Tai Kamiya Presents "Gatekeepers"

Episode Eight- Dream a Dream With Devimon!

Author’s Notes
Ah… the gratuitous swimsuit episode. A true sign of anime fan service and one of the things that was noticeably missing from the Digimon series, save for the occasional bathing/showering scene in the first season (and Yolei's "Gateway Computer" swimsuit from the movie). That gets corrected this time, as we pull out all the stops in a classic that rivals the infamous episode 18 of Pokémon (IMO the greatest gratuitous swimsuit episode in anime). This also delves into hidden fantasies, so I’m putting this warning out: the following episode contains scenes featuring the following couples- Takimi, Takyako, Sorato, Rukeru (bet that one hasn’t been done before!), Takari, Dakari, Sorshiro, Mishiro, Kouyako, and of course Yomi. Having seizures yet?


(Tai is standing before TK, Kari, Yolei, Sora, Cody, Rika, Izzy, Davis, Mimi, and Ken.)

Tai: Okay, cast, listen up. This is where it starts to get interesting. First off, I want to congratulate you all for such a fine performance thus far in the series. Oh, except for you Davis, I’m still not buying your "lovable idiot" role.

Davis: I’m working on it, it’s a hard role to nail.

Tai: Good. Now, we’ve already introduced one of the major bad guys.

TK: We have? Who?

Tai: (ignoring TK) This is the episode introducing the second of the three main villains. I’d like you to meet him right now. Come on in!

(Devimon enters, with a pretty faceless expression. The cast jumps back, slightly afraid.)

Tai: Now, I’m sure you guys are wondering why I’ve brought back this totally evil fiend that heavily contributed to all the horrid, horrid memories we suffer from and are currently seeing therapists to help get rid of. But rest assured- in this world, we’ve made sure that he has no power. (to Devimon) Right?

Devimon: Word.

Tai: Naturally, though, in the series he will have the power to control your minds… but we’ll deal with that when we start rolling. The second issue is that this is the gratuitous swimsuit episode. I asked you to bring swimsuits with you, and in the case of the girls, the skimpier the better. Does everybody have them?

(Group nods.)

Tai: Fantastic. Finally, since you’re all going to be in swimsuits, and Devimon’s going to be controlling all your thoughts, I should point out that you’ll be doing a lot of physical interaction with each other and living out each others’ deepest fantasies. I’m not even going to ask if everybody’s comfortable with that. Joe?

(Tai turns to Joe, who is standing by the exit. He locks the door, and puts two giant planks of wood over it, ensuring that nobody can get out.)

Tai: Just try to get out…

(Tai laughs evilly. After a few seconds of it, Devimon joins in too.)

Tai: (to Devimon) Good evil laugh… you’re perfect for this.


Episode Ten- Get Over the Devil’s Dream!

(Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, the team is fighting a giant octopus Invader.)

(Both attacks are handled by the octopus. Suddenly, an arrow comes in, hits it and destroys it. Cody and TK look up at Kari, who had just fired an arrow.)

Kari: Maybe if we didn’t shout out the name of our attacks, the enemy wouldn’t know what to expect.

TK: You do it your way, I’ll do it mine.

Cody: Hey, it’s another victory, right?

Kari: Yes it is. At least we’re starting to work together better.

TK: Yeah. Ever since I was elected, things have gone quite smoothly.

Kari: Since when have you done anything remotely captain-like?

TK: Um…

Kari: Whatever. Let’s get back into the helicopter so we can go home.

TK: Hey! I’m the captain and I say what we can and can’t do!

Kari: Oh. Sorry…

TK: Okay then! Let’s get back to the helicopter so we can go home! Move out!


(On the helicopter, TK, Yolei, Kari, Sora, Cody, Rika, and Davis are all seated quietly, minding their own business. TK is staring out the window at the night sky.)

Yolei: Me and TK handled it. You know, I bet we could do this all ourselves.

(Kari goes up and sits next to TK.)

Kari: Hey. What are you thinking about?

