Tai Kamiya Presents "Gatekeepers"

Episode Seven- Integrate the New Seasons!


(Tai is walking to the studio with a girl. Her name is Isogai, and she’s quite pretty. Tai apparently thinks so, since he’s doing as much as he can to impress her.)

Isogai: Wow… this is amazing. You really direct this?

Tai: Sure do. I’m the genius behind the camera.

(Tai looks around to make sure nobody can make a side comment.)

Isogai: I bet it would be wonderful to play a part in the series.

(Tai smiles.)

Tai: You uh… you want to? I gotta give all the main roles to all the idiots I have to work with. But I can sneak you in if you really, really want to be in it.

(Isogai smiles and takes Tai’s hands.)

Isogai: You can do that!?

Tai: (macho) Of course… I’m in charge. I can do whatever I want!!

(Tai continues to flirt with Isogai when Kari walks up.)

Kari: Tai? Rika just got here. She wants to know how much she’s getting paid for this role and if she’s going to have to do any serious…

Tai: (interrupting, to the side) Not now Kari, your big brother’s getting his freak on.

Kari: But Tai…

Tai: Kari! I’d like you to meet this very nice girl named Isogai! And if you don’t shut up and let me talk with this very nice girl named Isogai, Isogai is going be taking your spot in the series!

Kari: Okay, fine, I’m going…

(Kari walks away. Tai returns his attention to Isogai.)

Tai: Little sisters, you know? Always a pain in the…

Isogai: Oh, Kari! She’s been my favorite person to watch so far! She’s so cute!

Tai: Isn’t she?! She’s been the real star of the show. I’m her brother, you know!


Episode Eight- Find the Invader!

(Outside of class, Cody is standing with Kari, TK, Sora, and Yolei.)
Yolei: Well, welcome to the school Cody.

Sora: But where did the monkey go?

Cody: Oh, TK? He got promoted. He’s now third-in-command of all AEGIS presence in the Eastern Hemisphere. He always leaned more towards the "behind-the-desk" stuff.

Kari: I wouldn’t be jealous. I can’t believe they bumped you up a couple grades so you’d be with us.

Cody: I wouldn’t be surprised if AEGIS was behind that, but I’m sure I can handle the extra responsibility.

Kari: (to TK) Speaking of which, are you ready for that big test today?

TK: I will be when I study during lunch. What’s the test on?

Kari: History.

TK: No problem then… there’s only what? A couple hundred years to study?

Kari: Couple thousand actually.

TK: Ah… maybe I’ll study during math class too.

Kari: You’re just going to cram for a major test like this?

TK: Yeah. Like you said, it is a major test. Little tests I don’t even bother studying for.

(TK and Kari walk away, continuing the conversation. Sora turns to Cody.)

Sora: See what I mean about getting shoved into the background?

(Cody nods)


(Math class. Miss Asaji writes a difficult math problem on the board.)

Miss Asaji: Who can come up and solve this problem?

(Davis is shaking his head.)

Davis: Please don’t pick me, please don’t pick me, please don’t pick me.

(Kari raises her hand.)

Kari: I can do it!

(Two seats over, Rika Nonaka sees Kari put her hand up, and throws up her own as well.)

Rika: So can I.

Miss Asaji: Hm…

Davis: Please don’t pick me, please don’t pick me, please don’t pick me.

Miss Asaji: Isogai!

Davis: Aw, I knew she was gonna… wait… who did you call?

(Isogai is in between Kari and Rika, and is very nervous.)

Miss Asaji: Come on up here and answer the question Isogai.

Isogai: But, but, but…

Miss Asaji: (angry) What is it? There is no excuse for you not being able to do this problem.

Isogai: But… I’m an extra! I’m incapable of thinking on my own!!

Miss Asaji: That’s your problem! Not mine! Come up to the board.

(Isogai hesitantly does so, extremely scared.)

Miss Asaji: Even if you are an extra, you still should know your math. School should be your top priority in life. Everything else comes second.

Kari: Um… Miss Asaji? Isogai’s crying.

(Isogai has frozen at the board, and is crying. Miss Asaji is really annoyed now.)

Miss Asaji: Pathetic… Rika, answer the question.

(Rika jumps out of her seat and marches to the board. She passes Isogai on the way.)

Rika: Amateur.

