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Cosplay Time
5 More Reasons I Need To Play Final Fantasy

Once again, Duct Tape Boy and his "faithful" sidekick Green Boy "competently" hosted the cosplay.

Give Duct Tape Boy food/toys and get a bonus!

Their true power is the ability to keep an audience entertained while the judges deliberate. And boy did they have to deliberate this year!

Let's skip the chatter and go straight to it, shall we?

What, no Felicia? FF8 apparently has a pretty good following up here.

Apologies for the blurriness. You'd think after taking photojournalism classes I'd learn how to keep a camera steady.

No witty comment. Gun too big. This must be where Kino shops...

The Marine and The Merchant- one of the most elaborate, and one of the most creative. Both deservedly received prizes.

Although this guy made a pretty good Halo Marine too.

Last time he goes for the complete game...

Give Tony props for showing up, despite a badly inflamed shoulder.


Oh, that was the costume. I get it now.

The blood spatter hit the first three rows.

Duct Tape Boy enjoys the view of Hyatt's cosplay. She later made an impromptu jump (or rather, fall) into the swimming pool, in full cosplay.

We all enjoyed that view. Ahem...

Maybe it's one of the side characters in Comic Party.

Ever have that dream where you're standing, undressed, in front of a room full of people?

Next time remember that if you sign up for the cosplay, you better come prepared.

One of the Green Bay girls, Dani (right), won one of the cosplay awards. I was somewhat mollified, because if my bed is going to double as a sewing table for touching up a cosplay, that cosplay better win something!

Want a better picture of these two?

This "gutter shoot" was orchestrated by a group dressed as Misato and Ritsuko. Since we couldn't resist...

And Gendo saves a bunch of money on his car insurance.

There you have it: End of Evangelion as performed through interpretive dance.

And here's two more pictures just to throw in the cosplay section:

Note that the cosplayer on the left is holding the immortal roll of duct tape from Name That Anime Opening. He was voted MVP; that's his MVP trophy.

So that just about did it for the cosplay. We shuffled out so they could get ready for the dance. On my way out, I made eye contact with someone. She looked at me for two seconds and said "You look familiar!"

Objective 8: Avoid Tiffany Grant.
Mission... FAILED

Sigh. While I go renew the restraining order for ACen, click on the arbitrary picture of Mokona to head to the next world.