Into the Worlds

To save their store, Yomi and Omi will interfere with four very different adventures.
But what happens after they're all over?
And why the heck is Lain singing?

Shows- Cardcaptor Sakura
Digimon Tamers
El Hazard
Serial Experiments Lain

Author Comments-
I wanted to do this simply to see if it could be done- a complete parody of a completely baffling Sondheim musical. Well, I did, and while a lot of the songs are hit-or-miss, when they hit, they hit hard. You won't want to miss "Online" or "On the Top of the Tower," and the fifteen minute opening song is fun too!

Posting  Period- August 2003
Parts- 7 (4 in first act, 3 in second act)
Rating- Rated PG for mild violence, subtle innuendo, and one freak yaoi moment.

Production Notes

Firstly, the obligatory disclaimer- with the exception of Yomi and Omi, the characters used here were created by CLAMP (CCS), Yoshitoshi ABe (Lain), Chiaki Konaka (Digimon Tamers), and Kazuto Nakazawa (El Hazard). I humbly apologize for using them in ways they were never meant to be used. I technically don't have to say that I don't own Into the Woods, since these are my own lyrics and I could put up a good fair use argument. But I will apologize to Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine anyway for mangling their work of genius.

On that note, the characters and events are more inspired by than lifted directly from. All of the events are incredibly simplified and designed to involve as few characters as possible (Li? Who's Li?). With CCS, the timeframe between events is shortened considerably, so that the first two seasons can be covered in the first act. Also, for all intents and purposes, Tomoeda is a part of Tokyo (it's a fictitious city, so who can say?). Tamers suffered the least of any, but again- time issues. El Hazard involves a mishmash of the manga, TV series, and OAV, and adds a convenient little element to allow passage back and forth between the worlds (which doesn't affect the story, strangely enough). And Lain... although it does technically follow the same plot, it's been simplified so that you almost understand what's going on. That sums it up right there.

How do I defend all of that? Simple- the story is primarily about Yomi and Omi. Remember that.

To follow along with the music, click the link whenever you see it, and hope your browser is set properly. If not, save the file to your computer and open it like that. I hacked in and gave each singing part its own instrument, but since they are based on the original musical's parts, some inconsistencies will exist (the oboe always represents Jack's Mother, but won't always represent Alice). Also, the music skips over periods of dead silence, so you will have to pause sometimes (as instructed in the script). Finally, the most annoying part of these files are the use of percussion to represent speaking to the rhythm. I did my best to match up with the original lines, but they do not always work out. Use the percussion as a guideline, but fit my words to the rhythm as best as possible.

Finally, the massive gender-switching from the original is not meant to be a joke. It's an effort to offer a little bit of distance from this and the original. Although the plot with Yomi and Omi, and pretty much the whole second act, is similar, the situations with Sakura, Lain, and Takato are definitely not the same.

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Act One, Part One

Prologue: Into the World

The infamous first song that lasts over ten minutes and does its best to give everybody a head cramp. Sort it through, and you'll see that Yomi and Omi discover why their store has been failing, Lain discovers the Tokyo nightlife, Takato discovers a way to prepare for his adventure, while Sakura discovers her powers... and a chance to be with her Yukito!

Act One, Part Two

Come Here, Little Brats
I Guess This is Goodbye
What You Need
I Know Things Now
Magical Cards

Shorter songs perhaps, but it doesn't help our heroes. Sakura has to deal with Kero, and this whole Cardcaptor business, Takato has to face a friend-turned enemy and an enemy-turned friend. Meanwhile, Yomi and Omi begin their quest for the four items- but how far will they go to secure Lain's bear pajamas?

Act One, Part Three

It Takes Two

Duets are all over the place as Lain and Takato compare their online adventures, Yukito and Makoto compare their very different girl problems, and Yomi and Omi finally seem to be able to work together. They set out to recover Lain's bear pajamas, and acquire the source of a fireball. But the escalating situation with this D-Reaper thing has a lot of people on edge, especially Alice.

Act One, Part Four

Follow Me
On the Top of the Tower
Ever After

Now down to two items, and with Jinnai growing more impatient, Yomi and Omi frantically search for the third and fourth. The others are much less willing to help, as Jinnai has to deal with Ifurita's disobedience, Takato has to deal with D-Reaper, Lain has to deal with a god, and Sakura has to deal with Final Judgment. Can everybody get it together in time for the big finale number to end the first act?

Act Two, Part One

Prologue: So Happy
Agony (Reprise)

Perhaps the amazing thing was that the entire first act was just a set-up to this. The cast's normally happy lives are shaken by an attack, allegedly by one of El Hazard's demon gods. So it's back into the world as Yomi rallies the help, Omi helps Takato get into the Digital World safely, Lain and Sakura set out to defeat the god... and Yukito and Makoto lament about their own tragic love lives.

Act Two, Part Two

Jinnai's Lament
Yaoi Moment
Moments in the World
Your Fault
To Be Concluded

It's more than just a demon god. The God of the Wired is back, and he's after Lain! After his initial rampage, the group tries reasoning with him. But once the casualties start piling up, they divert him away in order to develop a plan. Jinnai has a simple plan- give him what he wants. But Yomi and Omi think differently, and set out to find and protect Lain. However, Omi finds something even better...

Act Two, Part Three

No More
No One is Alone
Finale: Someone Will Help You

After Yomi abandoned the others, she tries running away. Fortunately, someone slightly more experienced helps her out of the jam. They brainstorm a way to defeat the god, but will they be able to get rid of him after all the anguish he's caused?

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