(Rika does the problem with no hassle.)

Miss Asaji: Thank you. See, that wasn’t so hard was it? You should all be as capable as Rika. Incompetence will get you nowhere. If you were more like Rika, then you might not be worried about failing this class.

(The bell rings.)

Miss Asaji: It’s time for lunch. When you come back, you’ll take the history test. Also, the results of last week’s English test are on the wall outside.

(The kids head outside. Once they’re gone, Asaji bends down and clutches her head.)
Asaji: Ow… what’s going on… LEAVE ME ALONE!!


(Outside, Rika looks at her score on the English test- she is on top of the list with a 96. She smiles, before getting knocked out of the way by a horde of other kids wanting to see their scores. She gets out of the fracas. Meanwhile, Davis sees his score and clears away from the mob as well.)

Kari: Well, Davis, how did you do?

Davis: Let’s just say I won’t be getting into Tokyo U. any time soon.

Kari: That bad, huh?

Davis: The fact that this series is dubbed into English certainly ain’t helping my test scores. How’d you do?

Kari: I have to check.

(Kari walks into the fray. She sees her score- she’s just below Rika with a 92.)

Kari: Wow… 92.

Isogai: You got a 92? Good work!

Davis: Yeah, you’re so smart Princess Kari.

Kari: (embarrassed) Well… yes- it’s true.

(Students continue to congratulate Kari while Rika looks on.)

Rika: (to herself) Why does she get all the congratulations? I got the higher score. I defeated her. Why is everybody congratulating the loser? Why does everybody love Kari and hate me?

(Back at class, Rika is using a pocketknife to sharpen some pencils before the test.)

Kari: (OS) Here.

(Kari hands Rika a pencil sharpener.)

Kari: Do you want to borrow this?

(Rika grumbles, then takes it.)

Rika: Little Miss Perfect…

Asaji: Okay class… you will have fifty minutes to complete this test. It really doesn’t matter now anyway, since most of you are completely screwed. If anybody would like a priest to come in and read your Last Rites… too bad. BEGIN!


(Progress towards the end of the test. Rika is looking at the last question, obviously having trouble with it.)

Rika: (to herself) This isn’t right… this wasn’t in the text… how can she ask something like this??

Asaji: TIME! Pass your tests forward.

(Before Rika can react, her test gets passed forward. Meanwhile, everybody mumbles about the test.)

Davis: Man, that was hard.

Kari: But that last one was pretty easy, wasn’t it?

Davis: I dunno… was the answer "D?"

Kari: Yep!

Davis: Whoo! I got one right!

(Rika turns away.)

Rika: Unbelievable… it’s not fair!


(At Headquarters, Joe is watching the monitor.)

Mimi: Joe, we’re receiving signals of Invader activity within the allotted "danger zone" radius.

(No answer.)

Mimi: Joe?

Joe: Unbelievable… how could this be happening??

Mimi: What is it?

(Joe isn’t watching anything relevant, merely an episode of some soap opera.)

Joe: The picture is coming in so clear! God bless you High Definition TV!!

Mimi: (sotto) This is what the government spends their money on?


(After school, Miss Asaji is correcting the tests. She is quietly unhappy as Rika approaches.)

Rika: Um… Miss Asaji?

Asaji: What is it?

Rika: About that last test question… I don’t think it was fair to put it on there. It wasn't in the text book. I’m sure of it.

(Asaji doesn’t respond.)

Rika: I think that… and I’m not trying to question you or anything. I think you’re a great teacher. But can you drop that question from the test?

Asaji: No.

Rika: Why not?! That’s completely unfair. Why would a history test have…

Asaji: (monotone) I am in control of this class. I dictate what each test contains.

Rika: I’m just saying! Why should a history test have a question on the Backstreet Boys?

(Asaji reaches over and puts on a pair of sunglasses. She morphs into a suped-up Red Invader, with a bunch of sleek features and a rapid-fire chalk gun.)

Invader: Must destroy…

(Rika jumps back.)

Rika: Well that’s one explanation…

(Rika turns around to run for it, but the Invader stands in the doorway.)

Invader: Must eliminate eye-witnesses.

(The Invader backs Rika into a corner. Without warning, Miss Asaji tries to regain control of herself.)

