Tai Kamiya Presents ďGatekeepersĒ

Episode Fourteen- Interrupt the Christmas Special!

(The entire cast is relaxing in chairs on the set of the AEGIS headquarters, except of course for Joe and Mimi, who are using the humongous radar to play Super Smash Bros. Mimi jumps up in victory when Jigglypuff beats Pikachu.)
Mimi: Woo! Won again!

Yolei: Hey Mimi! Think we can hook up Dance Dance Revolution to this thing later?

Mimi: Sure!!

(Tai enters, somewhat depressed. He is holding a wreath.)

Kari: Hey TaiÖ whatís that for?

(Tai hangs the wreath on the wall and sighs.)

Tai: Itís the Christmas episode.

TK: What? How can it be the Christmas episodeÖ itís July!

Ken: Yeah. This definitely isnít the best time for capturing the festive spirit.

Tai: Donít you think I know that??

(Joe and Mimi have finished their game and everybody surrounds Tai.)

Tai: OkayÖ everybody knows that this isnít a good time for Christmas episodes. Itís obvious to anybody that the best time for a Christmas episodeÖ is March. Unfortunately, weíre way behind schedule because we have to share this studio with another company.

Kari: What are they producing?

Tai: I dunnoÖ some stupid artsy pic where everybody dies. Weíve been getting the short end of the stick lately, so thatís why weíre so behind. ThereforeÖ itís Christmas.

(Tai looks around.)

Tai: Whereís Isogai? Sheís actually in this episodeÖ as her character.

(Isogai enters in, extremely cheery, dressed in a cute little Christmas ensemble.)

Isogai: Merry Christmas everybody!!

Sora: You know, Iím in this episode too, and you donít see me that excited.

Isogai: Oh, but you should be! Iím just filled with the Christmas spirit! Itís that time of year when everybody should be kind to one another, when everybody should be exchanging gifts at the local Target the day after you receive them, and the most important thing of allÖ when everybody should be shutting down Taiís pathetic come-on attempts!

(Tai slaps his forehead.)

Tai: Give me a breakÖ


Episode Nineteen- Listen to the Opinion of Youth!

(Along a street of the city, everything seems to be decked out in Christmas decorations. TK, Kari, and Davis are walking along, all in a fairly good mood.)
Davis: You know something, Iíve been a Gatesweeper for awhile now, and I have to say this is one of the greatest things Iíve ever done!

(TK and Kari are ignoring him completely.)

Kari: I canít believe itís Christmas already!

TK: YeahÖ hey isnít that Ken and Yolei?

(They see Ken, Yolei, Cody, and Isogai talking on a corner.)

Yolei: Thatís great!

TK: What is?

Yolei: Kenís finally gotten his big break. Heís going to be on TV!!

(TK, Kari, and Davis are simultaneously confused and disgusted. All three of them turn towards Tai.)

Tai: (OS) Yeah, yeahÖ thatís the episode. Live with it. Hey, at least itís Ken instead of TKís little sister.

(TK, Kari, and Davis all smile.)

TK: Thatís fantastic! What is it?

Cody: Itís a program they have every year featuring student opinions on various issues. Itís designed to show that kids actually are capable of independent thought these days.

Davis: That showís still on? I thought it was cancelled and replaced with reruns of ďFear Factor.Ē

Isogai: No! Itís still on, and the producers have noticed our political club and invited Ken to join!

TK: Well, good luck. Iíll be sure to watch it!

(Ken flashes a semi-evil smile.)

Ken: Watch? TK, weíre friends. Iíve reserved seats for all of you.

Davis: You have? You mean Iím going to be in the audience??

(Ken nods.)

Davis: Wow! I have to call my family! This is going to be one of the greatest things Iíve ever done!!

(Davis runs off. Ken smiles at Kari.)

Ken: Will you be there?

(Kari is hesitant.)

Kari: WellÖ you have been using devious tricks to try to get me to fall for youÖ but sure!


