Sugar, you are my candy girl!


Yep, another day, another leg – and now we start the only real series which has had a previous Chromus Production installment (ROD TV technically did with Yomiko, but that was OVA Yomiko, in other words Pre-angst…) in the utterly adorable Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar.

It’s only contribution was Greta’s first round exit in Murder Game 2 – where she was one part feel sorry for and one part glad she’s gone. Greta is only the tip of the iceburg, I haven’t even mentioned the fairies yet, Sugar herself could be really annoying, but…I can’t help but love her – she tries so hard, she’s so genki, when she’s depressed as well, there are a few moments here and there, plus great tenderness as she slowly grows on the heroine (Saga) and of course…WAFFO! Love that catchphrase.

There are quite a few other unique characters – aside from Greta, we have Saga, the heroine who is uber-organised until Sugar comes into her life, her best friends Anne and Norma, the inventor trio (Phil, Jan and Alan) and with the rest of the fairies, like the animal speaking Pepper, the crazy duo of Cinnamon and Basil, and finally, the Elder – yes, even in a cute kids show we have a perverted lecher, after the bishoujo fairy Ginger…hell, this show even has subtle elements of shoujo-ai as well…kids today…^_^

Anyway, let the sugar rush begin!


(Shot of a camp site, where the teams have been forced to park their butts for tonight on the former Dokusensha site. Here, Lillith explains all.)

Lillith: This is the site of Dokusensha, now melted into the ground…literally. It’s also the pit stop for leg 4 of the Anime-mazing race. Teams arrived here at the end of the last leg for a mandatory rest period that allows them to eat…

(Shot of a barbeque being set up by Wakayoji, where looks like the ROD guys have brought some food for them as we see roast potatoes, steaks and bread being displayed out as one at a time, the hungry masses try to get their share…except for Naruto, who spotted a nearby ramen stall, which is quickly followed by a few others in supliment…)

Lillith: …sleep…

(It’s a bit uncomfortable as they have to sleep on this site, despite the tents and futons available. Not to mention the fact that Mirielle and Kirika seem to be doing a bit of patrolling around, giving everyone a tad bit of unease…)

Lillith: …and mingle with the other teams.

(We see Pedro and Sandora, along with Hale and Weda discussing the differences between their lives, whilst Oshige and Wakayoji are talking with Akari and Hiroyuki about their survival last leg…)

Lillith: The still remaining 8 teams thanks to Akari and Hiroyuki’s lucky escape waiting here have no idea what's in store for them. They have to figure out for themselves how to get to the next yellow and red route marker by solving clues they'll find in sealed envelopes.

(We see Shannon and Racquel (still in casual wear, though not made of paper) step up to the mat, awaiting confirmation to go.)

Lillith: Shannon and Racquel arrived here first at 8.30am…so they will leave here at 8.30pm!

(The two nod as the clock ticks the time…)

Lillith: Let the Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar leg begin!


(Shannon takes the first clue from Nancy, and goes through it.)

Shannon: Return to Hong Kong International Airport and locate the means to go to the German town of Muhlenburg.

Racquel: Huh?

Shannon: So we’re going to somewhere else different…oh boy…

Racquel: Well, we’ll just have to go there won’t we?

Shannon: And that is the easy part…

Shannon: The good thing we are starting to get used to this system, hence our position at the moment. The bad news is once we’re starting to get used to it, something else stops us. Now we’re travelling somewhere else that we haven’t got a clue about – it makes it for an unusual time to say the least…

* * * *

(It will be a while before we see her for a few pages, so let’s introduce her. Yes, it’s everyone’s favourite Naga-laughing Tomoyo clone, Greta!)

Greta: Ha, no-one is worthy of making it past my domain, but if by some fluke they do, teams can get the next clue by getting it from my abode! Of course, they have to get here in the first place, and from Hong Kong to Muhlenburg won’t be a one-stop flight….

(Greta pauses for dramatic effect…and then sighs…)

Greta: …it’s just not the same as challenging Saga…

* * * *

(The two realise they have to go back the way they came, and fortunately their vehicle is still intact, so it’s a case of easy come and easy go, and keep in the fact that they, along with 2 other teams ahead of the pack by a few hours. But of course, things change and always expect the unexpected…)

* * * *


(The yawning brings the waking giants of two Jungle natives, as Hale and Weda emerge from their tent after a quick nap and quick yoink the clue from Nancy’s hands. Weda quickly scans through it…)

Weda: We’re driving again!

Hale: Let’s ready my medication again…

Weda: Oh, don’t be such a worry wart!

Hale: In my life, I don’t think I’ve got much of an option…

(Weda drags her son to their car, as another plane trip beckons…)

Hale: I sometimes wonder if I was adopted or something the way we differ, but when it comes to shove, we can work together well. I just hope nothing goes awry…aside from my mom’s driving of course…

(The Jungle duo head out, as Hale cringes for dear life, and knowing the fact that there is one team not far behind them…)



Naruto: Yosha! Let-sa go!

Sasuke: Can you possibly me more annoying? Wait…don’t answer that…

Naruto: Sasssssuuuukkkeeeeee…

Iruka: You two are getting along as famously as ever huh…

Naruto: Iruka-sensei!

Sasuke: Of course he was going to be here…anyway, we’ve got to head back to the Airport and find this place called Muhlenburg…

Naruto: Geez…how many countries can this world have?

Sasuke: Too many.

Iruka: Now, where was the airport?

Sasuke: At least Iruka-sensei isn’t late…I’d fear what would have happened if Kakashi-sensei was our driver…

Naruto: Whilst I won’t argue how we recovered well after the mishap a couple of legs ago, the fact that Sasuke has pretty much saved our asses most of the time hasn’t gone down too well with me. I need to sharpen up and prove that I’m just as good as he is, starting now!

(Naruto pouts as he remains quiet whilst Sasuke gives directions…yeah, still not working Naruto-kun…)

* * * *


(Shannon and Racquel are looking for a fight to Muhlenburg. One problem though…there isn’t a direct one. They need to find out the best way to do so…)

Shannon: I don’t think I’ll get used to this.

Racquel: We need to find a trip to Germany don’t we? How hard can it be?

(5 minutes later)

Racquel: I’ll be quiet now…

(Shannon isn’t too familiar around airports, and Racquel isn’t helping much. So when Hale and Weda come in behind them, they are the figurative chickens with their heads cut off. Weda chuckles whilst Hale sighs.)

Hale: I hope you know what to do…

Weda: Oh, have faith in your mother!

Hale: That’s what I’m afraid of…

(Hale and Weda are following what they can, Weda uses her more airport experience to try and look for a connection to Muhlenburg…)

(…shot of Weda and Hale at the European section of Hong Kong airport. Weda’s broken English just about gets through, but…)

Receptionist: I’m sorry, there is no flight to Muhlenburg, but we can arrange a flight to Berlin though which should take you through there, via the capital.

Weda: Any other flights to Germany in the next half an hour?

Receptionist: Yes…two. One to Frankfurt and one to Munich – you could probably get connections through there via tram or train if necessary…

Weda: Right…

(She bends down)

Weda: Hale, go to the books and pamphlets over there…(points)…and see if you can find specific times on how to get to Muhlenburg…

Hale: Um…sure…

(…as Weda keeps talking, and finding out when the planes go, Racquel finally notices that Weda is talking to someone. She follows in that direction whilst Shannon continues to get frustrated…)

(Hale looks through and grabs a few pamphlets, and then sees Racquel in a queue. He looks a bit guilty but hides himself away from ‘Racquel-nee’ as Weda finishes talking and leaves. She sees Racquel, who just smiles as normal. Weda slyly tries to sneak away as Hale follows behind her…)

(…and they quickly tonzura, just as Racquel begins asking ‘What was that lady speaking about earlier?’)

* * * *


(We see Hale and Weda at the front of a terminal queue, just confirming they have the 9.10pm trip to Frankfurt…)

Weda: I think the best way is either to go to the capital city where the connections are going to be many, or just search. We stumbled upon a pamphlet to Frankfurt, documenting about regular train trips to tours of the Bear Parade – and apparently, one of their trips is to Muhlenburg. We rock!

(Meanwhile, Sasuke and Naruto have found their way to the airport, and like Shannon and Racquel, they aren’t exactly familiar with airport control yet. They begin to see if they can find the other teams and where they are going…)

Shannon: …and so, we’re going to this…Hamburg right?

Racquel: Yeah, Hamburg connections to Muhlenburg…it’s like it’s sister city.

Shannon: Come on then.

(The two rush off as Naruto and Sasuke pick up on that little hint…)

Sasuke: So all we have to do is find a terminal to Hamburg then…

Naruto: Why don’t we just follow them?

Sasuke: Good idea dunce.

Naruto: Oi!

(Naruto and Sasuke turn a corner, but to their surprise, Shannon and Racquel are both nowhere in sight.)

Naruto: Where’d they go?

Sasuke: (shrugs) Who cares…

Naruto: Let’s just see if we can find someone who knows how to get to this Hamburg then…

(As Naruto and Sasuke rush around, just around the corner where the toilets are, Shannon emerges.)

Racquel: Sneaky.

Shannon: Who was the person that found the best route?

Racquel: I know but…

Shannon: We head to Munich, and then get the special tour trip via shuttle car – it’s expensive, but fast. And coincidentally, it’s in the opposite direction where the baka ninjas are going.

