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Act One, Part One

Tokyo, Japan. There are three places to pay attention to. The first is an elementary school in Tomoeda, where Sakura sits at the front alone. The second is a train which Lain rides to school. The third is a small electronics store. Inside is the storeís owner Omi, a man of around 30 who still maintains youthful good looks behind a pair of thin glasses. Also inside is his daughter Yomi, about 12, and with her fatherís light blue hair. Tying them all together, for now, is a Voice-Over Man who narrates from on high.

Voice-Over Man: In the beginning--

1. Prologue: Into The World 

Sakura: I wish--

VOM: --Somewhere around Tokyo--

Sakura: More than anything,

VOM: --In the present day--

Sakura: More than friends,

VOM: --and present time--

Sakura: Iím in love,
Lain: I wish,

VOM: Lived three different girls--

Lain: More than life,
Sakura, Yomi: I wish,

VOM: --quite different.

Lain: More than anything,
Sakura, Yomi, Lain: More than I see.
Omi: I wish,
Sakura: My brotherís friends with one Yukito.
Yomi, Omi: More than love,
Lain: I wish,
Sakura: I wish to be with this Yukito.
Yomi, Omi: More than power,
Sakura: Heís my love!
Lain: I wish I knew the reason Iím here.
Sakura, Yomi: Over anything!
Omi: I wish the shop would grow!
Lain: Dog days--
Yomi (overlapping): And overflow!
Lain: Always.
Sakura: I wish to be with my Yukito!
Lain (overlapping): I wish youíd give me a reason why Iím here.
Yomi, Omi (overlapping): I wish our old store would boom.
All Four: I wish.

Sakura is joined by her friends Tomoyo, Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko.

Tomoyo: (to Sakura) What did I hear about Yukito?
VOM: Now Sakuraís mother had died-

Now, Sakura-chan this Yukito,
What do you see in this Yukito?


Oh, Sakura-chan liking Yukito?
Heís Yukito?!

She just has a crush on this Yukito.

Tomoyo, Chiharu, Naoko: But Yukito?!
    Not *the* Yukito!!??

VOM: -She was getting by with help from her friends.

Rika: Oh, Yukito?

VOM: Who didnít understand her hanyan feeling.

Naoko and Chiharu start teasing.
Naoko: ĎCause heís so smart!
Chiharu: ĎCause heís so strong!
Tomoyo: Crushing on high schoolers.
Rika: (offended) How is that wrong?

I still want to be
With my Yukito.
You still want to be
With your Yukito.
Chiharu, Naoko, Rika:
She still wants to be
With her Yukito.

Chiharu, Naoko: In never-ending bliss!
Chiharu and Naoko laugh uncontrollably, while Tomoyo and Rika smile.

VOM: Her friends liked to tease, but really were very nice.

Lainís junior high school. Sheís alone at her desk, while everybody else is talking with friends. Everybody except Alice, who stares at Lain.
VOM: Lain, on the other hand, had no friends to speak ofó

Alice: I wishó

VOM: Well, until Alice came along.

Alice: I wish that girl over there.
    I wish that she would open up.
    I bet that we could be good friends,
    If only she could venture with me to Cyberia!

Alice approaches Lain.
Alice: Come on Lain! All you do is sit there and stare at the blackboard!
Lain: But the blackboard was going weird on me. Itís telling me something.
Alice: No, itís telling me something! That you need a girlís night out!

A knock at Omiís electronics store. Yomi opens the door- itís Takato.
Omi: How can I help you young man?

Takato: I wish,
    Not quite a wish, not quite a want, itís more a need.
    I need supplies, please.
    To use to help us save the world from certain doom.
    Just a few supplies, please?

Omi: What do you need?

{1:58} Pause Music
The basement of Sakuraís house. Sheís holding a large book wide open.

VOM: Sakura was in the basement when her brother called down.
Touya is offscreen, but there are glimpses of Takato and Alice.
Touya: Hey, monster, Yukito and I are catching a movie. He said you could tag along, but since youíre busy with whatever youíre doing down there, weíre leaving without you.

