Chapter 1: As you can see sis, I’m the true princess!


Yay! New author, same racing goodness, at least I hope so. I’m taking over from Adam for the third instalment of the Anime-mazing franchise. The UK doesn’t have much in the way of a similar show, so I’m basing it on information from the net as well as Adam’s previous two fics to help me through. And Adam himself has given me all the help I could ask for…so there could be a few surprises in store in future chapters.

Also, pretty much everything will be fairly new to most of you. Not in the way the race is run, but rather, who is participating in the race. I’ve decided to use characters who have never participated in a reality show as a competitor to take the team side, whilst on the leg side, again, most of these shows may be new to a few people, which makes it more difficult for people to get accurate guesses. Pokemon, CCS and Digimon experts may complain, but it’s so you can get into the habit of research. Know the characters, know the game.

And now, we’ll start with a show that many of you should be familiar with if you have been reading my most recent work – and will Eve and Lilith make Sasshi and Arumi look weak? Hope not…let’s go!

* * * *


(Shot of an island as the camera flows through to sea. An eerie voice speaks…)

??????: A summer island, where lots of promise was started…but turned so much into disaster…

(Suddenly an harisen (paper fan) collides with skull…ending that premature narrative)

??????: Ow, what was that for sis? *pyun pyun*

(Her reply is met with silence, expect for a curt smile from the sender…)

??????: Oh come on, you are putting this on for the cameras right? Humph…be that way…

(The first girl, Lilith comes on screen. A blond girl in a witches garb, her curly hair stands out as her outfit leads a lot to be desired. Most notable of her attire though, is the rather large hat she is wearing – and the eyeball which figures on most of the hat as well…)

Lilith: Eve, don’t you think you can go away again! We’ve got strict orders this time, and you can’t just wander off anymore!

(The second girl, Eve, appears. Whilst Lilith is more gothic, Eve on the other hand is wearing a simply white dress, her blonde hair flowing in the wind. Whilst she looks angelic, don’t be fooled by the attire. This girl’s blood is more powerful than most people…)

(Eve makes a few sign language signals as Lilith sighs…)

Lillith: Fine, fine, I’ll play along. So you already sent a message for the contestants to head to this location right? Haneda Airport right? Let’s see what they can do…

(Lilith opens a book = her location appears to be a library, illuminated in blue light. Eve puts her hand on the page of the book which Lilith has opened. Lilith sighs as she puts her hand on top of Eves…)

(…and vanish…)

* * * *

(We kick start our journey as the girls said, at Haneda. As usual, it is quite busy but that doesn’t stop our teams from making their entrances. Over the hussle and bussle, we can hear our first narrator who isn’t named Lilith or Eve make her voice clear, Mami takes the first honours.)

(OS) Mami: Today, we begin the first stage of a journey which can take 12 teams a long time to complete, and it starts here, at the beginning of hell so to speak.

(The first teams come from a south entrance, there are two girls who look very similar bar their haircuts, with one of them standing out with a regal like appearance. The second duo coming in are a lot less conspicious, but they get the odd photograph, being minor celebrities…wearing BASEBALL UNIFORMS.)

????: Aw Riku, why did we take the 2nd class?

Riku: They paid for it, we didn’t exactly have a choice you know Risa?

Risa: Yeah but…



Risa: Hi! I’m Risa Harada! I’m as happy as I can be to be here…er there…oh well anyway! Is everyone at home watching? I’m happy to…

Riku: Geez Risa, already with the embarrassing moments! Anyway, sorry everyone, I am Riku…Risa’s twin sister. I’ve had my share of interesting moments in my young life…but this one will be more interesting that most. It gives me a chance to really know my twin sister…and to see if those genetics sheets were correct…

Risa: Riku, that’s mean! I’ll tell Daisuke on you!


(Whilst sisterly rivalry flares up, the second team notices their chat and smiles.)

???: Lucky…we’re only children Takasugi. You think they are with us?

??????: Of course they are, it wasn’t hard to hear them talking about the race – you deaf in one ear Ganmo-chan?

???: I was asleep remember? And please don’t call me that here, it’s embarrassing for the world to watch hearing you say that!

??????: Of course Ganmo-chan!




Ryo: Hey there, I’m Ryo Hayakawa, pitcher for the first ever Kisaragi Girl’s Baseball Team. I guess here I’m a bit well known, but outside of Japan, I’ve hardly done anything else in my life…so now, with Takasugi, I hope to do that…

Hiroki: …of course, who could resist that petite smile? Anyway, I’m Hiroki Takasugi, star slugger of the Kisagari boy’s team and Gamno-chan’s boyfriend! Although it has been a long time coming, we are together and hope to travel the world together. This is a dream come true and I intend to keep it like that…


(As Hiroki disobeys Ryo for the hundreth time, also coming in from the local area are a young man and lady, both in school uniforms…and running.)

?????: Aww…Hiroyuki-chan, did you have to oversleep?

(The teen, Hiroyuki, frowns at his comrade, and in ‘anger’ ruffles her hair…)

Hiroyuki: You could have called my cell Akari…and please don’t call me that…

Akari: O.K, Hiroyuki-chan.

(Hiroyuki sighs…and then smiles.)



Akari: I’m Akari Kamigishi, I’m 15 years old and I enjoy cooking, cleaning and am good at studying except math. I’ve had a pretty normal life up until now, and this is something completely different for me – but as long as Hiroyuki-chan is with me, I’m prepared for anything.

Hiroyuki: As long as there is something in it for me, I’ll go 100%.

Akari: Awww…Hiroyuki-chan!

Hiroyuki: O.K, only half. I guess it is cool that Akari and I are doing something different. And as long as it gets us away from school…

(Hiroyuki as you can see is rather indifferent, but of course when something is on the line, like a bit of money for winning…he’s ready for everything…)

(To round up Tokyo side, we have two figures a bit different as age wise, they look out of place compared to the others. Whilst not old, they definite dwarf the others by over a decade or two in age. However, their eyes certainly still capture their youth as the woman’s cropped light brown hair in a beige suit complies with the grey suit of the messy man’s brown hair.)

??????: Ahh, it feels great to actually have some time off!

???????: Maybe, but we don’t know how much time off we will have…

(The woman grabs the man’s arm who looks a little flustered…)

??????: Then let’s make sure we do use the time and try to extend it!

(The man smiles…)

???????: Sure.



Oshige: Hi, I’m Oshige! I’m actually the manager of a famous pop idol who has recently kept out of the public eye for…*pauses* …certain reasons. Whilst I’m busy at most times, this gives me a chance for some deserved time off, and hey, the competitive blood in me is always going to give me a chance to see what I can do!

Wakaouji: I’m Keiichi Wakouji – I’ve been a few things and known by different names in the past depending on how my career has taken me. However, nothing has changed from the person that I am and I hope to do things well as I take a chance to enjoy travelling – a rarity that I haven’t had since a trip to America…and the less said about that the better.

(4 down, 8 to go – and there doesn’t seem to be much sight to seeing that the teams recognise their competition…no such problem though for team 5…coming in through a different customs sheet, especially as a lot of things they normally carry would have difficult getting through customs…)

????????: So how does it feel back in your home country?

(That voice came from a tall blonde woman, with a non-Japansese look. This woman is in fact Causcian…her companion on the other hand, with her dark short hair is definitely Japanese. However, she looks around the area unfamiliarly…)

??????: It’s…strange.

????????: (smiling) Well, get used to it. We may be here for a while…and at least we are travelling without having to do any ‘work’ or being hunted…

(The shorter Japanese girl looks up at her comrade, rubs her arm and smiles slightly.)

??????: Right.

(I don’t think they need more introductions but…)



Mirielle: I think that world travel isn’t that unusual to us so that may give us the advantage. The fact we are doing it just for a game that doesn’t involve life and death however should make things more interesting. And it gives us a chance to truly enjoy each others company for the first time really since we met.

Kirika: I…don’t know what to expect. This is quite unexpected…but any time away could be good for us. I want to show what we can do on the field…without being ON the field, so to speak.

(Also coming through customs for different reasons are two teams, all of them males. Two of them are in similar white priest like clothes, whilst the other two are of Hispanic origin – looking through the surroundings.)

?????: (Spanish accent) Si – you get this Sandora? This is papa’s home away from home?

Sandora: Ya, I see papa! It is quite different from the heavenly contrary life home with Mama!

?????: Well…I am concerned with leaving your mama and my sexy wife at home, but I’m sure she has learned her lesson…right?

(A few moments before the inevitable ‘NOOOOOOO!’ comes out…)



Pedro: Aloha friends – Pedro here. You know, coming from life and death is something that very few can came to do to say the least – and with my son, I intend to do something else that no-one else has done very often – compete in a race to win mucho monies so that my sexy wife can continue goofing off!

Sandora: Well, I definitely hope my mama will be happy if we win, but it gives me a chance to enjoy spending time with my papa – it has been a long time since I can say that, and hopefully, we can catch up on some of that parental bonding that I didn’t get much chance growing up…

Pedro: (waterfall tears) Sandora – your father is on fire!

Sandora: Papa!

(Whilst father and son get ready for bonding, brothers are also trying a similar thing…)

????????: It’s quite nice for me to do some travelling for a change – you got to do all that hopping around before Nakahito…

Nakahito: (the younger of the two) It’s not like I had much of a choice you know big brother!

????????: Sure, but one wonders if Kurumi has destroying the ryokan we were staying in whilst we snuck you out…

Nakahito: (sweatdropping) Please don’t even joke about that…we explained to Saki right?

????????: Yeah, it was weird how unusually happy she was…



Nakahito: Erm…hello there…I’m Nakahito Kagura, young shrinesman in training. Life has been hectic in recent times, both for better and worse, but you know, I’ve recently accepted that things will change, and with this game, I hope that another change can happen, a change untoward victory!

Kamahito: It’s been a long time since we actually did something as brothers, running a shrine back home, but things have changed in recent months to say the least and we haven’t had a real chance. Hopefully, we can do that here and keep our spirits up.

(Nakahito, who is a definition of a young boy with girly looks (a la Chiriko from Fushigi Yuugi, or Momiji from Fruits Basket) looks across to where some hubbab is occuring. In fact, another young guy with a tad of feminine to his looks is the one trying to stop it…unfortunately, the hubbab is coming from his…)

????: MOM!!!

(The two in question have come from a different lane, one located from…Jungle Air? The young boy has dark blue hair like his mother, a tall bishoujo tanned woman in her 20s…)

????: Hale, it’s not my fault that the conductor had to put you in a tire because you are scared of flying!


