Episode 2: Any assertion is better than none!

And yes, we have episode 2. And after a hectic period, we return to our regular scheduled programming.

Last leg of course was based on a series that was fresh in people’s minds (at least I hope so) after my last reality series. This one however is a definition of a sleeper hit – especially because like Adam who discovered something that he had to buy (Princess Nine boxset) based on recommendation, the same for me at Amecon.

It was the bring and buy – and there was something decent things (including a pile of Saint Tail manga for £2 which I did get) but nothing spectacular.

And then…all 6 DVDs for £50 – for Supergals.

Supergals I had only learned of passing, mainly on AnimeOnDVD – it was in particularly well liked for an excellent dub, with Kira Vincent Davis in particular winning many plaudits (she was the voice of Ruri in Nadesico and managed to defy many skeptists that Osaka couldn’t be dubbed in Azumanga Daioh) as Miyu. I pondered, but with my friend Nadesico Kitty also pondering, it was cash first, moan later.

Boy I didn’t moan.

It is such a great hilarious series, Ran is the gal, and some stellar work both in Japanese and English (Luci rules, as does Jason Douglas as Tatsuki. Plus this was the first role I heard Greg Ayres in as poor Yuya…) makes it a top show. Licence the 2nd Season already ADV!

Yep, despite competition from Comic Party, Gunslinger Girl and Kaliedo Star as my favourite series I had only seen in 2004, it was Supergals which took the award in my eyes. (Except for Akazukin Chacha, but that was first made in 1995 and wasn’t dubbed – fat chance of it getting licenced as well…darn…) At this time, Supergals was nominated for best dub of the year. Whilst the results are probably in (which I predict Azumanga Daioh will sweep it, with Read or Die TV being it’s main competitor…I voted for Angelic Layer myself though…), it was great that this sleeper hit was voted by the fans to stand a chance in a year where dubs have shone more than ever, and hope to continue that way.

(NOTE: Sadly, it did poorly with RODTV winning and AD second with Last Exile third – hoped it would have a strong showing to get a chance of licencing the second half…double darn…)

Anyway, read it, and learn the iron clad rules for gals!

* * * *

(Shot of the large mansion where Mami narrates one more time, she’s looking over the island and breathing in the sea air. It’s night time, and we can see Chikage stargazing with her tarot cards in the far shot as well…)

Mami: This is the Welcome House, a place where 13 ‘sisters’ and one ‘brother’ reside... and for today, the 1st Pit Stop in the race. Teams arrived here at the end of the last leg for a mandatory rest period.

(Shot of a previous scene, where we see Shirayuki, Akari and Hale cooking up a storm…)

Mami: This allows them to eat…

(Shot of a dinner table where Weda and Oshige battle each other in the alcohol stakes…)

Mami: …drink…

(Shot of Chika trying to get into ‘big brothers’ room a la AYA…with Sakuya chaining the doors…

Mami: (sweatdrops) …sleep…

(Another shot of a great sparring match between Haruka and Sasuke, Mamoru rollerblading around them as a ref as Naruto cheers Haruka (of course…). Sasuke eventually ‘wins’ by forcing Haruka out of the ring to a standing ovation, and some boggled eyes from Pedro…)

(Another shot of Karen and Ryo sparking a sisterly friendship as Wataru and Hiroki speak on the far side, Aria and Hinako playing with Risa and Riku….yep, it’s real cute!)

Mami: …and mingle and relax however they want. Because soon…owwww!

(Lillith has ‘bumped’ Mami out of the way as the 13th sister glares at the hatted girl…)

Mami: Hey! What gives?

Lillith: Sorry girlfriend, but this is my gig, so I don’t think any imposter can stop me…hey, where are you?

(She suddenly realises that the camera isn’t looking at her, and instead, looking at Eve doing a Belldandy, looking into the sky, her hands glowing.)


(Whilst two sisters argue who don’t live on the island, Mami takes the reign again…)

Mami: Anyway… The 11 teams waiting here have no idea what's in store

for them. They have to figure out for themselves how to get to the next

yellow and red route marker by solving clues they'll find in sealed


(Shot of Mirielle and Kirika, wide awake – it’s the middle of the night but they are wide awake. Note: Yes, they both did sleep in the same bed…not that they are implying anything (insert Monica Rials: Of course not snugglebum…anyone who hasn’t found the sock puppet sketch on DVD5…find it now to know what the hell I’m on about…) of course, it was a sensible shot after all, but aside from some messy Kirika hair, the two are wide awake, and ready to take on the world…as usual.)

Mami: …Kirika and Mirielle came in first, they finished the last leg at 3.20pm…

(Mirielle and Kirika head to the route marker, where Chikage is waiting…with now what appears to be envelope cards, not tarot cards.)

Mami: …so they must leave at 3.20am.

(Mami yawns and gets ready to turn in for the night…)

Mami: Time for the Supergals leg to begin!

* * * *


Akari/Hiroyuki – Childhood Friends – To Heart

Kei/Mizuho – Married Couple – Onegai Teacher - ELIMINATED

Hale/Weda – Mother & Son – Jungle Wo Hatsumo Hale Nochi Guu

Kirika/Mirielle – Working Partners – Noir

Nakahito/Kamahito – Brothers – Steel Angel Kurumi

Naruto/Sasuke – Rivals – Naruto

Oshige/Wakayoji – Full Moon wo Sagashite

Pedro/Sandora – Father & Son – Excel Saga

Riku/Risa – Twin Sisters – D N Angel

Ryo/Hiroki – Dating Couple – Princess Nine

Shannon/Racquel – Stepsiblings – Scrapped Princess

Taeko/Chika – Cousins – Ai Yori Aoshi


(Mirielle and Kirika nod as they head to the northern point of the cliff where Chikage doesn’t reveal the hanged man card, the death card, or even the God of Obelisk card…it’s just a white card indicated what they have to do now.)

Mirielle: So what now?

(Kirika takes the card, amazingly doesn’t remove Chikage’s head with it,(maybe because she sounds familiar) and reads it.)

Kirika: Head to Bukuro. Choice of ferry trip or plane trip.

Mirielle: Really? Which is better?

(Kirika shrugs, before looking at the back of the card, where a timetable is ready for both forms of transporation. Chikage (fails to) looks innocent as Kirika looks at it.)

Kirika: The first ferry is at 4.50am, it’s probably slower than the plane but the first plane back where we started takes off at 5.55am. Next ferry is at 5.30am.

Mirielle: Well, we’ve got a good advantage on everyone. Let’s get the ferry and hope no-one else is awake enough to catch up.

Kirika: Is there anyone you’re worried about?

Mirielle: Not really. I think everyone snored enough to wake the dead…wished they slept quieter like you…

Kirika: I know it was a good idea, plus with the time we had, we were able to take the scenic view. This island in a starry sky has to have been the most beautiful view I have seen in a long time.

(Whilst Kirika and Mirielle are awake and know what they like, the next teams aren’t quite as genki…)


(Team Indigo and Team Baseball are not quite as awake. Though both baseball players can get up early, as can housekeeper Taeko, it’s still not exactly something they are used to…and as for poor Chika…)

Chika: (sleepy) Taaaaeee…neeccchann….oonnniii….channn…

Hiroki: (yawning) We’re not in Kansas little puppy, we’d better try and shake the cobwebs…

Taeko: (yawning) Come on Chika-chan, let’s go…

(Ryo and Hiroki take a strained lead over Taeko and Chika, and head to the top where Chikage is waiting. Hiroki does the running and grabs the card as poor Tofu realising that she isn’t a morning person…)

Ryo: Remind me…sleep first, talk later…

Hiroki: (teasing) Maybe you would have preferred if I shared my futon?

Ryo: (blushing) Takasugi…

Hiroki: Yep, it worked! She’s back to an awake GAMNO-CHAN!

(That did the trick.)


(Hiroki laughs as Ryo, now wide awake, chases after her boyfriend, as they take time to read the clue. Hiroki looks at his watch and thinks…)

Hiroki: Though it might be better to take the ferry, I think the plane might be best. Considering the differences of times between them, the plane is probably quicker.

Ryo: Whatever, let’s find somewhere where I can kill you!

Hiroki: Oh, you love it Ganmo-chan…

(Ryo sticks her tongue out as they head back the way they come from. Meanwhile, Taeko and Chika finally make it to the card…instead of looking it, Taeko takes one look at a dozing Chika, and sighs.)

Taeko: Let’s just follow them…

(Just keeping Ryo and Hiroki in sight and dragging a half-asleep Chika (not easy for clumsy Tae but she seems more morning than we expected), Taeko also follows them back to the airport.)

* * * *

(The ferry is about a 40 minutes walk depending whilst the airport is about 50 minutes. Slower depending on who you are of course…we see shots of Kirika and Mirielle enjoying the night air, whilst during the walk, our teams get more and more awake…and they need to, considering everyone is always on their tail…)

* * * *


(These two don’t need caffeine. Many years of being alert in case of a surprise attack on Pacifica, Shannon and Racquel hurry up to the point of where Chikage is – perhaps in tune with the cult girl.)

Chikage: Make your paths be strong.

Shannon: Yes.

(Racquel reads it and nods.)

Racquel: Let’s take the ferry this time. Those planes are so noisy…

Shannon: I think that was because they were scared of us…but never mind. A boat ride may be more pleasant in this air.

(And it isn’t long before another team joins them on that same path…)


Oshige: Ah, the crispy air of a romantic island – I think it’s best we keep that in – we don’t need to go on a stuffy plane.

Wakayoji: You overloaded on caffeine didn’t you?

Oshige: (shrugs) Well…at least this way I can be sober and energetic…that Weda was tough competition…

(Wakayoji sweatdrops as the two begin to head in the direction where Shannon and Racquel were heading. They recognise where the ferry was, as Oshige looks behind her.)

Wakayoji: You think those two will be O.K?

Oshige: They don’t seem like morning people right?

* * * *


Akari: Come on Hiroyuki-chan…

Hiroyuki: (half-asleep) Right…right…

(Those two people were Akari and Hiroyuki, currently in 6th place, as Akari has the nagging housewife mode on – whilst she definitely is a morning person, the less can be said about her beau in arms, but then Akari whispers…)

Akari: (whispering) Win if we hurry and we get sukiyaki at the pit stop…

(Any incentive…^_^)

(When they get to the point, they check the time and then the distance.)

Hiroyuki: If we hurry, we can make it to the ferry…something tells me that is the better choice.

Akari: Can we make it Hiroyuki-chan?

(Hiroyuki puts a fist up…)

Hiroyuki: You know I can Akari. And I know you can as well.

(Akari nods and smiles.)

Akari: Right, Hiroyuki-chan.

(They head off…can they make it?)

* * * *

Lillith: Finally got my spot back,,,

(Shot of Mami gagged and tied…)

Lillith: What? You expected me to use the Aria act? *kusu kusu* Anyway, the guys better hurry if they intend to catch the first ferry, because after that, next ferry is at 5.30am. Next plane after the initial 5.55am one though is 6.40am. Just hope there aren’t any late sleepers in…

(Eve magically creates a flash as we fast forward (pun intended) to our next series of competitors…)

* * * *



Riku: Last night, Hale and I kind of both realised how much a game can change. We, along with Kirika and Mirielle, took the faster option with our keen skills at the beginning of the last leg. And now look, they are 1st and we are trailing at the back of the pack. We better not make the same mistake again…

Hale: Kuso! I don’t think we can make it to the ferry!

