Tai Kamiya Presents "Gatekeepers"

Episode Eleven- Fun With the Foreigners!


(Jun is walking to the set, merrily singing.)

Jun: Oh I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free…

(She walks past Michael, who is confused, and slightly annoyed.)

Jun: And I won’t forget the men who died, to bring that right to me. And I’ll proudly…

Michael: Shut. Up.

Jun: (continuing) Next to…

(Jun stops and looks at Michael.)

Jun: Is that how it goes? That’s a pretty negative attitude for such a patriotic song.

Michael: I still don’t understand why Tai picked you to play Jun.

Jun: Well, he obviously sees my hidden acting talent. I haven’t even seen my hidden acting talent, but if he says its there, then I’ll believe him.

(Catherine walks in.)

Catherine: I think that it’s obvious that the only reason he picked you to play Jun is because your names are the same. You certainly don’t act like any American I know.

Michael: Definitely. I live in New York and have never seen anything like…

(Mimi skips by.)

Mimi: (singing) God bless America… land that I love!

(Michael slaps his forehead.)

Michael: Anyway, that’s not how the American Gatekeeper acts. I’m betting on the name thing too. But that doesn’t explain Catherine. You don’t act anything like Misao.

Catherine: What? Why am I under the fire all of the sudden?

Michael: I’m just saying, I don’t know why Tai wanted you.

(Catherine seems a bit upset.)

Catherine: Well… I…

Jun: Don’t worry about it Catherine. He’s the British guy, remember? This is all part of that British-French thing.

Michael: But I’m not really British. I’m only playing a British guy.

Catherine: Yes, and I’m playing a German.

Michael: Exactly. And what’s Germany ever done to Britain? Nothing!

(Jun thinks for a while.)

Jun: Good point. Well, we can’t let Tai’s decisions affect us. We have to be the best dang foreigners we can be!


Episode Fourteen- Bring Down Two of the Powerful Brass! (Part Two)
(A baseball diamond by the park. Kari, TK, Sora, Cody, Yolei, Rika, and Davis are sitting in the dugout, bored.)

Cody: I can’t believe that Joe let those three come in and fight our battles.

Yolei: They can’t be any more powerful than us. So what gives them the right to come in and boss us around?

TK: I don’t know. We have been cutting it pretty close lately. We’ve been barely winning a lot of these battles. Maybe they want the more experienced people to handle the tough stuff.

Sora: But Cody’s not inexperienced.

Yolei: Yeah. Cody’s the Chinese girl! We already have a foreign superstar on the team.

Cody: I hate to break it to you guys, but China doesn’t get attacked all that much. I’ve seen as much action here in Japan as I did in all the years back home.

Davis: Well, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if they weren’t so cocky! That stupid British guy is so full of himself that… um…

(The entire group is staring at Davis.)

Davis: I’ll sit down now.

Kari: Well I won’t.

(Kari stands up and faces the entire group.)

Kari: Look, if they think they can go and say they’re better, we’re just going to have to work harder than them and prove that we deserve to call ourselves Gatekeepers. Are you with me?

(No response, as the others continue to feel sorry for themselves.)

Kari: Well?

Sora: Why are we doing this anyway?

Yolei: I dunno… I’m just here to score points with TK.

Rika: I’m just here to prove I’m better than Kari.

Davis: I’m just here because I’ve got nothing better to do.

Kari: Well then let’s actually go out and do something.

TK: Like what? The three musketeers said they were going to try to take down Machinedramon and Devimon.

Kari: Okay… but there’s three main Invaders! Let’s work together to discover the identity of Shadow!

Sora: And just what would we do if we found out Shadow’s identity?

Davis: Give him a nice Stone Cold ass-whuppin’, what else?

Cody: But where would we start looking?

Ken: Hey guys, what’s going on?

(Ken is standing next to Kari, wearing a pleasant smile, and lugging a number of books.)

Davis: Hey bookworm, what’s with all the… uh… books?

Rika: You really need to work on the delivery, Davis.

Ken: Oh, it’s for a new club I’m starting.

(Kari’s looking at the books. Most of the books are political in nature.)

Kari: About what? Politics?

Ken: Exactly. We’re going to form a club in order to discuss political thought. It should be really engaging. Care to join?

Kari: Well, um… who’s "we?"

(Isogai runs up to Ken.)

Isogai: Sorry I’m late.

