Odaiba Memorial Day- 20 Years Later

Chapter Ten- Yolei

She still had a hidden talent for picking stocks. That was about all she had after all was said and done, so the woman formerly known as Yolei Izumi used it to her full advantage and made a career out of it. After the ill-fated marriage was over, Yolei had to scramble to live a productive life, having no serious income nor anyone to turn to. The stock thing was only a hobby on the outset, but since it provided the best chance at a serious job, Yolei started working for a brokerage, helping normal everyday people invest their money wisely and ensuring financial security across the country.

"Sunagawa Stock Brokers, ensuring tomorrowís happiness today. My name is Yolei, how may I help you?" As a company tagline, Yolei said it day in and day out. It was starting to get to her. It seemed like she was doing the exact opposite for as long as she could remember. She was sacrificing tomorrowís happiness for todayís. She continued giving advice to this particular client. She definitely had a knack for the job, a sixth sense as to what was going up and what was going down. In the office, she was regarded very highly, and her employer showed its gratitude towards its gifted employee. But unfortunately, it didnít matter how many times she was Employee of the Month, or how many success stories she had, or how many times she convinced herself that she was helping other people secure themselves financially, and how noble and worthy her position was- she was still just another suit in a cubicle.

Yolei would often wonder what happened to get her where she was. How her life had undergone dramatic change after dramatic change after getting out of high school. She never would have predicted she would end up here. In high school, she had absolutely no interest in the business world, and had no intention of working for a stock broker. But yet, as much as she was surprised at the direction her life had taken (or rather, the constant change in direction), what was most surprising was the truth of why it was this way:

In the end, the person most responsible for thisÖ is me.

Of course, this was nothing new to Yolei. It had been on her mind ever since the divorce was finalized. At times, it was the only thing that kept her going. After all, itís easier to understand a situation when you give yourself control of it. If you are the one pushing the buttons in your life, itís easier to come to terms with whatever the buttons happen to do. On the other hand, considering the things sheíd been through- being responsible for them all was just plain depressing sometimes. But either way, since it was always on her head, it didnít bother her when she was working. She continued with the client, giving them the options, recommending the best one. Of course, after completing the deal, and having the client go with the best option, she hung up the phone and sighed audibly.

"Another buyer into IE, huh Yolei?" Naoko was her chirpy self as Yolei nodded. Despite the background story behind the company, buying into Izumi Enterprises happened to be in the best interests for this client. Yolei had to be objective, she had to say everything with a straight faceÖ at least on the phone. Fortunately, with Naoko around, Yolei was free to bitch about it all she wanted.

"And the sad thing is that it just makes his company stronger."

"Letís see, is it bitterness or jealousy? I canít tell."

"I donít know what it is anymore. Itís a mess. But it is a good stock right now."

"Yeah, that brief slump a few weeks ago really made it affordable for traders."

"YeahÖ donít tell Izzy but I bought a few shares myself." Again, she had to be objective. It was a hot stock, and Yolei put a few shares in her portfolio for various reasons. It was a safe money-maker, but it also was symbolic in a way- that despite her past, she can still succeed with her future. No, Yolei wasnít happy with her life, but she wasnít moping 24-7 about it either. She still felt the drive to go on with her life, hoping that one day she would find happiness again.

The fateful invitation was in the mail, and Yolei was quite happy to receive it. She responded immediately, happy for another reunion with her old friends. Yes, she understood the likelihood of Izzy or Ken being there. She was more than willing to deal with whatever discomfort was waiting for her; she wasnít about to pass up a digi-destined reunion in order to avoid her two former suitors.

Of course, no matter how much she refused to let the idea of seeing Izzy or Ken again get to her, it was still the dominant thing on her mind. If anything, her determination not to let Izzy or Ken get in the way of the reunion made her worry more. To Yolei, it was an inevitability- she was going to see them again. That much was certain. The deal was done, the papers were signed, and the decision was final. She wasnít about to back out of this- despite the fact that she was scared to death about what was going to happen.


Was it all really my fault? Or did Izzy push me away?

She could almost sense the moment forecasting the end. The phone call to Steve Carrier. Yolei just played the part of a pleasant, supportive wife, but deep down she could tell that Izzy was changing. It was very gradual at first. The business slowly became more important to him. It didnít disturb Yolei much. After all, it was Izzyís sweat that formed the company, and it was the company that formed Izzy and Yoleiís wealth. So Yolei put up with Izzy when he seemed to care more about the business than her. Because he was always able to make up for it. Okay, the expensive presents and other possessions might have been a bit shallow at times, but Yolei forgave him for that. Izzy was never the most romantic person in the world, but she could tell when he was trying. She could tell when he cared. And he did care for the majority of the marriage. For every late night at the office, Izzy made up for it somehow.