Riku: Why is that, if we run we can?

Hale: Riku-chan…look behind you…

(We can see Hale and Risa literally propping each other up – both still incredibly sleepy (and Weda actually sober) as their respective partners use the Misty ear treatment on them – which quickly wakes up Weda…)


(Hale runs for his life…which was actually his plan, as they head in the direction of the plane. Riku looks surprised, but smiles.)

Riku: Weird, thought he would have gone for the ferry with that speed…(grunts)…hey sleeping beauty. The princess leg has long gone.

Risa: (half-asleep) Is Dark here yet?

Riku: No, but a scary girl is still watching us…

(Shot of Chikage staring at them with a smile on her face. Risa eyes widen up…)

Risa: Ah, scary lady!

(Riku sighs, thanks Miri…I mean Ry…damn, someone get the Haag and Calene-Black references away…Chikage, and follows her spooked sister into the direction of the Jungle team. Chikage smiles once more before revealing another tarot card…)

Chikage: They love each other really…

* * * *




Sasuke: Just hurry…I don’t want any other brothers messing up my life…

(Shot of Nakahito and Kamahito looking at the card that Chikage got them, see Naruto and Sasuke hurry, look at the card and wonder if they can make the plane…)

Kamahito: That way!

Nakahito: Right!

(Shot of Kamahito going in the direction of the plane – knowing they have to wait for 5.55am. However, Naruto and Sasuke find the time and check the moon…)

Sasuke: Let’s go. As long as you are more than half-asleep, we can speed through to catch the ferry.

(Naruto is a bit more skeptical…)

Naruto: Can we make it in time?

(Sasuke gives a glare at Naruto. The fox demon boy can’t comprehend such glares this early, and instead of fighting with the Uchina, he simply follows him, heading in the direction of the ferry. Can they make it?


* * * *


(Lastly, the South American father/son duo get up. Both seems a bit dazed, but by no means the worst team out of the blocks as far as sleepiness goes…)

Pedro: Shake those cobwebs out Sandora!

Sandora: Aye papa!

(They find the clue from Chikage, who finally retires to her bed of roses (literally…) as they wonder whether to get the ferry or the plane…

Sandora: We’ll be late for the first ferry papa…

Pedro: Si Sandora. Maybe we should go there and wait for the next ferry…

Sandora: But will we waste more time there?

Pedro: Maybe…but what is quicker?

(They talk a while, before deciding to get some sea air (maybe Sandora was a little airsick…) – already in last place, will this move cost them or is it a strategy that we haven’t picked upon?)

* * * *

FERRY – 4.50AM

(It’s time, and we can see that Kirika/Mirielle and Shannon/Racquel have already made it…and another team have made it there as Jiiya makes his way to guide everyone back to Henada Airport this time.)

Oshige: *panting* We…need….more…exercise…

Wakayoji: We’re early morning people, not early morning joggers though…

Mirielle: Well ladies and gentlemen, shall we hurry?

(The three teams step on…but just before he takes off…)

????????: WAIT!

(The teams to see Hiroyuki rushing up to them. Not that far behind is Akari, who looks exhausted, but determination alone seems to be fueling the young lady. Oshige, Wakayoji, Mirielle and Racquel wave them on as Shannon and Kirika just stay on the ferry…)

Hiroyuki: (touching the ferry) Safe! Akari?

Akari: Right…Hiroyuki…chan…

(Hiroyuki grabs Akari’s hand, and she hops on the ferry, joining the three other teams on the trip on the ferry. Now of course…)

Oshige: Kampai!

(Shot of Oshige, Wakayoji, Kirika and Mirielle all drinking coffee (or lemon tea in Kirika’s case) whilst we see a cute scene of Akari cosy and half asleep on a deck chair, as Hiroyuki dazes over her. Racquel is enjoying the night air viewing the sky as Shannon does his best not to scare everybody else on the first ferry, and all the females embarrassing Kirika by adding the ‘chan’ suffix to her name…much to Mirielle’s amusement…)

* * * *

(A minute or so later…)


(Naruto and Sasuke, despite their speed, have just missed the first ferry. Sasuke looks disappointed…)

Sasuke: Not what?

Naruto: Hmmmmppphhhh…head to the plane or wait?


Naruto: Sasuke?!

(Shot of Sasuke, snoring slightly. Naruto sweatdrops and nearly screams…but holds his anger in time.)

Naruto: Dammit…

(Naruto plants his ass on the ground, to wait for the next ferry…or for Sasuke to wake up…whichever comes first…)

* * * *

5.10am – AIRPORT

(Shot of Hale and Weda, just ahead of Riku and Risa, arriving at the Airport, joining a now awake Ryo Hayakawa, just sorting out the early tickets with Taeko and Hiroki, a shot of Chika still asleep (and one of the staff probably got her a blanket as well as she’s sleeping with one on a bench) as the Jungle and DNAngel pairs wipe off a bit of sweat…well, Riku, Hale and Weda do…they seem to be missing one person….)

Hale: Riku-san, I’m not in the minority to really say anything, but that was kind of…

Riku: Actually, it’s normal for us.

Hale: Eh?

Hale: Of course, sisterly relationships are fun, just like yours and Guu-chans!

(Hale does an Osakan moment of pause…)

(…before he puts his hands on Riku’s shoulders.)

Hale: …it was fine. Really.

Riku: (smiles) Glad we have an understanding. And with that it mind, it should be about 3…2…1…


(Shot of Risa, absolutely exhausted, but still genki enough to scream at her older sister.)

Ryo: Did I miss something?

(Her Haag counterpart just smiles…)

Riku: Nope, just that my sister doesn’t have an athletic bone in her body. And it’s fun…

Risa: DIE SIS!


(Weda surprisingly interrupting the fight…)

Hale: Mom….

Weda: There there, don’t wake her up!

(Shot of Weda by a sleeping Chika, as Hale sighs in relief.)

Hale: I hate fights…at least my mom’s reaction to cute things comes in handy…

Weda: (sly) Oh, you think Chika-chan is cute right? Well, maybe Mari-chan would like to hear that…

(Hale immediately thinks of how Mari may react…and then does wake Chika up with a Pedro-like ‘NOOOOOOOO!…)


Chika: (sleepily) Is everyone up then onii-chan?

Taeko: Chika-chan, we’re not at the Sakuraba house – we’re at the Promised Airport, and we’re about to go on the plane…)

Chika: (yawns) Oh yeah, that race thing…huh?

(Hiroki ruffles Chika’s hair…)

Hiroki: Hey kid, don’t leave us hanging. Considering the new cavalry, you won’t have much time for sleep…

Hale/Weda/Riku/Risa: HEY!

* * * *


(With the next ferry at 5.25am, Naruto obviously realized that Sasuke isn’t waking up any time soon, and is busy playing Jankenpon with Sandora…)

Sandora: Yay – Sandora wins again!

Naruto: Darn it…I thought luck was my strongest suit…or was that stamina?

Pedro: Naruto-san, I believe our ride is coming?

(Naruto sees the ferry heading…he yawns – tired of course…and just then…Sasuke pops up, wide awake…)

Sasuke: Let’s go.

(Naruto seethes, it’s almost like Sasuke that planned so he could get some good shut-eye…)

Pedro: Si senor!

(Naruto remains pissed off, but not much he can do about it as the 5.25 ferry heads there, but over at the airport…)

* * * *


Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the first plane to Henada will be heading over now – we hope you have a pleasant flight…

(Shot of a lot of them getting a nap, though Nakahito and Chika have now both got newly autographed Kisaragi Girl’s star pitcher and Kisaragi Boy’s star batter’s autographs, because once they land, it’s all bets off…)

* * * *

(The eerie voice of Lillith floats over the airport as she explains the first stage of this trip through the world of Supergals.)

Lillith: Back to Henada Airport is where our ladies and lords get to start their trip, first to Bukuro…but we’ll let our next little guide explain that. The difference is though is when they get there…

(Shot of Kirika getting a lesson in medieval folklore from Racquel and Shannon, a now awake Akari enjoying some fruit juice as Hiroyuki makes his third round at the buffet, whilst Mirielle has a nice pleasant talk over early breakfast with Oshige and Wakayoji.)

Lilith: These guys got on the first ferry which takes about 2 hrs so they should arrive there around 7am.

(Shot of the plane team.)

Lillith: This takes around an hour and 20 minutes, so around 7.15am for them…as long as they can get past customs again…

(Shot of Naruto and Sasuke, along with Pedro and Sandora, not quite as jolly, but at least Naruto is snoring loudly. We can see Sandora asleep as well as Pedro stares outside, trying to enjoy the night air.)

Lilith: These two teams will arrive the latest, around 7.30am…if they are lucky…and then they need to figure out how to get to their next destination Bukuro in the best time…

* * * *

(All bets are off once they head off into Henada. We see Oshige and Wakayoji wish Akari and Hiroyuki good luck, as well as ‘Kirika-chan’ (Mirielle stiffles another chuckle) with Racquel and Shannon the most alert as they hit the docks of the port just a few hundred yards from the airport.)

Racquel: So…

Shannon: GO!


Racquel: So…where are we going?


(Shot of Eve (dressed like a gal – seriously – fake nails, fake jewellery, and a permed hairstyle…so much that they don’t recognise her…and hands Kirika and Mirielle the first route marker…get to Bukuro.)

(Shot of Kirika and Mirielle overtaking them, obviously more knowledgable about the art of travel than the magic users…)

Kirika: So what’s the best way?

Mirielle: Well, what are Japanese trains like?

Kirika: Beats me…not like I remember much about Japan anyway…

Mirielle: (sighs) Well…let’s try the tried and trusted way of a taxi and work from that. We did well saving the last leg, and as we are still in Japan we might as well be alright…

Kirika: Yes, that Wataru was rather nice in the offering for yen this leg…

(Shot of Wataru screaming ‘This can’t be true!’ after being the ‘sponsor’ for this leg…^_^)

(As Kirika and Mirielle inquire about a taxi, Oshige and Wakayoji look through the train system to see any tracks heading to Bukuro any times soon…)

Oshige: Well, we can take the JR Yamanote Ine Line via the Japan Railway, it’s three stops away, and one is coming in 10 minutes…

(Shot of Racquel and Shannon, after recovering from their earlier mishap, trailing the elder duo.)

Shannon: It just feels weird…

Racquel: …that we’re doing the trailing rather than watching our backs…

(Whilst they ask advice how to get on the train, Hiroyuki and Akari take an alternative route…)

Akari: Hiroyuki-chan, there’s a line there!

(Hiroyuki gives Akari the thumbs up…)

Hiroyuki: Good job, Akari.

(Shot of Akari and Hiroyuki going underground, taking the Tokyo Metro via the Tokyo Subway.)

Hiroyuki: Akari got the idea of taking the subway. It’s not as fast as the trains or taxis, but it’s cheaper, and less crowded. I think we’ve got a good advantage over the other teams for the moment, so we need to continue our saving streak…and no-one does that better than Akari.

