The Anime-zing Race 2

Episode Six

Authorís Notes
Welcome back to The Anime-zing Race 2- the other bi-weekly summer reality series featuring an annoying host voiced by Luci Christian (although Iíve also got an annoying contestant voiced by her- top that Chromus!). Despite my new job, Iím going to try to stick to a bi-weekly schedule, and have picked up my pace to get as many episodes in before I actually start working in early August. The contest is still running, but if youíre just hearing about it now, itís too late to be eligible to win. Finally, the fifth season of the real series airs every Tuesday starting at 10 eastern on CBS, so be sure to check that out. Okay, youíve waited long enough- here we go again!

Satoshi: (VO) Last time, on the Read or Die leg of the Anime-zing RaceÖ

(Shot of Noboyuki and Tenchi riding the paper airplane.)

Satoshi: (VO) A high-flying Detour sent teams soaring.

Noboyuki: (VO) Once I got past the fact that we were riding a paper airplane, it was just a big hoot. Made me feel like a kid again.

(Shot of everybody following Yukari and Minamo around in the airport.)

Satoshi: (VO) Teams stuck close to Yukari, Jessie, and Max, negating most of their language or navigational advantages.

Gourry: We tagged along with a couple other teams in New York. That was probably a good idea, but I donít think Lina counted on them hitting a few of her sore spots.

(Shot of Koichi and May hooking up on the ferry.)

Satoshi: (VO) While Koichi and May got even closer to each other, at the risk of alienating their teammates.

Koichi: (VO) I have a funny feeling he doesnít want May and I alone together. It doesnít matter to me. Being a member of the team is more important than being with May.

(Shot of Riley returning from the Road Block to an unhappy Yamaki.)

Satoshi: (VO) But while those two hooked up, Yamaki and Riley seemed heading in the other direction, as they became the fifth team to go down.

(Rapid shots of the seven remaining teams at various points in the race.)

Satoshi: (VO) With only seven teams left, whatíll go down tonight on the Irresponsible Captain Tylor leg of the Anime-zing Race?


12 TEAMS OF 2:
TOUYA & YUKITO (Best Friends / Students- Cardcaptor Sakura)
KOJI & KOICHI (Twin Brothers- Digimon)
JESSIE & AYLA (Rivals- Battle Athletes)
MAY & MAX (Siblings- Pokťmon)
SETA & KEITARO (Master & Apprentice- Love Hina) {ELIMINATED}
LINA & GOURRY (Traveling Companions- Slayers)
YUKARI & MINAMO (Best Friends / Teachers- Azumanga Daioh)
NOBOYUKI & TENCHI (Father & Son- Tenchi Muyo)
MINATO & YUKINA (Sisters-In-Law- Nadesico) {ELIMINATED}
CHIHARU & YAMAZAKI (Classmates- Cardcaptor Sakura) {ELIMINATED}
YAMAKI & RILEY (Dating Co-Workers- Digimon) {ELIMINATED}



Leg Six

(Wide-shots of the LSO headquarters, and the massive library within.)
Satoshi: (VO) This is the headquarters for the Library Special Operations, an international taskforce on a mission to save the world from all literature-related crimes. This base in London is the fifth Pit Stop in the race.

(Shot of Jessie and Ayla checking in.)

Satoshi: (VO) Teams checked in for a mandatory rest period.

(Shot of Wendy spilling a cup of tea on Tenchiís lap, and then proceeding to clean it up.)

Satoshi: (VO) This gives them a chance to eatÖ

(Shot of Yukari sleeping on a pile of books.)

Satoshi: (VO) ÖsleepÖ

(Shot of May and Koichi walking through the library alone, holding hands.)

Satoshi: (VO) Öand mingle with the other teams.

(Satoshi stands in a cool research facility in the library. A conveyor belt behind him delivers him a clue envelope, which he takes and holds up.)

Satoshi: The seven teams have no idea where theyíll be shipped off to next. Theyíll have to figure out how to get to the next route marker using clues found in sealed envelopes.

(Shot of Koji and Max on the airplane, doing their best to ignore Koichi and May behind them.)

Satoshi: (VO) Can Koji and Max be able to work effectively with their siblings, now that Koichi and May have started a relationship?

(Shot of Touya and Yukito checking in. Touya is very relieved.)

Satoshi: (VO) And can Touya and Yukito get out of last place, especially after losing their alliance partners in the previous leg.


(Shot of Lina and Gourry checking in.)

Satoshi: (VO) Lina and Gourry, who were the first team to check in at 10:31 AMÖ

(And now to the present, where Lina and Gourry are ready to leave.)

Satoshi: (VO) Öwill be the first to leave at 10:31 PM.

(Lina rips open the clue.)
[LINA & GOURRY- Traveling Companions- 1st to Depart- 10:31 PM]
Lina: Find the marked research facility on this floor. Retrieve an Oni from somewhere on the shelves and teleport to the UPSF enlistment office in Tokyo.


(Rapid shots to an expansive LSO research room and a large line of bookshelves along one wall.)
Satoshi: (VO) Teams need to head to this research area and find one of the several oni hiding somewhere in the bookshelves. From there, theyíll have to use it to go to the UPSF enlistment office in Tokyo.

(Shot of the outside of a small building, and the route marker outside. Zoom out. Itís the distant future, with flying cars, spaceships launching nearby, and the like.)

Satoshi: (VO) What they donít know is that UPSF stands for United Planets Space Force, and the oni will take them to Tokyo in the year 6998. Oh yeah, theyíre gonna get their SF on!


(Lina and Gourry walk down the hall, careful to make sure they are going in the right direction.)

Gourry: (VO) Weíre really happy about our finish, but we also know that we got really lucky. Itís about time we had something go our way, but we canít count on it all the time.

(They reach the research room. Since it is late at night, only a couple researchers are in the room, none paying too much attention to Lina or Gourry. Lina, meanwhile, is staring at the large bookshelves.)

Lina: You mean we gotta search those shelves?!

Gourry: Itís never easy, is it?

Lina: Here we go againÖ

(Both slowly begin looking along the shelves, with Lina constantly swearing about it.)


(Yukari and Minamo read through the clue together.)
[YUKARI & MINAMO- Best Friends / Teachers- 2nd to Depart- 10:41 PM]
Yukari: Whatís this UPSF place?

Minamo: Who knows? Look, we have to get going. Noboyuki and Tenchi were right behind us.

(They move out.)

Yukari: I was hoping weíd stay in England a little longer so my English would pay off more. But we ended up leaving pretty quickly. Still, we went from last to second, so itís good to know that it came in handy.


(Noboyuki counts the money, nods, and he and Tenchi take off.)
[NOBOYUKI & TENCHI- Father & Son- 3rd to Depart- 10:43 PM]
Tenchi: (VO) Iím still not sure whatís going to happen. Dad only seems to be making a half-hearted attempt at racing with any sense of class. But I realized during the Road Block that Iím in a tough position. If Iím not giving my all, weíre going to fall behind, which may mean playing dirtier in order to succeed.


(Ayla finishes reading the clue aloud as Jessie nods.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Rivals- 4th to Depart- 10:46 PM]
Ayla: Öand teleport to the UPSF enlistment office in Tokyo.

Jessie: I think I saw where that is.

Ayla: The UPSF enlistment office in Tokyo?

Jessie: No, that research station. I donít even want to guess what the UPSF is.

(They continue on.)

Ayla: Obviously this race requires more than brute strength. The farther we go, the more weaknesses we are exposed to. We simply have to be aware of them and hope our competition doesnít exploit them. Noboyuki and Tenchi once tried to, but weíve learned much since then.


(Lina and Gourry get their oni and rush out as Yukari & Minamo and Noboyuki & Tenchi keep hunting for more. Minamo and Tenchi are blindly throwing books back and forth. Noboyuki stands behind them, looking. Yukari leans in next to Tenchi.)

Yukari: You knowÖ they didnít say we couldnít share these things.

Tenchi: Excuse me, Iím busy.

Yukari: We could work together. Whoever finds it first shares it with the other team?

Tenchi: I donít know if you want to work with us. We have a bad track record with alliances.

Noboyuki: Come on, Tenchi! Jessie and Ayla will be here any minute!

