Chapter 3: I knew you were a cat person

And welcome to your latest instalment of the Animazing Race – 3rd Edition! Already, two teams are gone and we are hardly scratching the surface either. So, any favourites among the teams yet? Rookie shows so I’m sure you are looking at most of these with a new sense as well, makes the game much more challenging in that way, but we’ll soon see.

O.K, now let’s how a certain series based on transforming humans to animals not called Ranma ½ takes the floor, in what has to be one of the most heart warming series I’ve ever seen.

Yep, Tohru Honda’s charm and Kyo Sohma’s raw energy connect with me in this fantastic series (thankfully released in the UK at all good DVD stores), one which I only took a passing interest in a similar war to Supergals. And like Supergals, glad I took more of an interest.

With reading the manga, I know more things are happening in that, which means the anime sadly falls into Kare Kano syndrome – a bit of an anti-climax with the ending, but still very good. Shame they won’t continue the series with the manga, considering there were two members of the Zodiac which were never introduced in the anime, but…ah well.

And now, we go live…

* * * *

(Shot of the Kotobuki home, where cut shots of Taizo’s swing-o-rama hall connect with Ran’s room of gal memorabilia. Outside, some tents are also showing as the house doesn’t have complete room for everyone, so a few teams are sleeping outside (namely Shannon/Racquel and Hale/Weda.)

(Our favourite blonde hat magic eye wearing nymph speaks up as we are introduced to the next stage of the Animazing Race.)

Lillith: This is the Kotobuki home, a place where one father tries and fails relentlessly to get his daughter to follow in the same path as him and his ancestors…geez, how boring and cliched is that…but for now, it is the Pit Stop, where the teams can stay for a mandatory rest period.

(Shot of the kids doing the cooking to the surprise of everyone, as established cooks Hale and Chika hover over a pot of yakusoba, whilst Sandora adds some sauce over the shoulders of them, whilst Naruto tries to understand television and in particular Sayo and Masato’s weird interest in this Odiaba Cop marathon)

Lillith: This allows them to eat…

(Shot of upstairs in a spare room where Aya is talking with a number of the girls)

Lillith: …sleep…

(Another shot of Ran defeating Riku in a race…but only just, whilst Miyu and Yamato discuss with Ryo and Hiroki the good points in how to strength a relationship…)

Lillith: …and mingle with their friends and rivals. They need their strength as the first team, Pedro and Sandora have to travel in the night time hour, as they arrived first at 9.07am….

(Shot of Pedro and Sandora admiring the stars…)

Lillith: …they will be the first to leave at 9.07pm.

(The South Americans bump fists and prepare to head off…)

Lillith: The Fruits Basket leg has begun!

(Pedro and Sandora have got instructions to get the first route marker from the mailbox in front of the Kotobuki home. They look through it and nod.)

Pedro: We have to get to the Sohma Hot Springs in Ekoda.

Sandora: Si, papa…so how do we get there?

(Pedro looks through it again…)

Pedro: No idea…train I guess.

Sandora: Right…we don’t know right? I’ll ask inside…

(Sandora does so and Yamato, always ready to give advice, quickly explains…)

Yamato: …use that to get to the East Shonen Shinjuku line, or take the JR-East Yamanote Line and head to Ekoda.

Sandora: Thank you senor!

Yamato: Always a pleasure.

(The father/son team head off, into the dark wilderness of the streets of Shibuya…not always pleasant as Miyu and Ran in particular know…they better be careful…)

Pedro: We are still not 100% sure about the country so asking for help is always a necessity for us. So in a police family, it was essential we got the right help. Hopefully our sacrifice of using the Fast Forward last time won’t be in vain and we can hold on.


* * * *



(Mirielle and Kirika thanks Taizo for the hospitality as they do what they do best, rush off into the night.)

Mirielle: So we have to get to this hot spring right? Might do us well…

Kirika: What do you mean?

Mirielle: Oh, it’s not like Paris has these you know…I thought native to Japanese you…

(Mirielle is quiet as she sees Kirika’s sad look…)

Mirielle: Sorry.

(Kirika shakes her head and smiles slightly)

Kirika: That’s O.K. You may be right.

(They head off, in their waiting vehicle, which is only to be used up to the moment they get to the station. With Pedro having a strong lead, Mirielle puts the pedal to the metal as they rush off…just as Riku and Risa head out.)


Risa: Ah, a hot springs trip! Maybe I could pull him away for one night and…owww!

(Riku does a Misty and pulls on Risa’s ear…)

Riku: Come on…Emiko-san hasn’t got all day…

(Emiko waves to the Haradas as the girls head in, intent on following the assassins as close as possible. However, Emiko is a bit more careful behind the wheel than Mirielle is, and the team formerly known as Noir get a bit of distance…)



(Shot of Pedro and Sandora arriving at Shibuya Station…)

Sandora: Night traffic is horrible here papa!

Pedro: Well, senorita Ran said it was the place where all the nightlife was…

(Night capital Shibuya is in full flow as Pedro checks the times of the trains, unaware of the Furuba coach just over the road ready to take a team or 10 to the springs directly…)

Pedro: The one on the Shinjuku line departs in 10 minutes!

Sandora: That will do papa!

(Pedro gets one adult and one child ticket as they locate which platform they get on…and try to avoid getting crushed by many people down on the platforms…and speaking of adult and child…)

* * * *


(A yawning Weda escapes from the Kotobuki’s as Hale counts over their remaining money…)

Weda: I have to drive again?

Hale: I told you to control yourself!

Weda: Where’s Robert when you need him?

(Somewhere in the distance, Robert has to be restrained to avoid trying to kill anyone who gets ahead of Hale in the race…he gets sedated again just in case…)

Hale: Come on mom!

Weda: Yeah, yeah…

(Weda drags her carcass into her car as she opens her eyes, and heads off into the distance. Hale cringes for his life.)

Hale: I talked with Chika a few hours ago to see who of us had the worst driving experience. It was 51-49 I think in my favour, but only just…

(Weda hopes none of the people on the street try and fling themselves onto her vehicle. Hale just hopes he doesn’t want to fling himself OUT of it…)

* * * *


(Mirielle and Kirika have made it outside Shibuya Station, and have a good look round. And like before, keen eyes have spotted something unusual…)

Kirika: I see.

(Kirika waves Mirielle back but before they inquire about the coach…)

Kirika: Hide.

(The two hide, just to see Riku and Risa get off in their car. They wave goodbye to Emiko as they look at the station…)

(…and hear the train that Pedro and Sandora went off tear in the distance.)

Riku: I think we missed one about 5 minutes ago. There is another Shinjuku one in 20 minutes, but there is also one in 15 minutes from the Yamamote line.

Risa: Difference in speed?

Riku: There are two extra stops in the Yamamote line. It also comes every half an hour until 1am whilst the other one goes every 20 minutes.

Risa: Price?

Riku: About the same.

Risa: Let’s just take the first one…I’m tired.

(Riku sighs, but yawns herself. The two girls nod and get a train via Yamamote line. Mirielle and Kirika go around and ask the coach driver about it.)

Coach driver: This goes here and back from Ekoda every hour on the hour – the other ones travel every 15 minutes up until midnight. We’ll make rotational journeys so no-one will miss a chance with us.

(Mirielle discusses more and figures out it’s free, but the first one is at 10pm. She hops in.)

Kirika: Rest?

Mirielle: Nothing else more to do.

(Kirika nods as she leans on Mirielle’s shoulder, trying to get a bit of shut eye. Even assassins need their beauty sleep…Mirielle smiles as she tries to sleep as well…)

* * * *



(Despite being fairly late, the two are particularly enthuastic as they are getting a bit more confident, especially when they look at the route marker…)

Chika: Hey, isn’t that the hot spring that Miyabi-oneechan was looking for?

Taeko: Yes – she and Aoi-san made an arrangement there I believe, I’m just trying to remember where it was…but I do remember they had a coach service there, but was it on this line?

Chika: Elementary my dear Taeko-nechan…

(The two head off…before Chika realises something…)

Chika: Um…

Taeko: What?

(Taeko is all smiles whilst Chika…isn’t, as they get towards their vehicle.)

Chika: Great kamisama that is…PLEASE LET ME LIVE!

Taeko: (not listening) What was that?

Chika: N-nothing…

(Chika prays for her life…whilst not far behind them, Keiko is waiting for her two prodigy baseball stars as they escape the Kotobuki home…)



Hiroki: Come on Ganmo-chan, we can worry about it when we get there!

Ryo: Right…

(Keiko pops her head out the window.)

Keiko: Where to?

Hiroki: Shibuya Station, and try to keep up with those two girls you saw go just!

(Keiko nods…as they head in, another team isn’t far behind them…)


Sasuke: Must you be so loud?


(Iruka stops studying the navigation device to try and help him understand the concept of the word ‘brake’ as the two ninjas hop in.)

Sasuke: O.K, we know roughly where it is – that Aya girl helped us…

Naruto: You only asked her because she was a babe!

Sasuke: No, I asked her because the other two girls beat you to a pulp when you inquired about Miyu and Yamato…

(Naruto facefaults as Iruka chuckles…)

Iruka: Lead the way Sasuke.

Sasuke: Right.

Naruto: I thought it was left…

Sasuke: Shut up.

