The Anime-zing Race 2

Episode Five

Authorís Notes
Well, nobody seems to care about spacing the episodes out to two weeks. In fact, nobody seems to care about the episodes at all. With reader feedback and my free time at a record low, Iím putting this on indefinite hiatus. If enough people want to see this back up again, the earliest Iíll resume writing is April. If you are deeply enthralled by this series and canít wait that long- you should have told me that last week, so donít come crying to me. As far as I know, this hiatus is what both you and I want.

Arumi: (VO) Last time, on the El Hazard leg of the Anime-zing Race...

(Shot of Yamaki and Riley getting attacked by bugrom.)

Arumi: (VO) Touya & Yukito ran ahead of alliance partners Yamaki & Riley during the Detour, only because Riley told them to.

Yamaki: (VO) Riley let Touya and Yukito go ahead instead of having them help us. This set us back tremendously. She clearly made a mistake, and she should take responsibility for it.

(Shot of Noboyuki and Tenchi dressed in drag for the royal procession.)

Arumi: (VO) Issues between Noboyuki and Tenchi prompted them to take the Fast Forward... probably prompting a few mental issues later on.

Noboyuki: (VO) Yeah, it was a little humiliating dressed up like that. But in the end, the Fast Forward was really worth it. Now hopefully we can talk things over and be ready for the next leg.

(Shot of Nabiki excelling at the Detour but struggling at the Road Block.)

Arumi: (VO) And while Nabiki easily dealt with the Detour, she could not deal with the intensity of the Road Block on Mount Muldoon.

Nabiki: (VO) I was only getting more tired and more nervous. I was really scared up there.

(Shot of a resigned Nabiki and Kasumi checking in at the Pit Stop.)

Arumi: (VO) As a result, she and sister Kasumi became the fourth team eliminated from the race.

(Rapid shots of the eight remaining teams at various points in the race.)

Arumi: (VO) Now, eight teams will take on the next leg- Read or Die. Which team will be the next to die? Find out tonight, on the Anime-zing Race!


12 TEAMS OF 2:
TOUYA & YUKITO (Best Friends / Students- Cardcaptor Sakura)
KOJI & KOICHI (Twin Brothers- Digimon)
JESSIE & AYLA (Rivals- Battle Athletes)
MAY & MAX (Siblings- Pokťmon)
SETA & KEITARO (Master & Apprentice- Love Hina) {ELIMINATED}
LINA & GOURRY (Traveling Companions- Slayers)
YUKARI & MINAMO (Best Friends / Teachers- Azumanga Daioh)
NOBOYUKI & TENCHI (Father & Son- Tenchi Muyo)
MINATO & YUKINA (Sisters-In-Law- Nadesico) {ELIMINATED}
CHIHARU & YAMAZAKI (Classmates- Cardcaptor Sakura) {ELIMINATED}
YAMAKI & RILEY (Dating Co-Workers- Digimon)

13 LEGS...
15 SERIES...


Leg Five

(Overhead shot of the Spring of Arliman. In the actual bathing area, Arumi is enjoying a nice soak.)
Arumi: Ahh... this is the Spring of Arliman, in the world of El Hazard. This R&R oasis for the holiest of creatures, myself included, is the fourth Pit Stop in the race.

(Shot of Touya & Yukito checking in.)

Arumi: (VO) Teams clocked in for a mandatory rest period...

(Quick cuts to individual shots of Shayla Shayla enjoying a leg of some unidentified meat, Miz enjoying a quick nap, and Afura enjoying a chat with some offscreen participant.)

Arumi: (VO) ...which allows them to eat, sleep, and mingle with the other teams.

(Arumi is still in the spring.)

Arumi: The eight teams have no idea where they are headed. Wherever it is...

(Arumi fishes out a clue envelope from the water.)

Arumi: Theyíll need to get there with help from clues theyíll find in sealed envelopes.

(Shot of Noboyuki and Tenchi arguing in the ruins.)

Arumi: (VO) Have Noboyuki and Tenchi worked out their differences enough to remain in first?

(Shot of a slightly invigorated Yukari and Minamo checking in.)

Arumi: (VO) And will Yukariís brash racing style be what lifts her and Minamo out of last place?


(Shot of Noboyuki and Tenchi checking in.)

Arumi: (VO) Noboyuki and Tenchi were the first team to arrive at 2:26 PM.

(In very dim lighting, the two are ready to go.)

Arumi: (VO) So theyíll be the first to leave at 2:26 AM.

(Noboyuki opens the clue.)
[NOBOYUKI & TENCHI- Father & Son- 1st to Depart- 2:26 AM]
Noboyuki: Search the various springs for an oni. Once you find it, take it to the next route marker outside the entrance.


(Shot of several oni swimming around in the bottom of one spring, followed by rapid shots to a route marker beside the massive bone pillars at the entrance.)
Arumi: (VO) Teams must go into the springs until they find an oni at the bottom. From there, they have to take the oni outside the oasis to the Desert of Bleached White Bones, where they will find their next route marker.


(The two arrive at the pools. Noboyuki sees several oni swimming in one.)

Noboyuki: Thereís a bunch in here!

Tenchi: Can we reach them or do we have to dive in?

(Noboyuki extends a hand, but is unable to reach any.)

Noboyuki: How about taking a dip, Tenchi?

Tenchi: (somewhat annoyed) I guess so...

(Tenchi takes off his shirt, socks, and shoes, and dives in. Heís generally unhappy with doing it, but he manages to get an oni out and delivers it to Noboyuki.)

Tenchi: Howís that?

Noboyuki: Great work.

(Tenchi dresses and he and Noboyuki walk outside.)

Tenchi: (VO) Iím not a quitter. But after everything we did to Jessie and Ayla and Seta and Keitaro, I was not willing to race like this. Hopefully, this lead will help us cool down a little, and not force us to do anything weíd feel guilty about. Thatís whatís most important to me right now.


(They arrive at the route marker, lit by a single flood lamp near one of the pillars. While Noboyuki takes care of the oni, Tenchi gets the route marker.)

Tenchi: With help from the oni, transport yourselves to Liberty Island in New York City.

Noboyuki: Cool...


(Shot of the New York skyline, and Lady Liberty, as agent Drake Anderson explains.)
Drake: (VO) Using their oni thing, teams will need to transport themselves to Liberty Island in New York. The route marker is at the base of the Statue of Liberty.


(Noboyuki and Tenchi allow the oni to draw the magic circle. As it lights, they line up back-to-back, hold hands, and shout.)

Noboyuki / Tenchi: Kyu kyu noritsuge!


(With the help of the oni and some cool visual effects, they are whisked to the city that never sleeps. Not that thatís a problem, since itís a bright, sunny afternoon. Noboyuki and Tenchi shield their eyes.)

Noboyuki: Who turned on the light?

(They take a moment to orient themselves. Then they look up. They are right under the statue.)

Noboyuki / Tenchi: Wow...

Noboyuki: (hurried) Okay, whereís that route marker?

(They circle the statue for a little while before Tenchi finds it.)

Tenchi: Dad! Over here!

(Noboyuki runs over and they find the marker.)

Tenchi: Take the ferry to Manhattan and find the Hudson Park Library in West Village.


(Rapid shots of the Staten Island Ferry heading back to Manhattan, followed by a taxi ride to a library in West Village.)

Drake: (VO) Teams must take one of the ferries to the south port in Manhattan. From there, theyíll need to get to this branch of the New York Public Library in West Village. The Staten Island Ferry leaves Liberty Island every half hour.


(They head to the dock, and they see a ferry halfway back to Manhattan.)

Tenchi: Looks like we just missed one.

Noboyuki: Well... letís just see how good my English is...

(Noboyuki attempts to ask some tourists when the next ferry is. After some humorous miscommunications, he finally seems to get a concise answer.)

Noboyuki: Looks like itís at four oíclock.

Tenchi: Great... what time is it?

(Noboyuki checks his watch.)

Noboyuki: 2:39 in the morning.

(Tenchi sweatdrops as he shields his eyes from the sun.)

