Saving the world was just the beginning.
Twenty years later, they are brought together for a reunion,
despite years of deceit, guilt, and betrayal...
...brought on by themselves.

Shows- Digimon

Author Comments-
My take on the futures of digi-destined (conceived a couple months before the 02 ending), this is probably my best fic to date. The story is divided into four different stories, which collide in the final three chapters. 

Posting  Period- March 2001 to
September 2001
Chapters- 15
Rating- Rated R for strong language, adult themes, and sexual situations.

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1: Introduction- Cody

Cody, feeling a need to escape from his hum-drum reality for a while, decides to restart the old tradition of the Odaiba Memorial Day reunion. Remembering the situation at the reunion ten years ago, he could only help but wonder why it was the last.

2: The American Dream (Part 1)- Mimi

Mimi's life in the United States takes a different turn when she runs into up-and-coming musician Matt. When his manager decides to promote the two as a camera-friendly celebrity couple, Mimi's emotions end up being played with.

3: 2KI, Incorporated (Part 1)- Ken

Ken, Yolei, and Izzy were very happy together- three friends ready to conquer the world. Ken explores how he lost everything after a misunderstanding with Yolei and Izzy at a party.

4: The American Dream (Part 2)- Matt

Matt offers his side of the situation between himself and Mimi, how he handled the end of it all, and how his career, and his life, went afterwards.

5: Domestic Disturbance (Part 1)- Davis

Davis ran away from everything soon after high school graduation, and putting Kari out of sight and out of mind was the best solution. But when they are reunited once again, Davis finds that a little crush had evolved into more serious problems.

6: Walking the Wild Side (Part 1)- Tai

Tai explores why he stopped the tradition of the Odaiba Memorial Day reunion. And it all had to do with Sora. After discovering that he was in the same neighborhood as Sora and her husband, their friendship goes one step too far.

7: 2KI, Incorporated (Part 2)- Izzy

Without Ken, Izzy and Yolei continue to conquer the future themselves. But success gets to their heads, and Izzy begins to lose sight of what really matters.

8: Domestic Disturbance (Part 2)- Kari

With Davis's problems increasing, Kari feels obligated to try to help. But the help frequently conflicts with TK's problems, including his supervisor who, while having a grudge against TK, seems to take a shining to Davis.

9: The American Dream (Part 3)- Joe

Joe is thrown into the Matt/Mimi situation, but that seems to be the least of his problems. Despite accomplishing everything he wanted to, and achieving his formula for success, Joe somehow feels dissatisfied.

10: 2KI, Incorporated (Part 3)- Yolei

After the situation with Ken and Izzy, Yolei is left to fend for herself, and is holding her own doing so. But with the reunion approaching, she can only get the feeling that it's a bad idea, especially after what happened at TK and Kari's wedding.

11: Domestic Disturbance (Part 3)- T.K.

While Davis had been on the high road towards success, TK's life was going down fast. Hardships and bad luck have been TK's story, and now Davis was seemingly capable of taking away the one thing TK did have.

12: Walking the Wild Side (Part 2)- Sora

After the incident with Tai, Sora continued life with her husband as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, with the reunion approaching, she is forced to face the facts- including one involving her son that was seemingly unthinkable.

13: Reunion (Part 1)

The reunion begins slowly, but as everybody arrives, things begin to heat up, and even turns violent at one point.

14: Reunion (Part 2)

The reunion continues. Can everything be resolved, even after Cody abandons hope?.

15: Reunion (Part 3)

A year later, everybody reflects on where they are now, and where they could have been had it not been for Odaiba Memorial Day.

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