Odaiba Memorial Day- 20 Years Later

Author’s Notes
Well, I post, leave, and come home four hours later to find this is on 5 "Favorite Stories" lists. I’d say the vote is leaning towards "keep writing." And I thank all of you who reviewed. A few comments on specific reviews though-

--"personally i don't think that davis would be going after kari that long"
I certainly agree. If this was a normal, innocent crush, Davis would have gotten over it. However, I’ve never been one for normality, and you shall see exactly what is going on with Davis.

--"And they've added Takari?!?! I thought it was just Ken/Miyako, Sora/Yamato..."
Uh… to keep spoilers at a minimum, I said that I continue the trend presented now, as in the English version (although obviously keeping Sorato and Kenako in mind). Let’s face it, TK and Kari look like they’ll hook up at the end of the series, but only the spoilers available elsewhere will say for sure. I know the answer. I don’t care.

--"I hope that the last ep doesn't hinder your progress. Because I'd hate for this piece of work to go unfinished. Unlike a certain fic, one gray December morn... *cough*Tanur*cough*"
Since I do know exactly what happens, all the hindering the last ep will do has already gone. After recovering from the shock, I’m really not all that disappointed at the ending. What can I say, I want to know what happens to these kids, even if not all of my "picks" come to fruition (BTW, if you want a predictable, yet satisfying ending, watch Fushigi Yuugi!). It’s a great way to end a series, and I applaud them for it. Also, "Tanur" is a reference to my first posted fanfic, a Simpsons one, which despite winning an award for Best Original Character a couple years ago, ran out of gas about halfway and will probably not be completed.

Finally, I do have some bad news. I have a very hectic schedule, so chapters won’t be posted consistently. I’m nearing the end of Chapter 3 right now, and only time will tell when I actually get this done. Just be patient. It’ll be worth it.

Chapter Two- Mimi

Living in New York certainly had its advantages. Mimi Tachikawa was no longer there, having moved in with her husband four years ago. She held in her hands an invitation from Cody Hida. After long last, the digi-destined were going to be reunited. As happy as Mimi was that somebody went to the troubles to revive the tradition of the Memorial Day reunion, she had to wonder- was it worth it? Had the event occurred in her backyard, she wouldn’t have hesitated. These are her friends after all. But round-trip airfare from her house to Tokyo would be murder, and money was tight in the household. Although her husband held a high-paying job, he was running into legal problems and wanted to prepare for the worst. Mimi wouldn’t have had a problem with it a few years ago, but her designing company was barely taking in enough money to stay operational, in that nasty place in business where a company is losing money, but would lose more if it closed down. Mimi often stopped and wondered what life would have been like if it weren’t for a chance encounter with an old friend…


"Ladies and gentlemen, Yamato!"

Mimi forgot who the host was for this particular episode of Saturday Night Live, but she would never forget who the musical guest was. She thought it was rather odd for Matt to call his band "Yamato," it being his true Japanese first name (or to be completely accurate, last name). But given its meaning, and the fact that everybody in the States called him Matt, it worked quite well here. Mimi happened to run into Matt in New York, and although both had busy schedules, Matt managed to get Mimi into the studio audience for the show. It was there that Mimi saw what was to become Matt’s defining performance in America. Mimi could still remember the words emanating from her friend’s mouth.

"Now all these rumors say that I've got a crush.
And all these rumors say I'd rush to be by your side.
Oh don't you know that they're true?
I don't care if it's night or it's day.
Doesn't help if you fight me or run away.

"Is it a problem if I enter your heart?
Is it a problem if I start to take your desire?
And keep it all for myself.
When the Sun is fading off in the West,
When the kids are being put to rest,
Coming up, a story of us, our fiery affair,
They say it with flair. Listen up 'cause we're on the air...

"Lead story tonight!
They'd say it right, it's a sight to see me and you.
Whoa, everyone will glow when that kiss is targeted true.
In a city that's dull and bland,
We'll make it grand, light it up with all of our fire.
Whoa, how can we go higher? 'Cause relationships are a sham,
If nobody gives a damn."

