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Basic Policy
The goal of Anime Reality is to serve as an fanfiction archive for stories written in the style of a reality series, whether created by the author or adapted from television. We only accept stories with permission from the original author and they may request to remove their stories at any time. Stories will be posted at the discretion of the site's staff, and submissions may be turned down for any reason. Once posted, we will not modify stories for content reasons, nor will we correct spelling or grammar.


  1. At least half of the contestants must be indisputably anime characters. This allows plenty of leeway for gray series (like IGPX),
    American cartoons and video game characters so long as the story's not full of them.

  2. If the story is unfinished and posted episode-by-episode, the author must try to produce new chapters/episodes in a reasonably timely manner. Every two weeks has become the industry standard. Delays and unexpected cancellations happen, and readers are willing to forgive them (for the most part), but at least go in with the intention of finishing.

  3. Either script format or novel narrative is acceptable. However, neither format is an excuse for sloppiness. Whatever format you use, there needs to be enough details and stage directions to be able to picture the scene and bring it to life.

  4. Spelling and grammar are important! We won't turn you down because of a typo, but several of them will reflect badly on your story and will make it less likely to be accepted.

  5. We have a ratings system stolen from American television, so don't refrain from sending a story because it has strong language, themes, or is downright dirty. We won't publish complete filth, but I'll pull out the TV-MA icon if a good story warrants it.

  6. Any reality format is allowable, but we highly discourage any story where readers influence the story (like Big Brother) or stories based more on talent than character interaction (like Pop/"Insert Nationality Here" Idol). On the other hand, original reality formats are highly encouraged.

  7. This should go without saying, but it has to be your story. If it was written by somebody else and you think it's appropriate for the site, please tell the author about us, and/or tell us about the author.

  8. Being posted on this site does mean readership. We will post updates on both the Anime Reality and First Agent main pages, and a mailing list is in the works, but other advertising is up to you. Do not complain if you don't get any response to your stories; likewise, do not complain if it becomes a big hit, gets Slashdotted, and you have 500 e-mails begging you for the next episode.


This part's easy. Send a sample chapter to and request to be archived on the site. If I like, we'll talk. Once you're in, you will send episodes to me, in HTML format along with an episode title. Other issues, like content rating, will also be worked out. For having a story posted, you will automatically receive a link to your site, especially if your page has extras like author notes or omake.

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