Who’d have thought dressing as a girl could be so nice?


O.K, another day, another leg – a double leg in this case. The first double leg of the race, and we are going into two similar, yet different shows for this leg, both similar with the school based theme, both different…because they are.

Plenty of good based school anime – not least Azumanga Daioh of course, but also Great Teacher Onizuka and Mahou Sensei Negima, but there are two others which I certainly love, one which I certainly made an appearance before (though not as a competitor) and the second is the pretender to Azu’s crown – whilst not as good as Chiyo-chan and go certainly makes a good go out of it.

The first leg is Sensei No Ojikan – basically Azumanga Daioh with Chiyo as the teacher. No seriously, you’ll see what I mean. It’s different as we have male students focused upon as much as the female, and they all fit into a stereotype, as I will explain when they get their introductions.

The second leg maybe more familiar to those who know my work in I My Me! Strawberry Eggs! For those who read the original Murder Game, IMM made it’s fanfic debut in reality as Hibiki Amawa as a suspect in that game (and later victim). For those unfamiliar, the plot line is that Hibiki is a recently qualified kyoshi (gym teacher) and has applied for a job at a nearby school, but it’s an all girls school and the principal there to be blunt, HATES men. So no male teachers (didn’t stop Negi…^_^)…but Hibiki’s landlady, the infamous Ba-chan hatches a scheme to get him employed (otherwise he can’t pay the rent…)…

…and then the cross-dressing begins. Let’s just say it’s a tad hectic…

Anyway, enough with the spoilering, on with the fanfic. Here goes…

* * * *

(Shot of the Sohma Main House, on the outskirts of Nerima, the pit stop for the third leg, the Fruits Basket leg. We see Tohru outside the whole home, as back there, the first non family members of the Sohma clan outside of Tohru actually are allowed inside the home.)

Tohru: This is the main home of the Sohma Family, the 3rd pit stop in the race. Teams arrived here at the end of the last leg for a mandatory rest period that allows them to eat…

(Shot of ‘pass the onigiri’ as various versions of rice balls are passed, a combined effort made by Tohru, Hale, Riku, Taeko and Akari. They’ve put in trick or treat like surprises in some of the onigiri so some of them aren’t quite as tasty as others…as poor Shannon finds out with a chilli pepper one.)

Tohru: …sleep…

(Shot of most of the teams sleeping in their futons, either inside or some outside, as the nature of the Sohmas seems a little intimidating. Maybe as none of the calmer members are really there aside from the kids….)

Tohru: …and mingle with other teams.

(Shot of Kisa and Risa playing hide and seek, Hiro shaking his head (and perhaps jealous?) whilst others just enjoy the relaxing outside of the Sohma home.)

(Shot of Tohru stretching a moment before continuing…)

Tohru: The 9 teams waiting here have no idea what's in store for them. They have to figure out for themselves how to get to the next yellow and red route marker by solving clues they'll find in sealed envelopes.

(Shot of Oshige and Wakayoji doing a little astrology on the roof of the Sohma house with Haru…)

Tohru: Oshige and Wakayoji, who were the first to arrive at 6.52am are the first to

depart at 6.52pm.

(The two adults nod as they casually step out of the house and get ready to start the race once again…)

Tohru: Let the double Sensei No Ojikan/I My Me Strawberry Eggs begin!

(Tohru leaves, as a gagged Lillith moans about her spot getting taken…hey, it’s Tohru, how could I say no?)

(The girl formerly once named most popular character in anime hands over the first clue for the next route marker, as the adults look it over.)

Oshige: We’re feeling good. We’re strong, we’re top…and our only goal is to stay there.

Oshige: Head over to the Yokohama prefecture, where two famous schools await your education. Start at the Doki Doki High School and go from there.

Wakayoji: Hearts racing?

Oshige: I know…extra strong coffee. Shall we my dear sir?

Wakayoji: Indeed.

* * * *

(The first host of the day is the lovely glasses girl named Shizuka Nagare. But no-one calls her that, she has and is always known as the class rep, or ‘Iinchou.’ Hence, that is what she will be referred to as from here on in.)

Iinchou: Teams will go to the Doki Doki School for their first route marker, but despite the school not being open at the moment, they still need to get there to get the clue and prepare for the madness that our class provides.

(Slight pause before Iinchou turns to her comrade…)

Inchou: How was that?

Lillith: (sighs) Fine. Here’s your payment.

(Lillith hands over Iinchou’s payment, a pair of Koro-chan tickets. Iinchou immediately switches from hard working, intelligent student to crazed lovestruck fangirl.)

Iinchou: Ah…Koro-chan….

* * * *

(The adults head off, knowing other teams will soon be on their heels, as the evening descends, they check their money…)

Wakayoji: What do we do?

Oshige: This isn’t a leg we’ve got our vehicle apparently so we need to get to Yokohama. We’ve got a fair bit of money from saving.

Wakayoji: Well, we could take a taxi all the way there, or go to Nerima station and get a train. If we push it, we can extend our lead if we go straight there via taxi – we can afford it…I think…

(Wakayoji calculates in his head…)

Wakayoji: It’s about an hour to get from Nerima to Yokohama by train…

Oshige: Even longer depending what train we get on…if we go straight there by taxi it will take around 45 minutes…

(They looks at their resources)

Wakayoji: Let’s push the button here Oshige – we’ve managed to get ahead after a poor start, let’s go for it.

(The ambitious prince nods towards to the equally ambitious manager and nods as well.)

Oshige: Let’s do it!

Wakayoji: We are quite conservative with our finances, an advantage which we hope to take advantage of now that we are ahead. I just hope that no-one realises what we are doing…or if it’s a financial mistake.

(The two hide round the corner to get on a pay phone, trying to avoid who else maybe coming…)

* * * *


(Indeed, when Riku and Risa head out, they are out of sight and as far as the Haradas are concerned, out of mind.)

Riku: Right, evening in Nerima – we have to get to Yokohama now. I guess we need to head back to the station right?

Risa: Do we have to?

Riku: Do you have a better idea?

Risa: (shrugs) Guess not.

Riku: We should call a cab…or is that shuttle or bus service still around that goes there?

(Yes, there is one which is 3 stops away from the station…problem is, next one is at 7.11pm, and then every half an hour. Still, Riku is more of a safeguard and drags her sis to wait.)

Riku: I just hope we’ve got enough of an advantage…

Riku: Last leg, sis came through, and I think we are starting to understand how we can do well here. I just can’t let her overstep me though…force of habit…

* * * *

(Two teams wait for different reasons, whilst two teams head out together…for similar ones…)


Pedro: We already booked one as we left…we are almost certain to go somewhere else…

Sandora: Care to join us?

Chika: Sure, why not?

(Sandora blushes as Pedro shakes his head with a smile on his face. After getting the clue, they wait for their taxi to come…but unlike Oshige and Wakayoji, they just are taking it to the station, not Yokohama exactly.)

Pedro: It’s still profitable to work with the girls at this stage of the race, we’ve both used our fast forwards so we know we could be vulnerable if things go wrong for either of us. We all understand that and accept it…plus I think Sandora would be happy if we kept them on board as well…

(We see Riku and Risa at the station, waiting (and trying to be avoided in being seen by anyone else) as Pedro et al wait for their taxis…and one comes along…)

(…and passes them. The two sigh, unaware this is meant for Oshige and Wakayoji as they pass another team just reading the clue…)

* * * *


(The assassins read the clue and look a little puzzled.)

Kirika: What do we do?

Mirielle: Relax I would say, but let’s just get the heck there as fast as possible.

Kirika: Right.

Mirielle: Come on, let’s get there though. We can call a taxi if you want, or if you fancy stretching our legs, we can just walk there.

(As they prepare to move, Kirika’s sharp eyes notice something. She tugs on Mirielle’s shoulder, points over in the distance, where she can just make out the figure of Riku and Risa)

Mirielle: (smiling) Looks like the twins found another track. Let’s go.

Mirielle: One of our main skills is our sharp eyes, so any opportunity to see what anybody else can do, we’ll take it. And if it’s to our advantage of course…

(The girls rush off to the shuttle service, as we quickly cut to someone who can explain what the hell is going on...)

* * * *



(The rivals thanks Tohru for her hospitality before heading out, grabbing the clue and wondering what they have to do…)

Sasuke: Logic dictates we have to head to Yokohama.

Naruto: Can we walk there?

Sasuke: Er…

(Sasuke rushes back inside, asks Hatori and Tohru (Hatori has joined Tohru outside) and heads back…)

Sasuke: Apparently not.

Naruto: Why not…

Sasuke: Because even for us, we’d probably turn our legs into blueberries apparently.

(Naruto sweatdrops)

Sasuke: They said we can either go via Nerima station and catch a taxi to get there, or we can walk over there...will still take a while though, or catch the bus shuttle that come here around every half…

(They are interrupted by a bus passing by, heading to the stop where Riku/Risa and Mirielle/Kirika are.)

Sasuke: …O.K, well…we can wait or…


Hiroyuki: Let’s go then…

Akari: Hai!

Hiroyuki: This leg, we planned ahead. We know we’re struggling, but between us, there isn’t anything we can’t win at. Problem is…

Sasuke: Er…

Hiroyuki: …Akari can be a bit too nice at times…

* * * *

Naruto: So what we doing?

Sasuke: (embarrassed) Well…

Naruto: Well…

Sasuke: I…asked for help.

Naruto: What do you me…

Akari: O.K, you guys going to ride with us?

(Sasuke is embarrassed, because as he was going back, Akari and Hiroyuki had already booked a taxi beforehand, in case they need to get somewhere. Their gamble paid off, and Sasuke, his pride has vanished, as he’s asked for help.)

Sasuke: It was embarrassing…but I guess we don’t really have much of a choice. This world is still new to us, and in more streneous circumstances, I feel Akari and Hiroyuki would not have helped us, Hiroyuki looked like he didn’t want to either, but I feel that he acts around Akari like Naruto does with Sakura…only less goofy.

Sasuke: How bad is th…

Naruto: Yosha! Thank you Akari-chan!

Akari: (embarrassed) Oh no, it’s my pleasure…

Hiroyuki: (sighs) Sometimes your kindness can be your undoing…

* * * *

(They get their cab quicker than the other teams did before, which is just as well because as they leave (with Sasuke sulking all the way), Racquel and Shannon have headed out.)


