kari. Tai steps in between them.)

Tai: Could you, uh, give us a couple minutes? These three have some things to straighten out. We’ll give you another battle at the end of the episode. Right now, we have to establish Davis’s character a little better.

(The remaining Invaders shrug and sink through the ground.)

Tai: Thanks!

(Tai walks back to his chair.)

Davis: (to Kari) What’s going on here? And more importantly, what was your name again?

Kari: Kari.

Davis: Ah… Princess Kari.

Kari: Oh God…

TK: Davis, we are Gatekeepers…

Kari: TK! We can’t tell him now! We don’t know if he has Gate Powers or not.

TK: Oh come on Kari, everybody knows that he does. It’s Davis! Of course he does!

Kari: We have to verify that before telling him about our secret base under Tokyo.

Davis: Secret base under Tokyo?

Kari: Whoops.

TK: Don’t worry about it. Because I know that he is a Gatekeeper.

Kari: And how do you know that he’s a Gatekeeper?

(TK scoffs)

TK: First off, it’s the logistics of it all. We’re not going to spend an entire episode travelling up here, only to find out that the possible candidate isn’t a Gatekeeper. Secondly… when you’re in a man to man fight, you sense certain things about your adversary. I sensed his true power.

Kari: What?

TK: I didn’t think you’d understand… it’s a guy thing.

Kari: It must be… considering you two never actually fought!

TK: Trust me Kari, he’s one of us.

Davis: I’m one of you! Cool!

(Davis takes Kari by the hand.)

Davis: As your teammate, friend, and future life partner, I swear that I will gladly die to protect my Princess.

(Kari stares Davis in the eyes… then turns to Tai.)

Kari: Tai!!

Tai: (OS) CUT!!

(Tai goes up to Kari.)

Tai: What’s wrong?

Kari: What’s wrong?! Have you been listening to Davis?!

Tai: Yeah, he’s doing really good.

Kari: What do you mean?! He’s getting all googly-eyed over me. We’re supposed to be doing this show and Davis is…

Tai: Following the script.

Kari: What?

Tai: Read the script. Watch the original. He’s playing the part of Choutarou Banba- who develops a thing for Ruriko.

Kari: But Princess Kari?!

Tai: He’s not going to say Princess Ruriko, is he? Your name’s Kari.

Davis: Yeah, Kari. Believe me- I hate it too. This is a very demanding role. I don’t like it either, but we’re both professionals and we’ll just have to work through this.

Tai: He’s right Kari.

Davis: Of course I am. Now how about we meet for dinner tonight to work out exactly how we can establish the relationship between our characters better?

Kari: Somebody shoot me.

Tai: Good idea. Prepare to continue shooting everybody! Places… and go to someplace else for a different scene!


(An office. The president of a company- Castle Industries, is talking with his assistant, whom we can’t see quite yet. The boss seems to be calmly his side of things.)

Boss: Ever since you transferred here from Shinjuku, you’ve been a valuable asset to the company. But I just don’t understand the logic of filling in precious salt fields… to build a parking lot.

(Cross over the assistant, which happens to be Yamaki from the third season. He is obsessively fiddling with his lighter, as usual.)

Yamaki: There’s a lot of things mankind can do with a parking lot. Does it look like I care about some salt fields?

(Yamaki gets up close and threatening with the Boss.)

Yamaki: It’s all about the salt fields to you, isn’t it? Ever since I got here, all you care about are the Godforsaken salt fields. Well I have news for you- life does not revolve around salt fields. We need to get rid of those pathetic salt fields. Wipe them out, like all threats to the species.

Boss: How are salt fields a threat to the species?

Yamaki: Just do it!

Boss: Um… yes sir.


(TK and Kari are talking privately, while Davis is behind them, minding his own business.)

Kari: I honestly haven’t seen anything that suggests that he could be one of us.

TK: Trust me- he is.

Kari: We can’t be too careful. Let’s just keep him around until we can make sure. But don’t give him the keys to the car just yet, okay?

Davis: Dude- this is just wrong!!

(TK and Kari turn around and see Davis looking at a flyer.)

TK: What’s wrong?

Davis: This company… they’re filling up the salt fields.

Kari: What salt fields?