Tenchi: Um... somehow I donít think thatís right.

Noboyuki: Yeah, I guess not. Whatís the time difference between New York and El Hazard?

(They end up doing some sightseeing around the statue.)

Noboyuki: (VO) We had a little time before the ferry arrived to take us to Manhattan. We had like an hour lead, so it was a good chance for us to unwind a little and sight-see.

(Noboyuki hands a camera to some kind tourists and joins his son in front of the statueís pedestal.)

Tenchi: You know, weíre so perpetuating the stereotype about Japanese tourists...

Noboyuki: Shut up and smile, Tenchi.

(They get their photo. Before long, the ferry arrives, they board, and are whisked toward the mainland.)


(Back in the dark, Touya and Yukito open the clue.)
[TOUYA & YUKITO- Best Friends / Students- 2nd to Depart- 3:18 AM]
Yukito: Search the various springs for an oni. Once you find it, take it to the next route marker outside the entrance.

Touya: Do they mean inside the springs?

Yukito: You used to...

Touya: (sweatdropping) Yeah, I know!

(They head in. Touya wades around until he finds the clue.)

Yukito: (VO) Weíre not worried about losing Yamaki and Riley. Itís a shame they asked us to go ahead, because they ended up losing a lot of time on that Detour. But weíre determined to move forward. If they catch up to us, great! If not, weíll just have to move on without them.


(The ferry has docked and Noboyuki and Tenchi disembark. They run right for an awaiting cab and pile in.)

Noboyuki: Hudson Park Library, please.

(The driver muddles something and takes off.)

Tenchi: Do you think he knows where heís going?

Noboyuki: Do you think I know how to ask him?


(Lina and Gourry are next to open the envelope. Lina counts the money, a little depressed.)
[LINA & GOURRY- Traveling Companions- 3rd to Depart- 3:32 AM]
Gourry: You have 50 dollars for this leg of the race. Wonder what dimension weíre going to this time...

Lina: (downbeat) Whatever, letís get out of here. Those twerps were right behind us.

Lina: I gotta say Iím a little pissed after that last leg. We did fine standings-wise, but just seeing the way those priestesses used their magic- makes me even angrier that I canít use mine! Man, it feels like that time of the month... all month long!


(And once again, the monster quartet begins together.)
[KOJI & KOICHI-Twin Brothers / MAY & MAX- Siblings- 4th to Depart- 3:34 AM]
Max: Weíd better hurry if we want to catch up to Lina and Gourry.

May: To the springs!

May: You can joke about it all you want, but I think thereís something there between Koji and I. When I was struggling in that Road Block, he was right there to help me. If it wasnít for him, Iíd still be stuck up there! He really is the complete package, donít you think?


(In New York, Touya and Yukito finish reading the clue on Liberty Island and race for the ferry. Unfortunately, it had just pulled out, leaving them to wait another half-hour. Touya frowns.)

Touya: (frustrated) Damn.

Yukito: Oh well... better luck next time, right?

(Touya merely shakes his head.)

Touya: Weíve been doing really well and all, but if Yukito has one fault, itís that he is not always able to fight for an advantage. If he wasnít so damn good at everything he does, heíd probably have a rougher time here.


(Koji, Koichi, May, and Max reach a spring.)

May: Well? Who wants to get it?

Koji: No sense wasting time arguing. Iíll do it.

(Koji takes his shirt off. May smiles.)

May: Yeah, take it off!

(Koji blushes for a second, then shakes it off and dives in.)

Max: (to May) I hope you were joking...

May: Maybe I was, maybe I wasnít...

(Koichi just stands there, looking shy. Meanwhile, Koji is having a rough time hunting an oni down.)

May: Whatís wrong Koji? No luck fishing?

(Koji looks up at May, frustrated.)

Koji: If you want to speed things up, youíre welcome to join me.

(May feigns shock, taking a step back and pointing to herself.)

May: Me? Wow, youíll say anything to get my shirt off, wonít you?!

(Koji almost trips and back-plants into the water, but manages to shirk it off and continues looking. May, however, looks down at her chest, oblivious.)

May: Of course, I donít know why you would want to... thereís not much to look at.

(Now Koichiís weighing in, taking a seriously long look at Mayís chest.)

Koichi: Donít sell yourself short, May... theyíre bigger than Linaís.

Lina: (OS, pissed) I HEARD THAT!!!

(Koji finds an oni, dresses, and quickly joins the other three as they chase Lina and Gourry to the edge of the desert.)

Koji: (VO) May flirts with us constantly. Thatís one of the biggest things that annoys me. Sometimes, I completely lose my train of thought. Iím sure sheís just joking around with us, but it really isnít very funny.


(They arrive just as Lina and Gourry vanish. May gets the route marker and immediately jumps for joy.)

May: Wow! New York City!

Max: Let me see!

(May lets Max read as Koichi looks at his own, smiling.)

Koichi: Iíve never been to New York.

Koji: Thereís a first time for everything, bro...

(Koji sets the oni down.)

Max: Time to do your thing, little guy.

Koichi: Liberty Island in New York City...

(The oni makes a circles. The two teams clasp hands.)

May / Max / Koji / Koichi: Kyu Kyu Noritsuge!


(All four reach Liberty Island safely and start running around looking for the clue marker. Gourry passes Koji and Koichi.)

Gourry: Found the route marker?

Koichi: No luck yet.

Max: (OS) Hey guys! I found it!

(Koji and Koichi follow Maxís voice. Gourry does as well. Lina joins him. Max is already at the route marker with May. As he reads, the other two teams get clues as well.)

Max: Take the ferry to Manhattan and find the Hudson Park Library in West Village.

May: Great, there it is!

(The ferry has docked and all three teams race for it, making it on easily. They see that Touya and Yukito are already aboard. Touya looks a little annoyed.)

Yukito: Whatís wrong?

Touya: Weíve got company...

(Yukito smiles at the teams as they run by them, grabbing seats.)

Yukito: Welcome aboard!


(Yamaki and Riley are already running to a spring.)
[YAMAKI & RILEY- Dating Co-Workers- 6th to Depart- 3:55 AM]
Yamaki: We donít have a moment to lose.

Riley: You donít have to remind me. Not with those two back there...

Yamaki: Thatís not the only reason...

Yamaki: (VO) Weíve spent the last two legs partially relying on Touya and Yukito. Now, not only are they far ahead of us, but weíre near the trailing pack for the first time since the race started. It all leads to increased pressure for us to push harder in this leg.


(Jessie and Ayla finish counting the money. Jessie has a nice smile on her face.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Rivals- 7th to Depart- 3:56 AM]
Jessie: This always been my favorite currency. You can keep your roshtal.

Ayla: I intend to. It makes a great souvenir.

(They chase after Yamaki and Riley.)

Jessie: (VO) We should be doing much better in this race. I know weíve had a few setbacks, but theyíre such weak excuses that I wonder how weíre letting them get to us in the first place. Pretty soon, weíll have to make a move to jump into the lead. But first we have to get ourselves into a position where we can.


(Finally, Yukari and Minamo rip open their first envelope.)
[YUKARI & MINAMO- Best Friends / Teachers- Last to Depart- 4:04 AM]
Minamo: (VO) I know weíre in last place, but I feel really good about us as a team right now. I was originally afraid that if we used Yukariís tactics, weíd be doomed. But now I think the best strategy is to play it both ways. If we can stay unpredictable, but still move in the right direction, I think we can still go a long way in this race.


(They arrive at a spring and find Ayla and Riley skimming it for oni.)

Minamo: (dry) Looks like fun.

Yukari: Yeah, you can take this Nyamo-chan. You hang around pools all day.

(Rather than arguing, Minamo rolls up her pants legs and sleeves and wades in. Meanwhile, Ayla and Riley spot one and dive for it simultaneously. They make a big splash, soaking and thus annoying Minamo, but Ayla comes up with it. Jessie claps.)

Jessie: Good work.

(Ayla runs up as Yamaki shakes his head.)

Yamaki: Letís go! Thereís still at least two in there!

(Riley vigorously points to a side.)

