The Anime-zing Race 2

Episode Eight

Authorís Notes
Itís been kind of a slow two weeks, soÖ well, besides the new job, the trip to Otakon, and the whole ďexiled by fanfiction.netĒ thing. But those are all behind us. WellÖ except for the fact that work is making it difficult to find the time and energy to write, the fact that everybodyís looking forward to my Otakon recap, and the fact that youíre reading this in Times New Roman font instead of the weird Verdana-style face had. Instead of whining about ff.netís decision, Iím not going to let it stop me from writing (well, except for the day lost throwing together a made-from-scratch website). You can sponsor the angry letter campaign; Iím going to write some scripts. On that note, in lieu of leaving a review, please take the extra step and e-mail me your comments. I love hearing from you!

Satoshi: (VO) Last time, on the Vandread leg of the Anime-zing RaceÖ

(Shot of Touya and Yukito running through Delta-6, past the refugees.)

Satoshi: (VO) Yukito pushed through the pain, and kept him and Touya on top.

Touya: I think things could have been a lot harder. Yukito may not be able to compete, but heís been very brave, and bore through any pain heís been feeling.

(Shot of May and Max working in the Register.)

Satoshi: (VO) In light of Kojiís stunt at the Pit Stop, May and Max flew solo and won the Fast Forward.

May: (VO) Besides helping us out in the race, the Fast Forward was a lot of fun. I only hope Koichi and Koji get through everything.

(Shot of Minamo flashing the Paxsys in the Road Block.)

Satoshi: (VO) And a frustrating Road Block brought the worst out of Minamo.

(Now finished, she and Yukari prepare to leave.)

Yukari: Youíve done that before, havenít you?

Minamo: Címon! If it wasnít for you, I wouldnít have had to resort to that.

(Shot of Lina handling the Paxsys machine really roughly.)

Satoshi: (VO) During the Road Block, Lina forgot to handle with care and paid the price when she and Gourry were the sixth team eliminated.

(Rapid shots of the six remaining teams at various points in the race.)

Satoshi: (VO) Now, six teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?


12 TEAMS OF 2:
TOUYA & YUKITO (Best Friends / Students- Cardcaptor Sakura)
KOJI & KOICHI (Twin Brothers- Digimon)
JESSIE & AYLA (Rivals- Battle Athletes)
MAY & MAX (Siblings- Pokťmon)
SETA & KEITARO (Master & Apprentice- Love Hina) {ELIMINATED}
LINA & GOURRY (Traveling Companions- Slayers) {ELIMINATED}
YUKARI & MINAMO (Best Friends / Teachers- Azumanga Daioh)
NOBOYUKI & TENCHI (Father & Son- Tenchi Muyo)
MINATO & YUKINA (Sisters-In-Law- Nadesico) {ELIMINATED}
CHIHARU & YAMAZAKI (Classmates- Cardcaptor Sakura) {ELIMINATED}
YAMAKI & RILEY (Dating Co-Workers- Digimon) {ELIMINATED}



Leg Eight

(Exterior of the Nirvana flying through the outer regions of space.)
Satoshi: (VO) This is the Nirvana, a hybrid of technologies from the planets Tarak and Mejale.

(Interior shot of the sick bay, and doctor Duero McFile treating Beverly.)

Satoshi: (VO) In a world where men and women live on separate planets, this inter-gender anomaly is the seventh Pit Stop in the race.

(Shot of Touya & Yukito checking in.)

Satoshi: (VO) Teams checked in for a mandatory rest periodÖ

(Shot of Noboyuki pondering the pills heís been given to eat while Yukari gorges on a bento box.)

Satoshi: (VO) Öwhich gives them the chance to eat,

(Shot of Jessie and Ayla trying to sleep in Ditaís room while May and Dita chatter away.)

Satoshi: (VO) ÖsleepÖ

(Shot of Max and Tenchi examining a Paxsys crystal with Parfet.)

Satoshi: (VO) Öand mingle with the other teams.

(Satoshi is walking through a lush green viewing area onboard the ship.)

Satoshi: None of the six teams know where weíre sending them next. Theyíll have to figure out how to get to the next route marker using clues found in sealed envelopes.

(Shot of Tenchi piloting the Vanguard with his father cheering him on.)

Satoshi: (VO) Have Noboyuki & Tenchi finally put their disagreements behind them?

(Shot of Koji & Koichi leaving May & Max and heading to their Dread.)

Satoshi: (VO) And can Koji & Koichi get out of last place and back to their earlier success before their alliance with May and Max?


(Shot of May & Max checking in.)

Satoshi: (VO) May and Max got to the Pit Stop firstÖ

(Back in Ditaís room, they both look determined to start off well.)

Satoshi: (VO) Öso they will be the first ones to depart.

(Max opens the clue.)
[MAY & MAX- Siblings- 1st to Depart]
Max: Find Barnette to shuttle to the planet of Furool and find the route marker at 3WA headquarters.


(Rapid shots through the Nirvana and again to Barnette and her shuttle. Popopo, the chief of the 3WA, explains.)
Popopo: (VO) Teams must once again find Barnette- this time to shuttle off of the Nirvana.

(Rapid taxi shots from a landing pad in the midst of a huge and unforgiving futuristic city to the towering headquarters of the 3WA.)

Popopo: (VO) Barnette will take them to the planet of Furool, where they will find their next route marker in my office at the headquarters of the World's Welfare Work Association, or 3WA.


(May and Max run steadily through the halls of the Nirvana.)

May: (VO) Itís hard to remember when we didnít start with Koichi and Koji. Itís nice that weíre up in front, but itís just not as fun without Koichi around. I saw him at the Pit Stop, but I miss him already.

(They find Barnette easily and get on-board her shuttle.)

Max: (VO) This isnít our first time on our own, but it is the first time weíve been on our own and in the lead. How we perform here is going to really tell us a lot about our chances in the race.


(Yukito is looking much improved, and he tears open the envelope.)
[TOUYA & YUKITO- Best Friends / Students- 2nd to Depart- 7 Minutes Behind Leaders]
Yukito: Find Barnette to shuttle to the planet of Furool and find the route marker at 3WA headquarters.

Touya: Well handled.

(They run out and begin looking for Barnette.)

Yukito: (VO) It must be the air up here or something, because Iím feeling a lot better now. Last leg was wonderful because I could take it easy and Touya made sure we didnít lose any ground in the race. Itís hard to imagine anything stopping us now!

(They reach a flag, obviously indicating where Barnette should be. Of course, sheís not. Touya sighs and sits down on the floor.)

Touya: Hope we arenít stuck waiting too long.

Yukito: Even then, we still have a good jump on everybody else.


(Barnetteís shuttle descends into the heart of the city. Max points at the huge 3WA headquarters in the distance.)

Max: Hey May, check that building out!

May: Wow! Itís huge!

Max: Hey Barnette, can we get taxis in this world?

Barnette: I have no clue. Itís not my series.

(Barnette drops them off before flying back to the Nirvana. May and Max run out and raise their hands.)

May: Taxi!!

(Amazingly enough, itís pretty much a typical cab that stops and picks them upÖ even though it hovers over the road. They drop their bags in the trunk and get in.)

Max: Weíre looking for 3WA headquarters. Do you know where it is?

Driver: Of course, how can you miss it?

(The cab takes off for the huge HQ.)


(Barnette arrives back at the Nirvana just long enough to give Touya and Yukito a ride back down.)

Yukito: So how are you doing today?

Barnette: Fine. A few more trips and you guys are out of my hair.

Touya: Just donít pull a gun on us again.

Barnette: Just donít make me.

(They remain tense, but silent as Barnette flies them to the landing pad.)

Touya: (VO) Yuki did great last leg, and just did his best to subdue the pain I know he was in. He looks a lot better after another rest, and hopefully now we can move faster than we did last time.

