Tai Kamiya Presents "Gatekeepers"

Episode Six- Shoot Down the Casting Director!

Author’s Notes
Well, since this is when they brought it out in the real series, I should give you the opening. It’s a cool song, and since I wrote English lyrics for the song anyway, why not? It’s a near mirror of the real opening, but if you can visualize it and can put it all to the music, it’s quite cool.


(As the music kicks up, start with a shot of TK. Zoom out to show him standing with the rest of the group. From left to right- Ryo, Rika, Kari, TK, Sora, Yolei, Cody. Continue zooming out until it hits black. As this is going on, a female is singing. The opening theme has begun.)
Singer: (VO) So we can smile when tomorrow's here!

(A brief instrumental. Display the title "Gatekeepers." After a couple seconds, "Tai Kamiya Presents" is added to that title.)

(A series of single shots of everybody running into battle. First is TK, running forward.)
Singer: (VO) It always happens with two powers colliding…

(A shot of Kari's skirt, where her bow and arrows are hiding, then pan up to a side shot of Kari running.)
Singer: (VO) The gloves are off and the fight is on.

(Sora’s going forward... then trips on a rock.)
Singer: (VO) You might not like it but the stakes are so high:

(Side shot of Yolei running, going extremely fast.)
Singer: (VO) The smiles of the future,

(Shot of Cody as he jumps backward and takes a traditional fighting pose.)
Singer: (VO) All of tomorrow's pride-

(Rika is seated quietly somewhere. She eyes the camera for a second, not smiling. Also show a brief shot of Ryo looking skyward, also not smiling.)
Singer: (VO) The things that can not be denied.

(Brief, rapid-fire shots of the following- Matt, Mrs. Takaishi, Kari's parents, three girls in school uniforms, Davis and Izzy pressed together in the same shot, Mrs. Takenouchi, Oikawa, and finally Michael, Jun, and Catherine in one shot. Fade away to three cloaked figures.)
Singer: (VO) Someplace in a distant year,

(Shot of the first, which reveals himself to be Devimon, and the second- Machinedramon.)
Singer: (VO) Could be filled with hate and fear.

(Finally, dramatic zoom up of Ken, smiling evilly.)
Singer: (VO) No matter what we'll persevere.

(Shot of TK using his Vacuum Missile attack.)
Background Singers: (VO) Let's open the gate!

(A few transition shots of all of AEGIS's cool technology.)

(Shot of a runway opening up next to the school.)
Singer: (VO) Fight for the future so we can look back at yesterday.

(Shot of Joe at HQ, looking fairly fierce, then Mimi, also looking determined.)
Singer: (VO) And see the times when we cried, times when inside…

(Shot of two giant robots doing battle in the streets.)
Singer: (VO) We'd never thought we'd live for tomorrow.
Background Singers: (VO) You can do it!

(Closeup of the Invaders marching.)
Singer: (VO) All of the future's locked away,

(Zoom out to show the massive numbers of them.)
Singer: (VO) In your heart- and all that you hold dear.

(Again, a shot of TK using his attack, followed by Kari holding up a glowing finger.)
Singer: (VO) Take out the key we will open and see.

(Continue the montage as a determined Sora plays the piano and Yolei lifts a bus.)
Singer: (VO) But we must go on-

(The montage ends with shots of Cody spinning up a fire attack, a cautious Rika serving up a mysterious beam with a hand, and Ryo in the air, holding both hands out.)
Singer: (VO) So we can smile when tomorrow's here.

(Finally, shot of an AEGIS logo at the top, while the following enters, in order, and takes a position across the bottom of the screen- TK, Kari, Cody, Yolei, Sora, Rika, Ryo, Izzy, and Davis. All simultaneously salute.)
Singer: (VO) You can open the gate!

(The video comes to a finish. Tai hits the "stop" button on the VCR. The entire group… at least the ones that have been introduced already, are watching.)

Tai: I know what you’re thinking…

(Everybody’s mouth is wide open. All are visibly impressed with how well it turned out.)