Yukari: Hey, donít sweat it! Remember, we backstabbed Itís Tendo!

Tenchi: And thatís supposed to convince me to work with you?

(Yukari starts to brush up against his arm.)

Yukari: Ever dating a teacher before?

(Tenchi backs away. Meanwhile, Jessie and Ayla have quietly run in. Noboyuki does his best to avoid them as they tackle the stacks immediately.)

Tenchi: (stern) Sorry, Yukari, Iím not interested in you in that wayÖ

Yukari: (offended) Hey! I donít date kids! What kinda freak do you take me for?!

Tenchi: Then what were you saying before about dating teachers?

Yukari: Oh, I was saying I could hook you up with Nyamo-chan.

(Yukari turns to Minamo and smiles.)

Yukari: Hey, Nyamo, you date your students, right?

(Minamo looks really irritated, as if Yukari struck a nerve.)

Minamo: (subdued) NotÖ recentlyÖ

Jessie: Got it!

(Jessie pulls an oni from the shelves. She and Ayla take off. Now clear, Noboyuki runs up to Tenchi.)

Noboyuki: Whatís taking so long?!

Tenchi: I canít concentrate with Yukari on my back!

Noboyuki: No problem then! Yukari!

Yukari: Yeah?

Noboyuki: Sure! Letís work together! If Tenchi doesnít want to date Nyamo, I will!

Yukari: Deal!

Minamo: Hey, donít I get any say in this?!


(The happy little couple and their brothers are running through the facility.)
[MAY & MAX- Siblings / KOJI & KOICHI- Twin Brothers- 5th to Depart- 10:50 PM]
May: Why are we running like lunatics again?

Koji: Team Bishounen is too close to us and weíre too close to Team Amazon.

Max: And if we have to get an oni to take us to a specific headquarters, there isnít any bunching up at airports or anything!

Max: Frankly, I donít care what May does with Koichi, as long as itís on their own time. But I donít want to see their relationship screw things up in the race. Some really skilled teams have been eliminated already and the ones that are left are all really tough. So we canít afford to let anything throw us off track.


(Lina and Gourry arrive in the future. The future, Conan? Yes, the future. And both are immediately overwhelmed by everything. Itís also morning.)

Lina: And I thought Kyoto was badÖ

(They see the route marker nearby and immediately fetch the clue.)

Lina: Make your way to the UPSF Headquarters downtown.

Gourry: How do you suppose we get there?

(Lina runs inside. Gourry follows. Lina walks up to an enlistment officer.)

Lina: Hey! How do we get to HQ?

Enlistment Officer: You go downtown, and turn left when youÖ

Lina: No, no! I mean what kind of funky transportation you got here?

Enlistment Officer: Did you try a taxi?

Lina: Oh. A taxi. Good idea!


(Rapid shots of a taxi flying downtown and to the large building comprising the UPSF headquarters. Head of the UPSF Outer Fleet Forces, Admiral Mifune, directs.)
Mifune: Teams will be directed from the recruitment center to the UPSF Headquarters for some basic training. They will find their next mission at the route marker located inside HQ.


(Noboyuki marches forward with an oni. Yukari and Minamo follow him, with Tenchi lagging behind.)

Yukari: (excited) Witness the birth of the most powerful alliance to date- Team Backstab!

(Tenchi slaps his forehead.)

Tenchi: Do you really have to put it that way?

Yukari: Hey, given our records, would either of us take the chance of betraying yet another team?

Minamo: In other words, this alliance is a train wreck waiting to happen.

Noboyuki: Then all aboard for Tokyo!


(Touya and Yukito are set to go.)
[TOUYA & YUKITO- Best Friends / Students- Last to Depart- 10:53 PM]
Yukito: Teleport to the UPSF enlistment office in Tokyo.

Touya: Wonder what that is.

Yukito: At least we get to go back to Tokyo!

(Touya nods and they head out.)

Touya: This is the first time weíve been behind, but we arenít worried. Everybodyís very close together right now, and Iím sure Yuki and I will catch up soon enough.


(Jessie and Ayla arrive at the enlistment office. Ayla sees and grabs the clue. Jessie looks around, very interested.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Currently in 2nd Place]
Ayla: Make your way to the UPSF Headquarters downtown.

Jessie: WowÖ This place grew up.

(They hail a cab fairly easily.)

Jessie: I knew weíd be doing some time jumping, and I assumed that since Ayla and I are from what you would consider the future, weíd have an advantage. I guess we still do. But this place is 2,000 years beyond even what weíre used to. I guess itís not enough to lump every time period together and call it the future. Just because we have space travel doesnít make it the same.


(Koji is in his own corner of the giant shelf looking for an oni. His other three companions are together.)

Max: Letís see. Thereís gotta be one in here somewhere.

May: Canít we just trash the place?

Koichi: I donít think the LSO would like that very much.

(Max pulls out one book, which immediately crumbles into dust. Max lets the dust fall to the floor.)

Max: Whoops.

Koichi: I think theyíre starting to rethink the idea of letting us search this shelf.

May: Hey!

(May pulls out the oni, who squirms a little before submitting. Koichi pats her on the shoulder.)

Koichi: Way to go!

Max: Okay, letís move.

Koichi: Koji, we have it!

(Koji sees it and quietly hops off the shelf as they rush out. Koichi remains close to May the whole while.)

Koji: Of course it bothers me. I mean, I can tolerate having an alliance with May and Max. It gets a little annoying, but alliances are part of the game. But my brother having a fling while weíre supposed to be racing? I have a problem with that. I just hope he remembers who his partner is and why weíre doing this in the first place.


(Team Backstab, as Yukari puts it, runs out of the enlistment office. Noboyuki immediately begins to hail a cab. Minamo does as well.)
[NOBOYUKI & TENCHI / YUKARI & MINAMO- Currently Tied in 3rd Place]
Yukari: So do you follow us or do we follow you?

Tenchi: If weíre going to work together, we might as well try to share a cab.

Yukari: Yeah, I guess. We need to keep our eyes on each other since weíre both so deceitful.

Tenchi: (concerned) What exactly did you do to Nabiki and Kasumi anyway?

Yukari: They floated. We sunk.

Tenchi: Thatís it? You went ahead because they took a different Detour?

Yukari: Weíre bastards arenít we?

(Two cabs land and Yukari rushes to claim the one in front.)

Yukari: We get this one!

Noboyuki: But I called the first cab!

Minamo: It doesnít matter, we both know where weíre going. Noboyuki, you take the front cab. We need to get moving before the kids show up.

Yukari: OohÖ trusting Noboyuki to get ahead. What a foul, clever gambit.

(Minamo shakes her head as she dumps her things in a cab.)

Minamo: (sarcastic) Yeah, yeah, Iím an evil genius, letís go.


(Touya and Yukito donít take long at all to find their oni. They rush out quickly.)

Yukito: (VO) Being in last place at this point and time is only going to help us. Most of the other teams have had to fight for survival before, and it was our turn to know what it feels like. Weíve been up in front for so long that we havenít been going as fast as we should. That may be how we ended up back here!


(Lina and Gourry are fearing for their lives as the taxi flies into downtown Tokyo.)
[LINA & GOURRY- Currently in 1st Place]
Lina: Could you slow down please?!

Driver: You said you were in a race.

Lina: Yeah, and weíd like to stay alive please.

Driver: Iím not even speedingÖ that much.

Lina: Whatever, this place scares me.

Lina: So now weíre in the future. Great. Just as I get used to the present too! This place looks pretty bizarre though, even compared to Kyoto. So hopefully everybody else is just as freaked out as we are. Of course, now we have to deal with the amazons, who apparently are used to this.


(Said amazons are used to this, and are enjoying the ride downtown at the same speed.)

Jessie: Come on, this guyís not moving. Go over him! Below him!

Ayla: Just not through him though.

(The cab flies under and passes somebody, re-emerging in front.)

Ayla: That was good.

Jessie: Yeah. Very good. Keep it up.


(Koji and Max hold two cabs as Koichi and May run out of the enlistment office. They flash a thumbís up to their partners.)

May: We found it. Letís rock.

(They climb into separate cabs and speed away.)