TK: Last time it was an oil refinery in Kawasaki. This time it was someplace in the South Pacific. Why are the Invaders attacking where they are?

Kari: Well, keeping in mind that the original series took place in 1969, the Invaders were probably trying to prevent the safe return of the Apollo 11 astronauts… but you still bring up a good point. The targets are always changing. You just have to keep believing that we’ll come through in the end. That’s what your dad would say, right?

(TK looks over at Kari. She backpedals.)

Kari: Er um…

TK: Dad always talked big. But really, he was the first one to give up.

Kari: Sorry to bring up old issues…

TK: Yeah… now the whole thing with my father has to be reclassified as a "recurring issue," which means it’s going to be repeated ad nauseum throughout the rest of the series.

(Elsewhere on the ‘copter, Yolei turns to Sora.)

Yolei: Shame we have to leave this place so soon. We didn’t even get five minutes into the episode and we’re leaving. I always wanted to visit the South Pacific. It’s beautiful, it’s clean…

Sora: …and I can play "I’ll Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair" on my piano.

(Yolei looks at Sora oddly, then changes the subject.)

Yolei: I even brought a swimsuit just in case.

Sora: Oh yeah? I brought one too.

(Rika scoffs from across the aisle.)

Rika: Swimsuits… used for girls to show themselves off like a peacock with its feathers.

Yolei: Did you bring one Rika?

Rika: Hell yeah.

(Outside the helicopter, Devimon appears and starts laughing evilly.)

Devimon: Hello there children… I hope you’re doing well today. I’m inviting you down to my home for the day of your dreams… or your nightmares.

(Devimon continues to laugh as he brings the plane down. Inside, there’s obviously concern, as everybody rushes up to the cockpit, where Izzy is struggling.)

Izzy: I can’t control it! We’re losing altitude!

Cody: What are we supposed to do?!

Izzy: Hope to God your seat cushion turns into a floatation device!!

(The helicopter crashes into the ocean.)

Devimon: (VO) Now we just watch their fantasies and enjoy the show…


(TK wakes up in somebody’s lap. Somebody wearing a revealing two-piece bikini.)

TK: What happened?

Mimi: (OS) We crashed on this island. A rescue unit has already been sent, and will be here in a few hours. Until then, we’re just supposed to relax and enjoy the island together.

(TK sits up. He’s in Mimi’s lap. He stops… and has a good long look at Mimi.)

TK: Wha… wow.

(Mimi smiles.)

Mimi: You know TK, there’s only one real way I can think of to get the most enjoyment out of this island…

(They hear the laughing of a few of the others, TK looks over, and sees Kari, Yolei, Sora, and Rika- Kari of all people is wearing the most revealing swimsuit.)

Kari/Yolei/Sora: Hi TK!!

(Kari goes up to TK. Mimi has an arm around TK’s shoulder.)

Kari: Hey there! Glad to see you’re up.

TK: Yeah…

(Unbeknownst to Kari, TK is staring at Kari’s chest.)

Kari: Did Mimi fill you in on the details?

TK: Yeah…

Kari: This actually is good. We could use the R&… TK?

TK: Yeah…

Kari: What are you thinking about?

TK: I’m thinking that it would be really cool if we had a Jubei-chan crossover right about now.

(Kari realizes where TK is staring.)

Kari: (angry) TK!

TK: Oh uh… sorry. For some reason I’m not thinking straight…

Kari: You call yourself the captain? That was extremely inappropriate. I mean…

TK: Why is it that I never noticed that you had such a small chest?

(Kari suddenly becomes furious, then storms off. TK realizes his mistake, then takes a couple steps after her, but Mimi stops him.)

Mimi: Let her go. Just relax.

TK: Yeah… good idea.

(TK smiles at Mimi, then turns to the camera.)

TK: (to the camera) I suppose all of you are wondering what’s going on here. Well, quite simply, when it comes to romance, love, and serious relationships, you Takari fans can say whatever you want. But when it comes to cheap sexual fantasy…

(Mimi gets closer to TK.)

TK: It’s Mimi all the way!