Ken: No problem. Ready to study the various behaviors of different people?

Isogai: (flirtatious) Only if we start with gender differences!

(Ken laughs and the two walk off. Rika scoffs.)

Rika: Just a pathetic excuse for dating.

Sora: I know… looks like fun.

(A collective sigh.)

Kari: Look, we’re all in a club too! They study politics, we save the world- no difference there, right?

(No response.)

Davis: Hey, I just thought of something- do any of the rest of you think Ken could be Shadow?

(No response.)

Tai: (OS) CUT!!!

(Everybody except Davis begins to start chattering about nothing. Tai goes up to Davis, with a clipboard.)

Davis: What?

(Tai whaps Davis with the clipboard.)

Davis: Hey, man, what was that for??

Tai: Your little implication that Ken could be Shadow.

Davis: What about it?

Tai: That would mean that I’m typecasting.

Davis: So?

Tai: I’m not typecasting!!! Got that!

(Tai shakes the clipboard at Davis. Davis grabs the clipboard and hits Tai on the head with it.)

Davis: Yeah, right.

(Tai rubs his head.)

Tai: Kari?? My head hurts.

(Kari walks over and puts a hand over the top of his head.)

Kari: Light of Life!!!

(Tai’s head his healed. He turns to Davis.)

Tai: Thanks… anyway Davis- I don’t typecast!!


(Engine room. Michael and Jun are supervising the loading of the cargo into a large helicopter. Mimi stands nearby.)

Michael: Where’s the engineer?

Mimi: Izzy? He went to do some scouting with Catherine.

Jun: Scouting where?

(An alarm starts blaring. Joe rushes in.)

Joe: It looks like Invaders are attacking a landfill just out of town. Izzy and Catherine are there checking it out.

Jun: Well don’t just stand there, put them on the monitor. I want a full visual so we know how to combat this enemy!

(Joe approaches a monitor to set it up.)

Jun: Wow- I sound a lot smarter when I read off a script! I should do that more often.

(Joe gets it working, and Catherine and Izzy are in a smaller helicopter by the landfill. Catherine is all business. Izzy is all business when Catherine is watching him. When she’s not… he’s checking her out!)

Michael: What’s the situation?

Catherine: It looks as if Machinedramon is in the area. I’ve never seen this enemy unit before. We’ll continue to circle and wait for support to arrive. Right Izzy?

(Izzy is still watching Catherine when she turns towards him. He quickly looks to the front.)

Izzy: (serious) Indeed.

Catherine: You were checking me out, weren’t you?

Izzy: (serious) Indeed. Er, uh, I mean…

(Joe turns the monitor off as the regular gang rushes in.)

TK: We heard the alarm. What’s going on?

Mimi: Machinedramon is attacking a landfill.

Rika: Why?

(Everybody stares at Rika.)

Cody: He’s evil. Does he need a reason?

Michael: Let’s move out.

TK: All right!

Michael: I set "let’s" meaning Jun and I.

Joe: Captain Takaishi and friends will serve as backup, all right?

Michael: Backup. I can live with that. (to TK) You know what that means right?

TK: Yep! Wait until you get your ass in trouble, then rush in to save the day!

Joe: Exactly. Let’s move out!


(An landfill, located on an island just outside of town. The bus drops off the Gate Engine, and TK and Kari start setting it up.)

TK: We’re going to show them what this team can do, right?

(Kari is talking to Sora and Yolei, in the bus.)

Kari: You guys can just wait in the bus okay? We probably won’t be doing much.

Sora: Okay!

(The large helicopter lands nearby, and three large crates are dumped on the ground. Michael and Jun exit as well, and are joined by Izzy and Catherine.)

Izzy: You ready to try these out?

Michael: Most certainly! You thought the Gate Engine had power, but wait until you see these.

(Izzy smiles.)

Izzy: You’ve certainly sold me regarding these machines. After all, this is an anime…

(The crates open, revealing three giant robots.)

Izzy: …you gotta have giant robots! Prodigious!

Catherine: The Gate Robot. One of the newest, most powerful weapons in our arsenal.

(TK and Kari’s mouths are hanging open.)

TK: And of all people… Jun gets to pilot one??

Kari: Life isn’t fair.

(Michael, Jun, and Catherine hop into their robots and check out their digs.)

Michael: Unit 1 reporting… all systems go!

Jun: Unit 2 reporting… all systems go!

Catherine: Unit 02 reporting… all systems go!

