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Act Two, Part Two

Omi, Yomi, and Takato are near the park, but itís a complete wreck. Trees are down, playground equipment is randomly dispersed over various areas, and no road is completely discernable. They struggle along.
Yomi: Donít you think this is a little drastic? I mean, not being able to find your parents is bad, but isnít it a little early to give up hope?
Takato: Gillmon was the best friend I ever had. Without anyone to take care of me here, Iíd probably be safer in a different world.
Omi: Why donít why try enlisting this Gillmonís help first? You were able to stop D-Reaper with him; maybe we could use your help. It would be more useful than running away.
Takato: Okay. Iíll see what I can do.
Yomi: First we have to find this stupid shed you keep talking about.
Takato: I could have sworn it was around here somewhere.
Omi: (nervous) Weíre very vulnerable right now. Whatever happened, it happened here. And recently.
Takato: Hey, I think I see it up ahead.
They hear voices nearby.
Omi: Whoís that?
Takato calls out to them.
Takato: Hello?!
Chiharu calls back.
Chiharu: Hello??
Chiharu, Rika, Naoko, Tomoyo, and Juri approach.
Yomi: Itís Sakuraís friends! And Juri?
Juri: Iíve been looking for Alice and I ran into them.
Naoko: Yes, and weíve been looking for Sakura and ran into her.
Rika: So weíre looking for them together!
Chiharu: After seeing that demon god, the more people with us, the better.
Tomoyo: He was quite scary!
Yomi: But Tomoyo! I warned you! We could have had Sakura halfway to beating this thing by now if it werenít for you!
Tomoyo: (a little annoyed) Yes, but itís standard policy not to let anybody find out about what she can do.
Chiharu: Besides, what can Sakura do?
Tomoyo: Itís best this way.
Yomi: Why do you say that?
As he always seems to do, Jinnai strolls in from out of nowhere.
Jinnai: It doesnít matter. Like I said, demon gods arenít killed through card tricks.
Omi: Okay, Iím the grown-up here, I think we should all go back to the store and figure out how to find the others. Alright?
Jinnai: Thatís a bad idea. I saw the demon god on my way here. For some reason, he decided to make a second pass through the neighborhood. This time your store got the same treatment as my apartment.
Omi: Oh no-
Takato: Maybe we should all go to the Digital World and--
A rumbling. All are nervous and all clump together. Even Jinnai is frightened at this point. Eventually, the demon god appears, rising through the ground and facing the nine at some distance. He looks human enough, and has glazed eyes and a wry expression. Although he does hover in the air. Finally, Jinnai manages to confirm the obvious.
Jinnai: Thatís a demon god alright.
God: Demon? Simply God is enough. This is indeed the form of one of El Hazardís puny demon gods. But I am truly the God of the Wired, here to enact my revenge on the one called Lain.
Juri: Lain?
Chiharu: We donít know who youíre talking about.
God: Find me Lain or face the consequences!
Jinnai puts his hands up.
Jinnai: Weíll get Lain right away! Just stay there and weíll deliver...
Takato rushes forward, until Jinnai restrains him.
Takato: Wait a minute! Why should he get what he wants? He destroyed half the city! He killed my parents!
God: And who killed me?? I gave Lain unimaginable powers over the Wired and what does Lain do? Betrays me and destroys me using a trick that I myself bestowed upon the child.
Omi: Lain acted alone! We have no responsibility in the matter! Please show mercy on us mere-
Jinnai: Donít patronize him.
Jinnai looks at Omi. He also notices Tomoyo filming God.
Jinnai: And donít videotape him either!
A little embarrassed, Tomoyo puts the camera down.
Tomoyo: Sorry.
God: Deliver me the Lain!!
Takato: We donít know where Lain is!
Naoko: Half of us donít even know *who* Lain is!
God: One of you must be the Lain. Since you have asked for mercy, I shall only kill the one who is.
