Tai Kamiya Presents "Gatekeepers"

Episode Five- Storm the Girls’ Dorm!


(Mimi is bundled up, wearing a thick winter coat. She heads to the set. Yolei greets her. Mimi hands Yolei her coat.)

Yolei: Um… what am I supposed to do with this?

Mimi: (out of breath) Hang it up somewhere.

Yolei: Izzy!

(Izzy walks in.)

Izzy: Yeah?

(Yolei hangs up Mimi’s coat on Izzy’s head, then returns her attention to Mimi. Izzy shrugs and walks off- the coat still on his head.)

Yolei: What took so long?

Mimi: The snowstorm outside. The bus broke down on the way here! I had to walk the rest of the way. In this blizzard! In the freezing cold too!

Yolei: Wow… how far did you have to go?

Mimi: Two blocks!!

Yolei: Oh.

Mimi: I ruined my new shoes in order to get here. It better be worth it.

(Tai walks in with two scripts and hands one to Yolei.)

Tai: Your script, Miss Konoe.

Mimi: Where’s mine?

Tai: Oh, you aren’t in this episode. Didn't you get my voice mail?

Mimi: (dark) What?

Tai: Yeah. This is kind of a filler episode. Joe doesn’t even have that much to do. But you- the secretary isn’t seen at all.

(Mimi forces Tai up against a wall and holds him up by the collar, absolutely sinister.)

Mimi: (evil) Listen to me little man- I walked here in the freezing cold, completely messed up my hair, and practically ruined a new pair of shoes. I will be in this episode. Understand??

Tai: (scared to death) Yes ma’am.


Episode Six- Infiltrate the Female Dormitory!

(Two large, black cylindrical-shaped figures are bouncing around, destroying everything in sight. Kari aims her bow at them.)

(She fires some arrows.)

Yolei: It’s not enough!

(Yolei picks up a bus and hurls it at the Invaders.)

(TK uses a kendo attack to try to subdue the Invaders. Again, it isn’t enough.)

TK: Why didn’t that work?

(A helicopter lands in the area. Izzy jumps out of it and runs up to TK.)

Izzy: Simple! You have to shout out the name of the attack!

TK: Oh… right!

(TK tries again…)

(It still doesn’t work. TK turns to Izzy.)

TK: Well?

Izzy: Um…

Davis: (sarcastic) Way to give him the wrong directions Izz…

Izzy: It’s not like you have any way to help!!

Davis: What can you do?

Izzy: I brought the Gate Engine- TK, you ready?

TK: Sure am!

Kari: Wait a minute, why don’t I ever get to use that thing? Why is it always TK?

TK: We don’t have time for this argument!

Sora: You will if I distract it with my piano!

(Sora heads over to her new grand piano while Yolei hurls a lamppost at the Invaders.)

(It hits one of the cylinders, sending it falling back… onto the piano.)

Sora: Aw, not again…

Davis: Yolei! You just crushed Sora’s piano!

Yolei: Well, sorry!

Kari: You should be!

TK: Can we get this engine hooked up?

Izzy: Hold on… anyone got any radiator fluid?

(The arguments and disorganization continue some more, while Tai watches calmly. Mimi’s standing next to him.)

Mimi: So Tai?

(Tai quickly defends himself from any further attack.)

Tai: Uh, yeah?

Mimi: Did you write my character into the script yet?

Tai: Actually no- you’re going to be playing a different character today.

Mimi: Oh.

Tai: Yeah. Since when were you able to act like an evil bitch anyway?

Mimi: School. You gotta learn these kinda things.

Tai: What do those American schools teach you?

Mimi: No, no, no… it’s more of a New York thing. You have to be at least a little bit surly to get around. I’ve just gotten that down to an art!

(Mimi smiles and flashes a pose. Tai shakes his head.)

Tai: Well, it’s perfect for today’s role.

Mimi: Why?

(Tai hands Mimi a script.)

Tai: You’ll see…


(After the battle, Joe has summoned the entire group- TK, Kari, Yolei, Mimi, Izzy, and Davis, to HQ. Most have quite a few scratches and are quite exhausted after the battle )

Joe: Is everybody here?

Davis: Yes! Another battle won with no casualties!

Joe: That’s um… swell. But I’m getting a little nervous. I don’t think groups that save the world are supposed to look so sloppy.

TK: We didn’t look that sloppy, did we?

Joe: The only reason you won was because those two cylinders got tired, ran into each other, and blew up.

