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The Animezing Race 4 by Chromus


The Amazing Race

12 Episodes

In Progress
Started Nov. '07


Bob / Nagi
Tenjho Tenge

Gai / Rock Lee

Katsuhiko / Nanami
El Hazard

Keiko / Izumi
Princess Nine

Miyu / Yamato

Kotaro / Tamayo
Angelic Layer

Rally / Minnie May
Gun Smith Cats

Roy / Hughes
Full Metal Alchemist

Saga / Reggina
Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar

Sara / Yakumo
School Rumble

Sousuke / Kaname
Full Metal Panic

Tylor / Yamamoto
Irresponsible Captain Tylor


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  Episode Title Featured Anime  
Episode 1- This is Called Competition, Get Used to It  Haruhi Suzumiya COMMENT
Episode 2- In This Game, Don't Trust Anyone... Kino's Journey COMMENT
Episode 3- You Do Realize We Just Got Owned by A 13 Year Old German Girl Diamond Daydreams COMMENT
Episode 4- Dammit Sister, You Wanna Be Dog Food? Eyeshield 21 COMMENT
Episode 5- I Guess You Can Make a Slow Detour Fast if It’s Something you Like. Riding Bean COMMENT
Episode 6- I Just Pray My Demon Energies Don’t Show On Anyone’s Radar Here Chrno Crusade COMMENT
Episode 7- Why Does Everyone Assume I'm A Lesbian? Kaleido Star COMMENT
Episode 8- I've Heard of Sponsors On This Race, But This Is Ridiculous El Cazador COMMENT

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