Jun: Um… Catherine? I have Unit 2.

Catherine: You have Unit 2? I thought I was the German!!

Jun: Uh…

Tai: (OS) Never mind her Jun. In order to get her into the role as the German girl, I showed her a bunch of Evangelion tapes.

Catherine: Who has Unit 00 anyway?

Michael: Unit 00 is unfit for usage. It’s spontaneous and nobody can control it. I fear for whoever would get in that.

Catherine: Why don’t we give it to Rika then? She’s the quiet, efficient type, right?

(Machinedramon is inhabiting a large tank, to which he has added a few features, such as a rotating chainsaw exterior.)

Machinedramon: Hail Invader.

(Michael approaches it.)

Michael: GATE OPEN!! Supersonic activate!

(Machinedramon begins attacking Michael’s robot, but Michael’s power of incredible speed, easily dodges all attacks. Machinedramon counters by encasing the tank with a giant smoke screen.)

Michael: I can’t see it, so I can’t get a clear attack. Jun… use Thunder Shock!

Jun: Right! GATE OPEN!!!

(She stops.)

Jun: I’ve always wanted to say that!

(Jun’s an electric-type Pokémon, so she sends a lightning bolt in Machinedramon’s general direction.)

Michael: I think it worked, it may be disrupted.

Catherine: That’s not enough to finish it off though.

Jun: No it won’t. Catherine- get a reading on where it’s going next.

Catherine: Roger. Gate open!

(Catherine’s power is to sense upcoming activity before it happens. She engages herself in thought, and tries to foresee Machinedramon’s next move.)

Catherine: He’s moving to your left in ten seconds.

Michael: Thanks. I’m there.

(Michael charges towards the left side of the smoke. Sure enough, the tank exits in that area, but scoots right past Michael and makes a beeline… for TK.)

Machinedramon: I will get my revenge…

(Shot of TK and Kari, watching the action. They seem angry. TK kicks the Gate Engine.)

Kari: Are they going to need backup or what?

Machinedramon: (OS) Hail Invader.

(TK and Kari both look and see the tank charging at them. It’s headed directly towards TK. TK stands in front of the Engine, unsure what to do. Michael is running right behind.)

Michael: (VO) TK! Get out of there! Evacuate immediately!

Catherine: (VO) Let us handle this, just get your rust box out of there!

(TK doesn’t move.)

Kari: TK?

(TK is frozen. Kari knocks TK out of the way. She pulls out her bow and arrows, and aims for Machinedramon.)

Kari: (to herself) This is my moment of truth… ARROW OF LIGHT!!!

(Kari shoots the arrow right at the part of the tank with Machinedramon’s face on it. It’s on target…)

Kari: Yes!

(Machinedramon moves his face, so that the arrow moves harmlessly away.)

Kari: No!

Machinedramon: (monotone) Miss me, miss me, now you gotta kiss me.

(Machinedramon advances on Kari. Now Kari is the one frozen in fear as Machinedramon draws closer…)

TK: (OS) Kari!

(TK dives after Kari, and both he and she hit the ground hard. Fortunately, they are both out of the way of the tank. Unfortunately, the Gate Engine is not out of the way, as the tank easily rolls over it, crushing it beyond repair. The tank continues to roll into the water, and makes a hasty retreat. On the ground, however, TK is lying on top of Kari.)

TK: Are you okay?

Kari: Ow… get off.

(TK does. Kari seems to be in pain.)

Kari: Thanks, but work on the diving rescues, okay?

(Kari goes unconscious. TK is simply stunned by what happened.)


(Later, outside the bus, Michael is completely ripping into TK.)

Michael: We told you to evacuate! You were supposed to run away like a girl! You stayed and fought, and you let him get away. That was our opportunity.

(Kari walks out of the bus, a bit bandaged up.)

Kari: Michael, it was my fault. I’m sorry.

TK: No… I’m the captain of the team, and I take full responsibility for anything I, or anyone on the team did.

Michael: Well, at least we got to test the robots out.

(Michael walks off. Jun just sticks her nose out at him. Catherine, on the other hand, learned from Tai’s Eva tapes and slaps him across the face.)

Catherine: Idiot.

(She walks off. TK rubs her face.)

TK: (quietly) Man, even when she’s pissed she’s cute.

Kari: What was that?

TK: Nothing!


(Back at headquarters, Joe addresses the six Japanese Gatekeepers.)