It started out very gradual. It wasnít that he stopped caring, but rather that the number of late nights that Izzy would have to make up for increased. But he did make up for them. Most of the time. In the months preceding "the call," he was starting to slack off a bit. But again, it wasnít significant. But then it happened. The look on his face when he agreed with Carrier, when he argued with Carrier, and ultimately when he was forced to reject Carrier said it all- Izzy was married to his work. Yolei was second to Izumi Enterprises. And no matter how many times he made up for it, it would continue to be that way. And no matter how many times she would play the part of wife, or even best friend, his mind would be primarily concentrated on the company. That was clear from the tennis match later that day- the score meant nothing to Izzy. He was pretending that the ball was Steve Carrier.

And so the number of late nights increased even more. Izzy had two goals- bring Pineapple Computers down and put his company in a position to take it over. Never before had Yolei seen Izzy so focused on something like he was here. And despite the high quantity of late nights, Izzy stopped making up for them. He pretty much stopped giving Yolei any extra attention. She was just another person living under the same roof, with a completely separate life that didnít concern him in the least. Yolei was frustrated to no end with this. Izzy never even got mad at Yolei; she frequently considered provoking him on purpose to see if he would react. But she didnít. She wasnít sure what to do about this. But she wasnít feeling any love from Izzy, and as a result, she had to take action.

As much as sheíd like to say it, the affair with Megane didnít just happen out of the blue. His wife was one of Yoleiís old friends from high school, and about a month before the fateful call from Steve Carrier, Yolei received her own call from this friend. She was in town and paid Yolei a visit.

"Hey, Ruriko, long time no see!" It had been a while since the two had been together, and both were happy to reunite.

"Yeah. Whereís Izzy?"

"Oh, heís working late. Why?"

"No big deal. Although it would have been nice to keep Megane occupied."

"Not a problem, Iím sure I can behave myself here." Megane stepped in the door, behind Ruriko. He looked decent enough. The pitch-black hair, cheeky smile, and slim glasses instantly stood out, and his pleasant greeting made an above-average first impression with Yolei.

"Hello there. Always nice to meet an old friend of Rurikoís. I might be able to figure her out one of these days." Yolei chuckled a bit.

"Good luck, Iíve known her for years, and still canít!" Yolei joked, while looking Megane in the eyes. He had a very strange look, as if looking over Yolei, searching for something. It made Yolei feel a tad uncomfortable, but she ignored it, and returned her attention to Ruriko. She was the focus of this visit, and Megane would have to settle for being a third wheel.

But despite the attention Yolei paid Ruriko, Megane always tried to steal it away. Asking questions about the house, wondering about little details. Yolei wasnít afraid to answer, and continued to be a gracious host. Aside from that, Megane wasnít anything out of the ordinary, and Yolei had no reason to believe that he did anything to provoke Ruriko in any way. But all it took was one question, after thirty minutes of touring the house, and making little chit-chat.

"So how long have you and Izz been married?" It seemed innocent. Yolei was about to answer, having nothing to hide, when Ruriko made her presence felt and angrily slammed a hand on a nearby table.

"Okay, thatís it, we are leaving now. Iíve had enough of this Megane, I am getting in the car and going home. And Iíd recommend that you best come with me!" Ruriko marched towards the door, leaving a very confused Yolei, and a very calm Megane. Megane turned to Yolei.

"You, uhÖ donít want to know. She just gets like this sometimes. I donít know what it is. Anyway, it was a pleasure meeting you, Yolei. Iíll talk to you later, okay?" Megane shook Yoleiís hand, and started to follow.

"UmÖ okay. Bye!" Yolei wasnít any less confused, but it was just another strange day in her life that she dismissed as completely insignificant.

But about seven months later, Megane reappeared in Yoleiís life. Izzy, or Koushiro as he preferred to be called, was busy with his Pineapple-smashing obsession, and Yolei was starting to feel the effects of it. She happened to run into Megane at the food court at a mall.

"Hey. Yolei! Remember me?"

"UmÖ let me see. Oh, arenít you Rurikoís husband? Megane I think?"

"Well- ex-husband. Have a seat, thereís plenty of room." Yolei wasnít quite sure what his intentions were, but not wanting to sit alone, accepted the offer.

