Code: Italics: Stage Direction
      Non-indented Lines: Spoken over music (unless simultaneous verses).
      Indented Lines: Sung or spoken to rhythm (use percussion as guide).
      {3:50}: Timing in MIDI
      Bold: Instructions/links for music.

Act Two, Part One

Tokyo, Japan. The same three places from the beginning. First, the elementary school in Tomoeda, where Sakura is waiting alone. The second, Lainís house, where Lain is standing in the living room. Finally, a bustling electronics store, and the two shopkeepers Omi and Yomi. Once again, Voice-Over Man calls down to them and they sing to themselves.

Voice-Over Man: In the beginning--

16. Act II Prologue: So Happy

VOM: --of the next episode--

Sakura: I wish--

VOM: --in that same part of Tokyo--

Sakura: More than anything,

VOM: --in a future day--

Sakura: More than friends,

VOM: --and future time--

Sakura: More than magic,
Lain: I wish,

VOM: --there were still three different girls.

A customer in the store shouts, demanding service. Omi delivers.
The percussion represents the customers and Omi until his last line.
Lain: More than life,
Sakura, Yomi: I wish,
Lain: More than anything,
Sakura, Yomi, Lain: More than I have.
Omi: (to customer) Thank you!
Sakura: I wish to be with my Yukito.

Another customer shouts.
Yomi: More than love,
Lain: I wish,
Sakura: To be alone with my Yukito.
The second customer is helped and leaves.
Omi: (to customers) Thanks.
Yomi: More than purpose.
Sakura: More and more!
Lain: I wish I could go into the Wired.
Sakura, Yomi: Over anything!
Omi: I wish we had some help!
Lain: Dog days--
Yomi (overlapping): A little help!

VOM: Aside from minor complaints, they were doing very well.

Yukito arrives. Sakura takes his hand, smiles, and they walk home.
Sakura: I never thought Iíd be with you.
Yukito: I never thought Iíd be believing.
Sakura, Yukito: I never thought I could be so happy!

Alice enters the room. Lain smiles and nods.
Sakura: When you are near the skies are blue,
Lain, Alice (over): I never thought Iíd find the truth,
Yukito (over): The kind of magic you are weaving,
Yomi, Omi (over): I never thought weíd be successful,
Sakura, Yukito, Lain, Alice: I never thought I could be so happy!
Yomi, Omi (over): Iím so happy!

Tomoyo runs up to the happy couple, armed with her camera, gushing.
Tomoyo: Happy now, happy hence,
    Happy ever after!
Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko join Tomoyo, teasing Sakura a little.
Chiharu, Rika, Naoko: Youíre so happy, heís so happy!
    Everybody is so happy!
    Weíre so happy!
Sakura, Yukito: No more strife.
Alice: Peace at last.
Lain: Normal life.
Yomi, Omi: Stocks are soaring.
Yukito hands Sakura a wrapped sweet, then runs off.
Yukito: Hereís some candy, see you!
Alice: Letís go catch a movie.
Omi: Time to close now.

Sakura, Lain, Alice, Yomi, Tomoyo, Chiharu, Rika, Naoko:
Wishing isnít perfect,
    Even if theyíre granted.
All: There is always,
    More to be demanded.
Sakura: Iím going to be a perfect love!
Lain, Alice (over): Iím going to be a perfect friend!
Omi (over): Iím going to be a perfect father!
Yomi (over): Iím going to be a perfect daughter!
Lain, Alice, Omi (over): Iím going to make sure she is so happy!
Sakura, Yomi (over): Iím so happy!
All: I never thought Iíd find success!
    I never thought Iíd ever be here.
Sakura: Now that Iíve passed the test,
Lain: Now that I beat the best,
Yomi, Omi: Now that weíre in the black.
All: And looking back,
    Iím so happy!

Having closed, Yomi and Omi begin sweeping up.
Omi: Another day in the books.
Yomi: We could hire more people, you know?
Omi: Weíre fine as is. People like to see a family business. Having some dopey ronin behind the counter isnít the same.
Yomi: This is Tokyo! Nobody cares. If we want a family business, we would move to Sapporo or something. You know, given the quality of our merchandise, we could really clean up the Hokkaido market.
Omi: We are not moving to Sapporo! I started this store in this building, and when youíre ready you will take over this store in this building.
Yomi: Those hicks up north would really get a kick out of that.
Omi: Stop being difficult and count the money in the register.