(Headquarters. The radar is back to serving as a radar and has a large blip on it. Joe is watching it.)
Mimi: (OS, serious) We have an unidentified signal. Itís trying to bio-emerge into this world. Weíve placed a tracker on it.

Joe: What??

(Mimi smiles stupidly.)

Mimi: Sorry Joe. Iím guess Iíve been watching those Hypnos girls too much. Those two rule!

(The signal disappears.)

Mimi: HuhÖ we lost the signal. Do you think it left?

Joe: It probably just took up a human form. GreatÖ all I want is a Christmas vacation and I end up having to deal with another Asaji type.

(Joe looks at the radar.)

Joe: There seem to be more showing up. Iím not sure whether itís because our radar is improving or if there really are more Invaders appearing.

Mimi: Maybe itís both.

Joe: Perhaps. FiguresÖ we destroy two of the head brassÖ and the third one remains to cause more trouble.

Mimi: You really think thatís it? That this is all because ofÖ

(They continue to stare at the radar.)

Joe/Mimi: (mystical) Shadow.


(Rika is alone, walking down a street, the usual uncaring expression on her face.)
Ken: (OS, angry) Are you two insects really capable of doing this?

(Rika spies into a back alley, where Ken is bossing around Kazu and Kenta.)

Kenta: Well, I donít think soÖ I mean we arenít bullies or anythingÖ

(Kazu covers Kentaís mouth.)

Kazu: What Kenta meant to say was that it isnít our forte, but weíll do anything for someone as cool as you Kenny.

Ken: (stern) Donít call me Kenny.

Kazu: Right, right, sorry.

Kenta: But Kazu, we donít even know this kid. Why are we bending over backwards for him?

Ken: You want to know why?

(Ken twirls his hand around.)

Ken: (sinister) Gate OpenÖ

(Rika is somewhat shocked as Ken conjures up a beam of dark energy and shoots Kentaís glasses clean off his face.)

Kenta: Hey! My glasses!

(Kenta bends down to pick them up, when Ken sends another blast to destroy the glasses completely. Kazu nervously gets on his knees.)

Kazu: Weíre, uhÖ happy to serve you Ken! Anything else you need?

(Ken smiles.)

Ken: Not right now. Just do your partÖ and Iíll do mine. You are dismissed.

Kazu quickly runs out of the alley. Rika quickly ducks away to avoid being seen. The half-blind Kenta feels his way to the street, and sees Rika. He squints, trying to get a better look.)

Kenta: HeyÖ arenít you that redheaded girl from Pokťmon??

Kazu: (OS) Come on Kenta!!

(Kenta turns around and runs after Kazu.)

Kenta: Coming!

(Once theyíre out of the picture, Rika takes another look at Ken. They make eye contact. Rika glares at him.)

Ken: UhÖ umÖ erÖ

(Ken smiles brightly.)

Ken: Your curiosity has served you well! You will be rewarded with a free Vanilla Coke!

(Rika scoffs and walks away.)

Rika: Donít strain yourself.


(Yolei and Cody are in Yoleiís dorm room. She is attempting to knit a scarf, with little luck.)
Yolei: JeezÖ this is impossible!

Cody: Itís not impossible, Yolei, you just have to work at it.

(Yolei tries again, gets frustrated, and tears the whole thing in half.)

Yolei: Dammit!

Cody: Keep tryingÖ

Yolei: If youíre so confident that this can be done, then why donít you do it?

(Cody puts his hands up.)

Cody: Iím not the one trying to impress TK. Now try it again.

(Yolei tries again, and falls over, sending a ball of yarn flying out the window. While they stare at the flying string, Sora passes by and sees Yoleiís frustration.)

Sora: Oh, just bake him some cookies.

(Sora continues on while Yolei sighs.)

Yolei: Maybe thatís not such a bad idea.

Cody: No! Thatís not you! You have to do something that makes him think of you. I think a scarf is more you than cookies!

Yolei: Why are you so passionate about this anyway?

Cody: BecauseÖ I figure if I latch on to this subplot, I wonít be completely worthless in this episode.


