The Anime-zing Race 2

Episode Three

Authorís Notes
As I mentioned before, Iím working on two other projects. While the manga isnít a big concern right now, Level 2: Worlds is. My writing time is precious, so I want to write what I feel like at the moment, and what people respond to more. Although amount of feedback isnít a good indicator of how many people are reading, youíre more likely to comment if youíre turned on to something in the chapter. By my estimate, twice as many people are interested in Level 2 as this. So unless this episode really peaks your interest (and given what happens, it very well may), donít be surprised if I concentrate on Level 2 rather than worrying about having a new episode of this every week.

Arumi: (VO) Last time, on the GoldenBoy leg of the Anime-zing RaceÖ

(Shot of team members on the first train waiting for the appropriate stop.)

Arumi: (VO) An exhausting train ride took its toll on some teams.

Minamo: (VO) The drive back to Kyoto was very difficult, since I didnít get any sleep the night before.

(Shot of Kasumi and Yukina racing to the route marker at the estate.)

Arumi: (VO) The battle for sisterly supremacy continued between Nabiki & Kasumi and Minato & Yukina.

Yukina: (VO) Somehow Nabiki and Kasumi were able to beat us! Weíll turn it around somehowÖ

(Shot of Jessie swimming in the Detour. She finishes up.)

Arumi: (VO) While the battle for supremacy between teammates Jessie and Ayla refused to die down.

Ayuko: You just set a world recordÖ

Jessie: But did I beat Ayla?

(Shot of Seta & Keitaro outrunning Minato & Yukina to the Pit Stop.)

Arumi: Seta and Keitaro narrowly came from behind to remain in the race, leaving sisters-in-law Minato and Yukina to be the second team eliminated.

(Rapid shots of each of the remaining teams at various spots in the first leg.)
Arumi: (VO) And now, ten teams remain. Who will be eliminated tonight?

12 TEAMS OF 2:
TOUYA & YUKITO (Best Friends / Students- Cardcaptor Sakura)
KOJI & KOICHI (Twin Brothers- Digimon)
JESSIE & AYLA (Rivals- Battle Athletes)
MAY & MAX (Siblings- Pokťmon)
SETA & KEITARO (Master & Apprentice- Love Hina)
NABIKI & KASUMI (Sisters- Ranma Ĺ)
LINA & GOURRY (Traveling Companions- Slayers)
YUKARI & MINAMO (Best Friends / Teachers- Azumanga Daioh)
NOBOYUKI & TENCHI (Father & Son- Tenchi Muyo)
MINATO & YUKINA (Sisters-In-Law- Nadesico) {ELIMINATED}
CHIHARU & YAMAZAKI (Classmates- Cardcaptor Sakura) {ELIMINATED}
YAMAKI & RILEY (Dating Co-Workers- Digimon)


Leg Three
(Shot of the mansion lit up during the evening. Pan down and zoom in to Arumi at the front door.)
Arumi: This is Kogane City, just outside Kanazawa, Japan. The cityís mayor, Juzo Katsuda, lives with his wife and daughter in this mansion, the second Pit Stop in the race.

(Shot of Jessie and Ayla checking in.)

Arumi: (VO) Teams checked in here at the end of the last leg for a mandatory twelve-hour rest period that gives them a chance to eat, sleep, and mingle with the other teams.

(Shot of Minamo chatting with Nabiki and Kasumi.)

Arumi: (VO) During the Pit Stop, Minamo had some choice words for Nabiki and Kasumi about the conflict between the teams in the last leg.

Minamo: Look, Iím not here to make enemies with anybody. I think things got heated up a little too much last time and I want to make sure it doesnít explode on us.

Nabiki: (innocent) I donít know what you were talking about. Thatís just how we race.

Minamo: Still, my point is that if we focus on each other, weíre both going to end up screwed. Thereís other teams we need to worry about.

Kasumi: Like who?

Minamo: Seta and Keitaro for one. Those two look like they could really contend if they had the opportunity.

Nabiki: You know, youíve got a point there. If they donít get eliminated soon, theyíll find their way up to the front and not look back.

Minamo: Which is why Iíd much prefer to worry about them than you two. Hell, if it were up to me, weíd work together to try to stay ahead of them.

Nabiki: (skeptical) I donít knowÖ

Kasumi: Iíd like to work together, too. Itís so much easier than not getting along.

Minamo: Exactly. And since we start at the same time anyway, we might as well.

Nabiki: (uncertain) WellÖ I guess we can give it a shot.

Minamo: Great!

(Shot of the teams wining and dining in the huge dining room.)

Arumi: (VO) The ten teams remaining do not know where they are headed. Theyíll have to figure out for themselves how to get to the next yellow-and-red route marker by solving clues theyíll find in sealed envelopes.


(Shot of Lina holding out a peace sign as she and Gourry reach the Pit Stop.)

Arumi: (VO) Lina and Gourry were the first team to arrive at 11:43 AMÖ

(That night, Lina and Gourry are all business as they are ready to take off.)

Arumi: (VO) Öand will therefore depart at 11:43 PM.

(Lina tears open the clue.)
[LINA & GOURRY- Traveling Companions- 1st to Depart- 11:43 PM]
Lina: Travel to Nekomi and ask for the ďperfect ringĒ at the jewelry store downtown.

(They walk off, trying to contemplate the clue.)


(Rapid shots of a plane taking off, landing, and heading to the city of Nekomi. Former loser college student Keiichi Morisato stands inside the appropriate jewelry store.)
Keiichi: Teams must get to Nekomi any way possible and find the jewelry store downtown. They must ask the salesperson for the perfect ring to receive their next clue.

(A woman walks by and stares at him for a moment until he continues.)

Keiichi: Oh- and it opens at ten.

Woman: No exceptions this time!


(Lina and Gourry are still on the mansion grounds, sitting at a fountain and reading a completely unfolded map.)

Gourry: Letís seeÖ Nekomi, Nekomi, NekomiÖ

Lina: Here it is! Itís near Chiba. Jeez, that looks like a long way away.

Gourry: On the other side of the island. Over the mountain range.

Lina: Letís see what wonders of transportation we can find this timeÖ

(They exit and call a cab.)

Lina: (VO) I bet you think we werenít thinking straight and used the Fast Forward out of pure frustration. But I didnít become the greatest sorceress in the world by making bad decisions. We were overwhelmed by everything early on. By using the Fast Forward, we gave ourselves a little cushion to let us get a feel for things in this world. Yeah, we used it up early, but Gourry and I hopefully wonít need it again!


(Touya and Yukito run out of the mansion and also get to a cab.)
[TOUYA & YUKITO- Best Friends / Students- 2nd to Depart- 11:48 PM]
Touya: (VO) So far I really like the way things have been going. All the other teams have been so worked up concentrating on Jessie and Ayla, and even the twins after they won the first leg. But Yuki and I have quietly been doing our own thing, and quietly dominating everything. We were the first team done with both the Detour and the Road Block last leg, and nobody batted an eye. Perfect.


(In the taxi, the two read the map.)

Yukito: Found it! Itís out by Tokyo.

Touya: So we want to fly there, right?

Yukito: Yeah.

Touya: (to cab driver) Whereís the nearest airport?

Driver: Komatsu. About twenty miles away. Thereís a shuttle from the train station.

Yukito: Excellent!


(The next team climbs into a cab.)
[YAMAKI & RILEY- Dating Co-Workers- 3rd to Depart- 11:57 PM]
Yamaki: Take us to the nearest hotel.

(The cab takes off.)

Riley: (VO) We didnít know if the airport was going to be open, or if the JAL counterís going to be open, or if the shuttle to the station was running. So we went to a hotel and tried to get tickets online or over the phone.


(And the next team reads their clue.)
[KOJI & KOICHI- Twin Brothers- 4th to Depart- 11:58 PM]
Koji: Travel to Nekomi and ask for the perfect ring atÖ letís get to Nekomi first.

Koichi: I think thatís down by Tokyo.

Koji: Well, we have until ten oíclock, so letís get to the airport.

Koichi: Things have been great so far. I wasnít really sure how well weíd compete given who weíre up against. But Kojiís been very confident, and two legs in, he hasnít been let down.


(At the train station, Touya and Yukito are looking over a map of a train line. Lina pokes her head in and taps them on the shoulder. Touya ignores her at first.)

Lina: What are you doing?