TK: Yeah… that was the plan, wasn’t it?

Kari: No… it wasn’t.

Joe: Look, we need a little more organization around here. I mean, honestly- who’s in charge of all this?

(All six point to Joe.)

Joe: Exactly! Nobody! Therefore, as Commander, it’s my decision that we need to form a chain of command. You six must decide upon a team captain.

(Spotlight on Kari.)
Kari: Captain? Me? It would be perfect. I am Miss Perfect, so it’s a perfect fit. Captain Kari Kamiya… I like the sound of that.

(Spotlight on TK.)
TK: Wow… my character is rash, irresponsible, and just a little bit perverted. I’ve never been in the ideal situation to be a captain before, but I’d better take advantage of this.

(Spotlight on Izzy.)
Izzy: Nobody cares about the smart guy. But if I was the captain, I’d finally be able to show what us smart guys were made of. If Tai could do it… the job’s a breeze! Think of the popularity. Think of the resume fodder. Think of the girls!

(Izzy still in dreamland when Sora raises a hand.)

Sora: I nominate Kari.

(Izzy looks over at Sora, in a panic.)

Sora: She was the first one, so it makes sense doesn’t it?

Izzy: (sad) Great… now she uses logic.

(Kari is acting like she just won a beauty pageant.)

Kari: Me? A captain? Oh, well, I’ve never thought of that before, but it would be perfect. I mean, I’m involved with so many activities in school, and I’ve been elected captain in all of them. So it would be perfect. Because I’m perfect! I am the child of light!!

Yolei: (unimpressed) So many activities in school, huh? You must be too busy then, I nominate TK.

Kari: Why?

Yolei: (smiling) Simple- he’s a stud.

(TK is giggling to himself.)

Tai: (OS) Cut!

(Tai walks up to TK.)

Tai: TK, you know you really have to get over this "Yolei has a crush on you" thing.

TK: Sorry, it’s just so new to me.

Tai: Yeah, yeah. But you have to stop giggling like a schoolgirl when the issue comes up. It’s really degrading to the person with a crush on you. Right Yolei?

Yolei: How should I know? Really, I’m not the kind of person to get meaningless crushes on people, right?

(Tai looks at Yolei for a second, then points offstage.)

Tai: Is that Brad Pitt?

(Yolei looks around, dreamily.)

Yolei: Where where where where where?

Tai: (to TK) Anyway, it’s starting to become a problem.

TK: Well, I’ll try but it’s just such a fun feeling that…

Tai: (interrupting) Kari?

Kari: Yes Tai?

Tai: Scare TK.

Kari: Okay. Davis, you know what to do.

Davis: (calm) Right.

(Davis calmly walks up to Kari. He suddenly takes her hand and turns on the sap.)

Davis: You know you really are Miss Perfect, that’s not an act.

(Kari giggles like a schoolgirl. TK screams.)

Tai: Thanks Kari, Davis. I think he’s scared straight.

TK: Darn right I am…

Tai: Places everybody!

(Tai walks off as everybody returns to their places.)

Yolei: But I couldn’t find Brad Pitt!

Tai: (OS) Ready… and action!

Kari: Yolei, are you an idiot?

Yolei: Um… what did I do?

Tai: (OS) You just nominated TK for captain.

Yolei: Oh yeah. So I am an idiot then?

Tai: (OS) Pretty much, but you don’t know that.

Yolei: Okay, why do you think I’m an idiot then?

Kari: Because you nominated a blockhead like TK.

TK: Well, I have natural capabilities to be the captain of the group. You have to look on the inside Kari. Just because I don’t have a set of goggles doesn’t mean I can’t be an effective leader.

Joe: Any other nominations?

Izzy/Davis: Me!

Joe: Okay then. In two days you six will vote on your captain. Try not to get too drunk, since your choice for captain will be intact until the end of the series. For now, you are all dismissed. You may return to your regularly scheduled classes.

(Everybody except Davis leaves.)

Joe: Yes Davis?

Davis: I’m sticking around. I forgot to study for today’s math test.

Joe: Oh. Okay.


(Yolei is in gym class, and easily executes a high jump of around fifteen feet. The rest of the class applauds.)

Teacher: That’s pretty impressive Yolei… but that bar was set up for pole vaulting.

Yolei: Oh. Where’s the pole?