Pause. The group quietly huddles up.
VOM: Now, remember that this is the God of the Wired, and since Lain removed herself from the Wired, God had no idea who or what Lain was. Only that the name of his murderer was Lain. He didnít know Lainís age- or even her gender.
Omi: (to Jinnai) Hey, what happened to those elemental powers we gave you?
Jinnai: Ifurita destroyed my staff before I got a chance to use it.
Yomi: Well, you never helped us with the store, so Iíd say weíre even.
Jinnai: Well, Iíd say we have to give him somebody.
Yomi: Who?
Jinnai looks up at Juri.
Jinnai: Youíre one of Lainís friends. Whatís your name?
Juri: My nameís Juri.
Jinnai grabs Juriís hand.
Jinnai: Ah! The D-Reaper girl! Youíll be perfect!
Takato interferes.
Takato: Wait, hold on! Youíre thinking of a different Juri.
Juri forces herself free on the grip.
Juri: Yeah, I was nowhere near that thing. And I wasnít near Lain when she was in the Wired killing deities!
God: Iím getting impatient!!
More hesitation by everybody.
VOM: Now you see, with the exception of Takato and Jinnai, this group was pretty much innocent people who had no experience whatsoever with something as powerful as this god. And even Takato and Jinnai were only partially experienced- living vicariously through their power sources and stubbornly believing that theyíd end up on top no matter how many times they screwed up.
Jinnai: Iíve got it!
Jinnai walks halfway up to God and points to Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko.
Jinnai: Pick whichever of those three looks most like Lain- and you can have her.
Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko all freak.
Chiharu, Rika, Naoko: HEY!!
Jinnai turns to them.
Jinnai: Youíre minor characters!! Do something significant for a change!!
Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko take a step forward and face him.
Chiharu, Rika, Naoko: We like being minor characters, thank you!!
Yomi: Jinnai, stop that!
Omi: Needlessly throwing him third-string characters like them and Juri wonít do any good.
Jinnai: Well, whatís your plan?
God: Youíre starting to get annoying!
VOM: In a way, itís interesting to see this particular group face this monster. Takato and Jinnai have been rendered powerless, Yomi and Omi are now really facing the world, and Tomoyo and her friends are no longer behind the shroud of Sakuraís magic.
Takato and Jinnai look upwards, followed quickly by Yomi, Omi, and Tomoyo. Chiharu, Rika, Naoko, and Juri also look up.
VOM: What are you looking at?
Takato steps forward, trying to talk to Voice-Over Man.
Takato: Who are you anyway?
VOM: Iím the Voice-Over person. I act as narrator, transitioning between episodes of your life.
Jinnai: So, youíre omniscient?
VOM: In a way, yes.
Yomi turns to Jinnai and smiles, a little sly.
Yomi: You know, that kind of ability to see everything that goes on in the world sounds an awful lot like a power Lain would have.
Jinnai: Yomiís got a point.
VOM: Wait- what are you suggesting?
Chiharu: Youíve been watching us the whole time?!
Juri: I bet you do all sorts of gross stuff like watch us in the shower or something.
VOM: Iím just trying to tell the story!!
Jinnai: And let me guess- you just happened to decide that I was the bad guy?
Tomoyo: Thatís awfully subjective of you, Mr. Voice-Over Man.
VOM: Well, if you guys want your adventures divided up nicely and neatly into episodes, I suggest you keep me around.
Yomi: Ooh, point.
Takato: That is convenient sometimes.
VOM: Would you like to live without any story arcs? With no discernable plot or character development? Doesnít sound like much fun does it?
They begin to turn away, and back to addressing God.
Omi: Definitely not.
Jinnai abruptly looks up at God and points upwards.
Jinnai: Thatís Lain!!
God shoots skyward, past where any of them can see.
VOM: Wait a minute! No! Iím not Lain!!
Bolt of thunder.
God: This is not Lain!!
Rika: What happened to the voice person?
VOM: Aaaah!!