(In a mysterious chamber in an unknown location. Devimon and Ken, er… Shadow, are sitting across from each other. Between them is a table. On it is a model of the island, and figures representing each of the kids. Devimon smiles.)

Devimon: I love this plan. Their own fantasies and desires… all playing out before their eyes. How long will they remain trapped in this world? Will they even manage to escape it? Place your bets.

(Shadow is unimpressed.)

Shadow: What does this accomplish? They are insects. Why are we playing with them?

Devimon: Why do people keep ant farms? How the hell should I know? They’re just so much fun to watch.

(Devimon sees Yolei’s figure near the center of the island, and places TK’s figure nearby.)

Devimon: This should be interesting…

(Yolei is getting a drink by an inland waterfall.)
Yolei: Maybe I should have worn something more revealing. Maybe he would have noticed me instead.

(TK pops in from behind a tree.)

TK: You’re the only one I’ve ever noticed.

Yolei: (surprised) What?

TK: Kari wanted to be noticed, so I gave her what she wanted. But you- you’ve always been the one I was looking at.

Yolei: Really?

TK: Yes.

(TK takes Yolei’s hands.)

TK: I can’t get you out of my mind. You’ve always been in my dreams… my fantasies.

(Yolei and TK hug.)

Yolei: TK…

TK: Yolei… I love you.

(Yolei smiles.)

Tai: (OS) Cut!

(Yolei loses the smile, then pushes TK out of the hug, and into the water.)

Yolei: Jeez, this is one strange episode.

(Yolei walks past Tai, who is holding a clipboard.)

Tai: (to Yolei, smiling) We haven’t even gotten to the good parts yet.

Yolei: (dry) I can’t wait.

Tai: (checking the clipboard) Let’s see… let’s see… next on the fantasy list is… Cody!

(Tai looks around, Cody isn’t anywhere to be seen.)

Tai: Cody? Cody? Ni hao??

(Cody has an axe, and is walking towards the boarded-up door.)

Cody: Must escape…

Tai: Um… Cody?

Cody: Out of the way Joe!

(Cody charges towards the door. Joe is still guarding it.)

Joe: I’m sorry Cody but I can’t let you out!

(Cody continues to charge, while Joe is getting more nervous… until there’s a knock from the other side. Joe calmly swings the door open, ignoring the boards. Matt is on the other side.)

Joe: Oh hey Matt.

Matt: Hey Joe… WAAAAHH!

(Cody is charging at Matt with the axe. Matt screams some more, then sidesteps. Cody charges outside, axe still in hand. Joe swings the door shut, and he and Matt board it up for real.)

Matt: What’s going on??!! The second I get here, Cody’s trying to kill me! This has to be the strangest operation that has ever been run at this studio!

Tai: Hey Matt, what’s up?

Matt: (calmer) Why haven’t I been in this yet?

Tai: I thought you said this was the strangest operation you’ve ever seen.

Matt: Yeah. And I want in.

Tai: Well, I just hadn’t found the right role for you. But don’t worry, after looking for awhile I figured it out. It’s coming up in a couple episodes. Okay?

Matt: I guess I can deal with that. That’s all I had to do here…

(Matt starts to turn around.)

Matt: Then again… that axe-wielding Cody is still outside.

Tai: Actually, Matt, I could sneak you into this episode. You know, like a cameo?

Matt: Uh…

(Matt looks around the studio. He notices Rika and Devimon talking at the catering table. Devimon’s drinking some coffee.)

Rika: You aren’t, uh, related to Icedevimon… are you?

Devimon: Unfortunately. He’s my cousin. Man does he have problems.

(Matt points to Rika.)

Matt: This is just a little too strange for me. I don’t even know who that girl is.

Tai: Oh, that’s Rika. She’s from the new season. But come on! It’ll be fun! You get to see Sora in a swimsuit!

Matt: Tai, honestly, do you really think that’s all I care about in the relationship?

Tai: Okay, okay… fine.

(Matt starts to head out.)

Tai: You get to see *Mimi* in a swimsuit!