Riley: Maybe not! Check one of the other pools!

Minamo: You too Yukari!

(Yamaki and Yukari quickly do so, investigating separate springs.)


(On the Manhattan-bound ferry, Max and Koji are looking through a map of New York.)

Max: Looks like itís around here. But the big question is how we get there.

Koji: I would think the subway would be the best bet.

Max: Yeah, I bet thereís a big terminal where this ferryís landing. Weíd better check out a map when we get there.

Koji: See if thereís any marked stops near the route marker.

Max: Okay... say, whereís my sister?

(Koji looks around. Neither May nor Koichi are in sight.)

Koji: Dunno, whereís my brother?

(Behind them, Lina and Gourry are trying to eavesdrop as best they can without disturbing them.)


(Outside, May is leaning on the railing, admiring the sea air and the New York skyline with an awed euphoric look. Koichi is watching her, smiling.)

May: This is just incredible! I never thought I would ever get the chance to visit New York, and here I am on the adventure of a lifetime, with two great guys... and Max.

Koichi: You really think weíre great?

(May looks back to Koichi, still smiling.)

May: Of course. Youíre so confident. It seems like you donít have any problems when it comes to stuff like this. And youíre cute too. You two are my snuggletwins!

Koichi: S... snuggletwins?

May: Yeah. I always feel more secure knowing you and Koji are around.

(A little nervous, Koichi steps forward.)

Koichi: Well, I donít know about Koji... but I like having you around too.

(May blushes a little.)

May: Really?

(Koichi puts his hand on hers.)

Koichi: Yeah. You make this game fun. It wouldnít be the same without you.

May: Wow... um...

(She falls silent as they stare at each other, both with equally red cheeks. He silently leans forward. She closes her eyes as he gives her a peck on the lips. He leans back immediately as she opens her eyes. They nervously laugh for a little bit.)

May: Wowís right...

Koichi: I guess so...

May: So um... what do we do about our brothers?

Koichi: Well... I donít know about Max but Iím definitely inviting Koji to the wedding.

(May giggles a little more.)

May: I mean what do we tell them?

(Koichi clutches her hand and leads her away.)

Koichi: Weíll tell them the truth...

(May leans in and rests her head on his upper arm.)

Koichi: ...eventually.


(Yamaki is at the route marker, alone. He paces around.)

Yamaki: Riley?! Riley?!

(As Riley comes around, Yukari and Minamo reach the route marker.)

Riley: You found it?

Yamaki: Itís right here.

(Yamaki takes the clue as Yukari and Minamo run off.)

Yamaki: Take the ferry to Manhattan and find the Hudson Park Library in West Village.

Riley: Thereís the ferry!

(They chase after Yukari and Minamo. Not that it matters, as both make it on the boat, joining Jessie and Ayla, before it shoves off. Stay on Yamaki.)

Yamaki: Where were you?

Riley: Looking for the route marker, same as you!

Yamaki: I was trying to call you. You know the teachers got ahead of us.

Riley: It doesnít matter. Weíre all in the same boat now.

(Yamaki shakes his head and sits back in his seat as the ferry departs.)


(Meanwhile, Noboyuki and Tenchi are having a devil of a time with their cabbie, wandering along the Hudson River.)
[NOBOYUKI & TENCHI- Currently in 1st Place]
Tenchi: You know, somehow I get the feeling our cab driver doesnít know where heís going.

Noboyuki: And we canít get a word across to him.

Tenchi: (to driver) West Village!

(The driver merely nods and continues along. Tenchi sits back, frustrated.)

Tenchi: What a way to kill our lead.




(The second ferry arrives. At once, Touya & Yukito, Koji & Koichi, May & Max, and Lina & Gourry jump off. Touya and Yukito run off immediately, but the other three teams remain.)

May: So whatís our move? The subway?

Max: Yeah. Letís check the map once we get down there.

(They race down to the subway. Lina and Gourry follow them.)

Lina: Címon, maybe they know where theyíre going.

(As Max confers with the map, May and Koichi look up at each other and smile briefly, completely unnoticed by Koji.)

Max: Got it! Letís go!

(Those two teams, followed immediately by Lina and Gourry, buy subway tickets and race to a particular platform. Once they get there, May turns on Gourry as Koji sits down.)

May: Hey! Youíre following us!

Gourry: So? Weíre going to the same place; somebodyís gotta follow somebody.

Lina: And since you know where youíre going, it only makes sense for us to follow you.

Koichi: But youíre just capitalizing off our work.

Lina: Hey, itís only fair after that joke about my chest!

Koichi: Joke? I wasnít joking...

(Koichi steps back and gestures towards both Linaís and Mayís chests.)

Koichi: Compare and contrast.

(Lina steps forward, away from prying eyes.)

Lina: (avoidant) Iíd rather not. So how do we know this is the right train?

May: Youíll have to ask Max. Heís the navigator.

Lina: (to Max) Well? How do we know this is it?

(Max fingers his chin and smiles coolly.)

Max: That... is a secret!

(Lina sweatdrops, and then angrily lashes out at him. Gourry restrains her just in time.)

Lina: Let me kill him!! Just once!!

Gourry: We tagged along with a couple other teams in New York. That was probably a good idea, but I donít think Lina counted on them hitting a few of her sore spots. Even I know not to make jokes about her chest if sheís within earshot.


(Touya and Yukito are in a nearby gift shop, asking anybody for directions. Eventually, they get some help.)

Yukito: And whatís the nearest stop? Houston Street? Thank you!

Touya: Letís go, Yuki. The other teams were heading down there.

(They rush to the subway station. Meanwhile, the train arrives, and the three waiting teams have plenty of time to get on. It pulls out. Touya and Yukito arrive to find an empty platform.)

Yukito: Well, either theyíre at the wrong platform, or we missed the train.

Touya: (angry) Shoot!

Yukito: Thereís always the next one, Touya.

(Both have a seat. Touya remains angry.)


(The final ferry arrives. This time, Yukari and Minamo run screaming for a taxi. Jessie and Ayla are just as fast, but they head for the subways. Yamaki and Riley are behind, and see the four women running off.)

Riley: Well, who do we follow?

Yamaki: Letís take the native New Yorker. Maybe she has an edge.

Riley: Right.

(They chase after Jessie and Ayla.)


(Yukari and Minamo have already gotten in their cab, and Yukari is dictating instructions in English.)

Yukari: Itís a library in West Village. We need to get there as fast as possible, okay?

Cabbie: No problem. Hopefully traffic wonít be too bad.

Yukari: Traffic, shmaffic, drive like a lunatic for all we care.

Cabbie: All right, lady.

(The monolingual Minamo remains unaware.)

Minamo: Does he know where heís going?

Yukari: Yep. Looks like Iím the star of this team after all.

Minamo: Letís just wait and see about that...

(They sit back.)

Yukari: (VO) Being in New York is great, because I get to show off my mad English skills. Weíll be cruising along, while the other teams are barely piecing together sentences. Thank God for the lousy English curriculum in schools these days.


(Jessie and Ayla arrive at the platform. Touya and Yukito are still waiting for the train, which begins to pull up. Touya and Yukito stand up to board the train as Yamaki and Riley stumble in, panting.)

Riley: (exhausted, to Jessie) You know, you make it really hard for us to chase you!

Yukito: Hi Riley! Yamaki! Long time no see!

(Yamaki grumbles a little as the three teams board the train.)

Riley: Well, despite our problems this leg, Touya and Yukito have apparently been having the same problems. We got together again. But instead of being in front of the pack, weíre bringing up the rear. That changes things a lot.


(After long last, the taxi drops off Noboyuki and Tenchi in front of the library. They run inside and spot the route marker. Noboyuki takes it.)
[NOBOYUKI & TENCHI- Father & Son- Currently in 1st Place]
Noboyuki: Detour. Read or Die.


(Appropriately enough, the star of Read or Die, Yomiko Readman, stands on the roof near a large suitcase.)
Yomiko: A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this Detour, teams need to choose- Read or Die.

(Rapid shots through the interior of the library, until focusing on one large book.)