(Yare yare…)



Hale: Hale here! I’m a bit nervous being out of the jungle, as it has been a while since me and my mom have done something together, but I guess we can have a fair crack…

Weda: HALLLEEEE! We’re going to win you know! No-one can break how strong our bond is! Shame that Guu-chan isn’t here…

(Hale is silent – caught between the ectascy of Guu not being with him…and the fact that Guu is in the jungle, probably causing unknown havoc to be later blamed on Hale of course…)

Hale: At least we managed to get that champagne away…*quiet*…though it took 5 attendants to do so…

Weda: (sinister) Want me to drop you now?

Hale: Eep…

(Back locally, our next team is unusual, as they are the only married couple in the race. Even more unusual is that they are also teacher and student…and even more unusual than that is the fact that the female is in fact an alien…an incredibly attractive alien, but an alien none the less…)

??????: So this is Tokyo Airport then?

???: Yes it is!

??????: Wow, a different type of air force to travel with! Different than…

???: Shhh…don’t mention that! (the young man indicates the camera…)

??????: Oh right! Absolute secrecy…that is a priority one!



Kei: I’m Kei…well, things have been rather…enlightening within my life, to say the least, and I’m glad to say that now, it’s definitely for the better. If I want my life to continue the path it is going, trying new things is a good start, especially with Miss Mizuho…

Mizuho: It’s not a secret Kei, you can call me just Mizuho – and besides, people won’t mind now.

Kei: But still…

Mizuho: It’s O.K.

Kei: (smiles) Right. I guess you are right.

(Whether people realise their relationship by now despite the end of the series we will leave for another matter. For now, we meet another team…which is unusual because they are decked in outfits which would make Éclair in Kiddy Grade envious…)

(…in fact they are getting quite a few stares for their outfits…nonetheless, a glare from the man is more than enough to put most of their whispering at ease. Plus, they are one of the few teams who didn't travel by plane…)

???????: I don’t know how she did it, but this world she got us to for this ‘game’ is rather…

???????: Unique?

???????: I would have said ‘busy’. Very busy…

???????: Well, it’s a world which is in the future after all…maybe we should have brought Pacifica here, she may be safer…

???????: Maybe…



Shannon: This is rather unusual to be taken from one world to the next…not that I shouldn’t be used to it…but this is for a purpose other than stopping death and destruction. I’m wondering if we can adapt to this…

Racquel: My my, I feel this will be fun, right Shannon?

Shannon: (almost double-taking) Fun?

(O.K, so it’s not exactly a word that Shannon has had much practice of in the last few years, but we’ll ignore that for the time being. Now, team 11 is another team based from a different world, and like Shannon and Racquel, usually face terrible danger…problem is, 50% of the time the danger is usually caused by…)

??????: Transport is evil.

??????: Come on Sasuke, it wasn’t that bad!

??????: That was only because she gave you that bowl of ramen to keep you from screaming…moron.

??????: MORON?

(And here are our rivals team – the last one did pretty well though…will they follow in Ayla and Jessie’s footsteps?)



Naruto: Hi, I’m Naruto Uzumaki! My favourite things are cup ramen, eating more cup ramen…and wanting to be the greatest Ninja in Konoha! And this race is a good step to achieve greatnness…

Sasuke: …shame you came for the ride.


(Sasuke allows himself a little smirk.)

Sasuke: I only have one goal, and this is certainly putting me off this goal. But if this makes me stronger…if only if I can survive being with this idiot for how long…

(Naruto pouts…)

(Naruto and Sasuke are getting along as famously as ever – but our final team are actually not coming together, as one of them is getting off from Tokyo and is waiting for her partner, who took a family visit back home in Okinawa to tell her grandmother about the race…)

?????: She shouldn’t be much later….ahh!

(The girl notices her partner, and runs to her…unfortunately, she ends up tripping over her own two feet…)

?????: Owwwiieee!

(The girl who she was meeting, a tanned young lady of about 12 or 13, bends down and sighs.)

?????: Tae-neechan, you found me but still, how can you trip over nothing?

?????: Sorry Chika-chan…I guess I’m a little nervous.

?????: Oh don’t worry! We’ll make sure those nerves are stopped – now let’s get going!



Taeko: Greetings, my name is Taeko Minazuki, live-in housekeeper of a household of the Sakurabas. I know that I may be out of my element in a race like this, but I will always do my best so that my sempais will be proud of me, and I hope Chika-chan will be as well…

Chika: Tae-neechan, I’m always proud of you! I’m Chika Minzauki, Tae-neechan’s cousin and newest resident of that household! I like sports, energy and big brother…oh, and I like winning as well, meaning I want to win this race! Come on Tae-neechan, let’s get in the spirit!

Taeko: R-Right…

* * * *

(Now, we have a shot of the 12 teams in the middle of the airport, waiting obviously for two certain sisters…a quick scan around the teams shows a few things, like some talking between Riku, Chika, Hale, Akari and Sandora – Racquel explaining her and Shannon’s attire (especially to Oshige, always an eye for talent of course), Mizuho explaining about how marriage can affect lives to a thinking Weda, whilst Ryo and Hiroki seem to eye a lot of the competition, the sports eye in track, realizing Shannon, Mirielle and Kirika in particular seem want to avoid the spotlight.)

(But it isn’t long before time freezes…literally. Everyone in the terminal bar the 12 teams stops moving. Hale nearly panics, thinking Guu got past customs, whilst Risa is looking in the sky for Dark, Pedro thinks Miss Will is out to get out for him and Shannon momentarily forgets that he hasn’t got his sword, but they needn’t fret.)

(It’s not Dark, but a different type of angel floating down. The beautiful Eve/Jiru/Hatsumi floats down, her blond hair flowing round elegantly even though there is no wind. She lands, her petite smile the only thing on her mouth that shows.)

(Lilith sighs as she appears behind her sister…)

Lilith: Always have to make an entrance don’t you sis?

(Eve just smiles – the mute healer just making her more enchanting to the teams…and more infuriating to Lilith…)

Lilith: Fine fine, gather round ladies and gentlemen! We have a game to play!


Akari/Hiroyuki – Childhood Friends – To Heart

Kei/Mizuho – Married Couple – Onegai Teacher

Hale/Weda – Mother & Son – Jungle Wo Hatsumo Hale Nochi Guu

Kirika/Mirielle – Working Partners – Noir

Nakahito/Kamahito – Brothers – Steel Angel Kurumi

Naruto/Sasuke – Rivals – Naruto

Oshige/Wakayoji – Full Moon wo Sagashite

Pedro/Sandora – Father & Son – Excel Saga

Riku/Risa – Twin Sisters – D N Angel

Ryo/Hiroki – Dating Couple – Princess Nine

Shannon/Racquel – Stepsiblings – Scrapped Princess

Taeko/Chika – Cousins – Ai Yori Aoshi

* * * *

* * * *

Lilith: My name is Lilith, but you can call me Lilith-chan! I am your humble host for this race thingy and am here to make sure you guys stay in check and that you don’t cause any trouble…though that can count for double with my sister around as well…

(The second girl just smiles cutely as Lilith sighs…)

Lilith: That’s Eve, my sister. She’s mute so don’t expect any conversation from her – just trouble…

(With introductions done, time for the rules! Lilith gets up front as the teams (still suspended the outside world thanks to Eve) are explained how this game will start, and indeed end.)

Lilith: Well, you 12 teams have been picked to play for 10 million yen – in the 3rd installment of what has been dubbed the ‘Anime-zing Race!’ Congratulations! But first, a few rules for you.

(Lilith quickly explains the rules that are familiar to everyone – the detour and road blocks are still the same as ever. There is no road block for this episode, but it’s the same as before, when they come up to it, one member of the team must do it and complete it before continuing with the race. The Detour does start in the first episode, where they must choose either a quick/difficult task or an easy/long task to progress onto the next stop. Route markers are shown where they must go marked by red and yellow flags – the locations are always shown in sealed envelopes at the start of the leg and continuing to the end of it.)

Lilith: You will each receive a small amount of money in each leg which can cover expenses needed such as food, transport and lodging. Fortunately, we pay out for plane trips…finding them may not be so easy though….you may wish to think about that for this leg already…

(A few murmurs before Lilith does a Misa-esque ‘SUPER SHUT UP’ on them before continuing.)

Lilith: Team will be provided cars when necessary – of course if there are damaged in any way, this can lead to a time penalty….30 minutes worth to be precise.

(A quick look around those who are of legal age to drive, the ones most nervous are the Scrapped Princess team, Hale and Chika…considering Weda hasn’t really driven before and Taeko…well…you’ll find out…)

Lillith: Other penalties can be discussed later, but I wouldn’t advise on doing so. And for those who can’t drive, we have a supplied person in relation to you who can.

(Lilith mentions the teams that will have that person, which are Ryo/Hiroki, Riku/Risa, Akari/Hiroyuki and Naruto/Sasuke.)

Lilith: Follow the clues and use all your abilities to get to that final goal – of course, you can always take the inevitable shortcut, but you only get one chance at using it, so decide when the best time is…

(Lilith explains the Fast Forward – a free pass to the next leg so to speak (though not necessarily giving you 1st place) which can only be used once per team throughout the race. Lilith smiles.)

Lilith: Of course, there is the Pit Stop – the stepping stone to the next leg. Of course, more often than not, it will be the last stop for 2 people, as it results in one elimination from the race.

(Eve looks a little sad when she sees the reactions – as whilst most seem confident, the look on the faces of Hale, Chika and Sandora suggest that they are not looking forward to that prospect…if it happens…)

Lilith: Oh, and one more thing, none of the following may happen in the race otherwise a penalty will occur. This would be any advantaged ninja techniques, especially those designed to distract the male population…

(Naruto has a goofy grin as he scratches the back of his head, as Sasuke has an audible ‘baka’ escape from his lips…)

Lilith: …no Nabehamehas, use of firearms, summoning mages, spells, using swords, calling alien powers or shaminist abilities, amongst other things. Play it down the middle ladies and gentlemen!

(Racquel smiles (she’s this years Kasumi ladies and gentlemen), Mirielle says an audible ‘this should be interesting’ whilst Pedro sighs in relief, those afros can be heavy…)

Lilith: But I guess all I can say is good luck and may the best team win!

(Lilith raises her arms up as ahead of them is the terminal table, where the first envelopes are – ready for the teams to look where to go first…)

Lilith: Ready…

(Tense moment…)

Lilith: GOO!

(The Animazing Race 3 has begun, as Lilith avoids getting trampled on, and Eve reverts time to normality. Now, the airport is as busy as ever, with 24 other people now getting involved in this madness, as our first leg, the Sister Princess leg, begins.)

* * * *

(First off, the inevitable stampede towards our first route marker. The early speed demons are Naruto/Sasuke, closely followed by Ryo/Hiroki and Shannon/Racquel as they get to the table first…)

Naruto: What we got then?

(Sasuke opens the envelope as the others get there behind them.)

Sasuke: Make your way to Promised Island.

Naruto: That’s a promise!

(Mami once again takes over the narrative as the first leg begins.)