They all jump back and see an ordinary looking middle-aged man fall onto the pavement, dead. After recovering from the initial shock. Yomi runs up to Jinnai.
Yomi: Why did you tell God he was Lain?
Jinnai: He was really aggravating. Besides, none of you had any better ideas.
Takato: But now life canít be divided into episodes. Weíre stuck.
Tomoyo: Iím sure weíll get by.
God returns.
God: For the last time- Lain.
Alice appears, running through group and almost up to Godís face. Takato and Jinnai restrain her from going up farther.
Alice: (angry) I will not give you Lain! Itís not her fault she rediscovered herself on the Wired!! If you absolutely need to blame somebody, blame the people that gave her that Navi!
Takato, Chiharu: Yeah!
Yomi, Omi: No!
God: You! You were the creature that Lain chose as master over me!
Alice: Iím not Lainís master. Iím her friend! Thatís what you donít understand! She stood up for me back then and now Iím going to stand up for her right now! So back off!
God: Your concern for a flawed emotion such as friendship displeases me.
Alice: I donít really care! You arenít a God of the real world! Youíre just a freak who threw himself back together after Lain rightfully destroyed you!!
By now, the others are getting a little worried.
Rika: Um, you shouldnít anger him.
Alice: You will never get Lain!
Juri: Uh, Alice??
Yomi approaches Alice, but Alice quickly shoves her back into the group. By now, the others are all thinking of ways to stop her. Finally, Naoko gets an idea and whispers it to Tomoyo.
God: This is your last warning!!
Tomoyo carefully approaches Alice, occasionally looking back for reassurance.
Alice: And this is yours! You return to whatever world you came from or you will be sorry you--
Tomoyo rushes forward and bashes Alice in the back of the head with the video camera. Alice falls, and is quickly caught by Juri and Yomi, who help get her out of the way.
God: For the last time. Where is Lain?!
Ifurita: Stop right there.
Ifurita, now armed with her staff, begins marching towards the new demon god.
God: Are you Lain?
Jinnai steps between them.
Jinnai: No! This isnít!!
Jinnai turns to Ifurita.
Jinnai: Donít fight him! This isnít just any demon god.
Makoto comes in from the same direction. Frantically, Takato tries to make something up.
Takato: Lainís hiding in, um, Tomoeda!!
Naoko: (quiet, angry) No!
Takato: What?
Omi: Yeah! Sheís in Tomoeda!
Makoto: Ifurita, letís take care of this thing.
Jinnai: No! Donít listen to him!!
Ifurita shoves Jinnai to a side and she and Makoto rush into battle.
Jinnai: Makoto! You idiot!
God: After disposing of these two, I will scour Tomoeda for her.
Naoko: I was afraid of that.
Ifurita flies towards God. Itís a short battle, as one blast from God sends Ifurita flying towards Makoto. Both are knocked to the ground.
Jinnai: Ifurita!!
God sends a power-line down, electrocuting them. One final blast and Ifurita is clearly destroyed, taking Makoto with her. God doesnít stay to savor the victory, as he flies towards Tomoeda. Meanwhile, Yomi screams for a different reason. They surround her. Thereís a good deal of blood on her hands.
Yomi: Tomoyo, how hard did you hit her?
Juri: (frantic) Alice??
Alice opens her eyes, weakly.
Alice: (weak) Donít... let him get... Lain.
Omi: No, of course not.
Alice: Promise me. She fought so hard to live a normal life. Iíll die happy knowing sheíll continue to.
Yomi: Sheíll be as normal as it gets around here.
Alice: Promise?
Omi: Yes, we promise.
Alice: Lain... I love...
Alice dies. Takato slowly approaches her. Omi pushes him away.
Omi: You donít want to see this.
Juri stands up and walks up to Tomoyo.
Juri: You killed her.
Tomoyo is slowly beginning to panic. Her hands are shaking.
Tomoyo: I didnít know how hard to hit her.
Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko surround Tomoyo. Rika takes Tomoyoís hands.
Chiharu: We had to stop her somehow; she was going to get us all killed.
Rika: Itís okay, Tomoyo. Itís not your fault.