Davis: The ones about ten miles away. They said they’re going to turn them into a parking lot. This is a flyer that says there’s going to be a demonstration at the fields tonight.

TK: Why would you fill salt fields to build a parking lot?

Davis: Exactly! Salt is an important element! Without it, millions of beverage containers at McDonald’s would go unrefilled, since nobody will be thirsty after eating their fries!

TK: NO!! We can not let that happen! We’ve got to stop them!

Kari: TK- We’re not Greenpeace. We’re only here to fight Invaders, not corporations that want to harm the environment.

Davis: Pretty please, Princess Kari?

(Davis stares at Kari and bats his eyelids. Kari looks at him, sighs, and takes the flyer.)

Kari: Well… I suppose it is pretty odd that this company is doing this. I’ll tell you what- I’ll call Joe and Mimi and see what they think.

Davis/TK: Thank you Kari!

(Kari shakes her head.)

Kari: I wish Sora were here.


(Sora is in front of a castle… a different castle in Japan.)
Sora: Hm… I went to the wrong castle, didn’t I?


(At HQ, on the big monitor, Mimi has information regarding the salt-filling company.)

Mimi: Let’s see… Castle Industries. They’ve had a very good environmental record up until recently. Their decision to fill these salt fields for something like a parking lot is definitely suspicious.

Joe: The Invaders are looking for ways to disrupt society. This definitely disrupts society. You might want to check this out.

Mimi: Their main office is right near your current location.

Joe: Get as much info as you can. If you determine that the Invaders may be behind this, then make sure to be at the demonstration tonight. They probably are planning an attack.

Mimi: We’ll have the car sent your way.

Kari: Roger.

(Kari ends communication. Mimi leans back.)

Mimi: Jeez- why can’t they leave us alone?

Joe: I know… two measly scenes in this entire episode and that little thing counted as one.

Mimi: Well, I’m going to get some sleep before the next one.


(Outside Castle Industries, Yamaki is giving a tour to TK, Kari, and Davis.)

Kari: Thanks for doing this Mr. Yamaki. We’re doing a report for school and appreciate your time.

Yamaki: Yeah, yeah… let’s get a move on.

(As Yamaki walks, the kids follow. TK and Kari whisper to each other.)

Kari: I don’t trust him.

TK: I know… he’s creepy. And above all that he’s from the third season! That’s a major red light.

Kari: Yep. Let’s keep our eyes on him.

Yamaki: And this here is where we keep… yes?

(Davis has a hand up. He puts it down.)

Davis: I have a question.

Yamaki: (annoyed) Go on.

Davis: Where are the Invaders hiding?

(TK and Kari try to cover up Davis’s mouth. Yamaki is immediately suspicious.)

Yamaki: Come with me.

(TK and Kari are unsure, but Davis follows him. TK and Kari have no choice but to do the same. Yamaki leads them into a storage shed.)

Davis: So where are they?

Yamaki: You children have been interfering with our plans for too long. The war is far from over, and believe me, we will be victorious.

Davis: Whazzuh?

TK: This is a trap…

(TK and Kari turn around, but Yamaki has appeared on the other side.)

Kari: Who are you?

(Yamaki locks the door behind them. He then pulls out a pair of sunglasses, puts them on revealing himself as a red suited Invader. He sinks through the ground, leaving the three kids locked in the shed.)

Kari: Great… just great.

TK: Well- now we know that the Invaders are involved.

Davis: Yeah. And those demonstrators might be in trouble unless we get there fast.

Kari: Now I really wish Sora was here…


(By now, Sora is in mainland China, in front of yet another castle.)
Sora: Huh… not this one either…


(At the salt fields, a few people are already there, holding signs up protesting the filling. A group of about fifteen walks up to them. The group leader addresses the protesters.)

Group Leader: Mind if we join in?

Protester: Of course. Be our guest… we’re all here together to…

(Thirty black-suit Invaders rush in and start firing. The group of fifteen pull out guns and return fire.)

Protester: (finishing sentence) …maintain peace.


(Back at the storage shed, nothing TK or Kari do opens the door.)

Davis: Stand back Princess Kari- leave this to me!! I’ll prove once and for all that I… am a Gatemaster!!

