Tai Kamiya Presents "Gatekeepers"

Episode Nine- Stop That Love Triangle!


(TK is walking to the set, paging through the script. He looks troubled.)

TK: Oh boy… Tai’s backed himself into a corner now.

Tai: Good news TK!

(Tai walks in, with a smile on his face. That’s overshadowed by the fact that his face is also red from heavy swelling.)

TK: What happened to your face?

Tai: Well, the female response to the last episode wasn’t what I had hoped.

TK: Didn’t go over well with the girls?

Tai: Not necessarily… Kari wasn’t about to hit her brother, Sora’s pretty passive, I told Yolei to save it for after this episode, and Mimi actually kinda liked it.

TK: So why’s your face all red?

Tai: I forgot about Rika…

TK: What’s the good news?

Tai: I found you a little sister!

TK: All right! This episode has a lot of scenes with her, so I wondered how you were going to get around that. So where is she?

(Matt walks in, smiling.)

Matt: Hi TK!

(TK’s jaw drops.)

TK: Matt? You’re my little sister?

Tai: Look, we’re running of females. There are a total of six female Gatekeepers, not counting the foreign ones. Add to that the secretary and Ken’s fan club, and you can see the dilemma I’m in. Personally, in order to make things work, we have to do some gender-bending. Look at Cody! He’s starting to grow into the character…

(They look over at Cody, in traditional Chinese clothes, practicing an incantation nearby while Sora watches.)

Cody: Force, know my desire- release the fire! Fire Armadillo!!

Sora: I like that one, that’s one’s good.


TK: Look Tai, I wanted a cute little sister. But Matt is not my little sister! He’s my big brother, that’s the exact opposite of little sister! And he’s definitely not cute!!

Matt: I’m not cute?

(Matt leans up really close to the camera and smiles at it.)

Matt: I’m cute… aren’t I ladies?

Tai: Uh Matt? The camera’s not turned on.

Matt: Oh.

TK: Well what about that Isogai girl you brought in?

Tai: She’s mine! I saw her first! You can’t have her!

Matt: And besides that, she’s already drooling over Ken.

Tai: Shut up Matt.

TK: Okay… what about somebody from the new season? You said Suzy couldn’t be in this… but what about Jeri?

(Tai looks at TK as if he’s an idiot.)

Tai: Jeri? Jeri? Jeri Katou? The Jeri Katou? Do you know how hard it would be to get an A-list celeb like Jeri in this? Her puppet makes more than you do.

TK: Probably because you aren’t paying us I suppose.

Tai: Exactly. Jeri charges good money for appearances. Quite frankly, I can’t afford to pay her salary.

TK: Okay, okay… Matt’s my cute little sister. (to Matt) You ready, cute little sister?

(Matt’s looking away and scratching his crotch. TK slaps his forehead.)

TK: This could get ugly…


Episode Eleven- Stop That Bullet Train!

(Mimi is walking along a portside shopping center. Mimi is carrying no less than a thousand shopping bags. She turns towards the ocean, and drops all of them. She pulls out a cell phone.)
Mimi: Um… Joe? Yeah… this is Mimi… I don’t know what exactly is going on… but you might want to check this out…

(Mimi is staring at the hull of a ship, sticking straight up out of the water.)

(Elsewhere in Japan, a bullet train is speeding through Kyoto. Inside, Matt is watching from a window seat. TK and Mrs. Takaishi are seated near him.)

Matt: I gotta say this is pretty cool.

TK: Yeah… you know I’ve been on one of these before.

Mrs. Takaishi: For a kendo meet?

TK: Huh?

Mrs. Takaishi: Well, you left home on a kendo scholarship, I’m sure you have to travel all around Japan for competitions.

TK: Oh, is that the excuse I used? Okay, sure. Yeah. That’s what it was for.

Matt: Well, it’s really great that we got to go on this trip.

TK: Yeah. Next time I win a contest, I’ll take you all again.

Mrs. Takaishi: Hey- I didn’t see you buy the winning raffle ticket. This was supposed to be about me, you know.

TK/Matt: Sorry Mother.

Mrs. Takaishi: That’s better. Now that I’m the center of attention, I can speak freely.

(Pause. She doesn’t know what to say.)

Mrs. Takaishi: So how’s it going, TK?


(At HQ, Joe and Mimi are with all the female Gatekeepers… and all the boys playing female Gatekeepers. The mysterious ship is on the screen.)

Kari: Okay… how did it get here?

Yolei: Where did come from?

Rika: What does it want?

