Tai Kamiya Presents ďGatekeepersĒ

Episode Thirteen- Soraís Giant Robot of Love!

(The Invaders are attacking. Theyíve formed their combat mode, and TK, Kari, Yolei, Sora, Cody, Rika, and Davis arrive to battle it, all wearing gym clothes, including the girls clad in those tight little shorts.)
Yolei: I canít believe the nerve of them interrupting gym class.

Kari: What the heck are they?

TK: WellÖ my guess would beÖ the Invaders have been watching too much Iron Chef.

(Indeed, two giant robots with the heads of chefs are demolishing the city. One sees our heroes and uses a large spatula to try to squash the group.)

Rika: Wall of Steel!

(The spatula is stopped by Rikaís defense.)

Kari: Okay, letís send this thing back to the kitchen.

(Kari prepares a shotÖ until Davis notices something.)

Davis: Hold on a secondÖ Kari!

(Kari looks over at Davis, impatient.)

Kari: What?

Davis: You usually hide your bow and arrow under your skirt, but you arenít wearing a skirtÖ youíre wearing gym shorts. Whereíd you pull the bow and arrows out of?

(Kari stares at Davis for a second.)

(While Davis is blasted off into the background, Yolei decides to take the offensive.)
Yolei: Well Iím not going to let these Sizzler rejects ruin my gym period!

(Yolei charges after one chef with a flying kick.)


(The chef stumbles. Yolei ducks out of the way so Cody can get a clear shot at the other chef.)


(The enemies is now thoroughly weakened.)

TK: Alright. Time to finish it offÖ


(Everybody looks over at Sora, who is on the piano.)

Kari: No! Not now!!

(Soraís melody plays, and an illusion is createdÖ it now looks like there are six angry chefs destroying everything. Yolei and Cody begin to panic.)

Rika: Wall of Steel!

(Rika creates a wall around the piano, drowning out the sound.)

Kari: Excellent. ARROW OF LIGHT!

(Kari fires an arrow, which goes through both of the chefs. They blow up.)

TK: Bam!

(Once the dust settles, Kari, Yolei, Rika, and Cody sigh and relief.)

Yolei: Glad thatís overÖ

(Sora begins to clap.)

Sora: Way to go everybody. You know, weíre really beginning to gel as a team!

(The other five look over at her angrily while she continues.)

Sora: (OS) Everybody knows what theyíre supposed to do. The Invaders donít have a chance against us when we work together.

(Yolei and Cody mumble incoherently.)

Rika: Stop getting in the way.

Sora: IÖ what? I get in the way?

(Kari and TK mumble incoherently.)

Rika: Yes. You do.

Sora: ButÖ butÖ

(Yolei stands up.)

Yolei: Well, I gotta get back to class. Címon Cody.

(Yolei grabs Cody and runs off.)

Sora: (in a trance) Am IÖ not helping the team? MaybeÖ maybe theyíd all just be better off without me.

(TK passively listens, until he slowly gets a realization.)

Sora: (mired in thought) If I left the team, maybe theyíd be more effective. And what if they have to rely on me? What if I canít pull through and save them??

(TK grabs Kari by the arm and starts to run away.)

Kari: What is it? Whatís wrong?

(TK stops to catch his breath.)

TK: Itís the worst thing imaginable. You werenít here the last time it happened. I only hope we can handle it okay.

Kari: What is it?!

(TK pauses for dramatic effect.)

TK: The sappy Sora episode.

Episode Sixteen- Sally Forth, Gate Robot!

(Sora is in her bedroom. She is looking at a dresser, topped with little souvenirs. She picks up a doll.)
Sora: Öand I got this one when we were all fighting the giant chainsaw in KawasakiÖ

(Sora stops and thinks for a second.)

Sora: Wait a minuteÖ why did I buy souvenirs? Weíre supposed to be saving the world. But I need to remember the occasion somehow!!

(Sora puts the doll back on the dresser.)

Sora: But now that I think about it, none of the others buy stuff. And now that I think about it some moreÖ itís pretty meaningless buying souvenirs when the battle is two blocks away from school. Maybe I should actually concentrate on the saving the world part.

(Mimi bursts into the room holding a cordless phone.)

Mimi: Sora!

Sora: Mimi? What are you doing here? Am I supposed to be at headquarters?

(Mimi looks down and sighs. She looks at the camera.)

Tai: (OS) Címon Mimi, you forced yourself into this, you have to go through with it.

