Code: Italics: Stage Direction
      Non-indented Lines: Spoken over music (unless simultaneous verses).
      Indented Lines: Sung or spoken to rhythm (use percussion as guide).
      {3:50}: Timing in MIDI
      Bold: Instructions/links for music.

Act Two, Part Three

The gateway to El Hazard in Tomoeda. Yomi sluggishly approaches it, only to find that someone else is standing before it as well. Itís Makoto, looking hurt, but still together.
Yomi: Makoto... didnít he kill you?
Makato: (quietly) Ifurita used her last remaining energy to shield me from his blast.
Yomi: Good for you. Running off to El Hazard again?
Makoto: I didnít run the first time. I was pulled in.
Yomi: How convenient. Jinnai tortures us because of the things you did. And you end up in a fantasy.
Makoto: I thought I was doing the right thing. In fact, I knew I was doing the right thing. But I didnít know Nanami sold his computer. And I certainly didnít know what Jinnai was doing to your store. If I did, I would have tried to stop him.
Yomi: Well, it doesnít matter now. The storeís gone, and itís my turn to run away to El Hazard.
Makoto: Iím only going to investigate. I want to see if thereís a way to--
Yomi: You canít. If Ifurita couldnít handle that thing, thereís no hope. All we can hope for is a better life in a different world.

23. No More

Yomi: No more courage, now.
    No more guise.
    Now my spiritís hit the floor.
    So- No more.
Makoto: The things we see,
    The things we canít,
    The things we donít know.

Yomi: What?

Makoto: The roads we see,
    The choices scant,
    The wrong way to go.
Yomi: No more answers.
    No more lies.
    No more harm from a psychopath,
    Through your rivalryís aftermath.
    No more ties.
    No more caring. Time to close the store.
    Just- No more.
Makoto: Leaving the world? Hey, do it.
    Somewhere where skies are blue.
    None of these crowds of ominous clouds,
    To shroud you in darkness.
    Leaving the world? Hop to it.
    Somewhere thatís bright and true.
    Right through that door, but can you be sure,
    What youíre really journeying to?
    Youíll need courage. To pull through.
    How would you survive?
    How could you ever survive?
    Leaving the world? Letís do it.
    This place is all askew.
    Nevertheless, no matter the mess,
    The guilt will still pester you,
    When you havenít tried your best, and yet,
    You gave up and flew.
    The things we see
    The things we lose,
    The things we donít know.
Yomi: The times we flee,
    When we should choose,
    The right way to go.
Makoto, Yomi: Lifeís only begun.
After a brief pause, Makoto goes through the gate. Yomi stays behind to contemplate. She sees a Navi on the floor- the one she tried to use to bribe Sakura. It slightly cracked, but still operating, displaying a blue screen. She kicks it away.
Yomi: No more demons to abhor.
    Canít we make a living here, with the people we hold dear,
    Must the abnormal interfere? Whatís all of it for?
    All the monsters, all the lying,
    All the gods, all the shame,
    All the people we blame, all the crying.
    All the fearing these rivals return for their encore!
    All the heroes.
    All the villains--
    No more.

Yomi turns around and heads back out to the school. To her surprise, Sakura, Lain, and Takato are waiting for her.
Takato: I knew you wouldnít run away.
Sakura: Of course not, sheís too strong to leave.
Lain: ...Even if she has no powers to speak of.
Sakura and Takato elbow Lain in the stomach.
Yomi: I canít just leave you all here. There has to be something.
Takato: Lain, how did you beat it before?
Lain: An overabundance of the things he feeds on- electricity, wires, information.
Takato: All part of your balanced diet.
Lain: Perhaps, but thereís no way to supply the necessary amount here.
Yomi: Canít we just throw him back into the Wired?
Lain: Heíd simply reenter the real world if he wanted to. We would need to seal him away in a place where he could be destroyed.
Yomi: What about that Digital World place Takato went to?
Takato: Yeah! The Digimon would tear him to pieces!
Lain: If the world is truly as hostile as you suggest, and the gateway is completely closed behind him, it may work.
Yomi: The only problem, of course, would be getting him in there.
Lain: Yes, that would prove difficult.
Suddenly, Sakura reaches into her pouch and pulls out a few cards.
Sakura: (to the cards) What?
The others watch her have a conversation with the cards.
Sakura: I see... I understand... Iím sorry, I really am. I thought it was a bad idea too.
Sakura shoots Yomi an angry look before returning to the cards.
Sakura: But now youíll help me? Excellent!
Sakura puts the cards away and smiles at the others.
Sakura: Thatís why the cards werenít speaking to me! They were angry because I used them to help that bad Jinnai guy! But now they see that weíre really in trouble, so theyíre willing to accept my command and help us out!!
Pause. The others donít know what to think.
Lain: (dry) Is it me or did that sound really sappy?
Yomi: You donít play Duel Monsters by any chance, do you?
Takato: So Lain, what is this god weak against?
Lain: To be honest- nothing. As long as it has a feed to the Wired, it canít be defeated. And the Wired is everywhere. Unless there isnít any electricity, of course.
Takato: The park! Up by the gate to the Digital World- thereís no power lines around there!
Yomi: So if we drew the demon god up there...
Sakura: And I used the cards...
Takato: And I pulled him into the Digital World...
Lain: Perhaps a lightning bolt would provide an overabundance of electricity. Is there a card for that?
Sakura: I can use Storm! Torrential rain, and a few thunder bolts!
Takato: All right! Weíre going to kill a god- I feel like an Eva pilot!!
Yomi: Weíll need a couple raincoats and rubber boots to make sure we donít get hit by anything.
Sakura: Weíll run over to my house quick!
Lain: Takato, go to the park and get the location established.
Takato: Right. Be careful girls!
Takato runs off in one direction while the girls take the other.