18. Jinnaiís Lament

Meanwhile, Jinnai looks over at Ifurita and Makoto. He is a combination of angry and sad.

Jinnai: This is what feelings bring.
    You should have helped me.
    Love is a fragile thing,
    One day itís kind,
    The next- it kills.

With the exception of Omi and Juri, who are taking care of Alice, the others are all watching Jinnai spill his heart out.
Jinnai: No matter what you say,
    No one will help you.
    No matter what you need,
    Everyoneís on their own.
    Maybe along the way.
    Seems like they help you.
    No, it is only greed.
    They fake helping you,
    While helping themselves!

Jinnai rejoins the group as Chiharu, Rika, Naoko, and Tomoyo begin to walk away.
Chiharu: Life was perfectly normal, with nothing unusual at all- and now Godís going to destroy our homes and Tomoyo accidentally killed somebody.
Rika: Please, letís just get out of here before anything else happens.
Yomi: Where are you four off to?
Naoko: Yokohama. I have a friend there that can help us.
Jinnai: You canít run from this thing.
Yomi: Transportationís down throughout the city. Youíll never make it.
Takato: And besides, we have to stick together.
Chiharu and Naoko walk up to them.
Chiharu: Weíre not magical. Weíre not strong. We donít have any monster friends. Weíre just normal, innocent, scared girls that donít have anything to add to the team. We accept that- so weíre getting out of here while we still can.
Naoko: Besides, Tomoyo should get out of town until this whole thing dies down anyway. You all can handle this, right?
Chiharu and Naoko rejoin Rika and Tomoyo and they walk off. Omi rejoins Yomi.
Takato: I donít know.
The four leave. Yomi turns around angrily.
Yomi: Theyíre running away now? I hope that monster destroys all of their houses.
Omi: Yomi, donít say that!
Jinnai: (to Omi) You were thinking it too. We all were.
Takato: This is awful! Four people just died!
Jinnai: Since when did you care? How many Digimon have you destroyed?
Takato: Thatís something completely different!
Jinnai: Youíre the one who keeps saying theyíre living creatures.
Omi: Fighting wonít help. We have to think of something.
Jinnai: Itís simple. Find Lain and give God want he wants.
Takato: But heíll kill her!
Jinnai: Would you rather he kill half the people in Tomoeda?
Yomi: But Lain is innocent! She just got caught up in something over her head! Besides, the  Godís obviously back to life now. No harm, no foul!
Jinnai: Give me a break! He wants vengeance! Heís sworn revenge on Lain and doesnít care who or what he rips through in this world to get to her! You can talk about reasoning with him all you want. But Iím going to find her and deliver her like we should have done at the start!
Jinnai storms off.
Takato: Well, are we going to let him?
Omi: No. Itís not fair.
Yomi: We have to find her first.
Omi: And with them gone, and Juri taking care of Alice, itís just us three.
Takato: Where should I look?
Omi: Takato, you have to try to get in contact with your Digimon. So stay here in the park. Yomi and I will split up and weíll meet back here in two hours.
Yomi: Wait, two hours? But what if God finishes off Tomoeda by then? If he comes back, Takatoís a sitting duck.
Omi: He wonít come back empty-handed. And if he does, he wouldnít kill Takato if he was alone.
Yomi: How do you know?
Omi: Trust me.
Yomi: But why would-
Omi: (raising his voice) Because Iím your father and I said so!!
Omi turns away, mad at himself for having done that.
Omi: Back here in two hours. And please be careful, okay?
Omi walks off. Yomi is still stunned at her father losing his temper, but soon walks off as well, leaving Takato in the park.