(They arrive at the landing pad and hail a taxi.)

Yukito: Do you know where the 3WA headquarters is?

Driver: Yep!

(Touya gets the signal and puts both bags in the trunk. They get in the cab.)

Touya: How far away is it?

Driver: Right in the middle of the city. Itís that big building in front of us.

(They see it up ahead. Both Touya and Yukito are surprised.)

Touya: Whoa.

Yukito: Touya, let me see that clue. Letís see where weíre supposed to go in there.


(Jessie and Ayla are jogging through the Nirvana.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Rivals- 3rd to Depart- 28 Minutes Behind Leaders]
Ayla: I wonder how long it takes for Barnette to shuttle someone to the planet.

Jessie: No idea. Best to just get there and hope sheís waiting for us.

(They arrive. Fortunately, Barnette is waiting for them. They get in; she takes off.)

Jessie: (VO) Weíve been facing some surprisingly stiff competition. I donít know about Ayla, but Iím surprised we havenít won a leg yet. Weíve come close enough to be happy about the way things are going, but itís just not the same without a couple checkered flags before the chase for the championship.


(May and Max arrive at 3WA headquarters. They take a few moments to gander at the immense size of the building.)

Max: JeezÖ this is insane.

May: Where are we supposed to go again?

Max: Youíve got the clue, May.

(May pulls it out.)

May: RightÖ The next clue is in the office of Chief Popopo. Fun nameÖ

Max: Letís see if thereís a directory inside.

(They do find a gigantic directory on the wall. It takes them a while to find the right name.)

May: Here it is! 63rd floor!

Max: Jeez, thatís a long way up.

May: Well, I hope they have fast elevators!

(They hunt down an elevator, get on it, and go on up.)


(Noboyuki and Tenchi are now running through the Nirvana.)
[NOBOYUKI & TENCHI- Father & Son- 4th to Depart- 37 Minutes Behind Leaders]
Noboyuki: Hopefully we wonít have to share with another team again.

Tenchi: Well, Lina & Gourry are gone, so we donít have to worry about them.

(Unfortunately, they arrive and are stuck waiting.)

Noboyuki: (VO) Itís been a real roller-coaster ride between Tenchi and I, but for the most part I think things have improved. As long as we donít have to worry about where the other teams are and we can just focus on doing this as fast as we can, weíre pretty solid together.


(Yukari and Minamo exit Ditaís room, and start looking around. Yukari is her usual self, while Minamo seems a little more down than usual.)
[YUKARI & MINAMO- Best Friends / Teachers- 5th to Depart- 39 Minutes Behind Leaders]
Yukari: Letís see, whereíd she drop us off last time?

Minamo: I have no idea.

Yukari: Jeez, whatís been up with you lately?

(Yukari continues to lead the charge.)

Minamo: We stunk last leg. I donít think thereís any other way to describe it. We started off trailing a team with someone who was incredibly light-headed and deliberately taking it easy. Not only do we not catch up to them, but we fall into fifth place. The really sad thing is that I have nobody to blame but myself.


(Touya & Yukito arrive at 3WA headquarters.)

Yukito: Thereís a directory over here! Letís see if we can find his office.

(Touya and Yukito do some extensive searching. Yukito finds it and points.)

Yukito: 63rd floor. Office 6315.

Touya: Címon, elevatorís over there.

(They hustle to the elevators, and are fortunate enough to catch one immediately.)


(Up on top, May and Max are roaming the expansive hallways.)

May: What was the room number again?

Max: Uh, it was like 6312 or something.

May: Well, hereís 6341 so weíre obviously nowhere near it.

Max: Just keep looking. Itís gotta be around here somewhere.

May: You think theyíd have signs or something.

(They see an elevator arriving.)

Max: May, letís ask whoeverís getting off where it is.

(Touya and Yukito exit the elevator. Max stops.)

Max: Never miÖ

May: Do you two know where it is?

(Max sweatdrops. Yukito smiles.)

Yukito: Itís 6315. Whatís down that way?

Max: 6341.

(Touya goes the opposite direction.)

Touya: Then letís go this way.

(Together they race through the halls. May finds it and signals the guys.)

May: Found it! Itís right here.

(She goes in, quickly followed by the other three. They find themselves in a large window office with a route marker right by the window. May and Touya take clues.)
[MAY & MAX / TOUYA & YUKITO- Currently Tied in 1st Place]
May: Take a shuttle to Worldís World and find their main office.


(Rapid shots to a spaceport on Furool, followed by a shuttle to Worldís World, a planet looking quite similar to Earth.)
Popopo: (VO) Teams must take a shuttle to Worldís World, an amusement park faithfully recreating 20th century Tokyo.

(Rapid shots of a taxi going to an unassuming bar downtown.)

Popopo: (VO) Once there, they will have to find the main office for Worldís World nestled away in the Kabukicho district of Shinjuku.


(They both call for another elevator and naturally share one.)

May: SoÖ do you have any idea where weíre going?

(Touya and Yukito both shake their heads.)

May: Great! Neither do we!


(Jessie and Ayla reach the planetís surface and immediately hail a cab. Ayla points out the 3WA headquarters.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Currently in 3rd Place]
Ayla: Check that thing out.

Jessie: What do you think it is?

Ayla: I would not be surprised if thatís the headquarters.

Jessie: Well it isnít Medical Mechanica.

(They get into the cab.)

Ayla: 3WA Headquarters. And please hurry.

(With the game temporarily out of their hands, they take a collective sigh.)

Ayla: Hopefully weíre in this city awhile. This is really familiar for us.

Jessie: Yeah, weíre comfortable here. This place has nothing on my NYC.

Ayla: It smells like your NYC.

Jessie: Hey, Iím not trying to promote tourism. Iím just saying Iím used to it.


(Back in Ditaís room, Koji and Koichi open the clue.)
[KOJI & KOICHI- Twin Brothers- 51 Minutes Behind Leaders]
Koji: Find Barnette to shuttle to the planet of Furool and find the route marker at 3WA headquarters.

(The two wordlessly run to the flag.)

Koji: (VO) Koichi and I havenít really said much about it since May and Max decided to use the Fast Forward. Koichi spent most of the Pit Stop with May, which is fine- thatís what we were planning on. But the one thing he did say to me was that we should use the Fast Forward this time. Is it too much to expect him to discuss this with me before we rush into this leg blindly?

(They reach the flag and are stuck waiting.)

Koji: Címon, give us a break.

Koichi: Relax Koji, we canít do anything until she gets back.

Koji: We can talk.

(Koichi is caught off-guard.)

Koichi: WellÖ no I meant thatÖ what do you mean?

Koji: Weíve barely spoken since the last Detour.

Koichi: Huh. I guess so. Thatís what happens when weíre trying to stay alive.

Koji: Good. Now that we canít try anything, we can talk about this Fast Forward idea of yours.

Koichi: It makes sense, doesnít it? Weíre in last place, and we can get back up to where May and Max are.

Koji: We need better reasons than those.

Koichi: What do you mean?

Koji: We can get out of last place easily enough. And by the time this legís over, May and Max are going to be back down here anyway.

(Koichi is now really getting defensive.)

Koichi: WellÖ I was just thinking that since they used it last timeÖ

Koji: Doesnít mean we have to use it this time. Iíd like to save it for as long as possible. Maybe even use it when weíre out in front so we can really build a lead.

Koichi: Oh.

Koji: Donít you think? We were doing fine before they were with us. Weíll just have to do fine afterwards now.

(Koichi sighs.)

Koichi: Right.


(On the shuttle, Noboyuki & Tenchi is once again stuck sharing- this time with Yukari & Minamo.)
[NOBOYUKI & TENCHI / YUKARI & MINAMO- Currently Tied in 4th Place]
Noboyuki: Hey Nyamo? You alright?

Minamo: Huh?