Yomiko: (VO) In Read, teams will have to find a book called Greenwich Village: Culture and Counterculture somewhere in the library. On page 36, theyíll find out where they can find their next clue.

(Rapid shots down the neighboring streets to a route marker.)

Yomiko: (VO) Theyíll have to walk more than four blocks to get it. The task is time-consuming, but thatís a pretty good book, so itís worth taking a look at.

(Shot of a paper airplane gliding through the air, large enough to support two people comfortably.)

Yomiko: (VO) In Die, teams will be directed to the roof, where I will create large paper airplanes they can use to glide to the next route marker in the park across the street. Itís a short trip, but it gets really scary for some people.


(The first subwayís passengers ascend to street level. Max looks through a map as the other five wait on him.)

Max: Okay, from here itís north a block. Then we hang a right and we should see it on the left side.

Lina: Great! Thanks!

(Lina and Gourry rush ahead at full speed. Max stands there, stunned.)

May: Okay, we should have expected that.

(Koji starts running after them.)

Koji: No sense letting them get more of a jump!

(May, Max, and Koichi begin running as well.)


(Up on the roof, Yomiko is absorbed in a book as Noboyuki and Tenchi run up. She sets it down as they arrive and opens the briefcase. She uses the loose paper sheets inside to weave together a paper airplane as Noboyuki and Tenchi watch in awe.)

Noboyuki: Well... weíve seen electric logs, moving trees, and flying wood...

Tenchi: (observational) Paperís made of wood.

Noboyuki: Thatís true.

(Yomiko adds a rudder and turns to Noboyuki and Tenchi.)

Yomiko: Ready!

(Noboyuki and Tenchi tentatively get on the plane, which supports their weight easily.)

Yomiko: Just hang on and hope Drake throws you far enough.

Noboyuki / Tenchi: What?

(Drake comes up from behind, picks up the plane and hurls them over the edge. Their POV as they fly across the street. Fortunately, thereís an open park, where they sail unobstructed to the ground.)

Noboyuki: (VO) That glider was a lot of fun. Once I got past the fact that we were riding a paper airplane, it was just a big hoot. Made me feel like a kid again.

(The paper begins to fly apart as they land safely. Noboyuki picks up some of the paper and analyzes it. Tenchi stands up, a little exhilarated.)

Tenchi: Nice...

Noboyuki: Remarkable.

(Tenchi spots the route marker and retrieves the clue. Noboyuki follows.)

Tenchi: Now get on a real airplane and fly to the British Library in St. Pancras, London.


(Rapid shots of an airplane flying to the United Kingdom. Wendy, a Library Special Operations secretary, has more.)
Wendy: Teams must fly to Britain and reach the facility at St. Pancras in London. From the route marker in the piazza, they will access further instructions.


(Lina and Gourry reach the route marker.)
[LINA & GOURRY- Traveling Companions- 2nd at Detour]
Lina: Read or Die. Consider us dead. Which way to the roof?

Gourry: Letís try up.

(They run ahead as Koji & Koichi arrive at the route marker. May & Max follow.)
[KOJI & KOICHI- Twin Brothers- 3rd at Detour]
Koji: Detour, Read or Die...

(Koji reads through it as Max takes an envelope.)

Koichi: I think we have to take the paper airplane.

Max: Not necessarily. Letís see what this Read thing involves.

May: (teasing) Whatís the matter, Max? Scared...

(May looks up at Koichi, then looks at the clue closer.)

May: Wait, did you say paper airplane?

Max: (just as teasing) Whatís the matter, May? Scared??

Koji: Paper airplane it is. Letís go, Koichi.

(Koichi takes Mayís hand.)

Koichi: Donít worry, May. Iím sure it will be fine.


(Lina and Gourry take off on their plane, perfectly at ease. They touch down without issue. Meanwhile, Koji & Koichi and May & Max arrive on the roof. Koji looks around.)

Koji: Where are the airplanes?

Yomiko: Two more? Iím on it!

(Yomiko unwraps a few reams of paper and weaves together another plane. The four watch her, sweatdropping.)

May: (nervous) So uh, heh heh, who wants to go first?

Max: I, uh, think Koji and Koichi should go first.

Koichi: (equally nervous) Um... all right.

(Koji nods and he and Koichi step forward as Yomiko finishes the plane. They get on, Drake winds up, and they are sent screaming into the air.)


(Lina and Gourry are running back down the same subway station, passing Yamaki & Riley and Touya & Yukito on the way. They run down and consult a map.)

Lina: Okay, weíre looking for an airport...

Gourry: There it is!

(Gourry points to JFK Airport.)

Lina: Thatís nowhere near us!

Gourry: There it is again!

(Gourry points to LaGuardia Airport to the north.)

Lina: Another one!? And itís still nowhere near us! Which one do we go to?!

Gourry: Hmm... eenie, meenie, miney, mo...


(May and Max are really screaming as they fly off the roof. But itís an enjoyable scream. Theyíre obviously having fun as they glide safely into the park. Koji and Koichi wait nearby, with the clue.)

May: I want to do that again!

Koji: Too bad. We have to go to London now.

(May runs to the route marker to retrieve a clue.)

Max: Hey! Letís go back to the library! I saw one of their online terminals! If we can get tickets before any of the other teams, weíll have a big boost!

Koichi: Good idea!

(They rush back inside. They get there, and find that Jessie & Ayla have just arrived at the Detour. They sneak by them and get to a terminal. Stay on Jessie & Ayla.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Rivals- 5th at Detour]
Ayla: Not much doubt about this one.

Jessie: Nope. Letís paper.

(They rush upstairs and greet Yomiko. She puts together an airplane and they fly.)

Ayla: (VO) Being in New York in this time period is very interesting for Jessie and I. Iíve visited Jessie several times, and while the city has evolved over 3,000 years, itís still remarkably similar. In fact, while the technology is more inferior in this time period, the layout of the subway system remained the same, so we were able to use that to our advantage.


(A cab drops off Yukari and Minamo at the library. They rush up to the route marker.)
[YUKARI & MINAMO- Best Friends / Teachers- 6th at Detour]
Minamo: Detour, Read or Die.

Yukari: As an English teacher, I must encourage reading!

Minamo: I donít know. Die seems a lot quicker. And more fun.

Yukari: Well, screw reading then, letís do that one.

Minamo: Yeah.


(Back at the terminal, Max is looking around for the best flight.)

Max: Hmm... this one would be cutting it close...

Koji: Look, other teams are starting to get here, so we have to get going.

Max: Okay, okay! This 9:15 one should be a safe bet. Should I book it?

May / Koji: Yes!!

(Max does so and they run out.)

Max: (VO) Going online to get a flight this time was a lot harder because we were in the middle of the race. There were flights earlier than the one we booked, but I didnít know if we would have been able to make those.


(Touya & Yukito and Yamaki & Riley reach Yomiko just as Yukari & Minamo take off.)
[TOUYA & YUKITO / YAMAKI & RILEY- 7th at Detour]
Yukito: You can go first. Just remember to wait up for us!

(Touya grumbles a little about that.)

Riley: Of course. We wouldnít leave you behind!

(Yamaki rolls his eyes.)

Yomiko: Whoís next?

(Riley raises a hand. She builds them their airplane and they are thrown off.)

Riley: (VO) Between meeting up with Touya & Yukito and that glide, I almost forgot about our problems. For a second, it was just us enjoying ourselves and not constantly feeling pressured. But once we landed, it was business as usual.

(They land. Yamaki notes the serious amount of loose paper on the ground, now that seven planes have landed at the spot. Riley runs up to the route marker.)

Yamaki: I wonder how many litter laws theyíre violating.

Riley: Fly to the British Library in St. Pancras, London.

Yamaki: I think we should get moving now.

Riley: But we have to wait for...

Yamaki: (stern) Riley, weíre in last place. Itís every team for themselves at this point.

(Riley folds her arms and turns away from him.)

Riley: Iím sorry, but I told them weíre waiting so weíre going to wait.

Yamaki: Even if it costs us the race?