(The trio heads off into the distant abyss, as the night descends stronger, and the taxis soon become a little more crowded...)

* * * *


(Whilst Riku and Risa head on the Yamamoto Line…)


(…Oshige and Wakayoji plan an attack…)

Oshige: You see…the Sohma Springs are famously for their family service, and if this race is anything to go by…

Wakayoji: Right.

(The two look ahead, and get a map out.)

Oshige: Considering we would head out into the main roads, that’s not a good idea considering we are nearly at 10pm where the nightclubs will be getting opened…

Wakayoji: Plan?

Oshige: We’ll take the back roads, and should arrive there in a better position, because if the young uns take the main roads, they are going to be stuck…

(Indeed, all the teams have done that, and whilst the first three teams escaped the rush, Hale/Weda, Taeko/Chika, Hiroki/Ryo and Naruto/Sasuke aren’t quite as lucky…)

(…but where there is a will (not named the Macrocosm) there is a way…)

* * * *


(Shot of Hale rushing out…of the car, slightly delayed by the end of street traffic…only to miss the 10pm train…)



(Mother and son get angry sparks before sighing.)

Weda: Come on…let’s wait…

Hale: …what other choice have we got?

(As Hale says that, the coach containing Mirielle and Kirika heads off as the two assassins stir slightly…)

* * * *



(Mage and swordsman head out, Shannon a bit disappointed considering their last showing…)

Shannon: What do we do to get ahead?

Racquel: Oh, I think by passing the other teams would be a good start.

(Shannon just sighs before they head to their horse and carriage, otherwise known as a car…)

Shannon: I guess it’s like magic…you just learn it.

Racquel: That’s why I’m driving it.

Shannon: Fair point…

Shannon: We were more disappointed than we let on. We’ve taken pride of always coming on top of everything that has been thrown at us. And we don’t want to stop now, even though the circumstances are not quite as vital as they have been in the past…

* * * *




(Pedro and Sandora have made it to Ekodu, where straight away, they see the signs from the nearby information centre to head over to the springs…)

(Pedro checks his map on the route marker from the train station and nods…)

Pedro: Come on, my son!

(The South Americans rush of as the climb up the steps can be a bit of a chore. They both manage to make the most of it, and see a waving young man waiting for them.)

Momiji: Hello gentlemen!

(Momiji, the cute boy who is older than he looks, is one of the Sohma family, and one who is quite popular among fans aside from Yuki and Kyo. He is half-German (similar to Haruka) and like Tatsuki flirts with both languages. And like all the Sohmas has an interesting secret…)

Pedro: Greetings friend! Are we in the right place?

Momiji: Yep, just go in and it’s the first spring on the left, you can’t miss it! In the waters is your next clue.

Sandora: In the water?

Momiji: Don’t worry, we put them in plastic to keep them dry just like Tohru does when she visits with her mother?

Sandora: What do you mean?

Momiji: Um, it’s a bit sad…plus you have a race…

Pedro: Oh right! Come on Sandora…

(The two leave, leaving Momiji to his thoughts. He has a smile, but a small tear creeps out of his eye…)

Momiji: Must me nice…to have a family…

(Pedro and Sandora dive straight into the spring to look for a plastic wallet for a clue. This late at night the springs have only been specially opened for this race, so they find the occasional golden monkey relaxing there as well, but they grasp the clue and head out of there. Momiji hands them a towel as they get dry, then read the clue.)

Pedro: Head to Nerima outskirts of town and go to the home of Shigure Sohma – he is located on Sohma-owned land.

(Pedro looks at the new map, located two Sohma territories, the main house and Shigure’s house.)

Pedro: Let’s go!

* * * *



(The final team, childhood friends Akari and Hiroyuki head off into the unknown, Hiroyuki grumpier than normal…but at himself.)

(And the fact that Akari + darkness = scared Akari…)

Akari: Hiroyuki-chan…

Hiroyuki: Come on you silly girl…

(And to top it off…)


(Hiroyuki just had his arm around Akari who was shivering from the cold/fear of the dark…and the guardian of Serika erupts…)

Hiroyuki: NOT NOW OLD MAN!


Akari: Sebastian-san, can we get to Shibuya station please?

Sebastian: (change of tune) Allow me to be of assistance young miss.

Hiroyuki: (under his breath) Dirty old man…

(Sebastian apparently also uses the same route as Oshige and Wakayoji, but more to avoid the nightclubs to protect Akari than of coherent planning…meanwhile…)

* * * *


(Shot of the station, where the 10.15 coach is getting the next visitors…ones who managed to get through the rush in an unusual way…)

Taeko: (pleasant) So this is the Furuba service?

Coach driver: That’s right my dear.

Taeko: Lucky! Chika-chan, we’re getting…huh?

(Chika is in the corner, crouched with the spirit symbols over her head…)

Taeko: What’s wrong?

Chika: Huh….oh…nothing…(mutters to herself)…not like the fact you actually swerved in between two cars throughout the intersection…

Taeko: O.K, let’s rel…

??????: WAIT!

(Just as the coach is ready to take off, an exhausted Oshige pops out of nowhere. Looks like their back alley technique did the trick…)

Oshige: We…go….now…

Chika: Yay! Oshige-oneechan!

Oshige: Why…at least some kids can address me properly…

Wakayoji: (bowing) Good evening ladies, may we have a pleasant trip.

Taeko: Yes…

Chika: (Chiyo-esque shivering) Yes please…

(Just outside, we see Hale and Weda looking around the station…)

Hale: Hmmm?

Weda: What is it?

Hale: I felt sure I heard Oshige-san’s voice…

Weda: They must be nearby, let’s get a ticket now whilst we have the chance…

(Hale and Weda get their ticket to the 10.20 train, unaware of the Full Moon and Indigo teams finding their next option…)

* * * *




(Kirika and Mirielle have made it outside the residence exactly thanks to their quick eyes. Kirika and Mirielle thank the coach driver, and rush up the steps.)

Momiji: Hello ladies!

Mirielle: (smiles) Hello there.


(It isn’t long after Momiji explains before hunter instincts kick in and Mirielle finds the route marker. They get out, dry off, thank Momiji and then read the clue.)

Mirielle: You feeling up to getting ahead?

(Kirika nods)

Mirielle: Let’s find the station then.

(They check the map, ask for directions (which Momiji gladly points out) and rush off…)

* * * *


(Shot of two ninjas face first on the mat…Hale puts a hand on Naruto’s shoulders.)

Hale: Full marks for the Full Metal Panic type entrance, but when you screamed ‘Iruka-sensei, stop here, jumped, paid, got tickets, somersaulted forward and then hit your faces here…

(Shot of Weda, who may just be disturbing the customers with her laughing…)

Hale: …you brought a riot here.

Naruto: (muffled) Two words…shut up…

Sasuke: (muffled) …make that double for your mom.

Hale: If I knew how to do that, I wouldn’t be suffering so much after all these years…

(As the train carrying our favourite Jungle duo and ninja duo (unless you, like me, realise Orin from Akazukin Chacha owns both ninjas and then some…^_^) flies by (Shinjuku line), Ryo and Hiroki look on and sigh.)

Ryo: Just missed it…

* * * *



(Shot of Pedro and Sandora with their tickets…)

Pedro: Just hold on…if we can make it now…we won’t have to worry about…

(Pedro’s face then becomes a mask of horror…)

(…as two killers emerge from the night.)

Mirielle: (cheerful) Hello!

(Cue the echoing ‘NOOOOO’)

(The two teams get on the train as Pedro sighs…)

Pedro: So much for stairway to heaven…

Mirielle: Sorry, but we want to win this as much as anyone. Plus we aren’t a bit tired right?

Kirika: Huh…oh yeah.

Mirielle: (sighs) And there went our reputation.

(Pedro smiles, as his son yawns…)

Pedro: Seeing senoritas Kirika and Mirielle made me realise that despite taking the fast forward, other teams are extremely tough and skillful. Now I have to watch my back, hoping at least until we get to Nerima…

* * * *


(Meanwhile, after getting off on the Yamamote line…)

Risa: (tired) Are we there yet?

Riku: (almost as tired) Yeah, if we can hold on for a bit longer…

(The two girls locate the springs almost in a daze, but Momiji snaps them out of it…)

Momiji: You ladies alright?

Risa: Yes…thank you young man.

Risa: What a cutie-pie! If only he was a few years younger…he’ll grow up to be a handsome man, definitely…maybe I should take his number now…

(Before Risa’s head can get her into any more trouble, Riku plunges in to the hot spring and swims around before grabbing a plastic wallet.)

Riku: Got it!

(Riku gets out, is towelled off, and reads the clue.)

Riku: Come on…off to the station sleeping beauty…

(Risa pouts and yawns again, but doesn’t argue, though she doesn’t look too happy…)

Risa: It seems Riku enjoys making the decisions for us. Whilst I can’t fault her at times, sometimes I just want to do something for us which could help us. I hope her planning doesn’t bite us in the bud…

* * * *


(As Hiroki and Ryo head off into the abyss, we see Shannon and Racquel emerge from their vehicle…)

Shannon: Now what?

Racquel: This train?

Shannon: I guess…but…the energies show somewhere else…

Racquel: What do you mean?