(We see Oshige and Wakayoji flagging up a train as Racquel and Shannon finally figure out how to get on the station and the art of ticket purchasing. Another shot of Mirielle and Kirika taking the taxi option, whilst Akari and Hiroyuki wait for the next Metro…which comes at 7.05am…the same time that…)

* * * *


(As soon as the plane lands, there’s a mad rush to escape. Weda and Hale get the early advantage as they head out, with Riku and Risa next, Nakahito and Kamahito after that, Ryo and Hiroki and finally Taeko and Chika. They escape the made rush that is airport queues, and after getting through customs, have to plan where to go from here.)

Risa: TAXI!!!!

Riku: Don’t rush these things!

Risa: But they will all have the same idea you know?

Riku: Really?

(Shot of Ryo and Hiroki at the Henada station, looking at the Bukuro tracks. They missed the one that Oshige and Wakayoji, along with Racquel and Shannon went on, so they need to get on the next one, waiting on in 10 minutes later. We see Nakahito looking over the train and metro options, whilst Taeko’s yawn indicates she didn’t get enough sleep, so Chika drags her to the train tickets, a familiar port of travel for a member of the Sakuraba household.)

Riku: You see Risa, not everyone is as fast tracked as you are…

Risa: You getting in or not?

(Riku does a double take as Risa has already hailed a cab, and pats the seat next to her for her sister who sweatdrops slightly…)

Riku: Impulsive…but at least it will be fast…(I’ll be the last to admit that she had a good idea…)

Risa: Shut up and get in…

(Just as they get in, we see Weda and Hale happily hop into another taxi…well Weda is happy…Hale is counting the pennies to see if they can survive. As mother/son and the twins argue again, another pair of siblings decide on the metro option – as the tokyo subways seem to be a familiar port of call for the Shamanist brothers. Nakahito however seems a bit quiet – different from his trip on the plane.)

Kamahito: Hey, you O.K there little brother?

Nakahito: Yes, it’s just after talking with all the others at the mansion and some on the plane, just being here on our own, it just hits that it’s a game again…

Kamahito: I know – it’s something we have to live with.

(Which they must, after all with Naruto and Sasuke along with Pedro and Sandora behind them, they musn’t afford to relax…)

* * * *

(…which this gal doesn’t! Bukuro, just off Shinjuku, is the home of rich girl and gal in disguise, the ever smug Mami Honda (yep, another Mami). She has long red hair, and old retro style mini skirt and shirt. Despite this, she is still the most popular girl in school and the head gal in Bukuro, and self-proclaimed Ran’s rival.)

Mami: Geez…as those race guys and gals have to deal with those uber-lame gals from Shibuya…

(A mini-gal pops up on the screen with a translation ‘UBER-LAME = SUPER-LAME – THAT’S AN IRON CLAD RULE FOR GALS)

Mami: …so they have to get here first, and get the next clue from me, the great Mami Honda, which will lead them to their next, and rather unfortunate, destination. Just watch out for that lame Ran!

(Whilst some teams are heading for Bukuro, two are struggling just to get in Henada…)

* * * *


(…not helped when one of those teams is unsure what the best way to get there…)

Sasuke: How do we get to this Bukuro?

Naruto: I don’t think even we should go by foot, but how did the others travel?

(Sasuke scans over and sees people getting into taxis, and some waiting on those moving vehicles called trains. They see Pedro and Sandora rushing like madmen to get to one….)

Sasuke: Naruto…

Naruto: I see them!

(The two ninjas head over there but as they are about to jump over the railguard…)

Burly Looking Policeman: STOP!

(Naruto and Sasuke get blocked – and remember they aren’t allowed to hurt anyone, as the big man blocks the two ninjas.)

Policeman: Do you have train tickets for that train good sirs?

(Considering what kind of family Ran comes from, you should know that police officers from this show take no crap. Naruto and Sasuke are stunned…just long enough for Sandora and Pedro to make it onto the Bukuro train which just come ahead of them!)

Naruto: CHIKUSOOOOO! We missed it!

Policeman: Well sirs, just buy a ticket like everyone else and get on the next train!

Sasuke: When will that be?

Policeman: About 20 minutes…

Naruto: Too long – how else can we get to Bukuro?

Policeman: Well, try a taxi – if you got the yen…

(Policeman-san (sorry, Kaliedo Star still in my head) points to the taxi parking, where Sasuke makes a note…)

Sasuke: Note: Remember these taxis and remember money for them…buy tickets for train. Got it.


(As Naruto and Sasuke fumber for a taxi, Pedro and Sandora breathe a sigh of relief…)

Sandora: So Papa, have we got away from them?

Pedro: For the time being my silly son, but those two are strong. They’ll be back…we’d best prepare for anything.

Sandora: Yes papa! Sandora will be ready even if it means to sacrifice the great will of the afro!

Pedro: Noooooo! We cannot do that – our lord and master Nabeshin will get angry!

Sandora: Silly papa – Sandora was only joking. We aren’t allowed to use the powers anyway, comprende?

Pedro: Ah, si. So Sandora, what next?

* * * *

(Next is Mami number two taking control again, as we can see that Kirika and Mirielle are the first to make it via their taxi, making it on much better time than the train and metro…)


Mirielle: He wasn’t that quick was he? You don’t think he cost us any places right?

Kirika: Let’s find out.

(Following the directions on the card, they head to the centre square of Bukuro where Mami Honda await. She kind of stands out even in a Bukuro crowd so Mirielle recognises who they need to find rather quickly…of course, the large route marker with the yellow and red flags is a bit of a giveaway as well…)

Mami: You’re first? Lose the grey and black look darlin’.

(Kirika looks a bit offended, but Mirielle just takes the clue and sighs.)

Mirielle: Looks like we are back riding – but we can only take the bullet train this time.

(Yep, heading through Shibuya, they can take the Yamanote Ine Line again through Shinjuku to Shibuya…or they can take the more expensive, but much faster Shinkansen Bullet Train. Shot of Mirielle counting their money.)

Mirielle: Maybe the taxi wasn’t the best idea after all…

Kirika: Can we afford the faster option?

Mirielle: Let’s get to the station first and work from there.

(Indeed, taxi fares are a problem, but they are also fast, as whilst Oshige and Wakayoji, along with Shannon and Racquel deal with the stops of trains, Riku and Risa pull ahead with a taxi driver going at the speed of light…or I guess in this case…dark…)


Risa: (dizzy) See, wasn’t that a good idea…

Riku: (dizzier) In a short word, no. In a longer word, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO…

(After a moments recovery, they begin to head out to Bukuro square, to retrieve the next clue of Mami. They also groan about taking a train, and aren’t sure what is their best option at the moment. They head back though, as the twins head off, unknowing where they are (they were still a bit dizzy so didn’t check that only one card had went)

(Shot of Mirielle and Kirika just ahead of them, checking the times…)

Mirielle: The next normal train through Shibuya will come at 7.33am, but the train on the Sanyo line comes at 7.50am.

Kirika: What’s the difference in time?

Mirielle: About 20 mins faster on the Sanyo line. It’s quicker, but we need to wait…and more expensive as well.

Kirika: We’re still first right? Shall we save money or try and extend our lead?

(Mirielle smiles)

Mirielle: What would we do as Noir?

(Kirika also smiles…)

Kirika: Two tickets for the Sanyo train please…

* * * *

7.40 am

(10 minutes later, a pleasant train trip ends for Oshige/Wakayoji and Shannon/Racquel and they are back to being opponents. The Cascull stepsiblings take the advantage as they get ahead of Mitsuki’s management team to take 3rd.)


Shannon: It suddenly becomes instinct on where to go doesn’t it?

(They hurry up, and find Mami – who stares in surprise at their attire…)

Mami: Whoa, call the fashion police!

Shannon: They have such a thing?

Mami: You don’t know gal slang? Wow, uber-lame, even if you are pretty GL…


(Racquel takes the clue just as Oshige and Wakayoji get there…and Mami squeals when she recognises Wakayoji…)

Mami: Wow, it’s the Prince! The Prince of Route L…and the manager of Full Moon-san! Wow, she’s uber-cool…but where is she now?

(Wakayoji and Oshige are quiet for the moment before answering…)

Wakayoji: Full Moon-san will be back. I don’t know how long it will take but she will be back.

Mami: (a bit disappointed) Oh well…

(She handed the duo the clue who race back…and then hear…)


(Shot of a rushing Weda and Hale, after exitting their taxi…)

Weda: Damn, who would have thought there would have been rush hour traffic this early?!


(Oshige and Wakayoji look a little stunned…but quickly recover and run ahead to get to the train station, already discussing option, being more knowledge around the system than most teams. The Jungle Duo rush up, and after a mild banter, they get the clue to head to Shibuya…as at the train station, Riku and Risa are still deciding on where to go…)

* * * *

(They miss Mirielle and Kirika waiting for the Shinkansen as they speed up to hit the second Yamamoto Line train at 7.43am – going straight for the first train and missing the fast option (though more expensive) and get on it before any other teams can get the chance to…)

Kirika: They passed us…

Mirielle: Yep…fools rush ahead…

* * * *

(Shot of Akari and Hiroyuki getting from the Metro into Bukuro Square…)


Hiroyuki: Let’s get a move on Akari!

Akari: O.K Hiroyuki-chan…

(The two head off, and eventually find Mami, just as not too far behind them, Taeko/Chika and Ryo/Hiroki have got off the train…)

Mami: You’re not bad…but not like the guy from early…

Hiroyuki: Nuts…which one?

Mami: Well…(eyes sparkle)…not that guy but whoa…

(They turn to see Ryo and Hiroki rushing ahead, Mami’s eyes sparkling…and Ryo fuming slightly…as the To Heart team realise there may be trouble ahead…)

Hiroyuki: Akari?

Mami: Right!

(Akari tries to imitate her BAV namesake as they rush out of there, to head back – realising they have to get to Shibuya. On the way, they see Taeko and Chika seemingly drifting at a leisurely pace…)


Chika: Tae-chan felt that we shouldn’t rush…because she feels that it could actually slow us down…Tae-chan shouldn’t beat herself up like that, but I feel that she maybe right – it’s weird, but I feel she wants to improve herself on this race…

(Team Indigo pass Team Baseball (with Chika giving the two a high five on the way out) as they head out…)

* * * *

(Back at the railway station, 7.51 clocks on and Kirika and Mirielle get on the train…moments before Oshige and Wakayoji see this option. Shannon and Racquel are completely lost in finding anything (realising they stalked the elder team) as they do the only common thing they always do when they are lost in towns…and no, it’s not hiding the fact they have the Scrapped Princess as their little sister…)

Shannon: Excuse me? Can you tell me the next train to Shibuya please?

(The girl, Harue, one of Mami’s cronies, looks at him weirdly and in a bit of disgust, but points in one of the slower Shinkasen trains, but confirms that it will come around at 8.02am.)

Shannon: That sucks.

Racquel: Yare yare…

(Oshige and Wakayoji start looking for the next Shinkansen – and find it is at 8.20am. They look at the regular trains, and again find at 8.02am…)

Oshige: It’s better time difference if we wait, plus we’ve got the money anyway.

Wakayoji: Yeah, but we’d better stay and make sure no-one sees us…

Hale: Sees us what?

