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Act One, Part Four

Back at the store, the next day. The bottom half of the bear is in a garbage can near the counter. Yomi and Omi walk in, exhausted, and open the store for business.
VOM: Of the four things Jinnai needed to agree to help the store, Yomi and Omi now only had two. Lain and Yomi each took half of the bear, but Yomi doubted it would do any good, since cloth is only warm as fur when somebody can actually wear it.
Upon opening, both sit at the register and chat.
Yomi: Well, now we need another cloth.
Omi: I think we should ask Jinnai if the half we have is going to be enough.
Yomi: I doubt it. This sucks!
Omi: I know. We need to get this done. We havenít had any significant business, and we can only keep Shayla here for so long.
Shayla walks in wearing a bathrobe and drinking a cup of coffee.
Shayla: Morning, folks.
She grabs a newspaper and sits down.
Yomi: Yeah, and that D-Reaper isnít making things any better for us. Weíre next in line for evacuation if that thing keeps spreading.
Shayla: What? The big blob downtown? I can take it.
Yomi: No, youíre with us. First save the store, then you can save the city.
Omi: I just donít know where weíre supposed to get a new cloth without spending money.
Yomi: Wait! Whereís that Navi Lain was talking about?
Omi: The Navi?
Omi reaches under the counter and pulls it out.
Omi: You honestly want to trade this Navi for another set of pajamas?
Yomi: You honestly want to save the store?
Omi hands her the Navi.
Omi: Look, I have a better idea. Youíre the one whoís in contact with that magical girl. If it takes the Navi to acquire her services, then use the Navi to acquire her services. Meanwhile, Iíll try to figure out if we can make due with the bear half we have. Iíll meet you at Tomoeda at four in the afternoon.
Yomi stands up and goes in back.
Yomi: Fine. In fact, since weíre being all cocky and confident, Iíll take the goggles too. If the backside of the bear is good enough, and I can get that freeze card, weíll have everything.
As soon as sheís gone, Shayla sets the paper aside.
Shayla: I have a more better idea. Iím going to go to El Hazard and ask why Jinnai would demand those four things. There must be something in the archives about that. He wouldnít choose those four things randomly.
Omi: Fair enough. But Iím going with you.
Shayla and Omi leave.

13. Follow Me

In El Hazard, Jinnai has Ifuritaís staff attached to the small of her back. He is winding her up, recharging her, and looking pissed. Ifurita doesnít sing, sheís not programmed to.

Jinnai: Didnít you hear me right?
    Youíre here to help me.
Ifurita: Sorry, master.
Jinnai: What are you here to do?
    You must obey-
Ifurita: I know.
Jinnai: Commands.
    Wrong way to end that fight.
    For you to help me.
    Just with a blast or two,
    You could have made my day!
    With Makotoís head!
    Ah, you are so cold,
    So delightfully mechanical.
Ifurita: Yes.
    Jinnai: Why do you feel for him?
Ifurita: No.
Jinnai: Why do you feel?
    I donít understand.

Ifurita: Somehow he connected our minds.
Jinnai: You have a mind? A memory?
Ifurita: It was nothing but destruction until he showed it to me.

Jinnai: Whatís the point of feelings in the world?
    Feelings only hurt you in the world.
    Follow me.
    Feelings can bring joy and love, I guess.
    Often though, youíre guilty and depressed.
    But not me.
    Follow me.
    Look at you, as strong as one can be.
    Why would you, want shame and misery?
    Follow me.
    Follow me, the world is ours to share.
    Doing things too horrible to care.
    With me.

Jinnai turns his back to her.
Jinnai: I gave you an order and you didnít follow through.
Ifurita: Master?
Jinnai: This is going to be your last chance. My spies tell me theyíre launching an attack on this fortress. Makotoís too crafty to not find you. Heíll find me too. And I will watch you destroy him.
Ifurita hesitates, but comes to a conclusion.
Ifurita: Yes, master.