Miss Asaji: No! Stop it! You can’t… hurt her. She’s my favorite student…

Invader: Destroy…

Miss Asaji: Rika! Run for it! It’s controlling me, it’s danger…

Invader: Probably of hitting target- 90%.

(Rika braces herself for the shot, when an arrow hits the Invader. Kari stands in the doorway.)

Kari: Mimi said the Invaders were nearby… Rika! Get out of here!

(Rika slinks away as the Invader pursues Kari. After some positioning, the Invader shoots at Kari. The chalk hits her and she’s sent to the ground. The Invader aims at Kari.)

Invader: Probably of hitting target- 99%…

(Kari’s freaked while Rika watches. She’s scared at first, but then she thinks about it.)

Rika: (to herself) Wait a minute… she always pretends to be better than me. She has more friends, she gets all the big breaks… but if she’s gone… that would make me the best. Go ahead Miss Asaji… see if I care.

(Flashback to the pencil sharpener scene.)

Rika: But if she’s my rival… then why did she…

Invader: Fire!

(The Invader fires chalk at point-blank.)


(Outside, TK, Sora, Yolei, Cody, and Davis are headed to the spot.)

TK: Davis, go get Joe, this is too close to take chances.

(Davis runs off.)

Sora: Wouldn’t it be smarter to get Joe, our commander, farther away from the threat?

(Everybody looks at Sora.)

Sora: (angry) Never mind, I’m just the airhead.

TK: Okay- you three go in from the halls. I’ll go around to cut him off.

(They all rush to the scene.)


(Kari looks up. She’s still alive, miraculously. She looks up at the Invader.)

Kari: Are you uh… out of ammo?

(The Invader continues to fire chalk. It’s not out of ammo, but the chalk is harmlessly bouncing off Kari.)

Invader: Force field present. Scanning for source…

(The Invader turns to the side. He sees Rika, with a gate open, and a hand pointed at Kari.)

Invader: Source detected. Target changing.

(Rika is a bit concerned.)

Miss Asaji: What are you doing Rika? Run! I can’t maintain control much longer!!

(Rika is still worried, unsure what to do. Fortunately, Yolei rushes into the room. She stops.)

Yolei: Hold on… bad timing. Give it a second…

(A second later, TK breaks through the window. The Invader turns around, distracted.)

Yolei: There we go! NIKE KICK!

(Yolei does a flying kick, knocking the Invader down. TK goes up to Kari.)

TK: Are you okay?

Kari: Yeah… fine… why do you ask?

TK: I dunno… just sounded like the right thing to say.

Kari: Well, I’m fine thanks to Rika. She has a Gate Power… a defensive shield.

TK: Right. But first… the Invader.

Rika: Wait!

(Everybody looks at Rika.)

Rika: You can’t! It’s Miss Asaji!

TK: As ugly as it is, it’s not the teacher. It’s a non-human being bent on destroying humanity. We have to destroy it.

Kari: Um TK… the non-human being is running away.

(The Invader is trying to slink away. It makes a run for it, but Cody stands in the doorway.)

Cody: Fire Armadillo!

(Cody’s fire attack knocks the Invader towards TK. TK jumps at it, and one vacuum missile is enough to finish it off. Yolei turns to Rika.)

Yolei: See?

(Rika is in absolute shock.)

Rika: Miss Asaji…

TK: Like I was saying, that wasn’t…

Miss Asaji: (VO, pained) Rika…

(Rika bends down to where the Invader last stood. All that remains is a green crystal.)

Rika: Miss Asaji… you… you were the only one that could…

Miss Asaji: (dying) Tell the class to read chapters eight through ten. I might not be back for awhile.

(The crystal dissipates. TK and the group are also in shock. Meanwhile, Davis runs in with Joe and a few faceless foot soldiers.)

Joe: Get this cleaned up, and step on it- Judge Judy never looked this good.

Kari: Joe, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that we found another Gatekeeper. This is Rika Nonaka, keeper of the Gate of Defense.

(Rika does not acknowledge Kari.)

Kari: The bad news… we kinda, sorta… killed our teacher.

Joe: Oh. I see… well I think there’s only one thing to do at this point…

Cody: And what’s that…

Joe: Cut to a commercial.

(Tai walks on the set.)

Tai: That’s right, five minute break, then we’re back here! Let’s get two episodes done today, so we can take tomorrow off.