(Mimi shakes her head, and looks at Sora.)

Mimi: SoraÖ remember my evil twin from episode five?

Sora: No.

Mimi: OhÖ Iím my evil twin from episode five.

Sora: How can you be your own evil twin??

Mimi: Never mindÖ youíve got a phone call.

(Sora takes the phone.)

Sora: Hello?

Mrs. Takenouchi: (VO) This is your mother.

Sora: Hi Mom. What do you want?

Mrs. Takenouchi: (VO) Iím here due to a strange coincidence to remind you what youíre good at and give your life new meaning.

Sora: OhÖ cool. What am I good at?

Mrs. Takenouchi: (VO) Stop by and Iíll show you.

(A puppet show. Sora is portraying the witch in the production of Cinderella. In this particular version, the witch has the same role as the fairy godmotherÖ or the can of mackerel if you watch Cardcaptor Sakura. The ďwitchĒ is voiced by Sora.)
Witch: And letís throw some horses in there, and hereís the carriageÖ is it okay if the carriage doesnít have power windows?

Cinderella: (slightly flat) Thatís fineÖ witchÖ youíve made my dream come true. Iíll finally be able toÖ

Tai: (OS) CUT!!

(Tai walks up to the little stage, leans on it, and stares both puppets in the eye. He finally rests on Cinderella.)

Tai: SorryÖ Iím just not believing the excitement. Itís doesnít have that thrill. Your motivation should be revenge. Youíre finally getting the chance to upstage your bastard stepsisters. This sounds more likeÖ

(Isogai steps out of the box.)

Isogai: Look, Iím only here because you didnít want to hire another extra to play Cinderella. This doesnít have anything to do with the actual episode.

Tai: (indignant) Well sorry! I just happen to want a good portrayal. Something I can believe.

Isogai: Thereís no point! Iím an extra! You canít expect me to be the best Cinderella to ever grace the stage.

Tai: LookÖ lookÖ Iím not expecting Touya Kinomoto. Thatís way too much to ask. But I do want competence.

Isogai: Youíre just bossing me around because I decided to go out with Ken instead of you.

Tai: Hey, itís my series, so if I want to work you harder out of spite, I can.

(Sora stands up.)

Sora: Can I get ready for my next scene?

Tai: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

(Sora walks offstage.)

Isogai: What about her? Didnít she reject you once?

(Tai smiles evilly and steeples his fingers.)

Tai: Wait until next episodeÖ

(Sora is in a hallway, with the witch puppet. She is talking to it.)
Sora: (sad) The witch is always helping people. Sheís always making people happy. But Iím too clumsy to help people. I keep making people angry, and I always make mistakes. I wish I was like a witch. Can I ever be a good witch?

(Sora continues to stare sadly at the puppet. After an few seconds of angst, the puppet finally reacts.)

Witch: BAD! BAD!

Tai: (OS) CUT!!

(Sora starts laughing uncontrollably. Tai walks up to her.)

Tai: You know Iím starting to think I should have called in sick today.

Sora: Iím sorry, it was justÖ

(Sora continues to laugh.)

Tai: I hope you realize that this is your episode. This is your moment in the spotlight. Have you noticed that Iím not doing this for any of the other secondary characters? This is all for youÖ you could be a little more appreciative!

(Sora holds the puppet in Taiís face.)

Witch: If youíre so appreciative of Soraís talents, whyíd you stick her as the brainless ditz?

Tai: (to the puppet) Hey, who do you think you are to give me the third degree? I didnít hire you, but I can sure as hell fire you!

Witch: (in Taiís face) Iíd like to see you try it!!

(Tai grabs the puppet off Soraís hand, and rotates his hand to the right. Rika is conveniently holding a garbage can. Tai drops it in. Rika smiles slightly and hands Tai a book of matches. Tai takes it, lights a match, and drops it in the can. The witch bursts into flames.)

Tai: Youíre fired!

(Sora looks into the burning can.)

Sora: UmÖ you know we need that later on.

Tai: UhÖ oh yeah.

Sora: Youíre going to have to ďhireĒ a new puppetÖ

(Tai looks at the fire, unsure of what to do. Rika continues to smile.)

Rika: We donít need no water, let the motherfÖ

(Tai interrupts to maintain the ficís rating.)

Tai: Weíll deal with it later, next scene!