Joe: After this mission, I’m pretty sure I know what we need to do. Sora? Yolei? Cody? I am giving you a special mission.

Yolei: Commander?

Cody: But we’re just background characters.

Joe: And this is a perfect mission for you to shine! Head to Room 1C to receive further details.

Yolei/Cody/Sora: Yes sir!

(Those three run off.)

Joe: TK? Kari? Rika? You guys get a vacation!

Kari: A vacation?

Joe: That’s right. Michael said that you guys screwed up so much that they want you out of their hair entirely.

TK: Joe! I can’t believe you! They want us to stop helping and you don’t even have the guts to stand up for us.

Joe: No I don’t! You’re going on vacation and you’re going to like it!

Rika: Why me? Why couldn’t I go on the special mission?

Joe: Trust me. You don’t want to go on the special mission.

Rika: Giving me a vacation instead a mission- this is anti-Tamer sentiment and you know it.

TK: Yeah!

Kari: We refuse to accept this vacation…

Joe: This is a paid vacation you know.

TK/Kari/Rika: Oh! Okay!


(Meanwhile, outside Room 1C, Sora, Yolei, and Cody seem psyched for their special mission.)

Cody: This is it. A chance to prove what we can do without TK or Kari.

Sora: Let’s go!

(They enter the room. Inside is Sora’s Mom.)

Sora: Mom? What are you doing here?

Mrs. Takenouchi: Get out! Now!

Sora: Why?

(They turn around, and see Tai standing in front of the now-closed door.)

Tai: This is where background characters go when they aren’t needed. I’ll let you out next episode. Bye!

(Tai shuts the door and locks it. Yolei turns to Mrs. Takenouchi.)

Yolei: So how long have you been in here?

Mrs. Takenouchi: Since episode two…


(TK’s house. Matt is eating lunch when TK walks in, slightly depressed.)

TK: Hey Matt.

Matt: Hey TK…

(TK heads towards his room. Matt looks up from his food.)

Matt: TK?! What are you doing here?

TK: I live here.

Matt: Oh. Well- it’s the effort that counts!

TK: What are you talking about?

Matt: Your kendo scholarship. If you’re here, you must have totally blown it. It’s okay- as long as you can say you gave it your best shot.

TK: Shut up Matt.

(TK enters his room and screams.)


Matt: Mom turned it into a bar to make some extra money! But don’t use the condom machine- it eats my quarters.


(Meanwhile, Kari is eating at a restaurant with her parents.)

Mrs. Kamiya: It’s so rare that we get a chance to do something with you Kari.

Kari: Yeah. Hopefully the break will give me a chance to spend some time with you.

Mr. Kamiya: Our order’s here.

(The waitress arrives… Kari’s practically in shock when she sees that it’s Rika.)

Kari: Rika?

Rika: Oh God… dammit.

(Rika walks away angrily. Kari goes after her.)

Kari: Rika? What is it?

(They find a place where they can talk privately.)

Rika: Great. Now you know my back story. My family is dirt poor and runs a stupid restaurant. Happy now?

Kari: For what? I love this place.

Rika: Oh shut up. Now that we’re on break I’m stuck working here. And it’s all your fault. You screwed up. You attacked that tank when they said to retreat. Now I’m being punished for what you did. Hardly fair, is it?

Kari: But… but… um…

(Kari looks back at the table and sees Tai eating Kari’s dinner.)

Kari: Tai?!

Tai: What, I’m in the family too! Rika, if you want, you can join the others on the uh… special mission. That’s all we needed out of you.


(At headquarters, Izzy is patching up the Gate Robots. Davis is complaining.)

Davis: How come we didn’t get a vacation?

Izzy: We have to work. Hey, at least you didn’t get the special mission.

(Davis kicks one of the robots.)

Davis: Aw, it’s better than this.

Izzy: Personally, I think Joe’s been a bit harsh on us lately.

Davis: Eh, he’s controlled by the British guy.

Izzy: Indeed. I think I can say with confidence that Joe has no backbone.

Davis: Hey… what’s this?

(Davis is pointing at another chamber, this one unopened.)

Izzy: Huh. I’m not sure. Looks like it was in storage. I don’t know who would have brought it out though…

(Izzy looks at a note on it.)

Izzy: Prodigious!

Davis: What is it?

Izzy: Joe may not have a backbone but he sure has some balls.