Yukito: Weíre checking the train schedule. There should be one coming very soon.

Lina: Do these trains run all night?

Yukito: These shuttles to the airport do.

Lina: (slightly mad) So everybody will get there tonight?

Touya: Maybe, but the airport wonít stay open for long. If we get there while itís open, weíll have a big advantage.

Lina: Great!


(Jessie and Ayla also take time out to look through their map.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Rivals- 5th to Depart- 12:01 AM]
Ayla: Jessie- right here. Itís by Tokyo.

Jessie: OkayÖ so I guess we take a plane, then.

(They pack up and call a cab.)

Jessie: (VO) Physically, nobody can top us. We arenít concerned about that. But we are from 3,000 years in the future, and neither of us are Japanese either. Making travel arrangements and such is a real equalizer. That will be our big obstacle in the race.

(Now inside a cab, Jessie gives the driver directions.)

Jessie: Komatsu Airport, please.

Ayla: Jessie, there is a shuttle nearby. Itís probably cheaper.

Jessie: Look, if we go there we get bunched up waiting for a train. This way, we know weíll get there- maybe even before everybody else. Besides, it doesnít matter- we have ten hours to get two hundred miles. Plenty of time.


(Tenchi opens the clue as Noboyuki counts the money.)
[NOBOYUKI & TENCHI- Father & Son- 6th to Depart- 12:07 AM]
Tenchi: Nekomi, huh? What do you think?

Noboyuki: Letís find it first.

Tenchi: Yeah. Letís go to the train station. If we need to get on a flight, maybe we can get to the airport before it closes.

(They hail a cab.)

Tenchi: (VO) Yeah, it is interesting working with my Dad. We each think a little differently. But one thing we have in common is that we both work hard. I never noticed how task-oriented Dad was until we both were working towards the same thing.


(Yamaki and Riley enter a hotel.)

Yamaki: Excuse me. Weíd like to use your phone to book a flight.

Concierge: Are you a guest here?

Yamaki: Do we have to be?

Concierge: There are payphones outside. If you arenít a guest, you can use those.

Riley: I have a better idea. If you let us use your phone and we get the flight we want, weíll need a place to stay.

Yamaki: And since weíre already in hereÖ

(The concierge hands them the phone.)

Concierge: Try not to take too long.

(They donít. After a brief conversation, they are able to get through to JAL.)

Yamaki: The flight leaves at 8:00? Thank you.

(Yamaki hangs up.)

Yamaki: Weíre on the first flight to Tokyo.

Riley: Perfect. NowÖ about that roomÖ

(Yamaki and Riley get a room and enter.)

Riley: This definitely beats spending the night at the airportÖ

Yamaki: Weíre older. Weíre smarter. Itís a much bigger advantage than physical ability.


(At the airport, Touyo & Yukito are at the JAL desk. Lina and Gourry are waiting behind them, impatient.)

Lina: Would you hurry up?

(Touya turns around.)

Touya: The next flight isnít for eight hours, and we wonít take that longÖ

Lina: (bitter) Can I get that in writing?

(Yukito turns around and sees her. He returns to the desk.)

Yukito: Oh, and you can also get tickets for the team behind me.

(Touyaís a little surprised. Lina is as wellÖ but itís a happy surprise.)

Lina: Wow, and I didnít even have to threaten you.

(The tickets print out. Yukito hands them to Lina, smiling.)

Yukito: Enjoy!

(As Lina peruses the tickets with Gourry, Yukito joins Touya.)

Touya: What was that about? They could have gotten their own tickets.

Yukito: Sure, but this is easier. They were the last tickets on the flight anyway.

Touya: So what? You put them in the back of the plane.

Yukito: Nope!

Touya: YouÖ want to form an alliance with them?

Yukito: Nope!

Touya: What? You were just being courteous?

Yukito: Is that a problem?

(Touya sweatdrops.)

Touya: I guess notÖ


(Koji and Koichi get off the train and run to the JAL counter.)

Koichi: Remember Koji, we also need time to check ANA.

(They reach the desk.)

Koji: Are you closed?

JAL Clerk: We will be in five minutes.

Koichi: We need to get on your earliest flight to Tokyo.

JAL Clerk: The 8:00 is sold out, so the first one we can get you on is the 9:25.

(Koichi grabs Koji by the collar and runs to the ANA desk. The clerk is about to close the window.)

Koji: WAIT!

ANA Clerk: Yes?

Koichi: We need to book a flight!

(The ANA Clerk gives out an exasperated sigh and sits down.)

ANA Clerk: What do you need?

(They go through the motions of booking a flight. Along the way, Koichi spies Jessie and Ayla entering the terminal.)

Koji: So you can get us on an 8:30 flight? Perfect.

Koichi: Uh, Koji, the amazons are coming this way.

Koji: Book those tickets. Also, could you do us a big favor?

(The clerk processes the tickets and gives them to Koji. After they leave, the clerk is most of the way through closing the window just as Jessie and Ayla walk up to it.)

Ayla: Excuse me, we...

ANA Clerk: I'm sorry, we're closed for the night. We open at 6:00 tomorrow. Thanks for flying All-Nippon Airlines!

(The clerk closes the window in their faces.)

Koji: It's a cutthroat game, and we're going to have to be cutthroat players to succeed. We have too many weaknesses to not use an aggressive strategy.


(May and Max excitedly open the envelope.)
[MAY & MAX- Siblings- 7th to Depart- 12:46 AM]
May: Okay, weíre going to Nekomi. I have no idea where that is.

Max: Then letís find it before we do anything else.

(Max sticks his nose in a map.)

May: (VO) The end of the last leg was chaotic. And of all the teams that were on that last train, we finished first. We kicked some butt, and that really boosted our confidence.

(After some sleuthing, Max finds something.)

Max: Here! Itís near Tokyo.

May: So do we want to fly there?

Max: Yeah. The airportís probably closed, so letís hunt down an internet connection.

May: Youíre the boss.


(Nabiki and Kasumi look through a map next to the Pit Stop as Yukari and Minamo walk up to it.)
[NABIKI & KASUMI- Sisters- 8th to Depart- 12:50 AM]
Kasumi: Oh, there it is!

Nabiki: Great, now we just have to wait forÖ

(Yukari and Minamo walk up to them.)
[YUKARI & MINAMO- Best Friends / Teachers- 9th to Depart- 12:51 AM]
Yukari: You know, you guys are lucky Nyamo-chan wanted to work with you.

Nabiki: Whatever. We need to fly to Tokyo. And that means we need tickets.

Minamo: Okay, so letís get to the nearest airport.

(Minamo starts to leave, but Nabiki grabs her shirt sleeve.)

Nabiki: Hold onÖ thatís not the way we do it.


(Noboyuki sees Jessie and Ayla holding their place in the ANA line. Tenchi follows.)

Noboyuki: Is this where we get tickets?

Ayla: I guess so. The counter closed right before we got there.

Tenchi: Wow. Thatís tough luck.

Noboyuki: Well, if weíre in the same boat, we might as well share the space. Scoot over.

Jessie: Wait, what?

(Noboyuki plops down next to Jessie. Tenchi shakes his head and does the same.)


(Max is typing frantically on a laptop. May stares on, bewildered. Max pauses, then dramatically hits the Enter key.)
[MAY & MAX- 2nd Team on 8:30 Flight]
Max: Piece of cake.

(Max hands the laptop to a guy on a street corner.)

Max: Thanks.

Laptop Guy: How did you do that? This laptop doesnít have a wireless connection.

Max: It does now!


(Finally, Seta and Keitaro rush out to get a taxi.)
[SETA & KEITARO- Last Team to Depart- 12:54 AM]
Keitaro: So whatís the first move?

Seta: First, we get to the station and call ahead while we wait for a train.

Keitaro: Good idea.

Seta: It is a very tense situation weíre in right now. We know that if we get ourselves together, we can start to gain ground. But weíre also dangling on that precipice, and thatís dangerous.


(At a convenience store, Nabiki is talking with a clerk.)

Clerk: Sorry. This computer is for employees only.

Nabiki: Come on. You donít want to help us four hotties out?

Clerk: (proud) Policy is policy. Besides, I already have a girlfriend.

Nabiki: Lucky you. Whatís a stud like you doing here working the third shift?

Clerk: UhÖ

Nabiki: You know, weíre in a race. Itís for a popular TV show. And if we win, weíre bound to become pretty famous celebrities.