May: If you ask me, Koichi and I doing a pretty good job doing our thing and doing this race thing. We know when weíre supposed to be racing and when we can have fun. Now that this alliance is really helping us get places, the last thing we want to do is screw it up.


(As a result of their cab moving faster, Jessie and Ayla are able to get ahead and reach the office first. Ayla handles the financing while Jessie gets the bags.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Currently in 1st Place]
Jessie: You good?

Ayla: Yes.

(Ayla runs around the car. Jessie hands Ayla her bag and both rush into the headquarters. It takes them a little while for them to find it, but eventually spot the route marker. They both run at it and Jessie opens the envelope.)

Jessie: Detour- Tension or Pension.


(The decorated military man Lt. Commander Makoto Yamamoto proudly walks through the halls of the headquarters.)
Yamamoto: A Detour is a choice between two tasks. Each has its own pros and cons. In this Detour, each team will need to choose between Tension and Pension.

(Shot of a nameless recruit in a VR simulator for an interview, followed by shots of him in a centrifugal force machine and in a spacesuit walking in an anti-gravity chamber.)

Yamamoto: (VO) In Tension, teams will experience the rigorous training regimen our UPSF recruits go through. After a brief interview, teams will have to undergo a zero-gravity simulator, followed by a simulated spacewalk. The procedure is meant to simulate the rough conditions our soldiers experience, and will not be much easier on the teams.

(Rapid shots along various sidewalks and streets to a retirement home. Inside it is retired admiral Roberto Hanner.)

Yamamoto: (VO) In Pension, teams will have to deliver a pension check to the great Admiral Hanner, living out his final days in a retirement home. Teams will have to find his home on foot, relying on the address listed on the check. The task will take longer, and we all hope it wonít be exciting. But teams wonít have to deal with any lines, and the chance to meet such a noble leader is truly an honor.


(Back to Jessie and Ayla, who have no trouble making a decision.)

Jessie: Iím up for some space training, how about you?

Ayla: Definitely. Itís much faster.

(They follow the instructions on the clue and take a tag outside an interview room. From there, they are taken to two separate rooms. Ayla sits down in a large chair, surrounded by lots of wires and gadgetry. A headset descends and Ayla puts it on.)

Ayla: (VO) We had been through all the training before, so the Detour carried few surprises. Although the computer interviewing us here was much friendlier than the one back home. She was nice.


(Lina and Gourry reach the route marker at headquarters.)
[LINA & GOURRY- 2nd at Detour]
Lina: Tension or PensionÖ eh, the Tension one seems like less work.

(They run up to the interview room and take a tag. Lina is much maligned when she sees the number 2 on it.)

Lina: Weíre second?! How did that happen?

Gourry: Maybe we didnít go fast enough in the taxi.

Lina: Damn! I told him we were in a race, didnít I?

(Gourry scratches his head.)

Gourry: Donít remember.


(In front of the HQ, Noboyuki rushes out of his cab immediately and goes for his bag. Tenchi gets out slower.)

Tenchi: (accusing) You werenít planning on getting a head start on Yukari and Minamo, were you?

(Noboyuki puts his hands up.)

Noboyuki: (defensive) No, of course not!

(Itís all moot, as Yukari and Minamo land right behind them. They get their bags quickly and both teams hustle inside. Yukari and Noboyuki take the clues.)
Yukari: Detour- Tension or Pension.

Noboyuki: Ooh. A space training sampler.

Tenchi: (confused) Youíre supposed to get trained before going into space?

Minamo: Weíve gotta do that one.

Noboyuki: Itís right here, so yeah, weíre doing this one.

(They stick together as they hustle to the interview. They see Lina & Gourry waiting, as well as the line of tags on the wall.)

Minamo: Looks like we have to get in line for...

Yukari: Us first!!

(Yukari rushes ahead, before either Noboyuki or Tenchi can react. Yukari grabs the third tag and flashes it at Noboyuki and Tenchi, boastful.)

Yukari: Yeah! Weíre next! Tough luck, guys!

(Noboyukiís mouth falls open in shock. Tenchi tilts his head, not completely in shock, but still a little bewildered. Minamo, still standing next to them, looks down and shakes her head.)

Noboyuki: (weak) HeyÖ

(Yukari starts laughing. Noboyuki turns to Minamo.)

Noboyuki: (eager) Nyamo-chan??

Minamo: (dry) And after the successful time jump, the train coasts off the tracks and into the ravine, going up in flames in a spectacular wreck.

(Minamo shakes her head)

Minamo: Oh wellÖ

(She looks up and smiles at Yukari.)

Minamo: Way to go!

(Minamo pleasantly high-fives her partner as the Masaki men are left stunned.)




(Jessie and Ayla are strapped into individual chambers of the centrifugal force machine. The machine starts up and they spin around at an extremely high speed. However, both seem to handle it without problems. The machine stops. Jessie is let off first. She holds the side of her head for a brief moment and smiles at a technician.)

Jessie: Great. Whatís next?


(Meanwhile, Koji, Koichi, May, and Max all arrive at the waiting area. Lina & Gourry are just being let in. Behind them, Yukari & Minamo and Noboyuki & Tenchi are still in line.)
[KOJI & KOICHI / MAY & MAX- 5th at Detour]
Max: This is going to take forever!

Koji: Itís faster than the other one.

Koichi: And this way, we know where we are compared to the other teams.

Yukari: (snide) Yeah! Behind us!

(Koichi looks up at Yukari, a little irked.)

Max: But we donít know where this retirement home is. Maybe itís really close by.

Koji: Donít chance it. Itís not worth it.

Max: Why not? Weíve got to wait for three teams to get done. At least this way, we can go now.

May: Thatís not a bad idea, Koji.

Koji: If you want to go, fine, but weíre staying.

May: Well, in that caseÖ

Max: Letís go May. Hopefully weíll meet up with you guys later.

(May is a little hesitant, but quickly kisses Koichi on the cheek and runs off with Max. Koichi turns to Koji.)

Koichi: Are you sure itís a good idea splitting up now?

Koji: If they want to do the other one, let them. I just think itís smarter to stay here.


(Lina and Gourry are now in the centrifugal force machine. Lina is violently forced back, and not very happy about the whole thing. Still, she manages through it. Gourry, however, has found an alternate method of tolerating it- he falls asleep. As they finish, Lina is let out first. Sheís a little dizzy, but manages to get to Gourryís chamber as itís opened. As the technicians wonder how Gourry was able to sleep through that, Lina bashes him over the head.)

Lina: Wake up! We arenít done yet!

Gourry: What are we doing, anyway?


(May and Max are now outside the headquarters, walking in a specific direction. May is looking at the address on the checkís envelope. Max is looking through a map, nodding.)

Max: Okay, itís about a kilometer away.

May: A kilometer? Thatíll take forever!

Max: I donít think so. Letís assume that it takes each team ten minutes to get through everything. That means that Koji and Koichi are going to have to wait half an hour before theyíll even start! If we go fast enough, weíll be there in fifteen minutes- tops.

May: I hope youíre right about all this.

Max: Donít worry, May, I know what Iím doing!

(They pick up the pace and start jogging.)

Max: Besides, I ate too much during the Pit Stop and I donít want to lose it in that centrifuge thing.

(Max consults the map once in awhile, but he seems to know where heís going.)

Max: (VO) The other thing that made me do the Pension one was that weíre smaller and probably more frail than the other teams. Iíve seen what astronauts have to go through. I donít know what kind of condition weíd be in after we got out.


(In a zero-gravity simulator, Jessie and Ayla are walking along the side of a simulated battleship. Jessie is having no problems doing necessary menial repairs on the ship. Ayla, however, is struggling to keep her position.)

Jessie: Ayla, what are you doing?

Ayla: Sorry. Iíve never done this before.

Jessie: Itís easy. Donít make any big movements. Just keep it light.

(Ayla swims back to the side of the ship, crashing into it. She recovers quickly and helps Jessie make repairs.)

Ayla: And be glad we arenít in a vacuum.

(They finish without too much difficulty and are released. They get the next route marker.)

Jessie: Find the UPSF launching facility and board the Soyokaze battleship.


(Rapid shots to an elaborate dock-like launching facility and the Soyokaze in port. The ship is pretty run-down, small, and not overwhelmingly fantastic.)