(Matt turns around and smiles.)

Matt: I’m in!!

Sora: (angrily) Matt!

TK: Don’t worry about it, Sora, it’s all a part of what I was talking about. Serious romance is one thing, cheap sexual fantasy is all Mimi. In fact…

(TK calls out to the entire group.)

TK: Who here has never fantasized having sex with Mimi?

(Sora puts her hand up, as does Kari. All the guys keep their hands down, although a few are a bit bashful about it. TK turns to Yolei, whose hand is also down. She’s really blushing and laughs nervously.)

Matt: (to Rika) Hey! What about you?

(Rika is still talking with Devimon, ignoring the conversation.)

Matt: Hey you! Rita!

(Rika turns to Matt.)

Rika: My name’s Rika.

Matt: Whatever.

Kari: Just raise your hand Rika.

Rika: Um… okay.

(Rika raises her hand.)

Devimon: What’s this about?

Tai: Raise your hand if you’ve never fantasized about Mimi.

Devimon: Sorry… can’t say I haven’t.

(Rika looks at him, then scurries away.)

Tai: Okay, okay, we have to get going.

Kari: What are we going to do about Cody?

Tai: He looked a little unstable… I think that it’s best just to let him go.

TK: Good idea.

Tai: Rika! Your turn!

(Rika gets into position on the set. Just then, Mimi walks back onto the set. Everybody looks at her, nervous. She walks up to Tai.)

Mimi: Oh, I’m sorry. I was in the bathroom and I just couldn’t stop sneezing for some reason. I don’t know what it was! Maybe I’m allergic to the toilet paper or something.

(Tai looks at Mimi… and her swimsuit for a second… then turns to the set.)

Tai: (squeaky) Action!


(Rika is floating, on her back, in the water, just relaxing. TK floats by.)
TK: What are you doing?

Rika: Nothing.

TK: Nothing’s cool.

Rika: Not really. I’m a little bored actually.

TK: So am I.

Rika: Wish we were doing something a little more interesting.

TK: Yeah.

Rika: Why do you keep agreeing with me?

TK: Rika… I think we’re soulmates.


(In the helicopter, Kari is wearing a towel. She is straightening up some stuff, and appears angry.)

Kari: I can’t believe the nerve of TK… saying that I…

TK: Saying what?

(Kari looks back, and sees TK entering the helicopter.)

Kari: You… know.

TK: (sappy) Yeah… I was a little out of line there. But I… it’s hard for me to be completely honest with you with everybody else around.

Kari: What do you mean?

TK: Well, you know how Yolei is. And I don’t want to look foolish in front of the rest of the group. I’m the captain.

(Kari and TK are standing right next to each other.)

Kari: So what you said about…

TK: I don’t care how big your chest is. It’s all about what’s inside. And inside, you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.

Kari: TK…

(TK takes off the towel, although she is wearing the swimsuit underneath.)

TK: Although you’re still pretty hot…


(Sora’s fantasy is a little… different. She finds herself vacuuming in a black and white sitcom. Everything looks like it’s out of the fifties. Matt walks through the door. For some inexplicable reason, he has a Cuban accent.)

Matt: Sora I’m home!

(Tai provides some canned laughter for added effect.)

Sora: Hi Matt!

(Sora walks up to Matt and receives a kiss on the cheek.)

Sora: How was your gig today?

Matt: Oh Sora, Sora, talk about a rough day at ‘da club. First off, they got the times all screwed up for the performance. So we were supposed to be delayed an hour. But then the group ahead of us cancelled! So ‘dey bumped us up again! But a couple a ‘da guys were out doin’ da jello shots at the bar, and our piano guy got too drunk to play! So we didn’t have a piano guy!

(Tai hits the laugh track again.)

Sora: I could’ve been the piano guy!

Matt: No, no, no, no, no…

Sora: Why couldn’t I be the piano guy?

Matt: Well the first point is ‘dat you aren’t a guy. Second point is that your piano is all slow and twinkling and all that. We need the fast, quick, tickling ivories Jerry Lee Lewis piano guy!