The four make it safely to the park. Yomi and Lain wait at the foot of the path to the shed. Both stand on the road, waiting for God to return. Both are obviously anxious.
Lain: Itís hard to believe Iím going to kill him again.
Yomi: First time for me. Whatís it like?
Lain: Difficult. Even if you donít accept him as your master, a part of you cries for guidance.
Yomi: Swell.
Lain: Wait until Alice hears about this.
Yomi sighs.
Yomi: Lain... Alice is dead.
Lain looks over, shocked.
Lain: Dead? How? Did God--
Yomi: Alice was defending you. Arguing with God about how it was all a misunderstanding. She was making him angry. We were afraid he was going to take it out on all of us... so Tomoyo hit her in the back of the head with a camcorder... a little too hard.
Lain: It wasnít at the hands of God?
Yomi shakes her head.
Lain: This Tomoyo will pay for this. After we destroy God I will destroy her.
Yomi: You canít do that.
Lain: She killed Alice. Someone should kill her.
Yomi: No! Sheís Tomoyo!
Lain: I donít care who she is! Alice brought me into this world, and I must punish the one who pulled her out.
Yomi: She didnít mean it!
Lain: It doesnít matter. Alice--

24. No One Is Alone

Yomi: Alice may be gone now.
    Take what she has shown.
    Things may be all wrong now.
    But youíre not alone.
    No one is alone. Really.
    No one is alone.
    Worlds may be up-ended,
    Friends may say goodbye.
    All will soon be mended.
    They and you and I,
    Stand up on our own.
    But no one is alone.
Lain: I wish...
    Yomi: So do I...

Takato emerges from the tunnel to the Digital World. Sakura is waiting for him.
Sakura: (sad) Are you ready?
Takato: Itís all set. Where are the raincoats?
Sakura: There arenít any. My house was destroyed.
Takato: Oh no... and your family?
Sakura: I couldnít find my brother... but my Dad...
Sakura begins to cry. Takato quickly puts a hand on her shoulder. She leans in close and starts crying on his shoulder.
Takato: Itís awful isnít it? What heís doing to us. But weíre going to stop him. I guess we have to be brave and destroy this monster.
Sakura: Why do we have to destroy him?
Takato: Because- heís evil.
Sakura: Thereís no such thing as evil. My Dad told me that. Some people may be a little misguided, but they always do what they think is right.
Takato: But heís wrong, and weíre going to get our revenge.
Sakura: See! Heís here because he wants revenge. And weíre going to kill him because we want revenge! Is that what this is all about? Would our parents really want...

Open No One Is Alone- Part Two

None of them are here now.

Thereís nowhere to hide.

So much left to fear now.

Still we must decide.

You are not alone.
Since Iím here,
No one is alone.

Things get misdirected.
Things may come unglued.
Yet, weíre all connected.
Itís true.

Things may turn around.
Good things,

Things may turn around.
Moments arenít alone.
Nothingís on its own.
Ride what comes around.

Life goes up and down.

Fight it, leave it,

Thereís no way to stop.

Scorn it, grieve it,

Any way, but
You are not alone.

No one is alone.
Since Iím here.

Things get misdirected.
Things may come unglued.
Yet, weíre all connected.
Itís true.
No act stands alone.
No one is alone.
Things may turn around.

Bad things,
Things may turn around.
Moments arenít alone.
Nothingís on its own.

Take what comes around.