Racquel: How did you know they were coming?

(Shannon and Racquel run in the opposite direction, as Shannon has to think about one. His answer is rather astute.)

Shannon: You get a sixth sense for when annoying brats are heading your way.

(Leaving that aside, we know now that Hale and Weda are already booked for a flight to Frankfurt, whilst Shannon and Racquel are both heading towards a terminal booked for a flight to Munich. Naruto and Sasuke seem to be heading towards a trip to Hamburg…)

* * * *

Sasuke: So…Hamburg?

Naruto: I’ve found a few things, but can’t understand it that much, it’s like being in a foreign language!

Sasuke: Well…let’s see…

(Sasuke looks to see if he can understand where to go. Finally, a friendly circus seems to help them…and it will be the first of two circuses in this leg, but yes, I had to go for the cheap plug for this show somewhere…)

Sora: Mia, you’re from Holland right? Where do these people get off for European connections?

Mia: Where they looking for?

Sora: Germany…

Anna: Oh, you mean like this?

(Anna creates a german sausage from a balloon…yes, the laughter is already killing me.)

Sasuke: Um…anyways…

(Mia nods and helps them to try get connections, but another lady seems interested in the two ninjas…)

Sarah: You two are ninjas right?

Naruto: Er…yes?

Sarah: Oh, teach me some ninjitsu! I’ve been dying to learn some new techniques….

(After the evil Brit casts an evil Brit based show last ep, we now get to the silly Brit in me with Sarah. And yes, if you haven’t figured by now, this is Chromus’ desperate attempt to put Kaleido Star in this fic without using it as a leg. This is the last time I promise…)

(…anyway, after managing to actually spook Sasuke, Mia finally gets them through a trip to Hamburg… they get in the queue (as the girls travel to an American terminal) ready to head to Hamburg, whilst a few terminals across, Racquel and Shannon get their tickets to Munich, boarding for a 9.30pm flight.)

Shannon: Make sure they don’t see us.

Racquel: Right.

(The two sit out of harms way, as they see Hale and Weda eating at a Hong Kong based Burger King a few shots away. The hunger strikes Shannon as he looks embarrassed…)

Racquel: Shall we call Winia for order?

Shannon: Don’t think it works like that…

(Shannon looks at his money, the remaining of his Hong Kong dollars (replaced by German Deutchmarks for this leg) calling for purchase of food. He sighs and goes over to a noodle bar, which whilst expensive, is good enough for Shannon and Racquel to eat. Hale and Weda notice them, and take another bite.)

Hale: So…we get to Frankfurt, and then we catch these specialist trains to Muhlenburg…

Weda: Yes…apparently they can go straight there as many acts pass through there.

Racquel: Really?

(Hale nearly leaps out of his skin as Racquel popped from nowhere. Shannon sighs as he approaches them.)

Hale: (Guu panic rush mode) Racquelnee, I’msorrythatwepassedyoubeforeit’sjustthatthatweneededto…

Racquel: It’s O.K. Besides, we’re on a different fight to you anyway…

Hale: Huh?

(Racquel shows her Munich ticket as Weda counters with her Frankfurt one. Shannon just smirks.)

Shannon: Looks like we’ll see whose faster.

Weda: Indeed.

(Tenchi-esque eye sparks flash as Shannon and Weda duel…er I mean feud…er, whatever. A message comes above Hale and Weda’s terminal as it flashes, signalling to go. Weda and Hale wave bye, as Weda bobs her tongue at the Scrapped Princess duo. Shannon sighs and sits down, knowing they have to wait another quarter of an hour…)

Racquel: So, now what?

Shannon: We make like those two punks and disappear…

* * * *

(After 25 minutes, we see the two remaining teams get their messages to fly like an eagle. And considering how long we have to wait for then, we shall now have 4 hrs of nothing…)

(…O.K, I lie.)

* * * *

(Whilst a 10 hour trip can be exhausting to most people, in the pages of a reality author, they flow in a matter of minutes. But the other teams aren’t that far behind, so let’s catch up shall we?)


(Unfortunately, the fact we are early morning for when the next team has to make it to Germany, we could have a few problems…)

Mirielle: Ready?

Kirika: Yeah.


Kirika: European connections…have we got time?

Mirielle: Between the time difference between Hong Kong and Germany, I believe we should be alright. If we get there fast enough, I think we’ll all be there.

Kirika: Let’s go and catch it then.

(Mirielle and Kirika head to their vehicle, where Kirika takes over driving duties for this late night.)

Kirika: Working with Mirielle in this type of environment is something which as she calls it ‘expands our horizons.’ The way we’ve worked together has been as good as ever, it’s just that others have adapted better than we have. Well, we decided that now is as good a time to start playing ‘Noir’ style.

(The assassins fly down the airport, as Chrissy puts ‘Canta Per Me’ on…)

* * * *


Sandora: (yawns) Papa, where have we got to go?

Pedro: I don’t know, some unknown town in the middle of nowhere…

Sandora: F City?

Pedro: No, some other unknown town in the middle of nowhere…

Sandora: Our home back with mama?

Pedro: (sweatdrops) Pedro gives up…

Pedro: We’ve been improving. Sandora seems to have got his energy back after Chika got eliminated, and we’ve strayed away from the back. We just need to keep moving forward, and make sure we don’t look back!

(Pedro and Sandora yawn as they rush forward in their vehicle, Sandora knowing he can’t sleep whilst he navigates otherwise they suffer a penalty. Pedro keeps his eye on the road, and not on a familiar forming in the form of an albatross flowing above them…)

* * * *


(Early morning is not good for anyone, but for sisters and driver who is the mother of an esteemed thief, it is even worse.)

Risa: (yawning) What time is it?

Riku: (yawning) Time we were in bed.

Emiko: (yawning) I second that.

Risa: Sorry Emiko-san, but we need you to drive us to the airport…and for the love that is all things Dark, stay awake Riku!

Riku: Shouldn’t I be saying that to you?

Risa: I know…but we’re twins, our DNA must be equal when it comes to taking time outs…

Riku: You really need to pay attention in science class…

Riku: That was our first real slip up of the leg last time, it put us in the lower half, and I must admit, I was getting used to the fact we’ve been doing well. Unfortunately, we may have let it carry us away, so now we have to make sure we don’t mess up.

* * * *

(Meanwhile, on discovering they have to go to Germany, it gives renewed energy in our eldest team…)

Oshige: How are we cutting in the European Market anyway?

Wakayoji: Italy and Germany were our best import sellers, so it’s almost like home.

Oshige: Ah well, maybe we can have a concert over there…maybe…


Oshige: Damn, that was bad last time. It didn’t help that the one team we genuinely do like was nearly eliminated either – now I know how Sandora-kun felt. Well, no more Miss Nice Girl…we’re gonna get tough and make sure we get through back to the front of the pack!

(As she drives off though, she has a careful look behind…just as at the airport, Kirika and Mirielle have already got through the European connections, and made a quick check with available transportation to Muhlenburg.)

Mirielle: Well, we have three good options, but the next flight is out to Frankfurt, and within the hours range, it’s probably a good option. There is only one left to Munich, and several to Berlin, but it’s the next one.

Kirika: Go ahead.

Mirielle: Got it.

(Mirielle and Kirika get in the rather small queue, as Lillith warms her singing voice again ready to confirm the last flights…)

Lillith: Hey, wait a minute, there are more tonight…damn, that means they all may make it on board…*pyun pyun*

* * * *


(Early morning airport shuffle for Pedro and Sandora as they make it there, just to catch Mirielle and Kirika shuffling off to Frankfurt.)

Pedro: Wai…

(A glare from Kirika (in reality, she’s just tired, but it’s Kirika.) is enough to pause them, enough for them to rush off into the plane ahead. And worse, the terminal has now closed.)

Pedro: N….

(Yeah, we leave that to the imagination…so whilst they desperate search for another connection…)

* * * *



Hiroyuki: On one side, we’re relieved that we’re still alive. On the other, we are in dead last. We need to get back into it…and quick.

(Hiroyuki and Akari slowly getting into their vehicle, and a combination of Hiroyuki’s stubborness and tiredness makes him able to actually avoid doing a barb at Sebastian. Even he senses that and just drives. Akari gives instructions as Hiroyuki aims his eyes ahead at all times.)

Akari: Hiroyuki-chan…

Hiroyuki: We’ll be O.K Akari…we will…

(The two are obviously unsure, but let’s what happens when they get there…)

* * * *

Riku: So Mirielle and Kirika made it to the next one before you could get there…

Pedro: (disappointed) Si.

Riku: Damn.

(The Haradas are now waiting in a queue where Pedro and Sandora have already booked a trip to Berlin. The Haradas are though in a different terminal for the last plane to flock out at 2am to Munich. It seems Riku found some information and considering that Niwa does speak German…well…maybe not him but…)

Pedro: We must be off Miss Harada.

Risa: Which one?

Sandora: Um…both?

Riku: Geez…I hate it when they say that, always confuses everyone…

Risa: …or is it just bad memories?

(Riku pouts…)

Riku: Don’t go there.

(The South Americans prepare to board towards a trip to Berlin…as the Haradas watch Pedro and Sandora vacate as Risa yawns…)

Risa: Are you sure this is a good idea? They’ve got a good lead on us now…

Riku: It’s not that big, besides we can make up the difference when we are in Munich. Don’t forget, we can afford this – we get to the exchange currency at the next airport, and we’re set for the next trip.