Shannon: So the night is strong.

Racquel: Well, let’s weaken it then…

Shannon: I can’t believe you’re doing this…

Racquel: Well, we don’t have much money, and you said of saving right so…

(Shot of Racquel, seemingly getting into the wacky spirit of the leg…and is dressed in her waitress outfit back in the days of Soopy-kun…)

Shannon: I can understand us trying to catch up but…

(First car that hits across, stops…and it’s both good and bad news for them.)

?????: Oh my, what an amazing costume! Do you want to be a hired help for me? Oh no wait, I already have…oh it’s O.K, it’s still amazing, almost as amazing as my bond with Yuki but…

Shannon: What the…

(To all his fans, I apologise for not putting him in before (he was the FF option) but to repent, here he is, Ayame Sohma, drama ki…er queen extraordinare. Like Yuki, he is quite bishy (they are brothers) but that’s where the similarities end. Yuki is calm and reserved to a point, whilst Ayame is extravagant, unorthodox and his actions don’t require reason or method. He is very funny though…)

Ayame: Ah well, your stunning barrage made me stop on my way to Hatori’s, but can I help you?

Racquel: Oh my! We’ve just come from Hatori-san’s and we made an impression on him as well, so much as if it is possible, can you give us a lift to Nerima station pretty please?

Ayame: Well…the innocent act is really Tohru’s domain, but good enough! Hop on! And the gentleman has a great costume as well…I just may have to steal that idea…

Shannon: Pacifica…I forgive you…there is someone on this world who can be more annoying…

(Whilst Ayame gets acquainted with the mage and swordsman…)

* * * *



(Shot of Pedro-tachi escaping their taxi and looking through the train schedule to Yokohama, and it’s quite brutal…)

Pedro: There are two trains that go there, but it’s every half an hour and 45 minutes, plus the length it takes…

Taeko: Nerima Express, takes 60 minutes, next train due at 7.33pm or the JR Line via Tokyo Railways, but that takes 90 minutes, next train of that due at 7.46pm…

Sandora: Well, we may as well take the first one then, the Nerima Express…and just hope no-one else comes in…

Chika: Why do I get the feeling it’s not that easy?

(Nothing is Chika-rin, especially with the most unusual pairing in anime in Hiroyuki and Akari joining temporarily with Naruto and Sasuke to head to the station, and two players from an RPG joined with the most crazy member of the Sohmas (and that’s a title that is hard to win my friends) hot on their heels…)

(And finally…)

* * * *



(Hale and Weda finally get the go ahead to leave the Sohma household, and Weda looks a bit upset, but also determined.)

Weda: I screwed up last time – I now realised that being in this race means being a bit more serious otherwise it could cost us. I won’t change who I am, but I will put myself on the line now…Hale has kept us in it. Now it’s my turn to show what I can do.

Hale: O.K mom, we looked through everything and spoke with Hatori-san…so we’ll keep it like this for the moment, and then go for it.

Weda: Right!

(The two head off to the bus shuttle station, where the next one is due at 7.41pm. With their money problems last leg, they are trying to avoid that situation now, but at the same time, they need to keep up with everyone else..)

* * * *


(The train runs on from Nerima Express, as Pedro/Sandora and Taeko/Chika ready to step on…)



???????: Don’t move…

Pedro: (scared) Si…don’t harm Pedro, he’s been dead once before…

Mirielle: Don’t worry, my finger isn’t loaded.

(Pedro turns around to see Mirielle, Kirika, Riku and Risa all waiting with them after arriving via the shuttle bus.)

Mirielle: (all smiles) Hi!

(Risa, Chika, Sandora and even Taeko all snicker, Riku just sighs but has a smile on her face, Kirika just remains placid.)

Mirielle: Sorry boys, but you don’t mind if we join you?

(Pedro doesn’t even have the nerve for his trademark ‘NOOOOOOOOO!’ as another two teams join the party. Still, the more the merrier…or not…)

Pedro: The fact that she scared me made it worse…and embarrassing…but now we have 5 teams on this train all going for a position, and it makes it very nerve wracking…

Mirielle: Trust me, in our line of work, anything that I can try and use as ‘fun’ can be a bonus. I need to get Kirika to try that as well I guess, she’s getting there, but not quite yet.

(5 teams head on a train, whilst two more come in on a taxi…)





(The most unlikely pair in race history…I think…head off as they arrive at Nerima station, and soon as they pay jointly…)


Sasuke: Baka, we’re only going on a train, they’ll be with us anyway…

(Naruto facefaults as Sasuke does go ahead of them anyway…but as they do…)

Hiroyuki: (sighs) Akari, we have to realise just how we are going to win if you are going…

Akari: Driver-san, it is possible to continue all the way to Yokohama, we’ll continue to pay?

Driver: I guess…it’s a long trip though, we have the GPS system for you guys but…

Akari: (smiles) It’s O.K.

Driver: Sure, you’re the boss pretty little lady.

(Akari blushes as Hiroyuki opens his mouth….)

Hiroyuki: Akari…

Akari: We’ve done well saving money from the last leg remember, we’ve got some food prepared from Tohru-chan, we can use this to get ahead, don’t you think so Hiroyuki-chan?

(Hiroyuki looks at his childhood friend for a moment, and nods.)

Hiroyuki: (smiles) Let’s go!

Akari: Hai!

(The two drive off, as Hiroyuki admires his childhood friend for a moment longer…)

Hiroyuki: I NEVER would have thought Akari would have been capable of something like that. She is the most honest person I’ve ever met, but she’s is so organised, she seems prepared for anything, and knows more than she lets on. Sometimes I wonder…but I gotta admit, overall, she’s the best partner I could ask for.

* * * *


(At 7.45pm, the train for the JR Line rolls in. Sasuke and Naruto have bought tickets for this, unaware of the fact it takes half an hour longer to get to Yokohama on this train than the later 8.03pm train, just asking the ticket master for the next train to Yokohama.)

(And now they are beginning to realise two things wrong…)

Naruto: Hey, where’s stoic guy and sweetheart?

Sasuke: If you mean Hiroyuki and Akari, their energies have gone…

Naruto: What?

Sasuke: I don’t know where they went, but they’ve gone…and they are being replaced by two…no, three others…

Naruto: Three?

(Right on cue, Ayame drives in outside the station, with his package of Shannon and Racquel…)

Racquel: …and that’s how you make the hem for this…

Ayame: Perfect! Now I’ve got that, I’ve got a new line for my shop, the role playing style! People can now act out their fantasies of the fantasy world…

Racquel: If you like, I can give you the directions for a Soo…

Shannon: Let’s go.

(Shannon literally has to drag his stepsister out, as Naruto and Sasuke quickly head onto the train without any other thoughts. The two rush up, avoid the looks of the mad rush of people (and make a note to dress in with accordance to this world from now on if they survive) but miss it. They get to the ticket master…)

Shannon: So, did that go to Yokohama?

Ticket master: Yes sir, but there is another one due in just over 15 minutes. It was weird, not many go on that train to Yokohama as it takes longer than this one anyway, but those two kids just wanted the next train…

Shannon: Two kids?

Ticket master: Yeah, one goofy looking one and one seriously looking one, both guys…

Shannon: Naruto and Sasuke.

Racquel: Can we have tickets for the next train then please?

Ticket master: Sure miss.

(They pay their yen and wait, hoping that they can gamble on some fortune.)

* * * *


(On the other hand, one team have already done so with a good, but expensive idea.)



(The producer/manager combo are already in Yokohama, and searching for Doki Doki High. During tourist options, and their own connections, they find the Yokohama Science Center where it’s a frequent spot for school trips…)

Oshige: So it’s just a 5 minute walk from here then?

Sales assistant: Yes, they come here by foot, it’s just north off those hills, it’s still open but the kids won’t be there barring those with the late activites until 10pm.

Oshige: Right thanks…(to Wakayoji), so what do we do?

Wakayoji: Well, the clue said something different about this leg…and besides, if we have to camp out again, it’s best to do it outside the place where we have to go anyway…

Oshige: Good point. Let’s rock.

(The duo do head up to the path, but as the female half of the team looks at the route marker, sighs and plops down.)

Oshige: We’re getting some déjà vu here…

Wakayoji: We got here and we’re waiting huh?

Oshige: Yep, and we’ve got little money as well…and as it’s a school, I don’t think security will be as lax as when we were staying outside Shigure’s front lawn…

Wakayoji: There was hoping…and failing…

Oshige: ….let’s see. Find the next clue by locating Mika Suzuki.

Wakayoji: Right…well, sorry Oshige-chan, but I guess we need somewhere to camp out.

Oshige: Well…let’s not make this night a disappointment. Let’s have a look around the place – just enjoy a bit of time whilst we have it.

(The two instead of wasting time, decide to head out and have a look around the sights and sounds of Yokohama, killing time if they can around the various tourist spots. Highlights see them watching fireflies being let loose in the Sankeien Garden, and enjoy the stars near the space center.)

Oshige: It was nice to have time to kill and actually enjoy the cities we travel in. Because myself and Wakayoji are so busy, when we are touring or advertising, we never get a chance to enjoy the spots we are in, so it was a nice change of pace.

(Whilst Yokohama gains two more tourists…)

* * * *


Shannon: It’s hard to keep you guys as serious when you’re doing things like that…

(Shot of an exhausted Hale and Weda just managing to get on the train, as Racquel overs them a drink each.)

Racquel: There you go!

Hale: Thank you oneechan!

Racquel: How cute! Hey, can you call me Racquel-nee instead?

Hale: Huh?

(Racquel’s crystal blue eyes seem to have an effect of soothing on Hale…and he can’t resist…)

Racquel: Please?

Hale: S-sure…R-Racquel-nee…

Weda: Awww…

Shannon: Sorry, I guess she’s missed home a bit more…

Racquel: …and he’s Shannon-nii.

Hale: Thank you!

(Shannon facefaults…)

Shannon: I know we’re at the back of the pack, but that doesn’t bother me. What does is perhaps Racquel’s insistance to be friendly with other teams. I’m not made out of stone, but knowing that we’ll be fighting to the death to stay in and that each time someone will be leaving us makes me feel that as I know all too well, and have been in fear of for a long time.

