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      Indented Lines: Sung or spoken to rhythm (use percussion as guide).
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Act One, Part Two

Sakuraís room. She opens the book, as well as a dresser, where the orange furry sidekick Kero flies out.

2. Sakura And the Guardian

VOM: Sakura was appointed Cardcaptor by the Keroberos, the Guardian of the Cards. She kept him close, but could only let him out when nobody was home.

Sakura: All your terms I will accept, Kero.
    If youíll tell me what I have to do.
    Iíve told nobody except, Kero,
    One whoíll help me with a thing or two.
    But I need your help, Kero.
    Since you ask so much.
    I wishó

Kero: (spoken) Konyannachiwa! Look, you have your own brand of courage. Donít do nothing stupid like using Windy to beat a fire card and youíll do fine!

Sakura: Kero!

Kero: Youíre a magical girl.
    Are you magical enough to hold the key?
    If you can hold the key, then be the girl.
    In the end, perhaps youíll get your wish!

Sakura: Cards from an age so long ago,
Will they help me with Yukito?

Sakura runs out with Kero in tow.
Sakura: Iím off to catch the cards.

At Cyberia, Lain is clearly uncomfortable with the atmosphere, and dodges off to a far corner of the nightclub. Lain is wearing a borrowed outfit and holds a bag. She pulls her bear outfit out.
Lain: Itís so loud. Itís so chaotic. Iíve never been anyplace like this before.
She looks at the bearís face.
Lain: What did we get dragged into this time?
Taro: Hey, Lain!
Lain turns around. Taro is a year younger than Lain, but doesnít act it.
Lain: How did you know my name?
Taro: Because you come here all the time. Youíre a real swinger, you know?
Lain: I am not.
Taro: Sure. You know, everybody loves you here. They get a real kick out of you. So why the innocent newbie look today, Lain?
Lain: Iíve never been here.
Taro: You sure?
Lain clutches the bear.
Lain: Yes. I donít even want to be here.
Taro: Or perhaps youíd give anything to fit in.
Lain: What do you mean?
Taro: Face it, you want to be the life of the party, donít you?
Lain: Well, didnít you say I already was?
Taro: You can be. You already are. Perhaps if youíd ditch that bear get-up and trade it in for something hotter, youíd be an instant smash.
Lain: But myó
Taro has wandered off, leaving Lain alone. She looks at the bear.
Lain: But I always have this. This bear is my security blanket.
Lain quietly steps outside.

The next day, Omi is walking through the park, calling out his daughterís name.
Omi: Yomi! Yomi!
Omi continues to look around and shout.
Omi: Yomi!
Yamaki: Takato!
Omi is confused but keeps calling.
Omi: Yomi!
Yamaki: Takato!
Omi: Yomi!
Pause. Omi sees the source of the noise. Yamaki is talking to a communicator.
Yamaki: Takato!
Omi: Looking for someone?
Yamaki quickly puts the communicator away.
Yamaki: Sort of. This is private business.
Omi: Takato, huh? A Takato came to my store yesterday. He said he was getting supplies for an adventure to save the world. You wouldnít happen to know what that was about, would you? Iím really interested in all this, since I am a parent myself. I worry about kids.
Yamaki: Well, Takatoís in another world right now, trying to figure out how to save it. Unfortunately, I havenít been able to contact him, so I donít know how heís doing.
Omi: Thatís awful. Well, if you need a technology upgrade, I run an electronics store. Iíll see what I can do to help you out.
Omi hands Yamaki a business card.
Omi: But I have to get going. My daughterís missing too.
Omi walks off. Yamaki takes a good long look at the card before returning to the communicator.

In the Digital World, a certain Impmon has made a deal with the Devas to increase his power. While he transforms to Beelzebemon, VOM explains.

VOM: In the Digital World, the bad guys of the moment were creatures called Devas. Twelve holy beasts that, as far as Takato could tell, wanted to destroy humanity. Yes, of course they had a legitimate reason for attacking Tokyo, but try explaining that to the goggle head and his crew! Anyway, the Devas made a deal with this one Digimon named Impmon. In exchange for massive power, he would have to kill Takato and his group. Takato considered Impmon a friend- but weíll see how long that lasts!

3. Come Here, Little Brats

As Takato leads his group through the world, Beelzebemon watches them from a far, snarling a little.