Risa: I hope you’re right…

(Riku gets to the front of the queue, and tries to speak German, but the lady (fortunately) speaks Japanese so the Haradas get a bit lucky. Not just that, but that’s the last flight to Munich. There are two more fights heading to Berlin, one at 2.15am and one at 3am. Can the other teams make it?)

* * * *


Oshige: So, where do we go?

Wakayoji: We should know this…we need to get to Germany, so find the connections via there…

Oshige: Do you think there will be any flights?

(Wakayoji sees Risa trying to stay awake by ordering a hot tea.)

Wakayoji: I think the presence of the Haradas here makes that theory likely.

Oshige: So where did they catch a terminal?

Wakayoji: Shall we ask?

(Oshige nods, but just as she’s about to see Risa, Riku heads towards her. She spots Oshige and gulps. Without warning, she grasps her younger sister’s hand and they dash as fast as two 14 year old twin sisters with sleep on their minds can…)

Oshige: (sigh) And so the game begins.

Oshige: I think we realised now that no matter what happened with any teams, everyone is now playing for themselves. The fact that Akari-chan and Hiroyuki-kun are still here is enough for people to worry…

Wakayoji: Come on Oshige-chan, let’s see if we can find somewhere before we have to crash here again…

Oshige: Not again…I don’t even have Hiroyuki to tease…

Wakayoji: …yet.

* * * *


(…the sisters escape the clutches of the musicians, just as Hiroyuki and Akari plod along. Oshige has managed to get a ticket to Berlin, and is hesitating as she sees her favourite duo struggle along whether to tell them, considering what just happened earlier…)

Hiroyuki: So…what do we do now Akari?

(A shot showing flights still going through despite being 2am and still quite busy, Akari seems to see a bit of hope…)

Akari: We can find somewhere to this Muhlenburg Hiroyuki-chan…

Hiroyuki: Right…but is anyone else…

(Hiroyuki scans as Oshige hides slightly. Wakayoji seems to notice her discomfort…)

Wakayoji: Oshige-chan, are you alright?

Oshige: Yeah, just contemplating that this game is evil…I know we of all people should match the old ‘take no prisoners’ mentality but…damn it sucks.

Wakayoji: Oshige-chan…

Oshige: I mean, it’s like saying ‘to win we have to betray everyone and anyone!’ That’s something that Madoka did and you know how it affected both her and Mitsuki! And heartbreak, you know how I felt about Akari there…

Wakayoji: Um…Oshige-chan…

Oshige: I mean…two legs ago Sandora-chan was on depression and now he’s back to normal – is that how we all feel, I mean…

Wakayoji: OSHIGE-CHAN!

Oshige: What?

Wakayoji: Say hi to our plane mates.

Oshige: Huh?

(She turns around…)

Akari: Hello there Oshige-san!

Hiroyuki: Thanks for letting us know where to go. We could hear you a mile away.

(Oshige doesn’t know whether to facefault, scream, cheer, or go into the corner with ghosts hanging over her head…)

(Hiroyuki goes to the now empty terminal, where the receptionist greets them, and after a slight problem communicating, they get the 2.15am to Berlin.)



(We get cut shots of our lovely teams pretty much all trying to sleep, with the possible exception of Mirielle and Kirika, who seem more used to this atmosphere than any of the teams. Of course, with the flight ahead, there are going to be a few problems to say the least…)

* * * *



(Shot of two new tourists in the midst of Germany, after emerging from Hamburg Freuinzer Airport…)

Hale: The time continuum has been royally messed up…

Weda: Quit your yapping, we made it!

Hale: Great…now how do we get outta here?

Weda: We find this tour train to Muhlenburg right? How difficult can it be?

Hale: Remind me not to answer that…

(Hale and Weda are in the Erzebirge region, where their lack of speaking German is already a bit of a hinder, and worse when they can’t really read any of the signs either…both of them try and communicate, but it’s not exactly easy…)

Hale: I think we didn’t realise just how problematic being out of water can be…Hong Kong wasn’t as bad, but now the culture difference has been a massive shock, and we are unsure what to do…

(It takes a while, but showing a few people the pamphlet of the tourist train to Muhlenburg seems to help jog a few memories despite the language barrier. They are pointed in random directions before coming through the mines of Annaburg and Scheenburg…)

Hale: This is it!

(They find the mine based train service, which goes through to Muhlenburg. After some miscommunication, they manage to get tickets to Muhlenburg, and collapse…)

Hale: I still hate planes…

* * * *



(Meanwhile, Shannon and Racquel, who of course, have a touch of magic themselves, are too busy just wondering…)

Shannon: …what the heck are we doing here?

Racquel: Searching I believe…

Shannon: O.K, so we have to find this right?

Racquel: Apparently.

Shannon: It doesn’t help that no-one understands us…

Racquel: Let’s just see if anyone can point us in the right direction…

(Bavaria, as Shannon and Racquel quickly find out, is rather large, so despite the fact they are now more casual looking, they still don’t seem to be garnishing favourable looks from the general public. Nonetheless, they do get lucky when a German citizen seems to recognise where to do, and on his bicycle directs them as the two run to catch up…)

Shannon: Well…this is unusual…

(They are on what is known as ‘Romantic Road’, where the specialist vehicles are. Shannon inquires about getting there, which again, is difficult with the language barrier. But once Shannon begins pointing towards Muhlenburg, the driver understands. Shannon pays (after carefully putting marks into his hand until he stopped – not questioning) as they sit their rears down.)

Racquel: Romantic Road? Best not bring Leo here then…

Shannon: I dunno…maybe Winia would appreciate it…

(The two head off into the dead of the German night, and wondering what the heck they’ve got themselves into…)

* * * *


(Meanwhile, our favourite ninjas….)

Naruto: I think it’s that way!

Sasuke: And just for that reason I think it’s that way.

Naruto: Well, what’s happened? We’ve got off the plane, gone into the town, and don’t know where to go! No-one here understands us…

Sasuke: That’s nothing new…

Naruto: …and we’ve been going round in circles, with no clue where to go – can’t even find a train station and…

(Naruto then suddenly realises he’s alone…)

Naruto: HEY, SA…

(Uh oh. It had to happen.)

Three german girls: KYAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

(Sasuke has fangirls – again. You’d think he could get away from them but noooooo…and now Sasuke looks like he’s getting annoyed…)

Sasuke: Please…not now…

(The girls are all giddy about the dark haired, handsome, angsty one – but surprisingly, it’s Naruto who comes with a decent idea…)

Naruto: Sasuke…ask them where…

Sasuke: Naruto…

Naruto: (chuckles) Some may say you have all the luck…of course, what kind is another story…

(Sasuke actually pulls a vein in frustration on his forehead, but out of desperation, he tries to point out where they are going. One of the girls nods excitedly, and speaks in German, which of course doesn’t help our young men. Fortunately, the girl also writes it down, both in German and in English. Sasuke seems to recognise that…)

(…of course, the girls have to pose with him for a picture, thinking he’s some overseas soccer player or something…Naruto just chuckles.)

(After the pleasantries end, Sasuke welts back to Naruto…)

Sasuke: Muhlenburg…you have to catch a train towards the capital of Berlin, and then head off to Muhlenburg there.

Naruto: Great, now we need to find a station!

Sasuke: There’s got to be a map somewhere…

* * * *


(Shannon and Racquel are driving through a Channel Tunnel-esque romantic road, which, with the flashes of light surrounding them is more like Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. Shannon is not too happy because he thinks he’s been cheating out of his money and Racquel…well, she’s Racquel.)

(Flying down the road though, they eventually come down to a crosspath. One says Rothenburg, and on the left, one says Muhlenburg. Shannon nods.)

Shannon: I guess this will be our stop…

(The driver pulls forward into the little town…)

* * * *

(..where the skies are just turning into night, but it fits into a peaceful little town category. Despite being after 8, there is still life as street stalls and acts are busy, food is causing a great aroma in the air, including it’s infamous waffles…)

(…needless to say, Shannon is now really ticked off that he thinks he’s lot some money…)

Racquel: Oh my, we have to get some for Pacifica!

Shannon: Not now…

(Shannon reads the clue again and nods.)

Shannon: So we have to get to this Greta’s house then…

Racquel: Shall we ask?

Shannon: Two problems. One, we can’t speak the language and two, no-one will probably know who we are on about?

????: Oh, Greta-san’s home?

(As luck would have it, both their problems are quickly nulified. They’ve bumped into one of Saga’s friends Anne, and two…)

Shannon: You can understand me?

Anne: Of course I can, why shouldn’t I?

Shannon: (to himself) Japanese speaking German town…what the…

Racquel: Young lady, do you know where this Greta’s house is?

Anne: Sure, just go down that hill way, turn right and keep going until you look for the biggest house on the street, can’t miss it!

Racquel: Thank you!

(The two rush off…)

Racquel: What a change! After being surprised, misled, lying to and being lied to, to actually get somewhere and not be confused is a refreshing feeling! Whether it lasts, I don’t know!

* * * *


Weda: …we’re here?

(Shot of the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, as after an agonising ‘trip’ the two have found themselves on the actual ‘real’ railway station of Muhlenburg…)

(They walk past the train track, cross a bridge, and now begin the task of locating Greta’s mansion.)