* * * *



(One team with using the similar idea to Oshige and Wakayoji, risking their saved money for a good chance of survival, they’ve managed to pull ahead just before the train arrives at around 2 minutes later.)

Hiroyuki: I wonder if that as helped? Let’s find out…and back to school we go again…

(The two do the same thing as Oshige and Wakayoji, and find an information centre nearby (again, Akari’s doing at asking the taxi driver to park near an info centre) and asking about nearby schools. Ironically enough, the pamphlet providers also says about a Seitou Sannomiya High School, but we’ll get to that later. They see the Doki Doki one which isn’t too far away…)

Hiroyuki: Let’s go Akari!

* * * *



(Finally, four teams head off the station, and now begin the ritual of running around like chickens whose heads have been cut off…)

Mirielle: Let’s see, find the Doki Doki school?

Pedro: Si…but we need to find out where we are first!

Taeko: Let’s see…ooh, darn my sense of direction…

Risa: …Riku, which way is north?

(The four teams are a bit confused, not realising that the Doki Doki school is the closest to the station than the other two teams were dropped off, and it isn’t until Mirielle sees a high schooler with a uniform heading down to the station that she makes the connection.)

Mirielle: Excuse me, do you go to Doki Doki High?

Glass-eyed student: Yes, that’s right! I stayed up until this time preparing the mighty manga clubs glorious next issue!

(No, it’s not Taishi from Comic Party…but close…)

Pig-tailed girl: Come on Watabe-senpai, we need to get the colouring scheme right when we get home! Ky-hah!

(The boy, Takumi Watabe, is the protestigous president of the esteemed manga club. Esteemed as it only had one member…until his kohai joined up admiring Watabe work.)

Watabe: Let’s go Nakayama!

(And his ‘girlfriend’ Chinatsu Nakayama, a year younger, with an annoying catchphrase on the scale of ‘checkii’…)

Nakayama: Yes, Watabe-senpai! Ky-hah!


(Mirielle nearly forgets her mission, but recovers…)

Mirielle: No wait, can you point us in the direction of the school please!

Watabe: Well…sure…if you do me a favour…

Mirielle: Huh?

(30 seconds later, Watabe has done a full blown sketch of her and Kirika in a pose not becoming of them…but it is very, very good. Trust me, this guy is Tracey-esque in terms of speed and skill in sketching.)

Mirielle: (unsure what to make of it) Er…

Watabe: That’s O.K! Speechlessness of my brilliance is natural! Anyway…

(Eventually, they get the directions and the assassins are on their way…)

Kirika: That pose…was it something natural?

Mirielle: I don’t think so…but if we’re not careful there are probably fancomics that do that sort of thing…

(Too late ladies…)

(As they head off, opportunists Pedro and Sandora, not really getting anywhere, spot them and follow them, but aren’t as fast as Sandora can’t keep up. Still, it was better than what was happening.)

(Riku has managed to also find the general local of it…thanks to the info centre that Akari and Hiroyuki found up.)

Riku: It was right under our noses…jeez…Risa!

(Risa, making herself useful for once, was asking around and also seemed to get roughly where it was, now they got it for sure, they begin running.)

(Taeko and Chika are the last team to find the location of it, after finding a few more students heading down and waiting for a bus. No main characters of the show this time, but thanks to Chika being so darn cute, they give her the directions as they head off…none of the teams knowing one team is already on their way ahead of them…)

* * * *

(Akari isn’t too fast, so Hiroyuki let’s Akari go at her own pace as they shuffle their way to school, where the later clubs are still finishing their activities. They see the route marker as they head to the school and read the clue again…)

Akari: So this must be it…

Hiroyuki: Well, what now?

Akari: I guess…well…we don’t have too much money…wonder if I really needed to do that…

Hiroyuki: Akari…

Akari: Oh no…sorry Hiroyuki-chan…

Hiroyuki: (chuckles) Silly girl.

(As usual, he ruffles her hair.)

Hiroyuki: I think I’ll let you off with a night under the stars again, at least we came prepared this time…you really did get friendly with that Tohru girl didn’t you?

(Their single futons as Akari’s charm works again (almost as a countermeasure to Tohru’s charm I guess…) as they decide to sit and wait…)

* * * *

(We get rush shots of Kirika/Mirielle, Pedro/Sandora, Riku/Risa and Taeko/Chika completing the route marker, and realising the same thing that the first two teams did…)

(…unlike them, they begin searching for a hotel or a ryokan (inn) for them to stay in downtown Yokohama. Of course, Akari and Hiroyuki are just outside watching them before seeing what they do…)

Mirielle: So what do we do now?

(Kirika looks through a pamphlet, and sees a local ryokan down the street. It’s been a while since proper sleep can be put in, and whilst they slept outside Shigure’s last time, they aren’t allowed to be in school grounds after 11pm so they don’t have much of a choice.)

Kirika: Come on.

(Whilst those two rush off, Pedro/Sandora, Riku/Risa and Taeko/Chika prefer the good old hotel…)

Risa: About time…I could do with a good sleep on comfy pillows and futons and beds and pillows and more futons and…

Risu: You just want to be surrounded in feathers don’t you?

Risa: Funny.

(On the other hand, it’s not like Sandora has a choice…)

Chika: Come on Sandora-niichan!

Sandora: H-h-hai…

(Literally being dragged by the hand by Chika, the South American youngster is hurtled towards a local hotel – decent rates, nothing special (or hentai for those thinking of a replay of the Ritsuko/Misato scene from last time…actually wait a sec, Kirika and Mirielle went to the ryokan right…) but enough for a good night sleep.)

(But there is a problem…)

Pedro: Well, we’ve been pooling our resources before…but….um…

(Both men are a bit embarrassed, as Taeko blushes as well…)

Taeko: Um….well…

Sandora: I think we’ll have to draw the line…mama always said to give ladies some privacy…

Pedro: That’s true…

Sandora: Especially when with Gom…

(A huge ‘NOOOOOOOOO!’ echoes in the night, the kinda that says ‘I don’t want to be reminded of that again…)

* * * *



Sasuke: Look…I know we think that we don’t need to get anywhere now…

Naruto: Mmmmmm…

Sasuke: But…isn’t this slightly off topic?

(Shot of Naruto, back where he belongs…in a ramen shop. Namely the world famous Yokohama Ramuen Museum…somewhere that Naruto couldn’t resist…)

Naruto: Sasuke, try the miso/chicken ramen combo here, never had it before, it’s damn good!

Sasuke: And…this is important because…

(Naruto shrugs…)

Naruto: Guys gotta eat…

(Sasuke sighs, sits down, and picks up a pair of chopsticks and indulges in some pork ramen…)

(…and sees Hale/Weda and Shannon/Racquel looking for the school…)

Sasuke: Ummm…

Naruto: Another bow pl…WAAAAHHHH!

(Sasuke uses the old Misty on an ear trick, as Sasuke removes Naruto from his ramen supper, as he almost echoes Pedro’s cry….)

Shannon: Did you hear something?

Racquel: No…aside from the sound of substance hitting ground…

Shannon: That’s from the noses dripping with blood as you go buy…can we please get you into a different outfit?

(Yeah, the waitress outfit seems to not be too becoming here…good job Watabe didn’t see it…)

(On the other hand, schoolkid Hale seems more knowledgable in direction chasing, and is more intrigued by city schools than the jungle school he is used to.)

Hale: So…it’s somewhere up here right?

Weda: You’re the one with the map…

Hale: I’m getting fed up of schools already…though it does remind me of home…

Weda: Yeah…

(They both lose their thoughts for a moment before recovering…)

Weda: Come on kiddo!

Hale: Right mom!

Hale: I think both myself and my mom want to carry on and go through as far as possible now. We’ve both messed up, and now we want to make amends. We can be pretty crazy at times with our lives, but when we want to, we can get the job done…

* * * *

Shannon: So…everyone is already here?

Naruto: Well, apart from one team…

Sasuke: I swear, your ramen obsession is worse than…

Naruto: …someone’s obsession hunting for their older brother?

(Sasuke gives him an evil glare…)

Sasuke: Don’t push it. Not everyone can have great sibling relationships…

(Shannon seems offended by that…)

Shannon: What did you say?

(Before Shannon and Sasuke seem ready to argue, Hale and Weda manage to pop up…avoiding any problems for the time being…)

Hale: We’re bunched again?

Sasuke: Yep, welcome to ‘let’s let everyone else have a chance’ saloon. With a difference.

Weda: Why is that?

Sasuke: No sleeping inside. The school grounds threw us out.

Shannon: Still, with these punks here, it’s not going to be pleasant.

Naruto: Hey, what did you call us?

(Shannon doesn’t reply. Racquel surprisingly doesn’t seem to try and lighten the mood either…)

Racquel: I don’t know if Sasuke was implying that with us, and yes, he may have issues, but he doesn’t know half of what we’ve been through with Pacifica. I think if he’s taking any frustrations out on us for his own misgivings, he should be ashamed.

(Racquel just rushes on ahead to see if she can catch up to her new surrogate little brother (Hale) whilst the ninjas point, unaware of Akari and Hiroyuki bunched up nice and cosy watching the stars (and indeed all the other teams) fly by…), just finishing off a Tohru special…)

Hiroyuki: Hey, you cold Akari?

Akari: N-no, Hiroyuki-chan…

(The futons are up and it seems like Akari is trying to get as close to Hiroyuki as possible without seeing too forward…)

Oshige: Hi lovebirds!

(…and gets a real shock when Oshige waves at the two, who she befriended back in the Sister Princess leg…Akari quickly scampers away, Hiroyuki wonders what the heck is going on, and Wakayoji just chuckles.)

Akari: O-Oshige-san!

Oshige: You don’t mind if we join you do we? Not interrupting anything are we?

Akari: N-n-no! Go ahead!

Oshige: Yes, you see as the responsible adults, we have to make sure nothing happens to our kawaii young children!