Cody: With lack of anything better to say… aiya.

Joe: According to our sources, this ship disappeared off the coast of Florida six years ago. It sailed into the Bermuda Triangle and never was seen again.

Sora: Maybe they just got thrown off course.

Joe: I don’t think so Sora. Considering the fact that everybody on the ship is dead.

Sora: Maybe they’re just sleeping.

Mimi: People don’t usually sleep at a ninety degree angle… with a giant mechanical claw embedded through their heart.

Rika: Although they are from Florida, so you never know.

(Alarms start blaring. The group is surprised.)

Yolei: What’s going on??

Izzy: Not good!

(Everybody goes up to Izzy, seated at a computer.)

Izzy: Two major problems! First off, some unknown sentient is trying to synchronize their system with our system. Second off… I forgot to save my game of Minesweeper!

Cody: Never mind that, what’s all this about an unknown sentient?

Izzy: Hold on… I can try to set up a firewall and encrypt the server so that they can’t get to our vital information. Then I’ll set up a bug which will go inside and get us a visual of this menace. Do I have permission to do so Commander?

Joe: Um… you can save games of Minesweeper?

Mimi: None of us have any idea what you’re talking about, so just do it.

(Izzy types away at the computer, screaming at it the whole while.)

Izzy: C’mon baby, c’mon baby, yes! Who’s your daddy!? Who’s your daddy?! Oh yeah! I am l33t! You are beat!

(Izzy calmly turns towards the group.)

Izzy: (professional) Okay, let’s see who we’re dealing with.

(Izzy pops up a picture, it develops into a figure. Joe jumps back.)

Joe: Machinedramon!

(The figure is Machinedramon, looking as menacing as ever.)

Sora: Oh… is he a friend of yours?

Joe: He’s one of the head of the Invaders. His power is taking over machines. He uses it to create conflicts all over the world. The only question is what he’s up to now.

Machinedramon: (VO, monotone) What am I up to? Simple. I am taking control of a train. I will increase its speed, a speed breaking the sound barrier. I will crash the train into Tokyo terminal. Ha ha ha ha ha…

Kari: Okay… that’s not good.

(The group looks around nervously.)

Tai: (OS) Cut.

(They all walk off, except for Joe and Sora, who walk up to Tai.)

Joe: I’m uh… a little curious- Devimon was one thing, but Machinedramon?

Sora: Yeah. If I remember correctly… he’s bigger than this studio.

Tai: Guys, guys, you’re not taking into consideration special effects. That’s all this is.

(Tai walks up to the computer screen. Machinedramon is still on it.)

Tai: All of Machinedramon’s scenes are being filled somewhere else, and we simply integrate them into each scene. We’re just getting better all the time, you know?

(Tai turns to Machinedramon.)

Tai: How’s it going? I know this is your first time in a big feature like this.

Joe/Sora: This is a big feature?

Machinedramon: I’m handling fine. This is not my first time in a big feature.

Tai: It isn’t?

Machinedramon: Negative. Although my awesome body has never seen the light of the camera, my powerful and talented vocal range has performed in several instances. I do a lot of radio work.

(Tai sweatdrops, then turns to Joe and Sora.)

Tai: See. I know what I’m doing hiring these evil Digimon.


(Our eternal hero and savior TK… flushes the toilet in the bathroom. He pulls some toilet paper from the roll.)

TK: Wow… two-ply! When they say this is the express of dreams, they aren’t kidding!

(TK looks around. With nobody watching, he takes a few sheets of it.)

TK: I promised the group souvenirs, so I’d better get them something.

(TK walks back out. On the way, a pleasant-sounding voice speaks over the loudspeaker.)

Loudspeaker: (VO) Attention, we are now nearing Nagoya station. We are scheduled to make a brief stop there. The bad news is that this train has been possessed by an evil being. Therefore, we will not be making any further stops until the final one, in which the train and everything in it will be horribly incinerated in a massive fireball. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for choosing the bullet train…

Machinedramon: (VO) Hail Invader.

(The front car on the train converts into a monster, with large claws protruding from the front side. The train flies past Nagoya station at massive speed, causing chaos at the terminal.)

(Joe and Mimi are watching this on the monitor.)

Mimi: We can’t regain control of it.

Joe: Okay… give the evacuation signal. Get every station on that line evacuated.

(Mimi works on that while Joe rubs his temples.)

Joe: (chanting) Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean…

Mimi: Joe! We have another problem!

Joe: I’m trying to use that ‘mind over matter’ approach, don’t bother me.