Mami: The first task that the teams have to do is to find the best way to get to Promised Island. Of course, the obvious choice is right in front of them, and head by plane, but there is another way, if a team is resourceful enough to get there…and it could help out rather well if teams can find it…

(Mami holds a timetable up…)

Mami: You see, waiting for the next plane is a 40 minute wait, plus they have to find the terminal to book the tickets, otherwise they could have to wait for another 40 minutes…but…

(Mami flips over the timetable…)

Mami: …if they find An-chan’s way of travelling there, they may find it more benefitable…

(Back at the terminal, all the teams have now got their notice, and quickly scanning how to get there. However, one team had already prepared quickly…)

Mirielle: So the next plane is in 40 minutes right?

Kirika: That is correct.

(Shot of Mirielle and Kirika, the young Yuumara a seemingly encyclopedia of knowledge of various countries, even a remote area like Promised Island. They quickly found the terminal whilst everyone else is getting lost.)

Kirika: Do we book it now?

Mirielle: Not yet. Let’s make it look like we don’t know, and see if there is another way. It’s best to press an advantage straight away whilst we’ve got it.

(Kirika nods)

Kirika: I trust Mirielle more than anybody. It’s not like I don’t have my own opinions, but I know that Mirielle will get us…no, get me through things I have trouble understanding. This race being one of them…

(It’s hard to say who is ‘leading’ considering as long as they find the terminal, they would be on equal footing bar unforeseen circumstances…)

Sandora: Papa, can you find it?

Pedro: No Sandora, Papa is not too good at airports…

(Whilst Sandora and Pedro get hopeless lost, Oshige and Wakayoji are the first team to offically find it and book themselves on the first fight to Promised Island.)

Rep: Thank you very much.

Oshige: Well, that was easy!

Wakayoji: Yep, so cut-throat or relax?

(Oshige has an evil gleam in her eye…)

Wakayoji: Silly question.

(The two head off to have some coffee whilst the others run like chickens without their heads. We see Taeko on the phone looking for listings, Weda trying to use her connections…)


(or not apparently…whilst Hale then notices something…)

Hale: Mom?

Weda: What is it???

Hale: Where are they going?

(Shot of Mirielle and Kirika heading in a different path outside the airport. Hale’s curiosity gets the better of him as he lets his mom argue, whilst he follows them…)

(…and he isn’t the only one with a keen eye…)

Riku: Sis, can you wait her for a moment?

(Risa is only happy to oblige, already tired and bored after a failed attempt to look for the Promised Island plane, the elder Harada ventures off following Hale…)

Riku: I have good hunches, and when they come into play, I take some stopping.

(Back at the terminal, Akari/Hiroyuki are the 2nd team to get the plane as Oshige snaps her fingers…)

Oshige: Darn it.

(Hiroyuki turns and smiles.)

Hiroyuki: Not that easy to beat us when our heads our thinking.

Wakayoji: That’s good for you. Want to join us for coffee?

Hiroyuki: Why not? Akari?

Akari: Hai, Hiroyuki-chan!

(Akari’s trademark line gives Oshige a cute fix…)

Oshige: THAT’S SO CUTE! (She nearly glomps Akari, but holds her urges, she has a reputation as a manager after all…)

Hiroyuki: Finding the terminal was easy. Akari asked at the information bureau and got us the link straight away. Amazed with all this chaos, if you can think clearly, we can do this. Unfortunately, as long as the other teams can do that, we’ll all be together on this first leg.

Akari: When Hiroyuki-chan wants to do something, nothing can stop him. He has a clear head when it comes to victory,so instead of wasting energy looking for a terminal, we headed back to the information bureau. It amazes me how good Hiroyuki-chan can be when needs to be, and that will be a big help for us.

(Other teams aren’t having so much luck…namely teams not exactly familiar with airports…)

Shannon: Where is it then?

Racquel: Well, none of these people seem to want to give us help…

Shannon: (sarcastic) Maybe because we may be a slightly different world to them?

Racquel: Oh my, you think so?


(The two stepsiblings are interrupted by the shrill voice of a frustrated Naruto, the calmer Sasuke doing his best to ignore him as they fail to get any information to where the terminal is…)

Naruto: Dammit, dammit, dammit! Where is that damn connection?

Sasuke: You know…maybe we could ask?

Naruto: Have you seen the queues?

(Sasuke is silent…)

Shannon: At least we’re not the only ones who are having problems…

Racquel: Excuse me, I don’t suppose you know where a terminal heading to Promised Island is?

(Shannon facefaults as Racquel asks a stranger where it is…or so he thinks…)

Akio: Sure, it’s over there. I just come from there…I guess my plan failed anyway…

(Akio heads off as Racquel smiles. Naruto’s mouth opens wide as he rushes to keep with Shannon and Racquel as Sasuke sighs. Meanwhile, Pedro and Sandora have also got help, from an unusual source because…)

Sandora: Thank you very much senorita Chika!

(Shot of Taeko/Chika at the terminal with Pedro/Sandora – obviously despite the fact they are against each other as competitors, Chika has helped Pedro/Sandora navigate the maze. Behind them in the queue, Hiroki/Ryo and Kei/Mizuho are also waiting after successfully finding where to go…)

Kamahito: So sue me little brother, it’s not like we use airports often?

Ryo: Come on guys!

Nakahito: Right!

(It has been 25 minutes already, but these guys look set, and looks like they are getting on the plane in time…except for three teams. But where are they?)

* * * *

(Shot of Kirika/Mirielle outside a terminal where they find three vans – and outside of them is an old man with a grey beard with a butler suit.)

Jiiya: Welcome, I trust you ladies found this way to be more convenient. This is our emergency drive service to the ferry leading you to Promised Island.

Kirika: Good job Mirielle.

(Mirielle nods as they walk over…)

Mirielle: Kirika knew about the terminal, but I had seen the vans outside when we docked. I had a feeling that they may have been part of this race, and considering we knew how to get there via plane anyway, we had time to check it out. And it was certainly a good way to do so…

(Spying from the crowd, a friendship may have already struck – after all, both of them have to deal with partners that, shall we say, aren’t exactly the most calm of individuals…)

Riku: So, will this be faster?

Hale: The plane trip will be a couple of hours, plus we can’t guarantee that we’ll make it on the initial flight. I guess this may be the best way…and as you can see, there are only three spots…

Riku: Right, let’s take advantage of this. But we’re still rivals right?

Hale: (smiles) Of course. Gotta get mom!

(Hale takes off full sprint, being fast for a 10 year old, Riku smiles, as the third most athletic student of her class (under Daisuke and Satoshi) follows swiftly behind to get her sister. They have a surprise ready…)


(Two suits come out of nowhere. Instinctivelly as they always do when guys with suits appear, Kirika and Mirielle reach for their guns, before they remember they don’t have them. And they aren’t allowed to be violent either, which is hard for them to remember when the guys grab them and say…)


(Mirielle and Kirika are literally thrown into the back of the van – if Riku and Hale had seen this, they may have reconsidering returning there…)

1ST PLACE – KIRIKA/MIRIELLE (Working Partners)

(In the van, a muffled ‘What the…’ is audiable from Mirielle…in the distance, Weda and Hale arrive first, and about to get the same treatment..though it would be fun to stay to see how Risa will react, let’s get back to the plane troupe…)

* * * *


(A puffing Naruto and Shannon get the back seats as a calmer Sasuke and Racquel simply try to enjoy the flight. Well, try to…)

Naruto: This is…

Shannon: …weird.

(Fortunately (or unfortunately) the teams are the only people on the plane trip, so no weird stares…well,O.K a few…come at them. Though whilst searching around, they notice a few teams missing…)

Hiroki: Hey, are we missing a few people here?

Taeko: Now that you mention it, where did that mother and son go, and those two twins?

Akari: Mirielle-san and Kirika-san aren’t here either…

Wakayoji: You think they missed the plane?

Sasuke: Works for us. Early people to fight to be discarded and they can battle for last place ahead of us…

Naruto: Sasuke…that was a little too blunt.

(Whilst Sasuke’s people skills may need fixing, it does seem to relax the fact an early elimination maybe at hand, which gets people talking to each other and to their opposition…)

Akari: Wow, you look so young…and married?

Kei: Yeah – it’s kind of a surprise to be honest, but now I guess I’m living a dream…

Mizuho: That’s sweet of you Kei…

Hiroyuki: Well, if you need any help, Akari could always help you – she is the little housewife.

(Akari blushes…)

Akari: Aw, stop it Hiroyuki-chan…

Ryo: That’s so sweet…you two…

Akari: No no! It’s not like that…

Hiroki: (smiling) Right…

(Hiroyuki is as dense as ever and whilst Hiroki might not be the smartest guy on the plane, he still smiles…)

Hiroki: It’s pretty easy to see who we need to be able to beat if we are going to win, me and Ganmo-chan have a sixth sense in terms of skill, and we were in luck that one of the strongest teams in our opinion, Mirielle and Kirika, seem to have missed the plane. Now, we have our eyes on physical strength, being Shannon and Racquel…

Ryo: …whilst mentally, it will be hard to beat Akari/Hiroyuki or Oshige/Wakayoji. They seem to know exactly what they are doing and seem in most sync with each other…other than us of course.

(And some are just enjoying the ride as Sandora is showing, as he converses eagerly with Chika.)

Chika: Well, I’ve never been that far out – but you living in Japan now?

Sandora: Yes senorita! I lived in New York for a brief period before…well…things happened…

Chika: Things?

Sandora: (avoiding the question) But yeah, papa now comes more frequently back home with me and mama, it’s been a while since I visited Japan, so I’m hoping to take the experience with me…

Chika: Do you think you can win?

(Sandora thinks…)

Sandora: Well…I just want to enjoy it whilst I can…whether I can win or not is a different issue, as long as me and papa can do our best…

Chika: That’s right!

(Taeko and Pedro smile during this conversation.)

Taeko: I guess at this early stage it is nice to relax – I always felt that we were going to go first, but now…

Pedro: Si…Pedro understands. I want to be a good person for my son and hope to do well, and that in the back of my mind, I felt that we could fall like the waters of Niagra. But hopefully…

Taeko: Yeah…it’s a shame for the others though…

(Yes, it is…but not in the way they hoped…)

* * * *


Risa: I hate you.

Riku: I know, you told me 5 minutes ago…

Risa: I know, I just felt you needed reminding.

(Shot of Risa and Riku in an uncomfortable position after being thrown into the van.)



(Hale and Weda aren’t exactly enjoying it either…)

Weda: Couldn’t they have had some room service or something?

Hale: Mom, we’re in a smelly van in a race, what did you expect?

Weda: Smelly van service!

Hale: Geez…I was hoping for some thanks for getting us an advantage…but instead…



(Mirielle and Kirika are silent as they head towards the ferry system, where this led Wataru in the series to his first encounter with his sisters. And this same method will allow our 12 teams to experience the first route marker as Mami explains.)