(Kari is practicing her archery. She hits a bullseye because she is Kari.)
Kari: And thatís how you do itÖ

(Sora is there too, struggling with her bow.)

Kari: SoÖ why do you want to practice archery with me?

Sora: Because I want to be a good witchÖ

Kari: UhÖ this wonít help. Iíve never seen any witches on the archery team.

(Sora lets one fly, going way overhead.)

Sora: WhoopsÖ

(Somebody offscreen gets hit by the arrow and screams bloody murder.)

Kari: Excuse meÖ I have to go heal someone with my magic powers.

(Kari hustles to the scene. Sora is still depressed. Rika watches her carefully.)

Rika: HuhÖ hopeless.

(Sora is now playing tennis with Yolei. They have a conversation as they volley the ball back and forth.)
Yolei: So why did you want to play against me?

Sora: BecauseÖ I know that Iím good at it. Maybe if I play long enough, I can use my skills to help the team out.

Yolei: At tennis? Sora, you have an illusion technique. There is no such thing as a Gate of Tennis.

Sora: You meanÖ

Yolei: The closest thing to that would beÖ wellÖ GATE OPEN!!

(Yolei speeds towards the ball, and drills it towards Sora. The ball is embedded in the concrete. She smiles stupidly.)

Yolei: Forty-love!

(Sora sighs. Rika continues to watch.)

Rika: TalentlessÖ

(Sora is now with Cody.)

Sora: PleaseÖ itís my last resort.

Cody: Youíve got to be kidding me.

Sora: Seriously CodyÖ I want to learn the Fire Armadillo attack!!

Cody: ButÖ thatís my attack. If you had it, Iíd have to sue you for trademark infringement.

Sora: Youíd seriously do that?

Cody: NoÖ but I have to sneak some parts of my real-life persona into this character or Iíll be labeled as the ďcute Chinese girlĒ forever.

Sora: OhÖ well maybe I should just change the attack to something more like myself. Maybe I should have something resembling Birdramon. Letís seeÖ How about a Fire Bird attack? If I learned thatÖ I could make everybodyís wishes come true!

Cody: You want to be able to summon the great Fire Bird and make everybodyís wishes come true?

Sora: Yeah!

(Cody hands Sora a Chinese scroll.)

Cody: Great, hereís an ancient scroll of the Four Gods Sky & Earth. Gather the seven seishi and let me know how it turns out!!

(Cody walks away. Rika scoffs.)

Rika: Useless

(Sora is on the roof, still moping.)
Sora: WhyÖ whyÖ whyÖ Why wonít my crest glow??!! ErÖ waitÖ why canít I help the team?

Ryo: (OS, mystical) In times of doubt, one needs to relax oneís mind over a glass of sake.

(Sora turns around. Ryo again looks like heís all-knowing.)

Sora: What do you mean?

(Ryo canít keep up the charade any longer and bursts into laughter.)

Ryo: (laughing) Sorry, sorryÖ itís just that ever since I met TKís brother, Matt, heís been taking me out drinking every now and then. Sake bumpsÖ woo! If youíre looking for some sort of weird non-existentialist ranting, go watch Lain. MeÖ Iím gonna get drunker than Misato on a Sunday morning!!

(Ryo vanishes.)

(The puppet show is now being performed in front of a small group of kids. Included in the group of kids are Tamer siblings Ai and Mako.)
Cinderella: OhÖ what am I to do? I wish I could go to the ballÖ

(Behind the kids, Tai stands with Mrs. Takenouchi.)
Mrs. Takenouchi: Are you sure about this? Itís somewhat unorthodox.

Tai: Hey, we needed to replace the witch, so why not replace her with aÖ

Mrs. Takenouchi: You are weird.

Tai: Did you have a better solution?

Mrs. Takenouchi: YesÖ get a new witch. Did you really need to go this far?

(Sad as it is, the replacement witch is actually a very familiar-looking redhead in a more conservative school uniform, voiced by Sora.)
Cinderella: WhoÖ who are you?

Asuka: (annoyed) Asuka. What do you want?

Cinderella: I want to go to the ball.

Asuka: Oh you just want everything, donít you? Hey, it makes me look good in front of all these kids, so Iíll help you out. Just donít ask for anymore favors, okay?

Cinderella: Youíre my savior.

Asuka: (annoyed) I know, I know, Iím the greatest. Shut up and let me work.

