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Survivor Formats

Traditional (Absolutely Individual):
Anime & Video Game Survivor by Chromus (!)
Anime & Video Game Survivor 2 by Chromus
Survivor: Dewford Islands by Gomamon (!)
Manga Survivor: Grandline by Amor
Survivor: Konoha by Gomamon (!)
Anime and Cartoon Survivor by Joey M. (R)

Tribal Rivalry:
Anime Survivor: Digimon vs. Pokémon by Star Otaku

Animation Survivor by A. R. Pulver (!)
Animation Survivor 2 by A. R. Pulver
Pokévivor by Chromus (!)

Mystery Formats

The Mole:
The Mole: Anime Edition by A. R. Pulver
The Mole 2: Anime Edition by A. R. Pulver (!)

Animole by Chromus
The Mole: Digimon & Pokémon by Gomamon (!)
The Mole: Anime Edition 2.0 by Gomamon

The Murder Game / Mystery in Small Town X:
Murder Game by Chromus (!)
Murder Game 2 by Chromus (!)
Murder Game 3 by Chromus (!)

Race Formats

The Amazing Race:
The Anime-zing Race by A. R. Pulver (!)
The Anime-zing Race 2 by A. R. Pulver (!)

The Anime-zing Race 3 by Chromus
The Anime-zing Race 4 by Chromus

Cannonball Run:
Pokéball Run by A. R. Pulver

Original Formats

Roomies: Girls by Freedom Fighter (!)
Roomies: Boys by Freedom Fighter
Roomies 2: Country Living by Freedom Fighter
Roomies 3: Digital Frontier by Freedom Fighter
Champion's Cup
by A. R. Pulver

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