Odaiba Memorial Day- 20 Years Later

Seriously, if I owned it, would I be posting here? Nah, I’d be making a fortune putting it on TV. The couples that get some bit of focus here are Dakari, Daiyako, Mimato, Mimoe, Kenako, Kouyako, Sorato, Taiora, and Takari- although naturally not all of them work out in the end, and you’ll have to read to see how much focus each of them get. I’m a bastard sometimes!

Author Notes:
I have always been a person who wrote fanfic to serve one of two purposes. One is to take the characters to a new and different adventure that falls outside the lines of being canon (although it would fit in the series timeline anyway), while the other is to explain something that gets overlooked in the show. "Animation Survivor" serves as a good example to both purposes, as it not only gives 16 characters a new adventure outside the series timeline, it examines issues such as the foggy relationship between Sora and Izzy, and assigns Pokémon’s Tracey some much needed character traits. However, after starting to write this, I learned that the producers of Digimon do explain what happens to the kids when they grow up, and for some crazy reason (probably because I’m some hick from Wisconsin with no sway in the Japanese animation industry), the predictions I have here are about as accurate as my NCAA Basketball picks this year. Lousy Tarheels.

So the dilemma remains- do I continue to write something that the real show will cover themselves or not? I’m going to leave that decision up to you. If I get enough support for this project, I’ll keep doing it. If I don’t get enough support- I stop doing it. So please write a review if you want me to keep this up even after the real future of the digi-destined is revealed. BTW, for this series, I continue the trend currently presented, assuming that the 12 beat the bad guys with no trouble, and the three couples at the end are Ken/Yolei, TK/Kari, and Matt/Sora (although the latter two break up before the story begins. Hey- I at least acknowledge it!).

Chapter One- Cody

August was approaching again. As Cody Hida ate a quick breakfast before work, he pondered what it used to mean. Odaiba Memorial Day. It was still a local holiday to many, although no real festivities existed. Some years it would get mentioned briefly on the news, stated as "the day the giant vampire thing died" or something. To Cody, it meant much more. It was the day for the digi-destined. To the unaided public, the deeds of the then eight digi-destined had been clouded through time. Memorial Day at least reminded the people of the events; whether or not they chose to celebrate them was their decision. But another staple of Memorial Day had gotten lost, and Cody was afraid that it may fade along with the actual event. The Reunion.

The first reunion I went to was just amazing. The stories of the first eight. How they teamed up and defeated Etemon. Tai getting blast back home. Discovering the truth about Kari. That was the fourth reunion. There were others after that. Sometimes we would just sit and talk. Sometimes we would go to an amusement park. Sometimes we would have a soccer game in the park. One time, a news station filmed us for their coverage of Memorial Day…so many of us mugged for the camera you would think we were a gathering of robbers. They were celebrated differently, but we always had fun remembering our tales. How twelve children rose to defeat the evils of the Digital World. No matter how busy our schedules, we always managed to keep Memorial Day open. But what happened?

The tenth anniversary of VenomMyotismon’s defeat was the last time all twelve digi-destined had gathered together. As Cody ran through the events in his head, he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to ensure that the happy event would never occur again. As he walked out the door, every possible trigger was considered. None could lead Cody to believe it would cause a complete breakup of the twelve digi-destined.


"Sora!" Sora couldn’t help but smile as Tai and Matt were the first to greet her. She’ll admit to anyone that she was a tad worried about their feelings regarding her recent marriage, but she could tell by the look on their faces that there was absolutely no hard feelings. She met both with a hug, and the apologies began from Tai.

"You have no idea how sorry I am." Tai had called, written, and e-mailed her a thousand times, but she wasn’t surprised to find it was the first thing out of his mouth.

"You were busy. I understand." Sora was a little bit upset that Tai couldn’t make it for the wedding, but it was nothing permanent.

"So where is he?" Matt asked the same thing Tai had on his mind. Sora explained that her husband didn’t want to interfere with the event, considering himself a "thirteenth wheel." After another minute of greeting, the three friends went to the center of the park, where Kari and Davis were arranging the food on the table, the way they wanted it.

"Why couldn’t we tell the caterers how we wanted it to be set up?" Davis asked.

"Because, after last year’s food fight, they refused to stay any longer than necessary." Kari smiled a bit, remembering last year, and surprised that Howmei’s Catering was even serving them again this year.

"Hey! There’s Ken and Izzy! And Yolei!" Davis ran off quickly. Kari smiled, and turned around, where she ran smack dab into TK. She smiled, which was interrupted by TK’s kiss. Kari never felt right kissing TK when Davis was around… but since when could she pass it up? Besides, Davis had gone to talk elsewhere. TK and Kari weren’t really discreet about their relationship; they had been steady for a few years. But when it came to Davis, it was an issue Kari liked to tip-toe around. Davis still held some feelings for Kari, and although Kari frequently "laid down the law," she still respected his feelings. She figured that if he wanted to hopelessly pine after her, that was his decision, and didn’t want to make the situation worse. He was jealous enough of TK as it was.