(After the play, Sora is playing with the kids. Everybody seems to be having a good time, especially Sora. Mrs. Takenouchi watches.)
Mrs. Takenouchi: (thinking aloud) Itís no wonder that you have so much fun with kidsÖ you still are one at heart.

Mako: Hey Sora!

Sora: Yeah?

Mako: I like you!

Sora: Well I like you too!

Mako: Wanna go out with me?

Sora: HmmÖ I donít knowÖ should I?

(Sora looks at her arm, she still has Asuka on her hand.)

Asuka: Only if it makes someone jealous.

(Sora turns back to Mako.)

Sora: Sure!

Mako: Cool. Meet me at the zoo at 4:00 tomorrow!

(Sora smiles.)

Sora: Okay!

(Mako turns to Ai.)

Mako: Ha ha! Iím already starting to date! Iím better than you!

(Ai folds her arms.)

Ai: (stubborn) You are not. Iím just more interested in younger men. I have a ways to go before I get into it.

(Smooth transition to the next day. Sora is at AEGIS headquarters.)
Sora: You know what Iím starting to realize? I have a lot more power when I have control over a puppet.

(Sora pulls out her Asuka puppet.)

Asuka: Just remember whoís in charge of this whole operation.

(Sora frowns.)

Sora: You know Iím getting a little tired of you, though. Maybe I should find a new puppet.

Asuka: You wouldnít dareÖ

(Sora looks ahead and sees the Gate Robot Michael used.)

Sora: Now thatís a puppet!

(Sora goes in for a closer look. She knocks on its casing. Without warning, a door opens up and sucks Sora into the driverís seat. Once inside, she looks around, very confused.)

Sora: UhÖ whatís this button do?

(She pushes a button. A runway opens up and the robot takes off into the streets.)

(Meanwhile, in the control room, Izzy is on a computer.)
Izzy: Letís seeÖ enter credit card number for age verificationÖ

(Izzy cracks his knuckles and smiles.)

Izzy: Nothing I canít get aroundÖ

(Davis bursts into the room in a panic.)

Davis: Izzy?! Did you see what just happened??

(Izzy looks nervously at Davis, then quickly hits some stuff on the computer to find out whatís been happening.)

Izzy: Holy moly! Unit 1 just took off with no overriding command from me? It always needed somebody to give it clearance to take off.

Davis: Thatís not the only thing- Soraís in there!

Izzy: Sora?? She just took off in a robot that seems to be acting on its ownÖ do you know what that means?

Davis: UmÖ that Sora is the true pilot of Unit 1 and weíre about to get caught up in a whole bunch of religious metaphor, with Sora ultimately being symbolic of Jesus Christ?

(Izzy looks at Davis like heís an idiot.)

Izzy: UhÖ no. It means we gotta get that thing stopped before the robot gets hurt!

Davis: And we have to save Sora too!

Izzy: Oh, uh, yeah sure.

(Unit 1 is walking peacefully down the street, while Sora tries to figure out how to control it.)
Sora: What do I do?? Iíve never seen a puppet I couldnít control!

Asuka: Maybe you should think in GermanÖ

(Sora looks at the puppet, then straight again.)

Sora: Iíve never seen a puppet this big I couldnít control!!

(Down the street, a kid is walking with a balloon. He accidentally drops it. It starts to rise above his grasp and he starts to cry. Inside the robot, Sora sees it.)

Sora: Oh no!

(The robot grabs the balloon, and gives it back to the kid. The kid smiles while the mother practically faints.)

Sora: (VO, kind) Here you go! Try not to lose it next time!

(The robot continues walking. Sora smiles in the robot.)

Sora: WellÖ even if I canít get out, maybe I can make the most of it. I can be a good witch!

Asuka: I have a better ideaÖ letís get the heck out of this thing.

(At HQ, Joe has an ice pack on his head while Mimi is at a computer.)
Joe: Why doesnít this ever happen to other secret government organizations with giant robots?

Mimi: I still canít override its signal. Itís like it has a mind of its own.

Joe: Which is strange, because the robot is incapable of independent thought. And there are times when Sora in incapable of thought period.

(Mrs. Takenouchi is in her home, reading. She hears a knock on her door.)
Mrs. Takenouchi: Iím comingÖ

(She opens the door. The giant robot is on the other end.)

Sora: (VO) Hi Mom!!!

(Mom is frozen in fear.)

Sora: (VO) Mom?

(Mom faints.)