Yukari: Eh, donít mind Nyamo-chan. Sheís just pissed because she sucked so badly on that last Road Block.

Minamo: (defensive) No! Itís because we sucked so badly on that last leg!!

Noboyuki: What do you mean? Who piloted the mecha?

Yukari: Nyamo-chan.

Tenchi: Who did the Road Block?

Yukari: Nyamo-chan.

Noboyuki: Looks like this oneís your bad Nyamo.

Yukari: Exactly!

(Yukari starts playfully poking Minamo in the shoulder.)

Yukari: (teasing) You suck, you suck, you suckÖ

(She repeats this as Noboyuki and Tenchi watch, in some degree of awe, and with some degree of amusement. They look at each other and shrug.)


(Jessie and Ayla arrive at the headquarters. Jessie immediately runs for an elevator.)

Ayla: Jessie. Letís check the directory so we know what floor weíre going to.

(Jessie stops and follows Ayla.)

Jessie: Right, right.

(After verification, they head to the elevators and board.)

Ayla: (VO) Jessie is always in a hurry. I guess itís my job to make sure we slow down and not make mistakes.


(The shuttle carrying Noboyuki & Tenchi and Yukari & Minamo touches down. This leads to the traditional battle for cabs. Both Yukari and Noboyuki are particularly aggressive at getting one.)

Noboyuki: Hey! Hey! Taxi!!

Yukari: Taxi! Címon, pull over!!

(Yukari wins this battle, as she lands the first cab. She and Minamo are in the cab and out of the scene. Noboyuki and Tenchi manage to get one right behind them. Stay with Yukari and Minamo.)

Yukari: 3WA Headquarters, and make it snappy.

(The driver acknowledges and picks up the pace. Yukari notices that Minamo is still unhappy.)

Yukari: Seriously, did you catch whatever Yukito had or something?

Minamo: Iím justÖ not in a good mood.

Yukari: Why? Because of that stupid Paxsys thing?

Minamo: Just that last leg in its entirety.

Yukari: So you had a bad day; deal with it. Itís a new leg Nyamo- with all new challenges for you to screw up!

Minamo: Youíre not helping.

Yukari: Damn, you need to just let it go or weíre never going to get anywhere.

Minamo: No, the reason we donít go anywhere is because we keep screwing up. That leg was another chance for us to really get somewhere and instead we trip up like we did in Kyoto.

Yukari: What did we do in Kyoto?

Minamo: Yukari, do you really expect to win this?

Yukari: Of course. But not if youíre going to nitpick every time we mess up.

Minamo: I guessÖ

(Yukari shakes her head as the cab continues to head to HQ.)

Yukari: I make it pretty clear how Iím feeling. If Iím pissed, youíre hearing about it. If Iím tired or depressed- Iím usually sleeping. Nyamo isnít like that, and when she gets upset she has this strange notion of pretending it doesnít effect her. Times like this, when sheís mad at herself, she needs to learn to take it out on somebody else- preferably not me.


(Jessie and Ayla reach the office.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Currently in 3rd Place]
Ayla: Found it!

(They enter and run up to the route marker.)

Ayla: Take a shuttle to Worldís World and find their main office.

Jessie: InterestingÖ


(May and Max are approaching Furool Spaceport in a cab.)

May: So you think itís a good idea?

Max: Definitely. It helps both of us, and Iím sure theyíll be happy to help.

May: At the very least, itís better than trying to outdo each other.

Max: Yeah.

(They are dropped off at the spaceport. They wait for Touya and Yukito, who show up right behind them. May and Max wait for them to get their bags, and enter the port with them.)

May: Hey, how about we work together to find this flight?

Yukito: Thatís a great idea. Sound good, Touya?

Touya: Weíre in front; no reason why not.

Max: The important thing is staying in front.

(They split up somewhat and begin asking for information concerning Worldís World.)

Max: (VO) Unlike the previous one, working with Touya and Yukito was mostly out of convenience. We were both in the lead, and we decided to work together to get a good flightÖ and hopefully stay ahead of Jessie and Ayla.

(Touya finally finds the right desk, representing Interworld Spaceway.)

Touya: So itís a giant amusement park?

Clerk: More or less. How soon do you need to go?

(Touya turns to his partner, checking a different desk.)

Touya: Yuki, over here.

(Yukito informs May and Max as Touya gets back to the clerk.)

Touya: As soon as possible.

Clerk: AlrightÖ if you hurry we can actually get you on the next shuttle leaving in twenty minutes.

Touya: Perfect.

(Yukito, May, and Max arrive.)

May: Itís right here?

Touya: Yeah. Shuttle leaves in twenty minutes. Weíve gotta move.

(May goes up to the clerk.)

May: We need to get on that one too.

(May goes through the booking process.)

Max: Whereís our gate?

Touya: Pretty close. We just have to get going now.

Yukito: No bathroom breaks.

(May gets her tickets and the four briskly walk to the gate. They are not yet boarding.)

Touya: Now we just have to hope Jessie and Ayla donít get here on time.

(The flight begins boarding.)


(Meanwhile, Jessie and Aylaís taxi is making tracks for the spaceport.)

Jessie: Címon, címon, move move moveÖ

Ayla: Whatever flight they end up with, we have to get the same one.

Jessie: You got that rightÖ

(They continue moving along through the city.)




(After a grueling cab race through the slums of Furool, Yukari and Minamoís taxi wins. They get out and run up to 3WA headquarters. Noboyuki and Tenchiís cab parks right behind them.)

Yukari: Holy moly, thatís one big cop shop.

(Minamo silently runs past her. Yukari catches up as they head inside. Noboyuki and Tenchi also stop for a moment to marvel at the building.)

Tenchi: Jeez, itís the Ministry of Love.

Noboyuki: If this is what a police HQ looks like in space, why the heck are Kiyone and Mihoshi stuck with us?

(They chase after Yukari and Minamo, and find them waiting for an elevator.)

Yukari: Címon, címon, címonÖ yeah!

(An elevator arrives and the teachers get in. Yukari manages to close it before Tenchi can get there.)

Tenchi: Okay, now thatís playing dirtyÖ

Noboyuki: No kidding. Whenís the next one?

(Tenchi hits the button and they are forced to wait a little while for another to arrive.)


(Barnette drops off Koji and Koichi. They rush for a cab and are very efficient with finding one.)
[KOJI & KOICHI- Twin Brothers- Currently in Last Place]
Koji: 3WA Headquarters. As fast as possible.

(The cab takes off. Koji leans back in his seat and closes his eyes.)

Koji: Thereís nothing to be nervous about. Iím sure weíll find some place to catch up.

Koichi: I didnít say anything.

Koji: I was talking to myself.

Koichi: Koji, if youíre so worried, the Fast Forward isnít a bad idea.

Koji: We donít need to resort to it yet. This leg is just getting started. Letís get into it and then see where we are.


(Yukari and Minamo quickly find the route marker in Popopoís office.)
[YUKARI & MINAMO- Best Friends / Teachers- Currently in 4th Place]
Yukari: Take a shuttle to Worldís World and find their main office. Huh?

Minamo: Maybe the cab driver can help us figure this out.

(They run out very quickly. Noboyuki and Tenchiís elevator arrives. Noboyuki and Tenchi get out. Yukari and Minamo get in without saying anything. Tenchi points down a hall.)

Tenchi: I think they came in from this direction.

(They run down it and find the office, and the route marker. Noboyuki grabs the clue.)
[NOBOYUKI & TENCHI- Father & Son- Currently in 5th Place]
Noboyuki: Take a shuttle to Worldís World and find their main office.

Tenchi: I guess weíll have to go to a spaceport or something.

Noboyuki: Letís just get to street level and get to a cab first.

Tenchi: Right.

(They head back to the elevators.)