"Hey Ken, how’s it going?" Ken Ichijouji was no longer an outcast in the group. By the time the adventures in the Digital World were over, Ken was a regular in the club, and with friends like these, he was bound for big places. He smiled and replied to Davis.

"Never better, Davis." Ken was quickly met by Yolei, who promptly put an arm around him. Not only did Ken have friends, he had a special somebody as well.

"Hi Davis. Nice seeing you again." Yolei was all smiles, and considering the announcement Ken was to make at the reunion, she had reason to be. Of course, the triumvirate was not complete. Responding to Yolei’s motion, another arm quickly found its way around Ken.

"Hi Davis. Nice seeing you again." The mocking tone was a little light for Izzy, but since he had an active part in the announcement, there was reason for it. Yolei, Ken, and Izzy all shared a laugh, which Davis joined into. The three were particularly close; Ken and Izzy had been best friends, college classmates, and partners developing software, and Yolei was with Ken all the way. Whether anyone called them the Holy Trinity or the Three Stooges, it didn’t matter as long as they were grouped together in some way.

The whole group was there. Mimi, slowly climbing the ranks in the fashion industry. There was Joe, the practicing doctor (accent on practicing), and Cody, finishing up high school. They all have different paths, but they were all happy, and enjoying a friendly tenth reunion. They still did have some factions within them. Besides the trio of techies, Sora, Matt, and Tai were together in a group.

"You’re kidding me! That’s like two blocks from my apartment!"


Matt was trying to pay attention to the conversation between Tai and Sora, but a phone call had drawn his attention away.

"Yeah, I’m living with a friend, the rent’s a steal!"

"I’ll have to introduce you to ‘Re sometime."

"No kidding. Hey Matt, did you hear…"

Matt did not hear. Matt was talking to the cell phone. His back to Tai and Sora, he ended the conversation and let his phone-laden hand drop. Tai and Sora couldn’t help but stare, showing obvious concern for a friend. However, they did not expect him to raise his arms in triumph and say what he did.


"Ooookay…" It was all Tai and Sora could say. They didn’t realize what living in America does to a person.

"I can’t believe it. I knew it was a rising phenomenon, but I never expected this." Matt was in total awe. Tai and Sora were in total confusion. They knew about the British invasion of the 1960s. There was the Latin craze of the early 90’s. But the history of rock had to be updated to include the recent obsession with J-Pop, started after the American distributors of "Cardcaptor Sakura" began receiving death threats, and after a reported "midnight visit from God," decided to start using translated versions of the Japanese music into their programming. After a few songs… the secret was out and J-Pop was the new rage. Matt usually wasn’t one to hop on the bandwagon, but he did believe in going where the work was. Since his stylings were fresh in the States, he packed up and moved to San Diego.

"I can’t believe it guys… they want me to play Saturday Night Live in a couple months."

Tai and Sora were wide-eyed, and went wild with congratulations. It wasn’t long before word spread, and others were congratulating him too. Except for Ken and Izzy, who were standing with Cody, a bit dismayed.

"It is a good thing." Ken noted.

"Yeah… a little too good. Better than our news."

"You win this round Ishida."

Ken and Izzy smiled. Cody was a tad concerned for a second, but in realizing that it was all in good fun, decided to drop it and ask what the announcement was.

"Our announcement? The official formation of 2KI, Incorporated." There was a certain sense of pride in Izzy’s tone.

"2KI Incorporated?" Davis was slightly confused. Not anything new for him, as he stood, munching on a sandwich.

"Yes Davis. Izzy and I are finally forming our own company, and with our skills and positive reputation, we hope to be a dominant force in the industry within two years." Ken was as proud as Izzy was. Davis wasn’t entirely sure of the ramifications of the statement, but it sounded like good news, so he congratulated them. Cody congratulated Koushiro Izumi and Ken Ichijouji (hence the name "2KI") and wished them success, fully understanding exactly what was involved in this undertaking.

Then Davis collapsed… just as Matt arrived.

"I hadn’t even told him the news yet!" Matt wasn’t excited beyond belief, wasn’t he?

"It looks like Howmei’s got their revenge after all." TK was simply stating what everybody was thinking. It was a very mild case of food poisoning, but food poisoning none the less. Joe’s preliminary inspection yielded that it was nothing to be concerned about, but he accompanied Davis to the hospital anyway. Usually, this sort of thing can kill a party. But not this party. Everybody seemed to be at a crossroads in life, and all were doing well.

"Sometimes I think his sole purpose on the team is to take the short end of the stick so we all don’t have to." Mimi’s words generated some laughter, but it rang true for many.

"And that makes him the most important member of the team!" Cody’s retort proved even truer, and the brief homage to Davis ended with that; the party continued.

After more celebration, a silent tribute to fallen friends, and another meal, it looked as if the day had run its course.

"Well, all in all, this was another great year." Yolei observed, watching as TK put an arm around Kari’s waist.

"Yep! Matt got his big shot, Izzy and Ken are partnering up, and Davis will be out of the hospital in no time!" Kari stated. She looked up at TK and met his eyes. TK then glanced over at Matt, who nodded. It was time. TK stood out in front of the group, and started pacing around a bit, very seriously.