(To say Hiroyuki doubts that is an understatement, nonetheless the two adults park their rears outside the school, and just enjoy talking to the two younger members of the troupe, at least until the morning hits…)

Oshige: We had a soft spot for Akari and Hiroyuki when we first met, and through a weird fate, we’re back together. True, it might be hoping for something different in not getting bunched, but maybe we can still hold the lead…

* * * *

(Fast forward a few hrs – we quick shot over to where everyone is, the inevitable double futon shot of Kirika and Mirielle in a ryokan, where just opposite them, Weda is snoring off as Hale realises that any promises about holding drink was indeed a broken promise, Shannon and Racquel in the same one, Shannon stretching out and Racquel ditching her waitress outfit for a full on robe (and Chris drools madly…^_^)…and Naruto and Sasuke trying to outdo either other on the toughness stage in the trees…and both looks freezing…)


Next morning – YOKOHAMA MOTEL

(Cheap rate, food and bed may be a good idea for an Anime Racer, but not so good when you haven’t got an internal body clock…)

Sandora: Papa…you ready?

Pedro: Yes, my son…let’s hurry!

(The two get ready to checkii out of the hotel but then they realise something…)

Sandora: Papa?

(Pedro looks behind and shakes his head…)

Pedro: Sorry my son.

(Without another word, Pedro grabs his son’s hand, before he can protest…)

Sandora: But…but…

(Back inside, we see still calmly sleeping, Taeko and Chika. Taeko, a housekeeper, is known normally for getting up early, but doesn’t seem willing now there isn’t a purpose. This could be bad…)

(…and Sandora whispers a ‘gomen ne’ before escaping…)

* * * *


(Outside Doki Doki high, eight teams are already ready to go in…)

Oshige: Refreshed and ready!

Hiroyuki: (yawns) Normally used to Akari waking me up…

Oshige: (sly) Oh really…

Hiroyuki: N-not like that! She wakes me up with her cell phone…

(Akari is blushing like mad, but the third team already there are not quite as energetic…unusual considering the team I’m talking about…)

Naruto: (completely out of it) Yah, you think you can beat me Sasuke?

Sasuke: (almost as bad) Like you can keep up with me dunce…

(Looks like sleeping in the trees wasn’t quite the impressive strategy that they wanted…)

Naruto: No…friggin…sleep…stupid pride, stupid race, stupid Sasuke…

Shannon: Camp isn’t that bad…surprised you guys can’t handle it…

Sasuke: (slurry like Rock Lee on sake) Watch your mouth…

(Sandora is still quiet as Pedro just shakes his head, whilst the Haradas, the assassins, and a surprising refreshed Hale and Weda all are allowed entry to the missing clue, a few however noticing there is one team short…)

(…but more important matters are now, in trying to find this Mika Suzuki.)

Oshige: We’ve got to find a teacher right?

Hiroyuki: Let’s look in the teachers room!

Oshige: Shh…not so loud!

Hiroyuki: Not like it’s hard to figure it…

Naruto: Oh, so that’s where you need to go!

(After a sweatdrop, the teams split up to try and find the teachers room, with the teams most familiar with schools, namely Akari and Hiroyuki, Hale and Weda and Riku and Risa getting a more familiar sense of direction than the other teams (Naruto and Sasuke still have a sleep hangover so are a bit slower than normal)

(…Hiroyuki and Akari gain the lead as they go to the first floor and sees a teacher escaping, a female teacher.)

Hiroyuki: Excuse me, are you Mika-sensei?

Teacher: Mika-sensei? She’s in the 2-4 class right? Find her there…

Hiroyuki: Yosh!

(Hiroyuki rushes back, spins the two adults round and grabs Akari’s hand, searching for class 2-4. The Haradas and the mother and son team see them running, but unsure whether to follow them or not.)

Riku: Um…where did they go?

Teacher: Oh my, you in to find Mika-sensei as well? Follow them, they are in class 2-4!

(As they rush to follow them, the adults all seem to get a similar conclusion by asking various students where this Mika-sensei is, she seems to be quite well known by everyone. Hiroyuki and Akari find it first…)

(…but all they see are some students.)

Hiroyuki: Huh? Where’s the sensei?

Student: Sensei? She’s there!

Hiroyuki: Where?

Small looking girl: Um….

Akari: Yes little girl?

(The ‘girl’ does the anime waterfall tears thing…)

Small looking girl: That would be me…

Akari/Hiroyuki: What?

Student girl: That’s her, Mika-sensei!

Hiroyuki: You have got to be kidding me…

(No he isn’t. Mika Suzuki is the sensei of this class…but she’s a bit unusual. Like the fact she is 4 foot tall and about as mature as a kid at times doesn’t help her, and yes, she’s as flat as a witches tit. As she gets depressed…)

Akari: Sorry, sorry…it’s just we were a little surprised…

Mika: (still sobbing) Hai…hai…here…

(Mika points to the desk where the envelopes are waiting. Hiroyuki grabs one, and looks through it.)

Hiroyuki: It’s the detour.

(He reads it again…and his eyes widen…)

Hiroyuki: Shounen-ai…

Akari: …or shoujo-ai?

(A huge Sakura-esque ‘HOEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!!’ echoes from the abyss of the classroom…)

* * * *

(….and we cut to Iinchou, back at the front of the school, and ready to explain the detour.)

Iinchou: A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros

and cons. In this detour, teams need to choose between shounen-ai and shoujo-ai.

(Shot of in the nurse’s office, a handsome young man dressed in his school uniform, a slightly spikey yet short hair cut, seems normal enough…)

(…cue Iinchou.)

Iinchou: In Shounen-Ai, they must find Yuuichi Kudou, where they must find a way to make him nosebleed without resorting to violence. Easier than it sounds, but considering the way the leg is sounded, they need to think…and wonder why…

(Outside the main hall, we see two figures. One a tall, blonde and handsome bishounen with some feminine features (actually, is he wearing make-up?) is sowing something together. Next to him, a gorgeous blonde girl, almost as tall, busty and with a cute smile is awaiting her own victims…)

Iinchou: In Shoujo-Ai, Jouji Seki will set up with a costume to make the teams wear in the guise of our beloved Mika-sensei. Then, they will get a…first hands inspection by our own Rio Kitagawa. Certainly less embarrassing…believe it or not…but Seki demands first rate work so he’s not easily pleased…and Kitagawa…well…you need to REALLY look the part to get her approval…

* * * *

(As Mika-sensei facefaults and wonders what the heck is going on, Akari, Hiroyuki and a now also looking through the clue Oshige and Wakayoji wonder what the heck is going on…)

Hiroyuki: Um…

Akari: Er…what do we do?

Hiroyuki: I’m not sure…

(Hiroyuki with a sigh…)

Hiroyuki: I think with all the girls around, especially with Kotone and Aoi, I’m more used to shoujo-ai than shounen…and besides, we need to keep the advantage…let’s go.

(They take shounen as Hale and Weda join their rivals just behind in the Haradas and have a look through themselves…)


Weda: Huh? Belle? What are you talking about?

(Hale mutters something about ‘I admire your cluelessness’ but instead Weda surprising agrees to do shoujo-ai, whilst the Haradas decision isn’t too difficult…)

Riku: We’ll do it. Not like we’re used to shounen-ai back home…

Risa: Tell me about it, the next person that wants to base Niwa-kun and Satoshi-kun for the basis of a yaoi manga…

* * * *


Hiroyuki: So…how do we do this?

Kudo: Ah, now that is a se-cr-et!

(Just behind him, Nurse Linda Matsumoto has several blood capsules for Kudo once the inevitable happens…)

Hiroyuki: I guess we need to find out…

(Riku and Risa pop their heads around the corner as Hiroyuki scratches his head, and sighs…)

Hiroyuki: Let’s try this…

(Hiroyuki takes off his shirt, and the young man is quite muscular, as Kudo’s eyes light up slightly…but he holds it in.)

Kudo: No…must resist…after all…you’re not Sut…

Hiroyuki: Sut…

Akari: Who?

Kudo: Can’t…s…s…sa…

??????: Yo-ho! Kudo!

(Cue the dumb jock – pretty blonde boy Kenta Sutuke, fantastic sports man but dumb in studies. Oh yes, and he’s Kudo’s crush.)

Kudo: Ah, Suteke…(holds his nose to as best as he can…)

Suteke: Man, it’s hot, and the sunburn really gets you…

Akari: Really, how so?

(Suteke notices the cute girl, smiles and replies…)

Suteke: Mostly down here…

(A slight lift of his shirt, the tan showing, the eyes of a lovestruck young man following…)

(That does it.)


Hiroyuki: I would say thank you…but…

(Matsumoto-sensei hands him a towel…)

Matsumoto: Better get used to this…

(Risa chuckles whilst Riku sighs…)

(As soon as Matsumoto injects Kudo in a new blood capsule, Riku does her best impression of Yue from Negima, anyone who gets this reference wins a cookie…)

Riku: Hey Kudo-kun?

Kudo: Yeah?

Riku: Suteke.


Riku: Thank you!

Risa: You’re evil.

Riku: Thank you.

(Matsumoto sighs…)

Matsumoto: Going to be a long day…and why do those girls supply these instant capsules? For this sport? Geez...I've heard of blood sports before but this is ridiculous…

(Somewhere above the rainbow, Eve smiles…)

(Just outside, Hiroyuki reads the next clue for the route marker…)

Hiroyuki: Head to Saint Sannomiya private school in north Yokohama.

Akari: Where’s that?

Hiroyuki: I guess we go north. And start looking.

Akari: Right…

(The old pennies are worrying Akari, but meanwhile…we hear an evil laugh in the background…)

Wakayoji: Ehhh…

Oshige: (evil grin) Heh heh…

(Before Wakayoji can even have a say in the matter, Oshige grabs in and they walk off…)

Oshige: I’m sure the fans who ever wanted you in a yaoi doujinshi now have their chance…

Wakayouji: Wait, can we talk about this Oshige-chan?


(Back in the class…)


(Shot of first Shannon and Racquel along with Mirielle and Kirika making it along…Shannon and Racquel choose shounen, whilst Mirielle and Kirika pick shoujo-ai, which may or may not be a surprise depending on how you think..)

(…whilst Naruto and Sasuke quickly look through…and almost in a daze pick Shounen-ai…maybe because they remember their classic first real moment together and want a memory of it…or they are still half-asleep…^_^)

(Finally, Pedro and Sandora step in and get the crying Mika-sensei…just before another girl starts crying…out loud…)



(Doing a decent impression of Pedro, Taeko-chan realises her mistake and hurried gets changed (with the obligatory fanservice shot). Chika rubs her eyes sleepily, asks if breakfast is ready…and then almost joins Taeko at panic stations…)

Chika: Come on Tae!