Hale: O.K, let’s hurry up! Racquel-nee and those ninjas may already be here!

(1 out of 3 Hale-kun…)

* * * *

Shannon: O.K, so this must be it…

(Shannon and Racquel are indeed at the mansion, but no-one is there…)

Shannon: Oh no, don’t tell me…

Greta: Oh, you took your time!

(Shot of Greta in her pajamas, yawning and trying to hide her notepad as she rapidly needs to catch up on her homework…)

Greta: Come on, the clue is inside…

(The two are confused, but shrug and go inside…)

* * * *

(…where Greta’s rather charasmatic parents are there to welcome them to tea and crumpets (yes, Greta’s family have a rather British stereotype to them…don’t ask…^_^))

Shannon: Well…this is a delay…

Racquel: At least we got a snack…

Greta’s dad: Are you sure you can’t stay? Not very often we get other world visitors with magic power…

(You may laugh at the irony of that statement…now…)

Greta’s mom: The clue is over there.

(The clue is inside a jacket pocket of Greta’s witch costume in their infamous Summer play (where Saga played the princess). Shannon gets it and looks at it.)

Shannon: Head to the clock tower and ring the bell.

Racquel: What for?

Shannon: Next clue I guess…come on!

(Shannon and Racquel cement their first place lead…helped by a combination of their own skills physically…and their own skills mentally…)

* * * *

(It isn’t too long before Hale and Weda find Greta’s mansion, and they do are treated to the family…though Weda isn’t that impressed…)

Weda: I’ve been better…

Greta: Hey, that’s disrespect!

Weda: Sorry you cute little girl, but it isn’t that spectacular, especially when compared to…

(Realises Hale is there and decides NOT to say anything…yet…)

Weda: O.K, so what do we do now?

(Greta sighs and gives them the clue, just as Racquel and Weda make like hunchbacks and begin ringing the bell…)

* * * *


Racquel: Are we supposed to do this?

Shannon: Guess so…

Racquel: Just hope we don’t annoy too many…

(Shannon grabs the rope and rings the bell once. Fluttering from the inside comes a clue which he grabs.)

Shannon: Detour. Repair or Recite…

* * * *

(A cut shot of everyone’s favourite inventor Phil (the first anime character to have the same name as a host from the real series: Thanks for pointing that out Arp), as he along with buddies Jan and Alan are at a scrapyard, working on their latest contraption…)

Phil: A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this detour, teams need to choose between Repair and Recite…

(A cut shot of a previous (failed) invention exploding in the three boys faces…)

Phil: Hey, even geniuses make mistakes! Anyway, in Repair, they have to put a part of our latest and greatest invention, the ‘Fix It Up’ Banpei-Kun!

(As Skuld sues for using other people’s merchandise without her permission, Phil continues…)

Phil: I don’t see why we would need help, but I guess Banpei has a lot of missing parts, so they need to fit it in accordingly. I don’t see what is risky about this…

(Cue the mass silence. As we do, we cut over to an attractive older woman wearing glasses, petting her beloved pet turtle Lancelot. A dove flies over and seems to also talk to the turtle…yes, somehow this is quite cute. Probably more so when Ginger is translating, but we’ll get to that later.)

Phil: In Recite, the teams, for whatever reason, can decide to decline science in favour of music. Miss Hanna will show them how to play a part of a piece, which one person must play and one person must sing. Needless to say, not only is it not as fun, but it’s slower. Why would people not choose Repair anyway?

(Another explosion cut…)

Phil: Just a minor mishap.


* * * *

Shannon: What do you think?

Racquel: Well, we’ve always been good with our hands…

Shannon: Yeah, don’t want to see if either of us can sing to be honest.

Racquel: O.K.

* * * *


(After their trademark ninja speed and less trademark lack of direction skills, they finally located Hamburg Central – or the main train station. However, now there is a problem…)

Naruto: No joke!

Conductor: That’s how long it will take…

Sasuke: But…if that’s the case, Shannon and Racquel were going that way…have they made a mistake as well?

Naruto: Surely it wouldn’t take that long…

(Naruto pauses, does the Gendo pose of doom (the hands over his mouth) and thinks for a moment, before reaching the inevitable conclusion.)

Sasuke: We were tricked.

Naruto: What?

Sasuke: I don’t know how, but I think they must have known we were coming, and said that deliberately, then hid and we were caught on the wrong track.

Naruto: So now what?

Sasuke: It’s O.K. We’ve still got enough time to get there, considering the others went on later trains – we’re fine.

Naruto: I hope so…

(The two park their rear ends down as they hit the train to Berlin, with that positive thought at mind…)

* * * *

Weda: I hate loud noises…

Hale: That’s because you always have a hangover…

Weda: (looking up) Oh Miss Lillith, is it O.K to produce acts of violence if it’s on a member of your own team?

Lillith: (faint) Permission gr…

Hale: …DENIED!!!

(Weda chuckles before collecting the clue and reading through it.)

Weda: Hmm…repair or recite. Well, you’ve always been good at your hands…

Hale: …and I suck at singing.

Weda: Well, let’s go!

(The two head to the scrapyeard…)

* * * *


(…at the wee hours of the morning, Phil is ready with his Banpei-kun, which looks more like one of those old Operation games, and just like them, they have to be careful fitting in the pieces…)

Phil: Ah, our first helpers in the name of science!

Shannon: Sorry, we’re magic guys…though I could say that is part of science as well…

Phil: One must always be prepared for science! So then, can you put in a part for us please? Pick a part, any part.

(Shannon is looking more and more uneasy as the task goes on. Phil explains they each have to fix a part, and using Phil’s blueprint as a guide, they have to put in the exact position.)

Jan: Don’t hold back guys…

Alan: As long as it doesn’t explode…

Shannon: That doesn’t fill me with confidence…

(Shannon goes through the blueprint and picks a part which looks like a yo-yo but with edges. Racquel just picks a square part as they have to look around the hole in and out of Banpei-kun…)

Shannon: I’m so going to regret this later…

(Shannon gingerly puts it forward…and is treated with an electric shock…)

Shannon: Damn!

(Shannon, this is a kid’s show…)

Phil: You have to treat the machine with respect, otherwise it won’t respect you!

Shannon: Oh boy…

(Shannon decides to try and trust Phil’s judgement (and considering he usually makes them explode that isn’t good judgement) and tries to be more careful. Racquel on the other hand seems much more fitting in this and slips it in easily. Shannon looks jealously momentarily, before after taking a bit of a small shock, managed to place it in.)

Phil: That work, now it can move round!

Shannon: Clue?

Phil: Oh, right. One must hold onto their scientific ambitions for the moment.

(Shannon gets the clue and reads.)

Shannon: Head off to the Little Me coffee shop.

Racquel: Thank you!

(The two tonzura as Phil shakes his head…just before the pieces fly out. Phil sighs.)

Phil: Another set back for science…

* * * *

(We quickly cut to a few shots of the planes now, to prove I haven’t forgot about the other teams. Most of them are awake now in their separate travel arrangements, we can see Mirielle with a cover over her as Kirika is awake, Riku and Risa in their Munich trip not really paying attention to the movie, Pedro and Sandora wondering what sort of food that the Germans will give them, and together on the Berlin trip, Oshige and Akari are talking like old girlfriends whilst their possible beaus in arms try not to heed the conversation….)

* * * *

Phil: Amazing…you did that so easily!!! How is that?

Hale: (grumbles) You get used to it…

(Indeed, jack of all trades Hale-kun seems able to put the pieces in easily (he simply guides Weda’s hands to place the piece). Phil immediately tries to recruit Hale into his team but they want the clue…)

Phil: Nuts.

(They get it and follow the general direction to the coffee shop…but there is a real catch here…)

Alan: Um…they’ll be waiting a while won’t they?

Jan: Yeah, because of the whole Bear Pianist thing right?

Phil: Oh…yeah…

* * * *


Shannon: We’re stuck.

Hale: You’re kidding.


(Below the message, the smiling Lillith picture suggests they aren’t sorry…)

Weda: Great, now they’ll catch up with us!

Racquel: Well, we’ve still got some time on them…so what do we do?

Weda: Well…how often do we get to travel to a quaint little German town? Let’s just go and have some fun!

(Shannon seems hesitant, but it’s not like they’ve got much option. A shot goes as within a few hours, the 4 of them sample fresh cuisine, taste some infamous waffles, check out a local dance club and also go round to check this Bear Returns for a few moments…)

Weda: Whilst it sucked not to get even further ahead, it was pretty nice to actually enjoy a stay in one of these towns for a change. How many other chances will we get here anyway?

(As the two teams wait for Mr Luciano to open shop, the other teams are slowly landing and begins to catch up…)

* * * *



(Mirielle and Kirika are the first to make it to their destination of choice as they head to the train station at top speed. Kirika speaks perfect German as trying to get a train to Muhlenburg. Mirielle is impressed, whilst in Munich, the term Romantic Road certainly applies here…)

* * * *

MUNICH (11.23AM)

Risa: Ah, so romantic!