Tai: Exactly. I told them we wanted some digital techno music in there but no!! Don’t worry though. I talked to some people. We’ll get that straightened out. Only the best for my production!

Episode Seven- Shoot Down the Enemy in the Sky!

(Headquarters. TK, Kari, Yolei, Sora, and Davis are with Joe and Mimi. Mimi seems tired.)

Joe: Well, guess what?

Mimi: I get the day off?!

Joe: No. The Invaders are going after planes again. There have been several more accidents reported lately. We need to stop them.

Sora: No kidding?

Joe: It’s believed that the troop responsible for the attack is in the nearby area. Therefore, I need two people to go to Haneda Airport and scope things out. Mimi?

(Mimi sets a clothing box on the table.)

Mimi: We have once again designed a uniform for you to wear in order to disguise yourself.

Kari: Is it a good one this time?

Mimi: It’s an authentic replica. Remember- I picked it out!

Yolei: I’m in!

Kari: Hmm… I want to go… but maybe TK wants to.

TK: I don’t care. I already got elected. Go ahead.

Kari: (suggestive) But you get to wear a uniform designed by Mimi.

TK: It’s been a whole episode! Hasn’t everybody forgotten about that already?

Kari: Okay, okay. I’ll go.

Joe: Good. Mimi?

(Mimi hands Yolei the box. Pause for about five seconds.)

Kari: Uh… commander?

Joe: I told you- good! Get out of here! You have your mission!

Kari/Yolei: Right, right, sorry…

(Kari and Yolei scuttle off.)

Joe: Sora, Davis- your jobs are to go somewhere else and make paper airplanes or something. You aren’t wanted for this mission. TK, I have to talk to you.

Davis: Aw, we never get to have any fun.

Sora: Ooh! Paper airplanes!

(Davis and Sora leave, leaving TK alone with Joe and Mimi.)

Joe: TK, we aren’t the first group to pursue the airborne Invader.

TK: We aren’t? Did the Powerpuff Girls beat us to the punch again?

Joe: No. The Shanghai Gatekeepers made an attempt to track down the enemy. Unfortunately, in doing so, it only drove them here. They feel a bit responsible for this, so they asked to help out with this assignment. A Gatekeeper from Shanghai will be arriving at Atsugi Airport. As captain, you are to pick her up. Mimi, the file?

(Mimi hands TK the file.)

Joe: Remember, you are representing all of the Japanese Gatekeepers… don’t do anything stupid. She’s very powerful, and we really want her help.

TK: Sorry Joe, I am who I am.

Joe: I was afraid of that…


(TK is driving to Atsugi Airport.)
TK: Don’t do anything stupid TK… I’m the captain, isn’t that my job? I screw up, the rest of the team covers my butt, and everybody grows closer because of the experience. That’s how it always has been, I see no reason why not to keep going with what works.

(TK looks over at the file.)

TK: Let’s see what we have here…

(TK has his eyes off the road the entire time as he takes the file and opens it.)

TK: Who is our Gatekeeper today? I bet she’s really pretty…

(TK opens the file. Unfortunately, it’s empty.)

TK: What the? It’s empty?

(TK looks back at the road for a split second. He was just about to rearend another car. He honks his horn frantically, changes lanes, and drives past the car. He glares at the driver while passing him.)

TK: Figures… he’s talking on a cell phone… get off the road moron!!


(Back at the office, Mimi is sorting through some files. She sees a folder.)

Mimi: Oh no…

(On the folder is the AEGIS logo and "Shanghai Gatekeeper" labeled on it.)

Mimi: I gave TK the wrong file!! I’m a failure at my job!! All Joe asked me to do was give TK the right file and I let him down!!

(Meanwhile, Davis is walking through the halls, clutching his hand in pain.)

Davis: Ow! The agony!! The pain!! How can I be brought to my knees by something like this?!

(Davis hears Mimi in a room nearby.)