Lain has apparently decided to leave the Wired and get some fresh air. She walks outside her house, wearing the head of the bear as a hat.
Takato: AHH!!
From out of nowhere, Takato is thrown to the ground in front of her.
Lain: (dry) Itís raining men.
Takatoís Digimon partner Gillmon falls on top of Takato.
Lain: --and little red dinosaurs.
Takato picks himself up and checks on Gillmon.
Takato: Ow, man!
Lain: Having fun?
Takato notices Lain.
Takato: Oh, hey! I remember you! We had that duet a while back.
Lain: So we did. What brings you here? With a dinosaur?
Takato: This is my Digimon, Gillmon. Weíve been battling D-Reaper.
Lain: D-Reaper?
Takato: You hadnít noticed?
Takato points up and to the right. Lain looks. Indeed, there is a giant red blob right next to her house.
Lain: Oh. That's real? I thought I was hallucinating again.
Takato: Well, we have to get back to trying to stop it, so--
Lain: If you donít mind, can I ask you something?
Takato: Sure.
Lain approaches Takato.
Lain: You seem to have some sort of connection to the Wired. You may be able to understand without thinking itís too strange, or thinking Iím crazy.
Takato: Of course not, what is it?
Lain: I think Iím God.
Takato doesnít respond for a moment. Then he bursts out laughing.
Lain: If not God, then His daughter.
Takato continues laughing.
Lain: That has to be the reason for my omnipotent powers on the Wired. One of the versions of myself was created by God.
Takato: (joking) You mean thereís two of you?
Lain: Actually, Iím starting to think thereís three.
Takato tries to control his laughter.
Takato: Well why donít you go ask God and find out! Iíd love to stay and be one of your apostles but I have a world to save.
Takato and Gillmon rush back into battle, laughing along the way.
Lain: Alright. I will ask Him.
Lain goes back inside.

In El Hazard, Omi is stroking a cat while waiting outside the library. Shayla bursts in, fuming.
Shayla: You idiot!! Do you have any idea what you were doing!?
In response, the cat suddenly expands and latches onto Omi.
Omi: What?
Shayla: When those four items are combined the right way, they can give somebody incredible power over the elements! Enough to topple even us priestesses!
Omi: Really?
Shayla: Yeah! And as a test of worth, you canít purchase any of the items. Itís a good thing we looked this up or we could have made Jinnai a god!
Omi: But what about my store?
Shayla: I donít know, advertise or something!! But Iím joining the others and beating Jinnai the old-fashioned way. Youíre on your own!
Shayla storms off. The cat returns to itís old form. Omi notices.
Omi: What was that?
Cat: Shield from mad lady.
Omi: Youíre clothing?
Cat: Armor.
Omi grabs the cat.
Omi: My wish is to return home.
Omi returns to the real world with the cat. He then gets an idea and walks off to a destination unknown. On the way, he passes Sakura, walking alone in the streets of Tomoeda.
VOM: Obviously still incapable of placing a value on things, Omi continued his mission, although now looking for a source of a fireball to replace Shayla Shayla. As for Sakura, she had just returned from an extraordinary encounter.

14. On the Top of the Tower

Sakura: Iím a magical girl.
    That just caught her last card.
    I thought I would be done with it,
    But the road was still barred.
    I found out thereís a guard.
    And his task- well itís hard.
    Time to show off my power.
    Have to try to get through and show him what Iíll do
    On the top of the tower.
    You think, what can you do?
    Itís a tough situation.
    ĎCause heís Yukito-san,
    And he makes you hanyan,
    So you canít just attack.
    But then how can you be who he hates,
    When you know that he loves everybody he knows.
    Although what if you are,
    Causing his aggravation?
    Well if that is the case and you are,
    Thereís no reason to fight, so you donít,
    And you feel so distraught.
    Now youíre safe in a place,
    Where emotion and love isnít strong.
    And it may be a waste,
    But at least you canít ever steer wrong.
    While youíre mired in thought, he just fought.
    Now youíre gonna be caught
    On the top of the tower!
    They say itís final judgment.
    They say itís the ultimate test.
    Just to get to the end with the help of your friends,
    Then to have them all leave you.
    And youíre facing your love and extending a dove,
    But he will not believe you.
    And youíre drawn to a world, where there isnít a care,
    But you see whatís not there and you care, so right there,
    You decide that itís wrong!
    And without hesitation,
    You get your second chance, and itís time for the dance,
    And itís all been defined and itís all on the line,
    But youíre still in a bind...
    But then right at the end,
    And without being warned,
    You know where all your magic lies,
    And your wand is transformed.
    You discover the key.
    And you call out: Windy.
    Say it confidently.
    Then you find suddenly that the trapped one is he,
    And you see--
    Him agree.
    And now everyoneís free.
    Itís your big victory,
    On the top of the tower!!

