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We slept until ten. That's pretty darn good for a convention, especially when check-out is at noon. Sunday is a day to pack, a day to say goodbye, and a day to squeeze every last drop of fun out of the waning moments of No Brand Con.

in 5.1 Digital Audio!

Packing was easy. I had one bag in the Green Bay suite, one bag in 202, and a car in the parking garage. The whole process took fifteen minutes, which is incredible when the process usually takes about an hour. But since I was in 202 Sunday morning, let's see how the room turned out:

Wipe your feet before you go outside.

I hear the Ramada is still trying to clean everything up, and digging up sleeping con-goers every day.

While biding my time before the Variety Show and planning the Moosejaw run with Kellin & company, the vendor's room was the place to be Sunday morning. Not just for the sales (although after some haggling, I did get the DDR MAX soundtrack for $20 and the box set of Comic Party for $35), it was also time to tackle objective 5.

About two months before the convention, a third Digimon fanatic joined me and Tyler. I finally met up with Amanda and she was a tad discouraged that there was seemingly no Digimon presence at the convention- no cosplay, no merchandise, nobody recognizing the opening at Name That Opening. Thus began our mutual quest to find Digimon.

After scouring the booths for what seemed like forever, I finally found a Patamon coin holder, with Biyomon and Gomamon hanging nearby. Not much, but it was an encouraging start that lifted our spirits for what followed:

A different vendor, representing Eagle Anime, came prepared. Right after her table screened AMV Hell 3, she overheard our Digimon conversation and quickly aired her stash of Digimon AMVs, including a few of her incomplete Taito vids.1 We also had some classic discussions that I had only experienced online... like complaining about the season two ending. It's the one thing that binds all us Digimon fans together- we all hate the season two ending.

The vendor also brought up some old Digimon sites, and I quickly brought up Crapboardia.2 While she never posted, she loved Crapboardia. She was elated that Star was coming to ACen and asked me to introduce the two while we're down there.

We also made fun of Ai Yori Aoshi. More joy.

Digimon are still the champions

Unfortunately, Bokomon was the only plushie she had available. Does anybody actually like Bokomon?

Neemon, on the other hand, is Digimon's Ralph Wiggum. We love him.

Also, Amanda had Koji's D-Tector, which started beeping somewhere in the mix. She thought he was going into battle, but he was just angsting.

Koji is Digimon's Sasuke Uchiha. Perhaps I'd have enjoyed Frontier more if I was more into Naruto.

Objective 5: Make sure Digimon got represented somehow.

Incidentally, after the Digimon AMVs, the vendor also randomly played the Japanese opening to Samurai Pizza Cats. Why isn't that show out on DVD yet?

The variety show was the next stop. Normally, people attend variety shows for the acts. We attend the variety show to see the MCs make up for the lack of acts. Especially this year with two no-shows.

You can trust a Kapa to MC a variety show.

They do this job well.

The only real "skit" was Neil leading the crowd in an impossibly strange Japanese music video. Yay for dancing Christmas trees and let's hope ACen shows it during Anime Hell (it's *that* strange). Then came 1337band.

Because a stick beats all other weapons.

This year, the DVD of choice was ROD. It's a story about a stick. The DVD has 5.1 Digital Audio. Which is very good for a stick.

Midway through the song, Vinnk realized that it's actually an acronym for Read or Die. Thanks to ROD, the illiterate will be wiped from the face of the Earth.

Given the lack of skits, they did an encore with Mao-chan, a story about the Chinese revolutionary's days as a young girl in Japan.

This is Vinnk, not Mao-chan.

We also saw the return of Mini Moni Tambornino. We're not quite sure why.

Then they noticed that Neil left his computer hooked up to the projector. They dug through and found his "Shiny, Happy People" video.

Have you seen Scott Melzer's "Shiny, Happy People" video?

Picture that... to Grave of the Fireflies.

I'll repeat that...

Grave. Of. The. Fireflies.

I haven't seen it, but I imagine that it makes Gunslinger Girl as upbeat and exciting as Gun Smith Cats.

That's right- shiny happy people holding hands.

Needless to say, 1337band came up for a third performance- this one, called "121 Lake Street," gave explicit instructions on where to find Neil, what hours he is home, and what size of pitchforks and torches to bring.

On that note, it was suddenly over. The vendors were packing up and leaving and... well, that was pretty much my cue because of Objective 7.

I thought I had left well after those guys, so I hurried out, popped my new DDR MAX CD into Aurus, and hustled down to Wisconsin Dells for some fine Canadian dining.

Fast music equals fast driving. I ended up beating them there by about fifteen minutes. I probably should have given them my cell number or something.

In any event, they did arrive and we could lay claim to the awesome food at the Moosejaw.

They also had antlers.

Kraft Dinner was on the menu.

Almost the whole group- me, cosplay designer Taeliac, webcomic creators Roku-chan and Drazz from Otaku no Yen, and friends. Here's Kellin:

Objective 7: Post-Con Moosejaw run.

All in all, it was a great end to another successful convention experience, and given the fact that this recap sets a new record for pictures taken (111), pictures used (68), and total pages (6), I'd say we have a new convention champion.

It was also very fitting to end eating at a Canadian-themed restaurant-

It may not top No Brand, and it may be a crowded line of huddled masses, but Star?

Bring on ACen.


  1. Taito = Tai + Yamato (Matt). Hard to argue against Digimon yaoi. It's a classic gateway to MORE CORN!

  2. If you think I can explain Crapboardia in a mere footnote, think again. Let's just say corn was probably involved.