(As Yolei takes the pole and vaults three times as high, we go inside her thoughts. Again, since Tai still hasn’t figured out how that works, Mimi narrates.)
Mimi: (VO) How am I going to get TK elected as captain? I have to swing a couple votes in his favor. I’ve got to find some way to make TK look really good.

TK: (VO) What was that Mimi?

Mimi: (VO) Nothing, TK. I’m recording Yolei’s thoughts. I hope this isn’t the only thing I have to do for this episode. Tai said I had a different character, but I don’t want to be stuck as Yolei’s brain, you know?

TK: (VO) I know. Voice acting sucks.

Mimi: (VO) It does.

(Yolei looks at Mimi.)

Yolei: Mimi! Stop having a conversation with TK! I’m trying to think!
Mimi: (OS) Sorry!

(Meanwhile, Izzy is also in gym class, and is running with his fellow classmates.)

Izzy: (to himself) Yeah- Captain Izumi. That sounds good. Not only do I have the women breaking down my door, I have major influence over the company’s activities. My plans can finally be set into motion. Imagine if Yolei was half-human and half-computer… it would be a dream come true!

Student: Hey, why are you saying your thoughts out loud?

Izzy: Simple. I don’t want Mimi dubbing my thoughts.


(That night, Sora is walking down a hall in her dorm. She sees some fellow residents.)

Sora: Hey there!

(The girls quickly disperse without saying a word to her.)

Sora: Hey! That’s pretty rude.

(Yolei walks up to Sora.)

Yolei: What happened?

Sora: They’re ignoring me.

Yolei: You too? Everybody’s ignoring me as well. What do you think’s going on?

(They hear chattering outside. They both approach a window, but find a black screen, preventing anyone from seeing through it.)

Sora: This isn’t supposed to be here.

Yolei: Well, that’s what super-strength is for. Watch this…

(Yolei is about to remove the screen, when Mimi sneaks up from behind, looking incredibly evil.)

Mimi: (dark) Are you trying to remove this screen??

(Yolei and Sora turn around, scared.)

Yolei: Well, um… Mrs…

(Yolei and Sora are confused)

Yolei/Sora: Mimi?

Mimi: I’m not Mimi. I’m the supervisor of this dorm.

Yolei/Sora: Oh…

Mimi: I’m um… Mimi’s evil twin! How about that? I always thought it would be fun if I had an evil twin. Anyway…

(Mimi coughs, and returns to her evil mode.)

Mimi: You aren’t allowed to remove that screen. Doing so will cause great, great pain… and don’t enter Room 104 either.

(Yolei and Sora look at a doorway nearby, labeled "Room 104." They return their attention to Mimi.)

Mimi: It is the, uh… Gateway to Hell!!


(The next day, at school, Sora and Yolei relay their story to the rest of the Gatekeepers. Again, they are on the roof.)

Davis: Dude- that’s freaky.

Kari: Yeah. I didn’t know Mimi was capable of acting like that.

Sora: It was her evil twin sister.

Kari: Oh.

Izzy: I think the Invaders might be involved.

Kari: They definitely could be.

Izzy: I doubt that they know our exact location, but if they indeed are in the girl’s dorm, it means that either they’re perverts at heart or they’re close to finding us.

TK: Yolei, Sora, you two might be in danger there.

Davis: No! We have to check that place out! Discover what the problem is!

Izzy: Yes!

Kari: No… boys aren’t allowed in the girl’s dorm.

Davis: Yeah but…

Izzy: This is an emergency. We need the entire force there. Including the guys.

Davis: If you want, I’ll check each and every room, even the ones that are occupied, to make sure that…

Sora: Why don’t you come over tonight, Kari? Maybe you can help us figure out what’s going on.

Kari: Good idea. Well, I have to get back to class. See ya!

(Kari walks off, as does Sora.)

TK: Shoot. If she figures out what’s going on and handles the job herself, the captain job is as good as hers.

Izzy: Yeah. There’s got to be some way we can get involved with the case.

Yolei: I got it!

Davis: Uh, Yolei- you already live there. It’s not a problem for you.

Yolei: But it would be for TK if I wasn’t so clever! Come on!

(Yolei grabs TK and heads off.)

TK: You know, I have class too!!


(After school, Yolei is walking to her dorm. Behind her is a nervous TK… probably nervous because he too is dressed in a fuku, with a wig to make him look even more like a girl.)

TK: Is this really necessary?

Yolei: Hey, you wanna be on top of things, right? This is the only way you’re going to get past evil Mimi. And besides- you look so cute!!

TK: Is that a compliment?