"Um. Thanks. So what happened between you and Ruriko?"

"Aw, I donít know. She just gets upset at the little things. I donít know what her problem was, but she just walked out. Oh well, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnít."

"Uh huhÖ" Yolei certainly didnít want to delve into the topic of marriage problems, but Megane seemed to be focused on nothing but.

"So how are you doing? Izz still bringing home the big bucks?"

"I guess so." Yolei didnít sound too enthused. Megane must have picked up on thatÖ and delved further.

"Something wrong?" His voice was suddenly concerned.

"Hm? OhÖ itís nothing."

"Doesnít sound like nothing. If thereís a problem, you should tell somebody about it."

"Like who?" It just slipped out. A tiny gap in the defense, but enough for Megane to slip through.

"Hey, Iím not doing anything. After the hell I went through because of Ruriko, nothing surprises me. Besides, I wonít tell anybody."

Slowly but surely, Yolei opened up to Megane. She went on about how Izzy seemed to be ignoring her, and how she thought he cared more about Steve Carrierís demise than about her. And Megane seemed supportive. He seemed to care. He paid attention to Yolei. He sided with her completely, and it wasnít long before he snuck into her life. The attention Megane paid to Yolei was just what she needed. And his caring attitude was enough for Yolei to let her guard down. Before long, the affair was in full swing.

Looking back on it, Yolei couldnít believe how stupid she was. She was dancing in the palm of his hand. She gave him all the tools necessary to woo her, and he used them to his fullest extent. Megane gave her all the things that Izzy wasnít giving, and Yolei couldnít help but fall for it. Yolei covered it all up, but given Izzyís ignorance, it wasnít a difficult task. But things just got worse and worse over time, and when Izzy finally did discover the truth about the affair, it was too late. Yolei was finished with Izzy, her patience completely extinguished. It was over.


So whose fault was it? Yolei certainly couldnít believe that she was forced into the situation with Megane (which didnít last long after Izzy walked in on them); that Izzy drove Yolei away and forced her to seek solace with Megane. But on the other hand, Yolei didnít want to accept full responsibility for this herself. To do so would make her seem weak, and susceptible to anyone of Meganeís type. And she wasnít. She was caught in a trap, and felt like Megane was the only one who could help her.

Talk about the cure being worse than the diseaseÖ

So was Yolei happier without Izzy? Well no, she wasnít. The happier days of the marriage to Yolei were by far the best moments in her life. And even when Izzy was ignoring her, it was still better than being alone. Wasnít it?

Iím alone now, and Iím not miserable. At least Iím not when Iím not thinking about the direction my life has been taking.


With a past as marred as Yoleiís, itís hard to ignore. There was absolutely no way she could put it behind her completely. But later that evening, Yolei took another look at that invitation. With the initial excitement of receiving it behind her, she was able to look at it with fresh eyes. It was indeed hard to ignore the past, and if the past was any indicator- this reunion may not be such a good idea after allÖ



Yolei tried to smile. She really did. She had to smile- even if Kari was the center of attention, an unhappy bridesmaid doesnít make for good photos. But deep down, she really didnít feel like smiling. With the 2KI breakup still lingering on, Yolei was at her witís end. Izzy was consoling her, him being the gallant knight that he was (boy, nine years is a long time). Despite the grief she felt about the whole thing, she finally gathered up enough courage to attend the wedding. She had to, for Kariís sake.

Fortunately, she only had to smile when photos were taken of her. While TK and Kari were up taking the vows, she could relax for a bit. Well, not really, she felt very uncomfortable standing next to the strange unknown woman that was acting as another bridesmaid in Soraís absence.

That was another thing that troubled for Yolei as she looked at all the guests observing this huge moment- there were twelve digi-destined in the area, yet except for TK and Kari (who were pretty much required to attend), only five were present. Five out of ten- fifty percent. A group that united to save the world- and only half of them bother to attend the unification of two of their own. Yolei knew that Izzy and Ken werenít going to be there; they were tied down in legalese and character defamation. But three more werenít present. Davis, Sora, and Joe. Yolei heard from someone that Joeís flight got cancelled. Understandable, perhaps, but Yolei couldnít imagine that "olí reliable" wouldnít figure out some way to get there anyway. Then there was Sora. Supposedly she was sickÖ

Absolutely laughable. I refuse to believe that a little illness would keep the holder of the Crest of Love away from a wedding between two of her friends.