Beelzebemon: Look at me now, powered up.
    Come here, little brats.
    Iíve been endowed, Iíve grown up.
    Come here, little brats.
    Iíve got some children to snuff.
Beelzebemon draws nearer, and they donít see him pull his gun out.
Beelzebemon: Come here, little brats. See me now.
    Iíve gotten slightly bigger.
    Now watch me pull the trigger.
    Say goodbye.
Takato continues marching, oblivious.
Takato: Come on team, move your feet,
    Weíve got a firebird to beat!
Beelzebemon is forced to go closer to them.
Beelzebemon: Come on, little brats. Ask me how.
    I got all of this power.
    Iím making all you cower!
    I had my soul devoured!
    It used to be, I was weakÖ
    Now all the tables are turning.
    They wonít suspect that an old friend will whack them,
    then snack on theirÖ
Takato approaches him, interrupting.
Takato: Hello sir, who are you?
    Isnít there something we can do?
Beelzebemon: Why yes, little boy- you can help.
    It may sound kinda morbid.
    But thereís no way to ward it!
    Your data, Iíll absorb it!
Takato quickly runs away. Beelzebemon walks after them.
Beelzebemon: Which one goes first? Canít decide.
    Foxy, the dog or the dino.
    Maybe the lion is destined to be the entrťe.
    Thereís nothiní I can say. To explain what you get!
    When you kill with no regret!
Takato: Come on team, move your feet,
    Back thereís a guy whoís packing heat.
    Dressed all in black and looking leet!
    Weíre out of here!
Beelzebemon: Goodbye, little brats--
    And hello.
He laughs maniacally and gives chase. Offscreen we hear Takato scream.

Omi is still wandering the streets in search of his daughter. But as he does, he is worried about someone else.
Omi: Great, not only is my daughter missing, Iím worried about Takato. He seemed so innocent, so friendly- and he has an insanely high tab to pay off!
Jinnai comes in from out of nowhere, and walks next to Omi.
Jinnai: Forget the tab, did you notice what else he took with him?!
Omi: Jinnai?! How did you do that?
Jinnai: Iím too powerful to explain myself. What was the boy wearing?
Omi: Thatís right! He was wearing goggles! A lens to refract!
Jinnai: Really? I was hinting at the possibility that he was wearing a cloth warm as fur, but thatís even better!
Omi: But weíre stuck in different worlds. How can I?
Omi is interrupted when Jinnaiís watch starts beeping.
Jinnai: Oops. Looks like I have to get back to El Hazard. I have to lead my bugrom, and my dear Ifurita, on to victory against the alliance!
Jinnai runs off, but turns back quickly.
Jinnai: Iím still keeping an eye on you!
Jinnai leaves. Omi leans back against the wall of a house.
Omi: This is insane. Weíre not allowed to spend money to get a cloth as warm as flame. And donít even ask how weíre supposed to get a freeze to refract the fur and the source of a- or was it a way to refract the freeze and a cloth as warm as a lens? UmÖ

Yomi: (quiet singing) A cloth as warm as fur,
The source of a fireball,
A way to freeze the flame,
A lens to refract it all.
Omi looks over and sees Yomi seated outside someoneís house, half asleep.
Omi: Yomi!
Yomi: Huh? Dad! This is supposed to be my quest. You deal with the store while I handle this. Thereís no sense losing more business. You have to learn to trust me!
Omi: This is our quest.
Yomi: (singing) No, dad, Iím making this my quest.
Since I want to prove myself.
Omi: (overlapping) We can make it work together, because itís for our-
Omi quickly shuts up and grabs Yomi as they see Lain exit the house, wearing her bear pajamas.
Omi: (quietly) A cloth as warm as...
Yomi: I know. Iíve been waiting all day for her to leave the house.
Omi: Okay, Yomi, work your magic.
Yomi approaches Lain.
Yomi: Hey there. Nice outfit.
Lain: Hello.
Yomi: Where did you get that lovely thing? Iíve been desperately looking for something like it, but havenít been able to find it.
Lain: Iíve had it since before I can remember. It is a part of me.
Yomi: Um, really? How much do you want for it?
Lain: I donít want to get rid of it.
Lain turns around, but looks up as she hears Taro.
Taro: (VO) Perhaps if youíd ditch that bear get-up and trade it in for something hotter, youíd be an instant smash.
Lain turns back around to face Yomi, who has been pulled aside by Omi.
Lain: Yes I do. What can you give me?
Yomi looks back at Lain, nervously eying Omi.
Yomi: Well, I canít afford to pay you.
Omi: Have you ever wanted a Navi?
Lain: A Navi? A computer? Is it hot?
Omi: Um- Yomi, tell her.
Yomi pulls the Navi out. She doesnít understand why Omi brought it up.
Yomi: Uh, yeah! Copland operating system, basic internet connection codes, and already formatted for your pleasure.
Lain: And you would give me it for the bear?
Yomi: Welló
Omi: Yes! We will! My daughter loves bears, and sheís willing to do anything to get in your pajamas.
Lain: How about I borrow your Navi, while you borrow my bear? Iím not sure if I want to confirm anything just yet.
Yomi: Um- I guess that will work. Do you want to go inside and change?
Lain: No need.