Omi is walking past some houses. Nobody else is in sight for a long while.
Omi: Lain! Lain! Lain! Why does this never seem to work?
Yukito walks past him and stops him.
Yukito: Excuse me, Iím looking for someone.
Omi: So am I. I believe I remember you. Youíre friends with that Sakura girl, right?
Yukito: Yes, and thatís who Iím looking for. Iím worried that thereís a demon god nearby and just want to make sure sheís safe.
Omi: Thereís definitely a demon god nearby. My daughter and I had a confrontation with it. We were lucky to escape alive.
Yukito nears Omi, intensely worried.
Yukito: How did you survive it?
Omi: Heís looking for a girl named Lain. We pointed him in a direction, the wrong direction Iím afraid, and now we have to find Lain before he comes back.
Yukito: Did you say you had a daughter?
Omi: Yes. Her mother has been long gone, and she means the world to me. If anything happened to her, I donít know what I would do.
Yukito: I admire a father who has so much love for his daughter. I feel the same way about Sakura. Sheís like a little sister. Although she may have a crush on me.
Omi: I take it you donít return those feelings?
Yukito: No... Iím afraid I could never have those kind of feelings for her.
Abruptly, Yukito launches into a song.

19. Yaoi Moment

Yukito: Crazy things can happen in the world...
    Shall I hold you?
Yukito puts an arm around Omiís shoulder. Omiís eyes are jolted open.
Yukito: Spend your time in good company--
    Donít worry.
Omi immediately shakes himself away from it.
Omi: Why are you doing this?
    What are you telling me?
    I think thereís a problem!

Omi puts a hand up.
Omi: I consider myself very open-minded. But what about Sakura?
Yukito: What about her?
Omi: What about my daughter?
Yukito: Thatís true. To many girls this is very strange.

Yukito returns to singing, taking Omiís hand.
Yukito: Stranger things have happened in the world.
    Let things happen.
    Something strange that some call yaoi.
    Why let moments pass you by?
    Every moment, people cry,
    For a little shounen-ai.
    Yaoi moment.

Yukito is now really coming in close to Omi, who is slowly beginning to fall under Yukitoís spell. Heís taking in the moment, for awhile, until he breaks away.
Omi: But I donít know you!

Yukito holds a hand out.
Yukito: No one knows what happens in the world.
    No predicting.
Omi falters a little and takes Yukitoís hand.
Yukito: Single moments are all we see.
Yukito holds Omi in close. Omi no longer resists, and goes with it.
Yukito: We canít stand here hesitating.
    We canít keep the fangirls waiting!
    We canít waste this captivating,
    Dissipating, yaoi moment.

Turning now to Yomi, who is back at the store, which is now completely reduced to rubble. Yomi is very much in anguish, until she sees Sakura sitting nearby, sad but not crying. Yomi runs up to her.
Yomi: Sakura! Your friends have been looking all over for you.
Sakura: My friends? Are they alright?
Yomi: Tomoyo and the others have given up and got out of town.
Sakura: I hope they make it. What about Yukito? And my father and brother?
Yomi: (sad) I donít know. The demon god is attacking Tomoeda as we speak. But you can stop him, right? You know magic.
Sakura: (very sad) I donít think so. The cards havenít been answering me. They must not accept me anymore. Maybe Iíve worked them too hard.
Yomi: Youíve got to keep trying. But you canít stay here. We need to stick together to beat this thing.
Yomi takes Sakuraís hand.
Yomi: Come on, Takatoís hiding in the park. My dad will meet us there.
Sakura: All right.
Yomi and Sakura run back to the park.

Back to Yukito and Omi. They are holding each other close- in the exact same position as last seen. They donít appear to have moved at all. Suddenly, Yukito pushes away and holds up a hand.
Yukito: Thatís enough.
Omi: (surprised) What?
Yukito: Yaoi moments are precious. To be enjoyed, but not to be so overdone they upset people.
Omi: How was that upsetting? It was... comforting. Will I see you again? For... another moment?

Open Yaoi Moment- Part 2

Yukito: Why belabor moments in the world?
    Many moments.
    Let them come and go as they please.
    End the moment, without haste.
    Going furtherís out of taste.
    Yaoi moments canít be wasted,
    When weíre in the world.

Yukito walks away.
Yukito: I enjoyed this very much. Youíve given me courage and hope for the future. I hope we both find even more pleasurable moments elsewhere. Goodbye.

20. Moments In the World

Yukito leaves. Omi sits there, totally stunned for awhile.
Omi: Ooookay...

