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The Animezing Race 3 by Chromus

The Amazing Race

12 Episodes

Completed Aug. '05


Hare / Weda
Jungle Guu

Hiroyuki / Akari
To Heart

Kei / Mizuho
Onegai Teacher

Mirielle / Kirika

Nakahito / Kamahito
Steel Angel Kurumi

Naruto / Sasuke

Oshige / Wakayoji
Full Moon wo Sagashite

Pedro / Sandora
Excel Saga

Riku / Risa

Ryo / Hiroki
Princess Nine

Shannon / Racquel
Scrapped Princess

Taeko / Chika
Ai Yori Aoshi


A full website, including a final leaderboard and poll results, will be posted soon.

When posted in 2005, a contest was held where readers could score points by predicting where teams would finish on each leg, and which tasks they would complete. The winner received a collection of any of the series competing or featured as "locations" in the race. Fetch won the contest with 521 points, Ironfrost finished second with 519 and Freedom Fighter third with 489. Fetch won a Naruto prize package.


  Episode Title Featured Anime
Episode 1- As You Can See Sis, I'm the True Princess  Sister Princess
Episode 2- Any Assertion is Better Than None SuperGALS
Episode 3- You Were Always a Cat Person Fruits Basket
Episode 4- Who'd Have Thought Dressing as a Girl Would Be So Nice? Doki Doki School Hours / I My Me Strawberry Eggs
Episode 5- I Guess Scissors Doesn't Always Beat Paper R.O.D. the TV
Episode 6- Sugar, You Are My Candy Girl! Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar
Episode 7- I Think They Are Overdoing It On The Magic Thing Kiki's Delivery Service
Episode 8- If Anything Defined Scary and Cute, This Was It Gunslinger Girl
Episode 9- Just Like a Wolf, I Can Smell Blood Princess Mononoke
Episode 10- There is No Way a Ninja Should Be That Cute! Akazukin Chacha
Episode 11- Talk About a Fairy Tale Ending Pretear
Episode 12- So, to end…we go to a space age jungle, a place of a
great thief…
and a complete fantasy space…a fitting end
King of Bandit Jing / YamiBou

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