Odaiba Memorial Day- 20 Years Later

Chapter Six- Tai
"Mail call!" Kintaro was his usual self. Friendly, active, fun-loving. A fitting substitute to carry on the role as Taiís best bud. With Matt out of the country, Sora running off with Tareshi, and Izzy doing high-tech stuff with Ken and Yolei, Tai needed a solid friend after high school. Kintaro filled the job nicely, and they remained close, as they continued life as roving bachelors, especially after certain events prevented Tai from meeting his old friends. Kintaro didnít exactly know what those certain events were, but it didnít matter, especially since the mail had something interesting from an old friend of Taiís.

"Anything good?" Tai Kamiya was living a stable life, just a typical single enjoying life to the fullest. Kintaro handed Tai a small envelope, and as soon as Tai looked at the return address, indicating it was from Cody, he knew the answer. Tai opened the envelope, with Kintaro watching intently. Tai read through the contents, and the invitation for a reunion. Kintaro read over Taiís shoulder, and was the first to react.

"HmmÖ a digi-destined reunion? Thatís your old save-the-world club, isnít it?"

"YeahÖ" Tai briefly remembered the last decade, and the involvements he had had with some of the others. He handed the invitation to Kintaro, "You can throw this out," Tai said solemnly, "I donít feel like going."

Kintaro nodded, and threw the invitation in the trash bin, and turned to Tai.

"Can I ask why you arenít going?"

"No, you may not." Tai didnít want to recall the reasons, but unfortunately, those kind of things are uncontrollable at times, and it wasnít long before the memory of ten years ago were in his head, and every vivid detail flashed before his eyes, and he hated every moment of it.


The tenth reunion brought a lot of surprises to everybody. There was Matt getting his big break, Izzy and Kenís new company, and TK and Kariís engagement. At the time, those major announcements overshadowed the revelation that Sora was living but a few blocks away from Tai and Kintaro. However, once settling back into normal life after the reunion, it became one of the better announcements Tai received. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, Tai was unable to be present at Soraís wedding, and as a result, had never gotten a chance to meet Soraís husband. After talks with the others, he heard nothing but positive remarks regarding Tareshi; even Matt felt that Tareshi was good enough to be Soraís husband. After so many ringing endorsements, Tai was glad to finally be able to meet the wonder known as Tareshi Takoto.

It didnít take long for that meeting to be arranged. Tai hadnít been home for two days when he found a message on his answering machine. The voice was calm, friendly, and was close to what Tai had expected from him, "Hello, Tai? This is Tareshi Takoto, um, Soraís husband. Since youíre in the area, we wanted to know if you wanted to come over for dinner tomorrow night? Soraís told me a lot about you and Iím sure Soraís told you a lot about me, so I just wanted to know if you wanted to come over..." As Tareshi gave the phone number, Tai simply smiled. He was just leaving a message and already Tai was impressed. He was almost positive that Sora would be the one to extend the invitation. Tai quickly picked up the phone to reply.

Tai was a little bit nervous when he approached the apartment door. He wasnít sure why. Perhaps he was just concerned that he wouldnít make a good first impression, or even that Tareshi was some helpless loser that Sora took pity on. Tareshi opened the door and immediately greeted Tai with a handshake.

"Tai! Itís a pleasure to meet you, come on in." Tareshi was a few inches taller than Tai, with brown hair, and a very comforting smile that seemed to be permanently affixed to his face. Tai entered the Takoto residence. It was very nice, and a lot cleaner than his own apartment. It was also bigger, and seemed perfect for a family without children. Sora entered from the kitchen area, flashed a smile, and greeted Tai with a friendly hug. As Tai received it, he glanced up at Tareshi, who still had that same smile. In fact, Tareshi waited for them to come out of that friendly embrace before turning to Sora.

"So how longís it going to be?"

"Itíll still be in the oven another five minutes." Tareshi snickered at Soraís reply.