(More laughs…)

Sora: Oh… I could’ve tried that.

Matt: Well, it’s all over now… do you have dinner ready?

Sora: Yes, coming right up!

(Sora walks into the kitchen. Shot of Tai, behind the camera, and a very confused Rika.)

Rika: What is going on? Don’t tell me this is what it’s like in the real show.

Tai: No, of course not. I, uh, took some creative liberties here. Also let me sneak Matt in.

Rika: I figured.

Tai: Yeah… Reiko’s fantasy is even stranger.

(Rika looks at Tai in shock. Sora walks in with a bowl of ramen. Matt sits down and prepares to eat it.)

Matt: Sora? There’s nothing in here!

(Another round of laughs.)

Sora: But you love it anyway? Aw, that’s what makes marriage work, you know. We’re willing to put aside little imperfections!

Matt: No… there’s nothing in this bowl.

Sora: And I love you too!!

(More canned laughter as Matt grows a sweatdrop.)


(In the woods, TK and Mimi are walking.)

TK: This is just strange. I mean, are you supposed to dig me like this?

Mimi: What do you mean?

TK: Well, I mean, you’re the secretary. Shouldn’t you be at the office and…

(TK suddenly gets a revelation.)

TK: Wait a minute! You didn’t go with us!

Mimi: Um… I…

TK: What are doing here if you were never in the helicopter? Where are we going? Where are the girls? Where’s Davis and Izzy?

Mimi: Davis… Izzy…?


(On the beach, Davis is laying on the sand, while Kari is giving him a back massage. Davis is almost euphoric.)

Davis: This is great… I love this episode.

(Offscreen, Izzy scoffs.)

Davis: (to Izzy) What? This isn’t great?

Izzy: Kari is your fantasy?

Davis: Yeah! Is that a problem?

Izzy: No! No problem… I’m just saying…

(Davis looks over at Izzy. His eyes practically bulge out. Sora is fanning Izzy with a palm branch, while Izzy is seated with both Mimi and Yolei sitting on his lap, giggling. Again- all swimsuits.)

Izzy: You have to set your goals a little higher. Why settle for one when you can have all?

Mimi: (seductively) Can I kiss you Izzy?

(Yolei playfully pushes Mimi.)

Yolei: But I want to kiss Izzy!

(Mimi playfully pushes back.)

Mimi: I want to!

Izzy: Girls, girls, you can both kiss Izzy… but first kiss each other.

Mimi/Yolei: (excited) Okay!

Izzy: Prodigious…


(Shadow and Devimon are in the chamber.)
Devimon: I love it. The human heart is so fragile. It’s so much fun to play with.

Shadow: Well yeah… you don’t have one.

Devimon: I guess that’s true. If it means acting like these kids, I don’t want one. But you… don’t you have a heart? You are technically classified as human.

Shadow: A heart? I got bored with it and sold it on eBay.

Devimon: Ah yes, eBay… that’s where I get my dirty manga.

Shadow: Does it look like I care? We’re wasting precious time playing. What is the point of having them live out fantasies? That doesn’t help our cause.

Devimon: Doesn’t it? Fantasies are very powerful things. Sometimes they can be the things you aim for. Sometimes they can be the things you live for. Sometimes… they can defeat you, and you have no choice but to live in your fantasy world… or remain trapped in reality.

Shadow: (unconvinced) And?

Devimon: Being trapped in your fantasy world or being trapped in reality? Which would you choose?


(Yolei and TK are still in the embrace.)

Yolei: TK… are we… are we rushing things?

TK: No. Of course not. Nothing can get in the way of true love. A true love like ours.

Yolei: What about the rest of the group? What about Kari?

TK: Kari? Kari who? You know something… you’re the only one I can count on. All the rest always screw up, or forget their weapons, or have their pianos stepped on. I especially hate it when the pianos are stepped on. But you- your power comes from yourself. No pianos for you. You are the "a capella" Gatekeeper. And it drives me wild.