(Jessie and Ayla reach the spaceport and quickly run inside. Ayla stops to peruse the departures board for a moment as Jessie runs ahead. This forces Jessie to stop.)

Jessie: Ayla?

(Ayla nods and sprints up to Jessie.)

Ayla: Found it.

(They hustle to the same clerk Touya found.)

Jessie: Worldís World, now.

Clerk: UhÖ thereís one flight boarding, but I donít think you can make it. Next flight is in an hour.

Jessie: Then weíre about to prove you wrong. Get us on the one thatís boarding.

(He starts typing away and prints off a pair of boarding passes.)

Clerk: Good luckÖ

(He hands them the passes. Jessie and Ayla start running through the terminal.)

Jessie: Sprint, Ayla!!

(Both pick up the pace, until they are running a full short-track sprint, barely dodging people, carts, and kiosks.)


(Up ahead, the gate is being closed. On the flight, Touya and Yukito are sitting in front of May and Max. Both are trying to get relaxed.)

May: SoÖ either of you two ever flown like this before?

Touya: We flew to Hong Kong once.

Max: I think thatís on Earth.

Yukito: This will be new for all of us.

May: Well, except Jessie and Ayla. And maybe Tenchi.


(Jessie and Ayla continue their mad dash until they reach the gate.)

Ayla: We need to get on this flight.

Attendant: Iím sorry, you just missed it.

Jessie: No- we need to get on this flight. There is no ďIím sorryĒ to be discussed.

Attendant: The shuttle is already headed to the runway. Weíre not calling it back unless thereís an emergency.

Jessie: UmÖ Ayla?

Ayla: Canít help you.

Jessie: OkayÖ what if we have dying relatives there?

(The attendant shakes her head.)

Jessie: Someone on the flight forgot their medication? Phoned in a bomb threat?

Attendant: No, no, and thatís a felony. Iím sure you donít want that.

(Jessie sighs and gives up.)

Jessie: No.

(Jessie turns around and heads to the waiting area. She bends down and slams her hands on the ground.)

Jessie: We were so closeÖ

Ayla: Itís only an hour. Itís not like weíre in last.

Jessie: We are if everybody gets on this flight.

Ayla: You canít guarantee that will happen.

(Jessie and Ayla are stuck in that waiting area for awhile. Neither are in a good mood.)

Ayla: (VO) We missed the flight by a matter of minutes. Even spread out like this, every moment counts in a race. This meant the difference between the leading group and the trailing group.


(Koji and Koichi exit 3WA Headquarters. Koichi reads through the clue as Koji hails a cab.)

Koichi: Any ideas about this Worldís World?

Koji: Nope.

(A cab arrives and they pile in.)

Koichi: Sir, weíre trying to get to Worldís World. Do we need to get to an airport or a spaceport or whatever it takes to get out of here?

Driver: Yeah, thatís a, uh, theme park on another planet. Youíll want the spaceport.

Koji / Koichi: Thank you.


(Yukari and Minamo stumble their way through the spaceport and get tickets for the same flight as Jessie & Ayla. After some searching, Tenchi also finds the right counter.)

Tenchi: Worldís World?

Clerk: When?

Tenchi: How about now?

Clerk: UhÖ how about forty-five minutes? Thatís the next flight.

Tenchi: Thatís fine.

(Tenchi gets the tickets and finds his father.)

Tenchi: Dad! I got them.

(They join Jessie & Ayla and Yukari & Minamo at the gate. With Jessie and Ayla angry at themselves and Minamo still in her funk, Yukari eagerly joins the men.)

Yukari: Please say you two arenít pissed off at something.

Tenchi: Not at the moment.

(Yukari quickly puts an arm around their shoulders.)

Yukari: My saviors. Letís see if this airport has a bar. I need to get away from this angst-fest.

(She drags them away. They have no reason to resist, and donít.)


(Koji and Koichi reach the spaceport and are quickly overwhelmed by it.)

Koji: Okay, itís just like an airport. We can do this.

(They do end up finding the Interworld Spaceway desk pretty quickly.)

Koji: We need tickets to some place called Worldís World.

Clerk: Popular destination todayÖ well, the next flight is boarding now. You might be able to make it if you hurry.

(Koichi takes their boarding passes.)

Koichi: Thank you.

(Koichi quickly checks the passes.)

Koichi: Gate A8 Koji.

(Koji nods as they jog towards the gate.)


(The next flight is indeed boarding. Jessie, Ayla, and Minamo are fairly sullen as they board. Particularly since they are trailed by Noboyuki, Yukari, and Tenchi. Yukari has an arm around both of their shoulders, and she and Noboyuki are particularly tipsy.)

Noboyuki: Team Backstab forever!!

Yukari: The legend lives on!!

(Tenchi just laughs as they board.)

Tenchi: Neither of you were drinking with the pilot I hope.

(They head to the ramp. After a few moments of suspense, Koji and Koichi pull up to the gate and hand their boarding passes to the attendant.)

Koichi: Did we make it?

Attendant: Yep! No problem.

(Both sigh in relief and join the other three teams on board.)


(Interstellar map time! Itís a simple game of connect the planets as two flights go from Furool to the shiny blue Worldís World.)


(On board the first shuttle, the two leading teams are talking.)

Touya: Itís a really good thing Jessie & Ayla didnít get on. We should have a nice lead on anybody else.

Max: Cool. And Yukitoís holding up okay?

Yukito: Iím much-improved, thank you. Hopefully there isnít any turbulence in space and itíll be a nice smooth ride where I can rest a bit more.

May: Wow, thatís great. So what would you guys say to an alliance?

Yukito: (facetious) I donít know. Weíre both coming off break-ups. Usually we need some personal time before jumping back into a relationship. Right Touya?

(Touya looks at Yukito oddly. May laughs.)

May: Iím just saying that since weíre out in front, thereís really no sense in us wasting energy competing against each other.

Touya: (to Yukito) Isnít that what you said to team up with Yamaki and Riley?

Yukito: It is, isnít it? I think thatís a sign. Sure, weíd love to work with you.

May: Great!

Max: I think the best thing is not to get too attached. If we decide to go in separate directions, no problem, right?

Yukito: Of course.

Touya: And all bets are off once the others catch up to us.

Max: If the others catch up to us, it means this alliance isnít helping anyway.

(Touya nods. He and Yukito sit back down. May and Max lean in and talk to themselves without letting the Tomoeda guys hear.)

May: This is great! Now we donít have to worry about trying to make it alone.

Max: Yeah- just donít fall in love with these two now.

May: Touya and Yukito? No way! It would never work.

Max: Why do you say that? Usually youíre drooling over guys like them.

May: Maybe, but thereís no way they would go for somebody like me.

Max: How do you know?

(May giggles.)

May: OhÖ I donít think theyíd uhÖ swing my way. Letís just say IímÖ not their type.

(May giggles again. Max scratches his head.)

Max: Whatever, May.

(They lean back and enjoy the flight. May looks out at the starry expanse of space.)

May: Touya and Yukito? I think theyíre more than just ďbest friendsĒ but thatís just my opinion. Really, teaming up with them was really nice. It makes things a lot less stressful and hopefully weíll be able to cling to the lead a little longer.

(Touya and Yukito just chat innocently as the flight drags on.)




(The first flight nears Worldís World.)
Popopo: (VO) All six teams are on one of two flights to Worldís World, an amusement park providing an authentic experience of 20th Century Tokyo.

(Touya, Yukito, May, and Max are briefed on landing procedure.)

Popopo: (VO) Touya & Yukito and May & Max are on the first flight.

(The other four teams are scattered about the second flight, all doing various airplane time-wasters.)

Popopo: (VO) Jessie & Ayla, Yukari & Minamo, Noboyuki & Tenchi, and Koji & Koichi are on a second flight, arriving one hour later.

(Rapid shots to Junoís Snack Bar in Shinjuku.)