"The oven? Is the microwave broke?" Sora laughed.

"NoÖ I actually cooked today. Strange, isnít it?" It was Tareshiís turn to laugh, and Tai smiled as he watched the couple in their everyday married banter.

"Yeah. Is that only for special occasions?"

"I can get by. I cook when I need to. Taiís over, we canít throw a pizza in."

Tai decided to jump into the conversation, "I like pizza!" This made Tareshi laugh.

"Shouldíve told us that, saves her the trouble!"

"Well, weíre having company, I think itís commonÖ" Sora was somewhat on the defensive.

"No, thatís fine, Iím sure itíll be great." Tai was comforting Sora.

"Oh yeah. Sora hates to cook, but when she wants to, the foodís pretty impressive." Tareshi was also defending Sora.

"Thank you. Itís not my favorite activity, but I can hold my own when I need to impress somebody." Sora said.

"Her mother brought a scorecard last Christmas." Sora laughed at Tareshiís joke, as Tai jumped in too.

"Isnít that how you got Matt toÖ" Sora looked at Tai strangely, but suddenly burst out laughing.

"Oh yeah! I forgot about that." Sora continued to laugh. Tai realized the possibility of some tension about the subject, but didnít notice any hesitation in Sora or Tareshi and continued.

"What did you do? Did you sprinkle some sort of drug in those cookies?" Tai said, demonstrating. Sora pointed at him.

"Hey, you get women your way, Iíll get men my way." Tai shook his head as Tareshi continued to laugh.

"I have no idea what you two are talking about. Iím a third wheel in my own house!" Sora put a hand on his back reassuringly.

"Well, we need a spare tire, I have to go check on dinner. You two are now free to talk about me behind my back." Sora went back into the kitchen.

"God I love her." Tareshi said simply, while seating in the "living room" section of the apartment.

"Who doesnít?" Tai flashed a smile, then turned to Tareshi, deciding it was time to make with the small-talk, "So, um, what do you do?"

"Hm? Oh, I manage a small division of a supply company in the area. Itís an division of an American company, and Iím the local director."

My expectations were set pretty high on this guy, and so far he hasnít let me down. Sora done good!

"Ah. So do you like have to go overseas forÖ"

"Yeah, every once in awhile I have to do business in the States. Itís no big deal. I had to go last month. Me and Sora made a vacation out of it. It was nice." Tai nodded.

"Weíve got some friends in the US, did you see any of them?"

"Well, we were going to stop by and say hi to Matt, but he was busy doing his rock star stuff. We managed to see Joe though. He was doing pretty good."

"So I suppose Iím the last digi-destined to meet you. Shame."

"Well, you know what they say- save the best for last. I wasnít disappointed. You seem like a really nice guy. Considering all the things you did when you and Sora were kids, and all the amazing achievements you had, itíll be great getting to know you as a friend. Good to know youíre in the neighborhood." Tai was simply flattered.

"Thanks. You too. Iíve known Sora for a long time and itís really nice to see she found somebody like you." It was Tareshiís turn to smile, although it was simply a larger smile than the one already on his face.

The rest of the night continued in pretty much the same fashion. Tai had reconnected with an old friend, and made a new friend in the process. In the next few months, things were relatively uneventful between the three. Tai would come over for dinner every so often, and Sora and Tareshi were always gracious hosts. It wasnít a huge deal in any of their lives, as Tai had his own circle of friends with Kintaro, and Sora and Tareshi had theirs. It was on one of those nights Tai was planning to spend with Kintaro and his friends that he received an unexpected phone call from Sora.


"Tai? Hello, this is Sora."

"Hi, Sora. Whatís up?"

"Look, um, me and Tareshi were going to go out tonight to see a movie and stuff, but he has to work really late. He just called from work to cancel."

"Okay? How does this concern me?"

"Well, the thing is, I was kind of looking forward to this. He says we can go next week, but Iím just feeling really bored right now."