Riley: It wonít. Weíll catch up to the other teams at the airport.

(Yamaki has no counter for that, and is forced to watch Touya and Yukito make their descent.)




(May & Max and Koji & Koichi arrive at a subway station. Jessie & Ayla are waiting at the same station.)

May: Well, the New Yorkerís here, so we must be doing something right. Hey Jess.

(Jessie gives her a confused nod.)

Max: This line takes us to the airport, right?

Jessie: It takes you to one of the airports.

Max: (worried) You mean thereís two of them?!

(Jessie smiles and nods.)

Max: Excuse me...

(Max frantically turns around and checks his tickets. May blocks Jessieís view, smiling and waving at her. Max finally turns back around.)

Max: We want the JFK one.

Jessie: Then this is the right one.

May: Whatís the difference?

Jessie: JFK handles flights on this planet, LaGuardia handles flights to other planets. Er... at least thatís how it works 3,000 years from now.

(The train arrives and the three teams board.)

Koichi: We rode to the airport with Jessie and Ayla. But we didnít want them to know we already booked our flight. I guess May and Max did a decent job hiding it.


(Yukari and Minamo are walking down a staircase to the subway. Touya spots them.)

Touya: There they are.

(Yukari screams and she and Minamo begin sprinting as Yamaki & Riley and Touya & Yukito chase them down. The teachers clear through the hurdles, buy their tickets, and easily reach the platform first.)

Minamo: Yeah! We managed to...

(They look up. Thereís no train. The two teams easily catch up.)

Minamo: Son of a...!

Yamaki: (smug, to Yukari) So... Yukito tells us you speak English.

Yukari: °No comprende, seŮor!


(Rapid shots as the train arrives and the three teams board. Montage of train shots, until Noboyuki and Tenchi arrive at the airport, towing their bags on complementary carts.)
Noboyuki: Well, I donít see any other teams around. Looks like weíre still in the lead.

Tenchi: Thereís the British Airways desk. See what theyíve got.

Noboyuki: Sure thing. Keep an eye out for other teams.

(They get in line. They are almost at the counter when Tenchi spots Lina and Gourry walking by.)

Tenchi: Dad, thereís Lina and Gourry.

(Noboyuki turns around as Tenchi points them out.)

Noboyuki: Shoot! Hide!

Tenchi: What?

(Noboyuki grabs Tenchi head and forces them into a crouching position. They wait a few moments, until a clerk calls them.)

Clerk #1: Sirs? Sirs, youíre next.

(Noboyuki stands up straight and confirms that Lina and Gourry have moved on. Tenchi is now angrily staring at his father.)

Noboyuki: What? They might not know this is the right terminal. Theyíre from a different world, remember?

Tenchi: (annoyed) Just get us the tickets.

(Noboyuki faces the clerk and begins negotiating.)

Tenchi: Itís not as bad as before, but little things like hiding from other teams are still annoying. I mean, we donít gain much of an advantage, itís just unnecessarily sneaky!


(Lina and Gourry get in a random line.)

Gourry: Why this one?

Lina: Why not? Iím not even sure where London is. Since weíre apparently the first ones to get here, our best bet is to pick random counters until we either find one going to London, or we see another team we can latch onto.

Gourry: Those kids were right behind us at the library. I wonder what happened to them.

Lina: If they went to the other airport, I am so going to bash your head in.

(They reach the front of the line and walk up to the clerk... who happens to represent Virgin Airlines.)

Lina: London?

Clerk #2: When do need to get there? Our next available flight leaves at 9:00 and arrives at 8:50 tomorrow morning.

Lina: Yes!

(The clerk processes their tickets and theyíre all set.)


(Back at British Airways, Noboyuki turns to Tenchi, whoís still a little irate.)

Noboyuki: What do you think? Leaves at nine and gets there at 9:05.

Tenchi: Whatever, just book it.

Noboyuki: You donít want to shop around for the best offer?

Tenchi: Thisíll be fine.

(Noboyuki turns back around and theyíre confirmed.)


(Jessie and Ayla are running around, looking for flights. They check the Virgin Airlines and British Airways counters, but both have filled up. They end up flying with American Airlines.)

Jessie: (VO) All the familiarity with New York and all the lingual skills in the world is no match for bad luck sometimes. We ended up with a decent flight, but I know other teams beat us to the punch and found better.


(Noboyuki and Tenchi run into Lina and Gourry.)

Gourry: Hey, there are other people here!

Noboyuki: Yep. We just got here...

(Noboyuki looks at Tenchi, looking back with an angry glare.)

Noboyuki: Er, we just got our tickets. How about you?

Lina: We did great! We leave at nine!

Noboyuki: Hey, us too! And you pull into England at 9:05 tomorrow?

Lina: Nope! 8:50!

Noboyuki: What??

Gourry: We just picked an airline at random and got a decent flight!

Lina: Itís a good thing we didnít see you guys in line or we would have gotten stuck with your crappy flight.

(Tenchi walks away, quietly pleased with the irony.)

Noboyuki: Shut up, Tenchi!

Tenchi: I didnít say anything.

Noboyuki: Maybe we can still get on that flight...

(Noboyuki takes two steps and almost runs into Jessie. He turns around and runs away. Tenchi remains, attempting to talk to Jessie.)

Tenchi: How are you doing?

Jessie: (belligerent) Not that itís any of your business, but we managed to get something.

(Ayla follows, with boarding passes from American.)

Ayla: The Virgin flight was only twenty minutes faster, Jessie. It isnít a big deal.

Jessie: It is if somebodyís getting there at 8:50 when weíre stuck with 9:10!

Lina: (bragging) That would be us!!

(Jessie and Ayla turn to Lina and Gourry, flashing their tickets.)

Ayla: You two got on the Virgin flight?

Lina: Consider the Virgin flight deflowered!!


(Yukari is walking with Minamo at her side... as well as Touya, Yukito, Yamaki, and Riley. Yukari is very annoyed with the latter four.)

Yukari: Stop following me!

Yukito: We just enjoy your company!

Yukari: You just want me for my English!

Riley: What gives you that idea?

Yamaki: Besides, isnít it the same with your students?

(Minamo starts laughing.)

Minamo: The students donít have much say in the matter...

Touya: Look, if we stick together, we all end up on the same flight and nobodyís left behind.

Riley: If you wait longer, you wonít get a good flight!

Yukari: Youíll let us go first in line?

Yukito: Of course!

Yukari: Okay, but you have to catch me!

(Yukari bolts for a line, but the other five keep up easily.)

Minamo: Is this the one we want?

(Yukari is out of breath.)

Yukari: Hold on... let me catch my breath...

Yamaki: Take your time...

(They end up scoring with American Airlines as well. All six walk away with tickets.)

Yukito: (pleasant) So... who knows their way around London?


(Lina and Gourry board one flight, while Noboyuki and Tenchi board another. They both depart at the same time. Meanwhile, the six other teams all are seen on the third flight. Most sit with their teammates, except for Koji and Max, who are stuck together while Koichi and May cuddle behind them. Koji looks a little disgusted while Max occasionally peeks at them until May forces his head forward. Finish with a map of the North Atlantic, and three lines heading from New York to London.)


(Heathrow Airport. The first plane arrives. Lina and Gourry run to a train station. A train is boarding as they arrive.)
[LINA & GOURRY- Traveling Companions- Currently in 1st Place]
Lina: I think this is the one!

(They get on with a couple minutes to spare. Lina smiles.)

Lina: (VO) We knew we caught a break, and we werenít about to blow it. So we made sure we looked up where we were going before we got there. Weíve had enough bad luck to know that when we get some of the good stuff, donít screw it up!


(The second plane arrives. Noboyuki and Tenchi also race for the train station.)
[NOBOYUKI & TENCHI- Father & Son- Currently in 2nd Place]
Noboyuki: We only have five minutes Tenchi, weíve got to make them count!

Tenchi: Youíre running slower than I am!! Where are we going anyway?

Noboyuki: The train station. A nice woman on the plane showed us how to get to the library by taking the train.