Taeko: Right…ow…ooops!

(Taeko trips of course, but recovers quickly enough as they check out of the hotel, and hope they aren’t too far behind…)

* * * *

(…where Oshige-tachi are not having a good time with the detour.)

Kudo: Er…well…it’s a sec…!

Kobayashi: I guess it’s time for me to offer my services…

(Tomo from Azumanga meets Nabiki from Ranma – meet Akane Kobayashi, the energetic high school girl with lousy grades and a perk for wanting brand name stuff. Fairly cute girl, fairly annoying, and just fair really. But the fact that ‘you guys all suck’ came from her mouth gives her the best line ever…oh, and she hates weigh ins…)

(Shot of Naruto and Sasuke going for broke as neither of them are really understanding the concept of this detour, especially as they aren’t allowed to use a nosebleed via violence…and with but Naruto suddenly gets an idea.)

Naruto: Hmmm…nosebleed…shounen…like Jiraiya perhaps?

Sasuke: Don’t use that move! We’ll be…

Naruto: Wouldn’t work anyway. It’s shounen.

(Sasuke avoids facefaulting but does look at Naruto with some reservation. They then see Oshige and Wakayoji talking with Koyabashi, and after some persuasion, Kobayashi gives the adults some ‘help.’)

Kobayashi: Pleasure doing business!

Oshige: Swindler.

Wakayoji: Never mind…

(They go inside with their new weaponry…Suteke pose shots. After a few moments, they leave, with red on their faces…)

Kobayashi: Satisfied?

Oshige: Don’t…talk to me…

(Naruto and Sasuke look at each other, nod and go over to Kobayashi…)

Kobayashi: Sure, I’ll help you…I’ll sell you these!

Naruto: Sell?

(Naruto looks in his pouch, and actually does have some yen. Considering that the ninjas walk/run a lot, they’ve (surprisingly) saved the most money over the race so far. They agree a fee, with Kobyashi instructing how to use the devices that she sold to him. Naruto hurries back…)

Naruto: Oh Kudo!

(He hands Kudo a picture of Suteke…trying out for the softball team.)

Kudo: No…not this time…must resist…

(Naruto grins…)

Naruto: Kage bunshin no jutsu!

Sasuke: No you dumb….

(Naruto times 4, and with his clone technique, we now have 4 Sutekes…)

(You know the drill…)


Sasuke: Are you sure he’s O.K for this?

Matsumoto: Don’t worry. We won’t get sued…

Naruto: (snaps the clue from Matsumoto) Hai! Let’s go…

(But then he literally is blocked by a beautiful girl in a school uniform. (It is in fact Eve in disguise) who promptly hands them over a yellow card.)

Naruto: What’s this?

(On the card, there is a cute chibi-figure of Lillith and the card says ‘Uh oh, pyun pyun, you cheated. We'll talk about that later.)

(Naruto scratches his head…)

Naruto: Aren't we supposed to try to get away with cheating?

Sasuke: (slaps forehead)

(The two run off at their usual incredible speed, leaving Shannon and Racquel wondering a) how they do that and b)

Shannon: What did they show him? And is he an idiot?

(They have to wait until Matsumoto injects the pre-ready Yamibou specialised blood capsules before getting their attempt for the nose bleed…)

* * * *

(…whilst in the main assembly hall, Hale and Weda along with Mirielle and Kirika begin work with the help of Seki in their costumes…one of Kitagawa’s main crush…Mika-sensei…^_^…yep, the series itself is funny and has some great characters, but the real showstopper is Kitagawa and her insane ‘crush’ on Mika-sensei…and the ways she can get a reaction out of Mika to her liking just so rules…)

(…and Seki, well, he’s our favourite handsome, narcosistic playboy…who also seems to have an incredible passion for a) designing clothes and b) crossdressing.)

Seki: If you must have a design, make sure you leave it to me after you’ve finished!

Mirielle: Yeah…

(Mirielle is starting to regret this choice now, considering the amount of time Seki is doing to actually get this done…and the fact that the other team doing this leg seem to be actually enjoying this…well…one of them is…)

Weda: (singing to herself) You’re my little mannequin, my little plaything, my adorable dummy…

Hale: (angry) Isn’t that what I am normally?

(Indeed, Weda seems delighted in able to model Hale into a girl…not helped by Hale’s girl like looks in the first place, but him matching Mika-sensei seems to fit…Weda more used to dressing as a student after all…)

(Backstage, someone is waiting with hungry eyes…)

* * * *


(Shannon and Racquel leave the school intact, with only a little blood from them…)

Racquel: …hence why the detour was called shounen-ai…

Shannon: …I still don’t see why he nosebleed over me…geez…you and that nurse teamed up to take off my shirt and he said ‘He’s like an adult Suteke’ or something and bammm!

Racquel: My my…

Shannon: I’m in hell, I’d better live with it…

(Pedro and Sandora are next to take the blood treatment, whilst in the meantime, Oshige and Wakayoji on the other hand have had to find a way which benefits them and Hiroyuki and Akari, because the two teams…)

Wakayoji: We’re broke huh?

Hiroyuki: That’s an understatement.

Akari: Based from the pamphlet, we can catch this bus system up to Mitsukyo Street, and then catch a second bus up to Nakayama Street where this school is…but it will take around 1 hr and 40 minutes bus time and how long we are waiting as well.

Oshige: And we don’t know when the bus will stop either, it’s says every 25 minutes at this time but…

(All four sigh…).

Hiroyuki: Combined we’ve got a family ticket plan for about 500 yen which works for us. However, we are basically just relying on other not to find a more expensive way which will hurry the process…

* * * *


(Back at shoujo-ai…one team is successful in their detour…)

Kitagawa: OH, KAWAII!

Weda: Isn’t he?

Kitagawa: (nods) Hmm-mmm! I don’t normally go for guys, but HALE-KUN IS SO KAWAII!

(Indeed, it seems Hale has got the ole Negi syndrome (i.e. an older girl going ga-ga for a cute widdle boy) as Kitagawa glomps Hale, completely dresses in a similar guise to Mika-sensei. For some reason, the same effect isn’t working for Mirielle and Kirika…)

Seki: We need perfection ladies, it’s just…not…working…

(Mirielle glares daggers at Seki…)

Seki: Ontheotherhandwhatisperfectionwithoutsomeflawsgorightahead…

(Kitagawa gives Weda the clue as they head off…)

Kitagawa: Can I take a picture?


(Weda snaps her fingers, her chance to blackmail…er I mean, auction off pictures of Hale in a dress…(guess they mean the same thing) thwarted for the time being, but Hale blushes with a giddy smile on his face as he leaves…)

Hale: (in a trance) Who’d have thought dressing as a girl could be so nice?

Weda: (chuckles) Ecchi.

(As they rush out, Pedro and Sandora are running ahead after clearing the detour…)

Pedro: That’s wasn’t so bad was it?

Sandora: I will be scarred for life papa…if it wasn’t for the fact I already am…

(They discard the bloodied Suteke baseball shot as Kobayashi counts the pennies…)

Tominiga: …sometimes I wonder why I even bother…

(…and the ojou-sama of the group Tominiga does her one liner (hey, had to get them all in somewhere, don’t worry, I haven’t forgot Oyaji…, whilst back there, Kitagawa isn’t really approving Mirielle…on the other hand, Kirika does seem to make more of an impact with her, before finally giving the go ahead for them to get the clue (she doesn’t glomp them though…for safety purposes…))

* * * *

(A cut shot of Oshige-tachi (manga by the way just licenced by Viz – yatta!) as they head to Sannomiya Private school on a long trip via bus, whilst the teams that have just completed the detour look for alternative ways to travel…)

Sasuke: Tracking anything yet?

Naruto: Geez…the legs are acting like a school fetish…where’s this damn private school then?

Sasuke: Well, let’s go back where we come from and…

Naruto: Excuse me, do you know any schools around here called Saint Sannomiya High?

(Sasuke looks on as Naruto does the old tactic of asking for help…)

Sasuke: Simple…yet…

Girl: Nope!

Sasuke: …utterly useless.

Naruto: Hey, how many all girls schools can there be?

(Quiet Naruto-baka…especially as Chika-chan rushes by, passing Naruto and Sasuke with surprising speed. Chika-rin heads towards the school, hands with Taeko as they look for Mika-sensei…and are told she is now in the doctor’s room…)

* * * *

Chika: Oh boy…so we’ve got to…

Matsumoto: Not yet…he’s had to recover from two nose bleeds…

(Worse luck…Kobayashi gets ready with her selling, whilst the girls get mad…)

* * * *



Weda: Yes, you see, we are looking for a girl’s school, and we need to get this guy in undercover, so if anybody knows…

Iinchou: Sure, he’s SOOO cute!

Girl 3: Let me touch him!

(Iinchou and a few other girls seem ready to try and make Hale the new Yuki, Hale to his credit, doesn’t seem that bothered (maybe because he doesn’t really mind it) but eventually Iinchou says…)

Iinchou: Look to the north, if you call a taxi or the tourist service to go there, either way you’ll find Saint Sannomiya to the north…I’d suggest to call the tourist service – they have specialised bookings every half an hour – plus it’s cheaper.

Weda: Should we be able to get there quicker via taxi? Hale, how’s our money?

Hale: (dazed) Still…there…but…need…more…gil…for…dragon…boss…

Weda: Oh great, he’s lost it. (sigh) I guess I owe him after the last leg…thank you!

Girl: Awww…we want to hold him more…

Weda: (calling back as she runs with Hale in tow) I’ll lend him to you some time, take a trip via Jungle Air!

(Iinchou chuckles, but just as she gets back in…)

????????: Busy as usual Iinchou?

(A rough sounding voice which belongs to the 16 year old Gen Nakamura, but looks like a 40 year old. Hence why most people refer him to his nickname ‘Oyaji’ or ‘old man.’)

Iinchou: Mmmm…it’s nice to do things like, seeing cute boys and girls fighting to stay on top…

(Nakamara blushes, the dirty old man, going after a girl half his ag…oh wait, they ARE the same age….)