"So, um, what are you doing tonight?" Tai laughed nervously.

"Oh, you probably donít want to know. Kintaro and I are going to a friendís house. Theyíre having some friends over. You know, just to hang out, watch the game, drink some beer."

Kintaro walked past Tai, and pointed to him and said, "True." He continued off silently.

"Oh," Sora began, a little disappointed, "Kind of a guyís thing?"

"Not necessarily. We do have married friends you know. We arenít that pathetic." Tai stated.

"You think a single guy can afford a bitchiní house like that? Hell no." Kintaro said off to the side, as if to accentuate the point.

"Why are you asking?" Tai had a good idea, but felt the need to ask anyway.

"Well, would it be a problem if I tagged along? I just have this urge to get out of the house."

"UhÖ hold on." Tai put a hand over the phoneís speaker and turned to Kintaro, "Hey Kintaro, would it be a problem if Sora tagged along?"

Kintaro smiled slyly and pointed at Tai, "No prob. I read ya loud and clear." Kintaro held that devious look and winked at Tai. Tai, unsure of what Kintaro was suggesting, shrugged it off and returned his attention to the phone.

"Yeah, itís not a problem. Just stop by our apartment. Weíll wait for you."


People change for many reasons. Sometimes it is the result of a major event in someoneís life. Sora changed many of her ways after her first experiences in the Digital World. Sometimes a change is necessary in order to accomplish goals. Somewhere in Nerima, Davis Motomiya was doing just that. But sometimes, change is gradual, often due to the influencing behavior of others. Kintaro had always been a fairly wild party guy. He liked having fun, and enjoyed living life to the fullest. He was one of those social types that was the life of every party he attended. And after being close friends with Tai for three years, his fun-loving nature was beginning to rub off on Tai. Tai was nowhere near as wild, but he had changed nonetheless.

The social gathering, consisted of about eight or ten men, although as Tai said, about four brought their wives or girlfriends along. Nobody considered it a big deal, and most of the women present felt perfectly at home in the given conditions. Sora, however, was not. The atmosphere was fairly crowded, despite the luxury of the house. It was also quite loud, with many of the guys crowded around the big screen television, watching a soccer game, and responding appropriately. Much to Soraís surprise, Tai was one of those guys. She simply sat down near him on the couch and sat patiently and watched the game. Tai seemed to enjoy it much more. This had grown to become his atmosphere. He was joking with others, rooting the team on, and even placing a few bets.

"Ha!" Tai exclaimed, "I told you heíd score first. Thatís 1,000 yen Seiya!"

"He got lucky, thatís all." A man, most likely Seiya, dropped a bill into Taiís palm.

"Yeah, and so did I!" Tai replied as he sat down. He glanced over at Sora, and noticed how quiet she had been. "Hey, Sora. Youíve been pretty quiet. You okay?"

"Oh, umÖ yeah. Iím fine." Sora replied half-heartedly.

"Great game, isnít it?"

"Yeah." Again, Soraís heart wasnít into it, and Tai could tell.

"Whatís the matter, you used to love soccer."

"Itís not that. Iím just not in aÖ soccer-y mood right now."

"Oh. Well, you wanted to come with us." Tai needed to make sure he wasnít at fault for this.

"I know. IímÖ fine." Tai was going to delve further into Soraís problem, but was forced to stand up in protest after the referee issued a yellow card against the team Tai was rooting for.

It was about midnight when Tai, Kintaro, and Sora reached the apartment of the former two. Tai and Kintaro had had plenty to drink, and had a blast. Sora, meanwhile, was glad the night was over.

"Well," Sora began, maintaining an edge of politeness, "I suppose. Hey, it was fun."

"Hey, TaiÖ" Kintaro began, a sly grin appearing on his face, "Itís pretty late, and these arenít the friendliest streets in Japan. You should probably walk back with her."