Riku: Oh boy…

Risa: (nudges Riku in the ribs) You should take Niwa-kun down here…

(Riku turns beet red as Risa put an arm around her older by 5 minutes sister, and they head towards the private vehicles, and again, Riku does just about get them to understand what they want to do, as they nod and hop into the vehicle…)

Risa: Jet lag isn’t so bothersome when you hit the floor to be honest, the adreneline of the game kicks in, and you lose all sense of stability. You just want to plough forward and give it that extra…never thought I would have said that…



Naruto: This…sucks…

(Sasuke and Naruto have hit the station, and want to get to Muhlenburg, but it’s a train every hour, and the next one is at 11.55am and every hour…)

Naruto: So, we’re waiting even more…

Sasuke: That’s about the size of it.

Naruto: We’ve still got that advantage…right…

Sasuke: Yes, and we don’t know what Hale and Weda have done. Maybe they’ve gotten lost somewhere as well…

(Oh dear…if only…)

* * * *


Pedro: So…this is Germany’s central?

Sandora: Papa, not the time to admire!

(The two head out, and in the main capital, they have to head to a town which is literally non-existent…but if they’re quick, they may be able to head on the same train as two ninjas…)

Sandora: Let’s see…we need to get…

Pedro: Let’s take a taxi to the station, be quicker…

(Indeed, that’s a good idea…but the two following teams a few minutes later which land in Berlin take it one step further…but more on that in a sec…)

* * * *


Mirielle: That was most pleasant.

Kirika: This town certainly looks that way as well…maybe we can retire here?

Mirielle: Good idea.

(Arriving in Muhlenburg, Mirielle and Kirika get off and run, looking for Greta’s home. It doesn’t take long for them to find it (Greta is surprisingly popular in town, must have been the whole ‘Saga’s piano…er…saga…^_^’) but Greta isn’t home because she’s at school/at the bear pianist sequel. Fortunately, her parents are formidable substitutes.)

Greta’s dad: Looks like more company!

Mirielle: Well now…

Greta’s mom: Well, shall we pour some tea?

(Mirielle is about to argue…but shakes her head.)

Mirielle: Why not? Been a while since we’ve had some good tea, right Kirika?

(Kirika just nods, though you can see she is probably looking forward to it as well…)

* * * *


Riku: Um…

Risa: …hi?

(Picture this scene. Two very charismatic parents, two bishoujo assasins and two 14 year old twins in the same room. O.K, make that very terrified 14 year old twins – who of is unsure…)

Mirielle: Well, you two made it well.

Risa: We came in from Munich…and we’re tired…

Mirielle: Ah, we got here from Frankfurt. Well, can’t sit here chatting. The clue please?

Greta’s dad: Certainly, inside the back pocket of the witch outfit over there.

Mirielle: Kirika?

(Kirika goes over and grabs the clue. As soon as the tea party atmosphere has crashed, the Haradas realise it’s not time to be drinking tea…but something about Greta’s parents makes it hard to say ‘no…’. So whilst they’re drinking…)

Mirielle: Head over to the bell tower…

(The assassins and the twins hurry it up, whilst back in Berlin, time for another revolutionary idea…)


(Shot of Oshige/Wakayoji and Hiroyuki/Akari landing into Berlin, refreshed and ready to rock.)

Oshige: O.K, this time we won’t make the same mistake, so let’s see if this works…

Wakayoji: If this is the only place that goes directly to Muhlenburg, then…

(Oshige gets outside and a few taxis await. Oshige speaks in German, whilst it’s broken German, with the aid of Wakayoji, they eventually get what they are saying, and what the driver is saying.)

Oshige: Score…kind of. He says that the black taxis can go to Muhlenburg, so we need to get one of them.

(Of the yellow ones, there is a black one every so often, so the 4 of them speed up the way. After the same broken conversation, the 4 of them score a trip to Muhlenburg via taxi…)

Oshige: We know we’re in trouble, so we are going to discuss this further once we get to the detour, because we know we both could go for the Fast Forward. However, up until then, we’re both going to try and survive as best as we can, as friendly rivals if nothing more…

* * * *


Sasuke: O.K, it’s coming…

Naruto: Come on…

(Suddenly, something makes Sasuke’s hair stand on end.)

Sasuke: It’s can’t be…

(He turns around, and whilst they are further down so they can’t see Naruto and Sasuke, Pedro and Sandora are hitting the train at this time…)

Sasuke: Oh…no…way…

Naruto: What?!

Sasuke: Just get in!

(Naruto seems confused, but follows on. Sasuke grits his teeth in frustration, as their hopeful advantage has quickly went up in smoke…)

Sasuke: What happened? We’ve messed up before but we bounced back – but this was completely unexpected…Shannon and Racquel are going to be sorry after this…but for now, we must concentrate on the race. This is a setback yes, but not one we’re going to lose at…

* * * *

(The assassins are ahead of the Haradas as they approach the bell tower, ready to ring the bell and get the clue. As they do so, back at Little Me…)

Mr. Luciano: Ah, so you must be the people for the race!

Weda: I’m not sure whether to scream or just take it…I mean it’s a lovely town, but still…

Racquel: Come on Weda-san, you had an experimental waffle didn’t you?

Weda: (thinks) That’s true…German ale with caramel…maybe have to steal the recipe…

Luciano: (sweatdrops) Anyway…I’ll open up – the next clue is in the coffee jars.

(Luciano opens up as we have cut shots of the 4 teams getting their clues at different times…starting with Noir and Angel…)

Mirielle: Repair or Recite.

Kirika: Can we sing?

Mirielle: Never really tried.

Kirika: Can we fix things?

Mirielle: I can fix your hair.

Kirika: Good enough.

(The two assasins get ready for what they are most used to, dirty work, but the Haradas on the other hand aren’t quite as fond of the idea…)

Risa: …well Niwa-kun is a good singer!

Riku: That doesn’t mean I am…at least you can play the piano Risa…

Risa: Oh yeah! Let’s dance!

Riku: Sing. We did the dancing back with monkey-boy.

Risa: Yeah…he’s SO not boyfriend material…

(…but with Jungle and Scrapped…)

Hale: This person…

Shannon: …must believe.

* * * *

(A tricky one to understand, and to help us out, we have conclusive proof that even in a cute show with even cuter fairies, there has to be one lecherous old man in a show…in this case, a lecherous old fairy, namely The Elder. The old fairy wears all red, beard and…well…see for yourself.)

Elder: A Road Block is a task that only one person may perform. In this Road Block, that person must…well…find one of us.

(Around Muhlenburg, there are several Season Fairies which a person can find and get a clue from them. But of course…there’s a catch.)

Elder: But no ordinary human can find us, so thanks to a bit of delightful help…

(Lillith just shakes her head as pervert Elder probably got too close to either her or Eve…actually most likely Eve…the Elder is still alive…)

Elder: …they just need to listen out for the sounds of one of our own and get the clue from them…and as for me…I’m listening for the sounds of a violin…

(He rushes off…)

Elder: Ginger-chan, where are you?!!!

(Despite the Elder’s perversions, he does have a point. Listening to music…and finding something odd as well will give them a hint to where a Season Fairy is…but this is probably the most difficult detour they will have to go for, because no-one knows where to go or what to find…)

* * * *

Hale: That’s it?

Shannon: Believe?

Weda: There’s got to be more than that…

Racquel: But what?

(The two teams are already stuck…but first they have to pick someone to do the detour…)

Weda: O.K, how much do you believe in?

Hale: Apart from a life away from being killed by Guu?

Weda: Huh, what you talking about?

(Hale snatches the clue…)

Hale: Never mind…I’ll do it.

Weda: Cool! Luciano-san, have you got any beer?

Luciano: Coffee only I’m afraid.

Weda: Rats…oh well, maybe I’ll find another one of those waffles…

(Shannon and Racquel have a lot more belief in them though…)

Shannon: Go for it. We’ve believed that Pacifica would get through everything and we did it…but you kept the forces with belief in the heart.

Racquel: Thank you.

(Racquel runs off…)

Racquel: I sense magic in this city, which I think has to link to this clue. Unfortunately, it’s different from the magic we’re used to, so it may take some adjusting to…

* * * *

(We take a shot of the two scurrying around, having no idea where to go in the slightest. Racquel seems to try and see if she can sense something, but even for the magic user, it’s not easy…and as they make things more difficult…)


(Just past mid-day and still Phil-tachi are into their inventing. Indeed, just to get there, Mirielle and Kirika had to get past various old modern appliances and various forms of…how shall I put this…crap…)

Mirielle: Oh boy…my limit is usually the coffee maker…

Phil: It’s O.K, once you’ve tasted the thrill of inventing, you’ll be hooked!

Kirika: Maybe we should ask to change occupations…

Mirielle: Maybe not…

(Mirielle and Kirika pick a part, any part, and realise they, whilst no stranger to danger, are definitely strangers to weird mechanical devices…)

Mirielle: This is the easy one?

(Kirika jumps back as electricity flares – her senses as acute as ever, but they have to boldly go forward…)

(…whilst the Haradas boldly go a step back.)

* * * *


Miss Hanna: Hello there!

(Hanna, the teacher with the lovely turtle as a pet, is staying inside the piano shop for this detour, whilst the Haradas greets themselves, as Risa begins to show what she can do…)

Hanna: O.K, so you guys have to play one part and one of you has to sing…so…

Risa: So..I’m playing…can you sing?