(Isogai walks up to Tai.)

Isogai: How did I do?

Tai: (smiling) You did great, star of the show. By the way, I just found out that I have tomorrow off, wanna go do something?

Isogai: Hmm… only if I can be a regular character. Being an extra just isn’t fun.

(Tai is starting to sweat.)

Tai: Hm… okay… uh… oh! I got it! Do you know Ken Ichijouji?

Isogai: Yeah yeah, he’s pretty cool…

Tai: Congratulations, you are going to be a member of the Ken Ichijouji fan club. I’ll talk to you later about that. Right now, you have to get set up for your next scene.

Isogai: All right!

Kari: But Tai? Can we just go from one episode to another with no transition?

Tai: Hmm… no we can’t. But I just thought of something.

Kari: What?

(Tai hands Kari a microphone.)

Tai: Here you go!

(Kari shakes her head.)


Episode Nine- Break the Pitch Dark Gate!

(A green screen appears, with two small flashes of light circling each other. A caption reads "TWO DAYS LATER." Kari narrates.)
Kari: (VO) That was when the group learned that the Invaders weren’t just capable of disguising themselves in society- they could also take control of innocent people like Miss Asaji. TK really had a hard time coming to grips with that. But he would have to eventually, because a new threat was just emerging.

(Shot of TK and Kari walking to school. Kari continues to narrate.)
Kari: (VO) We were walking to school together. Mostly because we lived next door to each other. Partially because we always had fun making Davis and Yolei jealous.

(They pass a field, where two bullies are picking on Isogai.)

Bully 1: C’mon, what’s wrong, ain’t I cute enough?

Isogai: Stop it! Leave me alone!

Bully 2: All we want is for you to…

(Isogai slaps the second bully.)

Bully 1: Hey! How dare you! Okay, we’d better rough her up.

Isogai: No!

(The bullies back away for a second.)

Isogai: I um… I know tai-chi!

Bully 2: Yeah, but he’s behind the camera, so he can’t help you.

(Meanwhile, Kari and TK are watching.)

Kari: We have to help her!

(TK is staring at the bullies. For a brief second, he imagines them turning into Invaders. It’s enough to cause him to hesitate.)

TK: Real people…

Kari: TK??

Ken: (OS) What are you two doing?

(Ken Ichijouji is standing nearby, and is addressing the bullies.)

Ken: Do you really think you’re accomplishing anything? That you aren’t just little insects in this world? Be off with you!

Bully 1: Hey! You wanna try us?

Ken: I don’t just want to try you- I want to buy the full version and sign the registration card!

(Ken takes off his jacket and throws it up in the air. TK and Kari watch as the jacket remains up in the air as Ken fights the bullies. The jacket comes down and Ken catches it dramatically, with the bullies at either side. And in true anime fashion… Ken falls to the ground, the crap thoroughly beaten out of him. TK runs up to the bullies, and pulls out his kendo stick.)

TK: Hey! Ready for somebody else?

Bully 1: Why not, I love the smell of bruises in the morning.

TK: Yeah, but look out- I know kendo!

Bully 2: So what, you’re going to spit out a bunch of Biblical references?

TK: Um… I said kendo, not Gendo.

Bully 1: (to Bully 2) Aw man! You totally blew that comeback. Our reputation is totally messed up now.

Bully 2: Sorry- let’s make a run for it!

(The bullies run away while TK puts away his kendo stick. Isogai and Kari are both tending to Ken.)

TK: Hey… I drove the bullies away.

Kari: Yeah, but you aren’t hurt.

Isogai: You also didn’t make it look as good.

(Ken gets up.)

TK: (to Ken) You should work more on your execution instead of your delivery.

Ken: Yeah… sorry. Thanks for the help. My name’s Ken. Ken Ichijouji.

TK: Takaishi. TK Takaishi.

(The two shake hands.)

Kari: Um… I hate to interrupt, but we’re really late for class.

TK: Not now, Kari, this is a really good male bonding moment. Go ahead of us.

(Kari shakes her head while TK and Ken continue shaking hands.)


(During school, the Gatekeepers gather on the roof, including new recruits Cody and Rika.)

Cody: I think that no matter what we say, the situation’s changing.

Yolei: Not really. Even if they were human once, they aren’t once they become Invaders. They can’t go back.