(The chamber of evil- Shadow, Machinedramon, and Devimon are at a table.)

Shadow: So let me get this straight- you let them win?

Machinedramon: Of course. The retreat was pre-calculated.

Shadow: Why? Why didn’t you just crush them?

Devimon: Over-confidence is a powerful weapon. We will use it to our advantage this time. After that win, they most certainly will think their little toys are capable of destroying us. They will lose. Because we are all powerful! We can’t be destroyed!

(Devimon laughs evilly.)

Shadow: Who’s over-confident now?

Machinedramon: Can we go kill them? Me and the wife have tickets to the opera.

(They head out to wreck more havoc at the landfill.)


(Kari is walking to Headquarters.)

Kari: Why am I doing this? I’m supposed to be on vacation.

(She sees a number of helicopters flying off into battle.)

Kari: No way.

(Kari runs in the direction of the choppers.)


(At the landfill, the tank emerges again. This time, though, a battleship arises out of the water. The tank jumps on the battleship, creating a doubly-dangerous weapon. Michael is scouting things out in the helicopter.)

Michael: This one could be even more dangerous, but at least TK’s not here to screw it up. Get the robots over here as soon as possible.

Jun/Catherine: (VO) Roger.

(The three robots land right underneath him. Michael jumps down into his.)

Michael: That didn’t take long.

Jun: Well it’s not like we need your orders to move out you know!

Catherine: We do have radar, stupid.

Michael: I see. Anyway, now that we’re all here… I can attack! GATE OPEN!

(Michael charges after the ship. He fires a few shots at it, but no damage is dealt.)

Catherine: What? That was a direct hit.

Jun: I got it! Water conducts electricity!

Catherine: And you figured that out all by yourself??

(Jun fires a thunder bolt into the water, but again- no damage. Devimon quietly laughs.)

Devimon: Little do these foolish children know that I am using my mental powers to regenerate the ship.

Michael: Hey! No making up powers on the spot!

Devimon: Did I say that out loud?

Jun: Yeah.

Devimon: Too bad- you are still powerless to stop me!

Catherine: Oh, bite me.

Machinedramon: No- bite this.

(Machinedramon fires a shot, which nails Michael, sending his robot down. Michael is obviously hurt.)

Michael: Tai? Where’s my stunt double?

Tai: (OS) Stunt… what?

Machinedramon: Too late for that. Prepare to fall.

(Machinedramon aims directly at Michael’s robot, obviously planning to deliver the finishing shot. He’s certainly taking his bloody time though.)

Machinedramon: Now that I have aimed properly, and eliminated any chance of you escaping, I will deliver the final shot in order to…


(Three arrows strike Machinedramon. Devimon repairs the damage immediately, but it still cheeses him off. Michael scampers back to the other robots. Kari is with them.)

Michael: How did you get here?

Kari: It doesn’t matter. I just knew that…

Machinedramon: Target changed. Resuming attack.

Kari: That doesn’t sound good…


(At home, TK is in the new bar, on a stool. He seems a bit down. Matt smiles and wipes the counter with a rag.)

Matt: What’s the matter, TK? You look depressed.

TK: I am depressed. It feels like everything I represent… everything that makes me who I am… is being taken away.

Matt: What- do you expect advice or something?

TK: Sure, if you’ve got it.

Matt: Hey, I’m only doing this bartender thing because Mom’s too cheap to hire somebody. If you want sagely bartender advice, go to Cheer’s.

TK: What about advice from a big brother who I look up to very much.

Matt: Sorry. I’m playing your little sister remember?

(Matt burps.)

TK: Oh yeah… how could I forget?

(Matt turns to another customer.)

Matt: What can I get you?

Ryo: The answer to life’s questions.

(Matt stares at Ryo, oddly. He bends down and picks up a mixing chart. He looks at it for awhile, then really gets suspicious.)

Matt: You want one of those? Hold on… this might take awhile.

(Matt goes to work mixing a drink while TK turns to Ryo.)

TK: What are you doing here?

Ryo: What am…

TK: No! No! No! No more rhetorical questions, okay?

Ryo: She’s waiting.

TK: Who? Where?

Ryo: I think you know the answers to that.

(TK thinks for a second, then runs out of the room. Ryo quietly vanishes, as Matt returns from a storeroom.)

Matt: Okay, I got the rubber cement… hey- where’d you go?