Riku: Erm…

Risa: Well, maybe Niwa-kun has rubbed off you in that way as well…

(Riku blushes, but Risa doesn’t need too much instruction as Hanna prepares for their version of ‘Sugar Baby Love’ (which I butchered brilliantly at Amecon along with Shout It Loud from Bandit Jing and Hitoru No Yoru from GTO)…)

Risa: (humming to herself) Ah, brings back memories…

Riku: (embarrassed) This is going to horribly wrong isn’t it?

* * * *


(Hale and Racquel are still not releasing what this believe means, and aren’t helped when a taxi appears outside Greta’s house…)

Oshige: Thank you very much!

(The 4 get out, not realising (yet) they are now ahead of two teams, park their rears outside Greta’s, and hold the cab. They’ve got a plan…to not get eliminated.)

Hiroyuki: What happens…if we survive, we’ll thank Oshige and Wakayoji. Unless of course they don’t survive…but whatever happens, they saved our rears, and whilst I feel this will be the last time, I’m grateful.

(As they head inside (and after Greta’s parents fuss over Akari) they forgot the tea this time, but as soon as they hit the detour clues…)

Hiroyuki: Oh wait…

Wakayoji: Look, there are 4 left…

Oshige: That means two teams messed up!

Akari: Um…

Wakayoji: Let’s go!

(The two head back into the cab, and head straight to the tower. As this happens, Racquel finally gets the hang of it, when she realises as she passes one of the areas, which seems unusually brighter…and warmer…)

Racquel: That’s odd…

(She moves there, whilst Hale is tearing his hair out, not realising outside the pet shop a good gust of wind blows by on a day where no wind….)

(…as Hiroyuki-tachi shoot up the tower, Oshige is the first to ring the bell and get the next detour…)

Oshige: Repair or Recite…

Wakayoji: I think we know which one we can do Oshige-chan.

Oshige: Sure…I guess this is where we part ways guys.

Hiroyuki: Right.

Akari: Thanks!

Oshige: Oh, you’re so darn cute Akari! See ya…(pauses)…oh wait…Hiroyuki, come here…

Hiroyuki: Huh?

Oshige: (singing quietly) Sugar…you are my candy girl…and you gotta get after her!

(Hiroyuki double-takes, allowing Oshige to run away laughing as Wakayoji shakes his head…but as Hiroyuki grabs the bell…he suddenly has a rare moment of inspiration.)

Hiroyuki: Let’s see…

(He rings the bell…a clue falls down.)

Hiroyuki: Then if…

(He rings it’s again…and a different clue falls down…)

Hiroyuki: Perfect.

Akari: Hiroyuki-chan?

Hiroyuki: Akari…let’s make sure we survive…

Akari: Huh?

* * * *

(Cut shot to Bear Pianist fangirl Norma, the other good friend of Sagas. She bright and bubbly, with corn like pigtails on her head and into fashion, though not as adept obviously as Greta’s style. Whilst not important in the story, she has one thing which really made me enjoy her…)

Norma: (genki) There's only one Fast Forward hidden on each leg of the race! The first team that finds it can skip all tasks and go directly to the Pit Stop! However, once a team uses the Fast Forward, that team can never use another one for the rest of the race, so they need to decide when it's most advantageous to go for it!

(Norma taps her foot…)

Norma: Please…let someone take it…I wanna see Cheryl-sama…

(And yes, here is where our shoujo-ai comes from…though you can argue Saga and Greta if you really want to…^_^)

Norma: Oh…um…they have to join me at the local theatre where the Bear Pianist Reprise is playing. They have to get on stage to perform a part and get the clue from Vincent, aka, the bear pianist!

* * * *

(With his trademark ‘Let’s go Akari!’ Hiroyuki heads off, even though they know they aren’t last, they still want to get ahead of the pack…)

* * * *

(…which consists of Racquel, who has finally managed to notice the sun being higher and hotter in one place. She senses something unusual, and heads there…)

Racquel: What is this?

(Yellow stardust particles show up as Racquel bends down for a closer look.)


(The particles become a little male fairy, wearing decorative yellow and orange, with a little sun on his elf like hat. This is the Sun Fairy, Salt.)

Salt: Oh dear…that wasn’t supposed to happen…

(Sees Racquel…)

Salt: Eep! You can see me?

Racquel: Aren’t we supposed to?

Salt: Oh yeah, Elder said something about that…is it this?

(Salt plays his magic item, his trumpet, where along with a sun spot appears, comes a mini-envelope. Racquel takes it…which magically opens and a talkative computer named Lillith appears…)

Chibi-Lil: Congratulations! You have completed the Road Block! Head straight to Saga and Regina’s home on the south side of Muhlenburg.

Racquel: O.K!

(Salt kindly points in the direction of Saga’s home, where she heads back to the coffee shop, to inform Shannon…and to piss off Weda…)

* * * *


Mirielle: O.K…so we’re not into this kind of hands on work…

Kirika: …we did it didn’t we?

Mirielle: I’m just amazed that was the fas…

Hanna: Well done girls!

(Shot of Riku and Risa escaping the piano shop after completing their detour…)

Riku: (seeing the assassins) Um…incoming death?

Mirielle: Not quite but…

Riku: Crap!

(The Haradas head to the coffee shop, but are no match for the assassins in terms of speed.)

(However, another team needs speed…and whilst a road block beckons for those two teams, it doesn’t for one team…)

* * * *

Hiroyuki: Man, you’re more excitable than Shiho…

Norma: (literally dragging the two much older and bigger people) Come on, come on, we have to hurry!

Hiroyuki: Whilst I’d normally not complain about getting somewhere fast…

(Norma’s enthuasism is pretty good in this case, as they are allowed backstage because a) they owe Saga one and b) Norma has a backstage pass thanks to Cheryl, the human actor of the bear pianist who Norma thought was a boy until meeting her…but still idolised her after that…^_^)

Akari: O.K, so do they know that we could be doing this?

Norma: It’s O.K, it’s O.K! They expect it, now just put these on…

(When Akari grabs her costume, she squeals in delight as Hiroyuki sighs…)

Hiroyuki: Bear pianist…figures…

(Now Akari is enthuastic as after a quick instruction from Norma, she heads on stage. A scene where the bear pianist (a man named Vincent in a bear costume) is about to transform into his human self (Cheryl) is about to happen, but as Akari-kuma appears on stage, to quote Yamada from Sister Princess…GO FOR THE AD-LIB!)

Vincent-kuma: Well, looks like another lost bear? But wait are you on your own?

(Now Akari has to ad-lib…she looks behind where a begrudging Hiroyuki is now in costume…it’s Chiyo-chan all over again…)

Akari-kuma: No, I have someone with me…

(Hiroyuki steps on, much to the delight of the crowd, not knowing what’s going on, but oh well.)

Vincent-kuma: Ah, is this your partner?

Akari: Um…well…I guess you could say that…but not in that way…I mean…

(A few chuckles and ‘awwws’ at Akari’s embarrassing words greet her. Vincent saves the day though…)

Vincent-kuma: So, are you looking for something?

Hiroyuki-kuma: I believe you have something for us.

Vincent-kuma: Indeed, but I can’t do it like this. Excuse me a moment…

(Vincent-kuma stands up, and a smoke bomb covers his appearance…and in moments, the kuma has disappeared, and instead a very regal looking woman appears.)

Cheryl: I believe this is yours.

(A golden envelope is handed to Akari-kuma, the Fast Forward. Akari thanks them as Hiroyuki and Akari vacate the stage as Cheryl ad-libs about the significance of the envelope.)

Norma: O.K guys!

Hiroyuki: Man…that was rough…

Norma: You did great…

Akari: Let’s see…

* * * *


(Shot of everyone’s favourite Season Fairy watcher (whether she wants to or not) Saga, a young girl who has short brunette hair, a button like accessory on her head, plain white and blue T-shirt and mini-skirt. Our heroine and last host for the day, she explains.)

Saga: Having won the Fast Forward, Akari and Hiroyuki can now skip all tasks and go directly to the Pit Stop…

Racquel: Um…we didn’t take it…

(Saga is nearly shocked when Shannon and Racquel pop up, but doesn’t show it. He recovers quickly enough to explain.)

Saga: Sorry, a team just took the Fast Forward as soon as you hit the mat, I got caught in two minds…need to make a note of that on my schedule…

Lillith: Lighten up girl!

(Saga facefaults…)

Saga: I’m sorry Sugar…there is a more annoying magical being out there…

Lillith: Huh?

Saga: (smiles and curtsies politely) Sorry. Shannon and Racquel, congratulations you are team number one.

Racquel: We’re still strong.

Shannon: Yes.

(Shannon then smiles broadly as Racquel notices.)

Racquel: My my, you seem pretty pleased about this…

Shannon: No I’m not…

(Racquel chuckles…)

* * * *

Hiroyuki: …come on!

(Just as Racquel-tachi finish, Hiroyuki and Akari rush off to join them. Norma waves them off…)

Cheryl: Good work Norma-chan.

(Norma freezes and turns slowly at her idol…)

Norma: Cheryl-sama…

Cheryl: (chuckles) It’s just Cheryl, don’t need to be so awestruck!

Norma: H-hai!

(Whilst Norma has a fangirl attack, finally, another young boy manages to get the hang of the tricky road block…)

* * * *

Hale: …so…I…had…to…look…for…unusual…goings…on…and…I…didn’t…considering…my…life…

Pepper: Now now young man, just relax.