Resume Music
Takato: How much is this GPS- times six?
Sakura is in a trance.
Sakura: Cards from the past,
    Fly through the walls,
    To the streets,
    To the school,
    Every place in the town.
Takato (over): --and some cellular phones, please?
Sakura: Flying so fast,
    Iíll have them all,
    In the streets,
    In the school,
    Every place in the town.
Alice: Oh, please, Lain--

Sakura releases a key and in a mighty and overblown transformation sequence, it becomes a wand and she becomes Cardcaptor Sakura.
Sakura: I have a card,
    I have the Windy.
    I've a key, which gives me.
    A certain duty.
    Keeping the cards.

Alice and Lain are now on the streets towards the Cyberia nightclub, accompanied by Aliceís friends Juri and Reika. Both take Alice aside.
Juri: Listen Alice, I donít know why weíre dragging her along.
Alice: But we want to get Lain involved!
Reika: You! You! WE donít really care. Sheís a loser with absolutely no fashion sense, and if it was up to me I wouldnít be caught dead near her.
Alice: But Iím sure that Lain will make a great friend!
Reika: Look at her!

Reika: I think Lainís really plain.
    Thereís no flair in her hair.
    Sheís so nice, itís a vice.
    What weíre looking for is spice.

Alice: But!

Juri: Alice,
    We are girls and we are frisky.
    While we stick with quick and risky.
    This Lain will anchor our party boat!

Juri: Give it up, sheís a lost cause.

Takato comes down the same street, with a large bag in hand. Heís in a very good mood, evidenced by the way he starts dancing with Juri midway.
Takato: Into the world,
    Itís time to go.
    To Gillmonís house,
    Then down below.
    Into the world,
    Just like the show
    We have to start our journey.
    Into the world,
    That lives online.
    Original and digital.
    Into the world where Digimon live.
    Into the world where Digimon live.

Juri: Lain, do you know this kid?

Takato: We wonít get killed, or lose our way,
    Just watch us children save the day.
    The world is all ours.
    The hours fly by.
    And plus I have to mention,
    I got out of detention!

Omi and Yomi rush in after Takato.
Omi: Excuse me, Takato!
Yomi: You forgot to pay for all that stuff!

Takato dodges them.
Takato: Into the world
    Beyond the shed,
    Where we donít know,
    What lies ahead.
    Into the world.
    My friends are get-
    -ting ready for the journey.
    Into the world,
    Where Devas lie,
    And Culumon is stuck inside.
    Rescue attempt,
    We have to try.
    For all that we know
    Weíre all gonna die.
    But into the world!
    Into the world!
    Into the world,
    Where Digimon live,
    Then back to the park!

Sakuraís in her room, still in a trance.
Sakura: Come, cards,
    Come from the halls,
    Come from the streets,
    From the school,
    Every place in the...
Touya: (OS) Hurry up itís time for school, little monster.
    Canít believe youíre late once more.
Sakura drops everything and runs down stairs.
Fujitaka: Dear, your breakfastís getting cool, Sakura,
    Your brotherís walking out the door.
Sakura grabs a piece of toast and runs out, strapping on her roller blades and chasing after Touya.
Sakura: Wait for me!
Touya: Why?
Fujitaka: Have a nice day.
Touya: Tagging along?
Yukito: Hi, Sakura!
Sakura skates along, oblivious to everything, singing to herself.
Sakura: Do you think he knows,
    Just how much I care?
    It means so much that heís there.
    So be calm, Sakura,
    And cool, Sakura,
    Stay calm, cool, cool, calm.
Touya: Hey Yuki.
Sakura: Whatís the point of staying calm?
    If he canít even see.
    What he really means to me.
    Itís okay Sakura, today Sakura, say,
    Yukito I loveó
Touya looks at Sakura and points.
Touya: You might want to...
Sakura skates into a pole.
Touya: Look out.
Yukito: You alright?

Sakura: He, he, he, noticed meó

Back in the electronics store, VOM gives his explanation as Yomi and Omi do inventory. The store is open, but nobodyís inside.
VOM: Looking to start a ďpassed down through generationsĒ thing with the
store, Yomi hoped to inherit the place from her father Omi. The
problem was, they hadnít done much business.