"Itís no big deal."

"Heís probably right. I probably should go with you just in case." Tai said politely, if not a little hammered.

"Oh. Thanks." Sora smiled, and she and Tai headed down the street while Kintaro went inside.

"So really, what was wrong? You certainly didnít look like you were enjoying yourself back there." Tai was somewhat persistent on the issue. Not to mention somewhat inebriated.

"Itís justÖ not my kind of place. Iím used to quieter parties."

"Yeah, you really have changed. When I first met you, you loved this kind of stuff. Well, at least the ten-year old equivalent of it. Our moms had this thing against serving fifth graders alcohol." Sora smiled.

"I can see why. Well, I guess I grew out of it. I was a little more tame when we got back from the Digital World."

"Yeah, youíre right. To be honest, I liked the old Sora better." Tai laughed to himself, but Sora looked at him quite seriously, almost sadly.

"YouÖ you do?"

"Well, kinda. We had more fun together. But hey- however you live or act is up to you. Youíve been like this for ten years, and it seems like itís doing pretty good for you. I say keep it up." Sora nodded, as the two reached Soraís apartment. Tai and Sora exchanged their farewells, and Tai headed back, alone.


"Tai, I should finally have enough money to replace that lamp I broke last month." Kintaro was in a good mood, as usual. Tai and Kintaro were at a shopping center, about two weeks after Sora accompanied them to the party.

"Whyís that?"

"I got a new job. Pays really well. In fact, itís a bit closer to where you work, and Iíll probably have the money, so we might be able to get a better apartment closer to downtown. Iíve been looking, and there might be one opening up."

Moving? Already? That means I wonít be living by Sora and Tareshi anymore.

"Oh. Well, Iíll, uh, think about it." Tai was skeptical. He had grown fond of their old dump, despite its flaws. Tai, meanwhile, was interrupted by a young woman that exited a store, carrying a heavy bag. She immediately diverted Kintaroís attention.

"Uh, Tai, wait up. Somebody, uhÖ" Kintaro continued to stare at the woman, "Ďwoke the baby.í" Kintaro walked towards the woman, "Hey, need any help with that?" Tai shook his head, and sat down to wait for Kintaroís inevitable rejection. As it turns out, he sat next to Tareshi.

"Tai! Howís it going?" As always, Tareshi had a kind smile on his face.

"Oh, hey Tareshi." Tai smiled politely.

"I never got a chance to thank you."

"For what?"

"For taking Sora out a couple weeks ago. I was held up at work andÖ"

"Yeah, thatís what I heard. But Sora didnít really have much fun."

"Thatís what she told me. But to be honest, she needs to get out a little more. Besides me and a few friends at the flower shop her mom gave her, she doesnít really go out all that much. I was starting to get a little worried about her. I try to get her involved, but Iím extremely busy. Iím always worried that Iím not paying enough attention to her."

"Oh. Well, itís no trouble."

"Good. Because I have to fly to New York in a couple weeks. Iíll be gone for a whole week, and Sora has things to do at the shop, so she wonít be able to go."

"Uh huhÖ" Tai had a feeling he knew what Tareshi was asking, but was a little hesitant.

"So I was wondering if you wanted to just introduce Sora to your group of friends, just get her out and about while Iím gone. It doesnít have to be everyday, but just enough to make sure she isnít totally bored."

"You donít mind that sheís with me?"

"Why should I be? I trust Sora, I trust you, I donít see a problem."

Whoa, déjà vu. Well, I handled myself then, I can handle myself now.

"Sure, it shouldnít be much trouble. As long as Soraís okay with it."

"Great. Well, I have to run. Weíll call you sometime to let you know exactly how long Iíll be gone." Tareshi took off, just as Kintaro returned, his left cheek glowing red, and Kintaro rubbing it. Tai smiled.

"No such luck?" Tai said, addressing the slap mark.