(Rika is doing homework. She looks over and sees a flyer advertising the television special. Ken is listed as one of the speakers. She picks it up and stares at it.)
Rika: Ken IchijoujiÖ could he possibly be the Shadow?

(She continues to stare at the flyer, then crumples it up and tosses it aside.)

Rika: Only one way to find out.


(At the studio, people are in line to get into the audience. TK, Kari, Davis, and Sora are with them.

Davis: ManÖ whyís this line so long?

Kari: I thought we had tickets reserved.

TK: We do, but unless we actually have them, we canít get in.

Davis: That settles itÖ next year we pre-register.

(Rika walks up to them.)
Rika: Hey, I need to see Ken.

(Davis grabs her and drags her in line.)

Davis: Weíve been in line for two hours to see Ken. Weíll be nice and sneak you in with us.

Kari: HeyÖ who are they?

(They look over and see Kazu and Kenta making fun of everybody in line. Kenta still doesnít have glasses.)

Kazu: (rowdy) Hey! Whatís the matter? Canít think on your own so you wanna pay to watch other people do it!?

Kenta: (squinting at the crowd) UmÖ yeah!

Kazu: Hey, come on, Kenta. Get in the groove. Weíre little hellions and we have to act the part!

(Kazu turns back towards the people in line.)

Kazu: Here! Iíll give you a thought! You should all go home and get a life!

(TK, Kari, Sora, and Rika are annoyed.)

Sora: Stupid punks.

TK: YeahÖ Iím going to talk to them.

Kari: Donít bother. Theyíre starting to let people in and I donít want to lose our place in line.

(TK, Kari, and Sora move on. Rika watches them for awhile.)

Rika: Scumbags.

(Rika continues to stare at them.)

Rika: Wait a minuteÖ theyíre the ones fromÖ

Kari: (OS) Rika? Are you coming?

(Rika angrily looks back at Kari, then drops the issue and follows.)


(Farther back in the line, Yolei is waiting just around the corner. She is holding a bag of cookies. Cody is about to go to the back of the line, and sees Yolei, who is about to take off as the line starts to move. Cody walks towards Yolei.)

Cody: Yolei, wait up!

(Yolei turns around and sees Cody. She looks down at the cookies and blushes briefly.)

Yolei: Oh, Cody.

Cody: So, umÖ YoleiÖ are you the kind of person who lets people butt into line? I meanÖ not that it matters to meÖ just wondering.

Yolei: No, Iím trying to figure out what to say to TK when I give him these cookies.

(Cody finally sees the cookies and is somewhat down.)

Cody: OhÖ I seeÖ cookies, huh?

(Yolei squirms a little.)

Yolei: (sad) I gave up on the scarfÖ

(Cody puts his hand on her shoulder.)

Cody: Itís okayÖ

Yolei: Youíre not mad at me Cody?

Cody: No, of course not.

(Cody guides Yolei to continue down the line.)

Cody: Now get in there and give TK those cookies!

(Yolei smiles.)

Yolei: Thanks Cody.

(Cody smiles and walks towards the back of the line. As he slowly reaches the back of the line, he turns around to see Yolei charging towards him.)

Yolei: Aw, screw TKÖ I love you!!

(Yolei drops the cookies and hugs Cody tightly.)

Cody: (in shock) WHAT???!!!

(Yolei continues to hold him.)

Tai: (OS) CUT!!!

(Tai walks towards the two.)

Tai: YoleiÖ

Cody: I was going to say. Thatís not in the script.

Tai: YoleiÖ

(Tai looks at Yolei for a second. Yolei lets go of Cody. Tai immediately hugs Yolei and starts crying.)

Tai: Yolei, youíre a genius!!

Cody: Huh?

Tai: (in tears) Yolei, I never realized your full potentialÖ your true talentÖ your true inner beauty until now. (serious) Do you, uh, want to go catch a movie tonight?

Yolei: Sure!

Tai: Great!! Itís a date then!

(Tai turns around, smiling.)