Omi: Who was he? What was that?
    Howíd I feel when he held me?
    And held me... and held me?
    When he held me some more.
    Who am I? What is this?
    Whyíd he leave? Did he tell me?
    Why do moments end very suddenly?
Omi snaps out of it, stands up, and walks down the street.
Omi: Get up! Get going,
    Get out of this foreign world.
    Stop this! Stop slowing.
    Stop flying above the world.
    Back to task, back to park, back to store, back to daughter.
    And back into the world.
    Thereís a grace, thereís esteem.
    Thereís a line I am crossing.
    I must keep it uncurled.
    But who says itís wrong?
    Do whatever makes you happy.
    If my girl found it, would she just play along?
    Would she care? Would she slap me?
    Happy?! In this world?!
    Never mind, never fear, never stall, never bother.
    Never question the world.
    Was that right? Just a bit. Was that wrong? Just a little.
    Just stop judging the world.
    Itís a moment.
    Itís a strange, surprising moment.
    Doesnít help to analyze with care,
    If itís good or bad.
    Doesnít hurt to share,
    The emotions had.
    All it was back there,
    Was a moment in the world.
    Oh, if we could pick our moments,
    Know the bad ones and refuse them.
    But to turn down any moments,
    Is like saying that we lose them.
    First a wish, then a Navi, then a scene out of Gravi--
    One bewildering world.
    And to have all of those, through a long line of moments,
    One mysterious world.
    Now this momentís past,
    Just make sure to make the moment last.
    And remember that each momentís short, each one on one line,
    And that line may bind up and intertwine.
    Suddenly I find-
    I like living in this world.

Taking off his glasses for a moment of inner peace, Omi continues his task.
Omi: Lain! Lain! Lain!
Suddenly, the skies grow much darker and the earth begins to tremble.
Omi: Lain!
From out of nowhere, the voice of God booms down.
God: Lain is not to be found.
Omi suddenly begins to worry, dropping his glasses.
God: You said Lain would be in Tomoeda. Did you lie to me?
Omi doesnít answer. Instead he looks toward a nearby house for shelter. He runs to it, and frantically tries opening the door. It doesnít really matter. The demon god descends and shoots a bolt of energy at the house. The house explodes, with the debris crashing into Omi, colliding head-on with him and partially burying him underneath.

Later at the park, Yomi, Sakura, and Takato are waiting for Omi. Are are somewhat frightened.
Takato: Itís been more than two hours.
Yomi: Heíd be back by now.
Sakura: Do you think something happened?
Yomi: No, of course not. If anybody can take care of himself, itís Dad. Iíd better go try to find him.
Yomi goes out but Takato takes her hand, stopping her.
Takato: Yomi, itís too dangerous. We have to stay together. Besides, the demon god might come back any minute.
Yomi: But we have to look for him!
Jinnai comes in dragging Lain by the collar. Heís very satisfied with himself. Lain is holding a pair of glasses.
Jinnai: Looks like I win!
Lain: Please, it was in self-defense.
Jinnai: Then you should have made sure he was gone!
Sakura: Let her go!!
Takato: Yeah, we canít just throw her at that thing!
Jinnai: Why not?
Takato: Because itís wrong!!
Yomi notices the glasses and takes them.
Yomi: These glasses! Theyíre Dadís. Where did you find them?
Lain sighs, hesitant to answer. Jinnai feels no such hesitation, but takes no joy in the answer.
Jinnai: Heís dead.
Yomi looks at Jinnai, partially disbelieving, partially distraught.
Yomi: No...
Lain: He was trapped under what used to be a house.
Yomi: Dad...
Jinnai: I found Lain standing there... crying.
Sakura and Takato go up to Yomi in a futile effort to comfort her.
Sakura: Oh, Iím so sorry.
Yomi: How did this happen? It canít be. What am I supposed to do now?
Lain: His final words were to make sure you took good care of the store.
Jinnai, in a moment of lapse, lets go of Lain. Lain seizes the opportunity and runs to Sakura and Takato for protection.
Yomi: (upset) How can I? He was everything...
Jinnai: Oh, get over it.
Takato: Her dad just died! How can you say that?!
Jinnai: How is her father different from everyone that died this morning? Or the hundreds in that apartment? Or everybody in Tomoeda that died just because you wanted to stall him.
Jinnai advances toward Lain, who continues to cower behind Sakura and Takato.
Jinnai: Fortunately, we can get through this with only one more casualty. Lain- time to meet your maker!
Lain: I donít want to meet my maker. He kills my friends.
Sakura: You canít do this!
Takato: We wonít let you!
Yomi: No, let him do it!
Sakura and Takato look over at Yomi, who looks at Lain with hostility.
Yomi: Because of Lain, thereís a demon god destroying the city and my father is dead!!