Mimi: But Commander? TK’s on that train.

(Joe looks at Mimi. A giant vein is popping out of his forehead.)

Mimi: What a strange coincidence, isn’t it?

Joe: That’s it! I quit!

(Joe grabs a coat and walks out of the room. Mimi pauses for a second, not sure how to react. Then she rubs her temples.)

Mimi: (chanting) Sale at Macy’s, sale at Macy’s, sale at Macy’s…


(Everybody on the train is scrambling for the back. TK is trying to make his way towards his seat in the back, but keeps getting pushed down by other passengers. Meanwhile, Matt and Mrs. T are watching everybody scramble.)

Mrs. Takaishi: What’s going on?

Matt: I have no idea.

Mrs. Takaishi: This looks very dangerous. Where’s TK?

Matt: Figures- all hell’s breaking loose and TK’s in the can!


(A bridge down the line. Kari, Yolei, Sora, Cody, and Rika are at an evacuated station nearby. The tracks unfold, and a giant steam-powered locomotive pops out.)

Sora: Wow… it’s so…

Yolei: Old…

Rika: Amazing…

(Izzy sticks his head out.)

Izzy: Yes, I am amazing! We borrowed this from the French group. Our theory is that Machinedramon can’t take over anything steam-powered.

Cody: Yeah, but isn’t there a small problem?

Izzy: What?

Cody: How is this thing going to go fast enough to keep up with a bullet train?

Izzy: Not to worry. We’ve given it the usual AEGIS treatment. She’s capable of 300 miles per.

Rika: So what do we do with it?

Izzy: First off…

(Izzy pushes a button and the Gate Engine pops up.)

Izzy: This will help us out. Second off… I have no idea. I’m not in charge.

(Izzy starts talking to his watch.)

Izzy: Commander? Commander?

Kari: Izzy… we still don’t have wrist communicators.

Izzy: Oh yeah. I’ve been meaning to get around to making those…

Kari: Please do. But it looks like we’ll have to improvise to contact Headquarters.


(Headquarters, Mimi’s staring at the speeding train. The phone rings. She answers it.)

Mimi: Hello?

Operator: (VO) Collect call from…

Kari: (VO) Sorry Joe, I’m kinda broke.

Mimi: Oh uh, accept.

(Mimi is put through to Kari.)

Mimi: How’s it going?

Kari: (VO) We need instructions. We have what we need, we just have no idea what we’re supposed to do.

Mimi: Hold on, hold on…

(Davis walks in, dragging Joe behind him.)

Davis: I found him!

(Davis plops Joe in front of Mimi. Joe is sucking his thumb.)

Mimi: Hi Commander! Are you going to help us out now?

Joe: Um… okay. Let’s see… giant train speeding towards impending doom. Okay… first off we have Yolei. Yolei can use her physical power to try to slow, or even stop the train.

Mimi: Did you get that Kari?

Kari: (VO) Yeah.

Joe: Hmm… Mimi, what’s the status on the passengers?

Mimi: They’ve all rushed to the back of the train.

Joe: Why?

Mimi: They’re a mob. Don’t ask.

Joe: Okay… I don’t think Machinedramon can control the entire train. Only the front… so if we have Cody use his fire attack to separate the front car from the rest of the train. That way the passengers are saved.

Mimi: Sounds good. Anything else?

Joe: Uh… well we should get a few more people involved, so we should see if Machinedramon succumbs to Sora’s enchanting melody attack.

Mimi: That sounds like a pretty good plan! Good work Joe!

Joe: (sotto) Yeah right… I’m just BS-ing so you’d lay off my back.


(TK is now alone in the front passenger car. He looks at his watch.)

TK: Okay, this "lack of wrist communicator" thing really isn’t funny anymore.

(TK heads towards the front car, but the door is locked. He pulls on the door, which morphs into Machinedramon’s face. TK continues to pull on the face.)

Machinedramon: Please don’t do that.

TK: Machinedramon?? You’re behind all this?

Machinedramon: Affirmed.

TK: Well then, I’ll just have to stop you then!!

Machinedramon: Negative. My victory is imminent. Your hide is fried.

(TK jumps back and pulls out his kendo stick.)

TK: Let’s just see about that!

Machinedramon: Negative. Bug me later. For now, here are some toys to play with.

(Machinedramon disappears, and two figures enter the car. Two androids- one red and one blue.)

Red Android: Target sighted.

Blue Android: Probably of victory- 96%.

TK: Where uh… where do you get that number anyway?