Strangely enough, Mimi noticed two things odd about the number. One was that it wasn’t one of Matt’s songs, rather an old stand-by from a band called Tokio. The other was that Matt wasn’t playing his bass guitar for this song; he was merely on vocals. It was quite obvious that Matt wasn’t used to only singing; his left hand was fingering the bass line as he sung. Still, Mimi could sense a buzz in the audience. This was turning into something big. Hearing positive remarks from those next to her instantly put a smile on her face. She directed that smile at Matt, and oddly enough, for a second- it appeared that he looked straight at her and returned it.

While in America, it didn’t take long for Mimi to realize that the most rewarding things anybody could have are friends in high places. Matt wasn’t really that much higher than Mimi at the time, but after that display of musical talent, she knew he’d be blasting off soon. But being the friend of the musical guest, Mimi was invited to attend the backstage cast party after every episode. She was very proficient at hob-nobbing, and held her own against the regular cast, and the host, until she managed to make her way to where Matt was stationed.

"Well hello there… Yamato." Mimi was quick on the cheery button, but Matt didn’t want any of it, and looked around nervously.

"Please… it’s Matt."

"What’s wrong with Yamato? It’s your band’s name, isn’t it?"

"Yes, but not mine. From now on, I’m just Matt. You know how it is with foreign fads here, they can’t take too much at a time. The band’s name is fine, but if they find out that my name is something as ‘screwed up’ as Yamato, I’m dead in the water." Matt looked pretty serious.

"Oh. I’m sorry. I guess I’m lucky Mimi passes as an American name."

"It’s a bit annoying I know… but my manager insisted on it. It took me forever to convince him to let me keep Ishida." Matt smiled, then continued, "You’re something of a known figure in your industry, do you have any trouble with Tachikawa?"

"No, of course not. I’m in the fashion industry- the more foreign-sounding the name, the better!" That incited a laugh in Matt, and the two friends continued talking.

That was about the time Ray Sagan entered the room. As Matt's manager, he certainly looked the part, with slick black hair, a stylish suit, and a cell phone permanently affixed to his left hand. He was mingling for a bit, then calmly made his way over to Matt and Mimi. Well- mostly Matt. He got Matt’s attention, and eyed Mimi with curiosity as he spoke.

"Great job Matt, we’ve been getting offers from all across the board. Free to do Cleveland in two weeks?"

"Sure, sounds great."

"Swell. You should be getting plenty of radio time in the next couple of weeks; I’ll have to make sure we keep getting a few songs out every so often. Know of any good ones off hand?"

"Well, I’ve got a few songs I wanted to try out…" Ray immediately scoffed at the idea.

"Not yet. This whole J-Pop thing is still new. We have to run the classics dry before we deliver new material." Matt looked a bit dejected, but agreed. Mimi was there to improve the mood, as she has a talent for doing.

"Hey, I’m sure that in no time, the whole world will fall in love with your songs Matt!" Ray looked at Mimi again, very curiously. He eyed her head to toe, and Mimi felt extremely uncomfortable.

"I like it…" Ray whispered to himself, barely audible. Before Mimi could pin him down on the remark, Ray spoke to Matt. "Well, you certainly earned your paycheck tonight. And I certainly earned my ten percent for getting you this gig. I found a place downtown for a rehearsal tomorrow at noon. See you then!" Ray walked off, pulling out his cell phone on the way. Mimi didn’t bother to listen to the conversation, as Matt suggested they leave. They began to walk out, with Matt retrieving Mimi’s coat and helping her into it.

"Geez Matt, keep this up and people will start to think we’re dating!" Matt laughed at the statement.

"Eh, let them think what they want, we got too much to talk about." Matt’s retort calmed Mimi’s nerves a bit as they walked out, into the crisp November air.

"Are you hungry?" Matt asked.

"Actually I am… there wasn’t much to eat at that party."

"Yeah, the portions aren’t much at those things. C’mon, I heard there was this great bar and grill a couple of blocks down. I hope they’re still open." Mimi followed, not fully realizing the implications of eating out with one of music’s biggest rising superstars.