"NoÖ itís umÖ a hickey." Kintaro shamelessly tried covering it up, but both knew exactly what happened and dropped the subject.


The weeks went by, and instead of making a beeline for a nearby bar to meet up with some friends, Tai and Kintaro found themselves waiting in Soraís apartment for her to get ready.

"So Tai, she really wants to do this? She wasnít exactly liviní la vida loca last time."

"I donít know, Kintaro," Tai seemed confused as well, "It was her husbandís idea, but Sora seemed okay with it."

"She has a very strange husband." Kintaro concluded as Sora exited her room. She had a wide smile on her face, and her lowered hair made her look noticeably different from the last time they met. Another noticeable feature about Soraís new look was her wardrobe, and Tai couldnít help but smile at Soraís clothes- a black t-shirt and blue jeans.

"Ready?" Sora said with a smile.

"Anytime." Kintaro was impressed as well, "Lead the way Ms. T." The three headed out, although Tai was still bewildered at the sight.

In this second time out, it was clear that Sora enjoying herself more. She had literally and figuratively let her hair down, and was a totally different person. Needless to say, Taiís friends, including Kintaro were more impressed with Sora this time. Tai was impressed alright, but couldnít help but wonder what triggered this change in her.

Is she acting like this because Tareshiís out of town? Is she acting like this because something happened to her? Could she be acting like this because of all that stuff I told her before?

Regardless of whether or not it was Taiís words that ignited this change in Sora, Tai was pleased to see his old Sora back, but also a little concerned. Although Tai had grown fond of Soraís slightly "tomboyish" behaviors, it was her more responsible self that had gotten her where she was. Tai didnít know whether this change was temporary or permanent, but either way- it was reason to worry. If temporary, it meant that she was capable of being a completely different person when her husband wasnít around. And God knows what that could mean. And if permanentÖ her whole life would turned upside down.

That night, Tai and Kintaro were escorting Sora back to her apartment. All three had a wonderful time, and were all in that pleasant state of being tipsy, but not completely smashed.

"Man TaiÖ you and Tareshí were right. I needed that. That was awesome!" Sora was in a very good mood after that boyís night out.

"Yeah, I can see why Tai likes you so much." Kintaro tried dropping something, but neither Sora was able to pick it up nor Tai was aware enough to deny it, "Youíve got to come to our party Saturday night. Weíre thinking about movingÖ"

"Thinking. Just thinking." Tai added.

"Either way, I did get a cool new job. So weíre throwing a party to celebrate. You in?"

"I dunno Kintaro, she might not be the best person to go to one of your parties." Kintaroís parties were almost too wild for Tai to handle. He definitely didnít think Sora would be able to take it.

"Aw, come on Tai. Count me in!" Sora was happy to oblige. Tai turned aside and laughed to himself. She didnít know what she was getting into, but it would be a good test of how far Sora was willing to walk on the wild side.

Unfortunately, after an hour at Kintaroís party, Taiís apprehensions were starting to come to pass. If they were moving out, Kintaro had no intention of getting back the security deposit. It was loud, it was raucous, it was Kintaroís idea of a good time. Tai had gotten used to this types of parties and was able to fit in well enough. Sora on the other hand, was over her head. With so many people crammed into such a small space, it was impossible to enjoy herself. Even "tomboy" Sora had limits, and this party was exceeding them. Tai tried to keep an eye on her, but was distracted often. After joking around with a few of his other friends (despite being drowned out by the music), he caught a glimpse of Sora, dejectedly going into a bedroom. At that point, Tai felt he had to talk to her.

Sora was seated on a bed, simply looking sad. She appeared to be mired in thought.

"Sora? Are you okay?" Sora looked up at him.

"I donít know."

"Too much for you? This is what I was worried about. When I first met Kintaro, these were almost too much for me to handle." Tai sat down next to her.

"Sorry. I didnít listen to you before."