Tenchi: Great. So she knows London pretty well?

Noboyuki: Yep, and youíre going on a date with her as soon as we win.

(Tenchi sweatdrops.)

Tenchi: Thatís just what I needed...


(The final plane arrives, and it is an incredible mad dash as the other six teams all scramble to get to the station. Among them, Jessie, Yukari, and Max seem to have the only clue of where theyíre going. The others are just following one of those three.)

Max: (VO) Since we got our tickets ahead of time, we were able to figure out the best route to the library. Unfortunately, it seems like everybody else did too. That or only a couple of other teams did and the others were all playing follow the leader.


(Yukari and Jessie are running side by side through the terminal. Besides their teammates, Yamaki, Riley, Touya, and Yukito are behind them.)

Jessie: Are they following me or are they following you?

Yukari: Theyíre following me! Why, do you want them?

Jessie: Are you heading to the train station?

Yukari: Yep.

Jessie: Then just run faster.

(Jessie and Ayla increase their speed, blowing by Yukari and Minamo.)

Minamo: Itís worth a shot.

Yukari: Here goes!

(They donít increase their speed as much as Jessie or Ayla, but itís enough to outrun the other two teams. Riley stops to catch her breath, forcing Yamaki to stop as well. Yukito also stops, so Touya does.)

Riley: (breathless) Sorry... I canít keep up with that.

(Max runs by, followed by May, Koji, and Koichi.)

May: Excuse us, we have a train to catch!

Touya: Can you keep up with them?

Riley: Yeah, thatís more up my alley.

(They follow those four instead.)


(Noboyuki and Tenchi are practically out of breath, but it pays off as they manage to catch a train just before it leaves. Noboyuki looks back at the receding station.)

Noboyuki: Well, we donít have the satisfaction of seeing other teams come up just a little bit short, but we still did pretty good.

(Tenchi smiles, but says nothing.)


(Jessie and Ayla reach the same station a few minutes later, but no train is in sight.)

Ayla: No train.

Jessie: Thatís alright. As long as the other teams donít know how to get here.

(Yukari and Minamo slow down as they also reach the station. They turn around. Nobodyís behind them.)

Yukari: Yeah! Lost them!

(Jessie smiles.)

Jessie: Nice work.

(Unfortunately, they spoke too soon. Max runs in, followed by May, Koji, Koichi, Touya, Yukito, Yamaki, and Riley. Yukari frowns as the eight arrive.)

Yukari: Max, you got some junk in your trunk.

(Max looks at his behind.)

Max: No I donít!

(May points to Touya.)

May: I think sheís talking about them.

Max: Oh.

Yamaki: So weíre all together heading into the final stretch...

Minamo: Yeah. I guess that whole thing was an unnecessary waste of energy.

Yukito: Look on the bright side- weíre all tied for third!

Touya: (cynical) Weíre also all tied for last.

(Eventually the train arrives and they all board.)




(Lina and Gourry transfer to a subway... er... tube. Rapid shots as that takes them to St. Pancras. They head out and see the library.)

Gourry: Thatís a big library.

Lina: No time for gawking, Gourry.

(They jog to it, and eventually find the entrance. They spot the route marker pretty quickly. Lina opens the envelope. A key card pops out.)

Lina: Find a nearby elevator and use the enclosed key card to reach the Library Special Operations underground base.


(Rapid shots of an elevator descending into the gigantic underground stacks.)
Wendy: (VO) Using the attached security clearance card, each team will descend into the stacks used by Library Special Operations. They will find the route marker upon exiting.


(Lina and Gourry find an elevator easily enough.)

Lina: Letís see. It says weíre supposed to go down. And then...

(Lina swipes the card. An additional button appears.)

Gourry: Here goes nothing...

(Gourry presses it. The elevator zooms down. They see the huge LSO library, dwarfing the public library above it.)

Gourry: Thatís a really big library.

Lina: This canít be good. Because weíre going to have to do something here. And I doubt it will be very fun.

(They reach the bottom. Lina and Gourry walk out and see the route marker. Gourry takes the clue.)

Gourry: Road Block. This person must have a keen literary eye.

Lina: Damn... that would be me, wouldnít it? Whatís the last thing you ever read?

(Gourry hands her the clue.)

Gourry: This Road Block clue. Before that... donít remember.

(Lina takes the clue and opens it.)

Lina: Thatís what I was afraid of.


(Wendy is walking through the stacks.)

Wendy: A Road Block is a task that only one person may perform. In this Road Block, that person will asked to locate six different books, each relating to a historical figure brought back to life as one of the notorious I-Jin.

(Wendy pulls one book off the shelf and opens it. Inside is a stack of clue envelopes.)

Wendy: Each book is actually hollow, with the clue for finding the next book inside. Inside the sixth book is a clue leading them to a seventh book, which contains instructions to return to his or her partner, and directions to the Pit Stop.


(Lina is still with Gourry, reading over the clue.)

Lina: Letís see... find the book Genjo Sanjo, about the man inspiring several Chinese legends.

(Lina shakes her head.)

Lina: I can tell this is going to be a headache.

Gourry: Iíll find some aspirin while youíre gone. Looks like Iíll have plenty of time to look.

Lina: No kidding...

(Lina walks off slowly, trying to figure out where to start. Montage of her, strolling around the complex, trying to figure out where to go. She has absolutely no idea how to make any sense of the system, and wastes a lot of time wandering aimlessly.)

Gourry: (VO) Weíre not exactly library people. Lina was at a real disadvantage during the Road Block. Iím just glad we had such a big lead, or we would have been in trouble.


(Lina continues to be perplexed, until she sees a computer terminal. She approaches it cautiously, and sees an entry box on the screen. She carefully types in ďgenjo sanjoĒ and hits Enter. She gets a list of books. She clicks the top one and reads the call number.)

Lina: PL862 dot A42154G4? What does that mean?

(She goes into one of the stacks and looks at the books on the shelf.)

Lina: Ah! DL! So I just need to find the section with PL!

(She starts wandering, much faster, checking the shelves.)

Lina: P... P... P... P...

(She passes an agent, who gestures down the corridor.)

LSO Agent: Down the hall and make a right.

Lina: Thanks!!

(Lina runs down the hall and turns. She finds herself in front of the womenís restroom.)

Lina: Dammit!!

(After much searching, she finally finds the section she is looking for. She finds the PL section, and the right book. She opens it. It is hollowed out, with a stack of clue envelopes. She takes one and shelves the book.)

Lina: Find the book Fabre: Poet of Science, dedicated to the French entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre.

(She walks away.)

Lina: Now whereís that computer...


(Meanwhile, Noboyuki and Tenchi have the library in their sights and run towards it.)

Noboyuki: The piazzaís this way, Tenchi. What the heck do you think theyíll make us do at a library?

Tenchi: Iíve got a few guesses. None of them are pleasant.


(After a check on the computer and another run down the halls, Lina finds the book on Fabre and takes the clue.)
[LINA- 2 Books Found]
Lina: Find the book Beethoven: Letters, Journals, and Conversations, a collection of the most innocent and most troublesome writings of the famous composer.

(Lina jogs to a computer.)

Lina: Wonder what they mean by troublesome...


(Noboyuki & Tenchi descend the elevator and get the clue.)

Tenchi: Road Block. This person must have a keen literary eye.

Noboyuki: Yeah, you can do it. I did the last one, remember?

(Slightly aggravated, Tenchi opens the envelope anyway.)

Tenchi: Lovely... find seven books somewhere in these stacks.

(Tenchi walks off slowly. Like Lina, he also has a little trouble getting going. He begins by checking various stacks.)

Tenchi: Letís see. Chinese Literature... this is a section devoted to cricket. No.

(He walks down the corridor slowly.)


(Lina is busy typing something very slowly into the computer.)

Lina: (grumbling) Figures, just when I have enough trouble with English, they give me something in a different language.

(Her entry is in German, and returns a list of books about aviator Otto Lillienthal.)


(Despite the fairly primitive technique, Tenchi finds the Chinese Literature and begins thumbing through for the book on Sanjo. He finds it and walks out.)