Yamamoto: (VO) Teams must find the UPSF launching facility and wait for the battleship Soyokaze to begin boarding. At 1500 hours, the Soyokaze will launch into space. After the ship leaves the Earthís atmosphere and the seat belt signs are turned off, teams will be granted access to the engine room, where theyíll find the next route marker.


(Koji is getting a little impatient as Noboyuki and Tenchi are allowed into the interview room. He starts pacing around.)

Touya: Stop that.

Koji: Stop what?

Touya: Pacing around. Itís making me nervous.

Yukito: Iím sure we have nothing to worry about.

Touya: No, we have plenty to worry about. I just want you to stop pacing.

(Koji shakes his head and sits down by Koichi. After standing in place awkwardly, Touya starts pacing around.)

Touya: Look what you got me doing!


(Lina and Gourry are in the zero-gravity chamber. Needless to say, they have more trouble with it than the previous team. After spinning around for awhile, they complete their task and get the clue.)
[LINA & GOURRY- Traveling Companions- Currently in 2nd Place]
Gourry: Find the UPSF launching facility and board the Soyokaze battleship.

Lina: I heard battle in there. Canít be all bad.


(May and Max are still walking along, but Max stops and looks through a map.)

Max: UmÖ letís seeÖ turn here.

May: Left or right?

(Max looks up and returns to the map.)

Max: Thatís what Iím trying to figure out.

May: Max, youíre going to get us eliminated.

Max: No Iím not! Weíll be fine as long as we donít get lost!

May: Isnít that what youíre doing?!

Max: No. Iím getting us found. If weíre hereÖ

May: So is it left or right?

Max: Maybe itís upÖ or down.

(Max flips the map upside-down as May sweatdrops.)


(Noboyuki and Tenchi are in the centrifugal force machine. Both of them handle it pretty well at first, but are both thrown for a loop when they get off.)

Tenchi: (woozy) Hey! You forgot to stop this thing!

Noboyuki: Aw, a couple more times wonít hurt us. Whee!

Noboyuki: Yeah, that Detour was crazy. They threw us on that machine, and the second weíre done with it, they want us to go and simulate a spacewalk. While weíre dizzy and everything! It was a lot of fun.


(Yukari and Minamo are having far too much fun in the zero-gravity chamber, although Minamo is still doing the work. Yukariís just spinning around.)
[YUKARI & MINAMO- Best Friends / Teachers- Currently in 3rd Place]
Yukari: (mock singing) Raspberry heaven, Iím coming back to youÖ

Minamo: Could you give me a hand??

(Yukari starts shoving a hand in Minamoís direction, intentionally propelling herself backwards.)

Yukari: (joking) Oh no! Every time I reach for you we get farther apart.

(Minamo finishes on her own.)

Minamo: Never mind. Weíre done.

(They land. The chamber opens.)


(May and Max finally see the retirement home in the distance. Itís a tall, but aesthetically pleasing building.)

Max: Thatís it!

May: FinallyÖ

(They start running faster. Max looks at the check.)

May: Any idea where he is?

Max: Yep. Top floor.

(May stops for a moment, but continues running before too long.)

May: Thank God for elevators.


(Touya and Yukito are taking their spin. Touya has little trouble dealing with it. Once it stops, Touya is helped out immediately, but Yukito has problems. Touya smiles as Yukito is helped out. Yukito looks nauseous.)

Touya: I guess it makes you a little dizzy. But itís not too bad, right?

(Without warning, Yukito faints. Touya becomes immediately concerned.)

Touya: Yuki?

(Touya runs up to his partner and tries to wake him up.)

Touya: Yuki?!

(Yukito comes to, barely. He slowly puts a hand to his head.)

Yukito: YeahÖ a little dizzyÖ

(He closes his eyes. Touya looks around as the technicians fetch medical help.)

Touya: The first half of that Detour was all just innocent fun, but when Yuki passed out, it really scared me. Yukiís the strongest person I know, but his health isnít always the greatest. So I could only guess how severe this was. And thatís hard to do, especially when weíre in this race. Yukiís more important than this game, but he will not let me quit over something minor.


(May and Max have finally reached Admiral Hannerís apartment. They enter, jovial.)

May / Max: (loud) Weíre here!!

(Hanner does not acknowledge them at first, but slowly rolls up to them in his mechanical wheelchair. May and Max silence themselves, both a little ashamed of their outburst.)

Max: Sorry. We have your check!

(Hanner stops in front of Max, who gently sets the check on his lap. Hanner smiles at both of them and nods. He rolls over to a table. May and Max follow. On the table is an assortment of Hannerís awards and medals from his time in service, and May and Maxís clue.)

Max: WowÖ you earned all these?

(Hanner does not respond.)

May: Well, weíd love to stay, but we have to get going. It was nice meeting you!

(May takes the clue, bows, and she and her brother run out. Outside, May opens the clue.)
[MAY & MAX- Siblings- Currently in 5th Place]
May: Find the UPSF launching facility and board the Soyokaze battleship.

Max: Well, that shouldnít be too hard. Iíve practically memorized this map just to find this place.

May: (wistfully) YeahÖ

(They press the button for the elevator.)

Max: Hopefully we arenít too far behind.

May: Even soÖ you know what? Iím glad we did this one.

Max: Me too, May.

(They step on.)

May: We were a little scared at first. I mean, going into this old manís home and all. But when you see how old the admiral looked, and how heís pretty much removed from society and all, itís so easy to forget that he used to have a really important life. He did such incredible things, and to see where he is nowÖ itís kinda sad in a way.


(At the launching facility, the less-than-mighty Soyokaze is docked, and technicians are doing a round of checks. There is a boarding ramp, but it is roped off as Jessie and Ayla arrive.)
[JESSIE & AYLA- Rivals- Currently in 1st Place]
Ayla: Is this the right ship?

Jessie: I hope not. Do you see a route marker?

Ayla: Nyet. Maybe we should look around.

Jessie: Yeah.

(The two begin wandering the area, looking for another ship.)

Jessie: (VO) Seriously, I wasnít impressed by that ship. It wasnít much bigger than the shuttle to University Satellite. Címon, itís 2,000 years in the future and this is supposed to be an ďamazingĒ race- is this the best you can do??


(In a taxi, Koji and Koichi are trying to decipher a map. The taxi driver seems to know where heís going, but is pretty casual about letting his passengers know that.)
[KOJI & KOICHI- Twin Brothers- Currently in 6th Place]
Koichi: I canít find it anywhere.

Koji: Maybe itís out of town. Itís a launching facility, thereís probably a lot of noise pollution.

Koichi: I just hope May and Max are doing all right.

Koji: Donít worry about them. Weíve got our own problems to deal with.


(Touya is doing all the work in the final segment of the Detour, while Yukito floats around, clutching his head. Touya looks back frequently, and as a result, struggles to complete the task.)

Yukito: (weakly) Are you sure you donít need me to help?

Touya: No. Just take it easy. Itís more important that you recover.

Yukito: Thanks, Touya.

(Touya finishes and they get the next clue. Yukito stands, but holds a hand to his head.)
[TOUYA & YUKITO- Best Friends / Students- Currently in Last Place]
Touya: Find the UPSF launching facility and board the Soyokaze battleship.

Yukito: Sounds like fun.

Touya: I donít know. Sounds like weíre going into space. Think you can handle that?

Yukito: Why wouldnít I be able to handle it?

Touya: You couldnít handle the simulator.

(Yukito smiles.)

Yukito: Itís not like we have a choice. We have to keep going, no matter how poor I feel.

(Touya puts a hand on Yukitoís shoulder.)

Touya: No we donít. Yuki, if youíre really bad, you can tell me. We can stop here.

Yukito: Touya, donít say that. Iím sure Iíll feel better eventually. Now come on, weíre losing ground on the twins.

(They begin running to the exit. Halfway there, Yukito falls over. Touya catches him.)




(Lina and Gourry arrive at the Soyokaze. Jessie and Ayla are nowhere to be seen.)
[LINA & GOURRY- Traveling Companions- Currently in 2nd Place]
Lina: Nice wheels.

Gourry: Whereís Jessie and Ayla?