Cody: Sheís being hailed as a genius for changing the script so that she falls for me??

(Tai frowns.)

Tai: Aw, shootÖ no, no, no... that doesnít work. Yolei canít fall for Cody.

Cody: I was going to sayÖ how can she fall for a cute Chinese girl?

(Tai turns around.)

Tai: Oh, thatís not the problem. Heck, the thought of Yolei falling for a cute Chinese girl kinda turns me on.

(Tai drops the thought and pulls a small booklet out of his back pocket and hands it to Cody.)

Tai: The problem, however, lies in here. This would violate Section 9, Statute 34 of the laws of Digimon fanfiction.

(Cody flips through the booklet, finds the rule, and reads.)

Cody: (reading) Under absolutely no circumstance may any of the other eleven Odaiba digi-destined fall in love with Cody. This applies to all situations, including but not limited to future fics featuring an older version of Cody, fics where Cody switches mind or body with a different character, and/or alternate universe fics where Cody is portraying a different person altogether.

(Cody looks up from the book, totally bewildered.)

Cody: Thatís unfair!

(Tai takes the book back.)

Tai: I know, but rules are rules, and I have to abide by them, even if we are just shills so Pioneer Animation can sell more Gatekeepers DVDs.

Yolei: So what do we do?

Tai: Well, since youíre such a genius, Iíll let you pick who you want to end up withÖ as long as itís not Cody. If you want to end up with TK, Davis, JoeÖ heck even Kari or Mimi! Pick your match, and he, or she, is yours.

Yolei: OohÖ Iíll keep that in mind!!

Cody: (to Yolei) What? Youíre just going to pick somebody, regardless of the plot?

(Tai hands Cody the booklet again.)

Tai: Section 8, Statute 14.

Cody: (reading) It is well within Yoleiís character to fall in love with anyone and anythingÖ except Cody.


(Everybody is now at the studio proper. Because they had reserved tickets, they are all seated together. The girl on the stage is giving a lovely speech about pollution.)
Speaker: We are all concerned with today! Why is nobody concerned about tomorrow? We pollute the water because itís more cost-efficient. We litter the ground because weíre too lazy to find a garbage can. We clog the highways with exhaust-burning cars because our senses of smell are too touchy to take the subway!

(Pan across the group- Cody, Davis, and TK are asleep. Kari is watching them, somewhat angry at them. She shakes her head, then looks over to the other side- Sora and Yolei are asleep too. Rika is listening intently, thinking about it.)

Speaker: (OS) When are we going to learn that some of todayís little luxuries are going to need to be sacrificed in order to keep tomorrow beautiful?

(Rika appears troubled.)

Rika: (to herself) Thatís all well and good, but itís a weak argument. Thereís no factsÖ no emotion. I already knew that. Tell me something I donít knowÖ like what weíre supposed to do about it.

(That speaker finishes to polite applause and the moderator approaches the microphone.)

Moderator: Thank youÖ umÖ well we donít have your name with us right now. Itís okay- youíre not an important character. Next up is Ken Ichijouji!

(More polite applause as Ken takes the microphoneÖ and Kari hurriedly wakes everybody up.)

Kari: Wake up, Kenís gonna talk.

(Ken begins his speech by referring to the previous one.)

Ken: Thatís all well and goodÖ but what are we supposed to do about it?

(Rika raises an eyebrow.)

Rika: Good start.

(Ken continues.)

Ken: The first thing we need to do is identify the source of the problem. Stingyness? Lazyness? A sensitive nose? PerhapsÖ but the source is even deeper. The problemÖ are all these parasites that do all this.

(The audience is in awe.)

Ken: Parasites! Nothing more than stupid insects that are destroying their own home! Some are bigger than others. Some are very smallÖ almost harmless. But regardlessÖ they must be exterminated. At any cost. All the parasites are destroying the world, and every single one of them must be stomped onÖ or there is no future.

(Theyíre awake now! Cody looks over at Kari.)

Cody: The network wouldnít possibly air this. This is far too controversial to get past the censors.