Mimi: (OS) I'm not even supposed to be here today!!

Tai: (OS) We never agreed on that, Mimi!

(Davis heads over towards Mimi.)

Davis: (pitiful) Mimi? Sora and I were making paper airplanes like Joe said and I got a paper cut… and now my finger hurts.

(Mimi is suddenly excited.)

Mimi: Davis! Just the gullible sap I was looking for! You’re my hero, can you save a damsel in distress such as myself?

(Davis suddenly smiles.)

Davis: (cocky) Why of course I can. I’m always doing heroic stuff like that because that’s who I am. What can I do for you Mimi… or should I say… Princess Mimi?

(Mimi hands the file to Davis.)

Mimi: Head to Atsugi Airport and give this file to TK? Pretty please?

Davis: That’s it?! What about all that "damsel in distress" stuff?

Mimi: Davis, you’re totally covering my butt right here- you don’t want me to get fired, do you?

Davis: Oh… uh… okay, sure…

Mimi: So what’s this about a paper cut?

Davis: Oh it’s nothing…

Mimi: But… your finger’s bleeding.

Davis: Um… I’m tough, I can…

(Mimi kisses the finger. Not only to clean the cut… but to make it all better. Davis is visibly excited.)


(Davis rushes out the room.)


(Atsugi Airport. Pan across all the planes. They seem to be operating normally. Meanwhile, TK is entering a nearby hallway at the airport. A security guard stops him.)

Guard: Hey, this is a restricted area…

(TK flashes his license.)

Guard: …and since I don’t have clearance, I’ll just leave you alone!

(The guard runs off. TK smiles.)

TK: I love this job. But since I don’t have any details on the Shanghai Gatekeeper, I can’t find her. I hope Kari and Yolei are having better luck.


(At Haneda Airport, Yolei is shaking her head.)

Yolei: Mimi picked out these??

(Kari and Yolei are dressed as shoe-shine girls and are seated at a bench.)

Kari: Okay, all right: I imagined that we’d be disguised as stewardesses or something. But be assured- of all the shoe-shine girl uniforms they had at the mall, I’m sure she picked out the best one.

Yolei: I’m sure she did…

(A guy walks up to Kari. Kari smiles.)

Kari: Need your shoes shined?

Man: Yes, please.

(Kari goes to work on his shoes. Yolei watches as Kari actually puts an effort into it.)

Yolei: (to herself) Wow, she’s really working hard. I know what that means… I have to work hard too!

(Another person goes up to Yolei. She goes to work shining his shoes, going as fast as possible. Kari sees this.)

Kari: Um… Yolei? This isn’t a race.

Yolei: YES IT IS!!!

Kari: Oh okay!

(Kari increases her speed.)

Kari: You’re on!!

Yolei: Yes… I will shine the most shoes… I will defeat you… I will win TK!!

Kari: Uh… I’m starting to worry about you Yolei…


(At the other airport, TK is still looking for the Shangai Gatekeeper.)

TK: Well where the heck is she? Joe said to pick her up here… but I can’t find her.

Cody: (OS) TK? TK?

(TK looks over. Cody is in the same area, looking for something.)

TK: Hey, can I help you?

Cody: Yeah, I’m looking for TK.

TK: I’m TK. Do you know the Gate…

Cody: You’re not TK.

TK: I’m not?

Cody: No. TK’s got better fashion sense.

(Cody walks away.)

Cody: TK! TK!

(TK shakes his head.)

TK: I don’t have time for this… I have to find that Chinese Gatekeeper.

(Pan over to Cody.)

Cody: Why would he think he’s TK? What a strange, strange person…

(Cody is about to say something, then pauses.)

Cody: I’m not saying it…

Tai: (OS) Say it Cody…

Cody: I’m not going to. Why should I?

Tai: (OS) Because I said so.

(Cody sighs.)

Cody: (unemotional) Aiya.

Tai: (OS) Cut!

(Tai walks up to Cody.)

Tai: What’s wrong?