Nakamara: Iinchou…

(Just offscreen, we see the dynamic duo of Kobayashi and Tominiga watching the two as they tend to do…)

Tominiga: Surely, this will be it!

(A pause…)

Nakamara: …but we have to clean the mess of Seki’s designing leftovers.

Iinchou: Right.

(The two other girls facefault…)

* * * *

(…Hale and Weda aren’t the only teams seeing if they can arrange a special tourist tram to head over to the infamous Saint Sannomiya Private School…)

Riku: It’s quite a reputation you know…

Risa: …can we not just get a taxi?

Riku: Not necessarily, they will pass through spots for sure but it’s a quick and cheap way to get there. I’ve heard about it because it was recommended to us remember? But it seemed so…

Risa: …facist? Sexist? Idiotic?

Riku: All the above and then some.

(Riku waits as they wait indeed for a specialist tourist track to go outside the Space Centre from before, and as one pulls up…)

Driver: Hey, you the Haradas?

Risa: Yep!

Driver: Let’s roll, the long track of Yokohama in an hour – hope you ladies like it!

Riku: We know of the position we are in, so I felt it was necessary to help the nerves a's slightly slower than taking a taxi, but it’s cheaper…I saw how it costs Oshige and company earlier – we don’t want to fall into the same track. A bus is too slow and a taxi is too expensive, this is a nice medium – as we don’t know how long we’ll be in Japan until we get further into this game…if we survive that long.

* * * *


(Whilst cheapskates Oshige/Wakayoji and Akari/Hiroki are forced to take the bus system and only two teams at the moment on track using the Yokohama Tourist Association, others are getting there with the old faithful, the taxi. However, with prices being what they are and needing to save money, some teams have found alternatives…)

(Shot of Naruto and Sasuke in a taxi, discussing their plans…)


Naruto: O.K, so if we stay for half an hour and then walk it the rest of the way, we should be ahead enough and still save enough money to survive for any emergency needs…

Sasuke: Yes, with our speed we should hold our own…

Naruto: Yeah…

(It seems the feelings of annoyance are still there between the two, but at least they are on speaking terms, and hoping to plan a way of attack.)

(Shannon and Racquel are checking their money before deciding to take a subway underneath the Yokohama precinct, which puts them a little out of the way but in the general prefecture of the school, about 25 minute trip and then a further 25 minutes walking…)


Shannon: This is tougher than we thought…we’ve had our fair share of problems in orurlives, but this one is considered…

Racquel: Oh my, they serve drinks?

Shannon: Figures.

(Elsewhere, Kirika and Mirielle have gone old school Paris for their method of transportation…)

Kirika: Who would have thought we’d be doing this?

Mirielle: I know, God has a way of thinking right?


(Shot of the two girls not only are they riding bikes, but they’ve also got a guide to take them to Saint Sannomiya Private School, an eccentric girl with glasses on. Hmmm…wonder if she’s Ling-Pha’s descendant?)

Mirielle: It was cheaper to do this, and considering our skills on a bike, we knew we could keep pace with the pace. It may take longer, but we know what we’re doing.

(As back at the school, we see Pedro and Sandora deciding to follow the Shannon and Racquel route…whilst Taeko and Chika (after finally completing the detour after Suteke’s appearance gave them a willing helping hand…) escape the school, upset and frustrated after the various delays.)

Chika: Come on, we can’t give up now Tae-neechan!

Taeko: I know, but I feel so helpless at times – my klutziness I could blame at times, but…


(That does it…Taeko’s forming tears quickly stops as Chika shakes her pigtails…)

Chika: We’re not that far behind, we saw the Haradas and Pedro and Sandora ahead of us…we can still do it…

Taeko: B-but…

(Chika claps her cousins hands…)

Chika: Be the tough neechan than I know you can be!!!

(Taeko seems hesitant, but realises that with every moment they waste, it could cost them their chance of survival.)

Taeko: R-right…so now what?

(Chika counts their money…)

Chika: Any trains?

Taeko: Not in that distance…but if we can get to Chiba-Yokohama district from the train station, we can make it to the school in around…25 minutes maybe?

Chika: Well, they would be able to commute by train so it wouldn’t be out of stage…(thinks)…hey wait, how do you know that?

Taeko: (sweatdrops) When you have a sempai who is a train freak, you kind of pick up these things…

(Somewhere, a guy passes with googly eyes at a passing train, whilst a fatter guy looks through the latest cosplay magazine….)

* * * *


Driver: …and so, passing through the Yokohama District, we go through the straight arm of the district where there are a variety of museums and…

Risa: I would appreciate this but…

(Shot of Risa and Riku…WITH Hale and Weda, who seem to have got on the same tourist drive…and the tension can be cut….well, it would if Riku was too busy jokingly teasing Hale…and then apologising.)

Riku: I’m sorry Hale-kun, but they are right, you are cute!

Hale: Riku-san, please…

(Riku chuckles, as Risa looks on with a smile on her face as well.)

Risa: Riku seems like a stick in the mud, and she thinks I don’t notice things, but from the first leg, I felt she and Hale probably would get along. Not sure about myself and the mother thought…but hey, for Riku to actually enjoy herself…

(Weda just tries not to look bored, but occassionally looks around with Riku and Hale talking like old friends…)

Weda: (chuckling to herself) Ladykiller…

* * * *

(As we await to see who gets there first, we cut to our next host, one Fuko Kuzuha – yep, the same girl I mentioned in the Supergals leg – the heroine of our show. Small, genki, flat-chested and very cute, this 14 year old klutz makes up for it with sheer enthusiasm and spirit. She’s probably what Kaho from Sister Princess will be like in a couple of years if that helps anyone paint an image in their head.)

Fuko: Welcome to Saint Sannomiya High School! A school with a variety of senseis, but one in particular…and that sensei may be a focus for this leg…but…um…

(Fuko blushes slightly…)

* * * *


(Shot of Pedro just missing the most recent subway which Shannon and Racquel on, though they still have to do a bit of walking to locate it. They check the map they got from the local info centre to see if they can do a location track of where they need to go…)

(Shot of Taeko and Chika willing a train to head off because they need to continue on foot afterwards…)

(…whilst Oshige-tachi just play a game of cards (Oshige’s, and yes, they are a brand of Full Moon licenced cards…hey, if you are the manager of a top idol, then be prepared to be laced with thousands of cheesy products…not like I feel sorry enough for poor little Mitsuki…)

* * * *


(Shot of Naruto and Sasuke, a little out of breath, but seemingly ready and willing to go…)


Naruto: If there is one thing I hate more than seeing you be better than me…is admitting you were right…

(Sasuke just smirks, before they see if they can actually do better at this school. Fuko-chan bows as they enters (Naruto actually bows back) before Sasuke sees the route marker and grabs an envelope…)

Sasuke: The Road Block.

Naruto: What’s it say?

Sasuke: This person…must be able to tell the difference.

(A quick cut again to Fuko-chan away from prying ears as she explains the route marker…)

Fuko: Teams must be able to find Hibiki-sensei, a teacher who resides in this school. However, once the teams have decided who has to take the road block, they get supplied with a photograph to help find her inside the school…

(A quick think…)

Sasuke: Shall I go for it?

Naruto: Sure, last time I checked, I thought Haku was a girl…

(Sasuke gets it and grabs the envelope. Inside a pretty female teacher with long hair who seems a little out of place compared to the older and less friendly like teachers here…)

(After Sasuke rushes off, Naruto privately seethes…)

Naruto: Lucky bastard…not like I wouldn’t notice if a cute girl was ever going to like me….

(Somewhere in Konoha, a bluenette sneezes, and resume training with a young boy with a dog and a boy with sunglasses on using bugs like arrows…seriously…)

* * * *

(Sasuke goes into the school, his state of attire giving a tut from many of the female teachers as he runs through, but the main problem is of course trying to find this teacher. And worse, not too many of the teachers are willing to tell him much, considering he’s ‘male’ and the demographic of this school is set pretty much in the stone ages…)

(…and Sasuke, rather uncharacteristic of him, is getting pissed off…)

Sasuke: What I do to get a straight answer here?

Hanejima: Hey, what you doing here?

(Someone who could match Sasuke in terms of toughness, Fujio Hanejima spots Sasuke a mile off…)

Fujio: What you doing pretty boy?

Sasuke: (sighs) I’ve already swallowed my pride once…

(Sasuke explains to Hanejima what’s going on, who surprisingly (maybe because he’s similar to Fukae-kun) helps him out. Sasuke rushes off…)

* * * *


Naruto: What’s taking him so long…this isn’t really a good sign…

(As the kyubi fumes slightly, something else arrives which doesn’t make him happy…)

Naruto: Oh crap….

Weda/Risa: OUT OF THE WAY!

Riku/Hale: Yare yare…




(They rush to a point outside the route marker (which is enough for Naruto to scarper) as after a lovely tour through the Yokohama region, they are definitely more eager than ever to stay in the race…)

Naruto: Um…rush hour traffic?

Risa: Funny! Now if you don’t mind…

(Risa grabs the envelope first as Weda does so second. They both read the clue with their partners and look a little confused…)

Risa: Tell the difference?(quick think) What do you think big sis?

Riku: I think that we’ve never been able to tell the difference considering we’re the same…

(Both girls sigh)

Riku: …but who can actually pay attention to teachers?

(Risa begins to speak…but…)

Risa: Good point.

(Riku takes the envelope, and Fuko hands the photo. After a quick scan, she dashes in, just as Hale and Weda come to a decision as well…)

Hale: …considering the fact the doctor couldn’t tell the difference between a boy and a girl when he first saw me doesn’t give me much hope…

Weda: …and I’ve been able to tell the difference between 15 jungle brand beers!

Hale: (sighs) That’s as good as a reason. Go for it mom.

Weda: Yosha! Here we go!

(Weda does the same…)

Weda: Last leg, we were so disappointed, especially myself. But now, we seem back to strength, and Hale proved his worth last time. So I want to do so this time…besides, I’m more used to school than he thinks…that brilliant disguise that we fooled everyone before with Robert…

* * * *

(Sasuke isn’t too good with directions, but he is pretty good with hearing, and has been helped out by…)

????: HIBIKI-CHAN!!!