Yomi, Omi, Lain, Alice: We had a massive chore to do.
Chiharu, Rika, Naoko: We havenít had a single clue.
Sakura: I found a magic good and true.
All: I hadnít realized what I could mean to you!
    Iím so hap--

Stop music at {2:40}
They are all interrupted by the sound of a tremendous boom. The ground begins to shake. Sakura, Tomoyo, Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko all huddle up for protection, and fall to the ground. Alice runs to protect Lain, and Yomi runs to her father. All four are also thrown to the ground. A few explosions are heard. Lainís house doesnít seem to take significant damage, but the store is a different story. Displays fall over and stuff starts shattering. Finally, it lets up. Omi and Yomi get up.
Omi: Thatís Japan for you- an earthquake a year or your money back. Are you alright?
Yomi: Yeah, Iím fine.

{2:40} Start Music
They begin to clean up, when suddenly Jinnai stumbles in, accidentally busting the door down on the way. Heís disoriented and a little breathless, but completely intact.
Omi: Jinnai!
Yomi: Did you do this to the store?!
Jinnai looks up at Yomi with a good deal of disdain.
Jinnai: Oh, please. Iím responsible for everything bad that ever happens, arenít I? This place got off light; look at the apartment across the street.
Omi and Yomi both go up to the window.
Yomi: Itís gone!
Omi: What happened?
Jinnai: I didnít see it. I was inside at the time. I barely got out alive.
Yomi: Was it an earthquake?
Jinnai: Earthquakes donít start with giant explosions! We were attacked by something!

They speak to the rhythm.
The music doesn't represent it that well. Best to just ignore it.
Omi: Do you think it was a bomb?
Jinnai: Why, what for? I donít remember hearing that weíre going to war.
Yomi: Angel?
Jinnai: Sorry kid, this ainít 2015.
Omi: Digimon?
Jinnai: The gateís shut.
Yomi: Clow Card?
Jinnai: That mean?
Omi: Demon God?
Now Jinnai points to Omi and normal dialogue resumes.
Jinnai: Possibly. Quite, quite possibly.

Stop Music
Yomi: Oh no...
Omi: (to Jinnai) If you see her, tell her weíre closed!
Jinnai raises a disbelieving eyebrow at Omi.
Yomi: No, no, itís okay. Weíre friends with that magic girl in Tomoeda. She can help us!
Jinnai: Yeah, right. Demon gods arenít killed through card tricks. Do you know how powerful demon gods are?
Omi: Judging by the name, I can take a guess.
Jinnai: Letís analyze. Thereís ďdemon.Ē As in foul, nasty creature bent on destruction. And then thereís ďgod.Ē All-powerful, supreme being that puts mortal men to shame. And thereís a good chance oneís nearby!!
Jinnai storms out of the store. Yomi and Omi take a few moments to let that settle in, before Omi comes to a conclusion.
Omi: You know, all of a sudden, Sapporo doesnít sound that bad.
Omi begins to clean up the store while Yomi goes in back.
VOM: While Omi cleaned up, Yomi decided to travel to Tomoeda to talk to Sakura. But first she paid a visit to Lain and Alice.

{3:22} Start Music
At Lainís house, Alice lets Yomi in.
Lain: Hello. Howís the other half of the bear?
Yomi: The bear?
Alice: Never mind, how are you doing?
Yomi: Our store is a mess. We arenít quite sure what did it. It wasnít an earthquake though.
Alice: Lain hasnít been in the Wired at all!
Yomi begins to explain.
VOM: Yomi explained Jinnaiís theory about the demon god.
Lain stands up.
Lain: I was created by a god. Perhaps I could investigate--
Alice: No you wonít, Lain!
Yomi: We need as much help as possible.
Alice: Iím sorry, but after that whole messy business, I donít want to get involved with any more gods. It was a horrible experience which I canít bear to go through again.
Yomi: But that was in the Wired. This is a demon god, in the real world. Itís very different.
Alice: Not different enough for me. Iím sorry.
Yomi: Well, maybe Sakura will help.
Yomi leaves.
VOM: Yomi arrived safely at Sakuraís house, where she and her friends were calming down with some tea.