Tenchi: Letís see... a French entomologist. There has to be an easier way to do this, unless heíd be back in the cricket section...

(Tenchi sees a computer. He walks up to it, types in ďFabreĒ and gets a list of results.)

Tenchi: Duh.


(The final tube arrives, dropping off the final six teams. Again, May and Max use their small size to their advantage to shuffle through the crowds. Koji and Koichi stick close to them. They get an early lead, but are quickly overcome by Jessie & Ayla and Yukari & Minamo.)

May: (VO) Being younger is both a blessing and a curse. It really helps to weave through crowds, but when it comes to a footrace, weíre no match for girls like Jessie and Ayla.


(Koji and Koichi are running as fast as they can, but May and Max are barely able to keep up with them. However, they remain ahead of Touya & Yukito and Yamaki & Riley, neither giving it their all.)

Touya: (VO) We were at a disadvantage because we were working with Yamaki and Riley. We could have gotten to the library a lot faster if we werenít trying to stay close to them.


(Jessie & Ayla and Yukari & Minamo end up sharing an elevator down. They reach the route marker simultaneously.)
[JESSIE & AYLA / YUKARI & MINAMO- 3rd at Road Block]
Ayla: Road Block.

Jessie: Itís my turn.

(Ayla glances at the clue briefly before handing it to her partner.)

Ayla: Thank God.

Minamo: This person must have a keen literary eye.

Yukari: English!!

(Minamo agreeably hands it over. Yukari reads it and runs straight for a computer. Jessie takes a moment to read through the details. Since Yukari grabbed the nearest computer, she makes tracks to the next one.)


(Lina comes out of the stacks with another clue.)
[LINA- 4 Books Found]
Lina: Mata Hari. Okay... weíre getting somewhere.

(She looks around. On the other side of the balcony, she can see Yukari running around.)

Lina: Shoot!

(She races for a computer.)

Lina: Mata Hari... Mata Hari... where are you?!


(Max and Koichi head to a now unoccupied computer as May cheers them on.)

May: I know you guys can do it!!

Koji: Relax May, theyíll be fine.

(She goes over and sits down next to Koji.)

May: I know. Max is a bookworm, heís right at home with this. And Koichi...

(She laughs a little. Koji merely shakes his head. Meanwhile, they watch as the final two teams arrive. Yukito and Riley agree to take the task for their teams.)

Koichi: (VO) We knew Max was going to do the Road Block. And Iím not surprised Koji asked me to do it either. Itís not that Iím more qualified or anything, but I have a funny feeling he doesnít want May and I alone together. It doesnít matter to me. Being a member of the team is more important than being with May.


(Yukari is cruising along nicely in the entomology section. She finds the Fabre book and gets the clue inside.)
[YUKARI- 2 Books Found]
Yukari: Beethoven: Letters, Journals, and Conversations. No sweat!

(She runs out and sprints up the corridor a ways before finding a terminal. She passes Jessie, who runs in and gets the Fabre book.)
[JESSIE- 2 Books Found]
Jessie: Okay... Beethoven: Letters, Journals, and Conversations.

(Rather than running off, she finds the nearest terminal and begins looking.)


(Max and Koichi are at the first book. Max smiles brightly.)
[MAX-1 Book Found / KOICHI- 1 Book Found]
Max: Wow! Jean-Henri Fabre! Heís one of my heroes!

Koichi: (sweatdropping) Youíve heard of him?

Max: Yeah. If the bookís on him, itíll be in the QL section. That should be close by.

Koichi: After you, Max.

(They continue.)


(Tenchi finally finds the book featuring Lillienthal.)
[TENCHI- 4 Books Found]
Tenchi: Find the book Mata Hari on the infamous French spy...


(Yukito and Riley are busy checking the computer for Fabre.)
[RILEY- 1 Book Found / YUKITO- 1 Book Found]
Riley: Letís see... Fabre: Poet of Science...

(As she checks the computer, Yukito notices Lina walking into one aisle. He walks up to that aisle and notices her going down a shelf.)

Lina: Ikkyu... Ikkyu... Ikkyu...

(She looks over at Yukito.)

Lina: What?!

(Yukito quietly lets her continue and returns to Riley, who smiles.)

Riley: Found it! QL31. That should be nearby.

Yukito: Wonderful! Lead the way!

(Riley and Yukito run off, ignoring Lina. Stay on her as she frowns.)

Lina: Baka-Yuki. Made me lose my place. Letís see...

(Lina continues searching for awhile until she finds it.)

Lina: Yes!

(She takes it off the shelf and pulls out the clue.)
[LINA- 6 Books Found]
Lina: Congratulations, youíre almost done. Find the Jules Verne classic Around the World in Eighty Days so you can return to your partner and head to the Pit Stop.


(Yukari is checking the shelves for Mata Hari. She succeeds.)
[YUKARI- 5 Books Found]
Yukari: All right! One more! Find Ikkyu Sojun: A Zen Monk and His Poetry. Hmm... I wonder if thatís in literature...

(She finds a computer terminal and types it in. Behind her, Jessie enters the same aisle, looking for the Mata Hari book. Yukari smiles.)

Yukari: Yes!

(Yukari runs back to the classic literature section. Return to Jessie, who walks out of the aisle with the new clue. She goes to the terminal.)
[JESSIE- 5 Books Found]
Jessie: Címon...

(After some searching, she finds the right book.)

Jessie: PL2698. And Iím in D.

(She jogs off.)


(Lina finds the final book and reads the clue, not picking up on the symbolism.)
[LINA- 7 Books Found]
Lina: Return to your partner and walk to the Pit Stop, Jokerís office on the east end of the third floor.


(Rapid shots away from the stacks and to the offices, of note, the office of the LSOís chief of operations, Joker.)
Satoshi: (VO) Teams must find their way to the office of Joker, codename of the LSOís second-in-command. His office is the fifth Pit Stop in the race, and the last team to arrive will be eliminated.


(Max pulls a book off the shelf and hands a clue to Koichi as he returns it.)
[MAX- 4 Books Found / KOICHI- 4 Books Found]
Koichi: Find the book Mata Hari on the infamous French spy.

Max: Hmm... not sure about that one.

Koichi: Thatís what the computerís for.

Max: Yeah. Letís go.

(They check the computer terminal as Riley and Yukito approach.)
[RILEY- 3 Books Found / YUKITO- 3 Books Found]
Riley: Thereís Max and Koichi.

Yukito: Is the Lillienthal book around here?

Max: Youíll just have to find out for yourself.

(Yukito finds what he thinks is the right aisle. Riley follows.)

Riley: Um... what happens if we canít catch up to them?

Yukito: What do you mean?

Riley: Well, weíre in last place, arenít we?

Yukito: Oh yes. Here it is!

(Yukito pulls the book off and takes the last two envelopes. Riley takes it.)

Riley: Iím just saying that if push comes to shove, weíre competing for elimination. I donít plan to hold back.

Yukito: Weíre looking for Mata Hari. Have Max and Koichi left the computer?

(Riley checks.)

Riley: Yeah.

Yukito: Wonderful!

(Yukito begins typing on the computer as Riley looks on, concerned.)


(Tenchi is searching the shelves for the final book.)
[TENCHI- 6 Books Found]
Tenchi: Where is it?!

(Yukari rushes in and begins checking the stacks with him.)
[YUKARI- 6 Books Found]
Yukari: Yes!

(Yukari dives for it and grabs the clue. She shelves it just as Tenchi reaches for it, running off as Tenchi grabs the book off the shelf again. Unlike Yukari, he opens the clue.)

Tenchi: Return to your partner and walk to the Pit Stop.

(Tenchi chases after Yukari.)


(Meanwhile, at the Pit Stop, Lina and Gourry peek inside the office before running in and jumping on the mat. In the display on the route marker, ďREAD OR DIEĒ is written in large white letters, with ďLONDONĒ in smaller green letters above it. Satoshi is standing with the tall and dignified Joker.)

Joker: Welcome to London.

Satoshi: Lina and Gourry...