The next morning, Mimi was awaken bright and early (at 10:00 AM) by her bedside telephone. Mimi swore under her breath and answered.

"Mimi? Ray Sagan, we met last night at the party." The voice was unmistakably Matt’s manager. Mimi was right on the ball with a retort.

"I expected at least one guy to call me after the party, but I didn’t expect it to be you." She definitely caught him off-guard, although she would have been surprised if some of the more desperate SNL cast members decided to try their luck with her.

"Uh, no… actually I’m calling on behalf of my client, Matt Ishida. He was wondering if you wanted to drop by and watch his rehearsal."

"Well, I guess it wouldn’t be any trouble." Mimi was a bit hesitant, but didn’t mind.

"He, uh, could use the support from a friend." Mimi smiled, a bit relieved. She was already busy enough and wanted to avoid any kind of romantic tension with old friends.

"Sure, tell him I’ll be there."


When she arrived, she found Matt to be too busy with the rehearsal to disturb him, and quietly watched him work his musical magic.

"My heart told me to break away,
Now I'm out here far away,
Wish that I could hold you in the night.
Then I'd wake up to a morning that is warm and bright.
Ellie, my love so sweet."

The first thing Mimi noticed with this particular song was that it was a slow love ballad, not a typical "Yamato" staple. The second one Mimi wanted answered as soon as Ray sat down next to her.

"Who’s Ellie?"

"I dunno… ask the guy that wrote the song. I forgot his name. Kawati… whatever."

Mimi shook her head. It was an answer, but Ray wasn’t gaining any points with her.

"Okay, Mimi, I don’t suppose you receive advanced copies of supermarket tabloids, do you?"

"Um. No." Mimi responded, leading Ray to smile and pull out a copy of the Star.

"Swell… read page 4." He handed the copy to Mimi. She turned to page four, and almost collapsed in shock when she saw a picture of herself and Matt from last night, enjoying a meal at the bar. The attached article, naturally, spoke of rising superstar Matt Ishida’s "new flame." Mimi turned to Ray.

"You’ve got to tell them that…"

"Why? You know what they say, any publicity is good publicity. The way I see it, if these guys can make news out of a relationship between you and Matt, anybody can. Matt’s got talent, that’s for damn sure. But talent can only get you so far. You need something extra, something special, that puts you over the top. I’d like for you to be that something special." Mimi was about ready to slap Ray. But instead, she turned to Matt, working diligently, reaching for the stars. Although she initially hated the idea, she knew the business, and it probably would work. Ray continued selling his proposal.

"Naturally, he’s not the only one that benefits from this. You would obviously become a nationally recognized figure as well, and if you keep wearing your product, people will eventually want to start buying that product. It’s a big decision, but believe me when I tell you it’s worth it in the long run."

Is this worth it? Pretending to have a relationship with Matt in public, yet maintaining a stable friendship with him in private? I want Matt to succeed, and I obviously want to succeed myself, but is this the way to do it? Of course, the media has never been nice to me or my friends. Ignoring major events like Memorial Day, and covering minor events inaccurately. This would be a fun way to dupe them for a change. As long as Matt’s comfortable with it, I suppose it’s a win-win situation…

"Okay. I’ll play along as long as it keeps working. And Matt’s fine with it." Ray flashed a smile, and the deal was done. Mimi sighed, then turn back to Matt, finishing his song.

"Smile for me, won't you, baby; forever you'll be on my mind.
Stay with me, won't you, baby; we're gonna make it right this time.
There's no one else like you; anything you want I'll do.
Ellie, my love so sweet.
Ellie… so sweet."

Again, Matt seemed to be staring directly at Mimi.

"Don’t worry," Ray stated, "We’ll change that to Mimi when we record it."

And so it began.