Cody: What’s wrong?? I’m playing a Chinese girl!

Tai: So… what’s the problem?

Cody: I’m not really a Chinese girl. Isn’t that enough of a problem?

Tai: Well, Joe’s not really commander of a secret organization and he doesn’t have any complaints.

Cody: Tell him to say "aiya."

Tai: What… you’ve got plenty of models to base your character on- Shampoo, Meilin… Figuring out how to play your character shouldn’t be an issue.

Cody: I know who Shampoo and Meilin are. That’s why I think it’s a problem. I mean, this is just ridiculous. First I’m acting all cute and foreign, but sooner or later I’m going to have to do something like say… glomp Ranma or Li.

Tai: Cody, Cody, why would I ask you to do something like that? Feilin is not one of those types of Chinese girls… well she is but she doesn’t have a boy to glomp onto. And another thing! This is the dubbed version!

Cody: I said Li!

Tai: I know. You have to say Henry.

Cody: Hey! Henry! Use his sister!

Tai: Who, Suzy? You know I tried to get her, but you know… other projects. I’m not the only other one doing a ripoff of other anime for the States. I think Suzy’s playing Yuiren for the production of Fushigi Yuugi at a different studio.


(Flash to another set. Kazu busts through the door of a thatch hut with a spinning orb in his hand.)

Kazu: Time for me to get my revenge… prepare to die Chumley!

(Suzy jumps in Kazu’s arms and puts a bonnet on his head.)

Suzy: Now you’re pwetty!!

(Kazu drops his orb.)

Kazu: Never mind…


(Back at Haneda airport, a plane is requesting a landing.)

Controller 1: Air France flight 401 is requesting to land.

Controller 2: Granted request on runway five.

Controller 1: Um… runway five still has that jet.

Controller 2: Oh yeah… that one that needed the emergency landing. What’s that still doing here?

(The supervisor in the air traffic control room looks at the two. It’s very obvious that he’s an Invader in disguise.)

Supervisor: I granted that jet permission to stay there and it will stay there as long as I’m in charge. So there!

(The supervisor lights a cigarette.)

Controller 1: Um, this is a no-smoking area.

Supervisor: I granted this cigarette permission to stay in my mouth and it will as long as I’m in charge. So there!

(The two controllers turn away.)

Controller 1: (to Controller 2) Just ignore him…

Supervisor: Hey! I granted you permission to look at my handsome figure and…


(Still at the airport, TK looks around for the Gatekeeper.)

TK: I can’t believe that file was empty- I have no idea what she looks like.

(A small monkey hops down some stairs, and collides with TK.)

TK: Ow! What the…

(TK picks up the monkey. The most notable feature… is the Earth Defense license tied to his collar.)

TK: What?! You’re the Gatekeeper?!

(TK looks closely at the monkey.)

TK: Are you a boy or a girl?

Monkey: Kiki??


(Outside, a cab is dropping off Davis.)

Cabbie: That’ll be $200, sir.

Davis: What?! That’s insane! I’m not paying for that! Do I look like an idiot?!

Cabbie: First off… yeah. Second off… I saw that license of yours. Are you here on government business?

Davis: Yeah…

Cabbie: It’s $250 now.

Davis: But I have to hurry up and…

Cabbie: $300…

Davis: Aw screw it…

(Davis hands the cab driver a credit card.)

Davis: Just give me the receipt.

Cabbie: Okay… adding the gratuitous gratuity, that’s $550. Okay?

Davis: Whatever, I’m in a rush!!!

(The cab driver processes the transaction and hands Davis his card and receipt.)

Cabbie: Whistle if you need me… although it’ll be a $50 charge each time you call.

(The cab drives off. Davis shakes his head and pulls out the file.)

Davis: Okay… gotta find TK and give him this thing.

(Davis heads into the airport and begins calling out TK’s name.)

Davis: TK! TK!

(Cody happens to be standing nearby.)

Cody: TK! TK!

Davis: Hey! You’re looking for TK too?