(Yukari and Minamo are watching Nabiki with interest.)

Nabiki: And when we go on talk shows and they ask what the secret was, weíd say ďwell, weíd definitely like to thank the guy in Kanazawa who let us use the computer to book tickets.Ē That is, of course, you doÖ

(The clerk turns the computer monitor at them.)

Clerk: Well, since the boss isnít hereÖ

Nabiki: Great. Are you going to finish that candy bar?

(After some typing, she scores tickets. She high-fives Yukari.)
[NABIKI & KASUMI / YUKARI & MINAMO- Last Teams on 8:30 Flight]
Nabiki: And with this, there arenít enough tickets left for Seta and Keitaro.

Yukari: Thatís beautiful, manÖ

Minamo: Nabikiís craftier than I thought. I wasnít expecting to get that much help from her, but working with the sisters really paid off.


(Seta and Keitaro arrive at the airport. They find the counter for JAL.)

Seta: Letís just wait here tonight. Hopefully we can still get an early flight if weíre the first in line.

(They unfold their bags and camp out.)
Keitaro: (VO) We couldnít get a hold of anything on the phone before the train arrived. So we got to the airport, and weíre camping out at the JAL counter to try to get something thatís not last. Right now, ďnot lastĒ would really be nice.


(The next morning, Jessie and Ayla wake, as does Tenchi.)

Tenchi: Oh boy. Nobody else is in line. Know what that means?

Jessie: What?

Ayla: That everybody else is in another line or they already have tickets.

Jessie: Wait a second, are you saying weíre going to be behind everybody?

Tenchi: No. Thereís no way. But we might be on the last flight with some other teams.

Jessie: Damn. Now what?

Ayla: How well do you know Tokyo?

Tenchi: I used to go to school there. I havenít been to Nekomi, but if youíre suggesting we work togetherÖ

Jessie: WaitÖ what??

Ayla: Donít you think itís for the best, Jessie?

Jessie: I donít know.

Tenchi: Yeah, letís think about this. An alliance is serious business. We donít even know each other.

(Noboyuki begins to wake up and Tenchi notices.)

Tenchi: Hey, Dad.

Noboyuki: Oh. Morning Tenchi, ladies.

Tenchi: Dad, what would you think of an alliance with Jessie and Ayla?

(Noboyuki sits up and shakes Aylaís hand.)

Noboyuki: Way to go Tenchi!! I knew your charm would come in handy!!

(Tenchi and Ayla sweatdrop.)

Tenchi: Iíll take that as a yes.

ANA Clerk: Good morning, can I help you?

(They look up. The window has just opened. Jessie stands.)

Jessie: Yes. We need to get on the first available flight to Tokyo!

ANA Clerk: Our 8:30 flight is sold outÖ

Noboyuki: JAL! Follow me!

(The four leave the clerk in the dust and high-tail it to the JAL counter.)

Ayla: Perhaps we didnít take the initiative of trying to book a flight after the airport closed. As a result, we ended up on the last flight. So weíre working with Tenchi and Noboyuki in order to make sure neither of us gets eliminated. Hopefully they can help make sure we donít lose our way.


(Shots of the first teams boarding the first flight- Yamaki & Riley, Touya & Yukito, and Lina & Gourry. A half-hour later, the second flight boards with Koji & Koichi, May & Max, Nabiki & Kasumi, and Yukari & Minamo. Shot of a map of Japan, and two lines from Komatsu to Tokyo.)


(On the first flight, Touya and Yukito are looking through a map.)

Touya: Which airport are we going to?

Yukito: Haneda. All the flights are going there.

Touya: You know, Nekomiís a lot closer to Narita.

Yukito: Do you want to tell the pilot to land there instead? Or should I?

Touya: Very funny. But thereís shuttles to each airport. That would be a lot cheaper than taking a taxi.

Yukito: OhÖ good call!


(Meanwhile, on the second flight, Max is reading a pamphlet.)

May: Whatís that? Limo bus?

Max: ShhÖ bet no one else knows about this.

May: I sure donít. Sounds expensive.

Max: Well, itís more expensive, but look at it. We already decided the best way to get to Nekomi is to take the shuttle to Narita first. A limo bus is just like the shuttle, just half an hour faster.

May: So youíre sayingÖ

Max: May! We can catch up to the first plane! I donít know if weíll be able to compete with those teams up front, but at leastÖ

(May smiles evilly and stands up.)

May: Maybe *we* canítÖ

Max: UmÖ May?

(She calmly walks up a few rows until she finds Koji and Koichi. She takes an empty seat next to Koichi and smiles.)

May: Hi, boys!

(Koji rolls his eyes.)

Koichi: (pleasant) Hi, May.

May: You have no idea how cool it is to be on the same plane as you two. I mean, you two actually know what youíre doing. Although we did come across somethingÖ

Koichi: What?

May: You know, the way to get to Nekomi a half-hour faster.

Koji: What? Taking a shuttle to Narita first? We already knew that.

May: Yeah. Max found a way to get us to Narita a half-hour faster.

(Koji shakes his head, then does a double take.)

Koji: What?? What is it?

May: Hold on, hold on. Thatís pretty privy information. And I donít give it away for free.

Koji: (skeptical) Okay, what do you want?

May: (cheery) An alliance.

Koichi: An alliance? With us?

May: Yeah! I mean, you guys are on top of everything, but Maxís really on the ball sometimes. We could really kick some butt together.

Koji: We could kick some butt without you too.

(May rests an arm on Koichiís shoulder.)

May: Look, we can help you get caught up to the first group. If thatís not proof of how valuable we can be, I donít know what is.

Koji: Basically, you want us to help you in exchange for this information.

May: Itís more than just that, Koji. Itís an alliance. You help us, we help you, we stick together. And of all the teams here, Iíd prefer to form an alliance with you two.

Koichi: Us two?

(May leans in close to Koichi and forms a cat-like smile.)

May: Yeah. You two are the cutest.

(Koichi starts to blush. Koji buries his face in his hands.)

Koichi: UhÖ Koji? We should really consider this offer. A half-hour means a lot.

(Koji stares at Koichi nervously.)

Koji: And so we formed an alliance with May and Max. We are definitely going to regret this.




(The first plane arrives. Touya & Yukito immediately break for the shuttles to Narita. However, they are closely followed by Yamaki & Riley. Lina & Gourry decide on a different approach. They run straight for the taxis. Naturally, theyíre the first ones out.)
[LINA & GOURRY- Traveling Companions]
Gourry: Where are the other teams?

Lina: In our dust, no doubt.

Gourry: I donít see them anywhere...

Lina: Ďbout time something went our way!


(The shuttle arrives. Touya is a little surprised at first to see Yamaki & Riley join them. At first, Touya and Yamaki stare each other down, until Yukito smiles.)

Yukito: You know, we always seem to be running into each other. Since weíre in front anyway, maybe we can work together to improve our lead.

Yamaki: Sorry, butÖ

Riley: Good idea. Weíre clearly on the same page. We can use that to our advantage.

Yukito: What do you think, Touya?

(Touya shrugs as Yukito and Riley begin actively discussing strategy.)

Yukito: An alliance with Riley and Yamaki was very natural. Weíre always in the same group, and we get along very well with them. This will be great!


(The second plane lands. Nabiki & Kasumi and Yukari & Minamo get out to the early jump and head for the shuttles to Haneda. Koji & Koichi and May & Max follow, then veer off toward the limo buses. Stay on Minamo, who is a little confused.)
[Plane 2- 30 Minutes Behind Plane 1]
Minamo: Hey Nabiki, where do you think those kids were headed?

Nabiki: Iím not sure. I thought I read something about a limo bus, but it was way too expensive for us to use. I didnít think it was worth it.

Yukari: But is it faster??

Nabiki: Probably. But weíre not being threatened, so we might as well save our money.

Minamo: Good point.

(Yukari grumbles a little.)

Yukari: I didnít ask for this alliance. Weíre basically relying on them to make decisions for us. Thatís not how we do things! As teachers, we are called upon to be leaders, not followers! The other problem with the alliance is that theyíre underage, so we canít go into bars with them. We canít be leaders, and we canít get drunk either. This sucks!


(Meanwhile, the younger teams board the limo bus, which leaves before the Tendoís and the teachersí shuttle. Koji is impressed as they cruise in style to Narita.)

Max: Now this is the way to travel.

