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Act One, Part Three

A street- empty except for the ominous power lines overhead. Lain is staring at them in awe, staggering forward. She stops and looks forward, and notices Takato doing the same.

9. Online

Lain: All the great things live online!
Takato: All the awesome, magical, great things live online!
They both smile, having reached common ground.
Takato: When youíre in a world on a bold campaign,
    And you see your home on a different plain,
    And itís so far away and itís so mundane,
    Compared to where you are.
Lain: When youíre in a world that youíve never seen,
    But the people there treat you like a queen,
    Where the place looks coarse, yet it feels so clean,
    So much to do. A network there for you.
    Itís hard to say just what it was,
    Iíve heard the buzz,
    And wonder because
    They say that there is a god inside the Wired.
    They say that there is another me who knows what transpired.
    Yet they say Iím me and that Lain is Lain.
    And thereís nobody who can help explain.
    Why a little child like me is so admired.
    When Iím online.
    Only just when I think Iíve made some friends,
    And weíre on the Wired, but itís not pretend,
    Someone stronger than me goes to any ends
    To stop me in my tracks.
Takato: And your throat is hoarse, and your face turns green.
    And youíre losing wars, to a whole new fiend.
    And itís then that you see that your world is mean.
    And you wish to leave for a prettier scene.
    You shout! You pout!
    You hope thereís a doorway out!
    And then suddenly, thereís a carriage back.
    And there at the end, of a one-way track-
    Your town, your friends and your family at the park.
    Your town, your friends and your family waiting long after dark.
Lain: And you think of what you learned on the way.
Takato: And you wish that you could go back someday.
Lain, Takato: And youíre home and planning your next trip on that ark.
    Sailing online.
    All the great things live online!
Lain: All the strange and powerful,
Takato: Fearsome, deadly,
Lain, Takato: Wonderful things that live online!

Takato exits while Lain enters the electronics store. Omi is eyeing the goggles, and puts them on his head, before turning to a paper. The headline is ďTMG Tower Attacked By Giant Red Blob.Ē
Lain: Excuse me, sir.
Omi is startled, then steps in front of the counter to greet Lain.
Lain: Youíre the second goggle-boy Iíve run into today.
Omi: How can I help you?
Lain: You gave me that Navi.
Omi: Um... right. Is there a problem with it?
Lain: No. Actually, I thank you for offering an opportunity I never had before. I experienced things I never imagined. And now that Iíve rediscovered myself, Iíd like to rediscover the original me as well.
Omi blinks.
Omi: Pardon?
Lain: Iíd like my bear pajamas back.
Lain pulls out the Navi.
Lain: I recently upgraded and reconstructed my Navi. Since I needed a new case, I threw together some old parts and assembled this. The system is probably a day or two old, but the processing speed is much higher than the old one.
Lain hands a shocked Omi the computer.
Lain: Whereís my bear?
Omi: Uh... uh... oh! Yomi took it out to have it cleaned. I expected her to be back by now. But Iím not sure if Iím interested in trading back.
Lain: Do you doubt that this works?
Omi: No! Itís just that Yomi really likes the bear. Heís quite warm.
Lain: The bear is very warm. Warm as fur.
Omi: Exactly.
Lain: Talk with your daughter. Iíll stop by tomorrow to discuss the proposal.
Lain turns around to leave. Omi tries to give her back the Navi, but she is already gone. Omi sets the Navi under the counter as Yomi walks in.
Omi: Welcome back, Yomi.
Yomi is visibly upset, but she hides it as soon as she sees the goggles on Omiís forehead.
Yomi: You have goggles! A lens! Two of them!
Omi smiles and goes back in front of the counter.
Omi: Thatís right! I forgot to tell you- Takato gave me these after helping him get out of the Digital World. Now we just have two more to find.
Yomi: Three.
Omi takes off the goggles and sets them on the counter.
Omi: Two! We have the cloth and the lens.
Yomi: (fake excitement) We have the lens!
Omi suddenly frowns at Yomi.
Omi: Yomi... pumpkin... what did you do with the bear?
Yomi: I, uh, left it at the Laundromat.
Omi: How did that happen?
Yomi: (upset) I found a magical girl that could freeze flame and chased after her. I completely forgot about the bear until it was too late.
Omi tries not to get angry.
Omi: Thatís... okay. I guess maybe I should have washed it.
Yomi: No! Dad! I can do laundry! I just got preoccupied and accidentally left it... in Tomoeda.
Omi: Tomoeda?! What were you doing there?
Yomi: I heard there was some strange stuff going on so I took it to a Laundromat over there. I figured Iíd look for the fire and the freezing while the bear was in the wash. You could have done the same thing!
Omi: But I didnít!
Yomi: But you could have!
Omi: But I didnít. You did!
Jinnai enters the store suddenly and joins the conversation angrily.
Jinnai: WHO CARES WHO LOST IT?! The fact is that one of you lost it and one of you is going to go get it!!
Omi picks up the goggles.
Omi: We were going to! When it opens tomorrow. We have the goggles for you!
Jinnai backs away.
Jinnai: I donít want to be near those until you have-
Jinnaiís cell phone rings.
Jinnai: What now?
Jinnai answers.
Jinnai: What? How did they get through? Blasted Makoto! Iíll have his head for this!
Jinnai puts the phone away.
Yomi: What did he do?
Jinnai: Found a way through my gateway into this world. Looks like youíre not the only one that has to visit Tomoeda.
Omi: Your gateís in Tomoeda?
Jinnai: Yeah, yeah. Excuse me, I have a portal to fortify.
Jinnai leaves.
Yomi: Dad, maybe we should talk to Makoto while heís here.
Omi: Why? He got us into this mess.
Yomi: But maybe he can help us. That El Hazard place seems... well... magnificent.
Omi: No! Youíre not going anywhere. Youíre staying right here with me, and tomorrow weíre going together to get the bear back.
Omi goes into the backroom, and the stairs leading up to their living quarters. Yomi makes sure he is gone.
Yomi: So says you.
Yomi runs out the door in pursuit of Jinnai.