Cody: Yeah. I didn’t realize he had this many friends…

Davis: Hold on a second… I was looking at this file and it says we’re supposed to find some kid here. Is that you?

Cody: It might be.

Davis: You? You’re the Gate Destined?

Cody: Uh…

(Davis is reading the file.)

Davis: Oh wait… it says that we’re looking for a girl. But if you’re looking for TK, let’s find him together.

(Cody shakes his head.)

Cody: I think there’s a problem in management. But you’re right, we should stick together to find TK. Let’s go.


(Back at the shoe-shining competition, both Kari and Yolei finish shoes at the same time and sit back, both exhausted.)

Kari: Yolei… what’s the score?

Yolei: Fourty-six to fourty-six.

Kari: Man… can we take a fifteen minute break?

Yolei: Um… yeah. We’ll call it halftime!

(Kari and Yolei stand up and head off to the vending machines. After getting something to drink, they head over to an observation area where they can watch planes taking off.)

Kari: So… I suppose we are here on business.

Yolei: We are?

Kari: See anything suspicious?

Yolei: I don’t know. They’re planes. How can a plane be suspicious?

Kari: Take that one over there for example.

(Kari points to a large jumbo jet on a runway.)

Yolei: Okay…

Kari: You see how it’s completely black, has no entrance or windows, and looks like the face of an Invader when viewed from the front?

(Yolei looks at it closely.)

Yolei: Yeah?

Kari: See that could be considered suspicious.

Yolei: Ah… okay. So we’re looking for a plane like that?

Kari: Yeah.

(Yolei looks closely in a different direction.)

Yolei: Okay… but I don’t see anything that looks like that plane.

Kari: Keep looking… it’s out there somewhere.


(TK is watching a news program in the lounge with the monkey. Conveniently enough, the program is discussing the price of airfare.)

TK: Well forget it. I’ll let her come to me. Right, monkey?

Monkey: Kikiki!

(Davis and Cody enter the lounge.)

Cody/Davis: TK!!

TK: Hey, Davis, what’s up?

(Davis runs up and hands TK the file. The monkey runs up and jumps into Cody’s arms.)

Cody: There you are TK! Why’d you run off like that, you’re going to get me into trouble.

TK: Wait a minute… the monkey’s named TK? And I was almost going to name it "kiki."

Cody: Actually that’s what the K stands for. Its full name is Toriatsukau Kiki.

TK: Oh… I see why you call it TK. Oh and by the way… who are you?

Cody: My name is Cody Hida. Gatekeeper from Shanghai China.

TK: Wait… I thought you were supposed to be a girl.

Cody: Yeah… there’s a really good explanation for that… they wrote the script before they did the casting.

TK: Oh. Well… I suppose this episode’s over then, right?

Cody: Wrong!

(Cody runs up to the television. He points at the suspicious-looking jumbo jet.)

Cody: Where is this plane?

TK: That’s Haneda Airport. It’s bigger and…

Cody: And hiding the Invaders! That plane is the Invaders’ combat mode.

(Davis whistles in appreciation.)

TK: No kidding… Kari and Yolei are already over there, so they can…

Cody: Look- this is my mission, and I’m going to help take care of this. Could you please take me there?

TK: Sure… let’s go.

(TK and Cody begin to head out, when Davis’s cabbie appears.)

Cabbie: You need a cab?

TK: No, I got the car outside. Let’s go!

Davis: What he said… besides I couldn’t afford another ride.

Cabbie: Well, that’s still fifty bucks for whistling for me.

Cody: Come on Davis! We’re in a hurry!

(Davis slaps a fifty in the cabbie’s hand and runs off.)

Cabbie: Thank you!


(The black jet begins to move along the runway. The controllers notice.)

Controller 1: That jet’s starting to move now… does it have clearance?

Supervisor: I granted that jet…

Controller 1: Never mind.

Controller 2: It’s heading for runway four… there’s a plane about to land there.

Controller 1: Well we have to stop one or the other or they’ll crash.