Gourry: We really donít deserve this.

Satoshi: Youíre team number one.

Lina: But weíll take it anyway!!

(They both smile and high-five.)


(Jessie finishes up and returns to Ayla, who stands up.)

Ayla: Done?

Jessie: Yep. Címon.

(Behind them, May, Koji, Touya, and Yamaki continue to wait. In particular, Touya and Yamaki are growing nervous.)


(Yukari and Minamo rush in quickly and jump on the mat.)

Satoshi: Yukari and Minamo? Youíre team number two.

(Both Yukari and Minamo cheer in celebration, congratulating each other.)

Minamo: Nice work!

Yukari: Yeah!!

(They leave. Soon behind them are Noboyuki and Tenchi.)

Noboyuki: We know this is the right office. We heard Yukari cheering.

Satoshi: Noboyuki and Tenchi you are team number three.

(Noboyuki nods.)

Noboyuki: Not bad. Not bad at all...


(Riley and Yukito step out of an aisle with clues.)
[RILEY- 5 Books Found / YUKITO- 5 Books Found]
Riley: Ikkyu Sojun: A Zen Monk and His Poetry... okay...

(Riley approaches a computer and begins checking it.)

Yukito: What were you saying about competing for elimination? That we canít hold back if weíre in last?

Riley: Yuki, if I find this quick enough, we wonít have to worry about that...

(As she does that, Yukito quietly runs off, back to the aisle he saw Lina at before.)


(Satoshi looks up at Joker, looking particularly dignified. He adjusts his posture to attempt to match Jokerís as Jessie and Ayla reach the mat. Joker smiles.)

Joker: Welcome to London.

(Satoshi attempts to emulate Jokerís British accent... and does a very bad job of it.)

Satoshi: Jessie and Ayla, youíre team number four.

(Jessie, Ayla, and Joker all look at him oddly.)


(Koichi and Max come running back to the route marker. May stands up excitedly and hugs Koichi as Koji approaches.)

Max: We did it!

Koji: Where to?

Max: This way! I saw Yukito right behind us, so we have to hurry!

(They run off. Now Yamaki is even more worried as Touya stands up.)

Touya: Címon Yuki...


(Yukito finds the final book easily.)
[YUKITO- 7 Books found]
Yukito: Around the World in Eighty Days? How appropriate...

(He runs back to his partner. Yamaki stands up as well.)

Touya: What happened to Riley?

Yukito: She said that because we were in last place, we had to abandon our alliance.

Touya: So you got ahead of her?

(Yukito smiles and nods. Touya smiles as they run off. Yamaki sits down and clenches his fist. He looks down at it.)

Yamaki: Whereís my lighter when I really need it?


(Once again, May & Max and Koji & Koichi jump on the mat simultaneously. Koichi and May are holding hands. Satoshi continues to use the bad accent.)

Satoshi: May and Max?

Joker: Koji and Koichi?

Satoshi: Youíre team number...

Koichi: Hold on...

(Koichi points to Joker.)

Koichi: Have him do it, his accentís better.

Joker: Thank you, I think. Both of you are team number five.

(May applauds while Koichi and Max smile. Koji does not react.)


(Riley is frantically looking for the final book. She finds it and gets the clue.)

Riley: The last team to arrive will be eliminated...

(She runs out.)


(Meanwhile, Touya and Yukito run up to the mat. Satoshi still has the accent.)

Satoshi: Touya and Yukito?

Joker: Give it a rest, please.

Satoshi: Fine...

(He drops it.)

Satoshi: Youíre team number six.

(They nod. Yukito smiles, but Touya does not. He merely sighs in relief.)


(Meanwhile, Riley returns to a very unhappy Yamaki.)

Yamaki: What was that about?

Riley: I donít know. We were getting close to the end and Yukito just ran off on me!

Yamaki: He says you told him it was okay because we were in last!

(Riley is about to say something, then shakes her head.)

Riley: Never mind...

(They head to the Pit Stop, well-aware of their fate. They are still unhappy when they check in.)

Satoshi: Yamaki and Riley?

(He gives dramatic pause. Riley bites her lip.)

Satoshi: Youíre the last team to arrive. Sorry luck, but youíve been eliminated from the race.

(Yamaki does not react. Riley merely nods sadly and steps off.)

Riley: (VO) More than anything else, I think this race opened our eyes. It was a really unique adventure, we went to places we never dreamed of, and met some wonderful people. But what it really did was open our eyes to exactly where our relationship was.

Yamaki: You canít survive something like this without a strong bond to your partner. And while we have had many positive experiences together, I donít think either of us felt that bond during the race.

Riley: Mitsuo and I need to take a long look at our relationship. At the very least, this whole thing helped us to realize that. Perhaps itís time for us to move on and abandon the notion that weíre right for each other. After years of keeping this affair a secret and doing our best to fool everybody, I think in the end the only people we were fooling were ourselves.

End of Episode Five


Authorís Notes
Since Slayers is making its debut as competitors in a reality series, itís only appropriate that I use a lot of in-references from that series. Of immediate note is ďthat time of the month,Ē which is a span of a few days when a female sorceress is unable to use her magic powers. Like most sorceresses, Lina tends to get grouchy during that period.

To balance the influx of Japanese voice actor references last week, this week we have some nods to the dubs. The train station scene featured Lina and Gourry arguing with Koichi and May. Koichi is voiced by Crispin Freeman, who also voices Zelgadis, while May is voiced by AR1 workhorse Veronica Taylor, who does Amelia. Both Zel and Amelia are regulars in Lina and Gourryís party. To round things off, Maxís line mimics Xelloss, an on-and-off member who annoyed a couple teams in AR1. Also of note is that Freeman also voices Joker, which may be why Koichi prefers his British accent over Sasshiís.

The constant jabs at Linaís chest is another staple of Slayers. The real humor in the running gag is the fact that Linaís chest is only small when compared to the extremely exaggerated bust sizes of other anime characters... among which would definitely include May.

Speaking of May, she and Koichiís relationship should not be seen as incredibly serious. But nonetheless, it is my first official reality series crossover couple since the ever popular Tracey/Sora relationship in Animation Survivor (Grim Realityís Izzy/Yui was not in the context of the reality series, so it doesnít count). I put May and Koichi together for two reasons: one is to better establish their characters. The other is that after Chromusís Mole fics (which have produced more successful, meaningful relationships than all of the American romance-oriented reality series combined), Iím now contractually obligated to provide a cute crossover couple. Thank you very much Digishipping and Chi-rika.

On the flip side of this, Yamaki and Rileyís relationship problems are not uncommon, although it is a noticeable departure from the usual elimination speeches of how great the experience was and how close it brought the pair together. The real series has had its share of couples who realize through the race that they do not go well together. The best example is Chuck & Millie of season 4, who had been dating for eons, but needed the race to realize that they werenít committed to each other for life. From the same season, Chip & Reichen didnít hint at it in their elimination speech, probably because they won, but even they separated after the race.

I did some extensive running around of my own at my universityís library for this leg. The books used in the Road Block are either books used for the chapter index in the DVD (Sanjo, Ikkyu, Lillienthal) or actual books and call numbers I found in the library (Fabre, Beethoven, Mata Hari). And the large chapter heading on page 36 of Greenwich Village: Culture and Counterculture is ďStraight Down Christopher Street,Ē which is a few blocks away from the Hudson Park Library. Shame nobody took that one.

Speaking of nobody taking that one, this is the first time in Anime-zing Race history that every team chose the same Detour option. This is somewhat remarkable, given how often it happens in the real series. They have a tendency to provide the choice between ďperform death-defying thrillĒ or ďtake excruciatingly long walkĒ far too often. While Detours for legs such as Love Hina, Ranma Ĺ, and Ah My Goddess have been of that nature, at least one team always took the excruciatingly long walk.

Next Time on the Anime-zing Race:
* Itís that time again- the race blasts off into outer space.
* After the Detour makes someone ill, one teammate has to pick up the slack.
* While Koichi and May get closer, Koji and Max develop differences in strategies.