As hackneyed as the plan was, it worked like a charm. Matt’s new love interest helped his band get the publicity it needed. The music was heard, and the music told the story of the greatest couple the country had seen. And likewise, everybody had the urge to "buy Mimi" in their choice of clothing. Wherever Matt went, his girl Mimi was there. All the female fans of Yamato were dying to get their hands on Matt, and were extremely jealous of Mimi. Likewise, the male Yamato fans were wishing that their favorite lead singer would "share the wealth" with them. There were the talk show appearances, the road tours, the walk-on sitcom appearances, and of course- the tabloids. There was the one time they said that Matt had gotten Mimi pregnant, the time they broke up, the time they secretly got married in Hawaii, the time Matt had gotten someone else pregnant, the time that they were androids from Jupiter, the time Matt framed O.J. Simpson in the murder of J.F.K. Jr, and of course, the time the President of the U.S. had gotten Mimi pregnant. The romantic affair between Matt and Mimi was certainly big.

But it was all a hoax. A simple ploy designed to generate publicity, which worked like a charm. And for the first few years, Matt and Mimi enjoyed every minute of it. They made sure to collect all of the tabloid articles about them, and they couldn’t have been happier. They felt no guilt about duping the world. After all, they were simply getting back at a media which prides itself on torrid affairs. A music industry which relies on pretty faces instead of musical talent. Tabloids that literally sell lies. Matt and Mimi were simply using the torrid affairs, pretty faces, and lies back at them. And since holding hands in public and a quick kiss when cameras were around were all this wild romance needed, Matt and Mimi did not have to deal with the pressures of a day to day relationship, and therefore could keep the pace up, and maintain a healthy friendship on the side. They were good friends, and they were successful. Who could ask for more?

As it turns out, Mimi could. Everyone in the nation thought that she was in a fairy tale romance with the perfect guy. And that’s all that Mimi had ever really wanted in the world. After a couple years of the charade, Mimi realized that the major drawback to this fairy tale romance is that she couldn’t let her real fairy tale reach a happy ending. Mimi did not love Matt. Matt did not love Mimi. But any attempt by her to try to find her Prince Charming would immediately be looked upon as "cheating on Matt." And it was beginning to take its toll.

Until Joe Kido happened to be in town. Like that fateful meeting on Fifth Avenue, it was almost destined for Mimi and Joe to bump into each other. It had been almost three years since the reunion, and Joe missed his flight to Japan, and thereby missed TK and Kari’s wedding. Mimi was thrilled to see Joe again and began ranting endlessly, practically forgetting about her fling with Matt. She slowed down when she saw Joe. He was smiling a little bit, but his eyes told a story of sadness, longing, and wishing for something he knew he’d never receive. And Mimi, being the greatest mind on Earth, did the only thing she could think of.

"Hey Joe, we gotta do lunch sometime."

Ah yes, good old Joe. He brings back memories. I don’t think I ever really told anybody, but when we were in the Digital World, Joe was always my favorite. Not that they weren’t all my friends, but Joe just had that certain weird charm. I knew he had a little thing for me, and it was always cute the way he’d try to impress me and stuff. I probably should have at least given him some satisfaction; to let him know that it was working a little bit. I’m not sure why I didn’t. And before I knew it, I was moving, so Joe and I obviously didn’t see each other much. One thing’s for sure, he definitely deserved at least a chance with me. Who knows what could have developed?

So why is he staring at me like that? He’s looking at me as if my mom just died. He’s tiptoeing around something, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if he still had feelings for me- people do not get over Mimi Tachikawa very easily. But if that’s the case, he should be glad to see me. I haven’t seen him since the reunion three years ago, he should be glad. I know I am. He looks disappointed about something. Joe’s too nice of a guy to be disappointed, especially if it’s because of me. Therefore, it’s my job to change that.

"Something wrong, Joe?" Mimi stated over lunch, cheery, but with a bit of concern.

"Um, no. It’s… nothing." Joe was making an attempt at covering up his slight depression, but it definitely wasn’t working. Arguably, however, that worked to his advantage, as Mimi extended her hands over the booth and took Joe’s.

"Hey, you want to do something tomorrow tonight? I’m not busy… well… not that busy. Couple photo shoots at 3 and I’m singing the national anthem at the Lakers game at 7… but I can duck out at around 8." Mimi was smiling, finally giving Joe the opening he had wanted and had deserved. Joe, however, was merely confused.

