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Friday- Part Two
Gratuitous Butt Shots, Swimsuits, and Hanaukyo Maids

This being the 5th year, they went with a "class reunion" theme, with esteemed faculty members such as the Gardening Ninja.

All up in the Ditches and the Hoes
If my 5th year class reunion had a Gardening Ninja, I bet people would have attended.

Like most class reunions, the show was plagued by technical difficulties. Now every man knows the secret weapon to fixing technical difficulties...

That's right- Duct Tape.

Witty banter with the Gardening Ninja Give him money and he dances!

He actually made the technical difficulties worse, but how can you not love a man in a costume skin that hasn't been washed in five years.

After the ceremonies was the Man Auction. This year, Room 202 teamed up behind the leadership of our captain, Heather, who was determined to land as many Mans as possible on the heels of her $53 purchase of Vinnk last year.

But before getting to the Sotheby's-quality property, they had to auction off Neil and set the mark for everybody to beat.1 

Someone always gets that last 50 cents in there...

And sold for $22.50 to Kagome-chan... Ladies open your purses, we've got work to do!

This is To Slay Zombie Newton. An entire band of men all going for one price! This was an easy way for Heather to tally lots of men, so we encouraged her to go after them aggressively. Her whole "posse" concept backfired somewhat as she gave in to peer pressure and dropped $95 for the band. Vinnk's chant of "Collectively Less Than Neil!" didn't catch on.

The Mans came and went... all for More Than Neil. The 202 Crew ended up with almost everybody. Heather even secured Vinnk for the second year in a row... this time for $75. The increase must have been due to gas prices or something...

Come get some!

Then again... Vinnk never picked up a penny last year.

In the garden of ninja, baby!

After the well-behaved auction items thanked their purchases with a kiss, it was off to Vinnk's Hot Tub Club! Last year the Hot Tub Club was the place to soak with Vinnk and be regaled in tales about his adventures in Japan. This year... the only hot tub in town was in one of the suites, and there wasn't a lot of regaling room...

No pic of the 17 as I was one of the 17

Despite being no bigger than a bathtub, we managed to cram 17 people in there. Somebody call Guinness. Not for the record; after trying to cram 17 people into a bathtub, we need drinks badly.

Quickly deciding that there wasn't going to be much of a whirlpool in a hot tub with 17 people, we headed to the pool and created our own whirlpool. But before my fingers could turn into raisins, I had to rush back to 202 and set up for Name That Anime Opening.

I burned eight copies of my anime mixes. I assumed that would be more than enough, and could provide a parting gift to the losers. Val expected 8 people... tops.

Limit Breaks won't help you here

This was just one team. Quote the Yooper: "Holy Wa."

It was Team Final Fantasy against Team Trigun...

Yes, I actually took a picture of a Vash cosplayer...

Aptly named, huh?

To organize the chaos, we made the game a series of one-on-one showdowns, where a player must be the first to grab the roll of, you guessed it, duct tape, in order to "buzz" in. It may not have been convenient when the guy up there's the only one that can't recognize the opening to Lain, but it did create a lot of tense moments and fun, especially when we decided that if the first players didn't get it, anybody could step up and vie for the duct tape (I did so many face-offs I felt like an NHL referee). Our song selections were pretty strange too, as Tyler insisted on a round of annoying dub music (yes, including that One Piece opening). We were very disappointed that nobody got the Digimon opening (the Japanese one, thank you), but I loved how everybody knew me well enough to guess Eyeshield 21 when they couldn't figure it out and saw the smirk on my face. To spite them I *did* play the Eyeshield 21 opening... and nobody got it!

We also decided that the final round would be stuff we thought we be damn-near impossible to get, and allowed anybody and everybody to crowd around the duct tape and make a grab for it. To give you an idea of how nasty we were- I played the Japanese opening to Samurai Pizza Cats. Team Final Fantasy closed in on Team Trigun when they correctly identified the opening to Yami to Boshi to Hon no Tabibito (and came extremely close to getting the title right!). With one point separating the two, the final song was only somewhat-obscure, but more embarrassing to admit one knew it...

If you've never seen eighteen people play tug-of-war with a roll of duct tape, you'll really wish I had snapped a picture of it. Finally, we determined that Team Trigun had possession of the tape and they proudly identified the song as the opening to Hanaukyo Maids.

Pity them... but also celebrate their victory. And mine!

Objective 3: Pull Off Name That Anime Opening game.

Next year Tyler and I are definitely getting panel time and turning that into a legitimate event.

I'm sure I did more on Friday, but I do remember that it ended in Tony's room at 3AM, on a bed, trying to get some sleep while everybody else made last-minute touch-ups to their cosplay. I was half-asleep, but little did I know that Green Bay's cosplay outfits would be a big part of Saturday.

Anyone with the dubbed One Piece theme on his computer deserves this

Click on the random picture of Tyler being glomped to go there!


  1. All pimped out and one of the first on the blocks last year, Neil went for the momentarily-impressive sum of $9.50, which was well-above expectations at the time. When more and more subsequent fellows went for more, they incited a chant of "More Than Neil" whenever they topped $9.50. This echoed throughout the convention at the most appropriate and random times, including Closing Ceremonies when a 1337band CD was auctioned for $10 despite it's Vendor Room price of $1... and the fact that it's available for free online.