4. I Guess This Is Goodbye

Right in front of them, Lain takes the pajamas off. Omi hides his eyes. Lain has a thin nightie underneath, but doesnít seem to mind. She hands Yomi the pajamas, takes the Navi and watches them walk away.

Lain: I guess this is goodbye, for now.
Iím leaving me behind.
Perhaps weíll reunite, somehow.
I hate to see me go.
Iíll be with you again.
Iíll rediscover me.
And choose which me I like.

Lain runs back into the house, probably to install the Navi. Yomi and Omi continue to walk down the street. Yomi holds the bear, but is very unhappy about it all.
Yomi: (stern) Dad, go home.
Omi: Why are you mad? We got one of the things.
Yomi: Yeah, but because of you we traded away Jinnaiís Navi! We just traded away a perfectly good Tachibana Navi for pajamas!
Omi: We have plenty of Navis in the store. I wanted to get rid of that one. Besides, we need the pajamas more.
Yomi: But theyíre pajamas!

5. What You Need

Omi: If you know what you need,
    And you find, better find a
    Way to get it-
Yomi: Home.
Omi: Will a Navi save the store?
    And you trade and you take
    And you sell and you buy,
    Or youíd better forget it.
Yomi: Dad, just please go home.
Omi: Thereís no time for being coy and shrewd.
    If we got the bear, we were not screwed!
    And maybe that Naviís worthless.
    Who knows?
    Why you have what you have,
    Thatís the point,
    All that matters is appeal.
Yomi: (spoken) I think this thingís tearing.
Omi: If the thing you want is lower in price,
    But itís nice, find the seller and entice
    With a deal.
Yomi: What?
Omi: Itís a deal that we just got one thing that Jinnai chose.
    Three more items means our income grows!
    And when we get those, then we beat our foes.
    And then all our woes just seem to go.
    Hey do you suppose, itís in the clothes-
    You bear!?

Yomi: Look. Iíll admit that I couldnít have done it without you, but I want the chance to try it alone. I mean, if you accidentally come across the source of a fireball or something, go right ahead and get it. But if not, I want to be the one to find it.

Omi silently nods and they walk back to the store.

VOM: So, now that they had one item, Yomi went home to get a little sleep after being camped out at Lainís gate all night.

Meanwhile, in El Hazard, Ifurita is waiting patiently in her quarters at the Bugrom fortress, holding a large staff.
VOM: Now, as for Ifurita: Jinnaiís thirst to conquer the world of El Hazard led him to awaken this foul demon god from her slumber. Since he was the first to awaken her, he became her master. She existed only as a killing machine under Jinnaiís control. Emotionless, and programmed only to obey orders.
Jinnai enters the quarters.
Jinnai: Hello my dear. Did you miss me?
Ifurita: I do not miss. I have no feeling. I exist only for my master.
Jinnai: My kind of woman!!

Meanwhile, in another part of El Hazard, Makoto is in the royal palace, staring out towards the world.
Makoto: Ifurita. Ifurita. She was the girl who brought me here. Yet- she was also trying to kill me. The next time she does, Iím going to have to talk to her. Discover her true feelings. I think that deep down, she really does have a heart. I just have to pull it out of her- before she pulls out mine.

Some indefinite period of time later, Yomi returns to the store, completely empty except for Omi, playing some sort of online fantasy game. Itís late afternoon.
Omi: Ah, thatís where the key of the twilight is!
Yomi: Iím home!
Omi: Hi, Yomi. Any luck?
Yomi: Nope. Itís hard to spot a magical girl just by looking at her.
Omi: A magical girl?
Yomi: How else are we going to summon a fireball and then freeze it? Weíre talking magic.
Omi: If you say so.
Yamaki rushes into the store.
Omi: Hi, is there anything we canó I remember you!
Yamaki: Do you have a B4500 superconductor?
Omi: Let me check in back.
Yamaki: Check for a 8220 transducer too.
Omi leaves for a moment.
Yomi: Thatís some pretty hefty stuff. What do you need it for?
Yamaki: Weíre drawing power from all of Japan to pull a bunch of kids from a parallel world.
Yomi: Sorry I asked.
Omi: (OS) Regular or industrial size?
Yamaki: Industrial!
Omi walks out with two big boxes he can barely carry. Yamaki helps him with them.
Omi: Amazing what we have lying around back there.
Yomi: Your policy of overstocking finally paid off, Dad.
Yamaki: Do you know how to install it?
Omi: Of course.
Yamaki: Then come with me. You have to help us get Takato and his friends home.
Omi: Takato? Certainly!
Omi is about to leave.
Omi: Yomi! Can you take care of the store while Iím gone?
Yomi: Sure thing.
Omi and Yamaki carry the boxes out. Yomi sniffs the air.
Yomi: Whatís that smell?
Yomi walks over to the backroom and finds the offending odor. She walks out with the bear pajamas.
Yomi: Ew! I guess when you trade for pajamas itís a good idea to wash them first!
Yomi takes the bear and is about to leave, but turns around.
Yomi: No! Right now this is my store.