(Shot of Hale smiling cutely at the two adults – as they do a double take.)

Hale: It’s O.K mom! We’ve found it!

(Oshige sweatdrops…)

Oshige: So much for plan A…foiled by a meddling little kid – who would have thought that would have happened?

* * * *

TAXI - 8.10AM

(We can see that Pedro and Sandora have escaped their taxi, just rushing ahead…looking ahead and trying to find Mami…and not having much luck…)

Pedro: Sandora, where are we?

Sandora: Well…how am I supposed to know? We need to find the marker…

Pedro: Well, where is it?

(Suddenly, Pedro sees a flash of white and blue cloth – unusual in a place where street gals rule the roost. And then they see…)

Kamahito: (calling) Thanks Mami-san!

Mami: (smiling) Cute kid…loose the clothes though…

(Pedro sees Nakahito run past them, as they see the South Americans…and run faster. Pedro is about to scream when Sandora puts his hand around his father’s mouth…)

Sandora: Run first, scream later!

(A muffled ‘mmmmppphhhh’ is Sandora’s reply…)

Sandora: I’ll take that as a ‘tonzura koite…’

(Sandora and Pedro do the obligatory run like hell…which is fine, because not very far behind them…)

8.15am (5 minutes roughly behind Pedro/Sandora)


(After their taxi/train hell, the ninjas are finally starting to seemingly get the hang of this, but they are still last. But now…)

Sasuke: Right, we were last, but we’ve now got the track of everyone ahead of us.

Naruto: So we can sense where they are right?

Sasuke: Yes…but it won’t be much help if we are last…so let’s get on with it.

Naruto: I hear ya, I hear ya…

Naruto: As much as I hate to admit it, Sasuke has his uses. Whilst we were in last, his skills are useful in able to recognise the energies in everyone in this race. It’s faint, and sure as not as recognisable as chakra, but they all have it…and whilst we may not be able to use physical skills, our mental ones are stronger…well…Sakura-chan would say that to Sasuke but…

(The ninjas get to Mami, thank her for the clue, and tonzura koite…only they REALLY do with their impressive speed…)

* * * *


(Shot of Racquel and Shannon taking the slower train – Harue’s advice may have found them a train, but it’s the slower option, as it seems that Oshige and Wakayoji’s ‘cunning plan…became less cunning…)

Wakayoji: It was your idea to call Akari-chan over here…not my fault that Ryo and Hiroki heard her, and then called Chika and Taeko over…

(Shot of Hale/Weda, Chika/Taeko, Hiroki/Ryo and Hiroyuki/Akari are all chatting together as the elder duo just shake their heads…)

Oshige: Remind me never to fall for cute tricks again…

Hale: Awwww…

Akari: Not…

Chika: …fair!

(Oshige group glomps them…Wakayoji chuckles.)

Wakayoji: Mitsuki-chan, you’ve got a lot to answer for…

Tannoy: Attention, the 8.20am Shinkansen Bullet Train has arrived. It will depart one stop through to Shibuya. I repeat…

Wakayoji: That’s our cue ladies and gentlemen.

(The four teams head on the train, ready for their next stage…when…)


(Naruto speeds on ahead…and hits face first into the window…)

Taeko: Naruto-kun?

(Sasuke peels him off, calmly steps inside the train, and drags Naruto’s half dead carcass into the train…)

Sasuke: (bowing) I hope we won’t trouble you too much. Well…let me rephrase that. I hope he won’t…

Naruto: Sa-su-ke…

(The teams are still in shock of how quick the ninja duo made it here…)

Hiroyuki: Oh boy…that was a shock. I’m fast…but those guys really took it out. I think we’ve seen that teams like Kirika and Mirielle along with Racquel and Shannon…but here, we saw just how dangerous Naruto and Sasuke can be just with their speed…

Sasuke: That was pleasant. Seeing their faces when we sped through…they know to fear us now…which is really what I wanted.

* * * *

(Shot of Nakahito and Kamahito a bit behind them, back at the station, debating whether to wait for the next Shinkansen…but that decision is made for them when they see Pedro and Sandora get the ticket for them…)

Nakahito: We can’t let them get ahead of us…we don’t know if we’re last or not…let’s take it.

Kamahito: Right.

(They follow the South Americans and greet them – though they both seem to realise they could be at the bottom of the barrel…)

Pedro: We escaped last time but now…

Kamahito: I know, we were there. And now, we are here again.

(A group sigh from the four men…)

Nakahito: All we could do was wait…there was nothing else but realise that we were in trouble. And the thoughts brought us to what to do next – because we know that we are both thinking about using the Fast Forward.

Sandora: We saw how senoritas Taeko and Chika got ahead early with the fast forward…and Papa and I have to think that maybe it would be bad to use it quick…but in desperate circumstances, you have a desperate papa and son…

(The two teams continue to wait…)

* * * *

(Separate shots of all the teams in their various transport…first Riku and Risa…as a narrative from Mami aids us in how they are doing…)

Mami: Riku and Risa got the earliest train from the Yamanote Ine Line at 7.40am – projected time of arrive about 8.10am.

(Next a shot of Mirielle and Kirika, enjoying a cup of tea a la Paris down the bullet train.)

Mami: Mirielle and Kirika took the 7.50am Sanyo – projected arrive time about 8.00am.

(Shot number three is of Racquel and Shannon – Shannon dozing off slightly as Racquel stretches out, and tries out the delicacy of train rides…peanuts…)

Mami: Yes…well Racquel and GL number one got the 8.02am Yamanote Ine, subject to arrive around 8.32am.

(The five teams relaxing on the Shinkansen, with Akari and Chika playing Cat’s Cradle, with Hale joining in and impressing them with his Tokyo Tower, Hiroyuki trying to sleep, Naruto able to sleep…or maybe he’s passed out…Sasuke seemingly trying to track down people’s energy, Weda badgering the train attendants for anything alcoholic, and Oshige and Wakayoji just enjoying the sights passing by the windows. Ryo and Hiroki hide between Hiroyuki and Naruto in case of any fans, whilst Taeko on the other hand has indeed fallen asleep, attracting a few leery male stares…)

(Shot of Sasuke glaring at them…)

(…correcting, a few formerly male stares…)

Mami: Wow…scary. 5 teams took the 8.20am Sanyo, projected arrival at 8.30am.

(Finally, we see at 8am, we see Nakahito and Kamahito along with Pedro and Sandora, waiting sadly…)

Mami: And our two loser teams at the moment still waiting for the Sanyo…

* * * *


(Shot of Mirielle and Kirika, refreshed and enjoying the sights and sounds of Shibuya, the first team to arrive at their new destination.)

Kirika: Now?

Mirielle: We head to…

(Checking out Mami’s clue, their next port of call is Shibuya Police Box. We cut over to our next host – Yamato Kotobuki – Ran’s elder brother, Miyu’s boyfriend and local policeman. He gives the camera a salute.)

Yamato: …once they arrive in Shibuya, they have to head to this police box…WHICH ISN’T A HANGOUT…

(Shot of Lillith and Eve relaxing in the police box, a trick only too utilised by Ran and her friends…)

Lillith: What?

Yamato: (sighs) Fine…they have to head to this police box, and get the Detour from me. From then on, well…they have to find out for themselves…

(Eve gives another smile…as Yamato gives in – he seems to have a soft spot for one time violent, now sweet blonde girls…)

* * * *

(Shot of Mirielle and Kirika looking for the police box, trying to get directions as they get help from the obligatory old lady who is looking for it herself…seems like Shibuya has a lost lady every five seconds…)

Mirielle: How we doing for time?

Kirika: Time: fine. Money: we are on our last legs…

Mirielle: Right, we’ll have to hold out food wise…though we should still have enough for tea…

Kirika: Good enough…

(Team Noir get to the police box, where Yamato salutes them.)

Yamato: Good morning, ladies…

Mirielle: Hi! Can we can have the detour please?

Yamato: Sure…one second…

(The cop hands over the detour as the two look over it…and Mirielle looks a bit surprised…)

Mirielle: Detour…Beauty or Brains…

* * * *

(Cut shot of a bubbly blonde girl inside what looks like a beauty parlour. Ran’s best friend and girlfriend of Yamato, Miyu Yamazaki explains the detour…)

Miyu: Miyu here! A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own messy pros and even messier cons. In this detour, teams need to choose between beauty and brains.

(Shot of the beauty shop where Miyu is standing over two barbers chairs)

Miyu: In Beauty, the teams will have to get a redstreak in their hairs – like the ones to signify that you have a boyfriend like Miyu…or just do it for fun like Ran…it’s an instant one that can be removed just as fast…but of course, the teams don’t know that…so will they get through it despite it’s speed?

(Shot in a cram school just off, where we have a series of computers and a long haired dark purple haired girl, looking very studious.)

Miyu: In Brains, they will go to the local cram school where our friend Aya Hoshino will teach them to do some advanced e-mail work. It’s longer, but their hair will remain safe from Miyu’s handiwork…

* * * *

(Mirielle and Kirika look over the clue for a few moments, before choosing.)

Mirielle: We can handle e-mails well enough…but we want to keep as far ahead as possible.

(Mirielle then smiles at Kirika…)

Mirielle: Besides, seeing you with a redstreak would be an interesting change…

(Kirika blushes but nods…)

Kirika: That’s fine.

(They ask Yamato for directions to where Miyu is and head off, still with a health advantage over the trailing pack…and they are all coming at once, but first…)

* * * *

8.10am – RIKU/RISA

(Shot of Riku and Risa exiting stage right as they are looking for the route marker themselves…they escape the train and head out…)

Riku: How we doing for time?

Risa: Do I look like an hourglass?

Riku: Me say nothing.

(The two get a bit mixed up as people keep pushing them around, but eventually they find someone who gladly gives them directions before heading to the police box. Yamato greets them and they quickly decide.)

Risa: Be a nice memory so you can remind that Dai-kun is your boyfriend…plus it will be your first accessory!

Riku: (embarrassed) Um…I dunno…

Risa: Oh come on, don’t be a tomboy all your life!

(Riku doesn’t really have much choice in the matter…be wary of how scary a twin’s grip can be when they want something…)

* * * *


(The last two teams have got on the Sanyo, hardly speaking, just unified with the fact that they both could be after the same thing…)

Pedro: That was unbearable! Pedro is often in despair, but this quiet was unforgiving. We knew that we was in trouble, and same with the other pair, but it was like we were reading each others minds…

Kamahito: I think I can judge chances well, and seeing us there, ours weren’t good. We have one option, but we know the two of them will also be going for it, so it is going to be a mad rush…

(Another shot of Yamato as he holds up the other envelope…)

Yamato: There's only one Fast Forward hidden on each leg of the

race. The first team that finds it can skip all tasks and go directly

to the Pit Stop. However, once a team uses the Fast Forward, that team

can never use another one for the rest of the race, so they need to

decide when it's most advantageous to go for it.