Koji: (conceding) Okay, so itís nicer, itís fasterÖ

May: And youíre in good company!

Koji: Letís not go nuts.

May: Youíre mean!


(The third plane is still in the air. Seta shows Keitaro the limo bus pamphlet.)

Seta: This is how we get ahead.

Keitaro: WowÖ a half-hour faster than the regular shuttle.

Seta: Moneyís not an issue, although it would be nice to split it with another team.

Keitaro: If it gets us ahead, itís not a problem.

Seta: Although I do feel sorry for Noboyuki and Tenchi. Theyíll be no match for Jessie and Ayla.

Keitaro: Shame. Tenchiís a pretty nice guy. I was talking to him during the Pit Stop. You should hear about the girls heís stuck with. He must take more beatings than I doÖ

Seta: So itís settled then. We talk to those two, and leave Jessie and Ayla in the dust.

Keitaro: UmÖ I donít know. First, pissing off two very large and very strong women is not my idea of a good time. Secondly, what if they go for the Fast Forward?

Seta: Two very good points! To answer the first one, they wonít be able to beat the stuffing out of you if theyíre eliminated. And for the second, they wonít go for the Fast Forward.

Keitaro: How do you know?

Seta: I just do. Iíll go tell Noboyuki the dealís on.

(Seta smiles, stands up, and finds Noboyuki and Tenchi. He explains the deal.)

Tenchi: UhÖ well the problem with that isÖ

Noboyuki: Wow! Thatís a great plan! You bet weíll do it! Weíre going to leave those girls in the dust!

Seta: Brains over brawn, right?

Noboyuki: Right!

(Noboyuki and Seta clasp hands. Seta leaves. Tenchi turns to his father.)

Tenchi: Hey! Did you forget that we have an alliance with Jessie and Ayla?! We canít go back on that!

Noboyuki: Well, I already made that promise with Seta, and we canít stab him in the back.

Tenchi: What, so weíre just going to stab Jessie and Ayla instead?

Noboyuki: Look, weíll have an easier time working with him and Keitaro. I appreciate your desire to be with those girls, but theyíre really tough. If we can get rid of them now, weíll have a much better chance of winning.

(Tenchi turns away.)

Tenchi: (stubborn) Whatever you say, Dad.

Noboyuki: I donít understand why Tenchi has such a problem with trying to eliminate Jessie and Ayla. I mean, sure we had an alliance, but we never really did anything. We have to take advantage of our opportunities! Itís the only way to survive.


(The plane lands. Immediately, Noboyuki sneaks ahead to join Seta and Keitaro. Tenchi is forced to follow. With Jessie and Ayla at the back of the plane, the four men are able to sneak ahead. Follow Jessie and Ayla as they board the regular bus, looking around.)
[Plane 3- 55 Minutes Behind Plane 2]
Jessie: Do you see them anywhere?

Ayla: No.

Jessie: Damn! We agreed to meet here, and they were ahead of us on the plane.

Ayla: Weíd better forget about them and move on.

Jessie: No kidding.

(The bus departs. On the way, they see the limo bus alongside them. Through the window, they can see Tenchi through the window and the yellow-and-red marker on the bumper as it passes by. Jessie makes a fist.)

Jessie: OkayÖ now Iím angry.


(The jewelry store. A pair of taxis pull out. Out step May and Max in one and Koji and Koichi in the other.)

Koichi: Is this it?

Max: Yep. And itís after ten.

May: Letís go shopping!

(The four rush inside as the jewelry store clerk greets them.)

Koichi: Weíre looking for the perfect ring.

(The clerk returns with a pair of rings. May and Koichi take them.)

Koji: OkayÖ so now what?

(May places her ring on her ring finger. With a puff of smoke, the ring disappears, leaving a clue envelope in its wake. While Koichi does the same, May opens it.)

May: Find your next route marker outside the nearest beach house.


(Rapid shots of a taxi heading to the beach, followed by a traipse through the sand to the route marker outside a beach house. The sultry Urd narrates.)

Urd: (VO) Teams must take a taxi to this nearby beach house. Itís a lovely spot- perfect for any romantic rendezvous or a one night stand if you prefer. Teams wonít be going in though. Theyíll find the route marker outside.


(On the heels of the first two teams, Touya & Yukito and Yamaki & Riley are next. They get their rings and their clues.)
[TOUYA & YUKITO / YAMAKI & RILEY- Currently Tied in 3rd Place]
Yukito: Looks like weíre heading to the beach.

Yamaki: (pointing) That should be to the southeast.

Touya: No sense staying here, then.

(They run back out to their cabs.)

Yamaki: (VO) So far, there hasnít been any discernable advantage to working with Touya and Yukito. But perhaps they will be useful down the road. Also, Riley seems to enjoy working with them, so there may be an intangible effect.


(Jessie and Ayla are on the shuttle to Narita. Both are sitting back, angry. Ayla is reading through a pamphlet.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Rivals- Currently in Last Place]
Ayla: They took something called a limo bus. It gets them to Narita a half-hour faster. For some reason, they neglected to tell us.

Jessie: For some reason?? I know what the reason is! Theyíre trying to screw us over! Did you see the other two in there?

Ayla: I believe I did.

Jessie: Perfect, so now weíre in last. Do you know what this means, Ayla?

Ayla: (plainly) That we should use the Fast Forward?

Jessie: (disappointed) Ayla, Ayla, Ayla. That would be so below us. We need to beat them to a bloody pulp. And using the Fast Forward would simply not be appropriate. Weíre going to catch up to them and pass them the way weíre supposed to in these situations!

Ayla: But Jessie, weíre flirting with eliminationÖ

Jessie: (smiling) I knowÖ and I love it.


(Lina and Gourryís cab pulls up to the jewelry store. Lina argues with the driver about the fare while Gourry gets the bags.)
[LINA & GOURRY- Traveling Companions- Currently in 5th Place]
Gourry: (VO) Why didnít anybody tell us about that shuttle to Narita? I guess it was so much faster, and so much cheaper than taking a taxi all the way through Tokyo. Just when we think we have this thing down, they throw more stuff at us!


(At the beach, the first cabs arrive. May & Max and Koji & Koichi find the route marker by the beach house and get the clues.)
[MAY & MAX / KOJI & KOICHI- Currently Tied in 1st Place]
Koichi: DetourÖ

May: Sink or FloatÖ


(Urd floats above the ocean in her traditional goddess wardrobe.)
Urd: A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own ups and downs. In this one, theyíll either have to Sink or Float.

(Shot of a submerged human weight doll and a diver retrieving it.)

Urd: (VO) In Sink, theyíll take a boat out to a marked buoy and retrieve Keiichi from a watery grave. Since Keiichi is too much of a wimp to agree to this, we had to replace him with a human weight doll. The team must dive down and work together to bring the doll to the boat. Once they do, theyíll get their next clue. The task is really strenuous, and the boat can only take one team at a time.

(Shot of a raft floating near a rock-littered eddy.)

Urd: (VO) In Float, the team will need to inflate a raft and use it to steer themselves to this eddy, a great spot for a couple to get away from the crowdÖ if you catch my drift. On the other side of the rocks, theyíll find their next route marker. This oneís time consuming, but thereís plenty of rafts to go around, and you donít actually need to be able to swim, in case youíre like Keiichi.


(Max analyzes the situation with his three cohorts.)

Max: Realistically, weíd be better off to float.

May: Yeah. Iím sure you two can handle lifting that doll up, but I donít want to chance it.

Koichi: And besides, we donít want to go one at a time, because weíd be separated.

(Koji slaps his forehead.)

Koji: Well, as much as Iíd like to say otherwise, weíd wouldnít be wasting any time floating.

May: Yeah. Although this is the second time in a row where I donít get to wear my new swimsuit!

(As they inflate their rafts, the next teams arrive and read the clue.)

Touya: Detour, float or sink.

(After reading through the clue silently, Yamaki looks out to sea.)

Yamaki: Whereís the buoy?

Riley: (pointing) About a hundred yards off.

Yukito: You used to work as a lifeguard, right Touya?

Touya: On two separate occasionsÖ

Yamaki: The only problem is that the boat can only take one team out at aÖ

(Yamaki falls silent as he witnesses Riley and Yukito pounding their fists in unison.)

Riley / Yukito: JanÖ kenÖ pon!!

(Yukitoís paper beats Rileyís rock.)