Shannon: Well, I’m trying to see if I can feel where people are going, and some seem to travel one way, and others another…

Racquel: Then maybe…

Coach Driver: Hey, you guys must be in this race!

(They turn to where a coach (for 10.45) has been prepared…)

Coach Driver: Sorry, you seem a little lost, so we’ll help. We are a service destined to travel to the Hot Springs owned by the Sohma Family in Ekodu. Techincally, we aren’t supposed to help but…

(As they talk, Hiroyuki and Akari notice them in the distance.)

Akari: Hiroyuki-chan, is that Racquel-san and Shannon-san?

Hiroyuki: Yes Akari…where are they…

(They see the two go into the coach, not that unusual for them but in a different technology, and ask Sebastian to stop. After Akari insists, the butler does so as they pop out.)

(Shannon in the corner of his eye, spots them and sighs.)

Shannon: Looks like we’ll have company.

Racquel: Can we do tea?

(Shannon sighs again.)

Shannon: The fact that Hiroyuki and Akari were the only team behind us on the last leg isn’t a good sign that they will be riding with us. It just confirms how much we are in trouble, and how we need to stop that if we are to survive this leg.

(Akari and Hiroyuki get on the coach, greet Shannon and Racquel (well, mostly Racquel, and mostly Akari doing the greeting) and take a seat. It’s going to be a fun ride…)

Hiroyuki: If we know we are on level pegging with Racquel and Shannon, we know we have a chance. We just need to take it quickly, because on a physical playing field, we are no match for them.

* * * *



(The two teams that left on the 10.15pm coach have enjoyed some quiet time (especially for poor Chika nearly traumatised as usual from Taeko’s driving) but as they leave for the next route marker, they are back to business with Oshige and Wakayoji pulling ahead off Taeko and Chika, getting more of a second wind. The eldest team in the race heads off…)

Oshige: Hey there!

Momiji: Ah, hallo!

Oshige: What a cutie-pie, but it said something about not hugging them for this leg…I wonder why…




(Yes…we’ll leave it at that.)

Wakayoji: What have we got to do?

Momiji: Go into the springs there…but…as a different sex pairing, only one can go on…

Wakayoji: I’ll do it. The two girls behind you may see if you get a clue…

Oshige: Wow, sneaky…

Wakayoji: (smiles) I am a manager after all.

(Oshige bumps fists with her teammate as Wakayoji heads in the men’s direction. Meanwhile, Chika and Taeko head up and greet Momiji and Oshige, and they head in the opposite direction to a familiar feel for them, the hot baths.)

(With Wakayoji on his own, and the two girls on familiar turf, they literally exit around the same time with a clue. After both teams look through it, they get the same option from Momiji (who is yawning himself)…)

Oshige: If we know the trains to Nerima, there should still be going.

Taeko: We could still hold a lead as long as it’s before 11…can you hold out for a bit longer Chika-chan?

Chika: (yawns) I’ll be fine Tae-neechan…

Wakayoji: So much for the rush…well ladies, shall we go?

Chika: Sure, as long as I’m in a vehicle which doesn’t have my cousin in front of a wheel…

Taeko: (oblivious) Huh? How come?

(Oshige, Wakayoji and Chika sweatdrop, but don’t bother explaining as they head to Okeda station…)

* * * *




(Outside Shigure’s home, the route marker is…empty.)

Mirielle: Not good.

(A note with a dog shaped picture on it says ‘Route marker occurs between 6am and 3.30pm.)

Kirika: So they are going to catch up?

Mirielle: But why?

(Whilst more used to sneaking around, Mirielle bangs on the door…but no response…though an angry carrot-top seems to scream ‘SHUT THE HELL UP!’ somewhere…)

Mirielle: Guess we camp out…

* * * *





(Shot of two teams cursing the luck of them missing the trip…but just as Weda may be cautioned for using violence on a competitor (even if it is Naruto), Sasuke looks up…)

* * * *

Sasuke: I sense people…

(Sasuke looks out and sees Oshige, Wakayoji, Taeko and Chika catching a train somewhere else. Sasuke tries to lean to see where they are going, but can’t…)

Sasuke: Where’d they go?

Weda: Who cares? Let’s go now off here and get to the Pit Stop faster than you can JunglewoItsumoHaleNochiGuu?

Naruto: Huh?

(Shot of Full Moon-tachi heading onto the Seibu Toshima line (whereas Mirielle, Kirika, Pedro and Sandora got on the Seibu Yurakucho Line) where an exhausted Chika nearly collapses on Oshige…)

(…and just outside, Riku and Risa bang on the trains to get on before it leaves…)

Riku: Thank you!

(Risa is completely out of breath as Full Moon-tachi and Indigo-tachi greets the twins.)

Oshige: Made it huh?

Riku: Can’t let you guys have all the fun…

Risa: So…what you planning?

Taeko: Um…mad rush to the finish?

Risa: Just what I was thinking!

Riku: (sigh) Little hint sister dear, if you want to steal ideas, it’s not quite going to work like swapping cleaning duties with Niwa-kun…

Risa: It isn’t?

(Mass sweatdrop)

* * * *


(Shot of Weda, Naruto and Sasuke all wet…and Hale observing with a mutter…)

Hale: And I thought you weren’t supposed to bathe with your clothes on…

Weda: Special occasion…

Naruto: So now what?

Momiji: Now you dry!

(4 matches towels for our wet drips as they look through their clues, and sigh…)

Weda: And now we run?

Naruto: That works as well…

(The two teams rush off, with the ninjas taking the lead against team Guu, with Hale in particular slowing down…)

Hale: Sadly, despite everything I’m still just 10 years old – and being out late rushing out in the late evening tires me out. Considering what we have to do, this is something we have to get used to…if we have any chance of winning…

* * * *



Ryo: I’ve decided I hate traffic.

Hiroki: Why couldn’t we find any coaches or anything?

(Bonus points for irony, as they finally make it to Ekoda…head to find Momiji, and do their thing…as back at the Sohma House Mark 1…)


Pedro: So…we’re stuck here?

(The two South Americans get the information from Mirielle as Kirika has made a makeshift blanket from old cloth. Then they realise a problem…)

Mirielle: There’s only one futon.

(Kirika eyes Mirielle…)

Kirika: That’s a problem?

(Mirielle is about to retort when they thinks…)

Mirielle: Never mind.

(The South Americans facefaults, just as a trio of other teams make it there…)

Oshige: Gotta love the taxi service.

Taeko: Still it was a cram for all 6 of us…

Risa: That was only because your breasts were suffocating us!

Chika: Um…didn’t need to say that Risa-neechan, I think Wakayoji-oniichan is going a bit too red…

(Poor Prince, had to be in the midst of that…wait, poor prince? Forget I said anything…)

(The teams begin to rest, as the two adults go around the house to get away from the younger generation, even the eldest there Mirielle is around 10 years younger than Oshige.)

Oshige: So by this time tomorrow everyone will be in a rush again?

Wakayoji: Looks that way…

(Oshige smiles…)

Oshige: Maybe not…

(Oshige grabs Wakayoji’s hand and drags him down the street out of sight from the other competitors. There, we find a pay phone. Oshige puts in 200 yen and calls…)

Oshige: Hello? Is that the taxi service we called earlier to get to the Sohma’s? Is it possible to…

* * * *



(The two last teams come in by coach, with Akari literally propping up between Hiroyuki and Shannon. The Scrapped Princess duo don’t seem too bothered by it though…maybe because Akari is a bit more subdued than their surrogate other sister…)

(They head up to the spring, where Momiji is sat there, half-asleep)

Momiji: Huh…oh hey…

Shannon: You the guide for the clue?

(Momiji nods – whilst half asleep he does eventually explain what they have to do. Shannon and Hiroyuki head off to dive into the springs, with the girls staying back, trying to keep Momiji awake)

Racquel: When does the last train leave here?

(Momiji says around 2am. Plenty of time to get there, though they have no idea about the route marker and the little camp that is quickly occuring…)

* * * *


(Between this time and 12.15pm, we cut to seeing pretty much every team getting in. They are all tired, but some with more hope than others because all the teams are together…but for now…)


Hale: O.K, they’re ready!

(And Hale improvises with some toasted onigiri mixed in with cut up fishheads from the nearby stream which the young Jungle kid has added to the menu. A shot sees Hale and Weda along with Hiroyuki/Akari, Shannon/Racquel and Sasuke/Naruto all there. It’s a bit of a bad situation for the teams leading but it’s the first time they’ve been on a level playing field…)

Pedro: This is good Hale-kun!

(Shot of all 10 teams outside, warming up by a fire whilst some try to see if they can get sleeping arrangements. Whilst there are futons and sleeping bags in some of the more thoughtful teams when they prepared for this (and considering they are a load, it was a bother for some to take them, so of all the teams, only Mirielle/Kirika, Pedro/Sandora, Shannon/Racquel and Oshige/Wakayoji have them. The others…well…)

Ryo: For the last time…

Hiroki: Oh come on Ganmo-chan, if I can borrow on, we can…

(Ryo grabs a stick and swings for it almost like Hiroki would.)

Ryo: Want to see if I can hit as well as I can pitch?

Hiroki: O.K, O.K…give!

(Hiroki sits her down and puts his arm around her in front of a tree.)