Lina: Maybe they snuck on board. Iím sure they wonít mind it if we got a bit of a jumpÖ

(Lina approaches the ramp and sneaks under the rope.)

Lina: See! No magic barrier or nothing!

Gourry: Are you sure this is a good idea?

Lina: Whoís going to stop us?

Technician: (OS) Hey!

(A maintenance worker approaches and immediately goes after Lina.)

Technician: No boarding yet, maíam. Youíll have to wait until we finish our checks.

Lina: Well how long is that going to take?

Technician: Weíll begin boarding in two hours. We take off at 1500.

Lina: But all the other teams will catch up!

Technician: I think thatís the idea, maíam.

(Lina storms away angrily. Gourry follows.)

Lina: (ranting) Stupid techie. If I could use my powers, Iíd have a fireball with his name on it.

Gourry: Look on the bright side, Lina. We donít have to be back here for another two hours. Maybe we can check this place out.

Lina: Eh, weíve got nothing else to do. Thatís probably what the amazons are doing.

(Lina and Gourry head off to explore the year 6998.)

Gourry: (VO) It was kind of fun seeing the distant future away from the race. It was really interesting to see what technologyís capable of. Itís only a headache when you have to work with it.


(Yukari and Minamo reach the Soyokaze just as Jessie and Ayla return. Jessie and Ayla spot the teachers, and quickly stand in front of the roped-off ramp.)

Yukari: Sweet-looking ship, huh?

(Jessie shakes her head.)

Minamo: Whatís going on?

Ayla: It doesnít take off for another three hours. Weíre stuck waiting to board.

Yukari: So everybody else will catch up?

Jessie: Yeah, probably.

Yukari: Well, then thereís no sense hanging around here. Iím off to see the world!

(Yukari begins to march away. Minamo grabs her by the collar.)

Minamo: Hold on. Donít you think we should get in line? Thereís probably an advantage to being the first to board.

Jessie: God, I hope so.

Yukari: (pleading) ButÖ Nyamo-chanÖ

Minamo: Sorry. Racing comes first, touring comes second.

Yukari: Ha! I have an idea!

(Yukari bows very humbly to Jessie.)

Yukari: (in English) Would you hold our place in the line please?

Jessie: (in Japanese) Hell no.

Minamo: What did you ask her?

(Yukari stubbornly plants herself next to Ayla.)

Yukari: Never mind.


(Next up, Noboyuki & Tenchi arrive. They see Jessie & Ayla and Yukari & Minamo in line as they approach.)

Noboyuki: Wow! Now thatís a ship!

Tenchi: Looks like we have to wait in line to get on though.

Noboyuki: With Jessie and Ayla and Yukari and NyamoÖ

(Tenchi sweatdrops.)

Tenchi: This is going to be awkward.

(They very hesitantly approach, and quickly sit down behind Minamo without saying a word. In fact, nobody says a word for a long time. Yukari begins to doze off to sleep, and her head falls forward onto Aylaís shoulder. Ayla looks at Jessie, who shrugs. Ayla turns suddenly, and Yukariís head falls forward onto the ground. She instantly wakes up and screams, startling Noboyuki)

Noboyuki: Jeez, give me a heart attack!

Jessie: Iíd love to; what should I do first?

(Noboyuki has no response to that, so he silently folds his arms. The silence resumes as Yukari again begins to drift off to sleep.)

Tenchi: The situation between us and Jessie & Ayla hasnít gotten much better. Thankfully, itís just at the point where we donít talk to each other. It would really be bad if we ever got into an argument with those two.


(May and Max arrive and happily join the line.)

May: Hey everybody! How was the Detour?

Minamo: Not bad. The zero-g thing was actually kind of fun.

Tenchi: How was yours?

Max: It was a little weird actually. Heís this really decorated admiral, and all of his awards were out on display, but now heís just a helpless old man in an old folkís home.

Noboyuki: Thereís your lesson kids- respect your elders.

Max: Donít worry. I consider you and Yukari and Minamo very worthy competitors, in spite of your age.

Yukari / Minamo: (angry) WEíRE NOT THAT OLD!!

May: HeyÖ whereís Koichi and Koji?

Tenchi: They were behind us, werenít they?

May: Oh no- did they get lost? This place was kinda hard to find. I was worried about us falling behind, but I never considered the possibility thatÖ

Koichi: (OS) Hi May.

(Koji and Koichi have arrived. May immediately glomps Koichi.)

Koichi: UhÖ I missed you too.

Yukari: (peeved) JeezÖ sheís half my age and she already gets more action than me.

Max: Actually, Yukari, sheís not even half yourÖ

Yukari: Rrr!!!


(Later, Touya is helping Yukito walk to the line. May immediately stands up and approaches them.)

May: What happened?

Yukito: (weakly) A little rough on the spin-cycle. Iíll be fine.

May: Are you sure? You donít look too good.

Touya: Thatís what Iíve been trying to tell him.

(They reach the line. Tenchi and Koichi have stood and are checking on Yukito.)

Tenchi: You might want to take it easy for a while.

Koichi: Well, we donít board for another hour, so you can lie down if you want.

(Touya helps Yukito unroll a sleeping bag from his pack and lets Yukito curl up inside it as they sit in line behind Koji and Koichi. May, Koichi, and Tenchi all actively help Touya make sure Yukito is comfortable.)

Koichi: (VO) Yukito looked really bad when he got to the launch site. I think we all agreed that he was too sick to be playing at that time. So a lot of us tried to help him as much as we could. The last thing we wanted was for him and Touya to have to drop out. Yukitoís the friendliest competitor in the race, and we want him to stick around.


(No change at the line. Yukito has fallen asleep, with Touya watching over him. Noboyuki has stretched out as well, and is napping. Tenchi is reading a book. Jessie and Ayla are keeping busy by going through their bags and discarding old clue envelopes. The monster sibs are playing cards with a small pile of money in the center. They speak quietly so as not to disturb Yukito.)

Koji: Iíll see your ten dollars and raise you five roshtal.

May: Forget it.

Max: Well, I donít think weíll be going back to El Hazard, so Iíll call.

(Yukari and Minamo are looking around. Minamo is idly passing time. Yukari looks like sheís ready to go crazy.)

Max: Two pair- aces and queens.

Koji: Three nines.

Max: Ooh. Youíre good.

Yukari: (shouting) I canít take this anymore!

Minamo / May / Max / Koichi / Tenchi / Touya: Shh!

Yukari: What? Minamo, hold our place in line, Iím going for a walk.

Minamo: But...

Tenchi: Look, weíre all here except Lina and Gourry. If one person on each team stays, I think the other can walk around if they want. Can we agree on that?

Max: That sounds fair. So May, should we...

(Max turns around. May and Koichi have already stood up and left. Yukari walks off with them. Koji shakes his head.)

Koji: You should have seen that coming.


(Yukari, May, and Koichi are looking around. May snaps pictures, remaining close to Koichi the whole time.)

Koichi: This was a great idea Yukari.

Yukari: Yeah, but I didnít volunteer to be your chaperone.

May: Whatís the problem?

Koichi: I hope itís not because of us. I mean, youíre a high school teacher so Iím sure you deal with this sort of thing.

May: Yeah, how many kids in your class are in relationships?

(Yukari stops and counts, after exhausting all ten fingers, she sets her hands down.)

Yukari: (unhappy) All but six.

May: Wow. So you have to put up with it a lot.

Yukari: Thanks for reminding me.

Koichi: And those are probably a little more serious. For us, Sasshi and Arumi decide when we break up.

Yukari: You two really want your fate in the hands of two redneck Osakans?

May: I think he meant that weíre done when we get eliminated.

Yukari: Oh. Iíd still watch out for those two. Somethingís weird about that Arumi girlÖ

May: Well, the important thing is to enjoy it now while we still can.

Koichi: Yep.

(They share a quick kiss. Yukari shakes her head and walks off.)

Yukari: Aw, forget it. You two should go get a room or something.


(Back at the line. Koji and Max are still playing cards, but are chatting very quietly.)

Max: It does bother me a little bit, but not too much. As long as it doesnít hurt us in the race. Heck, the more time she spends with Koichi, the less time she has to spend with me.

Koji: You donít like May?