VOM: So while Yomi stayed and operated the store, which got no customers after Yamaki, Omi helped set up everything needed to get Takato home. Omi followed Yamaki to the park, where the families of Takato and his friends waited for their children to arrive.
In the park, Yamaki and Omi wait.
Omi: How long is it supposed to take?
Yamaki: I donít know. Weíll have full emergence soon. We can only hope that theyíre alright.
The ark emerges and Takato steps out, happy to finally be home.
Takato: Weíre back. Weíre back!
Yamaki: Thatís right. You didnít think weíd leave you in there, did you?
Omi: Iím so relieved.
Yamaki: Omi, we couldnít have saved them without you.
Omi: Iím just happy to be of service. Iíll send you a bill for the equipment and labor costs next week.
Yamaki: Certainly.
Takato runs up to Yamaki.
Takato: Thanks Yamaki. You arenít such a nasty guy after all.
Yamaki: I'll take that as a compliment. But the real hero here is Omi. He installed the equipment that gave us the power necessary to bring you home.
Omi: I have to admit I was a little worried about you, Takato.
Takato: Well, Iím really grateful Omi. Although I kinda dropped all of those supplies I got from your store. We never got to use them.
Omi: Um... donít worry about it. But say- those are nice goggles.
Takato: Arenít they?
Omi: This may sound a little silly, but can I have them? Just as a memento for the occasion.
Takato: Uh... sure, I guess.
Takato takes them off and hands them to Omi.
Omi: Thank you! Good deeds do pay off!
Yamaki: Takato? One of your friends doesnít have anybody here to pick her up. Theyíre staying in Matsumoto.
Takato: Iíll take her there.
Takato looks down.
Takato: She hasnít been the same since Beelzebemon killed her Digimon. I never should have brought her with.
Yamaki and Omi look at each other apprehensively.
Omi: Well, Iíll leave you to do your angsting. Bye!
Omi runs off. Yamaki quietly exits the scene. Takato reaches into his backpack and produces another pair of goggles. He straps them on.

6. I Know Things Now

Takato: Come on team, move your feet,
    Weíve got a firebird to beat.
    Somehow he helped us in the end,
    Yet we lost a friend.
    But they taught me things, many wonderful things,
    That I hadnít thought of before.
    There were wrongs and rights, thereís a good and a bad.
    That you canít just switch like a trendy new fad.
    But they did and Iím excited-
    Well, excited and sad.
    Although he looked strong, he was just our Impmon.
    How could we know what was in store?
    But when things turned bad, though, I really got mad.
    Well, excited and mad.
    But he killed our friend, and I wanted revenge,
    And I somehow transformed,
    Into something that I never want to be.
    So I passionately fought and everybody watching thought,
    That I would soon take a life, avenging misery.
    But I somehow controlled, all the power within me.
    And weíre brought into the light,
    With a new, humble heart-
    And I know things now, many magical things,
    That I hadnít known before.
    Do not put your faith in a power above.
    No amount of hope can protect who you love.
    And you canít be apprehensive, always be on the defensive,
    And though bad may be exciting,
    Death is not quite a thrill.
    Now I know, just adapt. If it seems simple, itís a trap.
    Isnít it great that we are done?
    Though it was kind of fun.

Back at school, Lain is furiously typing on the Navi at her desk. Alice, Reika, and Juri approach her.
Alice: Youíve certainly taken a shine to that thing.
Lain: Itís calling to me.
Juri: Thatís nice, dear. How about another Cyberia run tonight?
No answer.
Reika: Lain? Hello?
Alice: I see youíre busy. Iíll e-mail you later.
Lain: Understood.
They walk away, leaving Lain to do her business.
VOM: Little did they know that Lain was finding her own world online, where she could be whomever she wanted and do whatever she felt like.