Kari: That’s Gatekeeper, Davis.

(Davis approaches the door. With a mighty heave, he pulls the door open. They all rush out.)

TK: All right Davis! You did it!

(TK turns to Kari, with a smile.)

TK: I told you he was a Gatekeeper!

Kari: Um TK- that’s not a Gate Power. He pulled a door open. That’s just strength.

TK: Whatever, we have to get to the demonstration!

(The AEGIS tour bus pulls up. The same tour guide as before is driving.)

Tour Guide: Hey guys, special delivery.

(The bus opens up and the blue Toyota slips out. TK gets in the driver’s seat and Kari gets in the passenger side. Davis rushes in the passenger side as well.)

Kari: What are you doing?!

Davis: Getting in! I’m a Gateseeker now!

Kari: This car only fits two people!

TK: Too late now! Let’s see what this baby can do in an emergency!

(TK speeds away. Kari is visibly uncomfortable crammed between Davis and TK. Along the highway, Davis asks the pressing question.)

Davis: So how fast can this thing go?

Kari: Izzy says he put a Gate Amplifier in here. If we need to, we can get it up to 300.

Davis: I doubt it.

TK: Why?

(Davis points straight ahead. There’s a traffic jam.)

TK: That… is not a problem.

(Kari looks over nervously at TK.)

Kari: Am I right in wishing that was a problem?

TK: Probably!

(Despite the fact that they are about to cross a bridge, TK spots a nearby train track. He jumps the guardrail and hops on the track, increasing speed the whole way.)

Kari: There’s no railing on this track! It’s too narrow!

TK: I know! Hold on!

(TK boosts speed to full capacity and leans it so that the right side of the car is off the ground while the left side is riding along the tracks.)

Kari: Oh my God!!

Davis: Hold on!!

(Davis grabs Kari by the shoulders and pulls her closer to him, hugging her very tightly.)

Kari: Wh… what are you doing?! Pervert!!

TK: Maintain a balance! Good idea! I’ll join ya!

(TK squeezes in from the other side, making a Kari sandwich.)

Kari: I’m not into this kinda thing!! I’m a good girl I am!!


(Finally they cross the bridge, and go back onto four wheels. They maintain their speed until they arrive at the salt fields, where the battle was going in favor of the Invaders. TK stops the car, and Davis rushes out, with a near-comatose Kari falling out behind him. TK follows Davis as Davis charges towards an Invader.)

Davis: Look out Mr. Invader!!

(Davis screams and runs towards the Invader. Davis attacks, but the Invader dodges instantly and Davis is sent falling to the ground. Kari, obviously a bit worn out, joins TK.)

Kari: Yeah- definitely not a Gate Power.

(The red guy formerly known as Yamaki rises and enters combat mode with the other Invaders. Today’s combat mode- a giant centipede!)

Kari: Aw jeez… a centipede now?

TK: The red spot is too high for me to hit with my amazing new attack.

Kari: Not very amazing then…

(Kari fires a couple arrows. Both miss.)

Kari: Oh no- I can’t aim right. I’m still worn out from that ride.

TK: (sarcastic) Was it as good for you too?

(Davis charges at the centipede.)

Kari: Davis! No!

(Davis uses his strength to pick up and swing the centipede around a few times, before throwing it into the ocean nearby.)

Davis: Ha!! Davis saves the day!

TK: All right!! I told you…

Kari: Still not a Gate Power.

TK: How do you know?

Kari: Because he’d be able to destroy it.

(The centipede disassembles back into suited Invaders again.)

TK: He did destroy it.

Kari: Wanna bet?

(The Invaders reassemble into a different combat mode. This time, they form a giant wall in the middle of the ocean. It starts to move back and forth, stirring some waves up. Now TK is concerned.)

TK: That’s not good… they’re trying to…

Kari: Create a tidal wave. We’ve got to do something!

Davis: (hasty) I did my job, I’ll be in my trailer signing autographs.

(Davis runs off.)

TK: Shoot. Well, who’s going to save us now?

Izzy: (OS) The same one that always saves you!

(TK and Kari look up. Izzy is flying a large transport helicopter.)

Kari: (OS) Izzy! You’re here to save us again!!