Popopo: (VO) When they arrive, teams are looking for the Worldís World central office in Shinjuku.


(On the other flight, Minamo is trying to relax a little. For once, Yukari isnít interfering

with the process.)

Yukari: Thereís no sense worrying about it now. Weíre stuck back here and weíll just have to kick butt the way we always do.

Minamo: Youíre rightÖ I know. I just canít help but think weíve been missing opportunities to jump ahead. And falling three spotsÖ jeezÖ

Yukari: Well, we started in second, and that was only because Touya and Yukito cheated.

Minamo: Cheated?

Yukari: Stay with me here. Then we got passed by the Amazons because they actually knew what they were doing in space.

Minamo: Thatís one spot.

Yukari: And we were dead on with No-kun and Tenchi.

Minamo: No-kun?

Yukari: Noboyuki! Do I have to spell it all out for you? We caught up to them in no time, and the last drop doesnít count because the Bobsey Twins cheated!

Minamo: Still, youíre right that it doesnít matter. Three teams and us- we can handle this.

Yukari: But while weíre on the subject- why havenít we cheated yet?

(Minamo looks up at Yukari. She has no response.)

Yukari: Seriously, everybody else is doing it.

Minamo: You mean the Fast Forward, right?

Yukari: Eh, whatever they call it. You get to skip everything and go straight to the Pit Stop. Thatís cheating in my book. And I want in.

Minamo: Well, as you said, the teams on the first flight already cheated so they canít againÖ

Yukari: You want to get ahead? Letís make a break for it when we land.

Minamo: YeahÖ what do we have to do?

(Yukari pulls the clue out of her carry-on and opens the Fast Forward envelope.)


(A well-placed blaster shot opens the Fast Forward envelope. Lovely Angel Kei probably fired the shot.)
Kei: (VO) Thereís only one Fast Forward on each leg of this race. First team who gets it can skip all tasks and head straight for the Pit Stop. Thing is, a team can only use it once in the race, so they canít just waste it, you know?

(Shot of a giant luxury yacht sailing out in the Worldís World equivalent of Tokyo Bay. Also show a futuristic parasail- with maneuverable thrusters to actually control the movement in the air.)

Kei: To get the Fast Forward on this leg, a team will need to attack this yacht in Tokyo Bay. One person will drive a rented boat. The other will pilot an attached glider onto the yacht. Once he gets inside, he can grab the Fast Forward.


(The first flight lands in Narita International Spaceport. Both of the lead teams walk out and have a discussion.)

May: You really think a trainís the best bet?

Touya: Saves money, and gives us time to figure out where this place is.

Max: Yeah, itís a safe bet that itís in the city.

(They board a train heading into Tokyo. Yukito turns to a passenger.)

Yukito: Excuse me, do you know where the head of operations is here?

Tourist: UhÖ noÖ but I have a pamphlet.

(He looks through it and smiles.)

Tourist: Yeah, thereís an address on here. Itís in Shinjuku.

Yukito: Shinjuku? Thank you.

Touya: If this is just like Tokyo, then I know how to get to Shinjuku.

May: Then we get in a cab and have the driver take us there?

Yukito: Yep.

(They continue to ride the train.)

Yukito: (VO) Itís pure convenience. Any opportunity we can take to be a little more casual and rest a little easier- weíll take it. You might say itís more of a truce than an alliance.


(The second flight is nearing Worldís World. Koichi is a little uneasy.)

Koichi: Well, if we donít use it, what do you think the odds are that somebody else will?

Koji: I donít think the amazons would use it. Not while weíre in the future.

Koichi: The teachers?

Koji: No idea. They might.

Koichi: If weíre in the future with all this SF stuff, then Jessie & Ayla and even Tenchi have an advantage. We kept up with them before, but this is a new world now.

Koji: I just think itís a gamble if Yukari and Minamo might try for it too.

Koichi: I think weíd have a better chance beating them to the Fast Forward than beating two teams who know what theyíre doing here.

(Koji thinks about it for a minute.)

Koji: Okay, letís do it. Weíve got to go for it sometime.

Koichi: Thanks. We wonít regret this.

(Koji leans back as Koichi retrieves the Fast Forward envelope from his pack.)

Koji: It wasnít my decision to go for the Fast Forward. This was all Koichiís idea. But being on a team is about discussing all of our decisions and reaching agreements. He put up a good argument, and since I had done most of the decision-making up until now, I figured it was time Koichi made the call.


(The second shuttle arrives and all four teams head out. Jessie & Ayla and Koji & Koichi go after cabs.)

Koji / Jessie: Taxi!

(After both teams aggressively hail cabs, Koji & Koichi reach one first. These are perfectly normal taxis on wheels.)

Koji: Tokyo Harbor. The faster the better.


(Jessie and Ayla are right behind them.)

Ayla: Where is the headquarters for Worldís World?

Driver: Itís in Shinjuku, maíam.

Jessie: Thatís where weíre going.


(At the train platform, Noboyuki & Tenchi and Yukari & Minamo are getting nervous.)

Noboyuki: Whereís everybody else? You donít think they took taxis, do you?

Tenchi: They might have. I imagine a train would be faster. Unless theyíve fixed the traffic problems here.

Yukari: Doesnít matter to us, weíre goingÖ

(Minamo cups Yukariís mouth.)

Minamo: Whenís that stupid train coming?

(It does arrive and both step on.)


(At Shinjuku, Touya & Yukito and May & Max leave the train station and board cabs. They quickly go through the city until they reach Junoís Snack Bar.)

Yukito: This is it? I was thinking they would use the TMG tower or something.

Touya: Again?

Max: Thereís the route marker!

(They descend into the quiet little snack bar and meet a friendly clownÖ who is actually Gold OíHara, the CEO of Worldís World. He has a stack of clue envelopes.)
[MAY & MAX / TOUYA & YUKITO- Currently Tied in 1st Place]
May: Do you know where the main office is?

OíHara: Looking for this?

(He hands May and Touya clues. Open sesame!)

May: Detour. VR or VB.


(In the large central core of the main office, hidden behind the faÁade of Junoís Snack Bar, Kei details the Detour.)
Kei: A Detourís a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. This time, teams will have to choose between VR and VB.

(Shot of a deserted wasteland, with a horde of faceless bad guys running around.)

Kei: (VO) In VR, teams will have to execute what is known as a neural intrusion. While geeks around the galaxy enjoy entering their own virtual realities where every wish is fulfilled, intrusions are used to pull out the neural junkies that canít get enough of it.

(Shot of Satoshi resting on a hospital bed.)

Kei: (VO) For this, the team will head to the Worldís World central core and enter a fantasy world created by Sasshi. Theyíll have to battle whatever the little freak comes up with in order to get the next clue. They wonít have to travel, but going inside Sasshiís fantasies wonít be fun.

(Shot of two women playing beach volleyball.)

Kei: (VO) In VB, teams will taxi more than a mile to this athletic complex and take on a pair of locals in a game of beach volleyball. The team will get their next clue as soon as they accumulate 15 points, but for every 15 their opponents get, the team will have to jog a lap wearing restraint belts in order to continue.


(Both teams consider their options. Yukito reaches a conclusion first.)

Yukito: Well, we should stay here and do VR then.

Touya: I donít know Yuki. Do you think you can handle it?

May: Forget Yuki, I donít know if *I* can handle it!

Yukito: Iíll be fine, Touya. Itíll be easier than playing volleyball.

May: Are you sure? I can play volleyball. This VR thing seems weird.

Max: It sounds cool, May!

May: Yeah, but what are the odds that weíre going to pull off this neural invasion or whatever itís called? At least with volleyball we know weíll get done eventually.

Max: Are you any good? Because IÖ

May: Weíll be fine. Iíll guide you through it.

Yukito: Well, if youíre going to do that one, good luck! Maybe weíll meet up later!