Kari: Rika, what do you think?

Rika: I don’t care. You killed Miss Asaji, so…

TK: Stop it! I didn’t know! Don’t you think I feel bad enough?!

Rika: No. There’s no reason you should feel good after what you did.

(TK is still having issues, so Kari and Yolei try talking to him. Cody leans over to Rika.)

Cody: If you’re still mad at us, why are you here?

Rika: Simple. Kari is. I will show everybody that I am better than her.

Cody: Okay… that’s um… nice.

Kari: Sora? Since Davis skipped school today, you’re the only one who hasn’t said anything. Do you have any…

(Sora’s sleeping.)

Kari: Oh… okay.

TK: She makes a good point.

(Mimi can be heard over the loudspeaker.)

Mimi: (VO) Would all the nice children on the roof please report to the dumpsters behind the school. You know… the secret meeting place?

Kari: Mimi’s becoming a lot less subtle now.


(At the base, everybody is gathered. Joe rushes into the room.)

Joe: Okay, Invaders are attacking an oil refinery in Kawasaki. Go to it, and please don’t let any crazy explosions or spills happen, okay?

Kari: That’s it? That was short.

Joe: Yeah…we’re squeezing two episodes into one. If I talk for too long, the episode will be over.

(While most of the group gets into the über-tour bus, TK goes ahead in the car. He speeds towards the site before everybody else. He gets out at the oil refinery. The army of Invaders is there to greet him. He prepares to attack, then hesitates. He pictures all of them as normal humans.)

TK: I… I can’t do it… they’re human and…

(They begin firing at TK. He scrambles for cover. Their firing causes a leak in one of the oil tanks and oil starts to cover the ground.)

TK: …and I think I just changed my mind. GATE OPEN!
(TK returns and attacks proper.)

TK: Vacuum Missile!

(The missile takes out a decent number of Invaders. Meanwhile, on top of another storage tank, a mysterious figure, known only as Shadow, watches it all.)

Shadow: Not bad… let’s see how you handle this…

(The Invaders go into combat mode. Up to bat this time… a giant chainsaw!)

TK: Oh give me a break…

Shadow: (OS) That’s the idea! Attack!

(The giant chainsaw lifts itself up, and prepares to strike TK. TK begins to backpedal, but trips on the oil and falls to the ground. The chainsaw continues to approach TK, but just before it connects, TK is saved by a mysterious force field. TK looks behind him, to see the rest of the group in the bus. Rika is hooked up to the Gate Engine, and is using her gate of defense.)

Rika: (taunting) I’m better than Kari…

(Yolei attacks the chainsaw with another "Nike Kick" as she calls it. Cody throws in a Fire Armadillo to get the point across. Kari prepares to finish it off.)


(Kari’s shot is enough to destroy the chainsaw.)

Yolei: We came! Saw saw! We conquered!

(TK doesn’t react. He’s staring at Shadow. Shadow laughs.)

Shadow: (OS) Bugs! Insects!

(The rest of the group notices him and looks up. Now that we get a better look at him, it’s pretty obvious that it’s just Ken wearing sunglasses. But then again, this is anime…)

Shadow: Just crawling around, playing with your little toys. But in reality, we all know that you’re just waiting to be stomped on.

Cody: Who are you??

Shadow: Who am I? I’m better than you. For now- that’s all you need to know.

(Shadow starts to move his arm around.)

Shadow: (slowly) Gate Open…

(He conjures up some dark beams and fires them at the group. Rika deflects them all with her shield.)

Rika: You think that’s going to scare us?

Sora: Um… I’m scared.

TK: I’ll ask again since I’m the main character, and you’re more likely to listen to me than Cody- who are you?

Shadow: Let me put it this way- you were Gatekeepers working for AEGIS. I’m a Gatekeeper working for the Invaders. That’s all I have to say.

Kari: Wait, what do you mean were?

(Shadow smiles evilly and pulls out a lighter.)

Shadow: I see you’re standing on an oil spill.

(He lights the lighter.)

Shadow: How about a little fire, Scarecrow?

Cody: You wouldn’t!

Yolei: Cody, he’s a bad guy- I think he would.

TK: We’ll see about that.

(TK prepares to attack.)

Cody: No wait! He’s human! We can’t kill him!