Izzy: Yep! Next time, I think I’m going to get a rose to throw down when I show up!

(Izzy lands the copter and reveals the cargo- a large-scale version of the Gate Engine from the first episode.)

Kari: You finished it!

Izzy: Sure did! This will amplify a Gatekeeper’s power into something much more physical. Hop on TK!

(TK jumps on to a platform and pulls out his kendo stick.)


(The tidal wave continues to move towards shore.)

Kari: (OS) Now TK!

TK: Wait for it…

Kari: (OS) No! Now!

TK: Hold on!!

Kari: (OS) You’re running out of time!!

TK: Now! Vacuum Missile!!

(TK swings the stick. The Gate Engine absorbs the attack, amplifies it exponentially, then unleashes at the tidal wave and the wall, destroying both completely.)

Izzy: Prodigious!! It worked!

(TK hops down.)

TK: All right! Another battle won!

Kari: Why did you wait so long!?

TK: I wanted to get it down to the last second. You know, for dramatic effect.

Izzy: I think we had about two or three seconds to spare.

TK: Darn. I’ll have to keep practicing.

Kari: I need an aspirin…

Izzy: If you’re done here, we can take the helicopter back to HQ.

Kari: Great… I just want to go home.


(Back at Headquarters, Joe and Mimi are greeting TK, Kari, and Izzy.)

Joe: So what was the report?

Kari: Unfortunately… at least to the group… Mr. Motomiya demonstrated no Gate Powers whatsoever, even in a time of crisis.

Izzy: Definitely. And while the Gate Engine picked up on TK’s power before, it didn’t notice anything special about Davis.

Mimi: So we just wasted an episode?

TK: No way. Davis is a Gatekeeper. I can tell. He just didn’t get to show it off today. He will soon.

Davis: (OS) You bet I will soon!

(Davis walks in. Kari is shocked. Davis physically shakes Joe’s hand.)

Davis: Hi there! How’s it going? Am I in yet?

Kari: How did you get here?

Izzy: I think he held on to the landing gear. You said he was strong.

Davis: So how about it?

TK: You bet!

Izzy: But he’s not a Gatekeeper!

Davis: How do you know?

Izzy: The Gate Engine didn’t detect any Gate Power in your area.

Davis: Maybe it’s broken.

(Izzy gets up in Davis’s face.)

Izzy: (sinister) You take that back. An insult to the Engine is an insult to me.

TK: Guys, just let him in… he will demonstrate his true Gate Power one day. Believe me.

Joe: Very well. Although you have no power, we will keep you around. Your strength may still prove useful.

Mimi: Not to mention the comic relief!

Joe: Oh, yeah… can’t forget that.

(Davis cheers and hugs TK and Kari.)

Davis: All right! I’m in!!

Joe: This now makes… three? Who’s missing?

Mimi: Didn’t you have Sora with you?

(TK and Kari stare at each other. They completely forgot…)


(Sora is now looking around on the grounds of Windsor Castle in England.)

Sora: TK? Kari? Huh… I could’ve sworn this one was it…

End Episode Three


Author’s Notes
Yep, the insanity continues. Next time- yet another character is introduced. Also, having just skimmed through the entire series, I’ve placed the final episode tally at eighteen episodes. Three episodes are going to be cut out and three episodes are going to be combined with other ones. And if you’re curious, all twelve of the original digi-destined will get involved somehow.

Yamaki, a third season character, was used here. Does this mean that season three will have a say in all this? Darn tootin’!

As Tai said, the opening scene was originally in the last episode, but was bumped back to this one. Since the skipped episode two covered TK deciding to move out of the house, that couldn’t be addressed until last episode, meaning the scene was moved here. Anyway… only one character comparison, since Yamaki’s character was never named and one character (Hachiman) was cut out of this episode completely.
Choutarou Banba- Davis Motomiya

Next Episode- Charge Towards Takyako!
Yolei Inoue has a dream: To be the best. And so far in life, she has accomplished this, becoming a track star for her school. But what happens when she discovers that her Gate Power gives her an unfair advantage? What happens when somebody bests her in battle? What happens to be the reason why nobody writes TK/Yolei fics anyway?