May: Yeah! Thanks for all the help, guys!

(May and Max run out while Touya and Yukito follow OíHara to the back of the room.)

Max: We chose different Detour options, which ended our partnership with Touya and Yukito pretty quick. I donít know, I think it would have been worth it to stick close to those two.


(Touya and Yukito stick with OíHara. He leads them to a private tram car which takes them to the real main office. There are a series of beds, all wired to a computer. On one bed is Satoshi, in a deep sleep. OíHara guides them each to nearby beds.)

OíHara: Relax here and before you know it, youíll be in Sasshiís world.

Yukito: I can hardly wait.

(They are strapped in and close their eyes. As soon as they open them up again, they are in a vast plain, with little growing except the evil army approaching the pair. Touya looks at the horde with some degree of surprise.)

Touya: This is strange. Not entirely unsurprising though.

(The entire horde is comprised entirely of Satoshi clones.)

Touya: So how do you think we get past this?

(Yukito pulls a blaster out of nowhere and smiles at Touya.)

Yukito: What did you end up with?

(Touya looks down. He has a large glowing sword.)

Yukito: Wow, Lina and Gourry would have been right at home with thisÖ

Touya: I guess thereís only one thing to do.

(They each take a deep breath and charge after the hordes.)


(May and Max arrive at the volleyball courts. There is a track surrounding about four courts. Max sees four people playing on one court. Another is empty, save for a volleyball. He throws it up in the air and attempts to pass it over the net. He misses completely.)

Max: This could be trouble, MayÖ

(No response. He looks around. May is gone.)

Max: May?

(Two of the athletes, both women of modest athleticism, greet Max.)

Volleyball Player: Are you here to play us?

Max: May is. Iím her teammate, but I have the feeling that Iíll be watching a lot. But where the heck is she?

(She greets the group, clad in a brand new swimsuit.)

May: Hi! Iím ready to play!

Volleyball Player: Weíll give you a couple minutes to warm up.

(They head off to practice themselves as Max glares at May.)

May: What? If weíre going to be on the beach, I might as well wear my new swimsuit.

Max: (sweatdropping) I should have knownÖ

(May picks up the volleyball and serves it cleanly over the net.)

Max: Well, at least you know what youíre doing.

May: Weíll be fine! I play volleyball all the time with my friends!

Max: But can you beat those women?

(Max hits the ball up. May jumps and spikes it over the net. She lands, smiles, and flexes in classic bunny-girl style.)

May: Max, by the time weíre done with this, youíll be calling me Misty May!!


(Yukari and Minamo jump off the train, surprising the hell out of Noboyuki & Tenchi. They catch another one quickly and speed past the mid-day traffic. They see the harbor in the distance.)

Yukari: There it is!

Minamo: Awesome!


(Meanwhile, Koji and Koichi are stuck in said mid-day traffic. The driver is pretty complacent about it, but Koji and Koichi are both sweating bullets.)

Koichi: Nervous?

Koji: Of course not. You?

Koichi: Iíve been better.

(He leans over to the driver.)

Koichi: How about you?

(He shrugs. Koichi leans back.)

Koichi: (to Koji) Wow, this place is authentic.


(Because of the traffic, Yukari and Minamo arrive at the harbor first and are able to secure a boat and an attached glider. While they have an attendant supervising them, they are pretty much on their own to figure it out.)
[FAST FORWARD- Flying Angel]
Yukari: Okay, so how do we do this?

Minamo: Iíll drive the boat. You figure out how to get the glider on the yacht.

Yukari: That yacht?

(She points. Out in the distance, there is a large yacht in the bay.)

Minamo: Yep. Letís go.

(Yukari is strapped to the glider and given a crash course on how to control it.)

Yukari: Jeez, like Iíve never flown gliders off boats before. Whenever youíre ready Nyamo!

(Minamo takes off straight ahead. Yukari doesnít touch the controls until she is propelled in the air. Minamo looks back and smiles at Yukari.)

Minamo: Lookiní good back there!

(Yukari starts to fiddle with the controls and gets a feel for the glider.)

Yukari: Whoo! This is awesome!

(Minamo approaches the yacht, quietly mumbling to herself.)

Minamo: Steady, steady, steadyÖ

Yukari: Swing left Nyamo! Iíll take it from here!

(Minamo carefully sails to the left of the boat. Yukari continues to go forward. When the string forces her to the left, she forces the glider to the right and onto a platform on the back of the yacht. She lands, and immediately pulls a cord, releasing herself from the glider. She goes through a marked door and runs through a hallway to the Fast Forward podium. She happily snatches the Fast Forward and exits via a doorway port side. Minamo is waiting on the boat.)

Minamo: Did you get it?

(Yukari jumps in and falls on her back.)

Yukari: Drive, Nyamo-chan!

(Minamo turns the boat around as Yukari reads.)

Yukari: Congratulations, you have won the Fast Forward! Check it at the next Pit Stop- Sweet Seventeen Academy!

Minamo: Yes! Yes! Yes!

(Minamo reaches a hand back and Yukari quickly slaps it.)

Minamo: (VO) The Fast Forward was our shining moment. Through everything, we worked together and pulled off something incredible. Safe to say Iím much happier now.


(Rapid shots to a private dormitory on the outskirts of town.)
Arumi: (VO) Having won the Fast Forward, Yukari and Minamo can head straight to the next Pit Stop- the Sweet Seventeen Academy in Tokyo.


(Meanwhile, Koji is driving the boat, with Koichi manning the glider. Koji sees the teachers go by in the other direction. He shakes his head and plows forward.)

Koichi: Koji, was thatÖ?

(They do pretty much the same thing and Koichi lands safely on the platform. He reaches the route marker and sees a note.)

Koichi: (reading) Sorry, the Fast Forward has already been taken.

(Koichi silently exits and descends onto the boat. Koji already knows.)

Koji: They already got it?

(Koichi nods. Koji merely shakes his head.)

Koichi: I think weíre in troubleÖ




(A pile of Sasshis is strewn about. Touya and Yukito are trying to catch their breath.)

Touya: Are we done yet?

(Evil overlord Satoshi appears. Everyone knows what evil overlords look like, right?)

Satoshi: Well doneÖ

(Touya slices him in two. He falls over, dropping the clue envelope.)

Yukito: I donít think you were supposed to kill that one.

Touya: Not like he can complain.

(He picks up the clue. Both suddenly wake up from the neural world. Touya has the clue in his hand. They shake their heads. Touya opens the clue.)

Yukito: That was fun.

Touya: Go to the Business Android Maintenance Center in Yaoi.


(Rapid taxi shots to a large dark warehouse, filled with inactive androids.)
Kei: (VO) Teams must now take a taxi to Tokyoís Yaoi District and find their next clue in the Business Android Maintenance Center.


(May sets the volleyball over the net, at which point it is spiked back, hard. May dives after it, but misses completely. She and the ball both end up eating sand.)

Volleyball Player: (OS) 15-1! Thatís game!

(Max walks up to May as she stands and brushes herself off.)

Max: Itís been said before, but it must be repeated- you are not Misty.

(One of the players walks up to them, with a pair of restraint belts. May and Max are uncomfortable just looking at them.)

May: UhÖ maybe we should do the other one.

Max: Now you figure it outÖ

(They hail a cab and get out of there fast. In the cab, Max quickly berates May.)

Max: What the heck were you thinking? We got creamed out there!

May: I didnít think youíd be that bad!

Max: Why not?! Do I look like the volleyball type to you?! Besides, you werenít that much better.

May: I got one point more than you, didnít I?

(They get back to the snack bar and head into the virtual reality area. They get inside and end up in an abandoned shopping mall. Still, the evil Sasshis are on the march! May pulls out her sword.)

May: (sarcastic) Oh yeah, weíre so much more suited to this.

Max: WhatÖ killing Satoshi?