"Itís not your fault. But I did want to ask why you were acting so different before."


"I donít know. More like before the Digital World. When you werenít as responsible. I hope it wasnít because of that stuff I said."

"WellÖ sort of. But you were right. I did need to let loose once in awhile. And the last few days have been a lot of fun. But thisÖ"

"Donít beat yourself up over it. Heck, I wouldnít even try to get used to it. I had to, you don't. Youíve got a lot going for you, and I donít think anyoneís going to take any points off because you canít survive one of Kintaroís parties. Besides, itís not like I donít like you when youíre more responsible. I justÖ I donít knowÖ I wasnít quite as attracted to you when you changed. Just act the way you feel you should act." Tai knew he could have worded that better, but the message was carried out.

"Yeah," Sora nodded in agreement, "I suppose." Sora looked up at Tai and smiled a little, "What did you mean by attracted?" Tai laughed a little bit.

"You know, just a little bit. Itís no big deal." Tai was smiling. It was no big deal, and it wasnít like it mattered anymore.

"Okay. I suppose I canít get on you too much. Itís not like I wasnít a little attracted to you." Now it was Taiís turn to look at Sora, and she continued, "Just a little bit. No big deal." They shared a brief laugh, followed by silence. Or at least as silent as it could be considering the music in the other room. Tai and Sora simply looked at each other, smiling. Tai looked into Soraís eyes, eyes that told him that their definitions of "just a little bit" was a lot bigger than most people perceive it as.

"SoraÖ" Tai whispered, to avoid ruining the mood, "I think you donít give yourself enough credit for how far youíve come," Tai didnít realize that he and Sora were slowly coming together, "You have so much going for you right now, and you should be really proud thatÖ" Tai found himself unable to continue, as he was kissing Sora Takoto.

This is just wrong. Sheís married, and Iím kissing her. I should put an end to this now. I should respect the sanctity of marriage and not let this continueÖ So why canít I stop? Iím enjoying this much more than I should be. Eh, sheís the one thatís married, Iíll let her stop it.

Unfortunately, it wasnít stopping. Twenty years of unspoken attraction, no matter how little they were claiming it was, was finally being released in this moment. Neither Tai nor Sora wanted it to stop, no matter how wrong. It just continued, growing deeper and deeper, and by the time Tai lifted Soraís shirt, neither of the two had any sense of reality.


Waking up in Taiís arms the next morning was more of a wake up call to Sora than anybody needed. Tai was still in shock after what happened, and Kintaro cheering the situation on didnít help things much. Needless to say, Sora regretted the event, and regardless of who was responsible for what happened, Sora was critical of Taiís judgment. After a heated argument, Sora left. The words hit Tai like a dagger, as he had no way to counter the argument. No matter how little Sora did to prevent it from happening, Tai couldnít help but feel responsible. He blamed himself, and didnít stop Sora when she walked out the door.

Needless to say, any hesitation Tai had in moving left along with Sora. Tai and Kintaro found a better apartment closer to where they worked. Tai wasnít sure how much damage was done, as he didnít see Sora or Tareshi again. Kari said that Soraís absence from TK and Kariís wedding was due to an illness, and to Tai, that was the final word on the issue. Sora did not want to confront Tai again. Tai could see her logic, and decided that it was for the best.

Although there were times when Tai wanted to reach out and apologize, there were also times when Tai was simply angry at Sora and wanted nothing to do with her. There were times when Tai believed that he alone was to blame, times when he believed it was all Soraís fault, and times when he believed that both of them shared responsibility. Regardless, Sora obviously didnít want to see Tai, and Tai obliged. He stopped organizing the annual Memorial Day reunion, and continued his life as if nothing happened.

Taiís invitation for the twentieth anniversary reunion was good and buried when Cody Hida took matters into his own hands and paid Tai a personal visit.

"Tai, itís a pleasure to see you again." Cody said, standing in the doorway.