(TK is running towards the scene. The tour bus pulls up behind him. Davis pops his head out the window.)

Davis: Hey, need a lift?

TK: No… I’ll take the car.

Izzy: No way TK, we just saw you coming out of a bar.

TK: What, my house?

Davis: You live in a bar? Man, you’re lucky.

Izzy: And also drunk. Get his keys Davis.

(Davis picks TK up, grabs the keys to the Toyota, and yanks him into the bus.)

Davis: I like this technique a lot more than educational programs.


(At the battle area, Kari is healing Michael and her robot. It drains a lot of energy out of her.)

Michael: Thanks.

Kari: I… I have to keep fighting.

Michael: You look pretty down. Maybe you should take five.

Kari: But… Machinedramon’s coming and…

Ryo: So is he.

(Kari looks up at Ryo.)

Kari: Ryo?

Ryo: He’s coming. Don’t worry.

(Kari smiles as Ryo disappears.)

Michael: Am I missing something here?


(In the über tour bus, Izzy looks back.)

Izzy: Are you ready for launch TK?

TK: (OS) I thought you said I was drunk.

Izzy: You probably are… but knowing this thing that might help.

TK: (OS) Wait… what do you mean?


(The bus slides to a stop, and launches another Gate Robot at the landfill. It lands right in front of the other robots and charges towards Machinedramon.)

Jun: What the?

Catherine: Impossible.

(The new robot moves sporadically and unpredictably. Like the robot controls TK rather than the other way around.)

Michael: That’s… Unit 0? That thing is dangerous! It can’t be controlled!

Catherine: (using her power) I can’t predict any of its moves…

Jun: You know something… I don’t think TK can either.

Michael: Wait- TK’s in there?

Jun: I hope I’ve got a good HMO…

(TK begins firing at Machinedramon, who returns it. Neither can damage the other one. Unit 0 continues to speed towards the battleship.)


(The Unit goes into an extremely dangerous mode, pulling out the ever popular giant knife.)

Catherine: (OS) Um… that mode isn’t supposed to be functional.

Jun: (OS) Nobody can handle that! It’s… it’s…

Michael: (OS) Suicidal.

Kari: (OS, concerned) TK…

(Unit 0 charges at the battleship. Machinedramon appears right in front of it. The knife punctures the ship, and Machinedramon. Things start falling to pieces in a thrilling death sequence. Machinedramon is the first to fall.)

Devimon: Looks like I might be working overtime to repair… uh oh…

(Devimon starts to feel it as well. In time, the entire battleship is reduced to a pile of rubble, taking both head baddies out with it. The robot is nowhere to be seen.)

Davis: Hey? Where’s TK?

Kari: TK!!!

(Slowly, the robot climbs out of the rubble. TK gets out. Kari smiles. Inside her robot, Catherine is relieved.)

Catherine: It’s a miracle…

Jun: Nah… it’s just how things work in this part of town.

Michael: It just goes to show you- never underestimate the power of the stupid.

(TK continues to walk back towards Kari. He turns and sees Ryo, watching idly. TK smiles and gives him a thumbs up. Ryo isn’t sure how to react, then slowly smiles… and returns the thumbs up. TK turns back to the group.)

TK: Cut! Print it!

Tai: (OS) Hey! That’s my line!

(Ryo quietly vanishes. But pan over… and Shadow remains to watch the celebration. He quietly laughs.)

Shadow: I’ll give you credit for that one. But don’t worry… this is far from over. Now that those deadweights are out of the way… I can do this the way I want to.

End Episode Eleven


Author’s Notes
Well, this is the biggest plot event for this point in the series. Before this was all set-up, and after this is mostly filler episodes (not all of which are included). So this one was the big plot episode. Now we can settle down and hit some of the fun stuff.

Kari’s comment of TK needing to work on his diving rescues may or may not be a reference to Pokéball Run (where a diving save separated Izzy’s shoulder). You decide.

You almost have to have a bunch of Eva references for an episode like this, due to the presence of all the robots. I try not to make it a prerequisite to have seen certain shows before reading this, but I had to do something with them.

Next Episode- Mimi’s Getting Married!
Now that Machinedramon and Devimon are out of the picture, Tai decides to get some more evil Digimon into the picture! This time, however, the attention is focused on Mimi’s new fiancé… an utter jerk. But while Mimi’s love life is being discussed, so too are those of the Gatekeepers, including Ken’s sudden fixation on Kari.