CONvergence 2011

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 The Friday evening schedule was very tight as Team Hogwarts had planned a long list of activities in the atrium, including a photoshoot, wizard chess, toad chorus and Yule Ball. Then came the actual party. I managed to get into Malfoy's outfit without too much trouble, despite much of the room focusing on the complicated procedure needed to summon Voldemort and Dumbledore for the festivities. Thankfully, I was in and out quickly and had a couple hours to kill before it was time to weave more magic.


Hours to kill means random wandering and that ups the opportunity for cool cosplay photos.

Like a fantastic MST3K rendition.

Or one of the best Dr. Horrible outfits I've seen, even before this...

Yep, the case of Wonderflonium emits light.

My wandering took me into a panel for swapping convention stories. Tempted as I was to share the Coffee Conversation in a discussion about staff radios, I sat back and enjoyed the various stories. The unique mix of genre was really apparent here as a Detour staffer had some good stuff from her con. It's one of the rare times you can hear convention stories about Shannon Townsend, Chris Ayres and Harlan Ellison all in a fifteen minute span.

When I returned to the atrium, the photoshoot was getting underway...

Viktor Krum... amusing in that it was Evan's intended cosplay had he been able to make the trip.

Dumbledore and Voldemort grace the scene.

Harry, Hagrid and McGonagall join the headmaster. Several of the photographers wanted Draco to join them in the picture. I did... standing right in front of Harry. The shoving match that ensued cracked everybody up.

Hogwarts Faculty picture! Unfortunately, my camera battery went dead and I missed out on a couple more pictures. Not like they aren't hard to find on Facebook.

I had to bid the company farewell soon anyway, as I was off to a different event at the mainstage- Paul and Storm!

Yep, the eternal opening band for Jonathan "Beardy McPortalface" Coulton (both featured in my Geek Music 102 panel) was doing a one hour set and I was very interested in seeing not only their act again, but how a convention of this size managed a concert by professional singing persons. I left right on time as not only was there a healthy line to get in, but Mike showed up a minute later.

The concert was great. Shame that it was almost the same setlist as the Madison concert I had attended last April (with their wild Mother's Day song replacing a merely amusing Easter song), but I like most of those songs anyway. It took them fifteen minutes to get through The Captain's Wife's Lament. Good stuff.

One strange thing I noticed was that the lighting and sound quality actually seemed better here than the concert in Madison, especially during their rock ballad I Will Sing a Lullabye. Very cool.

After the concert, I ran to replace the batteries for my camera. I always keep a spare set of high end lithium batteries in my con bag... which as you recall was now in my car. Naturally, it was now raining. And I'm still in costume. Brilliant.

On the way back, I swung upstairs to see if Paul and Storm were still at their table and how busy it was. Wins on both ends as they were there and the crowd had subsided to the point where I strolled on up and started chatting. That was fun.

Also, Storm had mentioned earlier in the week that he was hoping to take pictures of as many cosplayers as he could over the weekend. I offered to help him in his quest, me being the charitable soul that I am.

Yep, totally there to help him out. Not at all concerned with getting a pic of me and Storm into the recap. No sir.

Since I had to swing by our room to get car keys for the camera, I had stopped by the Mos Icee Cantina for a refreshment. They do their room up like the bar at Mos Eisley and give away free sno-cones. Great for a quick pick-me-up.

Naturally, when I returned with my camera, the place was packed and I couldn't get a decent picture of the room.

Lacking pictures from the photoshoot, I made it a point to collect several of the other characters during Friday's room party. Here's Fleur. We also had a Cedric, giving us all four Tri-Wizard Tournament participants that night. I wasn't able to confirm this until after the convention, but there are pictures of the four of them together at the photoshoot.

Wall and floating candles from the Great Hall. Gryffindor's mattresses are cleverly hidden behind them.

Cho Chang, part of a surprisingly large Ravenclaw contingency at the Gryffindor/Slytherin rooms.

Wow... time for another page already? Just flying along here...