Blue Android: Engaging formula tutorial…

Red Andoid: Listing factors given in equation- strength of armor, strength of weapon, allotted space…

(The red android continues to recite factors. TK sits down.)

TK: Sorry I asked…


(The group at the station is setting up the locomotive. Kari seems to be in charge.)

Kari: Okay, we want the engine on the same track. The locomotive should be next to it.

(The group carries to engine over.)

Rika: Stop bossing us around.

Kari: Does everybody have their positions? Izzy’s in the driver’s seat, Cody’s on the platform, Sora’s in the train, Rika’s on the train. Yolei…

(Yolei is stretching on the platform in gym clothes.)

Kari: You know where you are…

Yolei: I have to save TK… I can’t lose this.

Kari: Hey Yolei!

Yolei: Not now… I have to save TK.

Kari: Uh… yeah… good luck.

(Kari looks at the focused Yolei, incredibly concerned.)


(On the train, the two are still churning out equations. TK is nowhere to be seen.)

Blue Android: And factoring in Planck’s Constant and basic quantum mechanics, the probably of victory is 96%.

Red Android: Probably of failure-

(Before it finishes, TK hits it in the back of the head with his kendo stick. It falls to the ground, disabled.)

TK: Fore!!

Blue Android: Red unit down, re-calculating probability of victory…

TK: Vacuum Missile!!!

(A shield completely deflects the shot.)

Blue Android: Unable to be dealt damage while calculating.

(TK waits while the blue android calculates.)

Blue Android: Probably of success- 18%.

(TK jumps out and prepares to strike.)

Blue Android: Insufficient probably to continue fighting. Self-destruct engaged.

(The Blue Android falls into pieces. TK looks confused, shakes his head, and puts away his stick.)

TK: Statistics never lie…

(TK runs to the front of the train and barges through the door. He is immediately in shock when he sees what happened to the front car. It has been completely absorbed by Machinedramon, and looks almost demonic.)

TK: Machinedramon! I’m here!

(Machinedramon chortles.)

Machinedramon: (VO) So am I.

TK: Where are you?

Machinedramon: (VO) You are unable to process the situation human. You can only see with your eyes. However I can see more than what my eyes tell me.

TK: Okay, okay, enough of the villain talk, where are you?

Machinedramon: (VO) Where am I on the train?

TK: Yeah.

Machinedramon: (VO) Foolish human… I am the train.

(A giant claw shoots out and ties TK up to the door. He is unable to move.)


(The train is rapidly approaching the Gatekeeper station.)

Cody: Here it comes!

Kari: Everybody ready?

Rika: Shut up and let us save the world already.

(Yolei stands on the Gate Engine, and takes a few breaths, ready for battle.)

Kari: It’s here!

Yolei: GATE OPEN!!

(The train continues to speed towards Yolei. Yolei pushes forward, and her power is amplified by the engine, which is at least enough to slow it down. It still continues, however, and starts to take the Gate Engine with it.)

Kari: Cody, now!

Cody: (incantation) Power of the elements answer my call, give me fire to save us all- Fire Armadillo!!

(Cody releases his attack, which hits on target. The front of the train is separated from the rest of the cars. Cody turns to Sora.)

Cody: What did you think of that one?

Sora: Hm… not bad. But I liked the first one better.

(Cody turns to Tai.)

Cody: She’s got a point, can we do that scene over?

Tai: (OS) Hold on… let me think. Pause the train.

(The train goes from mach one to a dead stop in a millisecond. Shot of Tai, thinking about the call.)

Tai: Let’s see… if we let Cody redo the scene, that may make this scene better. He and Sora certainly think the scene would be better. His incantation isn’t in the script, so it’s his creative license either way.

(Shot of Yolei, still in position to slow down the train, waiting impatiently.)

Tai: (OS) On the other hand… this is my production and if I bent over backwards every time someone in the cast wanted to do something differently, then I’d lose creative control over the project.

(Back to Tai, now pacing around.)

Tai: Not only that, but there’s a really good soccer game on tonight and I want to make sure I get home in time for that. Also, I’m kinda hungry. I want to get out of here and grab a bite to eat. I don’t know what time Blimpie’s closes. Yeah… better safe than sorry.

(Tai calls out to Cody.)

Tai: Sorry Cody- Action!!

(The train instantly returns to its original speed.)

Kari: Sora, your turn!

Sora: It’s okay Cody, watch this!!