Max: No no, weíve been getting along really well. Weíve gotten a lot farther than we thought we would. ButÖ wellÖ in case you hadnít noticed, sheís a little clueless at times.

Koji: You mean thereís times when sheís not?

(Max chuckles a bit.)

Max: But the way I see it, the more downtime we spend together, the more likely we are to find something to fight about.

Koji: Donít you think thatís a bit stupid? I mean, the whole point of all this is to spend time with your partner. Thatís why Iím here.

Max: Oh. So youíre worried that heís bonding with May and not you.

Koji: I didnít say that.

Max: Yes you did, just now. You saidÖ

Lina: (OS) What the hell are you all doing?

(Lina and Gourry have arrived, and are a bit curious at the sight of the line.)

Touya: Shh...

Lina: Whatís wrong with Baka-Yuki?

Tenchi: The Detour roughed him up a bit. Just get in line and leave him alone. We should be taking off soon.

Lina: Line? Well, we should be in front. We got here first.

(Lina approaches Jessie and Ayla, both of whom stand up and fold their arms.)

Jessie: Back of the line, midget.

(Having been struck in another one of her sore spots, she quickly becomes furious.)

Lina: Midget?! Gourry!

(Gourry steps in and stands up next to the two. Heís taller than them, but makes the mistake of staring into Aylaís fierce eyes. She says nothing, instead pointing to the back of the line.)

Gourry: Yes maíam.

(Gourry heads to the back, dragging Lina with him. They sit down behind Touya.)

Lina: Whatís this line for anyway?

Max: We have no idea.


(There is finally some activity on the ship, as it begins firing a few thrusters. The entire field has returned and is in their respective place in line. They are quite anxious when an attractive young female commander, Kyung-Hwa Kim, approaches them.)

Kim: Hello, I am Commander Kim, Communications Officer aboard the Soyokaze. Weíre ready to begin boarding. Iíll show you to the galley, where we will lead you to the engine room when it opens.

(Jessie & Ayla and the other teams follow Kim up the ramp to the Soyokaze, which continues to undergo more pre-launch preparations. Once they get on, Kim turns left towards the front of the ship. Jessie and Ayla follow her, but behind them, Yukari quickly ducks away. Minamo is confused, but follows.)

Minamo: YÖ Yukari?!

(As Minamo chases after Yukari, Noboyuki and Tenchi watch them leave.)

Tenchi: Where the heck are they going?

Noboyuki: Maybe they know something.

Tenchi: What?

Noboyuki: Címon, they didnít say we had to stay in the cafeteria.

(Noboyuki and a reluctant Tenchi follow them.)

May: What the heck?

Max: Címon May, theyíre going to get lost. Letís just stick with Jessie and Ayla.

(Max and May follow Jessie and Ayla, as does Koichi. Koji takes a long look down the other hallway before following.)

Koji: Hold upÖ

(Gourry looks both ways, totally lost.)

Gourry: UmÖ is this another Detour?

Lina: Hold onÖ

(Lina pulls out the clue envelope. Touya and Yukito wordlessly follow Koji.)

Lina: It just says go to the engine room when it opens. Maybe those teachers learned where it is. Címon.

(Lina and Gourry hurry to follow Tenchi.)


(Up ahead, Yukari is finally explaining.)

Yukari: Thereís no point in going to the cafeteria, when we can be the first ones in line at the engine room if we find it first.

Noboyuki: Woo hoo! Great plan Yukari!

Yukari: Hey! Didnít we shake you two off?

Tenchi: (dry) Weíre gluttons for punishment.

(Lina and Gourry arrive.)

Lina: So you know where the engine room is?

Yukari: Of course! According to all the movies Iíve seen, itís in the back of the ship!

(Minamo sweatdrops.)

Minamo: Nice to see youíve done your research. Well, we might as well find a place to sit if weíre taking off soon.

(They look around. There isnít a seat in sight.)

Noboyuki: Uh oh.


(In the galley, thereís plenty of seats. Jessie and Ayla are already in two, watching as only three teams enter.)

Jessie: Did we lose some baggage?

(Yukito stretches out on a row of seats. Touya sits nearby.)

Max: Some of the other teams went the other way. No idea why though. We canít do anything until we take off.

Koji: How do you know? Maybe they can find theÖ

(The ship starts to rumble, silencing Koji. Kimís voice is heard on the loudspeaker.)

Kim: (VO) Attention, we will be launching now. Hold onto something!

(Touya holds Yukito, to keep him steady.)


(In the back, the other three teams are sitting on the floor, which is vibrating madly. They have trouble staying upright. The ship begins lunging forward, gains momentum, arcs upwards, and blasts off to the stars.)




(The not-so-majestic Soyokaze leaves the Earthís atmosphere.)
Yamamoto: (VO) All seven teams are aboard the black sheep of the UPSF, the Soyokaze.

(Shot of Jessie & Ayla, May & Max, Koji & Koichi, and Touya & Yukito sitting peacefully in the cafeteria.)

Yamamoto: (VO) When it arrives at its proper destination, the teams will be granted access to the engine room.

(Shot of Yukari & Minamo, Noboyuki & Tenchi, and Lina & Gourry in a heap in the middle of the hallway.)

Yamamoto: (VO) That is where they will find their next clue.

(Back to the four teams in the cafeteria. May has brought the ailing Yukito a cup of juice.)

May: Here.

Yukito: Thank you.

May: How do you feel?

(Yukito manages a faint smile.)

Yukito: Iíve felt better.

May: Would it be a leap to say Touyaís doing the Road Block?

Touya: What?

May: Well, Iím assuming weíre having a Road Block while weíre on board.

Touya: SorryÖ I havenít really thinking about the race.

Yukito: Touya, why donít we take the Fast Forward?

Touya: You sure?

Yukito: Yeah. Even if you do the Road Block, we donít want to get caught sprinting to the finish like last time.

(Yukito closes his eyes in a moment of pain. Touya nods.)

Touya: Good idea.

(Yukito struggles to stand, only doing so with Touya and Mayís help. He slowly approaches Koji, Koichi, and Max, who are in the middle of a discussion.)

Max: Theyíre just going to get lost Koji. They said theyíd lead us to the engine room when itís time.

Koji: They didnít say we had to let them lead us there. Maybe they found it themselves.

Yukito: Excuse meÖ

(They look up at Yukito, who sits down and smiles weakly at Koji.)

Yukito: Touya and I are going to take the Fast Forward if itís alright with everybody else.

(Koji sweatdrops.)

Koji: UhÖ go for it.

Koichi: You donít have to ask permission.

Max: Just hope the teachers didnít go for it.

Yukito: Thanks for the advice.

(Yukito stands and looks over to Jessie and Ayla.)

Yukito: Jessie? Ayla?

Jessie / Ayla: Just go.

Touya: Címon Yuki.

(Touya gets Yukito to walk away. Touya opens the Fast Forward envelope.)


(In the middle of the filthy marineís quarters, rigid military brat Lt. Cmdr. Yuriko Star tries not to step on anything disgusting.)
Yuriko: There is only one Fast Forward hidden on each leg of the race. The first team that finds it can skip all tasks and go directly to the Pit Stop. However, once a team uses the Fast Forward, that team can never use another one for the rest of the race, so they need to decide when it's most advantageous to go for it.

(She looks around.)

Yuriko: Thanks to the slob marines on-board the Soyokaze, their quarters have become quite the pigsty. In order to win the Fast Forward on this leg, a team will have to clean the area up to my satisfaction, which will require sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping.


(The three rogue teams have gotten up and are looking around for the engine room.)

Yukari: It has to be around here somewhere! That movie I saw had tons of cutaways to it!

Tenchi: Dad, why are we trusting our spot in the race to somebody using sci-fi movies as a guide?

Noboyuki: Because if it was a good sci-fi movie it would be based on real space cruisers!

Yukari: Actually it was a submarine movie.

(Massive face fault, except for Gourry.)

Gourry: Whatís a submarine?

(After Minamo gets up, she knocks on a door.)

Minamo: Letís try something different.

(The infamously inebriated naval surgeon Dr. Kitaguchi answers, with a glass of his finest in one hand.)

Kitaguchi: Hello ladies. Anyone up for surgery? Free drinks involved!

Minamo: Maybe later. Whereís the engine room?