And Davis. All that "crush on Kari" stuff was besides the point: Davis was there for his friends when they needed him. It didnít matter how infatuated Davis could have been (and with him moving away, Yolei reasoned that it couldnít have been much), he would still put aside his feelings and be the first in line to congratulate the happy couple. That was a fact. Unfortunately, Davisís absence was also a fact. As unexplainable as it was, and as unforgivable as it was- he wasnít there.

Not that the people who were there were enjoying it. Yolei herself was dealing with the whole 2KI breakup and wasnít in the greatest of moods. But she wasnít alone. While the minister was going through the vows, all that "love him, honor him, keep him" stuff, Yolei couldnít help but watch Tai, who seemed particularly on edge about the whole thing. She knew Tai was all for the wedding, so it wasnít any sign of regret. But he looked miserable. He looked uncomfortable. He looked like he didnít want to be there, but was obligated to attend. And again, Yolei had no answers.

Never one to want to be left in the dark, she tried to get a few answers at the reception. First up for the interrogation- Matt and Mimi. They had apparently "hooked up," which had surprised Yolei as much as anybody, considering they barely spoke to each other at the tenth anniversary reunion.

"Hey, you twoÖ" Matt and Mimi turned to Yolei and smiled.

"Hi Yolei, whatís up?" At least Mimi sounded pleasant.

"Not much. Interesting to see you two together." Mimi shook her head and put an arm around Mattís shoulder.

"Well, you never know, these things just happen."

"Yeah. I never picked you two as a coupleÖ although you do look pretty good together."

"YeahÖ weíre very photogenic." Matt said with a smirk.

"Matt, do you even know what photogenic means?" Mimi was still smiling, making small talk.

"No, but Ray says it a lot." Mimi started laughing as Matt returned his attention to Yolei, "So how are things with Ken and Izzy?"

"Donít ask." Yolei immediately changed the subject, "Say, is it me, or did Tai look really edgy back there?"

"I didnít notice anything." Mimi obviously hadnít noticed, but Matt looked across the room at Tai for a second, then smiled, nodding.

"YeahÖ yeahÖ I know what it is." Matt seemed confident, "His baby sisterís getting married before him. I kinda feel the same way with TK, you know? Although really, I donít really give a damn. I am in no rush to get married." Yolei glanced over at Mimi, who nodded and smiled at the statement.

FunnyÖ thatís not how I would expect Mimi to react to that.

"I supposeÖ but what about Joe? Heís not here. Neither are Davis or Sora."

"I heard that Joeís flight was cancelled. I donít know about Davis or Sora." Mimi was also puzzled. Apparently, she had gotten all the answers she could from them. Time to move on to a new prey.

Target sighted- Tai Kamiya at two oíclock. I am locked on and approaching!

Tai seemed to have gotten over his angst over his "baby sister getting married" and was trying to enjoy himself at the reception.

"Hi Tai, nice seeing you." Tai flashed a smile at Yolei.

"Yeah. Whereís Izzy and Ken? Iím surprised they arenít here."

"Never mindÖ" Again, changing the subject, "You seemed a bit edgy at the ceremony. Whatís wrong?" She understood Mattís logic, but wanted to get Taiís side of the story. Tai was visibly hesitant and didnít want to answer. Yolei nodded. He apparently didnít want to admit the problem.

"UhÖ wellÖ"

"Never mind. I think I know what it is." Tai looked at Yolei, completely shocked.

"You do?" Tai was completely serious. Yolei shrugged it off.

"Yeah, it happens all the time."

"Well maybe, butÖ"

"Hey, Matt said heís going through the same thing."

"Matt!? When didÖ"

"I already talked to him about it. Itís nothing unusual."

"It isnít?" Tai was really surprised that Yolei was treating the issue so lightly.

"NoÖ you know when my brother got married, my other brother, the oldest oneÖ he did the same thing."

"Youíve got to be kidding me!" Tai seemed about ready to explode. He turned his head and muttered "Weird family." Yolei shrugged it off.

"Anyway, thereís nothing wrong with that."

"There isnít?!"

"No- itís all a part of sibling rivalry. Believe me, I know." Tai was completely in disbeliefÖ then turned to Yolei.

"Sibling rivalry?" He seemed confused.

"Yeah. Thatís what this is right? You feel bad because Kariís getting married before you."

"OhÖ yeah. Hit the nail on the head." Tai averted his eyes quickly. Yolei smiled and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, donít worry about it. Youíll find somebody in no time."