(Full-fledged shoujo attack sequence, complete with background. Sora holds a finger in the air. Energy particles swarm towards her finger. She raises both hands, and the particles and flashy lights continue to envelop her hands. Sora holds her hands out and spins around a few times, as light continues to swirl around. She does a dramatic pose. A grand piano enters the scene, transforming out of nowhere, a bench comes in front behind it. Sora continues to hold her arms out as the bench draws near, effectively seating Sora in front of the piano.)

Sora: (incantation) By the powers of music, and forces of the Gate, give me strength to bring forth the Enchanting…

Kari: (OS) Uh Sora…

(The train is now well past Sora’s range. She watches it go buy, taking Yolei with.)

Sora: Heh heh heh… guess I took too long.

Rika: I always knew that shoujo would destroy the world someday.


(TK is still trapped. Machinedramon mocks him.)

Machinedramon: Since I’m such a nice sentient, I’ll let you decide- die now or die later.

TK: What’s the ups and downs of each?

Machinedramon: Now- I’ll try to make it painless. Jab something in your neck, let you bleed a while.

TK: That’s painless?

Machinedramon: The other option is burning to death when we crash into Tokyo terminal. If you get lucky, maybe you’ll get some shrapnel to the head.

TK: Oh…

(TK sees Yolei struggling to slow the train down. The Gate Engine is moving along the tracks.)

TK: I’ll take my chances.

(TK turns around and looks at Yolei. He mouths "Go Yolei!" Yolei sees this through the window of the train.)

Yolei: I can’t give up… I can’t let TK down.

(Outside the train, Yolei is still pushing. Machinedramon appears at the front of the train.)

Machinedramon: What are you up to little girlie?

Yolei: Must… save… TK.

Machinedramon: That’s nice. How do you expect to do that?

Yolei: I just will…

Machinedramon: Hm. No.

(Another claw comes out and pins Yolei to the Engine.)

Machinedramon: The boy wanted to wait before dying… I’ll give you the other option.

(A third claw goes after Yolei to finish her off. Shot of Tai, really concerned, crossing his fingers. Kari’s looking at him, a bit confused.)

Kari: Um… Tai… you know that TK’s going to save the day. It’s in the script.

Tai: Yeah, but the script doesn’t dictate anything. The timing has to be really, really good here. TK only has one shot at this.

Kari: What do you mean?

Tai: It’s not that I’m afraid of being sued by Yolei. It’s that I’m afraid of being sued by her next of kin.


(TK continues to struggle in his confinement. He manages to free one hand, which manages to reach down towards his pocket. He struggles for a bit, and pulls out the greatest weapon of all time- a sheet of toilet paper. Remember- it’s two-ply! He positions it with his fingers.)


(The two-ply sheet is enhanced with TK’s energy. He holds it up and tosses it at Machinedramon. The paper slices across Machinedramon’s neck, and he starts leaking fluid. He stops attacking Yolei.)

Machinedramon: Ow.

(Both the claws confining TK and Yolei retract, freeing the two. TK catches his breath, preparing to strike.)

Machinedramon: Few have been able to strike me. Few have been able to draw blood. Fortunately, I’ve murdered them all.

(Machinedramon looks down.)

Machinedramon: However, since I noticed that my arm fell off… I think I’ll wait before killing you. Um… byezies.

(Machinedramon disappears, then reappears and picks up his arm.)

Machinedramon: I… might need this.

(Machinedramon leaves again, and the train goes back to normal… although still cruising at a rapid pace. TK looks through the window at Yolei, still at the back of the Engine.)

Yolei: TK! Are you all right?

TK: Pssh… yeah I’m fine.

(TK has bruises everywhere, but doesn’t react to them.)

TK: Can you uh… stop this?

Yolei: Oh! Right!

(Yolei runs to the front of the train, and pushes with all her might.)

Yolei: This is for… TK!!


(She successfully musters up enough energy to slow down the train, and bring it to a halt. As soon as it’s at a stop, she slumps down, visibly tired. TK departs the train, also exhausted.)

Yolei: TK!

(Yolei runs up and hugs him. It catches him off guard, but he quickly receives it. She’s very emotional.)

Yolei: Thank you. Thank you so much.

TK: It’s okay… we did it. Together.

(Yolei sniffles a bit. TK manages a smile.)

TK: You look like you’re about to cry.

Yolei: I’m trying to… it’s in the script.

TK: Don’t worry about it… good work.

(Yolei continues to smile. She backs away from the hug as the locomotive arrives, towing guiding the passenger cars behind it.)

Kari: Sorry we’re late!

Cody: (to Izzy) Izzy, I thought you said this thing could go 300 per.