Mami: 3 Teams have managed to find the van service which heads straight to the island. They will land approximately 20 minutes before the plane does. Each team will find an envelope consisting of a location they have to find.

(Mami picks up one of the envelopes and smiles.)

Mami: However, for this leg, they will have to do a bit more than just find where to go, as they all have different locations…with a specific task to do…

* * * *

(With the three teams in the vans, and the rest on the plane, it seemed like an easy way to get the teams at least together for the moment…because once they arrive on land, it will be a free for all.)

1.30PM – KIRIKA/MIRIELLE (1st place)


(Kirika and Mirielle arrive first to the ferry where another Jiiya is waiting for the boat to be taken over to Promised Island.)

Mirielle: Didn’t we just meet you?

Jiiya: What are you talking about? I’m just an old fisherman as you can plainly see.

(Indeed, this Jiiya no longer have his butler attire and now has an old shirt and khaki shorts.)

Jiiya: But you know, there are at least 3 people in this world that look like you…

Mirielle: Right…

(Mirielle and Kirika get on the ferry boat before the other two teams can catch up to join them. They’ll have to wait until Jiiya returns, and they’d better hurry as the plane will be dropping off PI International at around 2pm, where they will get directions to head to the beach area, where they will get their first route marker.)

(Needless to say…a scream from Weda occurs as she realises she just missed the first ferry…and a following one from Risa a few minutes later makes the misery double…)

Hale/Riku: Oh boy…


Jiiya: …as you can see…

Weda: Yeah, yeah, come on guys and girls, let’s get there!

Hale: Mom…

Risa: You heard her, let’s get on!

Riku: Is this how I’m going to suffer throughout the game?

Hale: Preach it…


Riku: It was nice that we managed to get slightly ahead but the fact that the two women have a slight advantage now may dictate the pace. I’m quite athletic, but I can see that against Mirielle and Kirika I won’t be able to hold my own. So any advantage that they can is a huge disadvantage for us…

* * * *

(Shot of Kirika/Mirielle on the beach now and looking at the envelopes in front of them. However, they are confused about what else has accompanied them…)

Mirielle: O.K, so what are these?

Kirika: They look like pictures of 12 girls Mirielle.

(Once again, Mami narrates as she explains what is going on.)

Mami: For this opening leg, the task at the route marker is quite unique. Each team will have to choose one of the 12 sisters found on this island so they get their individual route marker. When they get there, they will each get the same detour…or if necessary fast forward…but the thing is they have to take their ‘sister’ with them. It should be interesting…

(Back to Kirika/Mirielle, who read the instructions in one of the envelopes…)

Mirielle: Congratulations on getting to the 1st Route Marker. Your next task is to locate one of these 12 girls around the island. Use all knowledge of the area to locate them.

Kirika: So we choose a girl and then we find her, and go from there?

Mirielle: Looks like it.

Kirika: So let’s choose one that we feel we can find…(looks behind her)…and it looks like the other teams are catching up.

Mirielle: Right, right. Let’s see…

(She looks over the 12 girls and picks one photo up, attached with an envelope.)

Mirielle: She looks easy to find.

Kirika: Right.

(They take a picture of a raven haired girl with glasses and open the envelope.)


Mirielle: Let’s find it then!

(Off to the hospital for these two, as Weda/Hale and Riku/Risa begin playing catch up, whilst on the plane, the others are ready to realise they may be in more trouble than they thought…)

* * * *


(The teams have had a quiet talk, some even napping, but as soon as the screeching on the runway hits, the teams are all business…)


(Naruto/Sasuke are off the plane first, following quickly by Shannon/Racquel and Ryo/Hiroki. Yet another Jiiya greets the team – though this is the first one for these guys.)

Jiiya: Welcome to Promised Island. I am here to guide you to your next location.

Sasuke: Where we going old man?

Jiiya: 2000 metres west – the ferry beach. You will get your next clue there.

Racquel: Thank you very much!

Hiroki: Come on Ganmo-chan!

(The three faster teams head off, leaving the others to play catch up. Pedro and Sandora are next to head to Jiiya.)


Pedro: Sandora, let’s go!

Sandora: Right papa!

(Following behind them are Oshige/Wakayoji, then Hiroyuki/Akari, who seem to be running together. Whilst Hiroyuki is fast, Akari isn’t so Hiroyuki ends up slowing down, leaving Oshige and Wakayoji to get ahead…)

Hiroyuki: Come on Akari!

Hiroyuki: Akari is pretty much good at anything…which isn’t athletic. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I would have replaced her as a partner, with anything, but I wondered if Serika’s suggestion to transfer Kotone’s psychic abilities, Aoi’s athletic skills and Lemmy’s English skills should have been attempted…

(Akari speeds up as behind them, Nakahito and Kamahito get into 10th, whilst Kei and Mizuho and Taeko/Chika fight out for last.)

Nakahito: I can’t run as fast as you big brother!

Kamahito: We aren’t taking any risks you know…


Kamahito: For some reason, I sensed something was wrong. Everyone else seemed so relaxed, thinking that the other three teams are far behind. But I felt something was wrong…which is why I don’t want Nakahito to slow down, as there may be a few surprises that I haven’t been aware of yet.

(Behind them, Kei and Mizuho are keeping at a leisurely pace, whilst Chika is slowing down for Taeko to catch up. Despite wearing normal clothing, Taeko still seems to have the old klutz ability to trip on anything that isn’t there…)

Chika: Come on Taeko-neechan!


Taeko: I’ll be alright, let’s just get there…

(Jiiya explains the clue again, and all the teams are now ready to take on the next stage of the game…)

* * * *


Hale: O.K, so we gotta find a girl right?

Weda: Of course!

Hale: As long as you aren’t planning taking this one home either…

Weda: Who do you think I am?

(Hale wisely decides not to answer as they went with Hale’s choice, a beautiful brunette with long pigtails and a mischevious face. Riku and Risa on the other hand…)

Risa: I can’t decide, she’s so cute…but she looks like Dark’s sister…

(Riku snatches one out of Risa’s hand…a picture of a dark turquoise haired girl with dark eyes.)

Risa: Hey!

Riku: Team Jungle have headed on, let’s just go!

(They pick the goth girl, as they look at the envelope…)


Risa: Church it is then!

(Whilst Weda is more in tune with her choice of location…)

Weda: Off to the mall Hale! And we’ve got the money to spend now!

Hale: 1000 Japanese yen? I don’t think we should use it like that mom…

Weda: (thinks) You’re right.

Hale: Really?

Weda: We need to find the off-licence first!

(Hale nearly facefaults but continues running, well aware of Riku’s speed. But in the distance, we see Naruto and Sasuke heading to the beach…and Sasuke’s eye catches them…)

Sasuke: Damn.

Naruto: What Sasuke?

Sasuke: The other teams…they’re ahead of us.

Naruto: You’re kidding! I thought they were left behind!

Sasuke: Well apparently, they’re not. Let’s do this thing.

Naruto: Right!


Naruto: Sometimes we don’t get along, but when we get in sync, me and Sasuke can kick ass. Setbacks are minor in the long term, as long as we can get through them.

(Naruto and Sasuke arrive first, ahead of the next team, Shannon and Racquel, who are just ahead of Ryo and Hiroki…)

Racquel: Really? You think you can give us the recipe when we get back?

Ryo: Sure! I don’t see why not!

Racquel: Winia-chan would be so happy…actually, maybe we can get Pacifica-chan to cook better as well…]

(After Ryo swapped Oden tips for Racquel to use, the second SP in this leg go ahead as Hiroki speeds up.)

Hiroki: You’re just too lovable Ganmo-chan.

(Ryo pouts before heading to catch up. Sasuke and Naruto have already picked one of the girls, a short haired brunette with an energetic face, and are running to catch up with the three teams ahead of them. It appears that Shannon and Ryo have also realised the problem…)

Shannon: So the others got ahead of us?

Ryo: 4 Envelopes gone, and Naruto/Sasuke were the only team ahead of us so…

Shannon: Right – let’s just stay ahead.


Shannon: I’m not going to lose faith this early. We’re doing well despite unaccustomed to this new world. The fact that the three other teams managed to get ahead of us is only a minor setback – we don’t look to the beginning – we look to the end.

Racquel: Ooh, she’s so cute! Can she be her sister?

(Shannon facefaults as Racquel has already picked her sister – a cute looking light blue haired girl with a doll face. Meanwhile, Ryo picks her sister…a long haired black haired girl with a kind face.)

Hiroki: Connect with her Ganmo-chan?

Ryo: I dunno…something just drawn me to her.

Hiroki/Shannon: So where are we going?

Racquel: Let’s see…some place called Candy Mansion.

Ryo: O.K…we’re going to Stargazer’s Piano Shop.

Racquel: O.K, see you later!

Hiroki: If we can find it that is…

* * * *


(Team Noir have already managed to locate the local information centre, headed by ANOTHER Jiiya…)

Mirielle: You know, this joke is getting old…

Jiiya: What joke?

Mirielle: Never mind. Can you tell us where the hospital is?

Jiiya: There’s a map over there young lady – locate it from there, it’s a bit far off so you may want to call a taxi.

(Mirielle looks over it, and at her money. She nods.)

Mirielle: Very well…Kirika?

(Kirika nods and heads over to the phone as Mirielle smiles.)

Mirielle: We know what we are doing. This had to be some sort of tourist island so there had to be an information centre. It wasn’t hard to ask for directions – and now we just have to wait to enjoy the fruits of our quick thinking.

Kirika: O.K, be here in about 5 minutes.

Mirielle: Great work.

(Kirika offers one of her smiles, whilst back at the beach, competition has now become more intense…)

* * * *

(Pedro and Sandora (in 7th place) have already pick a light haired brunette girl and are already hoping to find where to go (FLOWER SHOP) but Oshige/Wakayoji noticed the fact that there are more envelopes gone than there should be…)

Wakayoji: Oh dear.

Oshige: That is right…Akari dear?

(Akari seems a bit tired as Hiroyuki is looking over the envelopes (Oshige has already picked a long haired blunette as her choice – ‘she looks like an idol’) whilst Akari catches up…)

Akari: Y-yes?

Oshige: Keep up. It seems like the 3 teams that were left behind have caught up…

Hiroyuki: Darn it…Akari, let’s…

Akari: KAWAII!

(Akari, bear fanatic, picks a young blonde girl carrying a teddy bear. Hiroyuki sighs…)

Hiroyuki: Right, right…come on, we can’t lose time now…

(Akari spots Kamahito and Nakahito catches up and nods. Akari gets a second wind as they trail the two adults. The three remaining teams behind them as Oshige informs they have to go to the local shrine, whilst Akari head over to the Mr. Teddy Bear shop (which gives her enough incentive to keep up with Hiroyuki). The two shrinesmen however confirm Kamahito’s worst fears…)

Kamahito: 3 envelopes. That means…

Nakahito: Big brother, they are catching up!