(Shot of outside the animal hospital, Hale has found the unusual winds coming in the area and found the sweet, daydreaming fairy Pepper. Pepper, who wears glasses and can somehow talk to animals, is the Wind Fairy, playing a harp. A few relaxing strings from her helps Hale, and more so when with the wind comes the clue.)

Hale: Yosh!

* * * *

Hanna: That…was…amazing…

Oshige: I guess you say we’ve had practice…

(Despite being the supposedly slower of the two, Oshige and Wakayoji breeze past it thanks to Wakayoji’s mad keyboard skills and whilst Oshige doesn’t have an angelic voice, she isn’t half bad either and they pass quickly. They get the clue and smile.)

Wakayoji: Fancy a good cup of coffee Oshige-chan?

Oshige: Sure, I’m game.

* * * *

Weda: O.K…so it took that long…

Hale: Yes…

Mirielle: That’s not good…

(Mirielle and Kirika overhear how long it took Hale to do the road block as the two rush off as Mirielle prepares to go after deciding. Kirika waits, with Mirielle realising why it took Hale-kun that long…)

Mirielle: O.K, what do I have to do? The clue simply said to look around town and to…believe…

(She turns…)

Mirielle: Ha…

(The two Jungle native slink off, despite Kirika’s paralysing glare (well, maybe not) as Mirielle sighs.)

Mirielle: It’s like everyone’s scared of us.

(Mirielle runs off just as Riku and Risa arrive at the coffee shop. They go inside and get the road block, and realising the assassins are ahead of them, look through it.)

Riku: Believe…how high are we each on believing in paranormal phenomenia?

Risa: 60-40 in my favour.

Riku: Right, we both have seen crazy stuff, but you do the tarot thing. It’s all yours.

Risa: O.K!

(Risa, like Mirielle, doesn’t seem to know where she is going…but seems like she’s enjoying it.)

Risa: This is something that I shine at – I’ve managed to find Dark at every turn when I needed to, and the same when help my big sis during the whole messy end of it all…it turned out good there, and I hope I can prove it can be good again with me giving it all…

* * * *


Weda: Heh, you can see up ahead…yet another cute girl about your age Hale…come on ladykiller…work your stuff…

Hale: Mom, you’re embarrassing me!

Weda: Hai, now lets…

Saga: Akari and Hiroyuki, you are team number two.

Hiroyuki: Much better…though still behind someone.


Akari: Um…hello there Hale-san, Weda-san!

Weda: (cheerful) Hello there…(pissed)…NOT! HOW DID YOU GUYS GET THERE?

Hale: Um…believe it’s called a fast forward.

Weda: Huh? Oh…damn…forgot about those…

Hiroyuki: Guess we need to try and keep up with you guys, so we took a risk. It seems Racquel and Shannon were too strong though.

Hale: Yeah…seemed like the magic thing was too their advantage…

Weda: Oh, never mind! Where’s the booze?

Saga: Um…my grandma and I don’t have any…

Weda: Rats…

Saga: …and Hale and Weda, you’re team number three.

(As Weda gets disappointed (again)…)

* * * *


Wakayoji: …well, it’s not like we have become firm believers anyway, and besides, you trusted Takato-kun more anyway…

Oshige: Right right…

(Oshige takes the detour as Riku tries to hide from Kirika’s nature, whilst Kirika isn’t threatening or anything, her presence seems to scare her away, so even when Wakayoji is added, it doesn’t help much. But something might make Riku happier…)

Risa: O.K…there is something I’ve got to believe in…there has to be something unusual around here via that…

(She looks around, and she indeed sees that on the sky, it is mostly clear, but on the far side, clouds are gathering in a spiral pattern at a speed which is quicker than most human eye can see. Risa gets suspicious…)

Risa: Stare…

(Risa runs off, whilst Mirielle doesn’t seem to grasp the unusual and magical, and is struggling mightily to find anything…)

Mirielle: What does this clue mean anyway? To believe…is there a trip to Neverland or something?

(Mirielle gets frustrated, Oshige begins and Risa finds the clouds circulating, where immediately, she notices some flashy stars…)

Risa: Ah-ha!

(The spots form into the bishounen fairy, the cloud fairy Tumeric. White based outfit, his instrument of choice is the cello.)

Tumeric: Ah, so you can see me?

Risa: Hello there Mr Fairy, um, do you happen to have a clue?

Tumeric: Yes, just let me finish – the clouds need to be formed well to perform your request.

(Tumeric plays a pretty tune on the cello, where the clouds seem to form a downward spiral – a little flash, and the same visual-Lillith clue is handed to Risa. Risa smiles and rushes back, thanking Turmeric and hoping that she can remember her way back to the coffee shop…)

* * * *




(Shot of two desperate teams escaping the train, Naruto and Sasuke with the speed advantage, but not the foresight to ask about where Greta’s mansion is.)




Naruto: We find it…and we go for the fast forward…

Sasuke: Do we have to? We can beat those guys…

Naruto: Do you want to risk it?

(Sasuke doesn’t answer, they just begin travelling around the town with blistering speed, trying to sense any of the other’s energy…Sandora simply begins asking to see if they can find this Greta's’mansion. He gets help from someone getting on board the train and after confirming this information with another, he and his papa are off for a race against time...will speedy impulsiveness win against careful timing?)

* * * *


Risa: Sis!

(Kirika raises an eyebrow in shock as Risa completed the task in record time. Riku seems impressed…)

Riku: You did it?

Risa: (chuffed) Ahem! Did you expect anything less?

Riku: Maybe…

Risa: Hey!

Riku: (laughs) Just kidding lil’ sis, come on let’s go!

Risa: Right!

(The Haradas head off, leaving Wakayoji and Kirika with the uncomfortable silence…)

* * * *


Mirielle: What do I have to do?

(There has to be something…but she can’t put her finger on it. She continues searching whilst Oshige is also having problems…)

Oshige: So…I need to believe huh? I wonder if it’s some sort of fairy thing, maybe I need to find a Meroko-chan plushie or something…

(We’ll return in a bit when they begin to get closer, but for now…)

* * * *


(Naruto and Sasuke are just ahead after by sheer luck and speed they found the mansion ahead of Pedro and Sandora. After getting the clue (and Sasuke weirded out by Greta’s parents), the two speed off to the belltower. As Pedro and Sandora do the ritual and get the clue, they realise they have no chance of beating Naruto and Sasuke for speed…)

Pedro: What do we do?

Sandora: Simple…we do the detours and fast forward quicker than they can.

Pedro: Good enough.

(A few minutes later, and the ninjas get to the top of the tower. After ringing the bell, they get the clue, but on Naruto’s suggestion, they try again to see if they can get the fast forward.)

Naruto: O.K, we need to get to this theatre…

(They head off the theatre unknowing of Hiroyuki and Akari, whilst a few minutes later, Pedro and Sandora make it to the tower, and knowing speed is the essence, also take repair. It’s a race against time now for these two teams…or is it…considering how poorly Mirielle and Oshige are doing…)

* * * *


Saga: Welcome!

Risa: Nice to be hear!

Saga: (bowing) Riku and Risa, you are team number 4.

Riku: Not bad…but we have to keep it up, it’s getting closer and closer now…

Risa: Come on sis, we’re still in it…

Riku: You’re right. Now to relax…

Risa: …for once, I agree with you.

Riku: (smiles) For once, you deserve it.

Risa: (smiles) Watch it…

* * * *


(Naruto and Sasuke have got there, but…)

Sasuke: You’re kidding…

Norma: I’m sorry, but a team has already taken the fast forward…

(For the third time in this leg, Naruto and Sasuke have been delayed, and now they have to head back. Without even thinking, they head to the scrapyard, where Pedro and Sandora have already completed the detour, and head over to Little Me’s…)




Naruto: So, what we gotta do?

Phil: Simple, fix Banpei-kun up here. Just fit in a piece each and you should be O.K.

Sasuke: Should be?

Phil: Well…science is unpredictable…

Sasuke: I don’t like the sound of that…

(The two begin to see if their ninja training can help them in a situation like this….)


(…after a first attempt, it’s pretty obvious they shouldn’t change a light bulb…)

Naruto: Try again!

Sasuke: Right…

(After wiping off the coal dust affect from their faces, the two try again, as this seems like complex surgery to Naruto. Sasuke isn't fairing too well either, but at least the electric shocks don't affect Sasuke as much as it did others…)

* * * *

Mirielle: So…that’s what I had to do?

(She looks up at the rain hitting her face, the only place in town where a raincloud is form, which seemed odd. Mirielle, on a hunter’s hunch, went over there and saw the sparkles. This formed the bishoujo fairy, Ginger (the same one Elder is after, and yes, for the record, she likes Turmeric), a blue wearing fairy whose instrument is the violin. And in case you didn’t realise it, she’s the Rain Fairy.)

Ginger: Well, are you going to stand under the rain all day?

Mirielle: Guess not…

Ginger: Right.

(A few strings on the violin makes the pitter patter hit Mirielle’s hand. The water then forms into the Lillith clue, which after Mirielle squints at, gives them the destination. Mirielle runs off…unaware…)

* * * *

Oshige: …good job I noticed! And aren’t you a cutie-pie?