(A tall boy with an animalistic look, a vase of flowers and a goofy grin is running towards a class. Sasuke’s ears twitch as he follows him behind…)

(They enter a class room, where a tall, beautiful woman with long hair, a slight tan and a smiling face is conducting homeroom activites, but ‘she’ gets startled by the boys appearance.)

Hibiki: A-Aoki?


Hibiki: Not again!!!!

(Hibiki is about to run but fortunately, Sasuke puts a hand on Aoki’s shoulder.)

Sasuke: Move.

Aoki: What do you want you little punk?

Sasuke: (more firmly and dangerously) Move.

(Aoki gulps – this kid does remind him of Fukae – and graciously steps away and out of the room. Hibiki breathes a sigh of relief.)

Hibiki: Thank you young man. I take it you are here for something?

(Sasuke hands ‘her’ the picture. Hibiki sweatdrops…)

Hibiki: Um…it would be rather inconveinent if this got out so…

Sasuke: The clue for the secret.

Hibiki: Right!

(Hibiki gives Sasuke the clue as he opens it up.)

Hibiki: Head to the Pit Stop, the Gochiso Ryokan located down the hill outside the school.

Sasuke: Thank you miss.

(Sasuke runs off as Hibiki sighs in relief…)

Hibiki: This could be the worst day of my life…

* * * *


Naruto: He’s back!

(Sasuke heads out with clue in hands.)

Sasuke: Let’s go!

Naruto: Right!

(Riku and Hale moan a little bit…and more so as a bus drives in and off drop two teams…)




Oshige: We got lucky with them getting here but how has it cost us?

Akari: Um…500 yen?

Oshige: Not like that you silly girl…

(Oshige looks ahead and see the elder Harada and Hale in the distance. The two avert their eyes…)

(….inside, the two girls are having better luck than Sasuke, mainly because the other teachers are more helpful to females than males, and are literally neck a neck looking for Hibiki Amawa in his classroom. However, disaster strikes for Weda…)

Iwaya: Um…can…I…confess…to…you?

(After another failed attempt to Kasuganomichi, Syoichi Iwaya (the second stooge to Kyosuke Aoki) had tried to confess to Weda…and the 25 year old is kinda stumped…)

Weda: Geez, where on earth would you find a 14 year old falling for a 25 year old?

(This series Weda…trust me on that…as Riku gets ahead.)

* * * *


(We cut over to the Gochiso, a large ryokan room and board, where has three main people living there. We cut over to our final host, Ruru, or Ba-chan as she is sometimes called by the residents, and also the students who use the ryokan as a shortcut to school.)

Ruru: My my, looks like some whippersnappers are in a hurry…

(Shot as Naruto and Sasuke’s trademark speed fly down the hill, and leap onto the mat marked ‘SENSEI NO OJIKAN/I MY ME STRAWBERRY EGGS’)

Ruru: Ah, such energy, reminds me of my youth…

Lillith: Don’t you still have enough energy?

Ruru: What makes you say that my dear?

(Lillith points behind where two men are tied up with waterfall tears flowing down their eyes. One is bald and significantly older than the other man, who oddly had a mirror like panel perched on his back…)

Kuji: (older one) I was just looking for desert…

Lilith: (angry) …UP MY SKIRT?!

Mori: …and I was just photographing that school uniform…

Lillith: (angry but for a different reason) Eve, you’ve got to stop catering to these perverts…

(Shot of Eve in a Hatsuki esque school uniform…good job she didn’t do the gym clothes bit, they would have had severe blood loss…)

(Ruru fires a plastic bullet at her troublemaking residents before finally getting with the introductions…)

Ruru: Naruto and Sasuke, you are team number one.

Naruto: Yosha! That’s what I like to hear!

Sasuke: (smiles) Hmmm. Not bad.

Lillith: Oh…but you guys been docked 30 minutes for misuse of ninja powers…


Sasuke: Crap. Forget about that.

Lillith: Well, let’s just hope that everyone else gets here in half an hour or less…

Ruru: Come on, let’s make preparations – not often we get this many guests.

(Sasuke glares at his companion, whilst Eve continuingly pokes the two perverts as a good little mute witch should…Naruto just waits around nervously…longest half an hour of their life…)

* * * *

Riku: Hurry, they’re not far behind!

(With Weda’s slight delay, it’s enabled the twins to get ahead, as Wakayoji-tachi arrive there and after quickly looking make their choice.)

Oshige: I’ll go, time for me to get back to school…

Wakayoji: Of course.

Oshige: O.K! Joining me Akari?

Akari: Hai!

Hiroyuki: Knock her dead Akari.

Oshige: Hey!

(Oshige just smiles as she and Akari rush in, Fuko dizzy from the rush. Inside, Weda gets to Hibiki-sensei…)

Weda: You need to control these students…

?????: Now, now, you just need to know how to brush them off!

(Teen bishoujo Miho Umeda, the girl who won last years Miss Sexy Seijou (i.e. the boys had an undercover bug and listen to all the breast sizes…^_^) and is constantly the expert in romance guide…whether her friends like it or not…)

Weda: I do…with a baseball bat!

(Both Hibiki and Umeda sweatdrop, then Weda rushes out with the clue…)

* * * *


(As Hale and Weda rush out, and Akari and Oshige search, another team makes their way up to the school after their successful shuttle and walk strategy…)


Shannon: We need to get some new clothes…ASAP! And not ones that will make all the old men go red at the nose Racquel…

Racquel: Oh my…why do they do that I wonder?

(As Shannon sighs, they see the school in the distance as they begin jogging up the hill where Fuko-tachi often go as well.)

(Seeing Weda and Hale red to come down the hill isn’t the most encouraging sign in the world either, but they pass the mother/son duo and see Hiroyuki and Wakayoji waiting patiently for both of their ‘are they in a relationship’ companions. Wakayoji greets them as they get the route marker and look through it.)

Shannon: This person must be able to tell the difference.

(As Shannon looks at the clue, Racquel notices Hiroyuki looking edgey, and not because of Akari inside…)

Racquel: What’s wrong?

Hiroyuki: Probably some twisted plot we don’t know much about. But trust us, it seems like every adult female around wants us off the property, and if it wasn’t for those witch girls, I think those security guards would have us for lunch…

Shannon: Racquel, you do it. I get the feeling if I did, I’d be turned into mincemeat…

Racquel: Why?

Shannon: Trust me, sometime the human female is more scary than any monster thrown at me…

Racquel: Bye!

(Racquel heads in, as Shannon is the next adult male to literally have daggers glared into him by the principal and vice principal watching over them like a hawk…)

Principal: Stupid males…

* * * *


(At 10.20, three things happen…)

Ruru: Riku and Risa, you are team number two!

Riku: Wow, we’re doing well! Let’s keep this up!

Risa: Wow Riku, never seen you this excited in a long time…

Riku: Heh, the thrill of competition and doing well…it’s been a while since the last sports meet…


Oshige: I lost her!

Wakayoji: Er….

(A quick glance at Hiroyuki, who just shrugs…)

Oshige: Perfect, let’s roll!

(The reason why Akari fell behind was simple…)

Seiko: My, she seem like a princess…

Hibiki: …don’t all fuss over her…

(Akari seems to have attracted a bit of attention around school as Seiko Kasuganomichi (and to quote Adam back when he had to do Tanya’s last name, there went my spellcheck…) has helped Akari find Hibiki’s class, as Akari gets the clue, bows in respect of the Kasuganomichi heir, and then tonzuras…)

(And finally…)

(A glint sweat shot of two bishoujo girls arched back as sweat glistens off them, panting heavily as the eventual cl…)

(As Chris take a cold shower, we realise it’s actually Mirielle and Kirika after their long bike trek. They get a towel from their guide, thank and pay here, before realising that with Hiroyuki and Shannon outside, teams are already there.)

Mirielle: (wiping her face with a towel) Come on Kirika, we’ve still got a bit to do…

Kirika: Right…

Mirielle: That option was a risk because cost wise it was effective, but distance wise it was a real pain, even with the guide’s help. Both of us are very athletic, so moderation and distance wasn’t an issue, but when you are going uphill, and you still have a fair bit to do, it can make think it isn’t worth it, especially if you drop a few places.


(They rush up, get the clue and quickly decide.)

Mirielle: You’ve done two, my turn.

(Kirika doesn’t argue. Mirielle rushes up, and then Kirika sits down, and actually does look exhausted…much to Hiroyuki and Shannon’s surprise…)

Hiroyuki: Hey, are you alright?

(Shot of Kirika clutching her side…)

Kirika: Y-yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit of a strain, don’t worry, it will pass…

(Hiroyuki nods…)

Hiroyuki: Seeing Kirika like that…I dunno…I always thought of her being superhuman or something, but seeing her as hurt as that kinda surprised me.

Kirika: Old wounds never heal, they just resurface…I’ve been shot there, and despite treatment, occasionally I will get these relapses. I don’t want to be a burden though, and Mirielle knows it. So I can’t let these things get out…

* * * *


Racquel: Thank you!

Hibiki: No problem, and by the way, when you get to the Pit Stop, if you need any easier clothing, ask Ba-chan, she’ll fix you up…

Racquel: My, do you think that would be best?

Hibiki: Yeah, I believe so.

(Racquel nods as she heads out, where Akari and Hiroyuki are now busy trying to catch up with Oshige and Wakayoji, playing the old double cross. Inside, Mirielle is catching more than a few stares from the male (and female) demographic. Except for one cool looking young man, who just glances back…and nods.)

Mirielle: He knows about me…best watch my back.

(The young kid, Akira Fukae, is a stern, stoic young man, and one part of quite an interesting love square…)

(…a quick glance sees Himejima in the corner, blushes at him, whilst Akira casually glances outside where Fuko is stretching out to catch some sun. Mirielle just shakes her head before trying to find this Hibiki…)

(…as another duo finish.)

Ruru: Hale and Weda, you are team number three…and considering what happened earlier, is it alright if I can borrow young Hale just to see if Hibiki can get some tips from him?

Hale: Erm…what do you mean?

Ruru: Ah…best not say….

Weda: O.K Ba-chan, can we relax now?