(While Asuka commands the robot to reach over and shuts the front door, Sora slumps back in the seat.)
Sora: I was hoping she could help me. Now what?

Asuka: Isnít it almost time for your date?

Sora: Oh right! Letís move robot!!

(Joe and Mimi are also slumped back in their seats. They have no clue how to stop the thing. They hear a beeping.)
Joe: What is it now?

Mimi: Looks like itís on the move again.

Joe: And we canít stop itÖ

Mimi: HmmÖ you think maybe I should radio it?

(Joe looks over at Mimi.)

Joe: WaitÖ you mean you havenít even tried to contact Sora inside?

Mimi: WellÖ you said override it. You didnít say anything about asking it nicely to stop!
Joe: Itís a long-shot, but we might as well.

(Mimi pushes one button on the console and a screen shows Sora trying to drive the robot.)

Joe: Sora!!

(Sora holds the puppet up to the screen.)

Asuka: Soraís busy, can I take a message?

Joe: Yeah, tell her to find some way out of there. Her energy levels may force the Invaders to initiate a battle.

Sora: Sorry, but I canít figure out how to get out of this thing. But itís okay! Iíve been helping people like a good witch should. Iím late for my date now so Iím going to hang up. Bye Joe!

(Sora ends the conversation. Joe slaps his forehead.)

Joe: Canít we have one week where nothing unusual happens?

Mimi: I donít think itís in our contract.

(At the zoo. Mako is looking at his watch. Itís past four. He stamps his foot.)
Mako: HuhÖ Iím only five years old and Iím already being stood up. I was psyched for this date tooÖ I even bought flowers.

(Mako holds out an arm, revealing one wilted carnation.)

Mako: I need to ask my mom to raise my allowance.

Sora: (VO) Mako!!

(Mako looks over, and sees a giant robot running towards him, along with a bunch of people trying to get out of its way.)

Sora: (VO) Itís me! I canít get out of here!

(The robot stops in front of Mako.)

Mako: Can I come in?

Sora: (VO) Iíd love to let you in, but I canít figure out the controls!!

Mako: WellÖ itíll be a bit awkward but I guess thereís nothing wrongÖ

(As alwaysÖ perfect timing for the Invaders! Thank GodÖ)

Sora: (VO) Oh no! Invaders!

(They begin firing at everything. As if by some instinct, the robotís hand swoops down, picks up Mako, and drops him inside the robot.)

Mako: HowÖ how did you do that?

Sora: IÖ I wish I knewÖ

Mako: Never mindÖ we have to blow up these bad guys.

Sora: IÖ now I really wish I knew how to use this thing!

(The bitchiní tour bus arrives and the group gets out. While Kari and Cody take care of the main crew of Invaders, TK shouts at Sora.)
TK: Sora! Youíve got to destroy the Invaders with the built in Gate Engine! That or get the hell out of there and let me do it!

Sora: (VO) Hold onÖ letís seeÖ how do I do thatÖ whatís this button do?

(Unit 1 puts its arms in the air and starts running around frantically, doing a few backflips until it lands with a flying backwards somersault in its original spot.)

TK: No!! Thatís the ďpost-victory celebrationĒ mode!

(TK turns to the side, disappointed.)

TK: I was saving thatÖ

Sora: (VO) Iím sorry!!

(The robot gets down on its knees and bows humbly, forming a few dents in the pavement.)

Sora: (VO) I beg you for forgiveness!!

TK: Can this get any worse??

(Cue something to make it worseÖ namely the Combat Mode for this episode, which is a giant fence that traps in TK, Kari, Cody, Rika, and Yolei. TK hits a post with his kendo stick and gets electrocuted.)

TK: Oh shootÖ we canít get out of hereÖ

(A number of cords shoot out of the floor, tying everybody up, and draining their energy at the same time.)

Kari: OwÖ noÖ I canít get out of theseÖ

Cody: ItísÖ all up to Sora nowÖ

Rika: It is?

Yolei: I think soÖ

Rika: I pledge allegiance to my new masters, the Invaders, who willÖ

Kari/Cody: Shut up Rika!

(Inside, Sora is starting to panic, while Mako tries to calm her down.)

Mako: Hey, I have no idea whatís going on, but I know you can do it!

Sora: I donít knowÖ I meanÖ Iím all aloneÖ itís all up to meÖ

Mako: Believe in yourself!