"ThanksÖ I donít think thatíll be a problem either." Yolei released her hand and got back to business.

"AnywayÖ do you know where Sora is?" Tai looked at Yolei. The look on his eyes suggested that he was fearing for his life.

"SoraÖ Sora who?" Tai squeaked.

"TakenouchiÖ waitÖ actually itís not anymore. She got married didnít she?" Yolei paced around, "What was Tareshiís last name? Oh man, thatís embarrassing. Do you know Soraís last name?" Tai looked around nervously.


"Oh well, it doesnít matter. Do you know why she isnít here?"

"Donít know, donít care!" Tai shrugged his shoulders, then glanced over to the food table, "Oh look, pork buns! Iím starving!" Tai walked away, leaving a very puzzled Yolei.

Why canít he just cry at weddings like normal people?

Yolei felt the need for one more interrogation. The happy couple themselves. After the initial obligatory congratulatory remarks, Yolei got down to business.

"So anyway, have you noticed that Davis is here?" Kari looked down and shook her head, frowning. As TK comforted his wife, he turned to Yolei.

"We didnít even get a reply from him. I mean Sora called in sick, Joeís flight was cancelled, and you said Izzy and Ken had something to do in court."

"Whatís that about anyway?" Kari asked Yolei.

"Oh. Itís nothing." Yolei, who hath denied three times, changed the subject yet again, "Donít you think itís a bit odd for Sora and Joe to miss your wedding like this? I canít imagine an illness or a missed flight would cause those two give this up. Hell, Soraís the kind of person that would show up even if she was dying. Something doesnít add up." It seemed that Yolei had struck a nerve, as both Kari and TK were frowning.

"Youíre right. I think somethingís wrong too. Iím a bit disappointed by the number of people who are here, especially among us digi-destined." Kari was obviously worried about the situation as well.

"I donít know whatís going on either, but I donít really want to worry about it right now. Iíd rather just enjoy today for what it is. Itís supposed to be a happy dayÖ I donít want to let this ruin everything. Weíll worry about it later. I hope you understand." TK smiled at Yolei.

"I understand completely." And Yolei did. She was going through problems herself, and she too was trying to ignore them for the sake of the moment.


Yolei stared at the list of names that was included in the letter. Mimi Tachikawa, who was so happy with Matt Ishida at the wedding, married Joe Kido, who wasnít even there. Davis Motomiya and Sora Takoto, who were also absent. Tai Kamiya, who despite being physically present, didnít quite seem "all there" either. Kari and TK Takaishi- Yolei didnít know what was going on in their lives. And herself, Yolei Inoue, divorced from Koushiro Izumi.

Cody Hida, what are you getting yourself into?

Then she looked at the last name on the list. And that was the unkindest cut of all.

Ken Ichijouji.


If there was one incident Yolei wanted to forget, the messy breakup with Ken was it. But she couldnít. Ken just seemed to explode that day, going off on anybody about the situation. Yolei didnít help the situation much, but Ken had no excuse for his actions that day. He was a monster, and even if Yolei shouldnít have said it to his face, he did seem to be in Digimon Emperor mode. When Yolei thought about it, she couldnít stand the thought of having to deal with him again. A person who walked out of her life without a chance to hear her side of the story.

AlthoughÖ he wouldnít get that worked up about it if it was something small. This is the same Ken Ichijouji that she dated for years, the same one she loved throughout high school. He had so many positive sides, yet how could he be such a monster at the same time? It wasnít possible. Yolei began to think that Ken might not be the sole person at fault for the breakup, despite what Izzy said to her before. Come to think of it, it was said by the same Izzy that later got revenge on a heartless bastard by becoming one himself.

Okay, she knew that she shouldnít have kissed Izzy. That was pretty clear. And the stuff she said to Ken was wrong as well. But for the longest time, Yolei believed that she was at fault for only those two things, and that the issue was that Ken was unforgiving and heartless, and simply walked out without giving her a second chance. But again- it didnít add up.

Ken is not unforgiving. Considering what heís done in the past, to be unforgiving would be to simply be a hypocrite. I was there first hand to witness Ken become more forgiving of himselfÖ heís definitely not unforgiving. And heartless? My high school years with him would definitely say otherwise. So what does this mean? That perhaps Iím more at fault than Iím willing to accept?

Either way, it was something that ended far too abruptly than it should have. No matter whose fault it was, Ken walking out the door should not have been the final matter of the issue. Even if Ken didnít, the least Yolei could have done is talk to him again. Instead, she let almost ten years passÖ and the feelings have built up and solidified over time. But stillÖ

Better late than never.