Very pleased with her work, Sakura returns to the school. She finds Yomi waiting by the tower and immediately begins to panic.
Sakura: Not you again!!
Yomi: Please stop for five seconds and listen to me!
Sakura: Listen to what? One fangirl is enough for me, thank you!
Yomi: No, I need to borrow that freeze card!
Sakura: Theyíre my cards!
Yomi: Then can you freeze something for me?
Sakura: I donít think Iím supposed to just throw my cards around. You know what they say- you gotta know when to hold Ďem.
Yomi: Okay- fine.
Yomi pulls out the Navi as Sakura begins to walk away.
Yomi: I will give you a custom-made Navi in order to acquire your services.
Sakura stops.
Sakura: A Navi?
She turns around.
Sakura: Youíd give me a computer to use my magic?
Yomi: You bet! Here, Iíll show you how this works. Letís go in here where thereís less glare.
They step inside the clock tower. Yomi sets the Navi on the table and fires it up.
Yomi: Youíll be immediately impressed at the processing speed. Like I said, it was custom built for my dadís store.
Sakura: (conflicted) Iím sure itís nice, but I donít think I should use my magic in exchange for gifts.
Sakura heads back out. Yomi continues to let the Navi warm up, but with Sakura leaving, Yomi abandons the Navi to chase after her.
Yomi: Please. Iím begging you!
Sakura breaks into a run, and runs right into Tomoyo, who smiles.
Tomoyo: Hi, Sakura!
Sakura: Tomoyo! You can help me out! This crazy girl wants to give me a computer if Iíd use my magic to help her. Should I be doing this?
Yomi stops and waits for Tomoyo to come to a conclusion.
Tomoyo: I donít think that sounds very ethical, but maybe you should ask Kero or Yue for guidance.
Sakura: Yue?
Tomoyo: Yes. Personally, I donít believe that magical girls should do favors in exchange for personal gain.
Yomi: Well, of course itís not right- but everybody does it! Well- those who are magical girls at least.
Sakura: Iíve never done it before!
Yomi: Címon, itís a computer!
Omi: (OS) Yomi!!
Omi comes running up with the cat-armor.
Yomi: Hey, Dad! Iím still working on convincing her. Whatís that?
Omi: Cat armor. The catís alive but you wear its fur so it has to count.
Yomi: Alright! So weíve got three--
Yomi points to the undecided Sakura.
Yomi: And a half!
Omi: Actually two... and a half.
Yomi: Why, whereís Shayla?
Omi: She ditched us. But she had a decent reason- she said that if Jinnai gets everything heíll have incredible power over all the elements.
Yomi: (pointing to Sakura) So does this girl; nobody seems to mind.
Omi: Should we keep going for it then?
Yomi: Hey, if we help make him an evil sorcerer, at least weíll be on his good side.
Yukito arrives, holding his head.
Yukito: I feel very strange all of a sudden.
Sakura: Yukito-san!
Tomoyo: Excuse me, Yukito, Sakura needs to talk to, um- somebody. I think someone in there knows who weíre talking about.
Yukito: Who?
Sakura: Itís very important that we talk to that person. So as soon as heís available, please?
Yukito: I donít know what you two are talking about, but I suddenly need to go to the restroom. Excuse me.
Yukito walks inside the building. A moment later, his other form Yue comes out.
Yue: What do you need?
Sakura: This girl wants me to use my magic but I donít know if itís right.
Yue: Whatís it for?
Yue looks up to Yomi and Omi.
Yomi: We need it to save our electronics store.
Omi: Combined with other things- most of which we already have!
Yue: Fine by me.
Sakura: Really?
Yue: Whatís the point in having magic powers if youíre not going to use them.
Tomoyo: But...
Yue: As long as you donít take bribes or anything, why not?
Tomoyo: Sakura, that means you canít take the Navi.
Sakura: Fine, I donít need one anyway. Letís just help them and get it over with.
Yomi: Really?
Sakura smiles and nods. Yomi and Omi hug excitedly.
Tomoyo: Okay, but first let me get my camera ready!