21. Your Fault
Since it's hard to follow with the accompaniment, here is an a capella version.
Remember- Lain: Trombone, Yomi: Guitar, Takato: Clarinet, Sakura: Harp, Jinnai: Sax

Lain: But it isnít my fault,
    I was stuck in the Wired,
    I was perfectly content to stay out of the Wired.
    But because of you, I got in the Wired.
    And found out who this God was in the first place.
Yomi lashes out at Lain.
Yomi: Wait a minute, that Navi that we gave to you,
    Was a trade that we had made to get the bear from you!
    How were those two things of the same value?!
    And you even tried to steal the bear when you were through!
Takato: (to Lain) Yeah, itís your fault!
Lain: No!
Yomi: Yes, itís your fault!
Lain: No!
Takato: Yes it is!
Lain: Is not!
Yomi: Itís true!
Lain lashes at Yomi.
Lain: Wait a minute, since the only thing I wanted was the bear back,
    From you!
Takato turns on Yomi.
Takato: So itís your fault!
Lain: Yes!
Yomi: No it isnít!
    Since the bear was one of the magic four.
    We needed to give Jinnai to help save the store!
They all look up at Jinnai, who immediately dismisses it.
Jinnai: Itís Nanamiís fault that you got involved.
    It was my Navi in the first place!
Takato: Oh, so itís her fault!
Jinnai: So?
Sakura: It was her fault?
Lain: No.
Yomi: Yeah it is, itís hers.
Sakura: Perhaps.
Lain: Wait a minute, he was killed in the Wired. That we know,
    And his new form is from El Hazard and so,
    Then how did the god get into Tokyo in the first place?!
Lain gets another thought.
Lain: Second place-
Sakura: Yeah!
Takato: How?
Yomi: Uh...
Lain: Your dad took the other one.
Yomi: The other one?
Sakura: The other what?
Lain: He took a second Navi.
Yomi: He didnít!
    Yes he did--
Takato: So itís his f--!!
Yomi: No it isnít, Ďcause he passed on to me!
Takato: So itís your f--!!
Yomi: NO IT ISNíT!!
Sakura: So where is it?
Yomi: Wait a minute!
    Itís the Navi I took to Tomoeda,
    So the one that knows what happened would be Sakura!
Everybody looks at Sakura, who takes the defensive.
Sakura: You mean that Navi that you gave away?
    Well I didnít care and left it there and so... HOE?!
Sakura looks up in horror as they all target her.
Takato: So itís your fault!!
Sakura: No!
Lain: Yes, itís her fault!
Sakura: No!
Lain: Let the God take her instead!
Yomi: Hold on...
This time, Sakura lashes out at Lain.
Sakura: Well, if you hadnít killed him way back when!
Lain: But I had to...
Sakura: You were glad to, canít you try again?
Lain: No, I did it to save Alice!
Takato: Well, itís her fault then!
Sakura: Yeah, and whyíd you seek him out in the third place?!
Lain: Oh yes, well-
Lain turns to Takato and points at him.
Lain: He went and told me to.
Takato: I told you to?
Lain: You told me to,
    You acted really cold and you told me!
Takato (over): ME?
Lain shoves Takato. Takato shoves her back.
Takato: No I didnít!
Yomi, Sakura, and Lain point at Takato angrily.
Yomi, Sakura, Lain: So itís YOUR fault!
Takato: Wait a minute!!
Sakura: (to Takato) If you hadnít told her to!
Yomi: (to Lain) If you had tried another way,
    The demon wouldnít be here in the first place!
Takato (over): (to Sakura) Well, if you hadnít left the Navi there,
    In the first place--!
    It was your fault!
Sakura points to Jinnai, who has been quietly watching the debacle.
Sakura: Didnít he try to hurt you in the first place?
They all advance on Jinnai.
Lain (over): Yes, if you hadnít cursed them in the first place.
Takato, Yomi (over): Yeah, you hurt the store in the first place!
Lain: Itís your fault!
Yomi, Lain, Sakura, Takato: Youíre the one to blame!
    Youíre the villain guy!
    Itís your fault!