Kari: I donít knowÖ they left the bio-merge sequences in.

TK: Thatís not even an issueÖ this is aired live.

(Kari looks over, really concerned.)


(Meanwhile, the moderator, seated at a table off to the side, leans over to woman at the table.)

Moderator: Tell the network to cut transmission.

(The woman pulls out a cellular phone, but Kazu grabs her arm.)

Kazu: Oh, Iíd keep the transmission going if I were you.

(Kenta jumps up on the stage as well as Kazu takes the phone, drops it on the ground, and steps on it.)

Kenta: YeahÖ this showís starting to get interesting. Turn it upÖ I think the world needs to hear this guy.

(Kazu and Kenta approach Ken.)

Kazu: We got them straightened out for you.

Kenta: YeahÖ we agree, you knowÖ thereís a lot of parasites out there.

(Ken is smug.)

Ken: Of courseÖ you two are two of the more annoying ones.

Kazu: What? Youíre calling us parasites?

Ken: Of course youíre parasites!

(Ken turns to the audience.)

Ken: You all are!

(An angry Kazu grabs Ken by the collar.)

Kazu: How dare you?? Well then, I think you need to see what a couple parasites can do to a weakling like you.

(Kari is incredibly concerned and sees TK standing up.)

Kari: Good ideaÖ we have to get in there to help Ken!

(TK looks back. Heís staring at Kenís smug face.)

TK: Itís not Ken Iím worried aboutÖ itís those two idiots.

(TK runs towards the stage. Back up there, Kazu is about to take a swing at Ken, but Ken knees him in the stomach, and hurls him at Kenta. Both Kazu and Kenta are sent reeling. Ken returns to the microphone.)

Ken: The parasites must be destroyed! They must be crushed as soon as possible. And if that means the complete destruction of the human raceÖ so be it.

(TK jumps on the stage as Ken approaches Kazu and Kenta, about to finish them off.)

TK: No! Let them go!

Ken: Why? Theyíre insects. Theyíre only harming the world!

TK: Theyíre human!

Ken: Exactly!! Humans are worse than animals. They consume more than they need! They destroy anything they find inconvenient! They must be eliminated before they eliminate the world.

TK: Thatís not the answer! If thereís a problem, we can try to fix it. If itís a lot of problemsÖ weíll just need some time. At least we can reasonÖ at least we have the wisdom to make change.

Ken: Humans have only used wisdom for evil!!

TK: Youíre going too far Ken!!

Ken: And whoís going to stop me??

(Kazu and Kenta are on the floor.)

Kazu: KentaÖ Iíd like to not die if itís all right with you.

Kenta: Sounds good. Whatís the plan?

Kazu: You know darn well what the plan is Kenta.

(They pull out their sunglassesÖ)


(At Headquarters, the alarm goes off as the Invaders are detected on the radar. Joe looks up at the alarm, concerned. He turns towards Mimi.)

Joe: Mimi! We have a monster alert!

(He stops and sees that Mimi is has finally gotten Dance Dance Revolution hooked up on the radar and is blissfully dancing away.)

Mimi: Hold on, only one more song to go!

Joe: (angry) Mimi!!

(Joe rushes to a computer and types frantically. The monitor reverts back to a radar in the middle of the song.)

Mimi: AwÖ

Joe: Letís seeÖ itís coming from the TV studio.

Mimi: JoeÖ look on the television.

Joe: Mimi, I donít care if you were getting an A on ďButterfly,Ē I need your help!

Mimi: No! Look!

(Joe looks over and sees that the station is still airing the program. Kazu and Kenta are reaching for their glasses.)

Joe: Is that on live?

Mimi: Yes, except on the west coast.

Joe: We canít show this. Izzy! Hack into the networkís computer and jam the signal!!

(Izzy looks up from his computer.)

Izzy: UmÖ yes sir.

(Izzy returns to his computer.)

Izzy: I was about to do that anywayÖ those ingrates left me off the program for the last time!