"Cody. HiÖ what are you doing here?" Tai had a strong feeling, and didnít like it. Regardless, it would be impolite to leave him standing there. Cody didnít do anything wrong, and taking anything out on him would be unwarranted. Tai invited him in.

"Tai, did you get an invitation for a reunion on Memorial Day?"

"Oh thatÖ sorry, but I donít plan on going. Iím busy that week. August isÖ really bad for me." Tai was trying to reject as politely as possible.

"No you arenít! You have like the whole month off." Kintaro entered from the kitchen, acting about as helpful as he always does.

"Tai, donít you want to see everybody again? Iím sure they all want to see you." Cody continued to be persistent.

"Not everybody." Tai muttered.

"Tai, the Odaiba digi-destined are scattered all over the place, and considering what weíve accomplished, it would be a crime if we didnít reunite once in awhile."

"Look, we didnít accomplish anything that spectacular." Not even Tai himself could believe that lie; he knew it wouldnít work on Cody. But Tai started to think- Sora called in sick last time, maybe she didnít go either. That way, thereíd be no problem.

"Everybody else is going to be there. Iíve received replies from everybody except you."


"Cody, Iím sorry, I just do not feel likeÖ"

"Weíll be there!" Kintaro jumped in, and Tai looked ready to kill him.

"Kintaro! This is none of your businessÖ"

"No, but you are welcome to come if you wish. Soraís bringing her whole family."

"Why do you want to go?" Tai was concentrating on Kintaro.

"Well, how many girls are there in the group? Five? Six?" Kintaro responded.

"Four. And two of them are married."

"Three." Cody jumped in, "Mimi and Joe were married. Surprised me to find out too.

"Not like that stopped you." Kintaro joked to Tai. Tai again was about ready to kill him, but instead returned his attention to Cody, who looked at Tai, not sure what to make of that revelation. Cody was from good stock, and didnít like that kind of behavior.

"Okay, fine. If everybodyís going to be there, I suppose." Pinned down by Kintaro and Cody, Tai had no choice but to accept. Cody nodded.

"Thank you. It wouldnít be the same without you." Cody said as he handed Tai another invitation with the information. He left, unsure of what to make of Taiís behavior.

"So Tai," Kintaro asked, after Cody left, "How oldís the single one?"

Tai shook his head. He didnít know what was going to happen.

Authorís Notes
Thereís your Tai chapter, hope you liked it. Plenty of things to address here. First off, I have to stress for the thousandth time that this was planned before I found out how it was going to end, and I hope that Tareshi is different enough from Matt to prevent you from making the wrong parallels. And even if Matt didnít have that awesome plotline heís in now, he wouldnít be in Tareshiís shoes under a different circumstance. Tareshi is a unique person, and not a clone of Matt, and definitely not a clone of Tracey (see below).

More anime references! Kintaro is named after the lecherous lead from GoldenBoy, whose presence has touched everybodyís hearts with memorable lines such as "Whoa-hoh, nipples a-hoy!" Tareshiís name is a reference to my previous fic, Animation Survivor, where Sora had a "little island fling" with Tracey of Pokémon fame. Whatís even more shocking is that it was done in character, that I pulled it off quite nicely, and that it was still a Taiora.

I didnít want this chapter going for too long, so I decided to move the retelling of what happens "the morning after" until the Sora chapter. Itíll be fun, trust me.

Well, that one was certainly interesting. So letís get up and ready for the next chapter.
Chapter Seven- Izzy
After a trivial event, Izzy found himself alone with a growing company in a large industry. To Izzy- finding success was a piece of cake. Living out his dreams, the sky is the limit for Koushiro Izumi, and only because the government refuses to sell the sky to him. But with all of his success, there is one major blemish in Izzyís life. And a reunion could focus on that one blemish, and tear apart his success. No matter how well Izzy is doing, he still has to return to memories of a woman named Yolei Inoue.