"Um… I guess that’s okay… are you sure Matt won’t mind?"

Oh shit. Forgot about him.

"No, no…" Mimi quickly covered up her slight of mind, "He won’t mind."

"Great then…" Joe smiled nervously, "It’s a date."

At that point, pretty much every patron, waitress, and cook at the diner (and at least three passers-by) stopped and looked as the female portion of America’s cutest couple publicly decided to test the waters elsewhere with some blue-haired nobody. Mimi and Joe, however, were oblivious to the situation.

Dinner, at least in Mimi’s mind, went without a hitch. By the time they reached dessert, Mimi had seen a new side of Joe. Well, not necessarily a new side, just the side that she found so appealing about him years before. She also remembered why she liked this side so much. By the time Mimi arrived back at the hotel suite she and Matt were staying at, she was beginning to realize that she may have known Prince Charming the whole time… he was just unavailable doing princely things like getting doctorates in the field of medicine.

Needless to say, Mimi still had to deal with the whole Matt thing. She wasn’t too worried about Matt. He’d understand. It was the public she was worried about. Since Matt was out doing Matt stuff that night, she figured she’d just slip off to bed and explain it the next day. But the second she entered her bedroom, Ray was standing inside, with another advanced tabloid. This one was serious- a huge picture of Mimi and Joe at their romantic dinner… from just a few hours ago.

"How do they get these out so early?"

"Never mind that. You have some explaining to do."

As Mimi tried arranging her words as carefully as possible, Ray read through all the gory details.

"Mimi Tachikawa, major player in the fashion industry and steady flame of Yamato lead Matt Ishida, was seen going for extra credit with an unknown guy over…" Mimi was concentrating more on her defense argument (she contemplated calling an attorney- winning over Ray wasn’t going to be easy). Still, Ray continued, "Yamato manager Ray Sagan refused to comment… probably because they haven’t asked me… but calls made to a Los Angeles hotel reported that they specified that their suite have two bedrooms. Is this the end of their storybook romance? Only time will tell." Mimi was almost set… although one thing did come to her mind.

"Wait… we always order suites with two bedrooms, what’s so special about this one?"

"This is the first anyone decided to check up on it."

"Oh. Well… I mean it was just a little dinner date. We’re old friends and… Hey if Matt and I hadn’t… sure if…" Ray just stood there glaring at her. For some odd reason, this wasn’t winning him over. He opened his mouth… signaling that he was about to win the argument.

"Mimi I understand that the glamour of being on top can lead you into temptation. I’m sure that guy sounded nice and given the situation I could see why you’d show a sign of weakness and let him get a move on you. But please understand that this relationship means so much. To not just you and Matt, but to all of your fans. People idolize you and Matt. You are the perfect couple. And therefore, we have to keep it as perfect as possible. I’m know it’s a lot, and hey- I’m a nice guy. If you ever feel any sort of… need, even those sexual in nature, don’t hesitate to come to me. I can arrange for those needs to be fulfilled quickly, efficiently, and confidentially. Ask Matt, he’s done it plenty of times to know. No fuss, no muss."

Is that what he thinks this is about? I didn’t see Joe because I’m missing out on a sex life. I didn’t see Joe because I’m taking advantage of my place at the top. I saw Joe because he’s a nice guy that’s fun to be with. I saw Joe because I wanted him to feel better. I saw Joe because I care enough about him to help him when he’s down. Shoot… I saw Joe because I love him. That isn’t good. How can I keep a public relationship with Matt and a private one with Joe? I don’t think I could; it would be impossible. Well Mimi- it’s one or the other. Time for that Tachikawa decisiveness to kick in.

"Tell Matt the deal’s off. I’ll have my stuff picked up next week." And with that, Mimi walked out of the hotel, out of the public’s eye, and out of the sight of a bewildered Ray Sagan.