A knock at the door.
Yomi: Another one?
Omi: This might be a new record for us.
Yomi: Oh, shoot, itís Jinnai.
Jinnai enters in his school uniform. He looks as insane as ever.
Yomi, Omi: Weíre closed.
Jinnai: Not while Iím here!
Yomi: What do you want?
Jinnai: What I want? This is about what we want! Success!! Itís fair to
say my efforts are paying off!
VOM: The sleazy student decided to let the two in on his recent achievement.
Yomi: Achievement?
Jinnai: Itís great. Iíve been wielding my awesome powers of influence to make sure this place never gets off the ground! And itís all because of your punk nephew. Heís an enemy of mine. Ever since the day he teamed up with my treacherous sister, heís been number one on my list and all because he took away--

Jinnai speaks to the rhythm, very angry.
My power, power, my fabulous power!
    Presidential, head of the council.
    ĎTil he started a petition,
    I could tell it was a mission.
    To dethrone me,
    Now the problem see,
    Was the brass they acted crass.
    And listened to his story!
    They impeached me!
    They breeched me!
    Rooted me from power when they
    Read off with a glower all the
    Reputable reckless acts,
    And suddenly gave me the axe!
    I tried to get revenge on him right there.
    I chased him down like a dog,
    And I tried to be fair,
    But he-
He pauses to try to describe what happened next. He canít, so he lies.
Jinnai: But then his demonic powers,
    Opened up a tear,
    In the Earth, I noticed,
    It was one good scare.
    Since he pulled a bunch of people in
    Without a care.
    To no telling where.

Yomi: I donít remember Makoto having the ability to do that.
VOM: No, Makoto didnít do that. It was a demon god by the name of Ifurita. Anyway:
Jinnai: All sorts of crazy stuff happens in this world. In fact, everybody else is still stuck in there while I have the power to go back here. But what really ticked me off was that while I was chasing him down, my sister, obviously under Makotoís orders, sold my really expensive...

Jinnai: Navi.
Yomi, Omi: Navi?
Jinnai: My awesome Navi.
    I didnít think
    Sheíd ever slink
    To selling my Navi!
    And she sold it to you,
    While I had no clue!
    And then boom! Pound!
    And we all fall down!
    And weíre stuck in El Hazard!
    Later on, we all hit the ground,
    Not all at once,
    But in different months.
    I got myself an army,
    Of nasty bugs.
    When I did,
    Tried to rid
    Myself of Makotoís thugs.
    I awoke a god.
    But her work was shot
    By a sobering drunk.
    So she went into a funk.
    Itís a good thing,
    Her mind was left to rot.
    Since Iím conquering the land with her.
    Iíll make sure.
    That Makoto will pay the price for messing with me.
Jinnai laughs evilly like only Jinnai can.
Jinnai: But now thatís all fine.
    And Iím here this time.
    Gotta tell you why,
    Youíre down to your final dime.
    ĎCause you bought my awesome Navi
    From that little swine!
    Iíll get it back when you
    Put up a ďfor saleĒ sign!
    So soon it will be mine.

Open Prologue- Parts IV-VIII

Outside Cyberia, Alice gives Lain some pointers.
Alice: Lain, Cyberia is a high-tech digital nightclub. I know you may be new to this scene, but your cute bear outfit isnít quite hip enough. Understand?
Lain: Yes.
Alice: Do you have anything else to wear?
Lain: My school uniform.
Alice: Very funny Lain!
Lain: It was?

Alice: Lain Lain Lain,
    Must I explain?
    Your house is not an island.
    You must constantly escape it.
    Life alone.
    Unringing phone.
    It sits unhooked on your end.
    Monotonous tone.
    But I want to be your friend.
    You need to be shown,
    That you canít just wait for something to begin.
    To lie around,
    And waste your time.
    Itís just too much
    Itís such a crime.
    So into the world,
    That we can share.
    Weíre past your house,
    Weíre past your bear,
    Into the world,
    So you can care,
    And start a brand-new journey.
    Open a world.
    A new frontier.
    It will excite,
    The time is right.
    Into the world to start anewó
Lain: Into the world to see whatís true.

Pause Music
Alice: Everythingís true when youíre with me, Lain.
Lain: Are you God?
Alice shakes her head.

Back to the store, where Jinnai is standing while Yomi and Omi sit down.
VOM: Jinnai, in a rare moment of compromise, explained how he would help Omi and Yomi out:

Resume Music
Jinnai: The Navi wonít be quite enough.
    You want my help, then listen up.
    Look all around and then bring me:
    First, a cloth as warm as fur.
    Then, a source of a fireball.
    Next, a way to freeze the flame.
    Last, a lens to refract it all.
    If it can be done without spending money.
    The sooner, the better.
    And I will give my solemn vow.
    That this store will be a true cash cow.
    Now get going!