Suddenly, the scene changes. Sakura, Tomoyo, Yukito, Chiharu, Rika, Naoko, Alice, Reika, Juri, Taro, Takato, Yomi, Makoto, Ifurita, and Jinnai are all students in a classroom. Omi, apparently the teacher, walks in. Jinnai stands up.
Jinnai: Stand!!
The class stands up as the teacher takes his desk.
Jinnai: Sit!!
They sit down.
Omi: Thank you Class President Jinnai. We have a new student today. Everybody meet Lain.
Lain walks in, but she is smiling brightly and decidedly bubbly.
Lain: Hello everybody! Iím Lain and Iím so happy to meet you all! Iím sure weíre going to be such good friends and get along so well.
Lain points to Takato.
Lain: Except for you- you looked up my skirt on the way to school.
Takato: (defensive) It was an accident!!
Taro leans in.
Taro: What color were they?
Naoko: (muttering) Pervert.
Omi: Why donít you sit next to Makoto?
Lain: Okay!
Lain does so. Makoto smiles.
Makoto: Hi, Lain!
Ifurita: Stay away from him, Lain, heís mine!!
Reika: No, heís mine! I called him first!
Chiharu: You wanted Yukito!
Tomoyo: But I want Yukito!
Sakura: Hoe?
Juri: Youíll have to get him away from me!
Yomi: Yukitoís mine! You can fight over my dopey cousin Makoto!
Rika: Fine, but I get the teacher!
Alice: Only if you beat me to him!!

As soon as it started, it ends, flashing back to the courtyard, and Yomi, Omi, Sakura, Tomoyo, and Yue. However, Alice runs in, somewhat hysterically.
Alice: Sorry about that- weíve been messing with reality.
Sakura turns to Yue.
Sakura: Itís not as much fun when it happens to you, now is it?
Omi: You look a little flustered. What happened?
Alice walks into the group.
Alice: You guys may not believe this- but I think Lain just killed God!!
Stunned silence.
Alice: For some reason, Lain sought out the God of the Wired. She found out things she was never meant to know, and I arrived to help her through it! But because of me she turned against God and God tried to kill both of us! As far as I can tell, Lain deleted herself to kill God and save me! How can I live with myself now?
Long silence. Sakura tilts her head.
Sakura: Hoe?
Jinnai runs in behind Alice and goes up to Yomi and Omi. Heís in a very bad mood.
Jinnai: Okay, Iíve had just about enough patience. Do you have what I asked for?
Yomi pulls out the goggles as Omi shows Jinnai the cat.
Yomi: We have the lens!
Omi: And the cloth!
Yomi: And this girl here has freeze magic!
Jinnai is slightly encouraged.
Jinnai: And?? The fireball??
Omi: Well, we had a fireball!
Jinnai: What happened?
Takato: (OS) This time for sure!! D-Reaper isnít going to know what hit him! Or is it a her?
They all look over and see Takato and Gillmon running past, heading for the battle.
Takato: Yeah, I think itís a her.
Omi: Takato!! Wait!!
Takato looks over.
Takato: Hey, Omi!
Omi: That monster of yours! Can he shoot fireballs?
Takato: Itís his specialty!
Omi grabs Takato by the goggles and pulls him over to Jinnai.
Omi: Hereís the fireball!!
Jinnai: Excellent!! You have everything! Your store will have a monopoly over the entire city when Iím through! Now, Iíll show you how we need to set this up!

While they do that, Alice notices Lain quietly walking by and runs up to her.
Alice: Lain! I thought you deleted yourself!
Lain: I did. But only in the Wired. I deleted myself to create the alternate godless reality as a way to stamp him out, but made sure I existed in the alternate reality for one purpose- to undo the reality and restore myself in the real world, where the only difference is that God doesnít exist.
Alice: I donít understand any of what you just said but Iím just glad youíre alright! Letís go to Cyberia to celebrate!
Lain: Hold on, whatís that?

