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After a shower back in the room, I stopped by a panel on some of the new anime for the year. I've heard several of the names like Madoka Magica and Steins;Gate but knew pretty little about them or if I'd enjoy them. It was a very nice introduction to a bunch of different shows that I should probably watching. Having a take-home handout helps too. Might have to do that for Geek Music 102 at Geek.Kon this year.

That pretty much concludes the normal con activity for the rest of the recap.


Okay fine, more pictures...

Providing the obligatory video game quota for the convention, although I now notice that I didn't take a single cosplay picture from anime this year. And you know what, I'm quite all right with that.

Proof that this con is just in a completely different orbit.

When I got back a bunch of the "students" from our room party were heading to T.G.I. Friday's and asked if I wanted to go along. Since I didn't have much else on the agenda, I tagged along... even though I had already eaten.

On the bus road to MoA, I was talking to one of Friday's hosts, who mentioned the insane rush from the convention (and how he wished he could get off to check it out). I had mentioned that I typically didn't go there due to the rush, preferring to hit up DQ and BK instead. Naturally, he was on duty when we walked in and showed us to our tables. We caught a very narrow window where there wasn't a wait to get seated.

Ginny, Lockhart, Other Draco, Astoria/Narcissa (how Freudian can you get?) and Cho.

By the time we got our food it was close enough to supper time that I got through my appetizer and it was sufficient for the rest of the day.

I've mentioned how masqueraded out I've been and how I was planning on not attending any in 2011. As the CONvergence masquerade is in a different ballpark entirely, this was going to be the exception until my roomies reminded me how they put it on closed circuit TV. So I was able to watch it, but didn't actually attend it. Loopholes for the win!

Actually, this was really sweet as we were able to prep for the party and take bathroom breaks. Rae was with us as well, so we got some insider commentary on the judging process- what she would dock points for, what irritated her that may go unnoticed in the audience and other interesting tidbits. I had a few choice words about the MC, who went on an extended pitch for her outfit and its designer. She didn't do too bad otherwise, but jeez was that irritating.

The show itself looked promising. As far as costume quality it blows every other convention out of the water. It also featured original concepts, which sound nasty for anyone used to costume contests but are stunning and gorgeous for those familiar with proper masquerades. Most of the recreations (aka "cosplay") were pretty damn good too. The skits... either they need a time limit under 90 seconds or they need to enforce one. Yikes. Even a spellbinding original concept was jarringly interrupted with Bad Romance. Sums things up pretty well, actually.

Their intermission was downright awful as they invited a few not-ready-for-public-consumption standups to do short, not-quite-audience-appropriate bits. Thankfully we were able to turn down the TV and get the room ready. They ran over, so we had to turn it off and pretend Slytherin didn't have a TV as the party started.

Hey, another Dark Lord! Plenty of room for more! Gotta love Bellatrix too.

Last night's Voldemort had actually changed into a Dementor. I'm not sure which was more uncomfortable.

Spaceball! Watch out.

And to make up for Zapp, here's Leela and Nibbler.

When these guys walked into Gryffindor, Harry grabbed the golden egg and tried to open it up. The screeching was unbearable.

Side note (because I couldn't fit it into page 3)- The Willy Wonka room party is fantastic. They have chocolate in a fondue pot and tiny fruit-flavored alcoholic drink, served in a little glass vial. (A little glass vial? A little glass vial.) They're yummy.

Right, right, back to our party... hello Hermoine.

 Highlights from Friday were a bunch of Snatchers running into Slytherin with Potter and us not knowing what to do with him, Lockhart and Snape sharing time in the picture frame, and Ginny writing naughty, naughty things in Tom Riddle's diary for our amusement. She thankfully had some clean entries when some children asked what she was writing. Also, someone commented about the double trouble of having both Dracos in the room at the same time. I jumped up and launched into the Team Rocket motto. Other Draco picked it up brilliantly and did the James part step-for-step. It was hilarious.

I had been pretty firmly affixed to the room for the first two nights, so midway Saturday night I decided that it was time to venture out a little more and experience convention night life properly. Granted I was still Draco so my glasses were still in my pocket, but I could still at least make out the shapes of CONvergence night life.

The dance was just pure fun. While a couple of the room parties covered the heavier beats and pop-oriented stuff, the official dance was pure geek. I walked into Weird Al, heard several video game remixes and really enjoyed the atmosphere in a way few cons have offered lately. Kitsune Kon and CONvergence are really picking up the slack when it comes to awesome late night geekdance.

I was ducking in and out, both to cool down (I was wearing a sweater) and to see if I can find any friends that wanted to jump in too. After one particular roundup, I reached into my pocket to get some focus to see if anybody I knew was at a particular room party. The glasses were gone. (dramatic sting)

Yeah... of all things, my glasses magically disappeared from my pocket. I scoured the convention floor a few times, including the dance, but couldn't find them. No luck at the bridge or the room parties either. They were just gone. Poof.

Needless to say, I wasn't in mood to dance anymore, and sat around the room party in dismay. Thankfully, that's well within the character range of Emo McBlondie.

So it was a disappointing end to the night. We had a long meeting once the room closed to figure out our plan for checking out: Slytherin was booked for an additional night, but Gryffindor still had to be checked out at noon like always. Rae said she'd be waking all of us at 8:00 am sharp to get things going. We also brainstormed a bunch of ways to make it better next year. It felt like a post-con meeting.

So being forced to wake up early Sunday morning, we did the natural thing... stayed up and had an after party. We finished off the butterbeer, played some music and just chilled out of character. Snape put in Dogma and we all gathered 'round to watch it. Curiously, we all seemed to doze off right after the second big Alan Rickman scene.

Boy were we all dead Sunday. Some of us took turns sneaking quick naps during teardown.

Some of us played with props from other fantasy franchises.

I was too tired to do anything but tear down the room. My glasses never turned up in the staff room, so it remains a mystery how they buggered off like that. Still, I've got a whole group of new friends now and I'm totally down with bringing Draco back next year, so it was a fun day.

Just like Towelie!

As for the blurry drive home... to quote last year's Geek.Kon chairman it was "very, very interesting and now I know why it's illegal."

You said it, Towelie...

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