(Max admires his blaster.)

Max: We can do that.


(After switching to a cab, Noboyuki and Tenchi arrive at the Detour.)
[NOBOYUKI & TENCHI- Father & Son- 3rd at Detour]
Noboyuki: Letís take VR. Iím not a big volleyball person.

(They run inside and get hooked up next to May and Max.)


(Outside, Jessie and Ayla reach the route marker and peruse the clue.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Rivals- 4th at Detour]
Jessie: VR or VB? This isnít a question for us!

(They run outside and fetch a cab.)

Ayla: (VO) On paper, the volleyball challenge was probably not the preferable choice. Not to us, however. We cruised through that one like no other team could.

(They arrive, kick off their shoes, and through some stunning displays of teamwork, totally stun their opponents. One of the opponents spikes it. Ayla digs it out of the sand and up to Jessie. She pops it high in the air, allowing Ayla to stand up, leap, and spike it for the kill.)

Jessie: I believe that makes it 15-1.

(The volleyball player hands over the clue.)

Jessie: Go to the Business Android Maintenance Center in Yaoi.


(In Yaoi, Touya and Yukito struggle to find it, but eventually come across the right building. They head in and find the route marker.)
[TOUYA & YUKITO- Best Friends / Students- 1st at Road Block]
Touya: Road Block. This person must be able to catch a virus.


(Computer geek Touma is standing in front of a series of fancy computers.)
Touma: A Road Block is a task that only one person may perform. Here, they will have to catch a Joint Artificial Intelligence Criminal, or JAIC, hidden in some of the androids in this warehouse. They will have to scan the database for it until they find an android infected by JAIC. Once found, JAIC will try to escape, so theyíll have to chase it down on foot in order to retrieve their next clue.


(May and Max finish up with their simulation and wake up. May is out of breath.)

May: I didnít realize killing Satoshi would be so tiring!

Max: I found it a bit of a stress-reliever actually. Címon, weíre heading to Yaoi District.

May: (suddenly interested) Ooh.

(They run out. Noboyuki & Tenchi remain inside their simulation.)


(Meanwhile, at the Sweet Seventeen Academy, A taxi pulls up to the Kouyou Dorm, and Yukari and Minamo reach the Pit Stop mat. On the route marker, the large green letters read ďDIRTY PAIR FLASH,Ē with ďWORLDíS WORLDĒ in small white letters above it. Along with Arumi is Keiís partner, Lovely Angel Yuri.)

Yuri: Welcome to Kouyou Dorm at Sweet Seventeen Academy here on Worldís World!

Arumi: Yukari and Minamo- you are team number one.

Yukari: Yay! Nyamo doesnít suck!

(The teachers high-five, very excited.)

Arumi: I take it your spirits are higher now.

Minamo: Yeah. We needed this. The way we got this Fast Forward really proved to me that we can seriously contend.

Yukari: Weíre in the driverís seat now. As long as Nyamo doesnít crash again, weíre cruising!


(Touya is taking his time on the computer. He seems to be having little luck when Jessie and Ayla arrive.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- 2nd at Road Block]
Ayla: Road Block.

Jessie: This one looks interesting.

Ayla: RightÖ

(Ayla reads through the details and joins Touya at a computer.)


(On the steps in front of a Chinese temple, Tenchi is doing battle with every Satoshi that greets him. But while heís busy with one, another sneaks up behind him.)

Noboyuki: Behind you Tenchi!

(Noboyuki shoots the offending attacker.)

Tenchi: Thanks Dad.

(Tenchi finishes off the last ones. Noboyuki poses with his gun.)

Noboyuki: You know what? We are the true Noir.

(They get out of the neural sim and get their next clue.)

Tenchi: Go to the Business Android Maintenance Center in Yaoi.

(As they run out, Koji and Koichi arrive at the Detour.)
[KOJI & KOICHI- Twin Brothers- Last at Detour]
Koichi: Thereís Noboyuki and Tenchi. Maybe we arenít out of this yet.

Koji: Come on, weíre doing the VR.


(Both Touya and Ayla find a JAIC android almost at the same time. Two large androids suddenly jump out from the lower floor and start running outside.)

Jessie: Ayla!! There it goes!

(Ayla quickly turns around and sprints after it. Touya catches on as well and immediately follows. Ayla gets outside and runs after the androids, with Touya well behind her. Ayla uses her amazing speed to tag one of the androids. While the second keeps running, the first turns around and opens a compartment revealing the clue. Ayla happily takes it as Touya runs by. Ayla turns around, and sees Jessie running after her with both of their bags.)

Jessie: Did you get it?

(Ayla waves it in the air.)

Jessie: Yeah!!

(Jessie drops the bags and they high-five. Ayla is clearly pumped as she opens the clue.)

Ayla: Check in at the next Pit Stop at Sweet Seventeen Academy. The last team to arrive may be eliminated.


(Rapid taxi shots to the academy.)
Arumi: (VO) Teams must now take a cab to the Sweet Seventeen Academy, an authentic 20th Century school in Tokyo. In front of the Kouyou Dorm is the eighth Pit Stop in the race. The last team to arrive might be eliminated.


(As Touya chases after his android, a cab goes by. May and Max watch him as they go by. Both are a little confused.)
[MAY & MAX- Siblings- Currently in 4th Place]
May / Max: What in Worldís World is he doing?

(Touya does get the android and retrieves the clue. A little disappointed, he walks all the way back to the warehouse to rejoin Yukito. May and Max are considering their options when he arrives.)

May: Itís something involving computers Max. Besides, Iím too tired from all that volleyball and Sasshi-killing to do it.

Max: Fine, fineÖ

(Max heads to the computers to begin his work. Meanwhile, Touya and Yukito get their things together and leave. Now Touyaís the tired one.)


(Koji and Koichi are battling in some sort of hellish void. Not that they arenít used to that. Koji gears up with his sword and charges.)

Koji: Lobo Kendo!

(Koji strikes, killing about three Sasshis. Koichi joins him with the blaster.)

Koichi: I donít think you need to shout.

Koji: Old habits, you know?

(They wrap it up and get their next clue. They wake up outside the simulator and Koji opens it up.)
[KOJI & KOICHI- Currently in Last Place]
Koji: Go to the Business Android Maintenance Center in Yaoi.

Koichi: How long did that take?

(Koji looks at a clock on the wall.)

Koji: Too long.


(Max types away on the computer. May watches him from a distance.)

May: Well?

Max: Iím working on itÖ

(Max suddenly smiles.)

Max: Found it!

(May screams. Max turns around and sees the android run out.)

Max: Now comes the tricky partÖ

(Max charges after it. After an extended chase, he manages to hunt it down and gets the clue. However, he runs out of breath and keels over immediately afterwards. May sees this, grabs their bags, and runs out to join him.)

May: I never realized fixing computers was so physically demanding.

(Max hands her the clue.)

May: Oh, thank you!

(She opens it.)

May: Check in at the next Pit Stop at Sweet Seventeen Academy. The last team to arrive may be eliminated.

(She hails a cab. When it arrives, she throws the bags in the trunk and literally drags Max into the cab.)


(At the academy, Jessie and Ayla pull up and quickly run up to the Pit Stop. As she always does when sheís not destroying property, Yuri smiles brightly.)

Yuri: Welcome to Kouyou Dorm here on Worldís World!

Arumi: Jessie? Ayla?

(The rivals take a deep breath.)

Arumi: Youíre team number two.

(Some rare moments of emotion for Ayla, as she enthusiastically pumps a fist. Jessie raises her arms and smiles, very happy with the result.)

Yuri: Congratulations!

(Jessie and Ayla hug.)

Arumi: I take it you like the result.

Jessie: Well, when we missed that flight, we were really gunning to at least catch up to them.

Ayla: The fact that we were able to pass them is very satisfying.