Kitaguchi: Down the hall... somewhere.

(Kitaguchi points down the hall.)

Kitaguchi: The door with the tacky yellow-and-red marker by it.

(They all run down. Kitaguchi shakes his head and takes a drink.)

Kitaguchi: Didnít even stay for a *hic* chat.


(Touya and Yukito find the marine quarters easily enough. They approach Yuriko.)
[FAST FORWARD- Clean Marine]
Touya: Yuki, just help out where youÖ

(Touya looks around. The place is a ridiculous mess.)

Touya: Öcan

(Yuriko hands Touya a broom and Yukito a dustpan.)

Yuriko: Welcome to hell, boys. Get cracking.

(They do, and they are surprisingly effective as well. Touya sweeps quickly while Yukito mans the dustpan.)

Yukito: (VO) All the dirt and the dust made me feel even worse, but I just did my best to ignore it. The Fast Forward was very difficult, but Touya and I both knew that we wouldnít be able to keep up with the others in our state.


(Kim arrives at the cafeteria. The three teams present immediately stand up.)

Kim: I take it youíre ready to go. Well, the engine roomís open. Follow me!

(They do so, a little anxious to get there.)

Koichi: (VO) I think the fact that three other teams were unaccounted for made us really nervous heading to the engine room. Did they get ahead? Were they still lost? We had no clue.


(Nearing the engine room, the other three teams see the route marker and break into a sprint. Yukari and Minamo manage to remain ahead. Minamo wisely grabs a tag on a wall as Yukari grabs the clue.)

Yukari: Road Block.

(Gourry muscles Noboyuki aside, allowing Lina to grab the second tag.)

Noboyuki: Hey!


(In front of his Ranpu star fighter, ace pilot Kojiro Sakai details the Road Block.)
Kojiro: A Road Blockís a task that only one person can perform. As the main fighter pilot on this ship, I should help train anybody that wants to follow my vapor trail.

(Shot of Emi and Yumi, precocious twin girls in pilot gear.)

Kojiro: The bad news is that Emi and Yumi Hanner want to become pilots.

(Back to Kojiro, smiling.)

Kojiro: The good news is that the teams will help them instead of me.

(Shot of the Ranpu flying through some canyons on a small moon.)

Kojiro: (VO) In this Road Block, one person on each team will have to navigate and supervise either Emi or Yumi as she makes her way through a semi-perilous canyon course en route to a series of clue envelopes. One the fighter secures the envelope, he or she can guide the pilot-to-be back to the Soyokaze. Naturally, only two may go at a time.


(Minamo and Lina are the first volunteers for the job. They follow Kojiro into the docking bay and meet Emi and Yumi, who cheer happily. Yukari and Gourry follow.)

Emi / Yumi: (sickeningly cute) Hi!!

Lina: (disgusted) Oh dear GodÖ

(Kojiro hands Minamo and Lina basic instructions and maps.)

Kojiro: Okay, Minamoís with Emi, Linaís with Yumi. Head to your ships!

(Before either Minamo or Lina are ready, Emi and Yumi lead them to two identical fighter jets. The four pile into them and they take off as soon as Kojiro gets the clear. Inside one, Yumi looks back at Lina.)

Yumi: How am I doing?

Lina: How the hell should I know?

(More shots of Yumi slowly approaching the course.)

Lina: (VO) Before I really knew what was going on, Iím thrown into this contraption with this clueless twerp that is looking for my expert supervision. Talk about the blind leading the blind.


(Remarkably, the marine quarters is almost spotless. Touya is flat-out exhausted, almost as much as Yukito. Yuriko checks for dust on a table.)

Yuriko: Not quite, but Iíll go easy on you.

(Yuriko hands Yukito the Fast Forward. He smiles weakly and opens it.)

Yukito: Congratulations, you have found the Fast Forward. Report to the bridge immediately and check in at the Pit Stop. Are you coming Touya?

Touya: YeahÖ

(Both slog their way out.)


(Rapid shots through various hallways to the bridge- not quite as impressive as other ships, but still offering a breathtaking view of space.)
Arumi: (VO) Having won the Fast Forward, Touya and Yukito may go directly to the Pit Stop- the bridge of the Soyokaze.


(Kim leads the other teams to the engine room, where they all race to take a marker and a clue, almost trampling Noboyuki and Tenchi in the process.)

Noboyuki: Hey!

Tenchi: Watch it!

Ayla: Road Block. And itís my turn.

(Jessie hands Ayla tag #4 and scoot out of the way as Max manages to claim #5, just ahead of Koji.)

May: Road Block. This person must be able to supervise real space cadets.

Max: Takes one to know one, May.

May: (annoyed) Just for that, youíre doing it.

Koichi: Koji?

Koji: No problem.


(At the semi-cramped bridge, thereís still plenty of space in back for the Pit Stop mat and the marker, with the screenís green letters reading ďIRRESPONSIBLE CAPTAIN TYLORĒ and the white letters reading ďTHE SOYOKAZE.Ē Joining Arumi is Captain Justy Ueki Tylor himself, naturally wearing his over-sized coat over his uniform. Touya and Yukito slowly walk in and step on. Touya appears to have recovered. Yukito definitely hasnít.)

Tylor: Welcome aboard the Soyokaze, the pleasure cruise of the UPSF!

Arumi: Touya and Yukito, youíre the first team to arrive.

(They are both too tired and too sick to celebrate. They simply nod, with Yukito adding a pleasant smile.)


(In the canyons, Lina is having a devil of a time trying to maintain her control of the situation, given that she is trying to boss around a frustrated Yumi, as well as read a map and the instructions.)

Yumi: (panicked) Iím going to fly into a cliff!

Lina: Iím about ready to let you! Now shut up and let me think!

(This basically goes on until Lisaís voice is sore.)


(Fortunately, Minamo is having a much easier time with Emi. In fact, she already has reached the clue and is helping Emi secure it with a robotic arm.)

Minamo: Okay, forward a little more, careful, carefulÖ

(Emi successfully grabs it, with help from a magnet on the clue.)

Minamo: Good work Emi! Now letís head back.

Emi: Roger Miss Kurosawa!

Minamo: Iím really glad I did this one instead of Yukari. Just being around kids Emiís age gives us a leg up, but I think my teaching style would probably work over Yukariís in this situation.


(Noboyuki and Tenchi are now at the head of a line, with Jessie & Ayla, May & Max, and Koji & Koichi behind them. Noboyuki turns around for a split second. Jessie merely exhales and Noboyuki faces forward again, leaning in to Tenchi.)

Noboyuki: (whispering) Donít turn around.

Tenchi: (whispering) I already knew that.


(Emi guides the ship in and disembarks with Minamo. Minamo is very pleased with her work and gives her a few final remarks as Yukari retrieves the clue.)

Minamo: That was fantastic. I hope you do as well with the others.

Yukari: No she doesnít! Choke bad with Noboyuki!

Minamo: (irritated) Just read the clue.

Yukari: Report to the bridge and check in at the Pit Stop.


(After several near-misses, Lina is about ready to give up on Yumi.)

Yumi: Iím trying! Youíre not helping me much!

Lina: Look, this isnít really my area of expertise. I donít even know how the hell weíre supposed to get it attached.

Yumi: I think itís a magnet.

Lina: And what kinda futuristic gizmo is that?

(With almost no help from Lina, Yumi secures the clue and flies back to base. On the way, they see Emi descending for the second run. Inside, Noboyuki is giving her some basic instructions.)

Noboyuki: Okay, Emi, just like you did with Minamo.

Emi: Actually, we take a different route than I took with Miss Kurosawa. What should I do?

Noboyuki: UhÖ let me get back to you on that.


(Meanwhile, Miss Kurosawa and her partner are on the bridge and on the mat.)

Arumi: Yukari and Minamo? You are team number two.

Yukari: Hey, alright! The high school teachers still rule!

Arumi: Of course, the high school students finished first.

Minamo: Donít ruin this for us.


(Back at base, Lina and Gourry have their route info and are taking off as Ayla hops into the fighter with Yumi. Yumi is seriously intimidated by Aylaís dominating build.)

Yumi: UmÖ okayÖ letís seeÖ it wasÖ

Ayla: Calm down, take a deep breath, and focus.