(Controller 1 picks up the intercom.)

Controller 1: Calling freaky black jet, freaky black jet do you copy??

(The supervisor puts on a pair of sunglasses and turns into an Invader. He attacks, forcing the controllers to scramble for their lives.)

Invader: I control air traffic control now…


(At HQ, an alarm sounds. Joe turns to Mimi.)

Joe: There they are! Mimi! Kari and Yolei might need some help- get Izzy on it.

Mimi: Right…

(Mimi takes a deep breath…)

Mimi: (screaming) Izzy!! Get your engine loving butt over to Haneda!

(Izzy rushes into the room and grabs a jacket.)

Izzy: I’m on it!

(He rushes out.)

Joe: Good work Mimi.

(Izzy is running through the halls. He stops when he sees something through the doorway. Sora is still making paper airplanes, one of which is flying effortlessly through the air in a circle.)

Sora: Wow… that’s been up there for almost an hour… I may have discovered something…

(Izzy grabs Sora.)

Izzy: C’mon, maybe you can help me out!


(Outside, the jet is continuing easily. Kari and Yolei stand in front of it.)

Kari: Arrow of Light!

(The arrows bounce harmlessly off the jet. Yolei picks up a staircase used for unloading passengers. She hurls it at the jet.)

Yolei: Stairway from Heaven!!

(The jet runs over the staircase.)

Kari: You know what this means?

Yolei: Yeah, it means that staircase is going to be us if we don’t get out of the way!!

(They make a run for it and make it to safety. The car pulls up and TK, Davis, Cody, and the monkey get out. Kari and Yolei go up to them.)

Davis: What’s going on?

Kari: What does it look like? Big Invader, big problem.

Cody: I have to go! C’mon TK!

(The monkey hops on Cody's shoulder.)

TK: Where?

Cody: I have to go…

(Cody stops and sighs.)

Tai: (OS) Say it Cody!

Cody: I have to be dressed for the occasion…

(Cody and the monkey hustle off.)

Yolei: Um… who is that?

TK: She’s the new Gatekeeper from China.

Kari/Yolei: She??

TK: Um…

(TK turns to Tai.)

Tai: (OS) Missed it in editing the script again… change the subject.

TK: Sure… uh…

Davis: Why do you smell like shoe polish?

Kari: Never mind! TK, you’ve got the car, we’ve got to keep that plane from landing.

TK: Right!

(TK hops in the car and chases after the plane.)

Yolei: I don’t know if he’s going to be able to catch it…

(Kari’s looking in a different direction. She smiles.)

Kari: He might…


(The helicopter is arriving. Izzy is piloting, with Sora seated next to him.)

Izzy: Let’s do this… you ready?

(Sora has an electric keyboard on her lap, hooked up to some speakers.)

Sora: Ready as ever! GATE OPEN!

(Sora plays her enchanting melody as Izzy flies low, past the plane. The plane is disrupted by the music and forced to stop. This gives TK the opportunity to fly under it. He sticks an arm out the window and pulls out his kendo stick.)


(The attack knocks the wheels off the plane. Before it collapses, TK drives out of the way. He’s joined by Kari and Yolei.)

TK: That should stop it.

Kari: Wanna bet?

(The plane modifies itself, growing a out and dorsal fin- it’s now a plane shark. And it immediately knocks Izzy and Sora’s helicopter out of the way. It regenerates some wheels, and prepares to take off formally.)

Yolei: Oh no… what do we do now?

Kari: It’s going to take off for sure.

TK: Wanna bet?

(Kari looks at TK.)

Kari: What do you know?

TK: I know how these plots usually work… that’s what I know.


(Izzy manages to regain control of the helicopter.)

Sora: Should I try it again?

Izzy: No… I think I have a better idea.

(Izzy flies forward. He sees a small figure just off the runway. It happens to be Cody, in a traditional Chinese outfit. The monkey is on his shoulder. The plane is charging right at him. Cody gulps.)