(Izzyís monitor reads ďConfirm Jamming? Y/NĒ. Izzy clicks on ďY.Ē)


(At the Takaishi household, Matt and Mrs. Takaishi are watching the program. Kazu puts his glasses on, then the shot is replaced with a screen reading ďTechinical Difficulties: Please Stand By.Ē The text is accompanied by a cute picture of an Upamon pulling an electrical cord out of the socket with its teeth.)

Mrs. Takaishi: What happened?

Matt: Hold onÖ

(Matt slams the television a few times. Nothing works.)

Matt: HuhÖ that works with the Spice Channel.


(At the studio, much of the audience has started running off as the Invaders start firing at the audience. Kari and the others join TK on the stage.)

Kari: What do we do?

TK: I donít knowÖ letís contact headquarters!

(TK is about to use his wrist communicator when Kari puts her hand over it.)

Kari: (nervous) Or letís not.

TK: Okay, okayÖ everybody! We have to stop these guys, but we canít use our powers in front of the cameras. We have to act like normal kids, understand??

(Kari, Yolei, Sora, Cody, Davis, and Rika salute simultaneously.)

Kari/Yolei/Sora/Cody/Davis/Rika: RogerÖ AEGIS!

(TK puts a hand to his face.)

TK: (sarcastic) Great start, guys.

(More Invaders rush in from outside. Kari takes out one line with her bow and arrow, to a number of onlookers, she laughs nervously.)

Kari: UmÖ I was about to practice my archery and those guys got in the way of the target.

(Davis rushes in and socks one of them in the face.)

Davis: (to the onlookers) UhÖ he owes me money.

(Cody charges at one.)

Cody: Fire Armadillo!!

(The Invader is incinerated. Cody turns towards a couple of very confused people.)

Cody: UmÖ there must be a gas leak or somethingÖ he tried to light a cigarette and he blew up. Just goes to show youÖ smoking kills.

(Sora is looking around.)

Sora: UhÖ is there a piano aroundÖ I have the sudden urge to practice.

TK: YeahÖ I have the sudden urge to practice my kendo!

(TK whaps a few of them on the head with his stick, while Yolei drives a bunch of them into the wall.)

Yolei: They made a few changes in track & field. Itís now full contact. Iím running the 1500 tomorrow and need to work on my body checks.

(Rika is helping people escape. She looks over at Ken. Ken is staring back at her.)

Rika: Are you Shadow?

(Ken begins to laugh. Meanwhile, only one of the Invaders remains. Rika has gotten everybody out of the building, so TK lets loose.)

TK: Vacuum Missile!

(The Invader is destroyed.)

Yolei: Sleep in heavenly peace!

(By now, nobody else is left in the auditoriumÖ except for Isogai, who is freaking.)

Isogai: What the hell was that??

TK: UmÖ wellÖ uhÖ

(Ken starts to clap, smiling brightly.)

Ken: Very, very nice work. I never knew you all did magic.

TK: UmÖ wellÖ

(TK smiles.)

TK: Thatís right! My name is actually short for Takeo, and I am president of the Magic Userís Club at school!

Ken: Fantastic! And judging by the looks of it, you too agree that pests must be exterminated before they become dangerous.

(TK stares at Ken nervously. Kari taps him on the shoulder.)

Kari: Letís get out of here before we end up even more suspicious.

(TK nods, and everybody but Ken rushes out. Rika and Ken stare each other down as she runs out.)


(At Headquarters, the signal disappears.)

Mimi: Looks like we got Ďem.

Joe: Yeah. Izzy- resume transmission.

Izzy: (OS) Sure thing.

(The Upamon screen on the television is repaced by Ken, standing alone in the studio.)

Ken: Look around here. The place just went up in smoke. Everybody left, part of the room is on fire, and I just fell witness to a massive battle. And what is the cause of all this? Parasites!! The time to fight them is now!!

(Joe stares at Ken, very suspicious.)


(The next day, TK, Kari, Yolei, Cody, Sora and Davis are hanging out at the park. Yolei gives TK the bag of cookies.)
Yolei: HereÖ I made them myself.