Touya: Weíll go first.

(Yamaki mutters as the other three rush into the beachhouse to change.)

Riley: Are you coming or not?

(Yamaki shakes his head and enters.)




(Koji and Koichi are rowing their raft ahead of May and Max, who are struggling a little with it. The twins turn back, and also see the boat taking Touya and Yukito to the dive point.)

Koichi: Youíre doing great. Just keep it upÖ

Koji: Damn, thereís other teams doing the rescue.

Koichi: Just ignore them, May, youíre doing fine.

Koji: Unless they get ahead of usÖ

May: Hey! I always thought twins think alike!

Koji / Koichi: Where did you hear that??


(A motor boat, driven by quasi-bitch Sayoko Mishima, takes Touya and Yukito out to the buoy.)

Sayoko: Whenever youíreÖ

(Touya and Yukito jump in immediately. With the help of an underwater camera, Touya goes under and hoists the doll up from underneath while Yukito pulls from above. They get it over to the boat easily. Yukito quickly swings onboard and pulls it on.)

Sayoko: (impressed) Wow, remind me to look you two up next time I drown.

(Touya boards and high-fives Yukito.)

Touya: Good work, Yuki.

(Sayoko hands Yukito the next clue.)

Yukito: Go to the Nekomi Institute of Technology and find the route marker outside the Motor Clubís garage.


(Rapid shots of a cab heading to Nekomi Tech. Goddess second-class unlimited Skuld fires away.)
Skuld: (VO) Teams have to find Nekomi Tech, a lovely little school full of grown-ups who couldnít get into a real college. But one thing it has going for it is the Motor Club, which is where the teams have to go to find the next route marker!


(Nabiki is perusing the display of pricy rings with some scrutiny.)
[NABIKI & KASUMI / YUKARI & MINAMO- Currently Tied in 6th Place]
Nabiki: So many good onesÖ but which oneís perfect?

Yukari: (OS) You figure it out.

(Yukari is off in a corner by the door, with her back to the display.)

Yukari: Iíll wait until youíre done.

Kasumi: Thatís alright Yukari. I understand that you donít want to look at rings because it reminds you that nobody has offered you one yet.

(Yukari snarls a little, but doesnít move.)

Yukari: (sotto) Stop reading my mindÖ

(Minamo comes in with a pair of rings.)

Minamo: Here we go. Not sure what we do with themÖ

(Nabiki grabs one.)

Nabiki: I do!

(Nabiki puts it on and it poofs into the clue. Minamo prepares to put it on, but Yukari snatches it.)

Yukari: Mine!

(Yukari puts it on.)

Kasumi: Keep the dream alive!


(Yamaki and Riley take off with Sayoko as Touya and Yukito wait on the beach.)

Touya: We really have to wait for them?

Yukito: We formed an alliance with Riley and Yamaki, so we have to stay faithful to it. We canít let our position be dictated by rock-paper-scissors.

Touya: We canít?

Yukito: Nope! Besides, why would we want to get away from Riley and Yamaki?!

(Lengthy pause.)

Touya: Iíll rock-paper-scissors you for it.

(As Touya loses to Yukito, he voices his thoughts.)

Touya: (VO) Iím still uncertain about it. Yamaki and Riley are both very strong players, but so are we. Thereís really no advantage in working together. I guess there isnít really much of a disadvantage either, so Iíll go with it for now.


(Koji edges around the large rocks in the eddy and finds the clue on the other side of one. He rows inward, giving Koichi enough room to get it.)

Koichi: Clear!

(Koji moves forward, letting May get close enough for Max to reach.)

Koichi: Koji, it says weíre heading to Nekomi Tech next.

Koji: We have to get back to the beach first.

(Max gets the clue and reads it.)

Max: I brought my map with me if you want me to look it up.

May: I know! Slow down guys.

(May moves her raft in closer, and reaches forward and grabs the back of Koji and Koichiís raft. Max tucks the oars away.)

May: You two row, Iíll tow, and Max can find this place.

(Koji and Koichi obey and begin rowing. Koji silently curses himself.)

Koichi: Whatís wrong?

Koji: (bitter) That was a good ideaÖ


(Narita Airport. The limo bus arrives and Seta & Keitaro and Noboyuki & Tenchi find a cab they can share to Nekomi. Keitaro relaxes in the cab.)
[SETA & KEITARO / NOBOYUKI & TENCHI- Currently Tied in 8th Place]
Keitaro: I feel so much more relaxed when we donít have to drive.

Tenchi: I know what you mean. As long as we go up to the driver every five minutes and sayÖ

(Tenchi turns to the driver.)

Tenchi: (forceful) Hurry it up, weíre in a race!

(Tenchi turns back to the other three, perfectly calm.)

Tenchi: Öweíre fine.

Seta: And the best part is, we eliminate some stiff competition in the process.

Keitaro: I certainly hope so. Iíll feel a lot better about our chances of winning with Jessie and Ayla out of the way.

(Neither Noboyuki nor Tenchi respond. Seta elbows Noboyuki.)

Seta: Hey, you should let loose Noboyuki. As long as we keep our pace, we can sit tight knowing weíve got a half-hour on the girls.

Keitaro: If we donít screw up, weíre safe until the next leg.

Noboyuki: (masking nervousness) Oh, uhÖ heh hehÖ yeah. No problems whatsoeverÖ Jessie and Ayla are as good as gone.

(Tenchi watches him, a little annoyed.)

Tenchi: I know it wasnít a really long alliance, but we still agreed to work with Jessie and Ayla. I feel awful knowing that we not only went back on our agreement, but we also pinned them in a position where itís hard for them to recover.


(With the first four teams out of the picture, Lina and Gourry arrive at the Detour.)
[LINA & GOURRY- 5th at Detour]
Gourry: Detour- Sink or Float. Well, when they put it that wayÖ

Lina: Give me that!

(Lina reads through the details.)

Lina: Weíre sinking. Itís a lot faster. Besides, we missed the swimming Detour last time, so Iím sure my millions of fans watching this are dying to see my shapely figure in a swimsuit.

(Gourry scratches his head.)

Gourry: I can think of two things wrong with that last statementÖ

Lina: (threatening) Like what?

Gourry: Oh waitÖ we did miss the last Detour! And people will see this, wonít they?

Lina: Weíre always sinking with you aroundÖ

(They change and board Sayokoís boat. They go out to the buoy. Despite a lot of yelling, Gourry has no trouble lifting the doll himself. When he surfaces, Lina helps get it to the boat and they receive their next clue.)

Lina: Go to the Nekomi Institute of TechnologyÖ sounds fancyÖ

Sayoko: Thatís what we like to pretend to think.

(Sayoko speeds the boat back to shore. They reach land and get out of there as the next two teams pull in.)
[NABIKI & KASUMI / YUKARI & MINAMO- 6th at Detour]
Kasumi: DetourÖ Sink or Float... oh myÖ

Nabiki: Sounds like another one Akane would loveÖ

(Minamo reads through everything.)

Minamo: Well, Iím a trained lifeguard, so I can do the rescue without any hassle.

Yukari: What about me?

Minamo: Youíre trained at not drowning, so you can help.

(Yukari smiles.)

Yukari: And you thought I was being irresponsible for going to the pool instead of teaching my classÖ

Minamo: Thatís still irresponsibleÖ

Yukari: But you do it!

Minamo: Iím a gym teacher!

Kasumi: This says that the boat for the rescue can only take one team at a time. What should we do?

Nabiki: Simple. Weíll float, theyíll sink.

Kasumi: Sounds reasonableÖ

(While Nabiki and Kasumi inflate their raft, Yukari and Minamo don their swimsuits, and hop on the boat with Sayoko as its speeds away.)

Minamo: (VO) This is the second challenge where swimming is crucial. This is a tremendous advantage to us. We arenít the fastest swimmers out there, but as coach of the swim team, I know how to apply all the fundamentals.


(Nekomi Tech. Two cabs pull up, one dropping off Touya & Yukito, the other Yamaki & Riley. Touya leads the charge.)

Touya: This way.

(They all follow.)

Yamaki: (aside, to Yukito) Does he know where heís going?

Yukito: His fatherís a professor at a local college. He knows his way around campuses.

Riley: So Touya really knows his stuffÖ

Yukito: Touya knows everything!

Yamaki: (sotto, mean) Wonderboy, what is the secret of your power?