Hiroki: This O.K? We can keep warm this way and try to enjoy the night…

Ryo: (blushing) Takasugi…

(As Yukino and Arima…I mean Ryo and Hiroki try to get comfortable, we see Mirielle and Kirika already perched on the ground, watching the stars as Mirielle tries to teach Kirika a bit of astronomy, with Taeko helping out. Pedro and Sandora join up with Hale and Weda (Weda moaning about no booze of course), as the youngsters seem ready to sleep (Sandora gets the futon)…but the night is long and it does becomes uncomfortable for some…so some improvise, either consciously or unconsciously…)

* * * *


(Not too many teams are asleep, some are trying but it’s no fun whilst others have allowed each other to cosy up to help be warm – Oshige and Wakayoji for example who have separate futons have let Hale get in between them, as Weda is one of the few who is fast asleep outside by the stream. Riku and Risa are trying to cuddle up to Ryo (who probably scared Hiroki off one too many times) as Mirielle and Kirika don’t share the one futon rather Kirika sleeps around it. However, one cast member has a unique way of keeping warm…)

?????: Mmm…cold…

(One member of the group gulps at this as he turns around of a new feeling of warmth in his futon…)

Sandora: (whispering) Papa…this is…

Pedro: (still awake) It’s O.K…

Sandora: But this is…

Pedro: (smiling) Shall I tell your sexy mama what a womaniser you are?

Sandora: Papa! That was bad back in New York, but now…

(Sandora whispers towards the culprit who has snuck into his sleeping bag…)

Sandora: (whispering) Senorita Chika…please wake up…

(Chika stirs a bit, and sleep talks…)

Chika: Hmmmm…

Sandora: (very nervous) Ch-Chika…

(Sandora suddenly goes all red as Chika presses slightly towards him. Sandora gulps…)

Sandora: (whispering) She’s so cute…

(At this point, Chika does stir and her eyes gently open…as Sandora does a double-take and nearly screams…)

Chika: (half-asleep) Huh? Oniichan?

Sandora: (very nervous and speaks in insane Hale like speed whenever Guu does something) Senorita Chika, you climbed into my futon half asleep, it’s not what you think, I mean…

Chika: (still half asleep) Meh…I’m cold. G’night.

(Chika falls back asleep as Sandora stares open mouth…)

Pedro: I believe you should do the same…I won’t say a word…

(Sandora remains quiet, and before long his nervousness turns to relaxation…and he does fall asleep…)

* * * *


(It’s a big Ohayou for the morning…but not a particularly good morning, as the word ‘sleep’ was lost on many a person last night…)

Risa: You…never told me this is what we had to do…

Riku: Oh suck it up princess, one night in the woods won’t kill you…

Risa: Yeah…but the wind, noise and bugs can drive you insane…

(Whilst the old similar yet opposite motif applies for the Haradas…there is some explaining to do…)

Taeko: I apologise for that Mr Domingo, Chika-chan does have this habit of sleepwalking and…well…

(Shot of Sandora extremely red, and on the far side, Chika is just as red…as it was her scream at around 5.45am which woke up many a team…)

Weda: So Hale, you have a rival huh?

Hale: I DO NOT!

(It seems it’s mostly a yawn fest, until the door opens and all the teams are indeed awake (some times hopes to avoid them getting up but that was ended by Chika’s scream. They all turn to the eyes and nose of Shigure Sohma, the dog.)

Shigure: (yawns) Ah…what a good morning we have here…

(He is interrupted by the look of 10 pairs of eyes staring intensely, waiting to see what he has to offer…)

Shigure: (Sweatdrops) Oh boy…my editor seems to have signaled a lynch mob…ja ne!

(Shigure runs off and lets them scramble for the envelope….)

(…first won by Mirielle and Kirika.)

Mirielle: Let’s see…Cat or Rat.

* * * *

(…which will now be explained by our next host, former deliquent and tough talking Yankee, Arisa Uotani. But just because I like it, I’ll refer her as the cute nickname Tohru gives her, Uo-chan.)

Uo-chan: The detour for this leg consists of either Rat or Cat. In Rat, one of them must get the clue from Yuki Sohma. Sounds easy enough, but…

(Shot of a few rather rabid fangirls who have got up this early just for this rare moment…to get a chance to glomp a certain prince…and I don’t mean Wakayoji…)

Uo-chan: …plowing through this fangirls might be difficult, but if they can muscle their way through, they could finish quickly. to get through hordes of rabid fangirls with a cue to try and get close to him…rather you than me is all I can say…

(Outside, we see a girl with dark eyes and hair, in some sort of zen trance. Saki Hanajima is her name as she is waiting with a deck of cards.)

Uo-chan: In cat, blonde-top and Saki will be outside playing a card game called ‘Rich Man, Poor Man.’ The gist is to beat Kyo at it, whilst no glomping involved, sitting down to play a game of cards could take a long time.

* * * *

(Back at the races, the teams realise that they can walk it or they can take a taxi. At a persons pace, it takes around 20 minutes, but obviously some teams want to get there as fast as possible…)

Mirielle: Let’s see how much we have…is it worth it?

Naruto: We’ll go by foot…we should have an advantage with our speed right?

Risa: But I don’t wanna walk!

Akari: Hiroyuki-chan, we’ve got enough haven’t we after we went on the coach?

Pedro: Well…not sure if we can…

(A honk outside interrupts them…)

Ryo: A taxi?

(The driver pops out)

Taxi driver: Excuse me, is there a Keichii Wakayoji and a Masami Oshige around?

(The two adults in the back smile and wave.)

Oshige: Here!

Wakayoji: Right on time.

Oshige: Sorry guys, early bird catches the worm!

(The remaining 9 teams all are shocked…well in their own way, I’m not sure if Kirika could ever be shown too shocked, but anyways, they get into the cab and rush off…)

(…bring in a mad rush of people asking to see if they can use Shigure’s phone…whilst some teams quickly head in the direction on foot, namely Naruto/Sasuke, Ryo/Hiroki and Hale/Weda. The others meanwhile bombard Shigure to quickly ask for the number of the taxi service again that provided them to get here in the first place (which for some reason Shigure gives easily to Mirielle and Risa, and delays it to Hiroyuki until Akari becomes involved…) and then either borrow his phone or look for a pay phone…)

Weda: Come on, keep up with your mom!

Hale: I wasn’t ready…and it’s early as well…you’re normally the one that isn’t awake at this hour…

Weda: Well, excuse me!

Hale: Whatever, let’s just run! We don’t have much money left so let’s just run and hope!

(Shot of Ryo and Hiroki overtaking them, the two athletic baseball stars more than just poster figures…)

Ryo: I can’t believe I’m thankful for Nene putting us through that mountain hike before now…

Hiroki: Ah yes…memories.

Ryo: Um…sorry?

Hiroki: I didn’t necessary say they were bad…after all, I did get to see you with just your bra and pa…


Ryo: That’s it! If we get married I’m sticking to my maiden name…

Hiroki: (teasing) Oh, already thought that far ahead Ganmo-chan?

(Ryo blushes as they continue to run)

* * * *


(At this point, a number of taxis have come, as we see Riku and Risa the first team to escape the clutch of the dog and two teams have come to an agreement to help each other out…mainly out of courtesy for last night’s mishaps…)

Chika: I’m sorry…it’s just something small, but do you mind if we can help you out from this?

Sandora: W-well…I don’t mind…but…

Pedro: (puts a hand on his son’s shoulders) It’s O.K, we won’t whisper a word. Besides, I don’t mind if we can help each other out…it’s not like we want to end anybody’s chances anyway, so why not?

Taeko: O.K then Pedro-san, Sandora-san, let’s go!

(We see the 4 of them pool into one taxi, as Mirielle and Kirika already rush away. Shot of another taxi coming…)

Driver: Um, a Shannon and Racquel Cascull?

Racquel: Hai!

(The two turn around, look over at Hiroyuki and Akari, the last remaining team waiting for a taxi. Racquel seems to want to say something, but Shannon gets her in quickly before anything does happen.)

Shannon: It doesn’t pay to be soft. I saw that Racquel wanted to help them but in reality, it wouldn’t matter. I notice some teams already going off on foot, and despite the waiting, we should still have the advantage, and so should they by the time we get there.

* * * *


(Shot of Oshige and Wakayoji asking for information about where they can find someone in particular…)

Boy: Oh, he’ll be outside those doors for that game. Trust me, you WON’T miss him.

Oshige: I kinda figured…

(A quick shot outside shows the two boys which Oshige and Wakayoji talked to earlier heading off – the carrot head sits down exhausted…)

Kyo: That bastard Ayame – I just got here with quadruple speed, gah…

(…and nearly gets spooked out of his mind when a gothic looking girl sits by him. The orange top sighs, awaiting his fate.)

(Inside, the other boy heads in, realising he may have it far worse. As soon as he hits his spot…)

Girl 1: YUKI-KUN!


Girl 3: SOHMA-KUN!


(The parade of girls are rushing towards Yuki, who is naturally afraid (for more than one reason) but…)




(Above the school, a beautiful blonde giggles as she keeps the ‘fangirl’ barrier up for this detour…)

* * * *

Wakayoji: I was used to it during the Route L days, come on then.

