CONvergence 2011

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Page four and it's only Friday night? Yikes... clearly this is when everything unravels.

Oculus Reparo

Both houses had cups on a table for visitors to drop gems into as a way of "voting" for who should win the House Cup. It was designed as a way to gauge attendance for future years, which would be very insightful as our team had to make several trips to pick up more refreshments. It's entirely possible that we cleared out the entire Twin Cities area's stock of A&W Cream Soda.

Anyway, Gryffindor seemed to be the clear winner after day one, owing in part to the fact that they had all the drinks... and in part to the fact that they had all the cute girls. Slytherin needed an additional hook, and the NEWT exams weren't cutting in. We finally settled on something and boy did it work...

That's right! Have your picture taken with the Dark Lord! That got people through the gates.

We also retro-fitted our balcony with two paintings... a static painting of J. S. "Professor" Bach and one that wasn't revealed until they stepped in.

John scared many a soul that night with his witty conversations. He was one of the breakout hits of the room.

Old Tom, meet New Tom!

Professor Lockhart was probably the winner for best character portrayal. He spelled John in the painting as well. Only thing worse than a former professor brought back to life in a painting is Professor Lockhart trying to sell his books.

Anyway, the continued harassment from Harry and Ginny showed just how inept Draco was at magic. Not only was he unable to disarm or torture his enemies, he wasn't even able to use the Imperius Curse properly to compel visitors to vote for Slytherin. Snape stepped in and offered some pointers, coaching Draco on how to properly execute the Cruciatus Curse. After an extensive lecture witnessed by several visitors, I looked at him and said "I think I'm gonna need a montage!" That got some laughs.

Even Rocky had a montage.

Just for the hell of it- Zapp!

Everybody now- "Why so Sirius?"

Who the hell needs Johnny Depp?

Couple of Time Lords and we'd be all set.

Oh... these guys raised some havoc. Or rather we raised havoc when they showed up. While they were visiting, Ginny attempted to enter Slytherin. This time, I grabbed her, told her I wanted to introduce her to a friend, took her to Sir Bedevere and shouted, "She's a witch! Burn her!"

Also, the Black Knight was missing an arm.

Things got a little strange when Ginny decided that she liked it better in Slytherin and asked Draco to buy her off for a night. Potter said he'd let her go for a galleon. I gave him a penny. Good enough.

Later on, our Astoria Greengrass, Draco's future wife (BOOM goes the spoiler!), was seen hanging out with our Harry at a different room party. She came back with "Property of Harry Potter" written on her arm. Between her and Ginny, I commented, "Potter, this is the weirdest episode of Wife Swap ever."

Very dedicated cosplay. We all made it a point to call him Dobby.

Obviously, when I'm playing Malfoy, my glasses are off. Contrary to general assumptions, I'm not completely blind. Things are a bit blurry, but I can generally figure out what's what. I had gotten quite used to it actually. Unfortunately, pulling the glasses in and out of my pocket were proving to wear on the joints and late Friday night, the lens and the tiny screw popped right out in the corner of Slytherin house. The lens was easy enough to find, but valiant efforts to search the grounds turned up nothing, and as the lens could not be secured in the glasses, my actions were quite limited for the rest of the night. I spent the night in Gryffindor... er, rather, Ravenclaw. All the Gryffindor participants had left an hour before close and Ravenclaw rechristened the room, changing signs and everything.

In the middle of the night, something, possibly a foot, possibly my foot, stepped on the glasses. Without the screw to support it, one side of the frame was bent pretty badly. I bent it back into a wearable form, but I knew I would have to find a repair kit pronto. The hotel store and the gas station next door didn't have anything, so I went to the next obvious location...

Yep... the Mall of America. It was the only place the bus went to and I sure as hell wasn't giving up my parking spot midday Saturday.

While there was a perfectly good con back at the Sheraton, it proved to be a good move as the LensCrafters on the third floor replaced the screw and fixed the frame for free. The glasses were good as new. Awesome!

While we're here, might as well walk around for a bit... it is the Mall of America after all.

After lunch at the same not-actually-a-Sbarro chain I discovered at Anime Milwaukee, I did a lap around the joint to burn off the greasy pizza, waited 30 minutes for the bus to show up, and got back in around 2:30.

Folk dancers greeted my return.

This all sets up the grim and ironic finale.