(Indeed, Kei and Mizuho are just ahead of Taeko/Chika as they emerge into the beach.)

(Nakahito swipes one envelope without looking, a picture of a brunette with Davis-like goggles on her head.)

Nakahito: To the local garage…

Kamahito: Right.

(The two brothers head off as the married couple and cousins are about to discover their possible fate…)

Kei: Mizuho, you’re not going to believe this!

(Mizuho notices quickly…and gasps)

Mizuho: Come on Kei!

(Mizuho picks the photo of a purple haired girl with a spatula in her hand, as Chika also is in shock.)

Chika: Tae-neechan, you have to get here quick!

(Now, with the dread that last place is now theres, Taeko seems to get a 3rd gear and doesn’t trip as Taeko looks on, and reads the envelope, with the last picture of a light redhead with a magnifying glass.)

Kei: (calling) Café, where’s the café?

Mizuho: Let’s head into the main town – we can ask!

(Chika looks at the envelope and nods…)

Chika: Detective’s club? Where is that?

Taeko: We won’t know until we find out – come on Chika-chan!

(All the teams now have their destination, their own individual route marker. Now, the question is…finding it.)

* * * *

(Shot of Mirielle and Kirika heading out to the hospital as they remain quiet inside the taxi. The driver in particular seems to really there is something eerie about them…)


(Arriving at the hospital, Kirika and Mirielle head into the lobby where they go to the receptionist…)

Kirika: I don’t like hopsitals.

Mirielle: Just be thankful for them in our line of work…

Receptionist: Hello, can I help you?

Mirielle: (friendly) Hello there, we’re looking for a girl who may be here. Kirika?

(Kirika shows the receptionist the photo of the glasses-girl as the receptionist smiles.)

Receptionist: Oh, she’s been waiting over there! Marie?

(The two assassins turn and see a young girl matching the description on the photo. By her is a large Pyreenes dog (not too unlike Tadakichi-san from Azumanga) who the girl is gently stroking. This girl is Marie (pronounced Ma-ree-ay), one of the sisters of the island.)

Marie: Hello there.

Mirielle: Hi.

(Kirika bows)

Marie: Pleased to meet you, my name is Marie. And this is my dog, Michael.

(Michael barks. Kirika bends down to pet him as Michael excepts it.)

Mirielle: I thought you were a cat person…

(Kirika smiles)

(Marie gives them an envelope – this contains the first detour that they will have to do…but for this initial leg, there is a catch.)

Mirielle: Detour: Park or Play.

* * * *

(Back to Mami, as she explains this intriguing detour…)

Mami: A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with it’s own pros and cons. In this detour, teams need to choose between ‘park’ and ‘play.’

(Mami is just outside the recently opened Promised Island Amusement Park where the infamous rollercoaster where Wataru wasn’t exactly as fond of it than his sisters were…Mami continues on…)

Mami: In ‘Park’, they will have to join their sister of choice onto the rollercoaster and enjoy the ride. It is quicker, but do they have the stomach…it is…

(Mami looks up…)

Mami: …rather high.

(A cut-shot shows a theatre stage, where someone in a rather psychadelic outfit is waiting. Mami sighs and continues.)

Mami: In ‘Play’, the team have to reinact a scene from Snow White directed by this numskull Yamada. It is easier as they will have a script, but more time consuming.

(Back to Kirika and Mirielle…)

Kirika: What do you think?

Mirielle: I think speed is the essence here. We need to maintain any advantage we can get. Besides, it’s not like we are not used to high risk…

Kirika: But…

(They both look at Marie – after all, she also has to partake in their choice…and considering where they found her…)

Kirika: Will you be O.K with this?

Marie: Oh absolutely. I was fine with it when Brother Mine was with me…then again, he didn’t seem quite as good…

Mirielle: I see…

Kirika: So where is the amusement park?

Mirielle: Good job we kept the taxi out there…come on!

(Michael barks as they realise they have two more passengers…)

Mirielle: I never realised how little yen can go…

* * * *

(Whilst Kirika and Mirielle maintain their advantage, other teams aren’t exactly having as much luck…)

Weda: Who would have thought a mall is so big?

(Whilst they have found the mall, where their sister could be is more difficult…)

Hale: Well, how many girls look like that around here?

Weda: Keep looking!

(The two split up, whilst Riku/Risa are heading on a bus into town, where the church is located…)

Riku: I said we should have taken a taxi…this is taking too long…

Risa: You know what they said, saving money might be an advantage. Besides, we’re ahead enough anyway, you should worry so much dear sis…

Riku: The scary part of that sentence was that what you said made sense…


(Shannon and Racquel have a relatively easy time locating their choice, as Candy Mansion is almost like a tourist attraction, and Racquel spots a signpost early. They run for a bit before seeing a train coming which leads them there…but…)

Shannon: Why?

Racquel: It looks fun!

Shannon: Maybe if you are that age…

(Shot of another Jiiya leading a group of about 11 children plus Shannon and Racquel, sitting on this ride service heading to Candy Mansion.)

Racquel: Well, it’s cheap, resourceful and…

Shannon: …embarrassing.

(Ryo and Hiroki are not quite as lucky, and in fact, find the mall first…much to a keen eye Hale’s dissappointment…)

Hale: Geez…the baseball guys are here…they’ve caught up…dammit!

??????: My my, a young man shouldn’t use that language.

(Hale looks up, to a very attractive pig-tailed bishoujo. Brunette hair, angelic face, designer shirt and mini-skirt….he does a double-take before realising…)


(That sound catches Weda’s attention, as well as Ryo and Hiroki…)

Ryo: That was Hale! Are we in the wrong place?

Hiroki: Maybe we are looking for the same thing?

Ryo: We need to find the piano shop though…

Jiiya: Piano shop?

(The Jiiya outside the antique shop greets Ryo as he points them south…)

Jiiya: On the edge of town, you’ll find it. Two people who look like me are there, and also…

Ryo: Thanksoldmanseeya!

(The two baseball stars running abilities are already ahead of Jiiya as they head to find the piano shop…)

(The trailing teams are just beginning their journey, and Wakayoji/Oshige and Akari/Hiroyuki seem to be in an unoffical alliance as they both head to the Information Centre, looking for their locations…giving them the advantage so far over Sasuke and Naruto, who are just rushing into the main area.)

Naruto: Man, where are we looking for this biker chick?

Sasuke: It said roller park…whatever that is?

Naruto: We’re just in buildings…where is a park?

Sasuke: (sighs) Sometimes it amazes how everytime you open your mouth you prove you are an idiot?

Naruto: Sassukkk…

(Sasuke is looking at a large map outside the edge of the port…and smiles.)

Sasuke: About a mile and a half north. You think you can keep up?

(Sasuke takes off, with Naruto fuming…)

Naruto: Wait up!

(Back with Oshige-tachi, the two teams are looking through the information to head to their locations, the shrine and the teddy bear shop…though Akari seems to have a sixth sense for these things anyway…^_^)

Akari: O.K, so it’s in the southern part of the mall centre?

Oshige: You guys can walk it, we need to catch a taxi.

Akari: Right, see you later Oshige-san.

Oshige: Hopefully.

(The two youngster leave, as Wakayoji finishes the call.)

Wakayoji: O.K, one is coming. All we have to do is wait…

(The other teams however, are using the map that Sasuke used…and having problems. None of their locations are anywhere and so they revert to the old standby…asking for help.)

Pedro: Excuse me senor? Can you help us? We are looking for a flower shop?

(Despite the heavy South American accent, Pedro’s Japanese seems to at least get through to the locals, as they eventually point out that is in the countryside – it is in fact more of a stall than a shop…)

Sandora: Come on papa…let’s go…

(Sandora looks behind him, a little sad, as Taeko and Chika are also looking for their location…sadly, they don’t get the same help as Pedro did, as no-one seems to be able to find the detective’s club…Taeko’s experience as a photography club member and an occult specialist doesn’t seem to have any effect here…)

(…and what’s worse, we just see Weda and Hale running away, Sakuya in tow…)

Weda: Come on, move it!

Hale: At least you’re quick now…

(Weda begins to call a taxi to head to the amusement park, whilst no such trouble for Kamahito and Nakahito as they go into the direction of the mechanics and Kei/Mizuho locate someone pointing them in the direction of the café…)

Chika: Don’t give up Tae-neechan!

Taeko: I’m trying hard not to…but no-one else seems to know where we need to go…

Chika: Well, we saw an information centre earlier, shall we go there?

Taeko: I don’t think it would help Chika-chan…it’s got to be a school cl…

(Suddenly, eyes light up…)

Taeko: TAXI!

Taeko: A hunch that may work or not…would it be at the school perhaps?

(We’ll see later if Taeko’s hunch is correct…whilst elsewhere, an embarrassed Shannon has made it to tourist trap number 567 and there, the biggest attraction of all…)

????: Shan-ni? Racq-ne?

(Racquel gets overload in cuteness…then again, considering it is Aria who they chose, no surprise…)

Racquel: Wow, she’s so cute! Just like a little Pacifica!

Shannon: Yeah…well…

Racquel: Come on dearie! Where shall we go?

(Aria seems reluctant, but clings onto the arms of Shannon and Racquel like a lost chick. Shannon sighs…)

Shannon: I don’t think we should take the park – a girl this small…plus knowing you, you’d probably prefer dressing up right?

(Racquel nods)

Shannon: (sighs) This better not cost us too much time.

Shannon: Sometimes there is no reasoning with Racquel. I’ll let her be for this time, but if we struggle because of this, I need to make sure we don’t mess up the next time.

* * * *


(Riku and Risa have finally made it and they meet up with their sister…)

Riku: I dunno…I feel she’s better than what I’ve got…

Risa: Ooohhh…you meanie!

(Dark purple hair, gothic clothing with a bishoujo face – Chikage has joined the girls as they also decide on the easier decision, the play.)

Risa: But you know I don’t like amusement parks!

Riku: O.K, O.K…what about you Chikage-chan?

(Chikage holds an apple in her hand, and a tarot card in the other…she spins it and it says ‘The Fool’.)

Risa: Really, what does that mean?

Riku: (sarcastic) It means Kaliedo Star is our next leg…WHAT DO YOU THINK IT MEANS? COME ON…

(Sisterly rivalry…maybe Chikage would benefit from it…)

* * * *

(Shot of Ryo and Hiroki, who are both quite comfortable with their sister after navigating their way through two Jiiyas of course…)

Ryo: So Karen-chan, are you sure you don’t mind?

Karen: Of course not – I love the amusement park!

Hiroki: Maybe it’s you who is worried Ganmo-chan!

Karen: Ganmo-chan?