(They follow Touya until he finds the door to the motor clubís garage.)
[TOUYA & YUKITO / YAMAKI & RILEY- 1st at Road Block]
Touya: Road Block- this person must have a need for speed.

Riley: Too clichťd for me, you do it.

(Riley hands the clue over.)

Yukito: Any relevant part-time jobs, Touya?

Touya: No, but Iíll do it anyway.

(Touya opens the clue.)


(Shot of the garage. In the background, Motor Club heads Tamiya and Ootaki work on motorcycles while Skuld happily ignores them.)
Skuld: A Road Block is a task that someoneís gotta do all by herself. In this one, theyíll have to choose a motorcycle that the Motor Club is working on and replace the accelerator with the help of Tamiya and Ootaki back there. I could help too, but they said they didnít want the bike to launch into orbit.

(Shot of Tamiya riding the bike down a marked straightaway.)

Skuld: (VO) Once itís been added, theyíll race the bike down a nearby racing strip. If they complete the course in under 12 seconds, theyíll receive the next clue. If notÖ theyíll have to try again, and go to the back of any line that may have formed.


(Touya and Yamaki go to work on each bike. Touya follows Tamiyaís instructions pretty easily, but while Yamaki is listening to Ootaki, heís not necessarily obeying.)

Ootaki: No, noÖ you have to put it onÖ

Yamaki: This wiring will make it faster.

Riley: Do you know what youíre doing there?

Yamaki: Iím sure of it.


(As Yukari watches from the surface, Minamo carefully heaves the doll around her shoulders and hoists it up. Yukari takes it and almost drops it. With Minamoís help, she regains control and hauls it to the boat.)

Sayoko: Good!

(Yukari drops it immediately, sending it, and almost Minamo, back underwater. Yukari hops on the boat. A startled Minamo does soon afterward. Yukari takes the clue.)

Yukari: Go to the Nekomi Institute of TechnologyÖ aw, a tech school?

(Sayoko heads back to shore. Minamo starts looking around.)

Minamo: Do you see Nabiki and Kasumi anywhere?

Yukari: Who cares?


(Nabiki and Kasumi are rowing to the eddy. Kasumi points to the boat speeding back.)

Kasumi: Oh look, Miss Kurosawa and Miss Tanizaki are finished.

Nabiki: They better wait for us or Iím going to be pissed.

Kasumi: Why wouldnít they wait for us?

Nabiki: Never mind. Keep rowing.

Nabiki: Of course I was worried about them ditching us. They were in a great position for it. They had every reason to do the rescue Detour ahead of us, and it gave them the perfect opportunity to jump ahead. Would I have done it? You bet!


(Upon landing, Yukari immediately runs off to hail a taxi. Minamo follows.)

Minamo: Wait a second!

Yukari: What?

Minamo: We canít just go ahead of Nabiki and Kasumi! Theyíve been helping us all this time, and we have to stick together.

Yukari: But theyíre too slow. Look at them, they havenít gotten to the clue yet.

Minamo: But we owe it to them for all the help theyíve given us.

Yukari: Nyamo, this is where you have to think about our long-term goal.

Minamo: Yes, and being too aggressive and alienating ourselves will onlyÖ

Yukari: (not listening) Our long-term goal is to win this race and the best way to do that is to beat other teams!

(Minamo sweatdrops.)

Minamo: I guess thatís a decent strategyÖ but we agreed to stick together when we formed this alliance. We canítÖ

Yukari: You know what they say- you canít spell ďallianceĒ without ďlie.Ē

(A cab arrives, and Yukari pleasantly hops in. Minamo follows, a little baffled.)




(Despite Yamakiís adjustments, both he and Touya finish at about the same time and take their bikes out to the racing strip. After Tamiya and Ootaki fit them in their protective gear and show them the ropes, they get on their bikes. Neither is completely certain of what theyíre doing, and Skuldís presence doesnít encourage them.)

Skuld: Okay, when I give the signal, fly down there. Not literally of course. For that, youíd need my help. Ready??

(Both gentlemen start their engines.)

Skuld: SetÖ

(Skuld pulls an air horn out of nowhere and blasts it. The two speed down the stretch. Amazingly, Yamaki crosses the finish line at 9.7 seconds. Touya finishes at a respectable 10.4. As they stop, Skuld, Riley, and Yukito rush up to them. Touya shakes Yamakiís hand, even if Yamaki doesnít know why.

Skuld: Way to go! Hereís the clues.

(Skuld hand the clues to Touya and Yamaki.)

Touya: Go to the next Pit Stop, the renovated Tariki-honganji temple west of town.


(Rapid shots of a taxi heading to an old Shinto temple, recently renovated to serve as a house.)
Satoshi: (VO) Teams must head west and find this renovated temple. The home of Keiichi and his three goddess pals serves as the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. The last team to arrive will be eliminated.


(After some extensive reaching, Kasumi gets the clue. She begins to open it.)

Nabiki: Hold on, letís get back to shore first.

Kasumi: OhÖ right.

(They get back as quick as they can. Yukari & Minamo are already gone.)

Kasumi: Seems like theyíve left.

(Nabiki reads through the clue.)

Nabiki: Damn, I was afraid of that. The teachers are trying to beat us to school.

(She clenches a fist.)

Nabiki: Well, we wonít be tardy for this class!

Kasumi: Class? I thought this was a race.

(Nabiki sweatdrops.)

Nabiki: Just help me hail a cab.


(Koji has no trouble with his motorcycle. With help from Tamiya, and some encouragement from Max and Koichi, May gets through fine. They race side by side, and both pass on the first try.)
Max: (VO) May did the Road Block again. I guess it was because the clue suggested speed as the necessary element, when mechanical skills were what was really tested. I probably would have been more suited for that. Iím not complaining about Mayís performance, but Iíll admit that riding that bike looked fun.


(The abandoned temple is anything but, as Keiichi, Belldandy and company have made the place home. Both Yamaki & Riley and Touya & Yukito rush out simultaneously toward the Pit Stop mat near the front door. Satoshi and the goddess Belldandy stand there with the marker. The large green text on the screen reads ďOH MY GODDESSĒ while the smaller white text reads ďNEKOMI.Ē The four stop before jumping on.)

Yukito: Okay, hold on. Letís see, Yamaki won in the drag race, so I think itís only fitting that they get to step on first.

(Touya is a little confused, but doesnít argue. Riley smiles as she and Yamaki step on the mat.)

Belldandy: Welcome to our humble home here on Earth.

Yamaki: (confused) Earth?

Satoshi: Yamaki and Riley? Youíre team number one.

(Yamaki dismisses it, cracks a faint smile and receives a hug from Riley. They step aside and let Touya and Yukito follow.)

Satoshi: And Touya and Yukito would be team number two.

Yukito: Good work, Touya.

(They shake hands.)


(Lina is reading the clue at Nekomi Tech.)
[LINA & GOURRY- Traveling Companions- 5th at Road Block]
Lina: Itís a Road Block.

Gourry: Iíll do it.

Lina: Usually, I wouldnít trust you with our standing, but ehÖ

(Lina hands over the envelope.)

Lina: ÖI donít mind a break.

(Gourry reads the clue and walks into the garage.)

Lina: Try not to screw up!


(Seta and Noboyuki are pondering the Detour options.)
Seta: Seems we have a problem. The rescue challenge is definitely fastest, but only one team can go at a time.

Noboyuki: OhÖ that is a problem.

Keitaro: Should one of us do the other one?

Seta: No. Weíre all strong enough, so we should be able to each get it done before one team would get the other finished.

Tenchi: You guys can go first. We trust you to stick around.

Noboyuki: (confused) We do?

Tenchi: Of course! You told us about the limo bus, so itís only fair that you guys go first.

Keitaro: We promise to wait for you!

Tenchi: No problem then!

(Seta and Keitaro change and head out to do the rescue. Meanwhile, Tenchi and Noboyuki are changed and wait on the beach.)

Noboyuki: Are you sure about this, Tenchi?

Tenchi: Of course. We can trust them.

Noboyuki: But Iím thinking maybe we should try to sneak ahead.

Tenchi: (offended) Why? Theyíve beenÖ

Noboyuki: But Tenchi! I just realized that Jessie and Ayla can use the Fast Forward and weíd be in a lot of trouble! We canít beat Seta and Keitaro playing fair!