Ruru: I guess…just don’t call me that without my permission…

(Shot of Naruto getting increasingly nervous…)

* * * *


(….as Mirielle realises what Hibiki is…)

Mirielle: O.K…this is getting weird…

Hibiki: Tell me about it…

(…another team ends their journey where they went from first to broke…)

Ruru: Have a good time?

Oshige: Maybe…I thought I could actually embrace the unusual now…but…

Ruru: You’ll get used to it. Oshige and Wakayoji, you are team number 4.

Oshige: Not bad – we did better last time, but considering our problems…

Wakayoji: Mental note, if we ever go into a school leg again, don’t blow our money on taxi fares.

Oshige: Suggestion noted my prince.

* * * *


(Shot of Mirielle just getting outside to join Kirika, now by her lonesome.)

Mirielle: Fancy a run downhill?

Kirika: Do we have a choice?

Mirielle: Not really…

(As they do, we see two men, a certain father and son duo crawls uphill, now knowing what the kids and one cross-dressing sensei feel like every day…)


Pedro: Only a bit farther now…

Pedro: Missing the shuttle that Racquel and Shannon took was a blow. Not to mention that Sandora had a bad feeling about something back where we stayed as well…

(The two get up to the school, and are stunned as there are only two envelopes left.)

Pedro: Just two, that means we’re in a battle for survival…

Sandora: Let’s look at the clue…

(The two look, hoping they are far ahead of whoever is in last place…)

Sandora: I’m the school child…

Pedro: …plus you are young and innocent…I don’t think these knife daggers burning Pedro’s soul are going to help me if I go in there…

Sandora: Right let’…

Chika: (distant) Come on Tae-neechan!

Taeko: (distant) It was a bit of a struggle to get here from the train…still out of breath…

Chika: Just a bit further…

(You can see Sandora’s heart drop hearing that, Pedro looks a little guilty as well…but knowing they are in a fight to survive…)

Pedro: Go my son, quickly!

Sandora: O…O.K…

(Sandora runs in, his head down, not wanting to look back…)

(…just as Taeko and Chika get to the school. They see Pedro sitting there, unable to look at them. The girls calmly get up, dust themselves off, and get the last remaining clue…)

Taeko: We need to give it all now…

Chika: Right…

(Chika looks at Pedro, looks inside and to Tae…)

Chika: Let me do this…

Taeko: Yeah…your speed…

Chika: (shakes her head) Not just that…this will be the last time we’ll see each other…

Taeko: Oh…

Chika: (smiles) Leave it to Chika!

Taeko: Go cuz!

(Chika runs into the school at the speed of light…)

* * * *


Ruru: Akari and Hiroyuki, you are team number 5.

Hiroyuki: (sigh) They got ahead of us.

Akari: Sorry Hiroyuki-chan.

Hiroyuki: (smiles) That’s O.K. We’ll get them next time.

(A quick cut shot of Chika and Sandora both inside the school, looking for this person in the picture. Despite Sandora being a boy, he gets more help than Sasuke did (must be that innocent look) with Chika easily getting help to find Hibiki-sensei. Sandora gets ahead but…)

Chika: Behind you Sandora-kun!

Sandora: Ch-Chika…

(Sandora shakes his head…)

Sandora: (to himself) No, I must win…(out loud)…Gomen Chika-chan!

(The two kids hit the classroom….)

* * * *


Ruru: Shannon and Racquel, you are team number six. And I hear that you need a new manager for clothes right?

Shannon: I think after 4 legs in modern Japan, I’m beginning to understand a few problems that we’ve been having…

Ruru: That’s O.K, so if you don’t mind stepping into my office…

(Ruru goes over, as Lillith gets ready to try and steal the spotlight…)

Lillith: Man, this boring as hosts. It isn’t until leg 6 when we actually get to use our power…*pun pun*

(Back at the school, we see Chika has got ahead of Sandora (being the faster of the two) and she and Taeko are beginning the run towards Gochiso...)

Chika: Sorry, but we have to win this as well Sandora-kun!

(The two ladies begin to run, but Taeko begins to trip. However, a will to remain in the race is trying to overcome her clumsiness...)

Taeko: No…way…

(Taeko remains in her footing as behind her, Pedro and Sandora begin to run ahead…)

Pedro: Come on my son, let’s show everyone the power of father and son!

Sandora: Yes papa…

(Sandora looks ahead, closes his eyes and begins to run…)

* * * *


Lillith: My my, you look exhausted…

Kirika: I…guess…we’re…not invincible…

(Shot of Kirika’s flamed side as Lillith looks on…)

Lillith: Well, we can see what Ruru can d…huh?

(A quick shot of Eve kneeling down (where’d she come from?) as she puts a hand on Kirika’s side. Kirika goes red, more of the gentle touch than of the pain, as after a few seconds…the pain is gone.)

(Eve smiles and does a few motions in sign language.)

Kirika: That better?

(Kirika does the same, as Eve smiles even brighter.)

Mirielle: What did you say?

Kirika: Thank you.

(Lillith fumes…)

Lillith: Oh great, make me look like an idiot by quoting that we wouldn’t be using our powers…great…oh and Mirielle and Kirika, you guys are team number 7.

Mirielle: Not lucky huh? We’re losing ground Kirika…can we pick it up?

(Kirika nods, as she stands up, they hear some noise in the distance (sounds like Shannon screaming in terror) and Mirielle smiles…)

Mirielle: Well, let’s just relax.

(And speaking of relax…Eve takes Naruto’s hand and nods once. Naruto doesn’t need sign language…they are safe…but how badly has that cost them?)

* * * *


(Lillith is waiting on the last two teams as it’s a race to the finish.)

(Suddenly, she can see a figure running fast…)

(…it’s Pedro.)

Lillith: O.K…

(However, Sandora isn’t with him. Pedro runs up to the mat, but without Sandora, he can’t claim victory.)

(The next person to come into view…is Chika.)

Lillith: Oh my, dead heat huh?

(Chika runs up to the mat, just as both Taeko and Sandora, neck a neck appear on the horizon. Taeko slightly trips a few times, but always remains on her feet, similar to Fuko managed to remain on her feet during her first meeting with Hibiki in the relevant show. However, as they come closer, Sandora is edging it, and Taeko nearly takes a fatal trip…)

Chika: Stay on your feet, just jump!

(Taeko just holds on and regains her bearings to remain on her feet and jump forward. The trip however cost a few seconds, enough for Sandora to pull ahead. As he approaches the mat, Sandora looks at Chika, closes his eyes and hits the mat. Pedro looks ready to congratulate and cry at the same time…)

(Taeko sees this and slows to a walk. Even Lillith seems a tad sad.)

Lillith: Pedro and Sandora, you are team number 8.

(They don’t say anything. They just look behind with an ‘I’m sorry’ look. Chika seems to retaliate with a ‘It’s O.K’ look, but you can tell she’s disappointed.)

(Taeko lands on the mat, looking upset…but also a bit happy at the same time?)

Lillith: *meso meso* Taeko and Chika, you are the last team to finish the leg. I’m afraid you have been eliminated from the race.

(Taeko breathes out…)

Taeko: My clumsiness costs us in the end…but…we still got a lot further than I expected to…and I guess, I’m not as disappointed than I would be. Maybe it’s a sign of growing up?

Chika: Tae-neechan?

(Both girls wipe a tear from their eyes, and hug each other.)

Taeko: I don’t think we’ve travelled as much as Tina-sempai yet though…

Chika: (laughs) Silly Tae-neechan!

(The two girls giggle…)

Taeko: It’s a sad way to end, but also a pleasant way. We got further than I certainly expected, and we met some interesting and pleasant people on the way. It was certainly an experience…

Chika: There were some bumps, some embarrassments, but nothing we couldn’t handle. We’re weren’t just hear to make the numbers, we wanted to show what we could do! And I felt with enough focus, we did that!

Taeko: It was something I never expected to do…it gave me confidence that I could go far, and knowing Chika already had that, I wish we could have lasted longer. But I’m still happy, but at the same time, I want to go home as well. It will be interesting story telling that’s for sure…

Chika: As long as there is no teasing…

Taeko: Oh Chika-chan!

* * * *

Next time on the Anime-mazing Race 3;

All this and more on the next episode of the Anime-mazing Race 3!

* * * *

(Watches the flags of Arpulver in Wisconscin, and Tiran, Khayman and Ironfrost in the Midlands Anime Club as Ai Yori Aoshi bite the dust…)

This was my first double leg – and certainly one that gave me lack of sleep, after finally managing to d/l SNO episode 9, it just reaffirms my belief that Kitagawa should be crown empress of Japan or something – that girl just rules.

But seriously, I had to go rewatch IMM a few times to get the jist of the characters recently, as it’s such an intriguing series with a very sad yet poetic endings. With it being just 13 episodes long, it does seem a bit rushed, but it does leave the opening for a sequel. Don’t think it will happen, but hey.

And yeah, they’re gone. Happy you AYA haters? Gah – I get so much stick from MAC from a few members because of my AYA fanboyism. I’m certainly not the only fan of the show there – far from it – but it seems I suffer the most…gah. Must kill them next time…

Seriously, Taeko and Chika were a weird time, as a) they could be seen as cannon fodder or b) they know Chris is a fan of the show so they could be in there a while.

Well, you saw what happened to the Princess 9 reps. Next question.

My thoughts on Taeko and Chika? Whilst Tina and Aoi may sweep the boards on the popularity stakes, Taeko and Chika are counter-opposites of the gene pool, as Taeko is clumsy, shy and a bit depressing at times, it is countered by the sweet, happy and energetic Chika, and she certainly helps Taeko a lot more to open up through the series. Without Chika, Taeko would have probably been a bit boring to be honest. I just love it when Chika and Tina play a video game for the first time and Chika owns Tina every single time…it’s just funny.

Now, as you can see Naruto and Sasuke JUST survived therefore, they got a half an hour penalty so finish at 10.51am. Can they actually claw that back? We’ll see…plus, a few in jokes about a 14 year old falling for 25 year old Weda, considering the same happens in IMM, and Naruto says how clueless Sasuke is about girls liking him, when there is a girl who really likes him back there and he’s still chasing Sakura…Naruto no baka x2.

But now, we actually go for a leg which was kind of done last time in AR2, but with an updated twist. You’ll see what I mean. See you in Hong Kong!