Izzy: Yeah, well… when I said it could 300 miles per… I kinda meant 300 miles per day, not per hour. The French suckered me into renting this using the same thing.

Yolei: It’s okay! We managed!

(Yolei grabs TK’s shoulder.)

Yolei: (to TK) I’m just so glad we’re okay.

(TK smiles at Yolei.)

Matt: (VO) Whoo! Go TK!! Nine episodes in and you already got a girlfriend!

(Matt and Mrs. Takaishi are walking up to him. TK is confused, then suddenly realizes the situation, and Yolei clutching his arm.)

TK: Wha… what do you mean?

Matt: Dude, it took me a season and a half. But you- right on the ball!

TK: But Yolei’s not my…

Yolei: Wow, TK, introducing me to your family already. You’re pretty forward.

(Yolei bows to Mrs. Takaishi.)

Yolei: I’m Yolei Inoue, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

Matt: She’s pretty, polite, looks good in a pair of gym shorts… you bagged a winner.

TK: But…

Mrs. Takaishi: My little boy is growing up.

TK: Uh…

Mrs. Takaishi: Well TK, I certainly got my money’s worth out of this trip.

Matt: Wait, didn’t you say you won this in a raffle?

Mrs. Takaishi: Yeah… you just don’t wanna know how many tickets I bought. Too bad I didn’t get any souvenirs out of this though.

TK: Oh uh…

(TK hands Mrs. Takaishi and Matt each a piece of toilet paper.)

TK: Here. I got it from the train.

Matt: Wow… two-ply.

(TK sees Kari directing passengers off. He pulls out another sheet of toilet paper.)

TK: Hey! Kari! Want a piece?

(Kari looks at TK… and Yolei permanently attached to his shoulder, smiling. Kari looks angry and turns around quickly.)

Kari: Baka.

Tai: (OS, angry) CUT!!!

(Tai walks up to Kari, pissed.)

Tai: What are you doing?! This is the dubbed version! You can’t say Japanese phrases, especially ones that are trademarked.

Kari: It’s what Ruriko says!

Tai: If Ruriko jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?

Kari: Knowing you, you’d make me.

Tai: That’s it! Kari screwed up the ending line, totally ruining this flow we had going! I have no choice- we’re going to have to do this entire episode over again!

(Groans from TK, Yolei, and Matt. Tai hands Kari a cell phone.)

Tai: Here. You can call Machinedramon. I’m sure he’ll be very upset.

(Kari shakes her head and walks away.)

Tai: What?! If you’re going to walk away from this production… at least give me back my cell phone!

(Kari whips the phone at Tai’s head, effectively taking him down. TK, Yolei, and Matt look at Tai’s unconscious body. TK looks up at Yolei and clasps his hands together.)

TK: (pleasant) I’m hungry- wanna go to Blimpie’s?


Author’s Notes

Honestly, if you were in this situation, wouldn’t you react like Yolei did? I found it very strange that the Digimon series never did anything like that. But we do here, and the love triangle is now in full effect. The Unholy trinity is also in effect, as have our final member… and TK’s little sister-

Saemi Ukiya- Matt Ishida
General Machine- Machinedramon

I’m not trying to downplay Matt’s role in this series. In fact, despite being relegated to the lowly position of main character’s little sister (ask Kari, the title sucks), there is a Matt-centric episode later on. Don’t ask how Tai’s going to get around that one…

Cody’s original incantation is a near-direct imitation of Li Showron’s incantation in Cardcaptors. If my Love Hina episodes weren’t out on loan currently, I’d probably be able to get a better Sailor Moon spoof for Sora. Since I had nothing to work off of, I had to improvise.

Although toilet paper was not what saved the day in the real series, it was something even stranger- the bullet train’s equivalent to little Dixie cups. I didn’t quite understand that either.

The real reason Jeri’s not in this is that I feel an obligation to include all twelve digi-destined in this, hopefully not in crappy roles. The Tamers cast is used when I run out of options, preferably only when the character profiles match up. Rika and Megumi are very similar, and next week another Tamer is introduced. For those who regularly follow the series on Saturday morning… how’s this for good timing?

Next Episode- The Kook of the North!
After a cargo ship crashes in the mountains to the North, TK and Kari are sent on a special mission to find it. Along the way, they come across a mysterious boy with some very strange powers. Will Ryo show TK and Kari the true powers of the Gate? Will Cyberdramon really pass as a pet ermine? Will next Saturday’s episode give me enough info to actually be able to write this guy??