Alice and Lain go up to see. Omi and Yomi are holding the goggles straight out, while Jinnai holds the cat directly behind the goggles. Takato and Guilmon stand at the other end while Sakura stands in front of the goggles with her card- Tomoyo is videotaping.
Jinnai: Now! The girl must freeze the fireball as it passes through the goggles and is caught by the cloth!
Sakura: (waving the wand) You heard what he said! Create a net of ice to freeze the flame. Freeze!!
Omi: For the record- is this going to turn you into an evil sorcerer with control over the elements?
Jinnai: (hesitant) Uh- no?
Omi: Whatever. Let it rip, Takato!
Gillmon: Fireball!
The blast sails through the net of ice, which surrounds it and freezes the flame. The ball continues through the goggles. As soon as it makes contact with the cat, the resulting orb expands. The straps of the goggles pull themselves away from Yomi and Omi, knocking them to their feet.
Jinnai: Yes! Yes!!
The straps stretch out, creating a staff similar to Ifuritaís. The orb continues to twirl around inside the staff, flashing various tones.
Jinnai: Fire, water, air and earth are mine to control! Who needs Ifurita now!!
Jinnai takes the staff, laughing evilly the whole time.
Jinnai: Forget that demon god! I am a god now!! And now I shall conquer El Hazard!!
Jinnai runs off, past Lain and a bewildered Alice. Yomi and Omi stand up and watch him run off.
Yomi, Omi: But what about the store?!!

At this point, Jinnai is gone, but Takato, Gillmon, Sakura, Tomoyo, Yue, Lain, Alice, Yomi, and Omi remain on the school grounds. After a bit of hesitation, Takato and Gillmon run off to the battle.
VOM: Despite being held up a little bit, Takato and Gillmon returned to their battle against D-Reaper. Through a great deal of hardship, they were able to defeat the menace with the help of Yamaki and their friends. But at a major cost- Takato would have to say goodbye to his Digimon friend, as Gillmon couldnít remain in the real world.

Sakura squeezes under Yueís arm and they walk back into the school, followed by Tomoyo, still videotaping.
VOM: Having passed Final Judgment, Sakura was accepted by the second Guardian, Yue- Yukitoís alternate form. Yue swore to protect Sakura, so she got her wish to be with Yukito after all.

Lain and Alice begin walking home. After a few steps, Alice puts an arm around Lainís shoulder.
VOM: And Lain, despite deleting herself from the Wired, took up a new form in the real world through some strange plot device that nobody could fathom. She is remembered only by the few people who knew her as a person. She did not have presence in the Wired, but because of her actions, God did not have presence in the real world.

At the clock tower, the now-powerful Jinnai cackles a little as he prepares to enter El Hazard.

VOM: As for Jinnai- he lost Ifurita to Makoto during the invasion. Makoto was able to delve inside her psyche and destroy the device that made her a slave to the staff. She was free, and left with Makoto.
Jinnai: Who needs her? Now that I have these powers, El Hazard will be...
Makoto: Jinnai??
Jinnai turns around. Makoto and Ifurita are standing behind her.
Jinnai: What are you doing here??!!
Makoto: I was going to show Ifurita our world.
Jinnai: Ha! A big mistake! I have this staff! This gives me powers greater than Ifurita!
Ifurita: I doubt that.
Ifurita non-chalantly takes the staff out of Jinnaiís hands and smashes it against her knee. The orb falls to the ground and smashes.
Ifurita: So much for that, huh?
Ifurita and Makoto keep walking. Jinnai fumes for a moment, then points at them.
Jinnai: Fine! While you two go sight-see, I will lead the bugrom on a massive invasion against your lands! You will regret that, when my army causes greater destruction than even you knew!!
Jinnai enters the portal.
Makoto: Well, weíd better go stop him.
Ifurita: One day, Iíll see your world.
They go back in.