Yomi drops off the bear suit at a Laundromat and goes outside. She hears a commotion at the nearby ice skating rink and goes inside. Immediately, she starts shivering. She notices frozen children all over the place.
Yomi: Whatís going on in here?
Sakura: (OS) Freeze card!! Return to your original form!!
Yomi runs over to the actual rink and sees Sakura capturing the Freeze card. Immediately afterwards, Yomi starts applauding happily. Sakura notices.
Sakura: Hoe?
Yomi: (giddy) Iíve never met a magical girl before!
Sakura: Uh- this is just an illusion!
Yomi: Donít fool me! I saw you stop that freezy thing. What was that?
Sakura: Itís a long story.
Yomi: Itís a long washing machine cycle- Iíve got plenty of time.
Sakura: Well, can we go outside then? This is supposed to be a secret. I donít want my friends finding out.
Yomi looks around. The other kids are beginning to thaw out.
Yomi: Right.
Sakura and Yomi walk by a shivering Tomoyo.
Sakura: Iíll be outside.
Tomoyo: Need... hot... chocolate...
They go outside and sit down. Sakura hesitantly takes out her cards.
Yomi: So tell me about your powers.

7. Magical Cards

Sakura: Well theyíre magical cards.
Yomi: And--?
Sakura shows Yomi the key around her neck.
Sakura: And? Itís a magical key.
Yomi: And--?
Sakura: And--
    Well, the key helps me catch them all.
Yomi: What--? The cards--?
Sakura: Yes, the cards.
Yomi: And the cards?
Sakura: They were freed.
Yomi: Oh, I see.
    They escaped and you catch them.
    Theyíre yours once you catch them?
Sakura: And they help me catch more.
Yomi: Yeah? And--?
Sakura: And itís all quite a chore.
Yomi: Is that it?
Sakura: Is what it?
Yomi: Magic cards?
Sakura: Right now thatís all it is, I guess.
Yomi: Guess?
Sakura: I donít know what itís for.
    I canít say whatís in store.

Yomi: So you have the power to freeze anything you want?
Sakura: Sure.
Yomi: Oh, I would love to be a magical girl. To be able to control fire and ice. Then saving the shop wouldnít be a problem.
Sakura: I canít control fire yet. Kero said thatís one of the four elements and that it would be a hard one to get.
Yomi: But you can freeze-?
Tomoyo comes running out of the building.
Tomoyo: Sakura look! A giant red blob is attacking City Hall!
Yomi: (excited) Freeze a flame?
Sakura stands up.
Sakura: It might be a card. Come on!
Sakura and Tomoyo run off.
Yomi: Wait!
Yomi chases after them.
Yomi: I need you to freeze something!!
Yomi continues to follow them, going past the Laundromat. Later, someone walks out and puts up a sign that reads ďClosed.Ē

8. To Be Continued

All of the characters are seen going about their routines, delivering their lines rhythmically, oblivious to each other.
Use the percussion beats as a guideline to when the characters speak in the song, *not* how they deliver the lines.

Omi: To be continued...

Lain: The best friends can be turned off.

Jinnai: True power is earned- when minions fetch it for you.

Makoto: Some women are best when not understood. Am I right?

Jinnai: (responding) Never!

Chiharu, Naoko, and Rika are all still freezing.
Naoko: Never go ice-skating-
Rika: -in the winter-

Chiharu: -while wearing a skirt.

Alice: The difference between a friend and a Navi
Is why friends will never give up.

Alice runs off. Reika and Juri chase after her, then stop.

Reika, Juri: -Although sometimes they should.

Takato: Life isnít like what you see on TV.

Taro: Sometimes it counts if you do it online.

Ifurita silently marches towards the royal palace as Jinnai smiles.
Jinnai: To be continued!!

Yamaki: Anything you do, a kid can do better.

Tomoyo: Anything you do should be done with style.

Sakura follows Tomoyo, wearing an elaborate costume.

Sakura: Success comes at the risk of looking stupid.

Yomi: You can start something new,
    But to get something done.
    Stop the thing you were doing before.

Omi: To be continued!

Everybody overlaps, until itís impossible to make out what anybody says.
Don't worry. You're not supposed to be able to follow this part.
Jinnai: True power is earned- when minions fetch it for you.
Makoto: Some women are best when not understood. Right?
Alice: Right!
Omi: To be continued, be continued...
Naoko: Never go ice-skating-
Rika: -in the winter-
Reika, Juri: -Although sometimes they should.
Yomi: You can start something new, but to get something done,
Takato: Life isnít like TV.
All: -To be, itís to be, itís to be continued-

All: Into the world!
    Into the world!
    Into the world, then out of the world
    And back to theó

To Be Continued

 Notes About Music and Characters