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It's not that I minded taking a badge shift; I had to volunteer at some point, right? But three hours is a long time to be sitting in one spot. Especially given the... unusual circumstances regarding this particular shift.

The Last Word

For starters, the rave was about to happen down the hall and the line to get in was stretching past my sector. Then there was the karaoke opening next door that was going to pick up and annoy the hell out of me. Finally, I was badging for Death Note Mafia, so I knew Nikolai and company were having fun inside.

To make things even better, five minutes in the fire alarms went off. Awesome.

One moment they're being led into the room. The next, the same line changes course and is suddenly going outside.

The moment the alarms went off, I jumped out of my seat and went straight into con chair mode, answering questions and directing traffic towards the nearest exit. Then I realized that I was not, in fact, the con chair, did not know what the correct answers actually were and wasn't entirely sure if we were supposed to be evacuating or not. Actual staff came by and said no. Then others came by and said yes. I shrugged, sat back down and let everybody else sort it out.

Things settled down and the ambience of the hallway was quickly drowned out by the combination of pumping bass from the rave and awful caterwauling from karaoke. This was a long three hours.

Thankfully, folks like Red and Jeff stopped in to occasionally keep me sane. A good portion of the last hour was spent with Mike from Kitsune Kon.

Seen here with an actual Kitsune Kone, the latest citing of a typo-inspired running gag that's been going since their last con.

Kitsune Kon ran a room party Friday night, or at least attempted to until the hotel raided their room, shut them down early and fined them for moving the furniture. Mind you that every room party at Convergence rearranges the furniture and Geek.Kon did last Detour and No Brand as well. Long story short- their grill was going unused so they offered to cook some grub for the video game staff. Guess what started the fire alarm?

NO! It wasn't them! The FAC shut that operation down as well due to the fire hazard. The alarms went off five minutes after they had unplugged and packed. It was determined that someone at another event in the building had accidentally hit the alarm.

Even though I had woken up at 7:30, I was more hungry than tired when my shift ended at one. Thankfully, George Webb is open 24 hours, and that place is just one of those charming little seedy diners that just needs to be frequented once during a weekend in Milwaukee. I found AJ on my hike back to the room (12) and we headed out for a 1:30 am breakfast.

Still not done! While I certainly could attest to the crappiness of the music playing at the rave, I learned that the DJ who spun Kitsune Kon's awesome dance had gotten the chance to bring it home. Turns out he was also the creator of that awesome Beck AMV that won Best In Show at Detour and Daisho in 2009. So this guy's climbed my list of awesome people in a hurry and I wanted to see how he did (13).

It did mean a half-hour or so of awkwardly bouncing around with the fifteen or so people who were still sweating it out in there. I knew exactly one person and tended to gravitate around his group.

We didn't make it. After some strangers got a tad familiar with some of the girls in the group, it pretty much killed the mood. And I mean of the entire dance. The Kitsune DJ said there were only a half-dozen people left when he finally got his shot. But it was 3:00 am and 19 straight hours is a pretty strenuous length for a con day, so I cashed in (14).

Checking out was a bit disorganized Sunday, but Matt and I somehow got everything together and saddled AJ with the task of using the auto-checkout on the TV. We also lucked out tremendously with the normally packed elevator scene, but having a higher floor does give you the upper hand in lucking into an empty elevator. It's the only real advantage to having a higher floor.

Beaker and Malice (from Matt's web series) sell Geek.Kon to the masses. Unseen- the other way I sold our guest list. I brought an easel and that foam board I had bought at Daisho, thinking I could mount posters to it. I ended up just writing the guest list straight on it and sticking it up. Holy crap did that work.

Oh, and 15 was the final number of hikes between the hotel and the FAC. For comparison's sake, I'll count the number of hikes through the rat maze (or equivalent) next ACen.

Gen and Erika cosplaying either the Blues Brothers or ACen's mascots.

Not sure if this counts as a proper photobomb either.

The only thing on the schedule Sunday was a taco-eating contest. It may have been closer to an omake activity...

It's Jake vs. Pher! Here they are sizing each other up before the taco eating contest.

Here they are during the taco eating contest. I have a scoreboard app on my Touchpad, so I thought it would add a touch of professionalism to the spectacle.

Here's Pher after the taco-eating contest. Jake won 4-3.

There was nothing on the actual schedule, and certainly nothing to top this, so we would down the rest of the convention at the table.

Kollision Con offered a Sunday worship service for attending Bronies.

There was also a giant bear.

Jake makes a superhero pose not to celebrate his win over Pher, but as part of a No Brand raffle event. Three winners were selected, with the one making the best superhero pose getting a No Brand sweatshirt. The finalists were Jake, Capito and some girl not on Daisho staff. She didn't do a superhero pose and was voted the winner overwhelmingly. Just like Naoto in Persona 4.

While walking out, I got wind that Milwaukee did hit its 3,000 mark. No surprise to anyone who saw the reg line. Given the fundamental failings last year, this was a vast improvement, with better space management and no feeling that everything was going to break down on a moment's notice. We got a ton more registrations than we ever had at Milwaukee before, and I did sell several tables and booths. So yeah, surprisingly awesome and productive con.

Best part is that Kitsune isn't the week after!

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