(Shot of the local indoor snowboard centre, one of the more interesting Mami/Ran battles of recent memory, where we see someone jump off the hill snowman, do a 360 turn in mid-air, and land perfectly down the slope. Decked in full winter wear, he removes his dark shades. This is Yuya Asou, also known as Second Place by his friends as he came second in the P1 Grand Prix. He is short haired brown, handsome and can get quite excitable…especially when matters involving Ran happen…)

Yamato: The fast forward is to successfully go down the slope with Asou-kun’s guidance. Once it is won, they can head straight to the pit stop…

(Shot of both teams in the train…the tension can be cut with a knife…)

* * * *


(Shot of the 5 teams getting off in record time, as they all look at the card where to head off to next…)

Oshige: And now we come to the race part…

(Shot of them doing the tonzura as Pedro and Sasuke take first initiative, followed by Hale and Weda, then Ryo and Hiroki, then Oshige and Wakayoji, Akari and Hiroyuki and then Taeko and Chika.)

Chika: Tae-neechan, we gotta hurry!

Taeko: Right!

(Taeko does her best impression of Fuko Kuzuha (learn that name, it might appear in a later leg…hint) as she runs whilst occasionally tripping slightly but never falling as Chika always helps her remain on her feet. All the teams are searching for the police box, with Naruto and Sasuke looking lost (and being looked at for their unusual clothing which doesn’t help them). Ryo and Hiroki, along with Hale and Weda are also having problems (with Ryo and Hiroki both big stars in the Shibuya area and Weda and Hale just lost…Oshige and Wakayoji take advantage by locating it before them, with Akari and Hiroyuki following them…)

(Shot of Yamato handing them the detour…)

Oshige: Red-streak? We’re not in our teens anymore…

Wakayoji: Probably would be a shock for our image as well…

Oshige: Nuts…guess we’ll take the other one them.

(Akari and Hiroyuki have the same idea, but for different reasoning…)

Akari: (blushes) Well, if I did that, it would imply I had a boyfriend…and well…

Hiroyuki: (sigh) Fine.

Hiroyuki: I give in WAY too easily…anyone else, maybe…but with Akari…or Multi perhaps…I’m too soft…

(The two rush to head over to the cram school, as we cut over to see how Team Noir are handling it…)



(Racquel and Shannon, unknowing of the faster option, have dropped down quite a few places. Still, they now have to navigate Shibuya to head to the police box…)

Racquel: Something doesn’t feel right…

Shannon: I know. I think we’re in trouble – we’ve always been able to sense that…

Racquel: Right, let’s hurry…

Shannon: There was a mystique that we were in trouble, and we doubled our speed because of that. It was like we were behind, yet we couldn’t understand why…

* * * *



(Shot of Mirielle and Kirika both ready for this redstreak. Mirielle seems fine, but Kirika seems a little nervous…)

Miyu: O.K, Miyu is ready!

(She gets an instant redstreak bottle where she pushes the liquid in a straight line across the centre of the head and then presses down with liquor-foam. Mirielle is done first, a small tug of pain from the removal of foam and she’s done. Miyu shows her in the mirror and Mirielle smiles.)

Miyu: Your turn!

(Kirika nods, closes her eyes as Mirielle tries her best to stiffle a chuckle. Same deal, twinge of pain and mirror. Kirika’s eye bug out…)

Kirika: This…doesn’t suit me…

Mirielle: Well…red is our signature colour…

Kirika: I thought it was bl…oh, right.

Miyu: No worry ladies! It’s only an instant one anyway! We just wondered who would go for it…it can be removed easily with a good wash, but only at the end of the leg to prove you did it…

Mirielle: I see…oh well. Would have been fun to see how this young look would have worked for you…

(Miyu hands them over the next clue for the route marker…)

Mirielle: Go to the Shibuya Cineplex and look for the Odiaba Cop Premiere.

Kirika: Right.

* * * *

(Back at the police box, Naruto and Sasuke finally reach it…)


Sasuke: Clue please…

(Yamato obliges as they look at, looking a bit confused…)

Sasuke: Redstreak?

Naruto: Computers?

(Both seem foreign to them, but they shrug and simply take the faster option, needing to find Miyu. Yamato gives them directions, whilst Ryo and Hiroki head in. After getting the clue, they are also intrigued…)

Ryo: It would probably make us even more recognisable…and you saw how we got mobbed…

Hiroki: It could also make us less recognisable…two baseball stars with redstreaks…plus…

(Puts an arm around Ryo’s shoulder…)

Hiroki: It would confirm that we are an item, Ganmo-chan…

Ryo: For that, I’m doing the computers…

(Ryo heads off as Hiroki is openfaced, but Ryo stops and smiles…)

Ryo: Kidding…sure, let’s do it.

Hiroki: (smiling) Right!

* * * *



* * * *


(Shot of Oshige and Wakayoji, along with Akari and Hiroyuki at the cram school, after being introduced to Aya, they take their seats…)

Aya: Right, the program is designed so you have to send 12 e-mails…

Oshige: Right, but who to?

(A shot of the e-mails address brings a sweatdrop to the two teams…)

Oshige: Right…

(Shot of 12 sisters eagerly awaiting an e-mail from their new friends…)

Oshige: O.K, let’s get through this…

Oshige: Darn it! I didn’t know it was going to take this long…maybe I should have pretended I was 16 after all…

Hiroyuki: I guess I’ve been experienced with computers recently, and this seemed simple enough…and it was. The problem was the damn length…

(As the two team struggle through it, the police box is getting crowded…)

* * * *

Weda: Can we please…

Racquel: …have the…

Taeko: …clue please?

(Racquel and Shannon have caught up with the lost teams, so they all have got there the same time, and rush hour clue traffic sends them out deciding the detours as they get fresh air…)

Weda: A red streak? That would be perfect for me!

(Hale remembers the doctor, scowls and looks on…)

Hale: Mom, act your age…

Weda: What? You think I can’t do this? Maybe you don’t want to have a streak in case Mari gets the wrong idea…

Hale: (nervous) Th-that’s not it…

Weda: Well then, let’s go!

(Weda drags poor Hale out there, as Racquel and Shannon pick it, knowing for speed they will have to take itTaeko and Chika also choose that as well…)

Chika: But oniichan isn’t your boyfriend…yet right?

Taeko: I know…but I guess it would stop all those boys pestering me…you’ve been wanting me to do that for a long time right…

Chika: I guess…well, any assertion is better than none! Let’s do it Taeko-neechan!

(The three teams all head to where Miyu is, not noticing Shannon and Racquel coming from the opposite direction, who do notice them escaping…)

* * * *



(The two assassins become one with what they are used to…the darkness. Inside, they are looking for two particular kids watching this overhyped cop show…the one that pretty much all bar one Kotobuki seems to live on…)

Mirielle: O.K, where now?

Kirika: Shhh…proper etiquette requires we are quiet in a cinema…

(Mirielle looks at Kirika strangely, but in the darkness of the cinema, the familiar Odiaba Cop music comes up…and two kids bolt up in their seats…)

Sayo: Wow!

Masato: Sugoi!

Sayo: The 38th time of hearing the opening theme song is much better than the 37th time you bet!

Masato: I agree Lieutenant Kotobuki!

Sayo: Sergeant Misato!

(Before either the lovey duvey scene happens or the two kids sing their Junior Detectives song (you bet!), and before I pull off yet another Haag reference (at least until Riku or Ryo arrives), Mirielle and Kirika tap them on the shoulders…

Mirielle: I believe you have something for us…

Sayo: Oh, you ruined our fun you bet!

(Sayo and Masato are boyfriend/girlfriend, and Sayo is the younger sister of Ran. Unlike her elder sister, she is really into being a police officer, and even more so into Odiaba Cop. She hands over the last but one card…the first Road Block. The duo thank them and head outside to read it.)

Mirielle: O.K…we need to head to the…arcade?

Kirika: Arcade?

Mirielle: Yes…this person must be able to do the…

Kirika: …monkey dance?

* * * *

(Cut shot of our favourite monkey man, Tatsuki Kuroi, a.k.a. Machida Black, a.k.a the ‘is he or is he not’ boyfriend of Ran Kotobuki…(did I already use this? Hmmm…) This guy is very excitable, has bleached blond spikey hair, is darkly tanned from the beaches of Okinawa, and wears very disco-esque clothings. However, he is the king of para-para, a dance game different to DDR in that it uses arms rather than legs. Tatsuki also has a habit of putting English into his Japanese…)

Tatsuki: Yes, it’s me, Machida Black! Doing the monkey magic and make a miracle to all the boys and girls of Shibuya!

(Tatsuki does his best Vash impression…seriously…they use the same catchphrase…and to prove it…)

Tatsuki: (flashing a V sign) Love and peace! But for many people, that wouldn’t happen…as the road block is a task that only one person may perform.

(Shot of the Para-para machine, the one where he and Yuyu once battled during the ‘Who is Ran’s boyfriend’ episode? Tatsuki explains.)

Tatsuki: They must pass with over 70% of the para-para machine to the Supergals opening theme ‘Aitsu.’ Catching theme my brothers and sisters! Will it be no prob?

(Shot of Mirielle and Kirika…being silent…)

* * * *

(At the Beauty Shop, Weda and Hale are first as Miyu does a quick job, but effective. Weda marvels her new look in the mirror, Hale is slightly less respective…)

Hale: The things I do…

Miyu: Good luck out there kiddo!

(Miyu, partial to kids, gives Hale a thumbs up. Hale cheers up a bit as Weda gets the route marker, with Risa and Riku next in the barber’s chair…)

Risa: I can’t believe I’m doing this now that I think about it now…

Riku: Suck it up princess! Who was the one that got us lost?

Risa: But those nails were gorgeous!


Risa: Tch.

(Miyu put the streak on, both Harada not enjoying it, but keeping to their speed, as now it seems that the three teams that starts first at the beginning of the Sister Princess leg are now back in the top three…but not for long…)

* * * *


(Finally, Pedro and Sandora along with Nakahito and Kamahito, have both got the slips, and both have gone in the opposite direction to look for the Fast Forward location.)

(And Shibuya is pretty big…)

Pedro: We must hurry my son…Papa cannot be a failure anymore!

Sandora: You are never a failure father! But we will get through…

Pedro: So…what is snow?

Sandora: (nearly facefaults) I saw it for the first time in New York…it’s white…it’s cold…and if we don’t hurry up it’s the last time we will have a chance to see it!

Pedro: Right my son!

(They need to try and look for it, as we have not so helpfully not supplied a map. Nakahito and Kamahito meanwhile, are trying hard not to stick out like sore thumbs…)

Nakahito: So, how can we get to 1st and avoid all these glares? I know how important it is to wear our uniforms…but…

Kamahito: Never mind that – we get the fast forward and we can avoid any more glares.

Nakahito: Good point…come on bro!

Kamahito: (surprised) Bro?

Nakahito: Sorry…that Mamoru girl sounded a bit like me…thought I’d say it just to mess with your mind…

Kamahito: (smiles) Once again, girls supress your mind…

(Somewhere in Houston, Kira-Vincent Davis sneezes, she’s had three roles in two legs with Miyu, Mamoru and Kamahito in her reputoires, but as she gets a sore throat…)

* * * *

Ryo: Right, that should ward off the fans!

Hiroki: And our reputations!

Ryo: Not exactly a bad thing right?

Hiroki: True…

(Ryo and Hiroki complete the detour whilst on the far side…)

Oshige: Done it!