Mimi had just walked out on her life. She still had her company, she still had an apartment in New York (which a friend had moved into), and she still had money. But in many ways, Mimi gave up everything, and it would take awhile to put everything back together. The fame, the status, and the relationship with Matt would create a huge hole in her life for a while. But as Mimi walked the streets, looking for another hotel to crash at (there were plenty around- but Mimi still had the standards of a celebrity), she saw the one piece that could put it all together. Joe was just sitting on a bench, mired in thought. He got up, and began to walk away, when Mimi tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, a bit confused, and had two arms around him in an instant. As Joe still was reacting to the shock, Mimi had taken him in an embrace, and began crying. And whether they were tears of sorrow for leaving her celebrity status or tears of joy for what she was leaving it for, Joe knew that the most important thing was for him to be there whenever she needed him. And she needed him now… even though he was still completely confused.

"It’s certainly nice to see you again Mimi, and I don’t want you to take this the wrong way- but what exactly is going on?"

Mimi sniffed a tear away, let out a short chuckle, and told him. "I suppose I have to start from the beginning. It’s kind of a long story."

"Oh. Well would you mind if we went back to the hotel I’m staying at- this night air is killing my sinuses."


The wedding was very small, with only immediate families involved. Still, Yolei and Izzy got word and were present. By the time that Ray had made the "breakup" public, Mimi was well out of Los Angeles and trying to resume her old life. Losing the name recognition did hurt business, especially being labeled as a forgotten celebrity. Joe and Mimi got by, and moved upstate soon after they married.

Needless to say, Mimi looked forward to a reunion with many of her old friends. She hadn’t heard a thing from Sora or Davis since the reunion, and Tai hadn’t contacted her much since her sister and TK were wed. Even TK and Kari’s only sign of existence was a gift basket for the wedding. At least Cody was making the effort to get the old gang back together. As she dropped the R.S.V.P. in the mailbox, she only hoped his efforts would be rewarded. But still- she couldn’t help but wonder about Matt. His band fell into obscurity not long after she left, and she never actually told him goodbye. Even if they were only friends, it was somewhat inconsiderate on her part.

"Ask Matt, he’s done it plenty of times to know. No fuss, no muss." Every so often, Ray’s last words to her face stood out. During their "relationship," Matt was doing God knows what behind her back. Was this simply his own needs being fulfilled, or was it something more? During the time they were together, Mimi never stopped to consider the ugly possibility. They had a perfect relationship which never existed. Mimi looked at Joe when her need for love overcame her. But who did Matt look at? It dawned on Mimi that Matt may have been pining over the one person he couldn’t have- his own girlfriend.


Author’s Notes
One of the benefits of this format is that you will be able to get into Matt’s shoes later on… Chapter Four to be precise. Also, as you probably figured out, speech in italics is from the central character’s point of view. Always a nice option when you just need to get Mimi’s exact thoughts on the situation. And again, it’s also nice that we can get into Matt’s head in a couple chapters, and even Joe later down the road. Get saddled up- we’re just beginning.

Believe it or not, those were real translated J-Pop songs Matt was singing. The first, "7 O'clock News," is the opening theme to the show "Kodomo no Omocha" (aka "Child’s Toy") and sure enough is performed by the band Tokio. And I will answer your big question with a resounding yes: the English lyrics (which fit the music save a couple trouble spots in the middle), were written by myself based on the translation found online. With the help of Megchan’s translations, I have also written English lyrics to several of your favorite Digimon image songs (as well as the opening "Butterfly"). Let me know if you are interested in them. I do not take credit for "Ellie, My Love" as it was translated by Rumiko Varnes and Pete Hawkins for performance by the band Rockapella. The song is available on their album "Don’t Tell Me You Do" and is available in music stores everywhere.

Now that that cheap promotion is over with, let’s get the teaser for the next chapter-
Chapter Three- Ken
A rising software enterprise, a great buddy, and a wonderful woman to call your own. Ken certainly had gotten over his days as the Digimon Emperor. But as many people say, once one falls, the rest go down with it. How can one person lose everything he holds dear after a friend shows a simple display of sympathy?