(TK hesitates for a bit, then takes a bite. Heís suspiciously impressed.)

TK: WowÖ theyíre good. In fact, they tasteÖ just like the ones at the convenience store.

(Yolei is nervous. Kari takes a cookie and tries.)

Kari: YeahÖ theyíre just as good as the ones made in a factory! Thatís really impressive!

(Yolei smiles as everybody takes one and is impressed.)

Davis: Why donít I get girls to make me cookies like this?

Yolei: WellÖ Iím glad you like them. If youíll excuse me, I have to get going. See ya!

(Everybody waves as she leaves. TK looks at Kari.)

TK: They, uh, are the ones from the convenience store.

Kari: Of course they areÖ just wanted to make sure she didnít get her feelings hurt.

Cody: You mean, she tried to pass off cookies from a convenience store as her own to impress somebody?

(Sora looks at the cookie, a smile on her face.)

Sora: Worked for me!


(At school, Rika is walking through the empty halls when she sees Ken in an empty classroom. She enters.)

Rika: Ken IchijoujiÖ you are Shadow arenít you?

Ken: ThatÖ isÖ unimportant.

Rika: Liar. You deceive everybody for your own purposes.

(Ken smiles and heads towards the door.)

Ken: Perhaps. But thatís fine by you isnít it? After allÖ you agree with me.

(Rika is stone-faced. Ken continues to smile.)

Ken: Welcome to the Society of Political Thought.

(Ken shuts the door.)


Tai: (OS) And cut!

(Ken chuckles.)

Ken: You certainly know how to break the tension, Tai.

Tai: Ken, KenÖ the episode ends before I yell ďcutĒ so the tension is perserved. Got it?

Ken: Got it.

(Tai smiles and walks towards the other set.)

Tai: Well, thatís itÖ Merry Christmas! Yolei?

(Tai extends an arm, and Yolei wraps her own arm around it.)

Yolei: Merry Christmas indeed! Ready?

(Tai and Yolei both start to head out, although Tai canít help but stop in front of Isogai.)

Tai: Well IsogaiÖ time to shut down Taiís come-ons, huh?

(Isogai has a straight face, and is staring down the smiling Tai. Finally she smiles and turns away.)

Isogai: Mimi! Still got the DDR working?

(Tai loses the smile as Isogai runs off to play with the others at ďAEGIS Headquarters.Ē Tai and Yolei walk off, while the others are too busy watching Matt and Sora dance to the song ďSilent HillĒ to care.)

End Episode Thirteen

Authorís Notes
Hold onÖ yes! I got through the whole episode without a reference to Evangelion! The only big anime reference, besides a brief nod to ďMon Colle Knights,Ē was to ďMagic Userís ClubĒ and to the president of the Magic Userís Club, who is indeed named Takeo. TKís first season voice actress and the voice of Reiko, Soraís character, play fellow members of the club.

Taiís reference to the best time for a Christmas episode being March refers to the airdate of the second seasonís Christmas episode.

SoÖ everybody know the title of the stupid artsy pic where everybody dies? Good.

The scene between Yolei and Cody is taken almost word-for-word from The Sceneô in episode 38 of Digimon, with minor changes made to fit in into context.

Iím not going to go anywhere with Taiyako, so mo-mantai, okay? If youíre asking yourself ďwhy TaiyakoĒ my answer is ďwhy not?Ē Section 8, Statute 14 clearly allows it. Incidentally, there really must be a rulebook of Digimon fanfiction somewhere forbidding relationships with Cody, because they are non-existent compared to everybody elseís love lives.

Next Episode- New Year, Old Plot!
For some obscure reason, thereís an episode centered around TKís little sister right before the plot gets good. So this oneís all for the Matt fans as Matt explores his friendship with Ryo while Ryo explores the true meaning of New Yearís Eve. NamelyÖ getting stinking drunk. But can Ryo help Matt through his problems with a love interestÖ especially since there are no more girls left to play Mattís love interest?