A street corner in Tomoeda. Makoto is wandering about aimlessly.
Makoto: Amazing. I was actually able to get home out of El Hazard.
Yukito: Whatís El Hazard?
Makoto turns around and sees Yukito standing nearby. Yukito approaches Makoto with interest.
Yukito: Iím sorry. My nameís Yukito. What is this El Hazard?
Makoto: Well, you may not believe me, but itís a magnificent world of magic. It seems like everythingís different there. My friends and I were drawn in some time ago and I just recently found a way out. Oh, and my nameís Makoto.
Yomi gets off the bus and notices Makoto and Yukito talking. She quietly observes them without saying a word.
Makoto: How appropriate for El Hazard. All I have to say is ďMy wish is to return homeĒ and I end up here in Tomoeda, in the tower near the elementary school.
Yukito: It must be a fantastic place.
Makoto: It is. For example, thereís these three priestesses, each holding domain over an element. Thereís one who controls air, one who controls water, and of course Shayla Shayla- she can conjur fire!
Yomi smiles evilly.
Makoto: But they pale in comparison to Ifurita. Sheís a demon god, but thereís something about her that draws me nearer to her.
Yukito: Interesting. Iíve been having some problems with elements. And with strange girls lately.
Makoto: How so?

10. Agony

Yukito: There is a girl, my friendís little sis.
    I think sheís scared of me.
    Every word spoken, she treats like a kiss.
    Sheís always aware of me.
    Agony! Oh the horrors of love!
    When a girl has a crush.
    Yet sheís not the one Iím dreaming of.
Makoto: One moment sleeping, the next moment weeping.
    ĎTil I came along.
    Lacking emotion, but through some commotion.
    Iím proving her wrong.
    Agony! Such a torturous dread!
    When youíre wanting a woman who,
    May be wanting you dead.
Yukito, Makoto: Agony! What a fortuned fatigue!
Yukito: Girls who are younger--
Makoto: Or powering thunder--
Yukito, Makoto: And out of your league!
Yukito: She thinks Iím perfect and cheerful, athletic, intelligent.
    I think sheís hiding abilities leading to powers unknown.
Makoto: You are bishounen, drawing her closer!
Yukito: I canít though!
Makoto: So say no!
Yukito: But something is there!
Makoto: There is something with women.
    That can blow you away, and I know that someday.
    I will carry her,
    Break through her barrier. Ah--.
Yukito, Makoto: Agony!
Yukito: Temptation!
Makoto: Angst!
Yukito, Makoto: That can render us blind!
Yukito: When sheís six years too young-
Makoto: When sheís six times too fast-
Yukito, Makoto: Yet sheís still in your mind.
    Agony! All the permanent scars!
Beat. They look at each other and smile.
Yukito, Makoto: Yet I know theyíll be ours--