"Um, guys, I know it’s a bit late, and we’ve been sprung with so much good news, regarding Izzy and Ken, and Matt." TK fiddled around in his pockets a bit, as nervous as ever. It looked like he pulled something out of his pockets, but his hands were covering the questionable object. Still, he continued. "But I have to do this now. If I don’t, it will not have as much meaning as any other time… and I can’t wait until next year just so Joe and Davis can witness this." TK happened to walk in front of Kari. Or it appeared that he "just so happened" to walk in front of Kari. With his back to her, he pulled his hands back and revealed the item he was holding, to her only. Kari got wide eyed for a second… then fainted.

"Oh no, did she have some of that sandwich too?" Cody responded in concern.

TK immediately dropped the object and went to Kari’s aid. Sora was the first one onto the scene, and upon seeing that TK had it under control, bent down to look at the object. Sora’s suspicions were confirmed. It wasn’t a rancid sandwich, it was an engagement ring. Sora smiled, and looked over at Kari and her fiancé-elect TK. Sora was smiling, but for TK, it was the moment of truth, and he couldn’t be more anxious.


"Do I even have to say it?" Kari was smiling as bright as Sora, and the deep hug provided Kari’s answer. Sora stood up, and looked at Tai, holding the ring.

"Tai, you damn well better make it to this one!" Matt chuckled a bit as Tai was simply caught off guard. Not unforgivable, since everybody else uninformed was also in the same delighted shock.

"You’re right I damn well better." It was all Tai could say. Matt, having known about TK’s plans, slapped Tai’s shoulder as they went to congratulate the two. In fact, the only two that didn’t were Ken and Izzy, who simply stood there. They were happy alright, but other matters were a bit more surprising. Yolei jumped in between them, putting an arm around each of their shoulders.

"You boys sure don’t know the good days to announce good news!"

"Between Matt and TK’s announcements, we’re already getting wasted by the competition." Ken was obviously in shock, but it was all in good fun as they too went to congratulate them.


Needless to say- it was a good day for the Digi-Destined.

But why was it the last?

Cody couldn’t get the concept out of his head. The tenth anniversary was the last time they had gotten together. The last time all twelve were together in the same location. Even when TK and Kari were wed, only five of the other destined were on hand for the event. No invitations came for the eleventh reunion. Or the twelfth. By the time it hit thirteen, Cody didn’t give it a second thought. Tai was the one in charge of distributing the invitations, and making the arrangements (he used to be in charge of financing, but after moving into his own apartment, quickly decided to change it to a "play together, pay together" program). He certainly would have gotten word if some sort of misfortune befell Tai. And even so, surely the other ten were anxious for a reunion, weren’t they? Cody had received a few calls from Yolei, Joe, and TK, also wondering the details behind the event. But that was the first year. By the time the fifteenth anniversary came by, the calls no longer came. And now it was approaching twenty. Twenty years since eight children saved the world. The children were adults now, and although they have gone their separate ways, there’s that tie. That connection. They are the digi-destined. And Cody wasn’t going to let that connection dissolve without a fight.

Nowhere in the digi-destined handbook was it written that "upon failure by the original leader to arrange the reunion, the job should be handed to the youngest member." Cody didn’t care. He just wanted to see his friends. To see if Matt was succeeding in America. To see if Ken and Izzy realized their dreams with 2KI, Incorporated. Did TK and Kari live happily ever after? How about Sora and her husband? What about Mimi and Joe? Tai, and Yolei, and Davis? So many questions, but yet- one event can release the answers. Cody began work immediately, and by the end of the week, had invitations printed and sent. He painstakingly toiled online databases to determine the locations of the other eleven. But Cody realized that even that may not be enough. He didn’t care if he had to e-mail them, phone them, or fly to America and kidnap them, he was going to see his friends. Come hell or high water, the twelve Digi-Destined were going to have one more reunion!

Author’s Notes
So where are the other eleven? Prepare to find out what happened in those last ten years, as "Odaiba Memorial Day: 20 Years Later" takes you through the exploits of the twelve digi-destined. This will have four plots in one- Matt’s musical career, 2KI Incorporated, TK & Kari’s marriage, and Sora’s marriage. Yes- each of the other eleven get involved. This was the first chapter- Cody’s. Each of the twelve get one chapter explaining their situation, with two final chapters dealing with the actual reunion. Here’s a list of who I have planned for each chapter:

1. Cody
2. Mimi
3. Ken
4. Matt
5. Davis
6. Tai
7. Izzy
8. Kari
9. Joe
10. Yolei
11. TK
12. Sora

So with that, I leave you with a teaser for the next chapter:

Chapter Two- Mimi
Sure Matt’s SNL gig was a major factor in his rise to the top, but while in New York, a chance meeting and a friendly dinner with Mimi helped his career more than words can describe. But is it possible for two people to be one of Hollywood’s "hottest couples" when they feel nothing more than friendship for each other?