{4:18} Stop Music
Sakura, Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko are in the living room of Sakuraís house, drinking tea. Tomoyo brings Yomi in.
Tomoyo: Sakura, you have a friend here.
Sakura sees Yomi and smiles.
Sakura: I have five of them!
Yomi: Sakura! I really need your help. I donít think that was an earthquake. It may have been a demon god.
Sakura: A demon god?
Yomi: You may be the only hope to stop it.
Tomoyo, immediately sensing a problem, walks up to them, feigning ignorance.
Tomoyo: Why would Sakura be the only hope to stop it?
Yomi: You, you know! The--
Yomi pretends to deal cards.
Yomi: And the--
Yomi pretends to hit them with a wand.
Chiharu: What on earth are you talking about?
Naoko: You make it sound like Sakuraís some sort of magical girl.
Rika: That would be interesting.
Chiharu: Yeah- by the powers of the cherry blossom, I will punish you!
Naoko and Rika laugh. Chiharu joins in, as does a tentative Tomoyo.
Tomoyo: Thatís a silly thought, isnít it?
Sakura: Hoe?
Yomi: But Sakura-
Tomoyo: (to Yomi) Perhaps youíre not thinking straight because of the earthquake. Would you like some tea?
Yomi: No thanks. I have to get back.
Tomoyo lets Yomi out. Sakura is still a bit hesitant.
Naoko: Would you like some more tea, Magical Pretty Sakura-chan?
Sakura: Um... yes please.

{4:23} Start Music
Alice prepares to leave.
Alice: Well, I have a date tonight.
Lain: (smiling) I hope he teaches you a lot.
Alice: Very funny. I want you to stay here.
Lain: I havenít left the house.
Alice: You never had a problem with that before. But itís important if thereís a demon god or something.
Lain: But I killed a god once.
Alice: Iím tired of slaying gods.
Lain: I can help Yomi.
Alice: No. Yomi will be fine. Let the kids who handled D-Reaper handle this demon god.
Lain: You always said I should try to help people.
Alice: But not to the point where you put our lives in danger again. Do you promise to stay here.
Pause. Lain finally nods.
Lain: I promise, Alice.

Yomi has safely arrived, but as she walks in, Takato walks in behind her, with a big steamer trunk he has trouble carrying.
Takato: This place got hit pretty bad by the earthquake.
Omi: You should have seen it before I cleaned up.
Takato: I guess I wonít bother you for supplies then.
Yomi: Supplies, why?
Takato: Well, my house got hit by the earthquake too. I guess because of that, my parents had a baking accident or something. I couldnít find them anywhere in the rubble.
Omi: Thatís awful.
Takato: But Iím skipping all the angsting and going straight to the Digital World. The gate is still open. Nobody knows it but me.

Now alone in her room, Sakura pulls out the book and speaks to the cards.
Sakura: Hello, cards. I may need your help.
Nothing happens.
Sakura: I canít hear you.
Still nothing.
Sakura: I need your help.
Still nothing.
Sakura: Yomi says thereís a demon god or something, and I need to stop it.
Again, no response.
Sakura: I donít know why youíre being so quiet, but we have a job to do. This is a job for Cardcaptor Sakura!
Sakura runs out.

Back at the store, Omi has a much easier time lifting the steamer.
Omi: Iíll take you to the park.
Yomi: What?
Omi: (whispering) Maybe I can convince him that leaving for good isnít a good idea.
Takato: I can go alone. But if you can carry that thing, sure.
Yomi: Right. And you never know what kind of troubleís out there.
Omi: Are you coming Yomi?
Yomi: You bet. I have no idea where that ďearthquakeĒ is, and Iím not sticking around to wait for it to come back.

Back to Lain, who walks out the door.
Lain: Iím sorry Alice, but if it truly is a god, I may be the only one that can save the city from its evil.

Omi, Yomi, and Takato carefully step through the streets, covered in debris from the apartment building.
Yomi: Into the world,
    With more to do,
    You think youíre safe.
    You think youíre through.
    Into the world,
    To get your cue
    To start another journey.
Omi: Into the world,
    Where we embark,
    The air is strange,
    The skies are dark.
    Into the world, and to the parkó
Lain walks under power lines to the store.
Lain: Into the world, to find a demon--
Takato: Into the world where Digimon live--
Yomi: Into the world,
    That we all know.
    There is no reason not to go.
Takato offers to hold Yomiís hand. Yomi refuses the offer.
Omi: Into the world,
    But careful though,
    Itís not a normal journey.
Sakura is also making her way through the streets of Tomoeda.
Sakura: Into the world,
    With no regard,
    My magicís cold,
    My challenge hard,
    Into the world to use the cardsó
Lain: Into the world to kill another--
Omi: Into the world to help the kids--
Takato: To run away--
Yomi: To find protection--
Omi: To help,
Lain: To kill,
Takato: To run,
Yomi: To find,
Sakura: To save,
Omi: To guide,
Takato: To leave,
Lain: To see Him,
Sakura: To know what I have to do--