(A relieved Oshige has managed to send her 12 e-mails as Aya nods as she and Wakayoji (who did his 3 minutes before Oshige) get permission to go. Aya waves them goodbye as Hiroyuki is still going through…)

Rei: Is everything O.K?

Aya: (blushing) O-Otohata-kun…

(Shot of the number one teen idol, Rei Otohota, and Aya’s ‘is her or is he not’ boyfriend. (Ah, here’s where I used it…^_^) Whilst cool, calm and very GL as the gals would call him, he is very stoic, almost icy to a tee. He does have a soft spot for Aya, trying not to break her heart when she first confesses, not that he doesn’t like her…but that Aya might not like being broken back if things indeed happen…but enough spoiling…)

Hiroyuki: Darn it…

(Akari has finished and is cheering Hiroyuki on, finally on the last e-mail and having to reply exactly is tougher than expected. Finally, enough Multi chants seem to get him through it, and they are let out…)

(…just as…)

* * * *

Chika: Why, how do I look!

Miyu: Ooohhh, you’re too adorable! Hey, have you got a special someone in your life young’un?

(Chika has gone for red streaks in both her pigtails, as her face turns as red as her new streak. Taeko messes around with a few loose ends, but isn’t as unhappy as you might think…)

Taeko: Oh well…maybe not yet, but in the future…

Naruto: Fine, fine…can we get on now?

Chika: Yep, Naruto-oniichan!

Naruto: O-onichan?

(Naruto seems to be a bit shocked, but Sasuke snickers slightly…)


(Sasuke’s snicker stops immediately and he scowls…)

Sasuke: Whatever. Let’s get this over with.

(Taeko and Chika head out as the two ninjas get ready to get red with it. With Nakahito and Kamahito behind, they’ve got all the time in the world at the moment, as they head out…whilst Mirielle and Kirika are already one step ahead of them…and one of two teams are going to be two steps ahead…)

* * * *

Pedro: Excuse me Senorita, can you help me?

(The tan faced trio that Weda had earlier knocked over seem to be a bit more respective to Pedro…)

Tan blue: Well, I don’t think unless they swing that way that they would be a threat to our dear Yuya…

Tan blonde: And who is this little one?

Sandora: Sandora senorita, and what does swing that way mean?

(The three tan girls suddenly realise that they may have said too much…)

Tan red: Ah, ignore us dearie…

(Meanwhile, our favourite onmyou priests are also having a panicy look for the fast forward…)

Nakahito: Snowboard, snowboard…

Kamahito: I guess now isn’t the best time to confirm the fact that Shibuya is one of the biggest places for shopping now, so finding anything big in Shibuya may not be the easiest thing in the world…

??????: Can I help you gents?

(Shot of kendo inter-state champion Shiori, a pretty sweet one-shot character, still with her kendo stick in her sheeve, think Haruka from Sister Princess meets Setsuna from Negima and you have a good idea of her character…)

Shiori: Are you O.K?

Nakahito: Miss, can you help us?

Shiori: Sure!

Kamahito: Do you know how to get to this indoor snowboarding arena? We are kind of in a hurry and need to get there ASAP…

(Shiori thinks for a moment…)

Shiori: I’m not sure…Ran took me there once, I think it’s around that way…as long as you follow the bike tracks, it’s around there…

Kamahito: That will do!

Nakahito: (bowing) Thank you very much!

Shiori: You’re welcome.

(Shots of both teams rushing and asking for directions for the indoor snowboarding arena.)

(Eventually…one team makes it…)

* * * *

(Shot of Yuya Asou on top of the hill of snow, balancing like a pro. He looks at the two young men by his side, both decked out in snow outfits…)

Yuya: O.K, now you just need to make it once down here…you’ve got the basics down, so go for it!

(Shot of the two removing their ski masks…)

Pedro/Sandora: Yes, signor second place!

(Yuya sweatdrops)

Yuya: Why me…

(Outside, Kamahito and Nakahito look in despair, and look at the detour…)

Kamahito: We’ve got no choice. Take the faster one.

Kamahito: What a disappointment – somehow, they managed to find it before we could. And now, we’ve lost even more time. Those feelings of being with Ryo and the others are slowly dwindling…

(Shot of Nakahito actually trying to cheer his elder brother up…as we go back to see if any of the others are doing well…


* * * *


Mirielle: Well, I’d say this would be more my thing…but…

(Shot of Kirika who seems like she wants to really do it. Mirielle sighs…)

Mirielle: Fine. Go on…not like I can do much in these high heels anyway…

(Kirika smiles as they run over looking for the arcade, not hard to find even in this crowded morning…)

* * * *


Yuya: Now, slide!

(Sandora does so, as papa Pedro follows on, both of them are already covered in snow after a couple of failed attempts, but Sandora manages to hold his own on the snow. Pedro manages to hold on behind his son, as Yuya makes sure they both crossed the line…)

Yuya: Yep, that’s it! Well done! Now, go over there and can you put a good word in for me with Ran-chan and say how well I trained you to get into 1st place……and can you make it seems that I can be 1st place in her heart?

Yuya: (with bad Ran voice) Oh, second place, it was you who trained these guys from last to first?

Yuya: (normal) Oh, that was me. But it was nothing…really…

Yuya: (bad voice) Oh, 2nd place…I mean…Yuya…

Yuya: Ran!

(As he does this bad single act with himself, Lillith takes over…)

Lillith: As Pedro and Sandora have won the fast forward, they can ignore the tasks and head straight over to the Pit Stop, the Kotobuki home.

(Pedro and Sandora hug as father and son bond in the unity that is 1st place…something poor Yuya will never get…)

* * * *

Nakahito: O.K, can we catch up?

Kamahito: I don’t know…but I guess it shows how low we need to go…

(The trademark hair of the brothers has a red streak down their centre, as Miyu’s work is finished.)

Kamahito: Can we start running now?

Nakahito: Might as well…and pray to the gods that Kurumi, Saki and Karinka are now…

(The two run, way behind…but not losing faith…especially as it certainly hasn’t been smooth sailing for every team…)

* * * *

8.53am – CINEPLEX

(Shot of Riku and Risa heading out, now ahead of Weda and Hale, who just head in…)

Weda: Remind me…never trust tanned girls when it comes to directions…

(Shot of three tanned girls looking uber-pissed, as a flashback to a discretion in directions led to the Jungle duo getting lost – yes, irony added for bonus points.)

Weda: O.K, let’s find the next clue and get the hell out of there…

(Riku and Risa look at their clue, and quickly decide.)

Riku: I’m doing this one.

Risa: No arguments there…

Riku: I’ve seen you in the kitchen…I fear what I might see on the dance floor…

Risa: Meanie…

(They head over to look for the arcade, ready to join Kirika on the dance floor…)

* * * *

Tatsuki: O.K, go and do the monkey dance!

Kirika: I don’t seem to understand this language…

(Kirika shrugs as Tatsuki explains the rules – she has to get 70% on Aitsu. Tatsuki himself gives a demonstration (getting 100% as usual) as Kirika seems to get a decent understanding of what is going on.)


(Mirielle watches on the side, as Kirika steps up. However, seeing Tatsuki do it so easily isn’t so easy for a beginner…even for nimble Kirika. On her first attempt, she messes up on a tricky step (one of three) and gets only 57%. Tatsuki shakes his head.)

Tatsuki: Again, after a 2 minute rest/penalty.

(Kirika sighs, as she waits…Mirielle tosses her a soda where she drinks slowly, before getting ready to go on again…)

Kirika: I just hope we’re still a good time ahead of everyone…

* * * *

(Shot of Weda and Hale running away…)

Hale: Damn, how’d they catch up!

Weda: Talk later!

(Shot of Oshige and Wakayoji just behind them…)

Wakayoji: When you’ve travelled as much as I have, we kind of know all the spots. But this…

Oshige: Well, we aren’t exactly as young as we used to…but at least we know where to go. Anyway, I’ll do it – I used to be quite the dancer y’know?

Wakayoji: (sly) Better than the cook right…

(Oshige punches the prince in the shoulder, before running off…as in the distance, we can see once again, just how important speed comes into play, this time Naruto and Sasuke don’t get lost…)


Naruto: This is more like it, we saw Oshige-obachan heading back…

Oshige: (Yukino-esque forked tongue) OBACHANNNNNN!

(Naruto cringes…)

Sasuke: Mental note: Not everyone will let you get away with that like Tsunade-sama will…

Naruto: True…but she lets me.

Sasuke: Otherwise she’d kill you…

Naruto: Look, can we hurry up? I’m sure that pig-tailed girl and that glasses girl wasn’t that far behind…basbeball girl and that guy were already in there searching so they’ll be behind us as well…

Sasuke: Those two slowpokes? You must be…

Chika: *distant* Tae-neechan, this way!

(Both boys facefault…)

Naruto: Don’t underestimate anyone Sasuke…isn’t that what we learnt?

Sasuke: Run now, ask later…

* * * *

(At the arcade, we see Riku and Risa make it, just as Kirika leaves after 3 attempts…)

Mirielle: We need more co-ordination I think…

Kirika: Actually, I think I had fun…

Mirielle: If you failed on purpose…

Kirika: Well…(opens the clue Tatsuki gave her)…head to the Pit Stop – The Kotobuki mansion. This will be the very time that vehicles will be prepared for you, head to the car park behind the arcade.

(Kirika just smiles as the Haradas go onto the machine. Tatuski greets them but Riku waves the demonstration…)

Riku: Just put me on…

(Riku takes the tune and does some very good steps. She gets a score of 72% on her first try.)

Tatsuki: Ooki! First try my friend! Awesome!

(Riku smiles and finishes with a mahou shoujo like pose.)

Riku: Victory!

(Risa grudgingly claps but smiles nonetheless.)

Riku: Right…clue please!

Tatsuki: No prob, no prob! (He hands Riku the clue as the Haradas look at it…)

Riku: Cars?

Risa: Someone’s driving us then…

Riku: But who?

* * * *


(Previous shot of Pedro having to wait for his vehicle to be transferred to the arena, where he and Sandora drive straight to the Kotobuki home courtesy of Yuya’s directions. Father and son have a nice talk as they can actually relax on this leg now.)

(They arrive at the home, where the world’s greatest gal, Ran Kotobuki is our final host for the day. She has cropped blond hair, red streak, faux nails, a red jacket like outfit for the day, mobile phone, high heels and mini skirt. And VERY tough…)

Ran: This is the last place on these teams journey, and as long as my lamo parents don’t ruin everything…

Taizo: Hey! Why are you hosting this instead of getting ready for the pol…


(Ran remembers she shouldn’t be arguing with Taizo (her father) as her mother Kiyoka plays background music on her recorder. That aside, Ran continues…)

Ran: …we should be seeing our first place…

(Rei sneezes, Aya gets a handerchief)

Ran: …team coming through about…

(Shot of Pedro and Sandora huffing and puffing, but getting through to first place, their feet hitting the mat marked ‘SUPERGALS’…)

Ran: Now! Hey, you used the fast forward to win! Mmmm…maybe I should add that to my iron clad rules for gals…

Pedro: Miss Kotobuki…

Ran: (smiles) Just kidding, Pedro and Sandora. You are team number one!

(Ran gives them a thumbs up, Pedro and Sandora hug each other as father and son look ready to collapse…)

Pedro: That was the boost we needed…

Sandora: Yes papa, now let us keep that energy going!