At Yomiís store, itís still looking pretty bleak.
VOM: Finally, as for Yomi and Omi: they kept their hopes up, but it didnít look like Jinnai was going to follow through on his promise after all.
Suddenly, a number of people start going in, including Juri and Yamaki. Lain, Alice, and Takato are also inside.
VOM: Until locals who inhabited the Wired heard a vague voice in their heads, and endless rumors spinning around that their store was the best place for pioneers on the Wired to get their start. They also heard it was a store crucial to helping the children who destroyed the foul D-Reaper. Speaking of which-
Reika and Taro both enter, both a little out of it. Taro casually looks at some Navis, and notices Lain staring at one.
Taro: Hey, that oneís pretty hot- just like you.
Lain: Actually, itís horribly out of date- just like you.
Taro: (impressed) Ooh- whatís your name?
VOM: Reikaís evacuation attempt proved disastrous when her familyís car was attacked by the Agents of D-Reaper. And Taro never bothered to leave Cyberia, and also felt the chaos. Both bore permanent emotional scars from their experience. Also, when Lain erased the memories of all but those who knew her as a person- she kept Alice, Takato, Yomi, Omi, and even Juri, but passed Reika and Taro by.

Some time later, Yomi and Omi have invited all their friends back for a party at the Tomoeda school grounds. Sakura is sticking very close to Yukito, while Tomoyo, Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko watch her, smiling.
VOM: To celebrate a renovation and expansion to their now successful store, Yomi and Omi held a party and invited everyone involved in their success. This also included their cousin Makoto.
Makoto walks in with an arm around Ifurita as Yomi and Omi shake their hands.
VOM: In order to save El Hazard once and for all, Ifurita had to make a sacrifice, hurling herself through time and space in order to preserve balance. She ended up in this world 10,000 years ago, waiting in a deep sleep until Makoto would wake her, so she could send him into El Hazard to begin his journey. Of course, since she had already done that, Makoto came back to find Ifurita waiting for him once more- for a different reason.

15. Ever After

Sakura and Yukito go up to Makoto and Ifurita. Yomi and Omi stand nearby.
Makoto: I see she hasnít caused you much trouble.
Yukito: And I see she hasnít smashed you into tiny pieces.
The four laugh, although Sakura and Ifurita are oblivious to the joke.

Sakura: I never thought Iíd be with you!
Makoto: I never thought I could survive you.
Sakura, Yukito, Makoto, Ifurita, Yomi, Omi: I never thought I could be so happy!!

Time for dancing! The fifteen currently present begin to partner up.

VOM: Having made it through, the skies were clear and gave every indication that the worst was behind them. The children would grow up happy, the adults would live prosperous.

VOM: Ever after!
Company: Ever after!

On one side, Yukito & Sakura and Makoto & Ifurita dance with each other.
VOM: Season over, all is righted.
    Now itís time to say ďthe end.Ē
    They are happy, theyíre delighted.
    Ever after!
Company: Ever after!

Nearby, Yomi dances with her father. Abruptly, Takato grabs Lain and starts dancing with her as Alice and Juri watch, smiling. Lain is a little dizzy, but slowly gets used to it.
VOM: Through their journeys, they excited.
    Made you feel you were their friend.
    Let Ďem sing it from the rafters,
    For forever after.

The groups join together. Sakura and Yomi high-five.
Company: Happy now and happy hence,
    And happy ever after!

Now they all partner up into a traditional Japanese dancing circle. They circle around in the following pairs, each appearing in front for the companyís lines: Takato/Lain, Omi/Yomi, Alice/Juri, Makoto/Ifurita, Sakura/Yukito, Tomoyo/Chiharu, Rika/Naoko. Yamaki quietly sits to the side- he doesnít dance.

There were perils.

They competed.

And reality got lost.

But the troubles,

Were defeated,

And they didnít mind the cost.

But we faced it!

We went crazy!

Had the creeps!

But our goals were,

Never hazy.

It was cheap.

They break up the circle and form a line, bowing as they pass each other, and still in their pairs.
Men: And the happiness we greeted!
Women: We showed evil who is boss!
All: No more fears and no more crying,
    Now itís hope and laughter,
    Truth today and no more lying,
    Now and ever after!!