Later, at Sakuraís house.
Fujitaka: Touya, Yukitoís here!
Sakura: Can I go with you and Yukito!?
Touya: With Yukito?
    Weíre in a rush,
    We have to go,
    Normally fine but,
    Tonight itís a no.
    Youíll bother both myself and Yukito.
    Because the monster talks!
Yukito arrives and waves at Sakura.
Yukito: Hi Sakura!
Touya: Bye Sakura!
Touya and Yukito leave.
Sakura: Bye Yukito!
They shut the door. Sakura sits down.
Sakura: I wish--

Omi is about to close the shop for the day when Yomi pulls something out of the storage room.
Yomi: Hey, check it out! I found it!
Omi: His Navi.
Yomi: A good one too, I say we-
Omi: Sell it? Thatíll really piss him off.
Yomi: If it helps me out!
Omi: Me? I thought I was going.

Right now this is my store.
I can handle this alone.
The problemís with my store.


No, no the problemís for our store.
But I want to prove myself!
Since someday itís my store.

Omi (over): Very well, but try to hurry to get everything-
Yomi: What where they again?

Omi: A cloth as warm as fur.
    A source of a fireball.
    A way to freeze the flame.
    A lens to refract it all.
Yomi: (memorizing) A cloth as warm as fur.
    A source of a fireball.
    A way to freeze the flame.
    A lens to refract it all.

VOM (Over): So Yomi began her adventure to save her fatherís store.
But as for Sakura:

As Yomi begins to march out, Sakura goes upstairs and notices the book.

I still wish to be with my Yukito.

But how could I ever be alone
with Yukito? I know!
Perhaps there is a card,
A card that will help me out.
A card that will answer my
Wishes to be with my Yukito.

 A cloth as warm as fur.
 A source of a fireball.
 A way to freeze the flame.
Omi: The lens.
Yomi: A lens to refract it all.
 The cloth, the fire,
 A lens to refract it all.

Omi: Freeze!

Sakura walks outside.
Sakura, Yomi: Into the world,
    Itís time to go,
    We may be young,
    But what we know.
    Into the world,
    Where we will grow.
    Once we begin the journey.
Sakura, Yomi, Omi: Into the world,
    We know our goal.
    Weíre through the door,
    Weíre bound for more.
Yomi, Omi: Into the world to save the storeó-
Sakura: Into the world with cards to captureó-
Yomi: Into the world to get the things--
Omi: To give to Jinnai--
Sakura: To be with my Yukitoó
Lain and Alice stand outside Cyberia and join in.
Sakura, Yomi, Omi, Lain, Alice: Into the world.
    The choice we make,
    The leap of faith,
    The step we take,
    Into the world,
    But not mistak-
    -ing why weíre on the journey.
As does Takato in the park.
Sakura, Yomi, Omi, Lain, Alice, Takato: Into the world.
    Until the end.
    With no clue whatís,
    Around the bend.
Alice: Into the world to give her friends--
Lain: Into the world to get a reason--
Omi: Into the world to save the shopó
Yomi: To get for Jinnai-
Sakura: To be with my Yukitoó
Takato: Into the world where Digimon live,
    Into the world where Digimon live,
All: Weíll be alright. Weíll be okay.
    We wonít take flight or lose our way.
    The world is all ours.
    The hours fly by.
    We do not have to worry.
Yomi, Takato: Although weíre in a hurry.
Reika and Juri exit Cyberia to see whatís holding Alice and Lain. Meanwhile, Sakura meets up with Tomoyo outside. All three join in.
All: Into the world.
    Without delay.
    We will be careful,
    Not to stray.
    Into the world.
    We cannot say
    Whatís waiting on the journey.
    Into the world
    To find the one
    Thing worth it
    When the journeyís done.
    Into the world-
Reika, Juri: To have some fun--
Yomi, Omi: To save the store--
Takato: To stop the bad guysó-
All: To find--
    To give--
    To get--
    To catch--
    To saveó-
    To stop--
    To be with my Yukito--!
    Into the world!
    Into the world!
    Into the world!
    Then out of the world,
    And back to the park!

To Be Continued...

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