Somehow, she never forgot the phone number. She did call him quite often, and it was permanently affixed in her memory. This was it- she could finally get rid of all the guilt. The beginning of Yoleiís rebirth began once she squared things away with Ken. She couldnít wait for the reunion, this was something that had to be done now. Before the other ten could get in the way. This was Yoleiís chance to save face, and perhaps even restore a friendship.

But it wasnít to be. Before she could dial, the phone rang.

"Hello, who is it?"

"Hi Yolei, itís me Naoko. Look, my mother just called me and said that my dad was in some sort of accident. He lives in Osaka and I want to go up there for a couple days to see how heís doing. The problem is I need somebody to take care of my cat. I was wondering if you could stop by a couple times while Iím gone?"

"Oh, uhÖ sure. No problem."

"Great. Could you drop by as soon as you possibly can so I can give you a key and some of the details. I have a bus to catch, so the quicker the better." Yolei looked over at the table. At the invitation. Ken would have to wait.

"Sure. Iíll be right over."

"Thanks Yolei, youíre the greatest. Bye!" Yolei hung up, grabbed her purse, and headed out. For some reason, Naokoís words still echoed in Yoleiís head. "Youíre the greatest." Naoko wasnít the greatest friend Yolei had ever had; this favor was just helping out someone in need. But at the same time, Yolei felt uplifted.

As disastrous as her past was, as much as she wanted to forget the bad things, she was still hanging on. She was still active, still surviving- still going. She wasnít in the company of anybody special. There was no significant other. To put it bluntly, even Izzy showed more love towards Yolei in the final months of their marriage than she was receiving now. No Ken, no Izzy, not even a Megane was in Yoleiís life. And she was still making it. She had no doubt that she would be happier if she had somebody to love her, but even without- she would survive.

The reunion has the potential to be very messy. It could be a complete disaster. But at the same time, Iíll get through it somehow. As long as Iím not completely alone, even if itís only a small friendship with somebody like Naoko, Iíll get through it. Iím just going to have to brace myself, be ready for anything, and hang on tight- because no matter how many ups, downs, twists, and turns are on the roller coaster of life, as long as I have some sort of safety harness, Iíll get through it.


Authorís Notes
Right now, Iíd like to give a few glimpses as to how I actually write this piece (as well as most of my other works). I started out with a brief, paragraph-long summary of each chapter, and basic stuff I wanted to happen. In the case of most of the chapters, I have a few other things in mind (like particular scenes or points to make) that I keep in my head to use when I write it. Although a few chapters have a lot of previous thought given to it (Taiís chapter is a good example), a lot of it is thought up as I write the chapter, with future chapters in mind. Believe it or not, my little summary sheet gives absolutely no mention of Mitsune Bekomi or Taiís friend Kintaro, both of them were invented on the spot (heck, my summary sheet still has Kari in chapter five!). But I gotta say that this is the first chapter that was pretty much entirely written on the fly. Naoko, Ruriko, Megane- all just popped in. But now that itís over, I will integrate the spontaneous elements of this chapter into the events of the reunion, just like I will with Mitsune, and all the stuff I have planned.

Yep, more anime references, even though I was just fishing for names in this case. Ruriko and Megane are two characters from the anime Gatekeepers. Meganeís actually a little wiener in the anime, while Ruriko is the lead female. The two are nowhere close to being a couple; the Digi-equivalent of the pairing would be something like Jyoura, but neither of the two are very significant characters here (neither will appear again, and only Megane will be referred to), so who cares? Again, like I said in a previous authorís notes, Gatekeepers is a great anime for those feeling a bit disenfranchised with Digimonís romantic pairings (or lack thereof) and ending. If you want to see a bunch of kids save the world from evil in a parallel dimension, and deal heavily with romantic tension at the same time, Gatekeepers is one for you.

On the same note, I forgot where I heard the name Naoko. I donít care, I just wanted a good name.

Okay, we got to see their wedding, so how are the Takaishiís doing now anyways?
Chapter Eleven- TK
TK knew Davis had a problem. And TK also knew that his wife loved him very much. But despite this, itís hard to feel sympathy for Davis when youíre going through worse. The loss of a job, nearly losing Kari, and the struggles that he had to deal with for nine years were a far bigger concern to TK. But with Davisís problem drawing sympathy from both the woman TK loves and the woman TK hates, things could get worse before they get better.