Oshige: Right…

(They head towards the fangirl stampede, a bit scared obviously but Wakayoji dives in, Oshige thereafter…)


(Fortunately, Wakayoji being male is not as big a threat as the female Oshige, allowing him to plow through the fangirls and get the clue.)

Yuki: Well done.

Wakayoji: Trust me, I know how you feel.

(Shot of Oshige and Wakayoji barely escaping with their lives after getting the detour from Yuki…)

Oshige: He had model looks…

Wakayoji: More potential?

Oshige: Not a chance…I’d rather not die…


Oshige: Now I know what Mitsuki-chan feels like…it’s scary when fans surround you…

(The two adults now have to find a way to the main Sohma house, and looking at their resources, can they get another taxi?)

Oshige: Now what?

(They look outside and see one waiting. They look at it…)

Oshige: Excuse me? Who you waiting for?

Taxi driver: Oh, two pairs – the Domingos and the Minazukis…

Oshige: THEY THOUGHT AHEAD? (calmer realising the look on the driver’s face) I mean…how smart of them!

Driver: (nervous) Well…um…where do you need to go?

Oshige: This Sohma main house…

Driver: Oh, that’s a half hour away…but if you go outside the school and head off the opposite track, there is a shuttle service that passes by there – it comes every twenty minutes from 6am so if you hurry…

(Too late, they are faster than the speed of light…)

* * * *

(Oshige and Wakayoji look through the clue, just as Pedro/Sandora, Riku/Risa, Taeko/Chika and Mirielle/Kirika all head in their direction…)

Oshige: …so we need to get to this Sohma main house then…

(She spots them heading forward…)

Oshige: (whispering) Hide it.

(Wakayoji hides the clue as they rush past…)

Riku: You guys look exhausted…

Oshige: You’ll soon find out…

Riku: Considering we are taking that, then yeah.

Risa: But they might go after me because I’m so charming!

(Riku fails to answer as they go for Yuki-kun, whilst Pedro and Sandora do the same. However, Mirielle and Kirika don’t.)

Mirielle: Trust me, my instinct would kick in if they were annoying. Besides, being touched by thousands of rabid fangirls would not exactly make my day…

Kirika: (silence) Well…

(Mirielle just chuckles and ruffles Kirika’s hair.)

Kirika: Besides, I knew you were a cat person. Kinda suits you this task then right?

(Kirika nods once as the two assassins head out to take the Cat route.)

Kirika: I saw what that detour entailed, Oshige-san and Wakayoji-san looks dishelved. Besides, I feel with our advantage we can still maintain a good position in the race.

(Taeko and Chika decide to take a look first…)

(They spot a gruesome sight…of Pedro/Sandora and Riku/Risa being blocked by hordes of fan girls)

Girl 4: Girls prohibited!

Girl 1: Cute boy prohibited!

Girl 2: Adult south American muscle man prohibited!

Pedro: Are we back in the Supergals leg?

(The Minazuki’s take one more look, look at each and nod.)

Chika/Taeko: We’ll do the other one.

Chika: I think we saw the condition that Oshige and Wakayoji was in, we took one look…and the last thing I want is Taeko-neechan tripping over her feet whilst zealous fangirls try and stop here getting to a boy…though he is quite cute…

* * * *


(Shot of an exhausted Pedro and Sandora after their fangirl stampede, they got out there better than Riku and Risa…as they are more rivals for Yuki’s attention….)

Pedro: That was worse than Nabeshin’s training…

Sandora: We got through it papa, so come on!

(They look through the clue and nod.)

Sandora: Let’s get out of here and figure out what to do!

Pedro: Well…we have to wait…

Sandora: I know…we promised…(blushes)

(Pedro gives a hearty chuckle and as he does…)

(Shot of Kirika and Mirielle being dealt a hand as Kyo scowls playing with the two assassins. We see Uotani and Hanajima over him watching over, with Taeko and Chika waiting to play as well.)

Uotani: Don’t worry, you can get in the game soon, Kyo-baka won’t last long anyway.

Kyo: And who is the baka here?

(Hanajima’s eyes glow…)

Hanajima: Are you implying…

(Even Kyo gets spooked at a goth girl which would give Chikage a run for her money…)

Taeko: Wow, that’s cool!

(…of course, cult girl Taeko is more intrigued and excited…^_^)

Hanajima: O.K, so you have to get rid of all your cards. Players clockwise. Both members of the team have to beat Kyo to continue. Once one of you girls has won, either Taeko or Chika can then replace her. O.K, good luck.

Kyo: Man, this sucks.

(To play the game, as Hanajima said, you must lose their cards. To do so they must drop the highest card they can per round and whoever does so can lose their cards. They may choose to pass if they wish and save their cards for another round. They are also allowed to drop more than one card if they are of the same number.)

(The assassins begin their play – patience is their key game after all, as Mirielle plays a king, Kirika passes as does Kyo. Mirielle is allowed to discard that card before playing a paior of fours. Mirielle follows with a pair of sevens. Kyo passes. Mirielle gets a pair on 10s. Kirika passes. Kyo gets a pair of Jacks. Both girls pass. Kyo draws another card and uses a 5. Mirielle plays a 10. Kirika plays a queen.)

Taeko: This…may take a while…

* * * *


Riku: Finally!

(Riku and Risa have escaped the deadly pit of fangirls (who repeatedly bang on Eve’s shield without realising what is going on) as Yuki hands them the clue and then the girls have to head back through the stampede…)

(…and Eve helps them out with a little parting of the waves…)


(Too late, the Haradas escape with their lives…)

Risa: Well, that was fun…so now what?

Riku: We…well…

(Shot of a stampede of teams heading their way through the main gate, as Shannon and Racquel along with Naruto and Sasuke have made it together despite their difference in transportation…)

Riku: …run?

Risa: I was afraid you would say that….

Riku: Let’s go!

Risa: Of course! Leave the transport to me!

Risa: When we got the detour, as soon as we got the clue, we made a note of the taxi number before so we took it and called again…it’s a pain this early in the morning, but we know that we have to always be on the edge. And as much as I hate to admit it, Riku is a fair bit better at handling the purse strings…

(Shot of the two teams looking through the detour before both deciding on Rat…the ninjas getting ahead of the cast offs from a Dungeons and Dragons convention…)

* * * *

(Shot of the card game, Kirika has won a hand and is waiting for Mirielle to finish. Taeko is playing as well…)

Hanajima: The waves are strong with you…

Taeko: Why thank you!

(This round, Kyo concedes as Taeko wins handily (must be the cult powers) as Chika takes her place. However, Mirielle then wins a round and is allowed to continue.)

Mirielle: Bye!

Kyo: Gah, scary…

* * * *



(A bit of luck hits their way as the lead team head on a bus service which does take a scenic route, but will get there around 22 minutes time, as it’s early and no-one bothering the roads as you may think…)

Oshige: It’s kinda exciting y’know?

Wakayoji: Huh?

Oshige: This feeling of being in first place – the thrill of competition always on your tail…it’s a different thrill to the pressures of the music industry right?

(Ironic comment because…)

3 Schoolkids: Thank you!

Hiroki: Take care!

(Shot of Ryo and Hiroki…)


Ryo: Takasugi…

Hiroki: Um…force of habit?

Ryo: We…have been stopped 3 times by kids asking for our autographs, and we’ve said yes three times…and you do realise we are in a race right?

Hiroki: Uh…well…

Ryo: Listen, don’t hog up our fame…it may help us…and it may cost us. And this time is costing us…

(Hiroki sighs)

Hiroki: Yeah, you’re right.

Ryo: Now let’s hurry…(to herself)…red streaks won’t make us more noticeable…yeah right…

(Another shot at the same time of Hiroyuki/Akari and Hale/Weda just behind them ready to look through the clues…)

Hiroyuki: I’m used to this….

Akari: (chuckles) Torya?

(Hiroyuki turns and smiles…)

Hiroyuki: Wrong.

(He runs towards the fangirl groupies…)


(A giggle from Akari as the lunatic known as Hiroyuki rushes for the clue with Akari patiently jogging behind.)

* * * *


Hiroyuki: See, piece of cake…

Naruto: How the heck did you do that so fast?

Hiroyuki: Practice.

Sasuke: You practice going through fangirls?

Hiroyuki: No…(thinks)…well kind of. I guess they are more friends though of mine, Aoi-chan, Kotone-chan, Serika-sempai, Ayaka-san, Tomoko-san, Lemmy…gah, I guess even Shiho…

(Akari looks a little quiet…Sasuke notices and nods.)

Sasuke: Right.

Hiroyuki: But that practice was for going through the bread line every day…

(Enough small chat, the ninjas rush off…)

Naruto: Sorry guys, must dash!

(The To Heart duo stop, smile…and calmly get round the corner where their taxi was stationed…just as we see Kirika and Mirielle just take off in theres…)

(And also…)

Chika: Yatta! I did it!

(We see Chika complete a round as they get the go ahead to head off to the vehicle, the joint taxi with a still waiting Pedro and Sandora.)

Chika: Um…sorry for making you wait.

Sandora: Um…that’s O.K!

(The two elder members of their respective teams sigh, push the kids into the vehicle, and point out where they are going…)




Driver: Is that scary lady gone?

Pedro: Which one?