Pedro: Our biggest victory was not winning the leg, but getting ahead to win the Fast Forward. Even though we are not originally from Japan, our instincts and guts allowed us to survive…and indeed win.

* * * *


(Shot of Akari and Hiroyuki running ahead after getting the clue from Sayo and Masato)

Hiroyuki: That detour took forever! And I thought I was good talking with girls…

(And speaking of pain in the rear detours…)


Shannon: I can’t believe we did that…

Racquel: Well, we didn’t really have much of a choice…

Shannon: I thought the Cineplex was some sort of training arena…

(Shot of the two finally escaping the Cineplex, still ahead of Nakahito and Kamahito, as we watch a flashback…)

Miyu: Right, let’s do this!

Racquel: This should be fun!

Shannon: This should be disasterous…

Shannon: This leg has not gone well for us. Neither of the detour options got us one we liked, and then we got lost looking for the cineplex. From 1st to worst…and now we have to hurry…


(Shot of Kamahito and Nakahito just escaping from the beauty parlour, now their dark hair streaked red…)

Kamahito: You know, Kurumi is going to be so happy when she hears the signifance…

Nakahito: Now if only I was a girl…or not so depressed…

(Despite Shannon and Racquel getting delayed, they are still a bit ahead of the brothers…)

Nakahito: Going for that fast forward was a last ditch effort to survive, and we failed. Now all we have going for us is pride. At least we want to make sure we can finish…

Kamahito: I don’t think it’s over yet. Nakahito can’t get depressed and I have to let him know that…

* * * *

(Back at the arcade, time for some fun as we see two fired up ladies to take on the dance floor…)

Weda: You won’t beat me old lady!

Oshige: Heh heh – call me that again and you won’t have legs to dance on…

(The Tenchi Muyo eyesparks glow as Wakayoji and Hale watch on the side…)

Wakayoji: I would have thought you would have taken it…

Hale: Yeah, I like games…but I guess this is more mom’s alley with the whole disco like dance setting…plus I’m sure she wants any chance of being young again…

Weda: You are so dropped.

(Hale covers his mouth)

Hale: Dammit…didn’t mean to say that outloud.

Tatsuki: Ready ladies and girls, shake it, shake it, shake it baby!! GOOOOOO!

(The two player mode kicks in as Oshige and Weda begin moving to Aitsu. However, Oshige really struggles to meet with the movements. Weda however, seems a natural. Indeed, when the scores are up, Oshige only has 48% whilst Weda has a whopping 89%!)

Tatsuki: Bravo! Monkey magic!

(Weda smiles, hops off, Hale cringes…but instead Weda taps him on the head.)

Weda: We still need to win and besides…I would never drop you…maybe…

(Weda winks as Hale seems semi-relieved…)

Hale: Let’s go mom!

Weda: O.K!

(Oshige breaks for two minutes as Naruto and Sasuke burst in…)

Sasuke: Your move.

Naruto: Roger!

(Naruto goes onto the game, as Tatsuki loads it up again. Naruto is explained the rules just as Ryo and Hiroki come in. Oshige’s eyes widen.)

Oshige: Hey, can I get back on now?

Tatsuki: (shakes his head) Sorry…two minutes are not up…

Hiroki: You going to do it Ganmo-chan?

Ryo: I guess…it’s not my forte, but hey, all that pitching must have done something for my arm movements right?

(Ryo goes for it along with Naruto, the two wish each other luck as Oshige curses as she has to wait until they finish. As they dance, Naruto easily passes with eccentric hand and arm movements, and actually gets 98%! Poor Ryo however doesn’t have as much luck, and fails with a 65%.)

Tatsuki: Impressive brother!

Naruto: First time I ever got a high grade on a test…

(Sasuke is solemn but…)

Sasuke: Good work Naruto.

Naruto: Thanks!

(They get the clue and begin to head out…meanwhile…)

* * * *

?????: Hello there!

(Shot of the Harada’s driver, Emiko Niwa – Daisuke’s mother. He hugs Riku first and then Risa, both Harada’s embarrassed, especially Riku.)

Riku: Emiko-san!

Emiko: Oh, it’s O.K sweeties! Let’s go and win this shall we?

Risa: Now that I can agree with!

(The two head off like Emiko on a spring sale, behind Kirika and Mirielle but not by much thanks to Riku’s pass.)

Riku: It’s a bit…embarrassing. Not that I don’t appreciate Emiko-san being here…but with her being Daisuke’s mother…I mean…

(As elder Harada blushes and younger Harada talks, another surprise twist comes into play…)

* * * *

Ryo: Dammit!

(Ryo failed as Oshige goes back up for another try, as Chika and Taeko get in…Oshige not fairly too well for this attempt either…)

Taeko: O.K, Chika-chan! Do your stuff!

Chika: Wai!

(A no-brainer here as Chika takes the dance floor, before Ryo can try again. Tatuski smiles at Chika-rin as she gets ready to boogie…)

(Oshige is about to fail again, and as she does….Chika starts.)

(And 2 minutes later, everyone in the room bar Taeko has her jaws dropped…even Tatsuki.)

Tatsuki: 100%?!

Chika: (shrugs) I dunno! I just move it like this, and like that, and poof!

Taeko: How do you do it?

(For those unsure, Chika has his uncanny knack of doing incredible things in anything videogame related…even if she has never played it before…so 100% on her first try isn’t actually that unusual…as poor Tina has found out many a time…)

Taeko: Clue?

Tatsuki: (for once a bit lost for words) Oh…yeah sure. Hey Chika-pyon, you fancy coming down Osaka ways for a joint tournament? Ran’s not going and I need a good partner.

Chika: I’ll think about it nii-chan!

(The AYA pair leave, leaving Ryo and Oshige to pick their jaws off the ground ready to try again…)

* * * *

(Shot of Weda relaxing in her vehicle, as Hale isn’t quite as relaxed…)

Hale: Mom, do you know how to drive this?

Weda: Sure, we did great at that simulation!

Hale: Mom, that was just one of my driving games…

Weda: I know, I kicked butt didn’t I?

Hale: This isn’t a game, this is my life, your life…

Weda: (tutting) Don’t worry! Don’t worry!

(Famous last words Hale-kun…let’s see whilst Weda learns where the brakes are, another driver is also having trouble behind the wheel…but in a different way…)

Naruto: So…you don’t know how to drive this too well right Iruka-sensei?

(Shot of Naruto’s original trainer and mentor, Iruka, behind the wheel of a beat-up Ban-like Ladybug (Getbackers reference).

Iruka: Well…they gave me the training and something called a ‘driver’s licence’ but it’s still all new to me…

Sasuke: Then let’s make it not new…

(Iruka speeds up, though it’s obvious he’s not handling it too well…anyway, back at the arcade…)

* * * *

Ryo: Yesssss!!!!

(The baseball star does it on her second attempt with a 75% pass rate. Oshige fails her third attempt with a sigh…)

Hiroki: Come on Ganmo-chan!

Ryo: Right!

(Ryo is a little out of breath and light headed (she must be, she didn’t try to kill Takasugi for the ‘Ganmo-chan’ comment…) so they head out, just as Hiroyuki and Akari head up…)

Akari: Come on Hiroyuki-chan!

Hiroki: Come on Ganmo-chan!

Ryo/Hiroyuki: Don’t call me that!

(Shot of the two, Ryo and Hiroki, heading towards the car park and get an interesting surprise…)

Ryo: Keiko-san!

Keiko: Hello there. Felt like I needed to actually chauffeur myself for this race – after all, someone has to take care of you two.

(Keiko Himuro, the mother of eternal rival and kick ass character Izumi Himuro, is the driver for our two baseball stars.)

Hiroki: All right! Let’s go Gan…

(Ryo gives him a glare that Keiko’s daughter would be proud of. Hiroki just smiles and they head off.)

(Meanwhile, the To Heart duo head in as Oshige is getting some encouraging words from Wakayoji…)

Wakayoji: Come on, we’re musicians. Keep that in mind and keep the hand and eye with the tune of the music, you nearly got it…

Oshige: But I’m costing us so much time…

Wakayoji: You can do it!

(Wakayoji puts his hands on Oshige’s shoulders, who blushes slightly.)

Wakayoji: You’ve always been the one to strength all of us! Now is not the time to go down the depressed route – come on!

(Oshige gulps but breathes in and out…just as Hiroyuki gets on the dance set…)

Hiroyuki: Neither of us were really fitting to do this, but out of me and Akari, I felt I was the best choice. Anything athletic would be me over Akari…but pretty much anything else would be Akari…

(Tatsuki signals that Oshige can get back on…as Wakayoji nods once. Akari does a ganbatte to Hiroyuki as they go for it…)

* * * *

(And hell on earth awaits our second favourite pig-tailed young un…though our first favourite had a similar hell entrust to her as well…)

Chika: Um…where’s Miyabi-oneechan?

Taeko: Why, what’s wrong? I’m legal age aren’t I? I have my driver’s licence…and we have a car, what’s the problem?

(With their similar sounding names, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Chika has a similar fear to Chiyo. Yep, it’s time for our Taeko-chan to show us what she is capable of…and not necessarily in a good sense…)

Taeko: What’s wrong? You know I’m a good driver – all the people in the arcade say so!

Chika: (to herself) We are so going to die…or at least get a penalty…

(And they aren’t the only ones…as Weda is trying her first time at driving, with Hale back into ‘petrified at 30,000ft when Guu is the pilot’ mode. Meanwhile, back in the arcade…)

(Oshige on the 4th attempt, managing to get through the Para-para, squeaking by at 70% even.)

Tatsuki: Plenty of guts there wonder woman!

Oshige: Thank you…now…

(Tatsuki hands over the clue as they head off behind the arcade to the car park…we see Racquel and Shannon coming in through the side, seeing the elder team go into the car park…)

Shannon: Right, I’m not sure about this…but I’ll trust you.

Racquel: Right, leave it to me!

(Shot of Racquel heading into the arcade as Shannon shakes his head…)

Shannon: This road block was not something that either myself or Racquel would specialise in. Racquel however probably would enjoy it more, so…I just hope and pray…

(Shot inside, as Hiroyuki fails his 1st attempt…)

* * * *


Ran: Congratulations, you’ve come in second place!

(Yuya sneezes, and wonders if the cold inside the arena is making him catch a cold…)

(Shot of the team in second place…Kirika and Mirielle.)

Kirika: We’re still doing well.

Mirielle: That’s right. We’ll hold on to this for a long time.

Ran: Wow…scary…not cool…

(Kirika and Mirielle ignore that, and enjoy the fact they are still making good time, as they join Pedro curled up, and Sandora trying to avoid Ran’s father to do that twirl thing he always does to poor Sayo…)

(A couple minutes later…)


Taizo: B….but…

Ran/Risa: Damn, you’re so embarrassing!

(Before I pick out that obvious VA link, Ran stops me by saying…)

Ran: Riku and Risa, you are team number three.


Riku: Big improvement huh?

Risa: Yep, good going sis!

Riku: Really? Um…thanks…

(The twins enjoy a rare moment of agreement – the shared feeling of a job well done. On the other hand…)

* * * *


Shannon: How did you do that?