Reika and Taro walk up in front of the line, still a little dazed.
Reika: I was snotty.
Taro: I was sly.
Reika: I was haughty.
Taro: I was smug.
Reika, Taro: We were happy.
Taro: It was fun.
Reika: No open minds.
Reika, Taro: Then we went into the world,
    To get some kicks and now we lost our minds.
Jinnai enters opposite.
Jinnai: It was perfect.
    I was general of an army.
    In my world,
    Massive power to be hurled,
    Through a girl.
    So I went outside the world to get my wish
    But then I lost it all.
    Lost my girl and my world.
Reika, Taro: (over) Fear D-Reaper.
Reika, Taro, Jinnai: Iím unhappy now, unhappy hence.
    Forget the ever after.
    Should have taken what we had,
    And knew with good there came a bad.

The line breaks off into pairs and forms a second line where Reika, Taro, and Jinnai were. Jinnai shoves Reika and Taro to one side so he can be at the center, but heís quickly pushed aside by Yomi.
All: To be happy, for tomorrow,
    Then your wish, it must be known.
    Do not steal it, do not borrow,
    For your wish you have to own.
    Through the happiness and sorrow,
    In a group or all alone-

The line divides into three. At the center is Group 1, at the right Group 2 and at the left Group 3.
Don't bother following along. Just enjoy the music and read the words.

Group 1-
Yukito, Sakura,
Omi, Yomi,
Jinnai, Reika:
Though itís scary,
Though itís mean,
Though itís long,
And though you might
Lose the way,
Though thereís people
That are bad!

You cannot wait!
You cannot stray!

You canít consider!

You have to go!
Once you know your wish,
When you want you wish,

You can not just wish,
You must find your wish,
And to get your wish,
Group 2-
Taro, Makoto,
Ifurita, Tomoyo
Chiharu, Yamaki:

Though itís scary,
Though itís mean,
Though itís long
And though you might
Lose the way,
Though thereís people
That are bad!

You cannot wait!
You cannot stray!
You have to go!

You can not just wish,
You must find you wish,
And to get your wish,
Group 3-
Takato, Lain,
Alice, Juri,
Rika, Naoko:

Though itís scary,
Though itís mean,
Though itís long,
And though you might
Lose the way,
Though thereís people
That are bad!
You cannot just wish,
You must find your wish,
And to get your wish

They break up, pair off and randomly dance for the rest of the song, again except for Yamaki, who stands in a corner and sings. Reika and Taro settle for dancing which each other, while Jinnai dances alone, not quite sure what heís supposed to be doing.
Company: You go into the world,
    Where few can hide,
    Where monsters, cards,
    And gods reside,
    Into the world,
    Where itís implied,
    That you will take a journey.
    Into the world,
    Whatever for,
    Youíll find a world,
    That youíll adore,
Men: Into the world to save the store
Women: Into the world to use the magic,
Men: Into the world to find the things,
Women: To catch the cards,
Men: To free the demon,
Women: To rule the Wired,
Men: To stop the blob,
Women: To save the city,
Men: To marry the goddess,
Company: To find, to catch,
    To free, to rule,
    To stop, to save,
    To be with my Yukito.
    Into the world!
    Into the world!
    Into the world!
    Then out of the worldó

During the long stretch, Jinnai finally gets sick of it and walks forward. On the right beat, he points to the air and smiles.
VOM: To be continued!!
Company: --And happy ever after!!

To Be Continued

Author's Notes
There's no way I can end on that, right? That's the end of the first act, and the second act is when all the fun stuff happens.

These endings are based on the canon endings of CCS, Tamers, and the El Hazard OAV. The Lain ending is a strange interpretation of the canon ending. Basically, the canon ending stops with the "alternate reality." The "remembered only by those who knew her as a person" is one of the many theories about the meaning behind the ending.

Having Reika and Taro be the "victims" of D-Reaper is both justified and ironic. Justified, perhaps, as neither are very redeeming characters and many would be glad to see them get what's coming to them. Although Taro is interesting, he is a little slimeball. It's also very ironic- in a tabletop RPG I participate in, my character's name is Taro and his girlfriend is named Reika. Even stranger is that the GM of that RPG actually was in a performance of "Into the Woods," playing a character who doesn't really have a single character representing him in here.

 Notes About Music and Characters