Driver: Tall-ish, red head blondish, has a guy that looks like that cool one from Route L a few years ago…

(The few look on)

Chika: Oshige-neechan? Yep, she’s gone…can we go?

Driver: Sure!

* * * *


By the time Shannon and Racquel finish, Hiroki and Ryo have just arrived…)

Hiroki: O.K, now let’s…

Shannon: (exhausted) Are you alright Racquel?

Racquel: (losing some of her Mutsumi-esque nature) Too..many…jealous…girls…scared….

Ryo: Um…what did you just go through?

Shannon: Hell…and I’m not talking about the hell that Pacifica went through either…

(The two looks at the mass fangirls trying to claw at Yuki…and fend off Weda as she and Hale try to get through…)

(…and Ryo gets angry.)

Ryo: Takasugi, we’re doing the other one!

Hiroki: But Ganmo-chan…

Ryo: (stern) We’re taking the other one…

Hiroki: But why?

Ryo: (embarrassed) Well…because…umm…

(Ryo shakes off her embarrassed face and drags Hiroki…)


(Leaving a confused Hiroki to the side…)

Ryo: Seeing that detour, I couldn’t see Hiroki, a well known male pin-up for high school girls get seen especially with his girlfriend. We’d get torn apart…and I guess I’m still not sure of our relationship. Call me paranoid, but everything with Izumi is still stuck in my head…

Hiroki: It just didn’t seem right the way Ganmo-chan was acting. I think she was upset that we lost some time, but then picks the slower option. I don’t understand…I trust her, but something just seemed wrong…

* * * *


Sasuke: Well…what a fine mess you got us into?

Naruto: And who was it who didn’t hold the taxi?

Sasuke: But…look at this!

Naruto: Hey, we’re going aren’t we?


Sasuke: Yes…but…

(Shot of a scary withered lady and a scared ‘lady’ heading somewhere as the two ninjas have discovered the art of hitchhiking…)

Ritsu: We’re sorry it’s taking so long, we are REALLY SORRY!

Ritsu’s mom: (Scary tone) PLEASE FORGIVE MY SON, HE IS QUITE IN…

(Naruto’s jaw drops…)


(Sasuke just groans…)

Sasuke: Dunce…


* * * *


(Weda and Hale complete the detour, a slightly distraction caused by Hale’s own cute looks allowing the determined Weda to bust through the over zealous stampede and get the clue from Yuki.)

Weda: Never thought rushing for bananas would come in handy here but…

Hale: I’m surprised they didn’t kill you considering this guy they are crazy for…


(Hale get’s embarrassment bad…)

(…but it’s worse for Ryo and Hiroki…)

Kyo: Yatta! Score one for the cat!

Ryo: Again?

Hiroki: Card games not our strong point?

(Shot as Arisa deals again as Ryo and Hiroki haven’t cleared their hand yet.)

* * * *


Hiroki: FINALLY!

(Hiroki has finally cleared his hand, but Ryo quickly snatches the clue out of Uotani’s hand before grabbing the hand of her boyfriend and rushing out…)


Hiroki: Ganmo-chan?


Hiroki: Hayakawa…

(Ryo stops. It’s rare that Hiroki addresses her by her name…so it must be serious.)

Ryo: Takasugi?

Hiroki: It’s not your fault. We didn’t know this…and yes, maybe I’m a little hurt that you couldn’t trust me…

(Ryo looks down)

Ryo looks up at Hiroki and nods)

Ryo: Let’s go.

Hiroki: With more passion…Ganmo-chan…

Ryo: LET’S GO!

* * * *


(Shot of Oshige and Wakayoji moving up to Haru as he smiles.)

Haru: Welcome.

Wakayoji: Thanks.

Oshige: Can we have…

Haru: Sure.

(Haru hands over the clue as they look at it.)

Wakayoji: This person must like humans and animals.

(Just off screen, Haru’s helper for this…and helper to the Sohma family in general as he is their family doctor, is Hatori Sohma. He explains the Road Block more clearly.)

Hatori: Today’s Road Block consists of a simple design of each animal in the Chinese Zodiac and each person that Tohru Honda has met of the Sohma family. The person who takes the Road Block must match each person to each animal. It seems tough…but if you can work it out from the evidence they have here…they should be able to get through it.

(The two adults look it over before deciding…)

Wakayoji: I’m used to examining people.

Oshige: Sure, neither of us noticed what happened to Mitsuki-chan, but hey I did the last one anyway…go for it Prince!

(The good doctor/manager nods as he heads forward, where fellow doctor Hatori greets him and explains what he has to do…and Wakayoji has to think.)

Wakayoji: This may take a while…

* * * *



Pedro: Ladies first!

Taeko: Sure that’s wise?

Chika: Um…it’s because they know they can outrun us…

Sandora: (embarrassed) Heh…well…it’s O.K as no-one is in sight…

Riku: (off screen) Come on!

(The four prick their ears up to hear the Haradas escape their vehicle)

Chika: You were saying?

Sandora: I believe I was saying…RUN LIKE HECK?

(Pedro and Sandora go for the Road Block quickly with the Indigo girls just behind…Risa spots them running…)

Risa: After them!

Riku: First smart thing you’ve said all day!

(They greet Haru as the Excel Saga duo get to Haru first and go through the clue.)

Sandora: Can I do it papa?

Pedro: Why not? I could barely recognise Miss Will from your sexy momma….

(Sandora sweatdrops as the Minazukis and Haradas follow the youngster in, and again it’s a tough call…)

Risa: But you did the last one!

(After a bit of arguing, they realise they are lagging behind, so for the sake of fairness, Riku lets Risa do this one…)

Riku: I guess I want to see if Risa can hold her fair share hence why I let her do this one. But I don’t know if this was the right one to start her on…

Taeko: Can I do it Chika-chan?

(Chika looks through it – non physical, recognisable people, checkii! She smiles.)

Chika: Sure Tae-neechan!

(At the road block, Wakayoji (in a hidden booth so none of the others can see what he is doing) seems to be fitting the pieces together, as recognising that two of the pictures had been done already (Kyo and Yuki) with the rat and cat, leaving the following;)

Kagura , Hatori, Hatsuharu, Momiji, Shigure, Ayame, Kisa, Hiro, and Ritsu to make up all the Sohmas (bar one obviously) that Tohru has met. However, all the other animals of the Chinese Zodiac are there, including Rooster and Horse, along with the animals that do match the people (Boar, Rabbit, Snake, Dragon, Tiger, Ram, Monkey, Ox and Dog, along with Kyo linked with an orange cat, and Yuki with a grey rat.). Wakayoji has however worked out the pattern thanks to Hatsuharu’s help.)

Wakayoji: (to himself) The fact that the two young men linked up wouldn’t be unusual if it wasn’t for the fact that the colours match, the orange hair of Kyo and the grey of Yuki with the colours of the animals…)

(He leans back to see Haru talking with Riku)

Wakayoji: …but a black and white hair? That is too much to be a coincidence?

(He linked Haru with the black and white ox. He then links Shigure with the dog and Momiji with the rabbit, before working on the harder ones…)

* * * *

(We can see shots of Mirielle and Kirika on their way with a very insistent Hiroyuki and Akari a bit behind. Seems like the assassins got the luck of the taxi driver as they press through…)



(Back at the races, we see Shannon and Racquel also taking the bus route that Oshige and Wakayoji took after discussion with a few students…well, what I meant was from a few cosplay fans who were asking about their clothing…Shannon makes a note on ‘casual’ from now on as Racquel makes stuff along. They are having a comfortable ride to the Sohmas…)

(Weda and Hale however missed the 6.40am bus, and now either wait for the 7am or try and call a taxi.)

(But there is a problem…)

Hale: We haven’t got enough…

(Weda looks a little sheepish – she knows what happened, she spent a bit of money last time on a bottle of Marguet…and the guys don’t have much alternative now either to hitchike or catch the bus (which is cheaper but they have to wait).)

Weda: Hale…

(Hale sighs in exasperation…but doesn’t get angry.)

Hale: Come on mom…

(Hale holds his hand out, Weda looks a bit stunned, but takes it. Hale drags her to the bus stop where they are waiting…)

(…and Ryo and Hiroki are ready to pounce as they see them.)

Ryo: Hale and Weda?

Hiroki: Where they going?

(A fanstruck student explains the bus stop, as Hiroki and Ryo realise they have a chance if it is coming at 7am.)

Hiroki: (putting a hand up as a taxi goes by) TAXI!!!!

Ryo: A chance! A chance to make up, and we got it! I don’t know why Hale and Weda were waiting, but we’re taking any chance to make it now…

* * * *


Hatori: That’s correct, well done.

(Wakayoji hands in his correctly done worklist and is handed over the rote marker.)

Wakayoji: Head straight to the main gardens with the koi pond out back where the Pit Stop is located.

(Wakayoji shakes hands with his fellow doctor (both of them are used to seeing a cared one suffer) as Wakayoji heads back to Oshige waiting with Haru.