Rika: This is no time for that goody-good stuff- TK, walk all over him!

(TK pauses.)

TK: Cody’s right… he’s still human.

(Shadow smiles.)

Shadow: You should work more on your execution instead of your delivery. It’s great not being bound by good guy rules. Now… time to play with fire.


(Shadow suddenly looks shocked.)


Shadow: No! You wouldn’t!!!

(TK would… he fires up his attack and aims at Shadow. Shadow is motionless… until the attack arrives… and hits the hand with the lighter. The lighter is destroyed. Shadow smiles and laughs evilly.)

Shadow: Ha! You couldn’t do it, could you!? You fools have no idea what’s in store for you now.

(Shadow looks at his hand, which is badly injured.)

Shadow: Um… I think I should get this bandaged up though. Until next time!

(Shadow takes off. TK is bent down.)

TK: He’s right… I couldn’t do it.

Kari: Good work. You did all you had to.

(Kari puts a hand on TK’s shoulder. TK smiles. Behind the camera, Tai’s smiling.)

Tai: See, now that things are more complicated, we can have these Takari moments.

(Izzy is standing next to him.)

Izzy: Did you really need me here today? I’ve noticed that I’m not in either of these episodes.

Tai: (sighing) But I get so lonely sometimes.


(The next day at school, Isogai is with Ken, who for some inexplicable reason has his hand bandaged up.)

Isogai: Are you okay?

Ken: Yeah, I’ll be fine. I can handle little injuries like this.

(TK sees Ken and goes up to him.)

TK: Hey there Ken. What are you doing here?

Ken: I’m a new student here. Didn’t you know that?

TK: No. But that’s fine by me. I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends.

(TK extends another hand for a handshake. Ken exposes his injured hand.)

TK: Hey, what happened?

Ken: Oh… just a little accident I had. I really should to stop getting into fights I can’t win. It’s no big deal- it’s just a flesh wound.

TK: That’s good. But like I said before, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

(Ken smiles and uses his free hand to shake TK’s.)

Tai: (OS) And cut!

(TK and Ken release hands.)

TK: (to Tai) Boy, that episode was different. Who played that Shadow guy anyway?

Tai: Um…

(Ken rolls his eyes.)

TK: Never mind. I guess I’ll just have to find out with everybody at home.

(TK walks away. Tai goes up to Ken.)

Tai: I suppose I should have asked this before you started playing a human-gone-to-dark-side like Reiji… you don’t have any psychological issues with this, do you?

Ken: Assuming this is all pretend, I’m okay with it. Sure, it brings up horrid memories of my days as an evil tyrant, but I figure everybody’s got to get a few evil laughs out of their system now and then.

Tai: Great. Well, see you next time!

Ken: Yep!

(Isogai walks up to Ken.)

Isogai: You ready?

(Ken extends an arm.)

Ken: Ready as ever!

(Isogai takes Ken’s arm and the two walk off.)

Tai: Hey! Isogai!!

Isogai: Sorry Tai, I have a weakness for evil tyrants.

Tai: But he’s not really a…

(They are gone.)

Tai: Do I just not have any luck with women? Is that it?

End Episode Seven


Author’s Notes
Ah… not since the movie has there been such a hackneyed job of splicing together two or more episodes into one feature. Not exactly flawless, but there are definitely worse places to do it. These two episodes are heavily related to each other, and not just because of the introduction of Isogai. You’ll see what I mean later. Anyway, the new characters-

Megumi Kurogane- Rika Nonaka
Reiji Kageyama- Ken Ichijouji

References to Love Hina and Evangelion in this episode, but anyone who really cares would have noticed them already!

A couple late comments on Cody’s portrayal of Feilin- it actually isn’t a terrible match-up when you look at Feilin’s character besides the "cute Chinese girl" bit. She’s actually the young, smart, level-headed one in the group, so Cody playing her isn’t an accident. Meanwhile, Rika’s portrayal of Megumi could prove interesting.

Next Episode- Dream a Dream With Devimon!
After a routine clean-up operation over the Pacific, the kids find themselves caught in a trap- a world of illusions and fantasies stirred up by the second "top brass" Invader. In this world, all of the Gatekeeper’s fantasies are played out… most of them with swimsuits being a key element. So pick your favorite couples, and watch the fun begin!