Sora: I have to make them happyÖ but how can I when I donít know how to fight with this robotÖ

(Sora looks at the puppet, which turns towards Sora.)

Sora: Do you have any words of wisdom?

Asuka: Yeah, itís hopeless- end it all now!

(The puppet goes up to choke Sora, but Mako pulls it off her hand.)

Mako: Okay, okay, weíve seen enough of that. Look, there has to be a way to stop them!

Izzy: (VO) Hey Sora!!

(Up in a helicopter, Izzy and Davis have a special delivery.)

Izzy: By some unbelievable stretch of the imagination, we just happened to finish our secret weapon which just happens to be the trick to saving the day in this highly unpredictable situation!!

Davis: Shut up and drop the damn thingÖ

(It just happens to be a giant piano. It falls to the ground.)

Sora: (VO) Good thing Iíve been working on memorizing thisÖ ENCHANTING MELODY!!!

(Mako watches in awe as Sora is able to silently control the robot as it plays the keys. The Invaders, who had merged to form the bars of the cage, are now disturbed. Everything they see is another Gatekeeper. With thousands of Karis, TKs, Yoleis, and etcetera in the way, they begin to freak out and run off. The big red guy pops down to begin another wave, but all the other Invaders picture him as TK and open fire. The red guy returns fire, and all the bad stuff is conveniently blowíd up.)

Yolei: All right! Weíre free!

TK: Sora!! Hereís how to get out

(TK looks at the robot, to see it has engaged its post-victory celebration again. This time, with a stunning move, it slides feet-first, ripping up the street completely, until it stops with one hand resting on its hip, and the other on its head in a very non-chalant pose.)

TK: SoraÖ push the top door open!

(Sora looks up, and does so. The door flies open with no resistance.)

Sora: Oh!!

(Down on the ground, everybodyís happy. because the day has been saved yet again.)
TK: Well, you really came through for us in the end.

Mako: You were great!

Sora: Thanks! And you know something, since this was my own episode of personal reflection and character development, I realized one, very important thing.

Kari: Whatís that?

Sora: (pissed) That I am going to kill Tai for putting me through all that nonsense!!!

(Sora marches off to strangle the director, leaving the others watching her in awe.)

Mako: I can see it in you already SoraÖ someday youíll make a very good bitch.

(Meanwhile, off to the side, Rika frowns.)

Rika: She got lucky, and she gets all the credit anyway.

(Rika holds up the Asuka puppet.)

Rika: You probably did all the work.

(Rika looks around. With nobody watching, she moves the puppet.)

Asuka: Of course I did. Now come on, letís you and me get something to eatÖ

Rika: Sounds like a plan.

(Rika walks off with the puppet.)

Rika: AsukaÖ this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

End Episode Thirteen

Authorís Notes
Howís that for stupid? Yes, the puppet really did accompany Reiko on her trip in the robot. And they really were two giant chefs at the beginning. The only thing that was really strongly embelleshed was the ďpost-victory celebrationĒ mode.

It seems that Iíve been leaning towards more and more anime references, but they seem to be getting a positive response, so I may keep it up. Hereís a summary of the three main ones referred to:

Cardcaptor Sakura: An episode featuring the play Cinderella was referred to here. Sakuraís brother Touya Kinomoto handled the title character while Yukito played the can of mackeralÖ who was supposedly in the witch position. Did I mention that CCS is a weird series?

Fushigi Yuugi: The whole thing about using the Four Gods Sky & Earth Scroll to gather the seven seishi and summon the fire bird is pretty much the plot of this series.

Evangelion: Three big references to Eva. First is Ryoís mentioning of Misato, a character who frequently needs to toss back a beer or two to start each morning off right. Then thereís the Asuka puppet, named after and resembling the definitive bitchy redhead from Eva. And of course there was Davisís spiel about the Unit 1 pilot, which pretty much describes the whole series.

It was a little strange writing a character like Mako in for something like what he had. I was tempted on using Tomoki/Tommy from the fourth season, but didnít really feel the need to get them involved, even though the fourth season is really looking fun from what Iíve seen of it so far.

Next Episode- Interrupt the Christmas Special!
Christmas is approaching, and as always- it doesnít matter what kind of festive spirit is about, the only thing on everybodyís mind is ďwhoís making what for whom?Ē But thatís not the only thing on the minds of our heroes. Ken and his political club have received the big opportunity to debate on national television. But will the Invaders interfere?? HuhÖ this sounds awfully familiar...