Makoto: I suppose I must return to El Hazard. Good luck with your girl problems, Yukito. I hope she doesnít cause you too much trouble.
Yukito: And I hope yours doesnít smash you into tiny pieces.
They part in different directions. Yomi steps out, dreamily staring at Yukito.
Yomi: Oh, what a bish. Yukito-san!
She frowns and turns in the opposite direction.
Yomi: The fact that Iím following my cousin instead tells me a lot about my priorities.
She goes after Makoto. On the way, sheís stopped by Alice and Juri.
Alice: Excuse me, have you seen a girl with uneven bangs in her hair and looks like sheís completely detached from the world?
Yomi: She wouldnít happen to have a thing for wearing a bear suit, would she?
Alice: Thatís her!
Yomi: (eager) Have you seen the bear?
Alice: Um- not recently.
Juri: I have no idea what you two are going on about. This is why I like having Reika with us- sheís equally clueless.
Alice: Well, Reikaís family is evacuating so it canít be helped.
Juri: Itís not my fault a giant red blob is attacking Shinjuku.
Alice: Itís called D-Reaper, Juri. Read the papers. And you should be a little more concerned. I wanted us to meet here so we could stay away from that thing. I hope Lain hasnít been so involved with the Wired that she doesnít notice the city being devoured.
Yomi: I heard that D-Reaper came out of the Wired.
Juri: Doesnít matter anyway, I heard some people were trying to stop it.
Alice: Thatís true. In fact, one of them came up to me and asked for directions. It was really funny, because her name was Alice too!
Juri: I donít see how thatís funny. Thereís tons of girls named Juri out there; you donít see me laughing about it.
Alice: Well, Alice is a rare name in Japan.
Yomi: If youíll excuse me, I have to get going.
Juri: Hold on, do you want to hang out with us? Itís no fun if itís just Alice and I.
Yomi: Sorry, I have to go find a priestess of fire.
Yomi walks off. Alice and Juri shake their heads.
Alice: Must be a gamer.
Juri finds a random girl on the streets.
Juri: Hey, want to hang out with us?
Rika: Sure!
Juri: Whatís your name?
Rika: My nameís Rika. Itís nice to meet you.
Juri puts an arm around Rikaís shoulder and turns back to Alice.
Juri: Rika? Close enough.
The three walk off together.

The next day, Omi goes to the Laundromat. He walks in, and walks out almost immediately with the bear suit.
Omi: That was almost too easy. But the question remains- where is Yomi? Itís not like her to run off without my permission, and then be missing all night. Well, here goes again-
Omi tucks the bear away and again starts calling out.
Omi: Yomi! Yomi!!

Yomi, however, is in El Hazard. Sneaking into the Royal Palace wasnít too difficult since it had been set upon by Ifurita. After the priestesses get laid out, Makoto confronts the demon god. She points the staff at him.
Ifurita: You die next.
Makoto: Hold on! Donít you remember me? You remembered me before!
Ifurita: I remember nothing but death. I do not remember you Makoto.
Makoto: See you remembered!
Ifurita: No I didnít! That was... what was that?
Makoto: That was you remembering! You do have feelings, and Iím going to help you draw them out.
Ifurita: I refuse the request.
Before she can attack, Makoto places a hand on the tip of her staff.
Makoto: There- now weíre sharing our memories.
As both Makoto and Ifurita go through this, Yomi quietly sneaks over to Shayla Shayla, a little woozy after her battle.
Shayla: Who are you?
Yomi wraps her arms around Shayla.
Yomi: My wish is to return home!!
Makoto turns around.
Makoto: Hey, wait a minute!!
In a flash, Yomi and Shayla disappear. Makoto returns to Ifurita.
Makoto: I see now- so much destruction. No wonder youíre so cold.
Ifurita says nothing. Instead, she flies off.