Yumi: OkayÖ

(Yumi does so, and takes off easily.)

Ayla: Good work. All I expect is to improve upon last time.

Yumi: (cheery) That shouldnít be a problem!


(Lina and Gourry are the next ones on the mat.)

Tylor: Welcome aboard the Soyokaze!

Arumi: Lina and Gourry, youíre team number three.

Lina: (hoarse) Thanks.

Tylor: Something got you down?

Lina: Thereís only one thing worse than constantly yelling at a twerp- constantly yelling at a twerp with the same voice actress.

Tylor: So quit yelling.

Arumi: Yeah, watch Justy here when Koichi checks in.

Tylor: If a stiff like Joker could do it, itíll be simple for me!


(Yumi, meanwhile, is cruising thanks to Ayla, who is sitting back and casually giving precise orders.)

Ayla: Slow a little at the turn, but accelerate at the apex.

Yumi: I donít know what that means, but Iíll just go faster when we hit the top!

(They continue to move along steadily.)


(Meanwhile, the two teams left waiting are starting to get worried.)

May: UhÖ I donít see anybody behind us.

Max: Well, maybe those teachers are completely lost.

Koji: And maybe weíre the last two teams.

Max: Aw, I donít want to have to race against you, Koji.

Koichi: Yeah, letís just stick together, okay? Maybe weíll get lucky.

(Koji looks at Koichi, a little unhappy.)


(Emi and Noboyuki land, and Tenchi runs after the clue immediately. He retrieves it as Noboyuki gets out of his safety gear.)

Tenchi: Report to the bridge and check in at the Pit Stop.

Noboyuki: Better hurry, I could see Ayla on our tail.

(They run off. Sure enough, Yumi and Ayla arrive right afterwards. Jessie gets the clue and helps Ayla get out of her equipment faster.)

Jessie: Címon, we might be able to catch those two.

(They dash off even faster. Meanwhile, the other two teams are let in. Koji and Koichi see the twin pilots together and approaching the teams. Koji canít help but smile briefly, and eyes Koichi. Koichi picks up on that, and returns with a sly grin. Koji and Koichi both start laughing until May punches Koichi in the arm.)

May: I know what you two were thinking!!

(Max and Koji are prepped for launch. Max and Emi launch first, with Koji and Yumi forced to wait for the runway to clear. Once it does, they are shipped out. Koichi puts an arm around Mayís shoulder as they watch them descend into the canyon.)

May: Iím kinda worried.

Koichi: This is better than pretending to compete against each other. Whoever gets home first will just have to wait up. Weíve jumped on simultaneously the last three times, and weíre doing it again, no matter what our position is.


(Speaking of that, Noboyuki picks up the pace, forcing Tenchi to do the same.)

Noboyuki: Hurry up Tenchí, I think theyíre gaining on us!

Tenchi: I just hope weíre going the right way!

(Fortunately, they are, and they enter the bridge and jump on the glorious Pit Stop.)

Arumi: Noboyuki? Tenchi? You are team number four.

(Nobuyuki extends a high-five. Tenchi accepts it after brief hesitation.)

Noboyuki: Great, now letís get out of here. Iíve seen enough of those two today.

(They leave just as Jessie and Ayla arrive on the mat.)

Arumi: Jessie and Ayla? Youíre team number five.

(Jessie shakes her head, a little frustrated. Ayla just nods along.)


(Yumi is moving steadily down the course as Koji reads through some instructions.)

Yumi: How am I doing?

Koji: How do you think youíre doing?

Yumi: Fine.

Koji: Fine, then.

(Koji goes back to reading.)

Koji: (VO) Honestly, I didnít completely trust Max when he said he didnít want to compete against me. But I did trust that nothing Max or I could do during the Road Block, short of forcing one of the twins to crash, would break up Koichi and May. We were jumping on that mat together no matter how we flew.


(Max takes it steadily as well, and is the first to finish. He thanks Emi and grabs the clue before May even arrives.)
[MAY & MAX- Siblings- Currently in 6th Place]
Max: Report to the bridge and check in at the Pit Stop.

(Max nods as May arrives.)

May: SoÖ how was it?

Max: Fun. I guess now we just have to wait for Koji.

(Koichi joins them as they wait for Koji to pull in. He does soon afterwards. Koichi pulls the clue off the robotic arm.)

Koichi: Thanks for waiting guys. Now letís go before we get really far behind!

(Koji nervously glances at May and Max before the four sprint down the halls.)


(As they near the bridge, Koji leads the way, with Koichi, May, and Max right behind him. They enter the bridge and see the Pit Stop mat. The four slow down and approach it. May is suddenly a little nervous, but is reassured by Koichi.)

May: WellÖ here goes nothing.

Max: OneÖ twoÖ

(On two-and-a-half, Koji jumps on the mat, grabs Koichiís arm, and drags him on as well.)

May: Hey! Koji!

Tylor: UmÖ welcome aboard the Soyokaze!

Arumi: Koji and Koichi- youíre team number six.

(Koji lets out an exasperated sigh, but none of the other three are very happy about the move.)

Koichi: What was that for? Koji?

(Koji silently walks away. Koichi considers following, but instead steps aside and lets a very somber Max and a very confused May onto the mat. May starts counting on her fingers.)

Arumi: May and Max?

May: Uh oh.

Arumi: Youíre the last team to arrive.

Koichi: May, seriously, I donít know what Koji was doing, butÖ

May: (downbeat) DÖ donít worry about it. I mean, we canít be tied for the rest of the race, right?

(Koji continues to walk away, refusing to look back. UntilÖ)

Arumi: The good news isÖ

(Koji freezes in his tracks, eyes wide open, absolutely stunned.)

Arumi: Öthis is not an elimination leg.

(Incredibly relieved, May hugs Koichi, almost on the verge of tears.)

May: Oh wow, I was so scared there for a second. How about you Max?

Max: Eh, I figured something was up.

Tylor: Thatís right, kid. Nobody gets eliminated on my ship!!

Arumi: Heís right. This is the first of three non-elimination legs, and you are both still very much in the race.

(Koichi and May high-five Tylor and happily exit the bridge. Both pass Koji, who is still trying to figure out what just happened. Max passes by, and stops next to Koji. They watch their siblings leave hand-in-hand. With a sly grin, Max looks up to Koji.)

Max: (smug) Good try.

End of Episode Six

Authorís Notes
As I said last season, I really donít like non-elimination legs, particularly since they usually come across as filler episodes. I tried to work around that with plot developments that didnít revolve around who got eliminated. Yukitoís illness and Kojiís busted power play will have serious ramifications next leg.

Just about everybody should know this by now, but Yukari was singing the ending theme to Azumanga Daioh, which closes with scenes of her students flying through the air- the same six dateless wonders she was talking about later.

Even in its name, the Soyokaze is meant to be a ridiculously unimpressive battleship. Loosely translated, it means ďgentle breezeĒ (it shares a name with the village in episode four of Digimon Frontier where Zoe finds her spirit). Not exactly awe-inspiring material.

Itís up to you to decide whether or not the poker game had deliberate references to Leiji Matsumoto works.

Thanks to this episode, Crispin Freeman joins Tiffany Grant in being the only actors to provide the voice for Pit Stop representatives in consecutive episodes (Grant did it in Legs 8 and 9 of the first season). Iíll be sure to congratulate them next time I see them (although despite my well-documented run-ins with Grant, Iíve only met Freeman once). This episode also continued the bizarre tendency of this series to overwork the New York clique of voice actors (normally one of the least popular cities for voice actors). Lisa Ortiz worked overtime- although best known for Lina, she also does both Emi and Yumi. This is also the first time Rachel Lillis (voice of Misty and Jessie on Pokťmon) has appeared- she voices Yuriko. Incidentally, Eric Stuart has gone on record in saying he tried to get a part on Captain Tylor, but wasnít selected for any, despite how great his Kojiro is on Pokťmon.

Next Time on the Anime-zing Race:
* Will Kojiís bold move alienate him with May & Max, or worse- Koichi?
* Yukitoís illness continues to affect his and Touyaís chances in the game.
* The space adventure continues, putting Lina & Gourry at a serious disadvantage.