Hiroki: You see Karen-chan…


(Karen giggles as the two ‘fight’ as they call a cab to head to the amusement park..where Mirielle and Kirika are just about to get there themselves…whilst the other teams are still struggling a bit behind…)

* * * *


(Mirielle and Kirika are at the amusement park, where another Jiiya awaits them…)

Jiiya: …well, they do say there are over 256 people that look…

Mirielle: Yeah yeah…well, are you ready Marie?

Marie: Yes.

(Michael waits as Mirielle and Kirika join Marie on the roller coaster…but as they get started, others are just joining their sisters…)

* * * *

Naruto: About time!

(Naruto and Sasuke have fallen a bit behind, but it isn’t hard to spot Mamoru gliding about on her rollerskates.)

Mamoru: Hey there! You guys picking me up?

(Mamoru’s tomboy looks remind Naruto a little of Sakura, so he turns away from that line…)

Naruto: W-well, n-not like that b-b-but…

Sasuke: I believe you have something for us.

(Mamoru nods as they go through the detour. Without even stopping, Sasuke ushers Naruto in the way of the amusement park, and much to their surprise, Mamoru is able to keep up with them as Sasuke smiles.)

Sasuke: Mamoru-san, I don’t suppose you would consider being a ninja?

Mamoru: Huh?

Sasuke: Well, maybe you got more of what it takes than…

Naruto: Sasuke!

Mamoru: (shakes her head) Thanks for your offer, but I’m not up to it. I guess the only one of us who would be is…

* * * *

Oshige: …so your name is Haruka then?

(Shot of the shrine where Oshige and Wakayoji made without problem thanks to the taxi. Indeed, this bluenette nadesico is pretty strong with her polesword weapon but she is also rather gentle, specialized in the arts of flower-rangings and tea ceremony. Of course, Oshige tried to see if she could be an idol (European market) which was shot down…much to Oshige’s dismay…^_^)

Haruka: (German accent slightly attached) No – it’s is already more of a dream that I am here with beloved brother – I can’t think of moving again…

Wakayoji: So, you don’t mind the park?

Haruka: Not at all!

Oshige: Well…it’s just like you don’t seem the type…plus we are not exactly as young as you…but we do need to keep up…

Haruka: As I said, that is perfectly fine…

(Oshige and Wakyoji head back to their taxi, whilst their partners in crime, Hiroyuki and Akari, are already looking like mother and father, holding kawaii little Hinako’s hands…)

Hiroyuki: You do have a sense for looking for teddy bears don’t you Akari?

Akari: Eh heh…well…

Hinako: That’s O.K! Hina is happy that nice girl found her for this!

Akari: But…are you sure you don’t mind going on the amusement park? I mean…

Hinako: Hina isn’t scared!

Hiroyuki: (slyly) Maybe it isn’t Hinako that is scared…

(Akari doesn’t answer, just tightens her grip on Hinako’s hand…)

Akari: I have a fear of heights…so choosing this wasn’t exactly a good idea for me…even more so when we got Hinako. But Hiroyuki-chan wanted us to get ahead, and I trust him more than anyone…

(Also, after an exhausting search, Pedro and Sandora find the flower stand where Kaho is waiting.)

Kaho: Hello there!

Sandora: Hi there Senorita!

Pedro: Young lady, can you join us for a trip to the amusement park? We need your help please…

Kaho: Sure, hang on a sec!

(Kaho takes off her apron, and naturally, trips over.)

Kaho: Owwie…

Sandora: Are you O.K?

Kaho: Yeah, Kaho is fine. (She does a ‘ganbare’ gesture – where she breathes and does a chicken like movement like she does in the 1st episode of SP (Tomoyo also does this in CCS during the time card episode when she is encouraging Sakura in the recorder test)) Let’s go!

(Pedro rushes off to make sure their taxi hasn’t left them…as meanwhile…)

* * * *

(At the amusement park, Mirielle and Kirika are getting strapped in as Marie sits in between them. Jiiya gets ready for them to drop…)

Jiiya: And go!

(The sheer drop causing Marie to squeal, and Mirielle also gets one in. Kirika doesn’t make a sound, as they descend to the ground, successful in their detour.)

Mirielle: Wow, been a while since I had some fun…

Kirika: Was that fun?

Mirielle: We need you to get out more.

Marie: Thank you.

(Michael barks as Jiiya hands them the envelope.)

Mirielle: Congratulations – you have completed the detour. Head straight to the Welcome House for the Pit Stop.

Kirika: Let’s go!

Marie: Yes!

(The three girls hope their cab hasn’t deserted them, as they are way ahead of the rest of the flock…)

* * * *

Mizuho: So this is French food?

Shirayuki: That’s right!

(A quick snack and an appetiser is enough to get the married couple – looks like no relaxation now as they head over to wait for a taxi to head to the amusement park.)

Kei: Do you think we can make it?

Mizuho: We should…as long as we don’t have any slip-ups…

(Kei nods, and nervously reaches his head…)

Kei: I’m always worried at the back of my mind is the possibility of a standstill, even now, but as long as Mizuho is with me, I think I can be alright…

(Also heading there are our brother two in Kamahito and Nakahito, though they have chosen a rather more unusual form of transport…)

Nakahito: I appreciate this Rinrin-san, but…

(Shot of Nakahito and Kamahito riding on top of a giant robot, also there is the girl with goggles, Rinrin, smiling.)

Rinrin: No worries, I got bro’s funding this morning so I can take you guys there without much of a problem.

Kamahito: See Nakahito, maybe getting along with a girl your age who is into making robots rather than a girl older who is a robot…

Nakahito: Sometimes I have to wonder which one of us is the elder one…

* * * *

(Shannon and Racquel are already at the theatre, where Yamada has been in delight in getting them into costumes…well, one of them…)

Yamada: My, I would have never thought of you to be a wicked witch?

(Racquel, dressed in all black, making her a definite hit for the goth market, just smiles, not realising Yamada’s slobbering. Shannon on the other hand, sighs at his prince costume.)

Shannon: You know, I’m not all that comfortable with…

Racquel: KYAHHH!!

(Out comes Aria…dressed in a white dress, playing the role of Snow White. Racquel goes into a Michelle like mode whenever she sees anything cute (especially Hisami or Junior) but strains herself not to glomp her – Aria looks like a doll and is pretty much as delicate as one.)

Aria: Shannon…niiya?

(Even Shannon can’t resist this as he takes a script from Yamada…)

Shannon: Fine fine, which scene?

Yamada: Confrontation by the witch, with the prince ready to take her own…

Shannon: Haven’t you got this confused with Sleeping Beauty?

Yamada: Dunno. Last time we did this, it was kind of a free for all…

Shannon: Not a director person then?

Yamada: Come on! Seeing Haruka, Karen, Sakuya, Chikage like that…and I guess Yotsuba too…

* * * *

(And speaking of Yotsuba…Taeko and Chika, exhausted, finally make it to the school…but at what cost?)

Taeko: We’re not going to make it are we?

Chika: We are not giving up hope now Taee-chan!

Taeko: We picked the wrong one…no-one knew where it was and now…

???????: Checkii! Found two suspicious and rather depressed looking ladies!

(Cue our favourite, Yotsuba with her trademark magnifying glass, and aside from Aria’s ‘niiya’, I’m sticking with checkii rather than the English equivilent. Mind you, hearing the English translations can be fun…)

Yotsuba: What’s wrong?

Taeko: Oh…hi. We kind of messed up…

Yotsuba: Oh, are you sure?

Taeko: Yeah…why?

Yotsuba: Never give up when there always is a second chance! Checkii!

Taeko: What do you mean?

(Yotsuba holds the envelope – yep, the detour is there, but on the back, she reveals something the girls forgot about…)

Chika: The fast forward!

Yotsuba: (nodding) Checkii!

Chika: Come on Tae-neechan, we still have a chance!

(Taeko’s eyes light up for a moment, but shakes her head…)

Taeko: What if someone has already gone for it?

Chika: I don’t think they will this early. And truth, I wouldn’t have either, but seeing you down like this Tae-neechan, we need to get you back in spirit. And it’s not like we have nothing to lose…

Yotsuba: You should listen to her! Buck up!

(Taeko’s angst seems to slide away gradually before…)

Taeko: Oh what the heck…come on Chika-chan! Yotsuba-chan, show us what we have to do!

Yotsuba: Checkii! (she looks at it…and then sweatdrops…) Um…maybe you should have had Sakuya or Haruka for this…

Taeko: Why?

Yotsuba: Well…

(Shot of a dance hall, where Mami narrates once more…)

Mami: There’s only one fast forward hidden on each leg of the race. The first team that finds it can skip all tasks and go directly to the Pit Stop. However, once a team uses the Fast Forward, that team can never use another one for the rest of the race, so they need to decide when it’s most advantageous to go for it.

(Another sweep around the dance hall as Mami explains the FF for the SP leg.)

Mami: For this leg, the team that choose it have to reinact the ballroom dance done by An-chan and Haruka-chan during the ceremony. After they have done that, they can go directly to the Pit Stop.

(A second chance and wind granted, Taeko, Chika and Yotsuba head back to call a cab and head to the Hall Centre, where they can perform the dance…)

* * * *


(Shot of Ryo/Hiroki rushing, Karen in tow, who is clutching both of their hands…)

Hiroki: Don’t get jealous Ganmo-chan!

Ryo: Don’t suppose there is a morgue around here?

Karen: I suppose we could find a crevice or something…

(Obvious MG and VA references aside, they head to the roller coaster, and get the nod from Jiiya. Karen sits in between them as they get ready to take the drop…)


Hiroki: A good start for us I think – the detour wasn’t difficult, and we got a good girl with us – I don’t think things will run that smoothly throughout the race, but we can be satisfied with the good start.

(The Princess 9 duo complete it (Ryo and Karen in unison screaming with Hiroki joining in as well) and land safely. Jiiya lets them off and gives them the envelope.)

Karen: Going back to big brother!

Hiroki: Lead the way Karen-chan!

Karen: Right!

(Meanwhile, back at the theatre, after a few practices…)

* * * *

Shannon: Begone foul witch!

Racquel: Oh my…

(Whilst Racquel is one for dressing, acting on the other hand…but it seems Yamada doesn’t mind anyway. They finally get through it…just in time to see Riku and Risa heading there with Chikage…Yamada eeps…)

Yamada: Ch-Chikage-chan!

Chikage: Yo.

(Risa eyes bug out though seeing Shannon and Racquel ahead of them…)

Risa: What?

Racquel: Hi there!

Shannon: Are we done?

Yamada: Y-yeah. Dress out and I’ll give you the clue…

(Racquel nods as she helps Aria out of her sleeping beauty state, as once again, she becomes the duckling to her new big brother and sister, almost as soon as they leave, Riku gets the script.)

Riku: So what do we do?