Back in Tomoeda, Yomi and Shayla pop in at the bottom of the clock tower.
Yomi: Are we back? Yes! I did it!
Shayla: (angry) Get off of me!!
Yomi quickly slides over. Shayla stands up and conjures a fireball, aiming it at Yomiís head.
Shayla: Okay, give me one good reason why I shouldnít blast you to smithereens.
Yomi: Because I need your help to stop Jinnai from...
Shayla: Jinnai? You need my help to stop Jinnai?
The flame subsides and Shayla extends a hand to help Yomi to her feet.
Shayla: Hey, no problem then. Iíd like to get back at that pipsqueak too. So whatís the plan?
Yomi: Well, I need to get four things together to end Jinnaiís oppression. Your ability to create fire is one of them.
Shayla: Sweet!
They head out of the tower, but are immediately interrupted by fighting on the other side of the school. They spot Sakura flying around, about to capture a frozen pit of quicksand.
Shayla: Wow! Makoto didnít tell me that his world was this much fun! He made it sound kinda boring!
Sakura: Clow Card! Return to your original form! Sand!!
The pit of quicksand is sealed away into the card. Yomi starts applauding again, quickly joined by Shayla. Sakura looks over at Yomi and Shayla and immediately sweatdrops.
Yomi: You show that card whoís boss!
Shayla: Nice work. You know, us priestesses are always looking for potential replacements. The water oneís considering retirement; you should apply for the job.
Sakura: Hoe?
Yomi: That was great work, using your freeze powers. Iíd kill for the ability to do that.
Shayla: (to Yomi) Is that one of your magic four?
Yomi: Yep.
Yomi sits down next to Sakura beginning a short reprise of ďMagical Cards.Ē
Yomi: So do you have them all yet?
Sakura: (singing) What, these magical cards?
Yomi: Yeah! So?
Sakura: So... well, there are quite a lot.
Yomi: Lots of cards?
Sakura: Tons of cards.
Yomi: How many?
Sakura: Far too many for one to get.
Yomi: How much?
Sakura: Fifty-two on the dot.
Yomi: Oh. Wow.
Sakura: Although most I have got.
Yomi: Ah. Cool.
Sakura: Although my mind is shotó
Sakura goes back to speaking.
Sakura: How can they expect me to just catch card after card without telling me what comes next?
Yomi: But half the fun is not knowing what comes next.
Off in the distance, they hears voices.
Tomoyo: (OS) Sakura-chan!
Yukito: (OS) Sakura-chan!
Sakura stands up and quickly and runs towards them.
Sakura: I have to go.
Yomi: Wait!!
Yomi grabs Sakuraís arm. After a brief struggle, Sakura breaks herself free and runs towards Tomoyo and Yukito. Yomi gives chase, but Sakura was already with them, walking down the sidewalk while kids began to arrive in class.
Yomi: Darn it!
Shayla: Itís the thrill of the hunt, kid.
Alice, Juri, and Rika walk by them. All three look tired, but happy.
Rika: Wow- I like these junior high slumber parties. So much more... mature.
Juri notices Yomi.
Juri: (teasing) Hey, itís you. Did you find that priestess of fire?
Yomi sullenly points at Shayla Shayla.
Yomi: Yeah, right here.
Shayla: Whatís up?
Juri frowns and they walk past Yomi and Shayla.
Alice: So this is your school. Nice place. Do you like it?
Rika: (shy) Very much.
Juri: (sly) Alice likes school a lot!
Alice frowns.
Alice: If you say anything, Iíll never forgive you!
Juri: Anyone who *doesnít* have a crush on their teacher raise your hand!
Juri proudly raises her hand and smiles when Alice doesnít. However, the smile immediately turns into a frown when Rika is keeping her arms low, blushing a little.
Juri: Am I the only normal person in the world?
Behind them, Chiharu and Naoko watch Rika carefully. Yomi watches them idly.
Chiharu: What the heck is Rika doing with those older kids?
Naoko: She finds new friends, while all we find are strange men.
Omi frantically comes running up to them.
Omi: Itís a legitimate question! Are either of you two magical girls??
Naoko: Get away from us!
Chiharu: Pervert!
Naoko and Chiharu run away. Yomi starts laughing. Omi sees her and gets mad.
Omi: There you are! I was worried when you ran off last night!
Yomi: (excited) Hey, you got the bear.
Omi frowns.
Omi: Yeah. I have the bear. But we still only have two items.
Yomi: Three.
Omi: Two.
Yomi: Three. Dad, meet Shayla Shayla, a high priestess and source of a fireball.
Shayla: Happy to be on board.
Omi shakes hands with Shayla, in awe.
Omi: How did you find her?
Yomi: (false modesty) Oh, I went into El Hazard and kidnapped her.
Omi: Three!!
Yomi: I also saw the actual magical girl around here using her freeze card. But she got away before I could nab her.
Omi: Thatís no problem. This more than makes up for it. I probably wonít even ground you for sneaking out of the house!
Yomi: Great. Iím sure we can convince that girl to help us so we can stop that nutcase.
Omi: We? What do you mean we?
Yomi: Uh... well, since it is our store, itís only fitting that we work together to save it.