Tenchi: What do you mean? Weíve been beating them fair for the first two legs. Besides, Iím already mad enough that you ditched Jessie and Ayla; now you want to ditch Seta and Keitaro too?

Noboyuki: Iím just considering what we need to do to stay in the race.

(Tenchi folds his arms and sits down.)

Tenchi: Well if thatís what we need to do, then tell that Sasshi kid to warm up his ďlast team to arriveĒ speech.


(Speaking of Sasshi, he and Belldandy smile as a pair of teams approach. May puts her arms around Koichi and Maxís shoulders. Koichi puts an arm around Mayís and Kojiís. Koji frowns a little, but all four hop on at the same time.)

May: We want a tie!

Satoshi: Koji & Koichi?

Belldandy: May & Max?

Satoshi / Belldandy: Youíre team number three!

Belldandy: Congratulations!

(May hugs both Koji and Koichi while Max shakes hands with Belldandy. Koji shrugs off May.)

Koichi: You have to admit, Koji, we did move up a spot.

(Koji walks past everybody and into the temple without saying a word.)


(Jessie and Ayla rush out of the jewelry store and into a taxi.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Rivals- Currently in Last Place]
Jessie: Okay, the beach. No problem. If itís another athletic Detour, itís in the bag.

Ayla: Jessie, itís too early to take chances. We need to use the Fast Forward.

Jessie: I donít like this whole Fast Forward business. It feels like weíre cheating to jump ahead of everybody. Noboyuki and Tenchi arenít going to learn a thing unless weíre breathing fire down their necks!

(Ayla sits back.)

Ayla: They wonít learn a thing if weíre eliminated either.

Jessie: Faith, Ayla! A little faith can go a long way!

Jessie: You bet it was thrilling. Iím not in last place very often. And this time itís great- Noboyuki and Tenchi royally screwed us over. Itís exhilarating because weíre not only fighting to stay in the race, weíre fighting to make their race a living hell!


(Noboyuki and Tenchi work together effectively to get the doll to the surface. Sayoko clears them and they get back on the boat. Sayoko hands the clue to Tenchi, eyeing him all the while.)

Sayoko: Here you go, stud.

Tenchi: (sweatdropping) Uh, thanksÖ

(The boat returns to the beach. True to their word, Seta and Keitaro are waiting. Keitaro is watching over his shoulder.)

Keitaro: Címon guys, hurry up. Iím getting nervousÖ

Seta: Theyíre still at least twenty minutes behind us. Donít worry.

Keitaro: And I still donít know why they wouldnítÖ

Seta: They wonít use the Fast Forward because theyíre too focused on running the race along the proper course. The Fast Forward is completely out of their mentality- to them itís like cutting across the infield of a track.

Keitaro: (pessimistic) So basically, we cut across the infield of a trackÖ and still finished sixth in the first leg?

Seta: (thoughtful) Ninth with the penaltyÖ

(Noboyuki and Tenchi land.)

Seta: Weíll call cabs while you two change.

Noboyuki: Thanks!

(They rush in opposite directions.)


(Yukari is smiling as she and Ootaki wheel her bike to the strip. Minamo follows.)

Minamo: Be careful Yukari! Donít crash that thing! I donít know if that penalty applies in Road BlocksÖ

Yukari: Donít worry Nyamo! Itís just like riding a bike!

Minamo: Thatís my point! You canít even ride a bike straight!!

Skuld: All ready?!

Yukari: Yeah!

(Skuld blasts the air horn and Yukari weaves her way around ridiculously, cutting into the other lane in the process. Eventually, she ends up crossing the finish line in the wrong laneÖ and sideways. Yukari stands up immediately and lets the bike skid away into the distance. While Ootaki desperately runs after the bike, Yukari stands up, throws off her helmet, and laughs triumphantly at her time of 11.9 seconds. Minamo stands on the other side with her mouth wide open.)


(Satoshi and Belldandy are about to greet the next team, when they look shocked.)

Belldandy: Oh myÖ

(Lina is fuming, while Gourry is covered in motor oil.)

Satoshi: What happened?

Belldandy: (slightly angry) I bet Skuld had something to do with thisÖ

(From behind Belldandy, Skuld walks past with a videotape.)

Skuld: I got the videotape from the camera guy so you canít prove anything!

(She proceeds to open its casing and unravels it. Lina charges after her.)

Lina: Give me that!!

(Gourry follows, knocking Satoshi to the side. Belldandy catches him. He stands up.)

Satoshi: (to nobody) UhÖ Lina and Gourry, youíre team number five.


(Jessie and Ayla arrive at the Detour. They read the clue and rush onto the boat without bothering to change.)

Ayla: (to Sayoko) Step on it.

(As Sayoko drives the boat, Jessie and Ayla strip; their swimsuits are on underneath. Before Sayoko even comes to a complete stop, the two are in the water. Ayla dives down and pushes up. Jessie grabs the dollís head and directs it to the surface, and to the side. Ayla brings the rest of it up.)

Sayoko: Clear!

(They swim back and hop aboard to dry off. Sayoko hands them the clue as speeds back to shore.)

Jessie: How fast do you think our boys did that?


(Nabiki and Kasumi read the Road Block clue.)
[NABIKI & KASUMI- Sisters- 7th at Road Block]
Nabiki: Iíll do it.

Kasumi: I can do it if you want.

Nabiki: No, Iíll take care of itÖ

(Nabiki opens the envelope and reads the instructions.)

Nabiki: Öeventually.

(She runs in as Tamiya helps her get her bike into shape. Kasumi watches as Nabiki struggles to make sure everythingís in place.)

Kasumi: (VO) I understand that Nabiki wants to take charge and feel like sheís in control, but neither of us have any advantage when it comes to the Road Block task. Father doesnít have a bike, or a car, or anything remotely mechanical. I suppose I would have more experience with that kind of thingÖ I can replace light bulbs.


(Through some difficulty, Nabiki and Tamiya get the bike to the racing strip. With Skuld tied up with Lina and Gourry, Keiichiís sister Megumi fills in.)

Megumi: You know the rules?

Nabiki: Yep!

Megumi: Good, Ďcause I donít. Skuld just told me to blow the horn when youíre ready.

(Megumi does so and Nabiki rides down the stretch, finishing with a second to spare. She disembarks and Megumi, Kasumi, and Tamiya greet her. She is a little dazed.)

Kasumi: Oh my, that looked fun!

Nabiki: I guessÖ Iím ready to throw up.

Kasumi: Just lean back then. Iíll get the clue.

(Kasumi takes the clue as Tamiya helps Nabiki get her bearings back. They hail a cab and get going.)

Kasumi: Are you alright now?

Nabiki: Yeah. Itís nothing I canít handle. Letís just get to this temple so we can keep up with those backstabbing teachers.


(Said backstabbing teachers step on the mat.)

Belldandy: Welcome toÖ

Yukari: Jeez, who did you have to pray to to live in a mansion like this?

Satoshi: (smiling) UhÖ itís a gift from her father.

Belldandy: (embarrassed) In a way...

Yukari: Yeah, thatís what that Chiyo brat says.

Minamo: Itís a nice place.

Belldandy: Thank you.

Satoshi: Yukari and Minamo, youíre team number six.


(Noboyuki and Tenchiís cab arrives just before Seta & Keitaroís, so they reach the Road Block a few seconds early.)
[NOBOYUKI & TENCHI- Father & Son- 8th at Road Block]
Noboyuki: Why donít I give this one a shot?

Tenchi: You sure?

Noboyuki: Sure. Iím not too old for something like this, am I?

Tenchi: (smiling) Knock yourself out, Dad.

(Noboyuki reads the details and heads into the garage as Seta and Keitaro arrive.)
[SETA & KEITARO- Master & Apprentice- 9th at Road Block]
Seta: Road Block. Probably involves motorcycles.

Keitaro: Iíll take it.

Seta: Fair enough.

(Keitaro reads through it and joins Noboyuki. Noboyuki and Ootaki have already started. Tamiya helps Keitaro get situated in front of his bike and begins a round of instructions. Keitaro slowly begins, but is immediately overwhelmed by it all. He sighs.)

Keitaro: I wish Su-chan were hereÖ

(Keitaro lifts his head back up and continues working.)

Keitaro: No I donít! No I donít!


(Nabiki and Kasumi step on the mat.)

Satoshi: Nabiki and Kasumi, youíre team number seven.

Kasumi: Thank you!