Yamada: Pick a scene – any scene…please…

(Chikage just smiles as Yamada gulps and sweatdrops at the same time…Risa has already picked out a dress to play the princess…)

Risa: As you can see sis, I’m the true princess!

Riku: Right…and so does that make me the…

(She looks at Chikage, at the script, and does the Goku hand behind the head pose…)

Riku: Um…would you be the prince or the…

(Chikage smiles)

Chikage: I don’t mind.

Riku: I guess it’s bad to ask what could be a stereotype…(evil smile)…wait a minute…that might be a good thing…Chikage-chan, can you improvise a little…

Risa: Hey wait…what are you planning?

(Riku just grins as Risa wonders what the heck she got into to…)

* * * *

(At the same time that Hale/Weda and Oshige/Wakayoji make it to the amusement park, Taeko/Chika are heading to the dance hall, fortunately not too far from the school.)


Taeko: I guess let’s do this!

Chika: Right!

(Mami is now there, overseeing the dance, as they both have to do it with Yotsuba at a time. Chika volunteers first as Yotsuba (who seems nervous) obliges.)

Mami: And…one two, one two…

(Yotsuba is no Karen or Haruka when it comes to the two step, fortunately Chika is enthuastic and Yotsuba gets into it. Chika is a natural on the dance floor, and it isn’t long before Mami passes them. Of course, now Taeko has to do it…)

Taeko: O.K…I can do this!

Yotsuba: Please make my poor feet come through this…

(Taeko takes a deep breath and nods. It takes a couple of attempts, but the feeling of not failing means that Taeko can complete it. After a successful dance, Mami heads over to them.)

Mami: Well done ladies, here is your reward.

(Mami hands the fast forward to Chika who opens it.)

Chika: Congratulations, you have won the fast forward. Head directly to Stargazer’s Mansion.

Yotsuba: Come on guys, brother dearest is waiting!

Chika: Come on, taxi!!!

(The girls head out – but as you can see the fast forward doesn’t necessary mean a victory…)

* * * *


(Shot outside the mansion where a mat with the words ‘SISTER PRINCESS’ inhabit the outside. And also outside is their big brother, beloved brother, brother darling, bro-bro or whatever translation ADV come up with, Wataru Minakami.)

Wataru: This is the pit stop for the leg. The last team which arrive her will be eliminated from the race.

(Behind him, Lilith has taken to napping whilst Eve stands beside Wataru…)

Wataru: (sweatdrops) Any jokes about sisterly love like that other girl did cannot be happening!

(Yep, first Yami in joke of the season…but before Eve can smile any more than she already done, we hear the pitter patter of little feet…and a bark.)

Wataru: Marie-chan!

(Indeed, Mirielle and Kirika are already there, successful in their good start, not forcing to run too fast either so Marie can keep up without collapsing on them. Michael is beside them as the assassin duo smile as they reach the mansion. Marie hugs Wataru as Mirielle and Kirika hit their feet on the ‘SISTER PRINCESS’ mat.

Mirielle: A good start?

Wataru: Definitely. Mirielle and Kirika, congratulations, you are team number one.

Mirielle: We’ll take that.

(Kirika pats Mirielle on the shoulder with a smile on her face as the Causcian smiles back.)

Mirielle: Let’s keep it that way.

Kirika: Right.

* * * *


Oshige: Wheeeeeee!!!

(Oshige returns to being a little girl as she takes her trip on the roller coaster with Haruka and Wakayoji. The Prince of Route L doesn’t seem too bothered by it. Waiting behind them are a peed off Weda whilst Hale just shakes his head, and then notices Akari and Hiroyuki (Hiroyuki carrying Hinako on his back) running up.)

Hale: Crap!

Jiiya: O.K, done!

Wakayoji: Thank you sir, let’s head back to the cab and to this Stargazer’s Mansion.

Sakuya: Haruka-chan, say hi to dear brother for me!

(Haruka nods, and they wave to Akari and Hiroyuki as they queue for the park. Hale and Weda get on next and also do the task, with both mother and son screaming like they are both 10 years old. Sakuya joins in for the hell of it.)

Akari: Well, looks like there hasn’t been as much difference as we thought.

Hiroyuki: As long as we can keep it this way…

(Hale and Weda run off at the speed of light, nearly forgetting that Sakuya was with them. Akari on the other hand, seems a bit nervous…)

Akari: Hiroyuki-chan…I’m not sure…

Hiroyuki: Akari, you can do this.

Hinako: That’s right Akari-nechan, let’s go…

(Akari sees Hinako, breathes out and smiles.)

Akari: O.K, Hinako-chan…

* * * *

Yamada: O.K, that’s fine…

(Riku stands proud as even Chikage stiffles a chuckle at Riku’s…improvisation.)


(It seems that Riku using ‘magic’ seemed to end up on Risa’s face…accidentally of course…)

Risa: All right, I’ll kill you after we complete this leg!

Riku: You do that and we lose…

Risa: Gah…

(They take the envelope of Yamada, as the lagging teams (unaware of Chika and Taeko taking the fast forward) are starting to head to the park…one of them really unhappy at the way they missed out on finding Mamoru…)

* * * *


Naruto: You got us lost!

Sasuke: I thought it would have been better if we travelled on foot, we can move nearly as fast as human transportation.

Naruto: Yes, but did you forget something?

(As Sasuke pointed out earlier, Mamoru isn’t a ninja. What he forgot was no matter how fast, athletic and agile Mamoru is, she still isn’t their level, so when they were navigating around, they forgot to keep at Mamoru’s pace…)

Mamoru: I’m…sorry guys…

Naruto: (kind) It’s not your fault Mamoru-chan…Sasuke, she isn’t a Sakura, Ino or Hinata…

Sasuke: They’re all weak as well…

Naruto: Damn it…look, we’re here now…I carried Mamoru to catch us up, and then you took a wrong turn without listening to her!

Sasuke: Our speed should still…

(A taxi goes by, and we can clearly see that Pedro and Sandora are in it. Sasuke’s keen eyes see it as well…)

Sasuke: Damn.

Naruto: (sarcastic) Damn, he says…well, I’m not going to swear in front of a lady…so let’s just get on with it!

(Just behind them as well, Kei and Mizuho are slowly becoming nervous…)

Kei: I don’t know what’s going to happen now…I don’t know where we are…

Shirayuki: I think it’s just best to let things go as they are, there isn’t anything you can do about it, just hope for the best! That’s what elder brother always said!

Mizuho: Shame my relatives aren’t quite as straight forward as yours…

Kei: Don’t suppose you can forward a message to your mom now could you? Any help would be welcome…

Mizuho: Sorry Kei, we’re on our own – so let’s head over to the amusement park now…

Kei: Mizuho…

(Kei leans in and relaxes on Mizuho’s shoulder. Shirayuki smiles as Mizuho does as well…)

Mizuho: Whatever happens I will always love Kei. We never came here just to see if we can win, we are hoping to strength our bond as well. Whether it is 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, as long as we are strong, we can do anything.

* * * *



(At this time, the second team arrive…)

Wataru: Chika and Taeko, you are in second.

Yotsuba: Waah! Someone still beat us! Oh, hi brother dearest!

Wataru: (sweatdrops) You change moods quick Yotsuba…

Taeko: Well…I still feel better anyway.

Chika: That’s right! We can build from here!

(Chika hugs Taeko and then hugs Yotsuba. Just behind them, another team are just behind them…)

Wataru: Ah, Karen-chan!

Karen: Big brother!

(Karen runs from Ryo and Hiroki and gets a giant hug from Wataru (the only girl who seems to get away with it the easiest). Ryo and Hiroki smile as they join them, even more when they see Chika and Taeko.)

Hiroki: Hey ladies.

Chika: Hi!

Wataru: Talk later – Ryo and Hiroki, you are team number three.

Ryo: That’s a good start!

(Ryo and Hiroki high five as the two teams with their sisters join Kirika and Mirielle in the mansion. For the time being, it’s relax-o-vision.)

* * * *



(The skills of Mecha-Rinrin allow them to get ahead of Naruto/Sasuke, forced to wait behind. No sign of Kei and Mizuho, but Pedro and Sandora are running fast, Pedro carrying Kaho as Naruto sees them…)

Naruto: Come on!

(Kamahito is stoic as they slam down the roller coaster, but Nakahito and Rinrin screams their lungs out.)

Nakahito: That was fun!

Rinrin: Wasn’t it?

Kamahito: I guess…

(They get the clue and hop back on Mecha-rinrin, as Naruto and Sasuke look in awe…)

Naruto: Wow.

Mamoru: Rinrin-chan, you’re amazing!

(Rinrin winks as they rush past Pedro and Sandora, who don’t blink (after all, they are used to weird stuff happening) as Naruto and Sasuke head on the coaster, and never experiencing it before, Naruto (and Mamoru) follow Nakahito and Rinrin’s lead, with Sasuke apparently following Kamahito’s.)

Jiiya: You pass.

Naruto: Now, shall we take a cab?

Sasuke: No – we don’t know how long we are, and for all we know, those two men are last. Mamoru?

Mamoru: Right.

(This Mamoru hops onto Sasuke’s back…and…)

Sasuke: Oh…sorry.

Naruto: Huh?

Sasuke: I’m saying sorry to Mamoru…and to you I guess. It was my fault…and we can’t slip up any more. This time, we are getting there – no fuss.

(Sasuke closes his eyes…)

Sasuke: The power of the shrine men are in that direction. Mamoru, you know the way?

Mamoru: Of course!

Sasuke: Let’s go!

Naruto: (smiling) Right!

(The rivals begin tracking Mecha-Rinrin as Pedro and Sandora get ready to head on the coaster…just as a taxi comes up…with Kei and Mizuho.)

Kei: (exiting) We still have a chance – I see Pedro and Sandora!

Mizuho: Kei, let’s get there quickly, this is a priority one!

(Shirayuki holds the taxi as they begin running. Pedro and Sandora finish the detour and get the envelope. They head over to their taxi whilst Kei and Mizuho try to get there as fast as possible…)

Kei: Let’s do it…ARGGH!

Mizuho: Kei!

(Kei clutches the ground, holding his head…)

Kei: Not now…NOT NOW!

Mizuho: Kei!

Mizuho: Please no…

(Kei seems to be having a modified standstill attack. Mizuho goes over to Kei and clutches him to her body. Kei gets through some gritted teeth screams, Mizuho holding him close.)

Mizuho: Kei, don’t get beat this way! We can do this…this is a priority one!


(Kei screams once more before tears and heaved breathing come through. Mizuho relaxes as Kei seems to be O.K…physically.)

Kei: DAMMIT! Why now? Why do I get these at the most crucial moments?

(Ahead, Pedro and Sandora are long gone. Kei’s tears are heavy now…)

Kei: Just when we have a shred of hope, something takes it away…why does it…

(Mizuho hugs Kei tightly as Kei opens his eyes…)

Mizuho: Stop it Kei.