11.It Takes Two

Omi: Youíve changed. Youíre growing.
    Youíre making it in the world.
    Harsh winds were blowing.
    But youíre getting through the world.
    If you could seeó-
    Youíre not the girl who started,
    Your youthfulness has parted,
    Into maturity.
Yomi: It takes two.
    I thought I could be fine,
    Without you.
    It takes two of us.
    It wonít do.
    If weíre ever to find,
    Our way through:
    It takes two of us.
    It takes heart,
    To be daring yet patient yet smart.
    To win.
    We can say weíll win,
    But for it to be true,
    It takes two.
Omi: Youíve changed. Youíre living.
    Youíre jumping into the world.
    You take, while giving.
    Youíre learning it in the world.
    Back at the store
    Youíre lacking an endeavor.
    But here, youíre more.
    Youíre perfectly cheerful, intelligent, clever.
Yomi: It takes two.
    At the start Iíll admit I was mad,
    With the two of us.
    Now Iím glad,
    That weíll do this as daughter and dad.
    Just the two of us.
    If Iím more,
    Itís because Iíve got you in my corner now.
    And Iím warmer now,
    ĎCause we both know the score.
    And itís more.
Yomi, Omi: Weíve changed. Weíre braver.
    Youíre bringing me to the world.
    Right now, I saver,
    Our journey into the world.
    Letís meet this feat,
    And hope we stay complete.
    Though itís hard,
    Through the goggles and Navis and cards.
    Just the two of us-
    Through the worlds,
    With the priestess and magical girls,
    Just the few of us-
    Itís a breeze.
    Weíre a freeze away, then we are done.
    We want four.
    We had none.
    Weíve got three!
    We need one.
    It takes two!

They share a hug. Shayla has apparently gotten bored and is juggling some fireballs to pass the time.
Lain: (OS) There you are!
Yomi and Omi break out of it. They, and Shayla look over at Lain. She looks decidedly more confident and slightly angry.
Lain: Just who I was looking for. And I see you have my bear as well.
Yomi: Your bear? We gave you a computer for...!
Lain: Look, I donít know how powerful you need your Navi to be, but it isnít a problem. I can probably create a functional Navi out of the bear if I wanted to! But I gave you one already and that means the bear is mine.
Yomi: (to Omi) She gave you a Navi?
Omi responds by handing Yomi the bear.
Omi: I never said I would trade it back!
Yomi tries to shelter the bear away, but Lain gets to it anyway and starts a violent tug-of-war with Yomi.
Lain: You took the Navi.
Yomi: You took a Navi?
Omi: I didnít take it! You gave it to me!
Yomi: Whereís the Navi! Weíll return it!
Lain: Too late! Itís mine!!
Lain yanks a little too hard and the bear suit rips into two. Both take a moment to realize what happened.
Yomi: Oops.
Lain: Uh oh. That was symbolic of myself. My real world, introverted self. I just metaphorically committed suicide!!
Yomi and Omi share a trouble look.
Shayla: Looks like youíre down to two!

12. To Be Continued

Again, the characters go about their routines, delivering their lines rhythmically.
Again, use the percussion beats only as a guideline to when the characters speak.

Jinnai: To be continued...

Sakura: Asking for cards isnít asking for Vegas.

Makoto: The opposite of love isnít hate, but indifference.
Yukito: (echo) The opposite of love isnít hate, but indifference.

Sakura: The cards...

Yukito: Itís love...
Makoto: Itís hate...

Chiharu: Usually ignorance isnít blissó
Rika, Naoko: To be continued!
Chiharu: With a magical girl around.

Yukito: Itís love...
Makoto: Itís hate...
Sakura: Itís magic...

Juri: Sometimes being normal is a giveaway sign that youíre not!

All: To be continued!
    To be continued!

To Be Continued

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