(Meanwhile, Risa, Taeko and Sandora are not having as much luck as Wakayoji…)

Sandora: I think it’s this one…it seems to suit their personality…

Taeko: …geez, predictions and decisions…not always a good thing…

(He’s got a couple right (with Hatsuharu as the ox and Shigure as the dog, but he’s put Ritsu as the tiger and Hatori as the snake, which is wrong there. Taeko meanwhile is doing just as well, getting Ritsu right and also Momiji, but has Kagura wrong. Just outside, other members of the Sohma family are also looking on…)

Hiro: They’re just stupid if they can’t do it. Come on Kisa.

(An absolutely adorable girl with orange hair comes out with a tiger plushie (Kisa Sohma) whilst the boy about the same age with bright white/yellow-ish hair just disregards them (Hiro Sohma). Hiro takes off, but Kisa listens in…)

Risa: Wrong?

Hatori: I’m afraid so.

Risa: Can you tell me which ones?

(Hatori shakes his head as Risa sighs and goes back in.)

Kisa: Sissy?

(Kisa and Risa – yep, sounds the same but Risa does have a slightly resemblance to Kisa’s heroine and saviour, Tohru Honda. Kisa quickly heads over there…)

Risa: O.K, so what did I…huh?

(Kisa tugs at Risa’s leg…)

Risa: Hey there…you’re…

(Risa notices the tiger plushie and smiles.)

Risa: Thank you!

(Risa corrects her tiger one, and then realises Kisa is pointing to her hair.)

Kisa: You’re not sissy…but you look like her…so…

(Again, Kisa points to her hair. Risa actually does add 2 and 2 together to make 4 and makes the connection.)

Risa: Thank you sweetheart!

(Risa actually does a good impersonation of Tohru by hugging Kisa. Fortunately they are both female so the…uniqueness of the Sohmas doesn’t come into play. And speaking of unique…)

Wakayoji: Oshige-chan!

Oshige: Thank you kami-sama, you done?

Wakayoji: Right!

Oshige: Off we go!

(The adults leave, leaving a bored Chika, Pedro and Riku to wait…)

* * * *


(We see a shot of an entryway to the main Sohma House. And introduce a girl voted once as best female character of the year in Japan, Tohru Honda. Cute, sweet, a bit ditzy but always helpful and always with the right thing to say, she is the only person outside the Sohma family who knows their infamous secret. She is our lovely last host for the day, as she steps outside (wiping her feet, polite as always) on the ‘FRUITS BASKET’ mat.)

Tohru: This is the Pit Stop, where the teams will finish the race and stay for the 24…

Lillith: Tohru-kun…wrong day…

(Lillith whispers to Tohru as the poor girl blushes and bows in embarrassment…)

Tohru: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so…

Oshige: O.K, I won’t sing anymore! Surely, it wasn’t that bad…

(Tohru turns as Oshige/Wakayoji step on the mat. Again, the poor girl goes beat red and apologises again…)

Oshige: That’s O.K sweetie, we’re just kidding.

(Lillith joins Tohru)

Lillith: Oshige and Wakayoji, you are team number one.

(The two adults high five and sigh in relief.)

Wakayoji: Always nice to be on top of the world.

Wakayoji: We played the game a bit more sneakily, but it’s something that we can adapt to if necessary. And it paid off for this leg…but the race is still young, so we need to make sure we don’t get carried away…

(And at the same time…)

Mirielle: I’ve never really got along with humans or animals…at least you’ve got more ex…oh sorry.

Kirika: It’s O.K…just sad memories only seem to be the ones I’ve got…

(Mirielle sighs)

Mirielle: Wanna do it? I know you did the last one but may be more your thing…

Kirika: Sure.

(We see Kirika rush out…just to see Risa head back with a complete checklist.)

Risa: Come on sis, let’s go!

Riku: You did it?

Risa: Heh, charm wins all…

Riku: You mean luck?

Risa: Lay off!

(The feuding twins hurry up as the choice for the Road Block is made quickly by the next team to head through…Akari and Hiroyuki.)

Hiroyuki: You seem to be better at noticing things. You do it Akari.

Akari: Hai!

* * * *


(Our next team have made it onto the Pit Stop…)

Lillith: Rika and Risu…


Lillith: *chiku chiku* My bad – Riku and Risa, you are team number two.

Riku: That works…well done sis.

Risa: Ha, in your fa…huh?

Riku: I said well done sis.

(Risa seems a little in shock for a moment, before smiling.)

Risa: No prob.

(Back at the matching, Sandora finally manages to get the hang of it when he spot Hatsuharu again and looking at the poster realises the hair colour matches with the ox. Following on with that theory, he finally gets all of them together…but cultist Taeko is also getting the hang of it (she’s a lot smarter than people give her credit). Meanwhile, Kirika is getting a little help from a fellow cat lover…)

Kagura: That’s it, you got it!

Kirika: Thank you.

(That’s right, Kagura from AD is not the only tomboy ruffian Kagura in anime as the lovely Kagura Sohma looks over Kirika’s work, Kagura is the beloved to Kyo (whether he likes it or not…and more often it’s not…) and will do anything to marry him…or kill him…or both I guess…)

Kagura: Now where is my beloved Kyo? I thought they told me he was helping on this leg…

(We did…just not at the same place as you…)


(Kagura does her version of Haru’s ‘black’ form, as yeah, when she can’t get what she wants (normally Kyo), her sweet edge disappears and we get a violent martial arts/wrestling hybrid pile of power and malicousness. Kirika of course is somehow still calm throughout this…)

(As more people get to the detour more people are talking about how the race has gone, they get to talking…)

Chika: It’s not like we’re mad at them, it’s just nice to see the adults squirm!

Mirielle: (chuckles) Trust me, I know that feels…but maybe on a different level to you.

Chika: How so?

Mirielle: Best not say – you may not believe me.

Pedro: I probably would…considering everything that has happened to me…

Mirielle: Right – guess we compare stories tonight…

Sandora/Taeko: BACK!

(The two arrive back pretty much at the same time as they ready to tonzura.)

Chika: Hurry Tae-neechan…

(Mirielle smiles and in a rare moment of affection, pats Chika’s hair.)

Mirielle: Later.

Pedro: Let’s go Sandora!

(Sandora nods, turns and smiles at Chika (and then blushes thereafter…ahhh…) before heading out for a battle for 3rd place…)

* * * *


Ritsu’s mom: See you boys!

Naruto: (shivering) What did we go through?

Sasuke: (shivering just as much) I don’t know, but I think I’d rather steal all of Kahashi-sensei’s Love Paradise manga…

(The ninjas make it as they get the detour (Mirielle still waiting for Kirika) as they quickly look through it.)

Sasuke: Requires calm, thought and intelligence.

(He smiles.)

Sasuke: See you later dunce.

(Naruto fumes, sulks…and then accepts it.)

Naruto: Even I have to admit that Sasuke is the smarter of us…doesn’t mean I have to like it…

* * * *


(Two teams get through, one just ahead of the other…)

Chika: Almost Taeko-neechan…

(Shot of Pedro and Sandora being greeted as team number three, whilst Taeko and Chika are confirmed as team number four. Both teams congratulate each other, before Sandora and Chika have an awkward moment apologising to each other for last night’s incident…Tohru just wants to hug Chika…^_^)

* * * *


(Kirika completes the road block without too much problems as she heads off to meet Mirielle. Hiroyuki and Naruto aren’t making much small talk as the bishoujo assassins don’t add to the small talk as they hit and run. It’s a case of wait and hope, and worse for them as another team heads off after a bit of a run in with…)

Racquel: It was some unusual magic that happened I’m sure…

(Shot back there of a monkey scratching it’s head after a collision with Racquel not long after dropping off Naruto and Sasuke…)

Shannon: In this world?

Racquel: Well…it was there.

Shannon: Never mind…looks like we have company.

(Naruto and Hiroyuki wait there as Hatsuharu greets them and gives them the Road Block. They look through it…)

Shannon: People and animals…have we got any experience with both?

(Racquel thinks…)

Racquel: I’ve done the Soopy costume…

(Shannon looks at her like it’s the most ridiculous logic in the world…then…)

Shannon: Good enough, you do it.

(Racquel nods as she heads off into a booth. A shot of Racquel looking through the humans and animals…)

Racquel: O.K, so who is who?

(She looks at the cat and rat pictures of Kyo and Yuki)

Racquel: …how cute!

(echo): …how cute!

(Racquel listens)

Racquel: Oh my, Akari-chan must be next door!

(Indeed, she is, and she’s all done. She rushes off, but…)

Sasuke: I think that’s right.

Sasuke: Using calm instincts, I realised there was something unusual about the way the hair was addressed in each of the humans. And seeing what those two at the beginning were like, it was easy to match. Good job Naruto didn’t do this one…

(A few moments later)

Akari: Let’s go Hiroyuki-chan!

Hiroyuki: Good job Akari.

(They turn…and nearly bump into Sasuke.)

Sasuke: Done.

Akari: Kyahhhh!

(Sasuke’s appearance scares the heebie-jeebies out of Akari, much to Naruto’s dismay…)

Naruto: Sasuke…

Sasuke: Later. Let’s go.

(Akari’s moment of fear let’s the ninjas get ahead of them. Hiroyuki scowls at them briefly before grabbing Akari’s hand and following them…)

* * * *


(Shot of another team hitting the mat…)

Lillith: Mirielle and Kirika, you are team number five.

(The assassin breathe out.)

Mirielle: Bit disappointing huh?