Cody: TK… point out the spot.

(The monkey points.)

Cody: Right…

(Cody prepares to serve up an attack. Cody sighs and shakes his head.)

Cody: This is so degrading…

(Cody fires.)

Cody: (unemotional) Fire Panda.

(Cody’s attack sends a wave of fires at the plane… until Tai steps in between the blast.)

Tai: Cut, cut, cut… Cody’s what’s wrong?

Cody: You know what’s wrong.

Tai: Look… we’re in the middle of the big climactic moment of the series. This is your moment! Embrace the power of the cute Chinese girl! Make this character yours!! Think for a second… then give me the attack I want to see!

(Tai walks back. Cody thinks for a second, then smiles briefly.)

Tai: (OS) And action!

(The helicopter arrives behind Cody. The Gate Engine is lowered on a platform and is fired up and ready.)

Izzy: Little girl whom I haven’t met yet… this is all you!!!

(Cody smiles. He prepares the same attack again.)

Cody: Fire Armadillo!!!

(The wave of fire is amplified by the Engine and roasts the plane. Afterwards, the dramatic shot of Cody as Izzy and Sora land the helicopter to congratulate him.)

Cody: Wow… I just the saved the day. This could actually be fun!

Sora: Yeah… the problem is that now you get shoved into the background as just another member of the team.

Cody: Oh.

Izzy: Don’t worry about it, it’s happening to Sora as we speak.

Sora: Yeah… I’ll teach you the ropes. Paper airplanes are fun to make.

(Tai approaches them.)

Tai: Good work Cody.

Cody: Do I really get shoved into the background?

Tai: Oh hell yes! Same with Sora and Izzy!

Izzy: Wait, me too?! We never agreed on that!

Tai: But this ability to accept your character is amazing.

Cody: Just as long as you make my character male for the next episode.

Tai: Okay, okay, we’ll work on it. Although… we did get TK into that fuku…

(Cody starts to sweat, then shakes his head.)

Cody: Aiya…

End Episode Six


Author’s Notes
The opening was just a little thing I wanted to do, for a couple reasons. First off, it sets a tone that I’m going to have to express later on for this series to be fully effective. This gets a serious plot, and in order to get the most out of this series, you have to get into the serious plot of the Gatekeepers anime. Second off, it’s a cool song, and one of my better lyrical efforts. And finally, it clues you into to a couple potential plot developments later on. While pretty much scene by scene, you won’t be able to match scenes/positions with their real show counterparts with perfect accuracy, since I added Davis and Izzy to the serious of quick shots instead of other characters like Mr. Matsuda/Matsuki/Phil.

In place of Davis’s "Digi Armor Energize" line, Bancho shouts "Gekigan Flare" after Miss Ochiai kissed his finger. At least… according to the fansub. It certainly didn’t sound like a Nadesico reference in reality though, so I changed it. Stupid subbers, always editing important details...)

One more character for you to add to the list-
Feilin Fen- Cody Hida

For those into my previous fics, you’ll know that I include a lot of anime references in them. Naturally, Gatekeepers is not immune to that, so I’ll share the GK references used in previous fics. Gatekeepers had three cameos in Mole 2: AE- Cody’s character and Saemi, TK’s as-of-yet uncast sister, appeared in episode ten. Jun Sanders, the American Gatekeeper (guess who plays her!) appeared as Jun-chan in episode three. As for Odaiba Memorial Day, Kari’s character Ruriko was the namesake for a minor character while Megane, Izzy’s character, was the namesake for a guy who, ironically enough, had an affair with Izzy’s wife Yolei.

Next Episode- Integrate the New Seasons!
Two episodes are squished together to round out the introduction of the major characters. In the first, the discovery of an Invader disguised as a person very close to the group is upsetting to many, especially a young prodigy in their class. Afterwards, TK befriends Ken Ichijouji, a kid with many special talents. But that becomes insignificant as a "Dark Gatekeeper" makes his presence felt. Can they put two and two together?