22. To Be Concluded

Jinnai laughs at the concept.
Jinnai: To be concluded.
    To be all done.
    To be concluded.
    Hope you all had such- fun!
    Made a silly deal? Killed a nasty god? Beat a daunting chore?
    Did you?
    Had to save the friends. Had to save the store.
    Had to save the world, did it once before,
    But it doesnít matter anymore.
    Since itís concluded!
    Since itís all gone.
    While youíre dazed and deluded,
    Seems your thinkingís all wrong.
    This guyís after Lain.
    So you all complain.
    You canít ever do what he wants.
Jinnai makes a move for Lain, but she remains safe behind Sakura, Yomi, and Takato.
Jinnai: No. No, whatís more important is to do whatís good.
    Who stands up for good?
    That means youíve got fingers to point- who isnít good?
    You've understood that Iím not good.
Jinnai makes another move for Lain.
Jinnai: But goodbye to Lain!
Sakura, Takato: No!
Jinnai: Oh.
    You are good.
    Youíre so good, youíre so wrong,
    But youíre good.
    Wonít pretend that Iím good,
    But Iím right!
    But Iím bad!
    And youíre not!
    I am mad, Iím the villainous foe.
    So Iím bad.
    Youíre as good as they go,
    But youíre losing.
    And the one way to win,
    Youíre refusing!
    So the end will begin.
    Now itís concluded.
    So say goodnight.
    Ending theme may be muted-
    Since you cannot hear right!
    What, you want to fight?
    Go ahead and fight!
    Fighting solves the problems, you see!
    Battle to the end!
    Trust in all your friends!
    How can you defend,
    Living in pretend,
    If youíre busy blaming guys like me.
    Itís all concluded.
    Itís all contrived.
    Now, before weíre all booted,
    We could try staying alive.
    But you can stay and fight.
    You can try to stop all the pain.
    You donít know whatís right.
    Valuing the world less than Lain.
    Iíll be out of state!
    Since you irritate,
    Iíll let all of you meet your fate!
    If your whole group is wrong,
    Then I do not belong!
    With you all!
    As you stall!
    And you fall!
Jinnai storms off angrily, leaving the four to doubt themselves.

Lain: (quiet) Maybe I shouldnít have discovered myself.
Sakura: (quiet) Maybe I shouldnít have opened that book.
Takato: (quiet) Maybe I shouldnít have tamed a Digimon.
Yomi begins to walk away bitterly.
Yomi: Guess not.
Takato: Where are you going?
Yomi: Iím leaving.
Sakura: But we have to stay together. Itís the only way.
Yomi: It doesnít matter anymore. Without my father, thereís no reason to stay here. Let him destroy the city. I don't care.
Takato: There has to be a way to stop him! Lain did it before and if we team up we can do it again!
Yomi: But what can I do?!
Yomi turns back around, sadly.
Yomi: Chiharu was right. Iím not a Cardcaptor. Iím not a digital angel. Or a digital savior. Iím just a scared girl who lost her daddy. Even if you did combine all your powers to stop it, it wouldnít matter if I was here or not. And I donít want to be here any more.
Despite the protests of the other three, Yomi runs off, leaving them alone in the park.

To Be Concluded

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