Takato, Yomi: Life will always turn itself around.
    Villains may be right, monsters may be good.
    What you say is right, gets misunderstood.
Takato: But remember-
Yomi (echo): But remember-

Takato, Yomi:
Know the choice you stand by.

Stand up.
Some may disagree.
Watch the words you live by.

Live up,
Make sure that you see:
Sakura, Lain:

Stand up.

Live up.

Make sure that you see:

All: We are not alone.
    No one is alone.
Sakura: Now the light is dimming.
Takato: Fading from our scope.
All: Somewhere somethingís brimming,
    Overwhelming hope.
    Know the choice we stand by--

Yomi and Lain both pipe down. Lain waves a flag over to Sakura and Takato, signaling to them that God is approaching.
Yomi: Okay, remember the plan...
Lain: Right. Run away.
Lain runs up and joins Takato and Sakura. God reaches Yomi.
God: She wasnít in Tomoeda.
Yomi: (braver) She was, but you just missed her. But- but we found her now! She canít hide any longer. Sheís in the shed up that path.
God: Thank you. Now I shall finally have my revenge...
He floats up the path, not noticing a little black storm cloud hovering over the shed. At the right moment, Yomi shouts.
Yomi: NOW!!
Rain begins pouring out of the cloud, following by a few rapid-fire thunderbolts. They strike God, sending him to his knees.
God: (OS) No... no... what are you doing?
Takato: (OS) Getting you out of this world!
God is drawn away, with more lightning continuing to hit him. Yomi runs in for a closer look.

25. Finale: Someone Will Help You

As the four deal with drawing God out of there, various characters, both alive and dead, begin walking through the road in the park. They deliver their line and remain in the area.
Use the percussion beats as a guideline to when the characters speak in the song, *not* how they deliver the lines.

Alice: Youíll never know when youíll be caught on camera.

Juri: (pointing at Alice) The best friends can be high-maintenance.

Yukito and Makoto enter with their new companions- Yukito hold Touyaís hand while Makoto holds that of Jinnaiís sister Nanami.
Yukito, Makoto: Some moments are best when not understood.
Touya, Nanami: Eh, whatever.

Tomoyo: Take initiative, but in moderation.

Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko enter together.
Chiharu: If youíre skipping town, have someone drive you.
Rika: And bring a map too.
Naoko: And beat the rush.

Yamaki: If you monitor everything, youíll miss it all.

Ifurita strides in, slightly aggravated. It takes her awhile to say something.
Ifurita: No comment.

Having finished their work, Yomi, Sakura, Takato, and Lain descend from the path. So far, they havenít noticed any of the others watching them.
Yomi: I canít believe that actually worked.
Takato: Now heíll be consumed by the Digital World.
Lain: Or heíll conquer it...
Sakura: Either way, heís out of our hair.
Lain: That is true. Now all thatís left is to resume our lives.
Sakura: But how are we supposed to do that? Thereís no one to take care of us.
Lain: We will have to fend for ourselves, resigned to loneliness and angst forever.
Takato: No, weíve had enough of that. You can stay with me!
Lain: Pardon?
Takato pats her on the shoulder.
Takato: Sure! Iíll make a great Alice!
Lain: I donít need a second Alice. I just need somewhere to belong... and warm pajamas shaped like a furry animal.
Takato: Well, since Mom and Dad didnít really teach me how to run the bakery...
Takato turns to Yomi.
Takato: Weíll move in with you!!
Yomi: What?!
Takato: Yeah, itíll be great!
Yomi: But the store is ruined! And thereís no way you two can...
Takato: Please?
Yomi: (giving in) Okay, fine.
Yomi looks over at Sakura.
Yomi: Youíre welcome to join us, Sakura.
Sakura: I donít want to be a burden.
Takato: You wonít be a burden! Címon, we can get kind of a Tenchi thing going.
Lain: Takato, I doubt Sakura and I are going to fall in love with Yomi.
Sakura: Oh, Iíll be happy to stay with you, Yomi. Besides...
She pulls her cards out.
Sakura: Iím sure thereís a card or two thatíll help rebuild the place.
Yomi looks up.
Yomi: Iím sure Dad would have been really proud of me. The only problem is that Iím still not ready to run the store.

{1:57} Each eighth note is a syllable.
Yomi: Maybe I wasnít supposed to take over.
Omi makes his entrance.
Omi: Yomi, of course youíre supposed to take over.
Yomi: But how can I do everything that I need to
    If no one can show me the way?
Omi: Just find a way.
Yomi: Iíll find a way...
Omi: Look, you have been waiting for years to take over.
The moment is here and itís your time to shine.
Yomi: Alone?
Omi: Things get misdirected.
    People say goodbye.
    Yet, weíre all connected.
    They and you and I.
    We are not alone.
    No one is alone.
    Stand up to the world now.
    Find your way to go.
    No more little girl now.
    Use the things you know.