(TK and Yolei walk past some bushes. In which are hiding Izzy and Davis, both observers of the situation.)

Davis: Man- he is so lucky!

Izzy: I wish a girl would dress me up like that.

Davis: Do we have to do that to get in?

Izzy: No… we have our own methods, come on…


(Meanwhile, Sora has let Kari in.)

Kari: And you and Yolei are the only ones who are suspicious?

Sora: Yeah.

Kari: That’s really bad news. Usually only Gatekeepers can sense when something’s wrong. It’s like a sixth sense.

(Mimi shows up again.)

Mimi: Hello there Sora… who’s the friend?

Kari: Hi there Mimi.

Mimi: (evil) I’m not Mimi!!

Kari: Oh yeah, sorry. Hi Mimi’s evil twin.

Mimi: That’s better.

Kari: I’m Kari. I’m here with Sora.

Mimi: Okay… (evil) Just don’t go snooping around. Especially around Room 104.

(Mimi walks away.)

Kari: She definitely could be an Invader. C’mon, let’s look around.

Sora: We’d better avoid Room 104 for the time being. Let’s check in with Yolei.

(While they leave, Mimi heads towards room 104. There are a series of lights. Mimi turns sinister again.)

Mimi: They’re getting suspicious. We have to change the plans… we do it tonight.


(TK is in Yolei’s room, admiring everything.)

TK: So this is a girl’s dorm room. Isn’t that something?

(Yolei enters and closes the door behind her.)

TK: Hey. So what should…

(Yolei smiles, then begins to take off her shirt.)

TK: Um… uh… are you uh… warm or something…

(Yolei continues to do that. TK’s trying to maintain character, but is still enjoying the scene.)

TK: Yolei- do you really think we should be doing this?

(Yolei takes off her shirt, revealing another one underneath, and a load of snacks as well.)

Yolei: I had to smuggle these in. Help yourself.

(TK is stunned.)

Yolei: Um- TK?

Tai: (OS) Cut!

TK: Oh… sorry… I kinda spaced out there. I’m not used to seeing stuff like that.

(Pan over to Tai, a little breathless from the scene as well.)

Tai: No kidding. Me neither. You know something… we’d better do that scene again!

Yolei: What??

Tai: (smiling) Just to uh… make sure you get it right. Very important scene. It makes or breaks this series.

Yolei: I did it perfectly!!

Tai: Oh. Um… you did, but we’d better…

Yolei: (evil) Move on!!

Tai: Um… yeah… okay… yes ma’am. (sotto) Did you go to school in New York too?


(Back to the action. TK and Yolei are helping themselves to the snacks when they hear a rustling outside. Outside, Izzy is setting up a device. It unfolds to become a giant ladder. It goes up next to a window, and Davis and Izzy both climb up. Naturally… it’s Yolei’s room. They look in, to see Yolei and the cross-dressing TK. Yolei looks at those two, then screams.)

TK: What are you two doing here?

(To make matters worse, Sora and Kari are outside that room.)

Kari: Something’s going on in there!

(Kari knocks on the door, then pauses.)

Kari: (pleasant) Housekeeping!

(Kari hurriedly opens the door. To review- Yolei in an undershirt, TK in the sailor fuku and wig, and Davis and Izzy looking in from the outside window.)

Kari: What… is going on???

Davis: Oh boy, um uh…

(Davis panics, and sends the ladder, and himself and Izzy, flying backwards into the bushes. Of course, after a good left hook, TK is soon to follow.)


(In the lobby of the dorm, the six are gathered. TK is back in his normal outfit. Kari is quite ashamed.)

Kari: I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with you. I don’t know what’s worse, Yolei showing off the goods, Izzy and Davis looking at Yolei’s goods, or TK in the dress.

TK: How do you wear those things, anyway?

Kari: I hate them too. Which makes me wonder why you’d want to wear one of those voluntarily!

Yolei: You gotta admit he’s got nice legs though, Kari.

Kari: Look. I’m going to see if there’s anything in Room 104. I’m going alone. Understand?

(Kari heads towards the room, while the others wait patiently. Kari approaches, visibly nervous. The windows still have screens on them.)

Kari: This door is on the opposite wall as all the others. It’s also designed differently. I have to be careful…

(Kari places a hand on the doorknob.)

Mimi: (sinister) What are you doing???

(Kari nervously turns around.)

Mimi: (evil) You don’t even live here. You mustn’t concern yourself with such matters.