(Kasumi bows. Belldandy bows deeper. Kasumi tries to match that, until they bump heads. They stand up straight and both begin to laugh. Satoshi and Nabiki shrug.)


(Noboyuki and Ootaki rush their bike out to the racing strip, while Keitaro remains inside. Tenchi follows.)

Tenchi: Whereís Keitaro?

Noboyuki: Heís not done yet.

(Noboyuki gets into his protective gear.)

Ootaki: Iím surprised we have anything in your size.

Noboyuki: (self-depreciating) Yeah, the sake pours freely at our house, right Tenchi?

Tenchi: (dry sarcasm) Yeah, itís a non-stop party.

Megumi: Sounds cool. Kinda like our place. Ready?

Noboyuki: Yep.

(They get into position as Keitaro and Tamiya approach. Megumi blasts the horn and Noboyuki efficiently guides the bike across the strip in plenty of time. Megumi hands him the clue as he begins to walk back. Keitaro is still getting set up.)

Noboyuki: Thanks dearÖ check in at the next Pit Stop, the renovated Tariki-honganji temple west of town. Well, weíd better get going!

(Noboyuki walks back toward the garage. Tenchi slowly follows.)

Tenchi: Already? What aboutÖ


(Ayla reads the Pit Stop crew. Jessie tries to get a sneak peak at the task.)

Ayla: Jessie, you did the last one, soÖ

Jessie: How many motorcycles have you worked on?

Ayla: MotorÖ cycles?

(Jessie takes the clue.)

Jessie: You can do the next oneÖ this babyís mine.

(She reads the info and runs into the garage. Noboyuki runs past Ayla on the way. For a moment, they make eye contact. Ayla narrows her eyes just enough to send Noboyuki running into the street.)

Noboyuki: Taxi!!

Tenchi: Dad, hold on!


(Keitaro is all set to go, and takes a moment to psyche himself up. On Megumiís signal, he charges forward.)

Seta: Címon Keitaro!

(He gets about halfway before the accelerator blows out of the cycle. Keitaro is lifted skyward for a moment, before gravity sets in and Keitaro falls flat to the ground.)

Tamiya: Thatís not supposed to happenÖ

(Keitaro crawls out.)

Keitaro: (woozy) Iím okayÖ

(Keitaro and Seta wheel it back to the starting line. Tamiya makes some emergency repairs.)

Tamiya: I told you to tighten the bolts!

Keitaro: Ah! Sorry!

Tamiya: Donít worry, thatís what duck tapeís for.

Keitaro: I canít believe I screwed it upÖ

Seta: Donít sweat it. One little mistake isnít going toÖ

Jessie: (OS) Where is it, up here?

Ootaki: (OS) YeahÖ

(Seta looks back. Jessie is wheeling her bike to the strip, with Ootaki and Ayla following.)

Seta: UhÖ start sweatingÖ

(As Keitaro gets ready, Megumi greets Ootaki as Jessie also gears up.)

Megumi: Ootaki, you just left. That was fast.

Ootaki: When I got down there, she was already working on this thing.

Jessie: Are we going yet?

Megumi: Hold onÖ

(Both Jessie and Keitaro are in position. Megumi gives them the signal and both make it through safely. However, while Keitaro slides in at 11.5 seconds, Jessie breaks ten seconds, seriously surprising Tamiya and Ootaki. Jessie turns a 180 and drives back, braking right at Megumi. Megumi holds out the clue, but Ayla grabs it. Ayla reads the clue as Jessie gets her gear off. Seta quickly follows suit as Keitaro runs back.)

Ayla: Check in at the next Pit Stop, the renovated Tariki-honganji temple west of town.. The last team to arrive will be eliminated.

Jessie: I wouldnít have it any other wayÖ

(They run off well before Keitaro can get his gloves off.)


(Tenchi is in a foul mood as he and Noboyuki walk through the front yard of the temple.)

Tenchi: You donít get it, do you? You canít make or break alliances as easily as that.

Noboyuki: Why not?

Tenchi: Because itís wrong! And watch what happens next time we try to get help from somebody.

(They step on the mat. Skuld has joined her sister as greeter.)

Skuld: Welcome to our home away from home!

Satoshi: Noboyuki and Tenchi? Youíre team number eight.

Noboyuki: Heh, Iím sure weíll do better next time, right Tenchi?

(Tenchi storms angrily into the house. Noboyuki follows.)

Noboyuki: Tenchi??

Skuld: (to Belldandy) What are they fighting about?

Belldandy: I donít know. Sometimes people get angry at their fathers for all sorts of reasons.

Skuld: (smarmy) Like when a father disapproves of his kid falling in love??

(Satoshi takes another look up at Tenchi.)

Satoshi: UhÖ I really doubt that with those two.


(A cab arrives. An absolutely emotionless Jessie and Ayla jog up to the mat.)

Satoshi: Jessie and AylaÖ

(Both Jessie and Ayla are completely stone-faced.)

Satoshi: Youíre team number nine.

(No reaction whatsoever. Finally, one of them opens a mouth.)

Ayla: Perfect.

(They walk away silently.)

Skuld: ScaryÖ


(Finally, Seta and Keitaro already know whatís coming. With heavy hearts they walk up to the Pit Stop mat and step on.)

Satoshi: Seta and Keitaro? Youíre the last team to arrive.

(Seta nods.)

Satoshi: You have both been eliminated from the race.

Seta: WellÖ so much for that experience.

(They leave quietly. Seta puts a reassuring arm on Keitaroís shoulder.)

Seta: (VO) The only disappointing thing is that I know we could have done a lot better if we had a little better luck. But we got off on the wrong foot, and there was no way we could recover from our early mistakes.

Keitaro: Itís another one of lifeís little experiences. Iím glad I was able to be here, I met a lot of great people, and I took a lot out of itÖ the permanent scars not withstanding. I only wish everybody could know what it feels like to be here, even if they have to be eliminated in a humiliating fashion.

Seta: In the end, it doesnít matter how well we do, or what we could have done better. We did it, and thatís enough for me.

End of Episode Three


Authorís Notes
This may be the earliest in any reality port Iíve done where the central plots got going so early. But here, alliances made, alliances broken and a pair of women that want to kill Tenchi. Ironic, perhaps, that itís the Oh My Goddess leg.

As hard as I look, I have yet to find any specific location for Nekomi, the fictional city where all the crazy stuff of OMG takes place. But fanon seems to have placed it near Chiba, so thatís what I went with. It was the best opportunity to get the whole limo bus option going.

The characterization of May and Max is a little rough, since the first few episodes were being written before they debuted on Pokťmon. I knew I wanted to have them (I welcome the change of pace, as Misty was starting to become dead weight), but writing characters before seeing characters is something I generally frown on. With the exception of a couple Mole cameos, I had only done so with Rika in Pokťball Run. As with Rika, I made appropriate changes once I saw them for real.

The other issue with May and Max is how to treat them when they have just been introduced. The alliance with Koji and Koichi will help serve this purpose, and it gives them a good window for expression. It also helps develop Koichi, as he never really got a chance to be anything other than angsty in the series. Hopefully this will also put aside any fears that either May or Max would turn into another Tracey. Although it seems Noboyuki may be leaning in that directionÖ

I call Sayoko a quasi-bitch because they seemed to be trying to take her in that direction in the series, but never really did all that much with her. I guess sheís more involved in the manga, but itís hard to make anything of her in the OAV. I had to include her though- it was her boat.

Yamakiís Wonderboy line is an obvious reference to the song of the same name. Itís an over-referred to song (at least if you watch SportsCenter), but a small tribute to one of the only decent Tamers music videos Iíve seen. Yamaki was ďyoung, nasty man.Ē

Itís well-known that Kasumi and Belldandy have the same Japanese voice actress, Kikuko Inoue. Appropriately enough, Belldandy was caught with Kasumiís most uttered statement- ďoh my.Ē Also, Tenchi has the same Japanese voice actor as Keiichi and Minamo matches up with Skuld.

Itís not really touched upon in the series, but Jessie does race motorcycles as a hobby. Itís one of those things that arenít discussed, but revealed to flesh out a character better, like how Rileyís last name is Ootori and how Touyaís birthday is February 29.

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* Heading into a fantasy realm, will Lina and Gourry finally feel more at home?
* Will Koji ever be able to work effectively with his alliance?
* How will Nabiki fare against an equally enterprising young lady?