Yolei: What are you saying?

TK: I’m saying that we can spend forever here. Just you and me. If you allow it, I’ll be with you forever.

Yolei: TK…


(Rika is walking along the beach. TK is following.)

Rika: Stop following me.

TK: I’m not following you. This just happens to be the direction that I am walking. If I’m the same as you, then that should tell you something.

Rika: (scoffing) Your little come-on technique won’t work with me.

TK: Why not?

Rika: I don’t buy it. Not for a second.

TK: Why? Could it be that you don’t want somebody to be in love with you? Somebody to think you’re pretty?

Rika: (caught off guard) I…

TK: Because the truth is… I’m both of those.

Rika: But… we’re from two different seasons. It would never work.

(TK gets close and whispers in her ear.)

TK: (seductive) Digi-modify.

(Rika turns and stares at him, not sure what to make of that.)


(In the helicopter, TK and Kari are still talking.)

Kari: I don’t know what to say. I mean… the team is…

TK: The team doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is you and me. And the feelings we have for each other.

Kari: TK I…

(TK puts a finger to her lips.)

TK: I know. I’ve always known. And the only thing greater than your love for me is mine for you.

Kari: TK… ever since I met you, I’ve just had these feelings. You’re the first person I’ve ever loved.

TK: Kari…

(They hug.)

Kari: I…

TK: Shh… don’t say anything. Just enjoy the moment.


(Back in Sora’s little corner of the world, the homage has apparently changed to "All in the Family" as Sora and Matt are sharing a bench in front of a grand piano. Sora plays the all familiar opening song while they sing.)

Matt: (singing) Days the fun would never stop…
Sora: (singing) Watching as our grades would drop…
Matt: (singing) Listening to bad J-Pop. Those were the days.

Sora: (singing) Didn’t know where we were then!
Matt: (singing) We ignored the why and when.
Sora: (singing) You know it would be great to beat the Invaders again.

(Matt leans closer to Sora.)
Matt: (singing, very softly) But things are not what they seem.
(Matt strokes Sora’s hair.)
Matt: (sotto singing) Give in to the Devil’s scheme. Stay forever in your dream…

(Sora ignores it all, erupting into the final line.)
Sora: (big crescendo) Those were the days!!!


(TK is now running from Mimi.)
TK: Look! You aren’t supposed to be here! There is something seriously wrong!

Mimi: What do you mean?

TK: What’s going on? Something’s up.

Mimi: Aw jeez… hold on…

(Mimi freezes in place. Pan up to Devimon watching everything.)

Shadow: (arrogant) I see Luke has yet to join the Dark Side.

Devimon: Shut up. I’m thinking, I’m thinking… aw screw it. Let’s see how he reacts to his nightmares.

Shadow: Now we’re talking!

(Devimon weaves his magic, and TK finds himself in a new situation. He’s back at home, in front of his house. At least what used to be his house. He finds it completely destroyed, with a giant ball approaching. TK pulls out his kendo stick.)

Kari: (OS) Don’t even bother…

(TK looks over and sees Kari, Sora, Yolei, and Rika leaning against a wall. All look pretty apathetic.)

TK: Why not?

Yolei: It’s too late.

Kari: The Invaders attacked us with their full power.

Rika: They were just goofing off before.

Sora: We tried to stop them… we really did. But they were just too much for us.

TK: No! I refuse to believe that!

(Kari walks up to him and puts a hand on his shoulder.)

Kari: We couldn’t save anybody.

Yolei: It’s okay… it’s um… not your fault.

Rika: (under her breath) Yeah right…

Sora: (reprimanding Rika) Shh…

TK: No…

Kari: It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.

(Kari now has hands on both of TK's shoulders as he stands.)

Kari: We’ll make it. You and me. Together.

TK: No… I refuse to believe this is happening.

Kari: It’s okay… you’re just in denial.

TK: Denial?! No, seriously!! Five minutes ago, Mimi was coming on to me on an island, and now it’s the apocalypse! Denial, my ass!

