Anime Milwaukee 2012

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Back at the FAC (9), Kenny and Katie had arrived and were very happy to dodge the reg line when I conjured their badges out of my bag. Between them, Scott, Matt and AJ, we were able to take shorter shifts at the table, allowing us all to cut loose and enjoy the con a little more.

Or in my case, sell vendor and artist tables. Neither our vendor nor artist heads were here, thus making it the chairman's job. Who made that rule?

Can't Get Enough Of It

I'll spare you the official con business, but it's no surprise that the Eagle Anime gang was stoked Eric Stuart was there as well. This happened while they were playing a Japanese Digimon song on their stereo. I like these people.

And hey, it's season two Joe! I missed his season one Joe at Geek.Kon 2010. Once again, Nikolai was running Name That Anime Tune and once again, I wasn't going to be able to stay for the whole thing. There was actually a long line of panels that afternoon I wanted to attend. First off was Anime Jeopardy, which had a nice game board and okay questions, but having six individuals playing and buzzing in by hand-raising (and some very subjective arbitrating) made things a little disorganized. Best part was when an answer to a question about Cardcaptor Sakura was deemed incorrect because the contestant used terminology from the dub.

Continuing the game show block, Name That Anime Tune. Gomamon is staring into your soul.

Nikolai cleaned up the qualification process this time around, giving everybody an index card and seeing who gets the most right out of ten songs. Since I had to leave halfway, I only played for fun, getting two out of ten right (Nadesico and Utena) and spacing on two more that I should have gotten. Two was the threshold number for qualifying.

I'm so jealous of the buzzers and board, the former of which doesn't work for team play and the latter of which is too awesome to steal. A number of the Anime Jeopardy contestants were sitting up front next to me and we had a great time being smarter than everybody else in the audience. We probably answered a good half of the songs thrown to the crowd.

At one point, the wheel hit the infamous double-5, the hardest category of songs to recognize. It ended up being the opening to Niea Under 7, which I own. I got for Pocky for that one. I'm actually saddened that Niea Under 7 is considered that obscure. It's now going on the playlist for ACen.

Anyway, since you can't beat naming a double-5, it was a good time to scoot out of there and see how somebody else does a Digimon panel.

I was a little leery that there was actually a presentation involved with this, fearing a repeat of the panel at Ohayocon '08. That was presented as an introduction to the series, presented to people who were already fans and didn't need a primer on the characters of season one. This, however, was actually quite information with a bunch of new information covering the V-Pet toys, assorted manga and video games. While there was a lot to digest, there was still a time for the audience to share their opinions about the seasons and the movies, of which I have a bunch. I also got to plug the blog extensively, which was an added bonus.

A bunch of us ended up talking for about fifteen minutes afterwards and it turns out the panelists are planning to be at Geek.Kon, potentially even running this panel there. Sweet.

After a "quick" hike back to the room (10) for a snack, rest and Facebook break, it was time for Otaku Tonight with Professor Pher (11)! This was opposite the masquerade, which wasn't a bad scheduling move, save for the fact that one of their scheduled guests hosts the masquerade. While waiting to get in, I met Little Kuriboh. Nothing interesting in the exchange, but at least I can now say I've met Little Kuriboh and that he didn't autograph anything by mistake.

Speaking of which...

Rejected titles of popular anime. The other breakout sketch was Pher calling his "mom" and hearing about her initial foray into anime. Searching for something with good Christian values, she watched Bible Black with her church group. They loved it.

Hey kids! It's Doug Walker!

Gundam fanatic Nick Izumi reacts to Bandai shutting down.

A conversation Little Kuriboh that somehow got really awkward, to everyone's amusement.

With a guest cancelling, they filled time with a Dating Game parody for staff writer Derb called "Be My Waifu." Four eligible bachelorettes were summoned to the floor. Or rather, two girls, a guy and Little Kuriboh's actual waifu.

Judging by the look on Little Kuriboh's face, you can guess who won.

With a short amount of time before my badge shift, I popped into the panel "Boobs Are The Real Superpower," an 18+ run by four No Brandettes documenting the assorted hidden superpowers in anime. When I walked in, they were discussing how Black Lagoon was powered by racism. Fun!

Not so much fun was my badge shift. But that's on page three.