Kei: Mizuho…

Mizuho: It’s something that couldn’t be helped. It’s not your fault and no-one can blame you for anything. So please…don’t collapse on me…not now…not ever…

(Shot of Mizuho’s face, as tears are running out that pretty face of hers…)

Mizuho: So Kei…let’s show that adversity doesn’t get in the way of our relationship…

Kei: Mizuho…

(Mizuho holds out a hand to Kei as the younger man takes it as the alien lifts him into a standing position…)

Mizuho: Now, let’s show them. Let’s finish this race.

Kei: Yeah…(smiles)…it’s a priority one.

(Mizuho smiles as they walk hand in hand back to their taxi…)

* * * *


(Back at the Welcome House, another team makes it through…)

Shannon: I hope never to relive that…

Racquel: Come on, you can never resist a pretty face right?

Shannon: (shrugs) I guess…

(Shot of Racquel holding Aria’s hand, Aria holding Shannon’s sleeve as Wataru comes in view. Aria immediately lets go…)

Aria: Niiya…

Wataru: Hello Aria-chan.

(Aria nods once as Wataru takes care of business…)

Wataru: Shannon and Racquel, you are team number four.

Racquel: Quite good considering we took the slower route.

Shannon: I guess.

(Racquel just smiles as Aria heads over to Wataru, just another team heads behind them…)

Oshige: Geez, we can’t keep up with her!

Wakayoji: Youngsters today…

(Haruka is leading the senior team as she heads towards the mat.)

Haruka: Beloved brother!

(Wataru looks up after talking with Aria as Haruka is out of breath. Wataru smiles as she comes up and gives him a hug whilst Oshige and Wakayoji join Racquel and Shannon on the mat.)

Wataru: Oshige and Wakayoji, you are team number 5.

Oshige: Whoo hoo!

(Oshige hugs Wakayoji, and then hugs Haruka. Shannon just sighs.)

* * * *



(Shot of Naruto and Sasuke flying through the ground, following a combination of Kamahito’s power trace and Mamoru’s instructions.)

Naruto: Come on, let’s do it! You holding O.K Mamoru-chan?

Mamoru: This is like flying! How do you guys do it?

Sasuke: Because we’re ninjas.

Mamoru: Oh right!

(On Mecha Rin-rin, Kamahito feels something…)

Kamahito: Hmm, what was that?

Nakahito: Big brother?

Kamahito: I just felt a presence flying by here…(shrugs)…must have been my imagination…

* * * *


(Shot as the next team make it in there…and two arguing teams behind them…)

Hiroyuki: Guys…are you sure you need to do that here?

Akari: Hiroyuki-chan…

Wataru: (sweatdrops) Akari and Hiroyuki, you are team number six.

Hiroyuki: That’s fine but…

(Wataru doesn’t know how to comment on the scene behind them, partly because Hinako has clung to his back, and partly…)

Sakuya: You know, I wonder if we got the short end of the stick?

Chikage: I don’t know…(turns over the Fool card again)…I think it was worth it.

Sakuya: Yeah?

(Shot as Weda and Risa are running ahead, trying to see who can get ahead. A combination of Risa choosing the slower detour and not getting on with it, and Weda and Hale getting lost in the mall meant this two teams couldn’t take advantage of the van route they found…but one thing they still have…)

Weda: We’re getting ahead!

Risa: Not so fast!

(Which is exactly what Risa is…not fast. Weda easily beats her and proclaims victory…but…)

Weda: Huh? Aren’t you going to do that congratulations thing?

Wataru: (nervously) Well…both team members have to be on the mat…

Weda: WHAT? Hey, where…

(Shot of Hale and Riku just slowly jogging behind them, both embarrassed by their partner’s antics…)

Hale/Riku: And we have to deal with this everyday…

Risa: Sis, we can beat them to it!

Weda: Hale, what are you doing?

(Hale and Riku answer that by jumping on the mat together…)

Riku: I think this works…

Wataru: Well…um…Riku and Risa, Weda and Hale, you guys are joint 7th…8th…er….


(Hale hides behind Riku as mother gets angry…)

* * * *


Pedro: Well, can we do this Sandora?

Sandora: (turning back) I don’t see senior Kei and senorita Mizuho behind us…I guess I do feel for them…

Pedro: Their loss is our gain Sandora…as much as it isn’t nice to say that, we need to get used to it…because I don’t want to be here again…

Kaho: That’s right! You must always aim for the top…whether you like it or not…

Sandora: That’s right Miss Kaho!

Kaho: Thank you…

(A fair bit behind them, Kei and Mizuho sit in their taxi, holding hands, not saying anything…nothing needs to be said…)

* * * *


(Nakahito, gentleman as he is, helps Rinrin off Mecha-Rinrin…but then…)

Kamahito: Nakahito, run!

Nakahito: Why?

Kamahito: Trust me!

(Nakahito doesn’t argue, but starts running. Rinrin is confused but also follows. However, they suddenly realise why…)

Naruto: (distance) Move it, move it, move it!

Kamahito: No…

Nakahito: We may be last so start running!

Kamahito: O.K…

(Kamahito and Nakahito run, but despite already running quite a bit, Naruto and Sasuke are still faster, even with Mamoru clinging to Sasuke’s back. In fact, she’s now jumped off and is now running with them, using her trademark roller blades to keep up with the two ninjas. The two shrinesmen fail to beat them to the entrance as Mamoru skates around Wataru as he congratulates them…as Sasuke and Naruto collapse.)

Wataru: Sasuke and Naruto, you are team number 9.

Naruto: We won’t get that low again…

(Sasuke sighs, and looks over at Mamoru, chatting to big bro. Sasuke shakes his head.)

Sasuke: Not all brother relations are like that…

(Nakahito and Kamahito are disappointed as they arrive. Wataru greets Rinrin and does his thing.)

Wataru: Nakahito and Kamahito, you are team number 10.

(They breathe a sigh of relief.)

Nakahito: Close call.

Kamahito: Doesn’t get much closer.

* * * *


(Shot of Shirayuki handing them something.)

Shirayuki: Here.

Kei: What’s this?

Shirayuki: A couple of pasties. I was going to give one of them to elder brother and one for myself, but I think you need them more now…

(The couple unwrap them – they are two heart shape pastries as Kei smiles.)

Kei: Thank you Shirayuki-san.

(Shirayuki blushes as Mizuho leans over and gives Shirayuki a kiss on the cheek. The Iron Chef nearly begins to cry but she holds in her tears as they approach the mansion, the result clear but their hearts never changing…)

* * * *


Wataru: Pedro and Sandora, you are team number 11.

(A huge sigh of relief from father and son)

Pedro: We made it Sandora…

Sandora: Now, we have to get better…

Pedro: Where are the mighty powers that be inside me?

Lilith: Not allowed remember?

(Eve just smiles…)

(A mighty ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’ echoes the mansion…)

(Shot of Riku playing cards with Hale, Chika and Karen.)

Chika: Looks like Pedro made it…

* * * *


(Finally, we see Kei and Mizuho come into the mansion. Shirayuki runs to the mat holding Wataru’s arm as Eve and Lilith greet them. Kei and Mizuho know what is coming, but despite it, they are smiling.)

Lilith: Kei and Mizuho…you are the last team to arrive. Unfortunately, you have been eliminated from the race.

(They both nod.)

Kei: That is fine.

Mizuho: We failed here, but in life, we are just starting. And we won’t give up.

Kei: That’s right.

(Lilith and Wataru nod as the first team has been eliminated.)

Kei: That’s right. We’ve been through so much in our short time together, that something like this isn’t going to beat us. I feel bad because we may have been able to catch up if it wasn’t for my flashback feeling, but Mizuho accepted that immediately. I can’t imagine for a more wonderful partner.

Mizuho: Just because we came last doesn’t mean as a team we didn’t work together. Things happen, and I certainly know about that, which can ruin hard work. This time, it was a spell of bad luck. However, we won’t be detered.

Keri: Our lives are not going to be run all our life. The future is calling us, and we know we can improve together. This was just the first step in doing so.

Mizuho: And we will return back to our life – that is indeed a priority one!

(A closing shot of Kei and Mizuho kissing as episode 1 of the third installment of the Animemazing race concludes…)

* * * *

Next time on The Animemazing Race 3;

Author’s notes;

Ouch…I just realised what you have to go through doing one of these. I’m not sure yet which is more difficult – a race, a mole, a survivor or a murder game? I’ll get back to you on that…

So this opening chapter – not too unexpected. You know what they say, I started so I’ll finish? So finished MG2 on Sister Princess, and get started with it whilst it is still in people’s heads. After watching the first DVD, as you can see, I decided to include the English versions of how they refer to their brother rather than onii-chan, onii-sama and the rest. It’s just amusing some of them (Hinako’s bro-bro being a particular ‘favourite’ of mine…) as are Tiffany Grant’s and Luci Christian’s German and British accents. Damn you Luci…now the stereotype of my homeland has been destroyed…again…at least Marielle Ortiz doesn’t take it with French girl Aria (then again, considering Aria speaks so little…).

I think a lot of you will recognise that Karen and Ryo have the same VA – Hilary Haag of course. Hilary has played quite a few great characters both in the past (Ryo/Yukina/Nene) and in the present (Rosette/Chloe/Karen) – nice to see her in the lead role again and considering her last lead gave her huge recognition (Ryo in P9) – it’s a good sign for SP, though I love her Rosette in Chrono Chrusade.

Speaking of Chrono Chrusade, it was one of the many shows I considered which unfortunately didn’t go through. I say this because of Riku’s comment about Kaliedo Star, as the reference to Chikage’s card, ‘The Fool’, was an obvious reference to Sora’s little ‘helper’. If I had come across Chrusade, Kaliedo Star and Comic Party earlier, all three would have probably have been in. Inuyasha however was always out…(Number 3 in the top 25 in Newtype USA and Nadesico was nowhere in the top 25?)

Get used to Lilith’s little sounds - pyun pyun – she tries to be cute and this is a pouting sound, she uses these sounds at the end of an episode of Yamibou…of course, I’m too busy fawning over Eve…

I changed the ending from my original plan (Taeko/Chika winning the leg via FF) and adding a few MG jokes in there that Taeko knew the area like the back of her hand. (There were a few MG jokes in there, like the crevice and the number of the line that the plane was on) In the end, it showed just how far behind they were that Kirika and Mirielle won the leg. Can they manage to get out of that prediciment?

Sadly, Kei and Mizuho didn’t. Always hard to choose a team to go first, and in the end, they had the bad luck of Kei suffering an attack. I gave them their moment though at the end, so I hope Onegai Teacher fans enjoyed that. Just make sure not to touch Twins with a 10 feet barge poll…

So make sure you are here for the next leg – and a hint for the leg, well, be there or be square! It’s an iron clad rule for gals (and guys)!