Nanami approaches Yomi.
Nanami: Excuse me. I heard you needed a little help in managing an electronics store. If you donít mind- I could help you out a little. Iíll be a lot more supportive than my brother is.

Yomi and Nanami shake hands. Watching them is Jinnai, a little moved.
Jinnai: Careful the things you say,
    Someone will help you.
    Careful the things you need,
    Nobodyís on their own.
    Somewhere along the way,
    Somebody will help you.
    If you are marred by greed,
    Somebody will help,
    No matter how wrong.
    Careful, Ďcause when you say,
    ďSomeone help me,Ē
    Someone will help you.

Nanami falls back a little, letting Yomi join Sakura, Takato, and Lain.
Jinnai, Yomi, Sakura, Takato, Lain: Careful the things you ask.
    Wishes included.

Everybody comes in closer and joins in.
All: Someone may take to task.
    Make it come true,
Women: Careful the things you do.
    Helping included.
Men: Things always follow through.
All: They may turn around,
    And work against you.
Jinnai: Careful the things you take.
    Make no mistake,
    Someone will help you.

All this time, Nanami has slowly been creeping up to Jinnai as heís been singing. At the last moment, she shoves him a little as the music gets faster. Everybody sings in three groups, but from various locations. Eventually, Jinnai begins to fight back, and they get into a little sibling scuffle.

Group 1-
Nanami, Sakura,
Omi, Yomi,
Takato, Lain:
Though itís scary,
Though itís mean,
Though itís long,
And though you might
Lose the way,
Though thereís people
That are bad!

You cannot...

You cannot...

You have to go!
You have to live!
Group 2-
Jinnai, Makoto,
Ifurita, Tomoyo
Chiharu, Yamaki:

Though itís scary,
Though itís mean,
Though itís long
And though you might
Lose the way,
Though thereís people
That are bad!

You have to go!
You have to live
Group 3-
Yukito, Touya
Alice, Juri,
Rika, Naoko:

Though itís scary,
Though itís mean,
Though itís long,
And though you might
Lose the way,

All: There is always good,
There is always bad,
There are always gods,
There are always guardians,

The entire group begins to mingle randomly.
All: Into the world,
    Youíre thrown into,
    To deal with what it throws at you.
    Into the world,
    With things to do,
    Another crazy journey.
    Into the world,
    But hear the sound,
    Of everything that comes around,
Men: Into the world, youíve hit the ground.
Women: Into the world, youíve hit the ceiling.
Men: Into the world, youíve hit a nerve,
All: Or killed a god,
    Or angered a monster-

Through all their running around, Sakura, Jinnai, Yomi, Takato, and Lain are in front.
All: You might get killed, or lose your way.
    You might let small things spoil your day.
Jinnai and Takato step forward.
Men: The air might be cold.
Jinnai and Takato step back. Sakura, Yomi, and Lain step forward.
Women: The skies might be gray.
The girls step back.
All: But all the tears and sorrow,
    Will help you come tomorrow.
Yomi, Jinnai, Sakura, Takato, Lain: I doubt that we can make it,
Yomi steps forward.
Yomi: But letís just try to fake it.

Yukito walks in and takes Yomi as a dance partner. In fact, for a short time, everybody dances with a random partner- Touya/Ifurita, Yamaki/Nanami, Omi/Alice, Juri/Chiharu, Makoto/Sakura, Lain/Naoko, Takato/Rika, and Jinnai with Tomoyo.
All: Into the world,
    You end your bout,
    But never really make it out.
    Into the world,
    Without a doubt,
    A never-ending journey.

During each line, Sakura, Lain, Yomi, Takato, and Jinnai run up to the front as the others get into a fixed position.
All: Into the world, youíve always been,
    You never left it to begin.
    Into the world, you never win,
    Into the world, you never lose it.
    Into the world to hear the cards,
    To mind the gods, to honor the villain,
    To hear, to mind,
    To stop, to save,
    To go, to live,
    To be with my Yukito!
The five back up into a position. Also, the Voice-Over Man walks by.
All: Into the world,
    Into the world,
    Into the world,
    And still in the world--
Jinnai steps forward, grabs Voice-Over Man, and pulls him with the rest of the group.
All: And happy ever after!

After a brief pause, Nanami smiles.
Nanami: To be...
Immediately, Makoto and Jinnai cover her mouth on the final sting.

The End

Notes About Music and Characters