Racquel: It’s as easy as following a spell – just watch the movements and go along with that…

Shannon: I see…well, let’s see if we can actually do this driving thing…

Racquel: How different can it be from a horse and cart?

(Shot of inside, Hiroyuki has failed three times now, and is just getting his second wind…)

Hiroyuki: Are we finished now?

Akari: Don’t give up Hiroyuki-chan!

Hiroki: Dammit…I just need some motivation now…

Nakahito: (distant) I see Racquel leaving, we may not be too late!

(Hiroyuki does a Wile E Coyote moment of pause…)

Hiroyuki: That works…come on monkey boy!

(Tatsuki lets him on again as Hiroyuki keeps his eyes glued to the game. He’s like a madman as he moves in time to Aitsu. As Nakahito and Kamahito go in, Hiroyuki passes with 74% - but a bit out of breath…)

Hiroyuki: That…was…bad…

(The two brothers look on and realise the challenge they have to face…)

Nakahito: I’ll do it!

Kamahito: Go for it…

(The young omonyu priest takes off his robe, for more manoeverability, as he takes the stage. Akari helps her beau out as the younger brother looks on and gulps…)

Nakahito: A double whammy. As we saw that we had caught up, we saw Hiroyuki finish. And I took off that robe, which is a bit of a taboo in honesty…but I realised I want to win this now…and not get caught as a loser…but we caught up…there is still a chance…

(Kamahito looks on with a fearful look…)


Ran: Hey, you guys got a good style…like a jungle style with modern clothing…can you teach me that?

Weda: Sure, sure!

(Shot of Lillith, now entering the fray, as she’s tied up Taizo (or Ran has) to avoid any more twirl incidents.)

Lillith: Weda and Hale, you are the fourth team to arrive…

Weda: That’s a start! Let’s go for first next time Hale!

(Hale is silent…he’s turn stiff from Weda’s driving…not because of speed or crashing…but that because she actually got through without either happening…)

Weda: Hale?

Hale: Huh…oh yeah…let’s go…

Ran: Right, first is always your goal! That’s an iron clad rule for gals!

Hale: I’ve got a headache…

Hale: O.K, so sometimes she can be a bit…excitable…but that can work to our advantage in this type of game…I guess I’m a little proud of my mom…

(In the race field, Iruka seems to have finally got the hang of racing…though since then Taeko has overtaken them…and now….)

Oshige: Hey, move it pops!

Iruka: Who are you calling that?

Oshige: You pops!

Naruto: Like you’ve got any right to talk?!

Oshige: WHY YOUU…..

(Naruto gulps as Oshige’s road rage let’s loose…)

Wakayoji: Please…let’s not get carried…I mean carried away…*to himself* Is this gals slang catching?

MINI-GAL: ‘Carried’ means to be ‘carried away’ – that’s common knowledge for gals…

(At the arcade though, Nakahito has failed twice and looks to have failed a third time as well…)

Kamahito: I fear this may be well out of our miracles now…

Kamahito: I feared this. After managing to get far enough to survive, the last hurdle was too much. Neither of us would have been any good at this, and credit to Naka, he’s tried his best…but in the end, it was too much.

(On the 4th try, Naka manages to get a 75%, and comes off, half-dead…)

Tatsuki: Whoa, are you O.K?

Nakahito: No…physically…or emotionally…

Kamahito: Don’t be upset Nakahito! You gave it your all, it was just bad luck…and we know you gave it your all…Kurumi will be proud!

Nakahito: Kurumi…

(Naka gives a little sigh before smiling and nodding…)

Nakahito: I guess I should look forward to that…

Kamahito: She certainly will.

(The two look at each other, and laugh. Naka wipes a small tear from his eye…)

Kamahito: Come on little brother. Let’s finish this.

Nakahito: Right.

(The two rush off to get their vehicle, knowing the outcome, but knowing also the best things in their hearts.)

* * * *

9.49am – TAEKO/CHIKA

(Shot of the cousins dropping by to give the Kotobuki’s a visit…)

Taeko: See Chika-chan, I told you we would get there easily…

(Chika gives a similarity to Chiyo-chan here…and I don’t just mean the pigtails either as she gives a shudder to her memory of Taeko’s ‘driving…’)

Chika: Well…leaving that aside…

(The two get on the mat marked ‘SUPERGALS’ as Ran greets them…looking at Taeko’s bust.)

Ran: Lose the glasses hun…*man I’m jealous…* …ahem, Taeko and Chika, you are team number five!

Taeko: (surprised) Really? Higher than I expected…cool!

(Taeko and Chika hug as they join the other teams, with the Jungle and DN Teams responsive, and Sandora joining them soon as the kids get a chance to talk whilst the adults relax. But other teams are not relaxing…)

* * * *


Hiroyuki: Of all people…

(Hiroyuki grunts as of all the people that could be the driver, he gets Sebastian, Serika’s bodyguard…and someone not exactly a fan of Hiroyuki to say the least…)

Sebastian: Hey, it’s no picnic for me either…if it wasn’t for Miss Akari…

Hiroyuki: Look here old man…

Akari: Hiroyuki-chan…

(Hiroyuki, as always, softens with Akari. He just humphs in the back of the car…)

Hiroyuki: It was bad. I let Akari down, nearly screw up the road block, and to top it off, this old man is the designated driver. I need to get it together next time…

* * * *


(The next team head off into the house…)

Ran: Ryo and Hiroki, you are team number six.

Ryo: Ah well…maybe next time…

Hiroki: We can only get better…

(A minute later…)



Sasuke: The right was wrong. We got ahead of those two others right?

Naruto: Only because we outran them, they were ahead of us when we all stopped?

(Ryo and Hiroki sweatdrop as the two ninjas step on the mat…)

Ran: Whoa, so not my scene…

Lillith: Calm down kiddies. Naruto and Sasuke, you are team number seven.

(Another couple of minutes…Naruto gulps as a fuming Oshige booms forward…)



Naruto: Um…accident?

(Oshige hits the mat with Wakayoji just behind…Oshige smiles.)

Oshige: Declare us.

Ran: Right…Oshige and Wakayoji, you are team number 8…AND CAN I GET FULL MOON’S AUTOGRAPH?

Wakayoji: Er…well…

Oshige: Well, now we are in…CAN I KILL HIM?

Ran: Sure!

Lillith: Hey wait a…

(Naruto screams as Oshige turns into uber-Yukino…)

* * * *

(Shot of Nakahito and Kamahito, the elder driving as Nakahito seems relaxed now, despite knowing their position…)

Nakahito: I think I realised I never was one for competition…

Kamahito: Well, we know that now. As long as we learn from it.

(Naka nods as the two drive off into the distance…)

* * * *


Ran: You two fashion wackos, you are team number 9…

(Shannon and Racquel look on, with Shannon looking a bit weirded out…)

Shannon: Well excuse me for being from your time…

Racquel: Now, now…let’s just prepare for next time…

Shannon: We only just survived…then again, we are used to it I guess…

Ran: You know this is getting uber-boring…

?????????: KOTOBUKI!

Ran: Gah!

(Shot of Mr. Nakanishi, rushing in with his harisen ‘EXCLUSIVELY FOR RAN KOTOBUKI’ Known as Naka-teach by Ran, he is the poor soul who suffers constantly from Ran’s latenessly, poor grades and sleepiness.)

Ran: Yo Naka-teach!

Naka-teach: Don’t ‘Yo Naka-teach!’ me…so tell me why you are here and not at school? And how did you pull Aya and Miyu away as well…

Ran: Well…you see…

* * * *


Ran: …and after being abducted by aliens, I was taken over by Egyptian strongmen who wanted to take me back to their pharaoh, I managed to escape and swam back home…but I needed to recover my strength first before heading back to school and…


(The fan strikes as Naka-teach breathes deeply…)

Naka-teach: And so…what was the real reason you didn’t come to school?

(Typical Kotobuki pause…)

Ran: Was paid to do this race thing.

(Naka is about to strike again but…)

Hiroyuki: *coughs* Ah-em.

(Shot of Hiroyuki and Akari now on the mat, as Ran escapes the fan for the moment…)

Ran: Hiroyuki and Akari, you are team number 10…WAAAHHH!

(Naka-teach and Ran run away…well, Ran runs away, Naka chases her, probably back to school, as To Heart-tachi sigh.)

* * * *


(Finally, Nakahito and Kamahito arrive to the mat. As Ran is busy, Lillith takes over for the final team.)

Lillith: Nakahito and Kamahito, you are the last team to arrive.

(Small pause)

Lillith: I’m afraid you have been eliminated from the race.

(The two sigh, but nod.)

Nakahito: We gave it our best.

Kamahito: Yeah.

(The two hug as their race has ended…)

Nakahito: We tried…and failed. It’s not like we are used to rushing about, far from it…but it’s competition. And it’s something that we weren’t used to. However, for the short time it was, I certainly enjoyed it, and with my brother as well, gave us a chance to bond…and despite the short time, I believe we did.

Kamahito: It’s strong, because we knew we messed up, but we tried our darnedst to get back, and nearly got there. However, the Road Block really wasn’t our thing, and it kind of ended our time here. Another time and place, maybe…but not today.

Nakahito: I guess it was hectic, like my other life…but at least it gave me a taste of different people, and indeed different lifestyles. Maybe I can use that back home…maybe…

* * * *

Next time on The Anime-mazing Race 3…

* * * *

Two done, several more to go…

I will probably run out of Haag references and Christian ones to boot…fortunately, we move onto Funimation for the next leg, so we take a break for now.

It’s a shame I cut Nakahito and Kamahito so early, because they certainly had the potential to be a surprise, but I guess they weren’t exactly high up on my interest, mainly because I felt that SAK was the most disappointing series in a long time…mainly because Kurumi was so annoying, and I didn’t enjoy the characters as much as say, Mahoromatic. Actually, I guess robot girl shows haven’t really got my attention much anyway. Video Girl Ai perhaps, and Chobits (though not a patch on the manga) but yeah, SAK was disappointing, despite how cool Karinka was.

Of course the many VA references in there – I added an extra line after Mr A. R. Pulver proof read the first draft – he noticed that with it being a Supergals leg, and Oshige facing up against Weda in PPP that it was an indirect reference to the almighty Ian Roberts, AMV creator extraordinare (and he’s British to boot, if he’s reading this, you rule!) – and creator of Shake it – an AMV crossing Supergals with various series. Why this coincides with this chapter was that Jungle Guu and Full Moon were the only series in the fic which were in that music video, which Adam pointed out, so I added the ‘shake it, shake it baby!’ line for Tatsuki.

Oh, and each of the characters you have read is as in character as they could be. Tatsuki in particular is just so…cool and yet so freaky at the same time. From his blatant Vash line to his mixing in English with his Japanese, much more to his PPP brilliance, he is an enigma of a character, matching the weird and wonderful. Whether he and Ran finally hook up though is a mystery. Yuya is still a rival, though I know roughly what happens in season 2 of Supergals…please ADV! You made me a happy man with the licence of Season 2 of Kaliedo Star, with the Gals manga being released, please… buy more gals!

So, how can Tohru-chan handle the next leg? Yep, you probably already guessed the next leg so no point spoiling too much. Until then!