Kari: Um…

Mimi: (evil) Come with me…

(Kari tries to scream, but Mimi covers her mouth.)

(Back at the lobby, the other five are playing cards.)

TK: Well, I can kiss the captain job goodbye.

Yolei: You don’t know that.

Davis: Yeah he does. Kari’s on top of this. She’s on top of everything. She’s got my vote!

Sora: Oh, mine too!

TK: (dry) Thanks a lot guys.

(Kari walks back, seemingly possessed.)

Izzy: So what was it?

(Kari walks past without saying a word. TK goes up to her.)

TK: Hey! Are you okay?

Kari: (monotone) Stand aside.

TK: Oh. Okay.

(TK stands to one side. Kari walks past, still possessed.)

TK: Well… that was a little strange.

Izzy: Very strange. In fact- I think she’s possessed!

(The other five gasp.)

Izzy: Good reaction. My theory is that if she’s acting like a different person… she IS a different person.

(The other five gasp again.)

Izzy: That one was good too… the only way for us to get Kari back to normal is to find out what’s going on. I volunteer to go myself!

(Once again, they gasp.)

Izzy: You uh… weren’t supposed to gasp at that. You were supposed to admire me for my bravery and vote for me tomorrow.

Davis: Get going…

Izzy: Um… right.

(Izzy is at the door, obviously nervous.)

Izzy: What was I thinking? Bravery often equals stupidity. I’m not stupid! But if I want to be captain and turn Sora into a superintellegent cyborg, I have to do this. Here goes nothing…

(Izzy opens the door and barges in. He’s immediately afraid of what he sees. Kari and Mimi are both there, with demonic looks on their faces.)

Kari: (possessed) Join us…

Izzy: Do I, uh, have a choice?

Mimi: Nope!

(Both approach Izzy.)


(Back at the lobby, the four remaining hear Izzy’s scream.)

Davis: Izzy!!

TK: Aw man… this isn’t one of those episodes where everybody dies in the end, is it?

(The four look at Tai.)

Tai: (OS) Don’t give me any ideas…

Davis: Who’s going next?

Yolei: Hey- why don’t we go together? That way they can’t pick us off one at a time.

TK: Crazy idea, but it just might work.

(The four stand up and slowly approach the door. TK leads the way.)

TK: Okay… we have to cautiously make our way to the door, making sure that nobody is lost along the way. Got that?

Davis: Um… while you were in that spiel about not losing anybody, Yolei mysteriously disappeared.

TK: What?

(TK turns around. Indeed, only Davis and Sora are behind her.)

Sora: Huh… where’d she go?

(TK faces forward again.)

TK: No matter! We have to keep going!

Davis: Uh, TK…

(TK turns around. Sora is now gone.)

TK: Aw man… what should we do?

Davis: Well…

(Davis extends a hand.)

Davis: We gotta have a little yaoi in this series.

(TK is nervous at first, then takes his hand. The two buddies walk to the door. TK fires up the kendo stick.)

TK: Gate Open!

Davis: What are you doing?

TK: We’re not taking any chances with this.

Davis: Oh. Good idea. Gate Open!

(Nothing happens.)

TK: What was that?

Davis: Heh, it was worth a shot.

TK: Okay… on three. One… two… three!!!

(TK and Davis charge through the door, and continue charging through it. They wind up outside, and continue running past a number of girls and party decorations. They stumble and trip, winding up at Mimi’s feet. She looks angry.)

Mimi: (still evil) What are you two doing here?

(TK and Davis look at each other, then look around at the situation. It’s a party out in the backyard. Sora and Yolei are apparently the guests of honor, while Kari and Mimi are there as well.)

TK: What’s… going on?

Kari: It’s a party to welcome Sora and Yolei into the dorms?

Mimi: (evil) And you boys are interfering in our plans.

Yolei: It’s okay Mimi… ‘s evil twin. They’re friends of ours.

Sora: What party would be complete without them?

Mimi: Oh… (cheery) Okay!!

Sora: Hey, you aren’t acting evil anymore.

Mimi: Well yeah! It’s a party!

(Mimi strikes a classic "Mimi" pose.)

Yolei: All right!!

TK: So you were all in on this the whole time?

Kari: Well, Mimi… or her evil twin… had to keep it a secret from Yolei and Sora, so they put screens on the windows. When me and Izzy stormed in, they asked if we wanted to help!

Davis: Wait- where is Izzy?