Arumi: Well, way to go then.

(Arumi shakes hands with both of them.)


(Noboyuki and Tenchi are watching their cabbie drive, a little uncertain.)

Noboyuki: You think he knows where weíre going? Iím getting worried.

Tenchi: No idea.

Noboyuki: Youíve lived in Tokyo Tenchi, are we going the right way?

Tenchi: Dad, I may have lived in Tokyo, but I donít know the least bit about Yaoi.

Noboyuki: With all those girls? I would hope not.


(Speaking of Yaoi, Touya and Yukito step on the Pit Stop mat.)

Yuri: Welcome to Worldís World!

Arumi: Youíre shortening your greeting each time.

Yuri: I want to get out of here. I have a date tonight.

Arumi: With who?

Yuri: HmmÖ

(Yuri alternates between Touya and Yukito.)

Yuri: Eenie, meeney, miney, moeÖ

Arumi: So much for living up to your name.

(Arumi turns to the gentlemen.)

Arumi: Touya and Yukito, youíre team number three.

(Touya shakes his head, a little unhappy. Yukito pats him on the back.)


(Finally, Noboyuki and Tenchi arrive at the warehouse.)

Tenchi: (VO) The cab took a little longer than we had hoped, and we didnít really know where any of the other teams were. So we both were a little concerned when we got to the Road Block.

(Nevertheless, they reach it.)

Tenchi: Someone who can catch a virus.

Noboyuki: Well, I know how to catch a virusÖ

Tenchi: I think itís something with computers. You want to take it, Dad?

Noboyuki: Sure thing!

(Noboyuki goes to work on the computer. It takes him some time to get to it. But once he does, the android jumps out.)

Tenchi: There it goes, Dad!

Noboyuki: Thanks!

(Noboyuki turns around and gives chase. It doesnít take him nearly as long as Max took in order for him to catch up to the android. Heís a little winded once he gets it though. Noboyuki takes the clue and walks back to Tenchi. Fortunately, Tenchi meets him halfway.)

Tenchi: Way to go!

Noboyuki: Thank you! That was a tricky one!

(They find a cab and head back.)

Noboyuki: SoÖ think weíre in last?

Tenchi: Who cares?

(Tenchi sits back. Noboyuki is still a little worried.)

Noboyuki: I think the trickiest thing about the Road Block was the way we had to switch gears all of a sudden. The computer part was really mentally taxing, and forced us to dig pretty deep for that thing. But once we find it, it jumps out and we have to rely on speed to go after it. It was tough.


(May and Max are the next team to step on the Pit Stop mat.)

Yuri: Hi.

Arumi: (to Yuri) Youíre not even trying anymore are you?

Yuri: I just do things my way, you know?

(Arumi gets back to business.)

Arumi: May and Max? Youíre team number four.

Max: Tough one, but we got through it.

May: Yep. Hope our boys can do the same.

(They high-five quickly. May walks off. Max smiles.)

Max: (sotto) Or notÖ we win either way.


(Koji and Koichi pull up to the Road Block. Koji quickly fetches the clue.)

Koji: Road Block. This person must be able to catch a virus.

Koichi: What do you think thatís about?

Koji: Donít know. Why donít you do it?

Koichi: Really? Why?

Koji: Why not?

(Koichi smiles and opens the envelope. After reading the instructions, he heads to the computers and begins searching for JAIC. Koji watches him work.)

Koji: (VO) After we missed out on the Fast Forward, I think we both realized that it was over. With that in mind, our top concern was just getting the most of the little time we had left. Letting Koichi do the Road Block was my way of saying that I donít blame him for trying for the Fast Forward. I didnít know teachers could fly like that either.


(Noboyuki and Tenchi walk up to the Pit Stop. Yuri is busy checking her makeup. Arumi is stone-faced.)

Arumi: Noboyuki and Tenchi?

Noboyuki: Uh oh.

(She really plays up the suspense, before finally breaking the news to them.)

Arumi: Youíre team number five.

(Noboyuki practically falls over in relief.)

Noboyuki: JeezÖ Iím getting too old for this.

Tenchi: Way to run, Dad.

(They hug briefly.)


(Koichi tracks down JAIC and gets the clue. He and Koji hail a cab and speed off to the Academy. They arrive and walk to the Pit Stop mat. Koichi pats Koji on the back.)

Arumi: Koji and Koichi?

(Both nod. This time, the suspense is sincere and Arumiís stoic attitude is justified.)

Arumi: Youíre the last team to arrive. Sorry to tell you, but you have been eliminated from the race.

(They shake hands and walk off the mat.)

Koji: (VO) At least we knew it was coming. In the end, this was exactly what I hoped for- a chance for Koichi and I to get to know each other a little better, and to have some fun while we were doing it. Iíve realized how different we really are, but at the same time, Iíve realized how good it feels to have a brother by my side.

Koichi: I wouldnít think of doing this with anybody else. Heís saved my life enough times already, and the way we worked together was great. And after everything that happened with May and Max, and my fatal decision to try for the Fast Forward, Koji was still right there to support me one-hundred percent.

(May and Max have waited for them to arrive, and Koichi and May are able to share one last moment together.)

Koichi: Hey, good luck. Weíll see you two at the finish line.

May: Weíll do our best, Koichi!

(As they kiss, Max looks over to Koji. Kojiís looking back at Max, and extends a hand.)

Koji: Looks like you win.

(Max shakes it and smiles.)

Max: Itís not like you just handed it to us. You know, Iíve never had a rival before. At first, I didnít know how to react.

Koji: You reacted pretty well if you ask me.

(The two start laughing, as Koji accepts his defeat at the hands of his main opponent.)

End of Episode Eight

Authorís Notes
Donít worry because Koji & Koichi were eliminated. Crispin Freeman still has a few more cameos lined up for the remainder of the race, including one next episode.

Medical Mechanica is the gigantic, skyline-dominating iron structure in FLCL, a series that most definitely would have been a represented if it hadnít aired on Cartoon Network. In case you hadnít noticed- any series that has aired on basic television is disqualified from being a leg (unless itís aired after the course is confirmed like Lain or Gate Keepers).

The fact that Ash Ketchumís Japanese name is Satoshi could create a couple extra connotations about May and Maxís talk of killing him. Itís also worth mentioning that Pokťmonís Satoshi and DPFís Kei share a Japanese voice actress, whom I have met thank you very much.

Besides the reference to Ashís previous female traveling companion, Misty May is the name of both the bunny girl in Otaku no Video and one of the worldís top beach volleyball players. That is likely a coincidence. However, given the distance between the name May and her Japanese equivalent Haruka, Ashís current female traveling companion could very well have been named after one of the two. After all, bunny girls rule. For a name shared by both an anime character and an athlete that is *not* a coincidence, check out Martina Navratilova in Slayers NEXT (who, since someoneís bound to mention it, is voiced by Rachel Lillis).

I was all set to explain that the Yaoi district is a real location in Tokyo, but by gum I could not find it on any of my maps. Furthermore, all the Google searches for it came up with veryÖ unrelated results (I didnít know two guys could do *that*!). Because of this, I wouldnít be surprised if the location was indeed a reference to the shounen-ai term. After all, the character Yuri *is* named after the shoujo-ai term (or the shoujo-ai term is named after the character, depending on who you ask- itís kind of a chicken/egg type deal). No matter which came first, Kei and Yuri are considered the original yuri couple in anime that Mireille/Kirika, Yomiko/Nancy, and Akari/Ichino/Kris look up to. And if Mayís suggestion that Touya and Yukito are more than friends comes as a surprise to you, you need your eyes checked.

Next Time on a Special Two-Hour Episode of The Anime-zing Race:
* A dramatic change in genre really throws teams for a loop.
* The most perverted Road Block in the history of reality television.
* A sibling rivalry heats things upÖ between complete strangers.