(Figures that Oshige would find the main character – a pop idol in her own right, the adorable, sometimes annoying, always waffle eating, Sugar! This pink fairy has a piccolo instrument, and she is the Snow Fairy. Just above her, Oshige notices the snow falls on a series of windows, which was unusual, and lo and behold, found Sugar)

Sugar: Wai! Saga isn’t the only one that can see me! Waffo!

Oshige: Waffo?

Sugar: Waffo! Waffo!

Oshige: Oh boy…um Sugar-chan? Can you give me the clue please?

Sugar: Sure!

(Out comes the picollo, and Sugar with a very pretty tune brings out a pretty crystal snowflake…which melts into the clue. Oshige grabs the clue…but not before Sugar’s usual excitable nature…)

Sugar: Thank you nice lady!

(Sugar kisses Oshige a lot of times on the cheek, which Oshige giggles to.)

Oshige: Sorry sweetie, gotta go, but I’ll buy you a…waffo?


(Oshige runs away, as Mirielle returns at the same time…)

* * * *


Naruto: Look, we’re still in with a chance!

(Pedro and Sandora have already taken the road block, as Sandora is waiting, but Naruto and Sasuke quickly used their insane speed to try and catch up. Also, with Kirika and Wakayoji waiting, Naruto dashes into the coffee shop before Sasuke gets a chance to.)

Sasuke: O.K…so…

Mirielle: Kirika!

Oshige: Wakayoji-kun!

(Sasuke sweatdrops…)

Sasuke: Crap.

(Naruto runs out as the two other teams head back in a race against each other. Naruto and Sasuke look at the Road Block clue, and wonder what the heck they have to do…but the choice is made…)

Naruto: Mine!

Sasuke: Huh?

Naruto: You’ve done too many, mine!

(Sasuke sighs, but nods…)

Sasuke: He’s got more to believe in than I have…

* * * *


Saga: Mirielle and Kirika, you are team number 5.

Mirielle: Just not my type of leg.

Kirika: Why?

Mirielle: Don’t ask…

* * * *

(Is it the leg for the ninjas and the South Americans though, or the leg for them to be eliminated? Pedro, more used to unusual beliefs, seems to try and find something that will stem for belief. Naruto on the other hand takes the unorthodox approach of leaping from roof to roof (not getting free cable though…) trying to find something, he of course, doesn’t have a clue what to do, but senses something unusual…)

Naruto: There has to be a catch…

(He continues to search, whilst Pedro is clutching his fists, trying to find something…)

Pedro: What does Pedro have to do to win?

(Pedro runs away…)

Pedro: I will win this!

* * * *


Saga: Oh my, they are nearly all here!

Oshige: Ah, we’re safe!

Wakayoji: We’re hanging in there.

Sage: Oshige-san and Wakayoji-san, you are team number 6.

Oshige: Great…oh and is it just me that we’re in a town in Germany that no-one has heard of and everyone speaks Japanese?

(I could have swore I heard Eve coughing…or giggling…or both…)

* * * *

(It’s 25 minutes later, when Pedro finds a fairy…by seeing an unusual light show by an abandoned warehouse…)

Pedro: What is this?

(Electric shards of ice seem to be flowing around it…)

Pedro: Um…

(…the star shards surroundings as electricity flows…and we have our next fairy…Cinnamon, a fairy with a Cloud Strife hair cut, using cymbals of his instrument…and ice is his speciality…)

Cinnamon: You want this?

Pedro: Si!

(At first, calm and cool Cinnamon is relaxing, ready to play. However, as soon as the cymbals crash, his face turns into a mask of insanity. The cymbals slam repeatedly and ice shards form around Pedro’s hands…)

Pedro: Pedro go bye-bye!

(Pedro runs off back to Little Me’s, as Naruto sees Pedro in the distance rushing from. On a fluke hunch, he goes to wear Pedro is…and finds the ice fairy…but…)

Basil: Sorry, you can’t have the clue as only one clue was handed for each fairy.

Naruto: Dammit…

(Naruto leaps down…)

(…and his foot connected with an electric shock…)

Naruto: Owww…

Basil: (laughing) What a moron!

(Basil appears, a lightning based fairy whose instrument are the drums. The two are a pair of troublemakers, but here, they are a big help to Naruto…)

Cinnamon: Those other two got my clue, give em yours Basil.

Basil: By all means…even if he is a moron.

(Basil summons some lightning blasts which form around Naruto, and turn into a ball of energy. It in turn becomes the last Chibi-Lil clue. Naruto grabs it, knowing that Pedro has got a good lead…but Naruto has finally got some good luck, can he take advantage of it?)

Naruto: Yosha, we haven’t lost yet!

(Speed of light, before to fight, Team Naruto ready to blast off…or away?)

* * * *

Sandora: Papa!


(Pedro is the first to make it, as Sasuke looks on with a tad bit of worry…as Pedro seems very pleased…)

Pedro: They can’t get the next clue by the time…

(The two run off with Saga’s home their destination…)

* * * *



(Insane speed allows Naruto to catch up, though he’s a bit tired. Sasuke gets the clue and reads it.)

Sasuke: Those two went ahead.

(He turns to Mr. Luciano.)

Sasuke: Luciano-san, where is Saga’s home?

Luciano: Ah, my favourite assistant. She’s…

Sasuke: Thanks.

* * * *

(A race as Pedro and Sandora rush off, but realise they are unsure where Saga’s home is. They ask a few people, and they are going in the right direction…)

Pedro: Come on, we’ve got this!

Naruto: (distance) WANNA BET?!!!

(The South Americans nearly freeze, but they begin to run, which is slowly becoming a struggle for Sandora.)

Pedro: Come on my son, we can do this! For papa, for yourself!

Sandora: (struggling) Si papa, let’s go!

(The two are emerged in a foot race, but their advantage of 5 minutes is cut gradually thanks to the ninjas insane foot speed. They don’t even look back as they wait and hope to see if they can get there. And indeed, they get onto the right street, but then a breeze of wind passes by.)

Sasuke: Naruto!

Naruto: Yes, one more push!

(The ninjas get in sight of Pedro and Sandora as despite their best efforts, they cannot keep up with the speed of the ninjas. Sasuke’s intelligence combined with Naruto’s hot-headedness seem to have worked as they overtake the South Americans. Pedro and Sandora try to catch up, but as they see Saga in the distance, know it’s over.)

(They stop to catch their breath)

Pedro: So close…

Sandora: Papa…

Pedro: …(sighs)…well…come on.

(He put an arm around his son.)

Sandora: …we didn’t fail right?

Pedro: No…we didn’t.

(The two walk off, into the sun…)

* * * *


Naruto: Did you save us?

Sasuke: I think we’re even…

Naruto: Fine.

Lillith: Oh, you managed to make it here then…

Naruto: Yep, gotta a mage and a swordsman to smirk at…

Saga: Naruto and Sasuke, you are team number 7.

Sasuke: We’ve got to pick up next time…revenge can come later.

Naruto: Sasuke not focusing on revenge? Wow…

Sasuke: Don’t push it.

* * * *


Lillith: Well, well…looks like we’re all here.

Pedro: Bad bit of thinking, and the wrong team to be against at the end…

Saga: (bows) Pedro and Sandora, you are the last team to arrive. I’m afraid you have been eliminated from the race.

(The two sigh, but there isn’t a ‘NNOOOOOOOOOOO!’ in sight or sound for the Domingos.)

Sandora: Well…at least we’ve got a new story to tell Mama…

Pedro: Yes, and as amazing as it sounds, this story sounds normal…

Sandora: (laughs) We did well Papa.

Pedro: Yes, we did my son.

Pedro: What a rush. We had our highs and lows, and Sandora in particular has had a real game and a half. We did as well as we could, and couldn’t take on Naruto and Sasuke speed wise in the end. A few things here and there, and we could have got further, but such was not meant to be.

Sandora: I’ve…had some good and bad times on this race…two bad times in particular. What happened with Chika-chan and what happened now. But I’m not going to regret or tarnish what we did. It was just a great trip as well to finally travel with my papa!

Pedro: Indeed, we’ve went from Japan, to Hong Kong, to Germany…and whilst we didn’t get to enjoy further journeys, it’s good enough. So, aloha friends, Pedro out!

Sandora: Sandora out too!

* * * *

Next time on the Anime-zing Race 3;


Sorry…had to do it.

Ah, Pedro, Pedro, Pedro. What more can we say about any characters in Excel Saga? How about insane? I felt I needed an ES team, but like with a few other teams I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t gone for the obvious ones (like Aoi and Kaoru in AYA, or Ryo and Izumi in Princess 9) and instead of Excel and Hyatt, felt we need to add a little bit of ‘NO!’ in there.

I don’t think anyone thought they were going to win, but they gave everyone a run for their money, and gave a few other plotlines. Shame the whole Chika/Sandora thing didn’t go further, but ah well.

Yep, the Risa line about the monkey-boy not being boyfriend material is obviously a SuperGals reference in light of Luci Christian playing both Risa and Ran, where indeed the monkey-boy IS Christian’s boyfriend.

The Naruto reference *not getting free cable* is my tribute to the AMV Ninja of the Night, a favourite at Midlands Anime Club. I neglected to say the ‘it’s bad ass’ line…oh damn.

O.K, next time it’s the first of two Miyazaki films, an older one to start with and my oldest show of the series. So, get ready for some old-school!