(Kirika nods.)

Kirika: Let’s just do better next time.

(double nod)

* * * *

(A joint shot now of the travelling Ryo/Hiroki (on taxi) and Hale/Weda (by bus) – both in disappointed moods, particularly Ryo and Weda…)

Ryo: Jealous idiot….I can’t believe it…

Weda: Why…it seemed like a good idea…but…

Ryo/Weda: …this is a race dammit, start acting like it…

(Neither Hiroki or Hale seem as mad, though Hale doesn’t seem the more disappointed of the two, but it’s a race to get there, and who can make it to the pit stop first now with everyone else there…)

* * * *


Tohru: Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun, you are team number six.

(Shot of Lillith being tied to a stake and being poked by Hiro, as Kisa tickles her with a feather. I guess it was a majority vote, we want to see Tohru as the host…^_^)

Naruto: Yosha! That’s better!

Sasuke: Not good enough – we aim for first.

Naruto: Don’t rain on this parade!

(About a minute later, Hiroyuki and Akari emerge…)

Hiroyuki: I may be a track star, but HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU KEEP UP WITH THAT?!!!

Akari: With great…(huff)…difficulty…

Tohru: Akari-chan, Hiroyuki….kun…

Hiroyuki: See, she knows how to take a hint…

(Akari pouts and as usual, Hiroyuki ruffles her hair…)

Naruto: Now why can’t Sakura-chan and I be like that?

Sasuke: Sometimes I ask myself the same question…

Tohru: …you’re team number seven.

* * * *


(The last remaining team left to finish before the race for survival finishes as Racquel gets back to Shannon waiting by his lonesome...)

Racquel: Sorry, that took longer than I thought…let’s go!

(They run…)

Shannon: You were admiring all of them and thinking of what costume you can be in next…


Tohru: Shannon and Racquel, you are team number eight.

Shannon: Eight? So…two teams are still away? No-one came…must be a bit behind…

Racquel: Well…let’s just relax.

Shannon: Well…we can try. I still fear for Pacifica back home…

Racquel: Huh? You know she’s not…

Shannon: Not that. I fear when I get back that Leo maybe my brother-in-law…

(Mass sweatdrop…)

* * * *


(The first time of the two remaining to come arrives now and it’s…)

Ryo: I dunno…

Hiroki: I’ll do it.

Ryo: Takasugi?

Hiroki: You’re down after that…I don’t blame you, but I’ll make sure we get through it like no-one’s business! We’ll do it Ganmo-chan!

Ryo: Takasugi…(nods)…O.K, let’s…

(Too late, Hiroki has already gone…a sad Ryo puts her hands together…)

Ryo: Please make it…

* * * *


(…as Ryo waits, the rush of bare feet runs alerts her…)

Ryo: We’re ahead!

(But as Hale and Weda realise the situation, their speed picks up…they grab the Road Block from Haru before he even has a chance to speak…and they look at it…)

Hale: Mom, I’ll do it! I’m going to prove that I can save this for us…

Weda: Hale…it was…


(Weda looks on as her son runs off…)

Weda: (quietly) He doesn’t need to do that…even if we lose I’ll love him…it was my damn fault…he doesn’t have to…

(Realises the camera is on…)

Weda: …(quickly)…after all, only he can do the cleaning and cooking for me! And I need my booze as well…

(Ryo sweatdrops, but it’s a tale of two teams as Hale runs like a madman. Hiroki at the moment is struggling as well, as despite his amazing slugger skills, he is still kind of a dumb jock, and he hasn’t put two and two together yet…)

(…Hale as he reaches is a very smart young man, he doesn’t pick it out right away…but will he?)

* * * *

(Various cuts as Hiroki links Hatsuharu to the ox…)

Hiroki: There was something about that which got me there…

(Another shot as Hale gets his jungle instinct by getting the monkey to Ritsu…)

Hale: So this maybe the lunk…

(Another cut shot this time of Hale passing one to Hatori, who says he failed…but is close. Hale looks through, and realises that Hatori own hair he matched with the horse…but it could make the seahorse (dragon) isn’t…at the same time, Hiroki seems to click on it when he gets Momiji with the rabbit, but it’s close…)

* * * *

(Both Ryo and Weda are nervous and waiting their partners. Neither of them speak as they don’t know what to say…)

(…suddenly, footsteps hit their way…)

(…and it’s…)


(Hale is all smiles as he gets the all clear. Weda’s face brightens as well as Hale rushes up to his mother…)

Hale: Did it!

Weda: Done it!

Hale: LET’S GO!!!!

(The two rush off…as Ryo looks on, forlorn.)

Ryo: It’s all my fault…

(She starts to cry….which lasts a few minutes…)

Ryo: …I let my jealously cloud my judgement. I knew Takasugi wasn’t one like that, but I had to make sure…and I used this race of all things to make that judgement. And because of that…I…I…

Takasugi: Ganmo-chan?

(Ryo looks up as her tears still continue, as her prince Hiroki hands her a hankerchief…)

Ryo: Takasugi?

Hiroki: What a dumbass I was. I mixed up the tiger’s hair with the ram’s hair, and never noticed it. I kept going back and forth wondering where I was going wrong, and then that Hatori guy said something like…’It’s all there but you are getting the children wrong.’ And now look…

(Hiroki is stopped by a hug from Ryo, still crying.)

Ryo: (sobbing) Hale…and Weda…they went by a few minutes ago. We’re gone. And it’s all my fault…

Hiroki: Ganmo-chan…

Ryo: Stupid…stupid me…and my stupid feelings…it was just like when Izumi…I didn’t see the full story and it cost me…again…it’s like I can’t MMMPPPHHH…

(The first time, we don’t know, but Hiroki kisses Ryo on the mouth. He holds it there a few moments before releasing.)

Ryo: (blushing) T-Takasugi…

Hiroki: Ganmo-chan, we know our roads lead into baseball. But our roads also intertwine with each other. And the last thing I want to see is you breaking down because of something like this. In the end, we both made mistakes and it cost us…but it’s sure not gonna change the feelings I have for you, the way I care for you…the way I love you.

(Hiroki smiles)

Hiroki: Come on…let’s prove it to everyone right down to the end…Gan-mo-chan.

(Ryo rubs her tears away and smiles slightly.)

Ryo: Stop calling me that.

(Hiroki chuckles as he offers a hand to Ryo. The two walk off to the Sohma house, hand in hand.)

* * * *


(Shot of Hale and Weda stepping on their stone, after a long trek, they’ve survived.)

Weda: (coughs) Are we good?

Hale: We’re good.

Lillith: I’d say lucky, but oh well. Hale and Weda, you are team number nine.

Hale: We’ve got a lot of work to do mom…

Weda: I know…and we’ll get through this…I know it…

* * * *


(A slow walk later, as a now smiling Ryo and Hiroki come into view with Tohru Honda in view. Tohru is trying not to cry as well as the couple head off into the sunset.)

Lillith: (sadly) Ryo and Hiroki, you are the last team to arrive. I’m afraid you have been eliminated for the race.

(Ryo and Hiroki nod)

Ryo: It’s O.K. We know that this was only the beginning of our relationship…and we aren’t going to falter because of this.

Hiroki: That’s right, the road is long, and we aren’t going to let this finish up. After all, the real fight starts when we meet next year in the championships to Koshien again!

Ryo: (smirks) You won’t beat us this time.

Hiroki: (smiles) I look forward to it Ganmo-chan…

Ryo: I was…depressed, I’ll admit. It was my fault, no question about it, but Takasugi was there for me. He kept me going and this may have made our relationship stronger. I can’t thank him enough for snapping me out of this, not the first time he’s done this as well, and I hope this will not slow us down at all in life.

Hiroki: Ganmo-chan was obviously down after what she believed to be her own fault. Jealously brings a lot of demons…I should know as well…so I’ve got no right to blame her for this. I made mistakes as well, and we share this burden between this. And what hurts us can only make us stronger…

Ryo: I’m sure when we get back home, we’ll be asked things about how it got to this. And all I’ll do is smile, nod, talk a little and get back to practicing the lightning ball, because I will beat Takasugi this time!

Hiroki: In your dreams Ganmo-chan!


* * * *

Next time on the Animazing Race;


What a rush – this leg was longer than usual, mainly because of the adding in scenes but also because the cast of Furuba didn’t help much. That said, this was especially difficult for me as it eliminated my fave series.

Yeah, you know how much I love Princess 9. Weird, a Brit and my fave series is Princess Nine (though that may change once I finish Kaliedo Star, it’s nip and tuck between the two at the mo) – and I guess having Ryo and Hiroki as a pair was kind of a spoiler in the first place so sorry for those who didn’t know their relationship. Monica Rial called Hiroki a ‘dumb jock’ at Amecon, which inspired that moment earlier, but it did lead me to thinking of this surprise elimination.

How many saw it coming? My favourite series, they were doing well, and get cut off third? Well, always look for surprises and this is the first of (hopefully) many as a top team gets cut. Will there be others? Sore wa himitsu desu.

Finally, the ‘up there, there is so much room’ is a tribute to some AMV creator who helped me get through this chapter…I think he recently created a Laputa video…anyone know who he is? J

And now, I collapse as you look forward to my first double leg of the season. Ja ne!