(Kari looks up. Izzy is suspended above them, working on something that rains down flower petals on the group.)

Izzy: They hooked me into this too. Not that I mind… the food’s pretty good!

Davis: I’m there!

TK: But why didn’t you tell me or Davis?

Kari: Simple… we didn’t want you two spilling the beans. We can’t trust you now can we?

(TK frowns. Kari smiles.)

Kari: Now cheer up. It’s a party. At least it was nice of you to rush in when you thought we were in trouble.

(A few parting shots of them enjoying the party.)


(Fade away to the next day at headquarters. Joe has a bucket with slips of paper in them. He takes it to the rest of the group.)

Joe: Once the votes are tallied, the person receiving the most votes is the captain of the team. You made the decision, so you’ll have to live with it. Any questions?

Izzy: Yeah- why slips of paper? This is a high tech operation… why such a primitive voting method?

Joe: Would you rather we use butterfly ballots? We got some cheap from the States.

Izzy: Never mind… Sora couldn’t handle it.

Sora: But butterflies are so pretty.

Joe: I’ll tally the votes.

(Joe reads the votes one at a time.)

Joe: Izzy.

Izzy: Whoo! Prodigious!

Kari: Izzy… that’s your handwriting.

Izzy: (indignant) I said prodigious and I’m sticking to it.

Joe: TK… Kari… TK… Kari… and the final vote…

Izzy: Please be Izzy…

Davis: What happens if it’s a tie?

Joe: I go insane… doesn’t matter, it isn’t. The captain of the Gatekeepers is…

Izzy: Please be Izzy…

Joe: TK.

(TK stands up.)

TK: Whoo! Prodigious!

Izzy: Hey, watch it buddy…

Yolei: Congratulations TK.

Davis: Yeah… we’re gonna have some fun now.

Izzy: Ever considered investing in cyborgs?

TK: Uh, no. But thanks a lot for voting for me Davis. Proof positive that male bonding always wins out over a stupid crush. Right?

Davis: Um… what?

TK: Yeah. I voted for me and Yolei voted for me. Sora voted for Kari, right?

Sora: Yeah. Do I look stupid?

TK: (to Davis) So you voted for me, right?

Davis: Uh no… I voted for Princess Kari.

TK: So then how could I get three votes?

Davis: That’s not possible unless…

Izzy: Where’s Kari?

(Kari smiles at TK, then quietly exits the building.)

TK: She…

Izzy: Whoa… prodigious is right.

(TK is simply in awe.)

TK: Wow… (clueless) There must have been a counting error in my favor!!

(Sweatdrop city as Davis, Sora, Izzy, and Joe look at TK as if he’s a moron.)

Tai: (OS) And cut! Print it! How’s that for romance in a series?

TK: There actually wasn’t any. Besides innocent hinting.

Tai: Yeah… that’s about all we’re used to, remember?

(Mimi strolls in, tired.)

Mimi: Yolei, where’s my coat?

Yolei: Izzy, where’s Mimi’s coat?

Izzy: I thought you wanted me to deposit it in the lost and found!

Tai: We don’t have a lost and found.

Izzy: So what’s in the box that Phil was watching?

Tai: Why is Phil still here?

(Izzy runs off.)

Izzy: Phil! Get back here!!

Tai: Anyway, Mimi, how was it playing a completely different character? And a freaky one at that.

Mimi: Man, I am exhausted. Tai, can you do me a favor?

Tai: Sure, what is it?

Mimi: Can you write my character out of the next episode? I need a little break, you know?

(Tai shoots Mimi a death glare.)

End Episode Five


Author’s Notes
A pretty light episode this time, especially on the references. Although it is interesting to note that Cowboy Bebop is an anime with one of those episodes where everybody dies in the end. I have yet to figure out why it’s there, or why everybody’s back for the next episode. For those who are either completely clueless or completely ignorant to all things Takari, Kari voted for TK. Eh, what the heck- for old time’s sake, let’s get a voting chart!!

TK- (3): Kari, TK, Yolei
Kari- (2): Davis, Sora
Izzy- (1): Izzy

Ah… I just needed my fix of "reality knockoff moments." Old habits are hard to break, you know?

Next Episode- Shoot Down the Casting Director!
With the Invaders concentrating their effort on Japan, the team gets help from a special operative from Hong Kong. Despite this girl’s small size, she packs quite a punch. And with an Invader-controlled airplane wreaking havoc in the skies, the team will need all the help they can get… even if she's played by Cody.