Ifurita comes by to investigate the damage. She passes Omi, Yomi, and Takato.
Ifurita: Excuse me--
Yomi: Ah! Demon god!
The three run off, leaving her alone. Not for long, however, as Jinnai soon spots her and runs up to her.
Jinnai: Ifurita! What are you doing here?!
Ifurita recoils a little bit, recognizing him as her former master.
Jinnai: What? I just had a harrowing experience; sorry if Iím not smelling like a rose.
Ifurita: Thatís not the problem.
Jinnai: So what is?
Ifurita still sounds cold.
Ifurita: Letís see- you woke me up from an eternal slumber for the sole purpose of using my powers to help you conquer lands that were never rightfully yours. You used me like a machine, treating me like a plaything, even though I easily could have destroyed you at any moment. You also sent me to destroy one person simply because you have an insignificant, petty rivalry with him. The same person who taught me the right way to live- by caring about other people.
Jinnai is lost for words, but manages the best retort he can.
Jinnai: (angry) How dare you call my rivalry with Makoto petty!!
Ifurita shakes her head and walks away silently. Jinnai suddenly reaches out towards her, now sincerely concerned.
Jinnai: Hey, hey, hold on! Follow me! Thereís something very dangerous around here, and you may not be able to handle it!
Jinnai goes after Ifurita.

Yukito is also investigating some of the debris in a different building. Makoto approaches him.
Makoto: Yukito! Long time, no see!
Yukito: Oh, hello Makoto!
Makoto: What are you up to today?
Yukito: Iím looking for Sakura. Touya said she went downtown to investigate the demon god. Donít ask me why they think itís a demon god. It felt like an earthquake to me.
Makoto: Please donít mention demon gods. Iíve had my fill of demon gods.
Yukito stands up and eyes Makoto.
Yukito: Trouble in your love life?
Makoto: Youíd think there wouldnít be any problems with dating a demon god. But she really- well, she...
Yukito: Sheís the man of the house?
Makoto: Thatís putting it lightly! I canít open a pickle jar- she can blast the stupid thing with her mind! Maybe I picked the wrong one.
Yukito: What do you mean?
Makoto: Never mind. So Sakura and Touya think itís a demon god?
Yukito: Yes. And knowing Touya heís right. He has a certain ability to sense these kinds of things.
Makoto: Wow.
Yukito smiles a little.
Yukito: Touyaís always right.
Makoto narrows his eyes and smiles a little.
Makoto: Why do I suddenly get the feeling your affections are being directed to the wrong member of the family?

17. Agony (Reprise)

Yukito: One like no other,
    My friend since forever,
    Who makes my heart fly.
    This is her brother,
    Which means that, however,
    Heís also a guy.
    Agony! Such a nightmarish dream,
    When a girl has a crush,
    But heís playing for the other team.
Makoto: Back in the world,
    Iíve several fans,
    Pumping my vanity.
    Four or five girls,
    Who think Iím her man.
    Quite the insanity.
Yukito, Makoto: Quite the calamity! Agony! What a harrowing blow!
Makoto: When thereís one whoís princess.
Yukito: Is the priestess there?
Makoto: Yes, with some little nympho.
Yukito, Makoto: Agony! Wounds that strike you inside!
    How unfacetious,
    That two handsome- bishes,
    Just cannot decide.
Yukito: I feel like Utenaís Miki.
Makoto: Then sneak out a leak. Canít you speak?
Yukito: Only meekly,
Makoto: My freak friends would seek you then say you were weak.
Yukito: If I told him this week,
    I donít know what heís say.
Makoto: (sarcastic) How unique.
Yukito: (taking offense) More unique than the girls in your lot.
Makoto: (defensive) Well--
Yukito: Well?
Makoto: (conceding) Oneís Nabiki all over...
Yukito, Makoto: All the woe for the people unchoosable,
    Loves unattainable,
    When pride is losable,
    But unregainable,
Makoto: Temptation!
Yukito: Angst!
Yukito, Makoto: That has only begun.
Yukito: When they donít see a thing--
Makoto: Yet they all want your ring,
Yukito, Makoto: And you canít choose just one!
    Agony! All the permanent scars!
    Wish they all could be ours!

They settle down after the song and wallow in each otherís pity for a moment. Then they hear a distant explosion in the distance. Yukito is a little frightened, and looks over at it. Makoto just shakes his head.
Makoto: Sounds like Ifurita. Iíll see you around.
Yukito: Right. Good luck with her!
Makoto runs off towards the source of the explosion.
VOM: Will they be able to find who they are looking for? Will they be able to handle this new threat? Or will it end any thoughts of them being so happy? To be continued...

To Be Continued

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