Kari: But this is real. This is what really happened. You’re going to have to accept that.

Yolei: Just accept it TK…

(TK looks at Kari.)

TK: Wanna bet? If this was real… then I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m about to.

Sora: What’s that?

(TK smiles slyly, then reaches over and cops a feel of Kari’s chest.)

Kari: What the?? You…

(Shot of Devimon and Shadow, watching the setup on the table in shocked interest.)

Kari: (VO) PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(In the helicopter, TK is also copping a feel of Kari in that scenario. Kari leans back and delivers one hell of a slap.)

(Devimon and Shadow watch as their entire setup dissolves. Each of the individual scenes- Yolei and TK by the waterfall, Rika and TK on the beach, Sora and Matt in the old sitcom, and TK during armageddon, all disappear. What’s left is TK, sitting upright on the beach, holding his cheek in pain.)

TK: I knew that wasn’t real…

(He looks around and sees the rest of the group sitting up in their normal clothes.)

Kari: What happened?

Devimon: (OS) You got lucky!!

(They look up and see Devimon.)

Devimon: How was I to know TK’s hidden perverted side would win out over everything. But be assured- what you saw was not an illusion. Deep down, they were indeed your greatest wishes.

Yolei: Hey! Put a sock in it! Can’t you see we’re tired?

Kari: This was a very trying episode, you know.

Devimon: Very well. But I shall return!

(Devimon laughs and vanishes.)

Kari: (to TK) Well… I’m sure Joe knows we’re here, so it’s only a matter of time before they send somebody to rescue us.

TK: You’re right.

(TK stands up and calls out to the group.)

TK: So! Let’s go swimming!

(Sora, Yolei, and Rika all fall back, exhausted.)

Sora: Sorry… used up all my energy dreaming…

TK: (to Kari) What about you?

Kari: Sure! Just let me go get changed.

(Kari runs off to find a private place. TK looks at the camera.)

TK: Well… here’s hoping that the swimsuits were real!

Tai: (OS) Cut! Print!

(Yolei and Rika remain on the ground. Sora walks up to Tai.)

Yolei: We’re just going to lie down for awhile.

Rika: You ask us to do that one more time and I’ll…

Sora: Hey Tai? I was wondering… did TK really… you know… cop a feel?

Tai: You bet.

Sora: You’re kidding?!

Tai: Yeah… but that’s okay.

Sora: Why?

(TK walks past, clutching his cheek.)

TK: The slap was real too…

Tai: It’s a fair tradeoff, don’t you think?

Sora: If you sink this low again, I’m going on strike.

(Sora walks away.)

Tai: What… I loved this episode!!!

End Episode Eight

Author’s Notes
Before asking why Devimon’s in this… I’ll do the "character comparison."

Count Devil- Devimon

That should explain things pretty well, eh? The next one to be introduced follows the same logic. Heh, heh, heh…

Jubei-chan is, of course, a reference to the anime "Jubei-chan," starring a girl that is about Kari’s age, yet has quite a bountiful bosom… to put it simply. Also, there was a little reference to Cardcaptor Sakura, where the name Rika was changed to Rita in the dub, hence Matt’s mistake.

Mimi's sneezing is a reference to the belief that whenever you sneeze, it means that somebody is talking about you behind your back.

No, there was no breast grabbing in the real series, but the issue that caused Ruriko to slap Shun in the original is a recurring theme that I simply could not find a way to put a TK/Kari spin on. That’s by far the biggest thing that has been left out of this series. As for Reiko’s fantasy, I believe that hers does portray herself as a traditional Japanese wife, serving the busy husband, so the "I Love Lucy" homage is something of an American equivalent. I stuck Matt in since I didn’t want TK stealing his big brother’s girl. I’m not a huge Sorato fan, but Sorakeru? Yuck.


Next Episode- Stop That Love Triangle!
The final member of the triumvirate is introduced… and boy is he introduced! Being the nice guy that he is, he possesses a train which happens to be carrying TK and his family. Can TK hold him off long enough for the other Gatekeepers to step in and stop that train?