Anime Reality

The Animezing Race 2 by A. R. Pulver


The Amazing Race

11 Episodes

Completed Oct. 2004


Chiharu / Yamazaki
Cardcaptor Sakura

Jessie / Ayla
Battle Athletes

Koji / Koichi
Digimon Frontier

Lina / Gourry

May / Max

Minato / Yukina

Nabiki / Kasumi
Ranma ˝

Noboyuki / Tenchi
Tenchi Muyo

Seta / Keitaro
Tenchi Muyo

Touya / Yukito
Cardcaptor Sakura

Yamaki / Riley
Digimon Tamers

Yukari / Minamo
Azumanga Daioh


A full website, including a final leaderboard and poll results, will be posted soon.

Due to many delays and heavy work obligations, the final episode consists of a summary of the first "hour" and part of the second before resuming for the final leg's tasks and the winning team crossing the finish line. Currently, the author does not plan on fleshing out the summarized portion.

When posted in 2004, a contest was held where readers could score points by predicting where teams would finish on each leg, and which tasks they would complete. The winner received a DVD of any of the fifteen series featured as "locations" in the race. Joe Klemm won the contest with 621 points, Chou Nuriko finished second with 559 and Daneel Rush third with 536. Joe selected a Haibane Renmei DVD as his prize.


  Episode Title Featured Anime
Episode 1- Good Luck, and May the Worst Team Lose   Spirited Away
Episode 2- You Know, Your God Complex is a Real Turnoff GoldenBoy
Episode 3- You Can't Spell Alliance Without 'LIE' Oh, My Goddess
Episode 4- We Were Betrayed Via "Dear John" Letter El Hazard
Episode 5- It's Only Fair After That Joke About My Chest Read or Die
Episode 6- This Alliance is a Train Wreck Waiting to Happen Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Episode 7- He Already Stabbed Us, He Just Didn't Draw Blood Vandread
Episode 8- Why Haven't We Cheated Yet? Dirty Pair Flash
Episode 9- What Kind of Freaks Came Up With This? (Hour One)
I Would Like to Report a Defective Ninja! (Hour Two)
Video Girl Ai / Chobits
Episode 10- I Knew You Couldn't Be That Ugly Scrapped Princess
Episode 11- Down To Team Yaoi, Team Yuri, and Team Useless Haibane Renmei
Utena / Abenobashi

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