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The Digimon panel was a great success. Now that I've seen the bulk of the first three seasons, the crucial stuff is fresh in my head and news of season six coming over soon is exciting. People were thanking me in the elevator and somebody even wanted a picture with me Saturday night. Also, Chris Patton had an autograph session in the room afterwards so I was able to better explain my little outburst the night before. Strange that Tiffany Grant run-ins can happen anytime and anywhere, but Chris Patton run-ins are limited only to finishing up a panel when he's the next one up to bat.

It's funny how I was pretty shy about my strange Digimon obsession (strange in that it's not even close to my favorite anime, but rather a very stubborn muse), but have grown more comfortable with it as the years went by and it gained more of a nostalgic quality. It's also been fruitful: one of the things I was never able to do with these recaps was monetize it, but I'll be getting my first income soon for sales referrals through the blog. I suppose one last try won't hurt: anything you buy on Amazon through this link helps pay for this site and would be a great way to say thank you without spending any (extra) money.


Anyway, no pictures of the panel. Nor of Simone and I finally getting to enjoy the waterpark afterwards.

So here's a picture of the jazz hands sign from last year. The only difference this year is that I remembered to tell Evan about it.

Simone enjoying the statues around the Kalahari post-dinner. We went to the on-site sports bar and ate way too much.

Back at the con, we finally get a shot of Pher in casual wear.

With my schedule now cleared up, we didn't want to waste our time at the convention and were desperate for something other than random hanging out. We found Nick F. randomly hanging out and, rather than just talking for an hour like we normally do, I dragged him and Simone into the tabletop room to find a board game or something.

Ticket To Ride is a very simple board game to teach and play, and would have been perfect for us had it not been for three problems. One was that this was the Germany map and my knowledge of German geography is based only on what I picked up playing way too much FIFA World Cup 2006. Two was that this was an expansion that had some funky passenger rules that require extensive setup time and were hard to digest and explain (we didn't realize they were optional until well after we had set them up). Three was that even under ideal circumstances the game usually takes longer than the hour estimate.

So that was kind of a bust and we gave up about halfway through to hit up a panel.

This sounded like an incredible concept- Nick I. and some of the Daisho lifers doing a live dub of a couple episodes of Lucky Star with no script and, in some cases, no knowledge of the series. Lucky Star's one of those shows that I just could not get into and I looked forward to seeing Nick rip it a new one.

He certainly did, although the execution proved to be disorganized. Most of the fun was watching the presenters develop physical pain as they tried to figure out just what the hell they were watching. It's tough enough to be funny on the fly, doubly so in a series with such sudden scene changes and long stretches solely consisting of girls talking to each other.

They did attempt to do the dance though, so they get credit for that.

With that done, that was about all we could stand, so we called it a night a little early. Probably for the best since I had a shift at the ungodly hour of 8:00 am.

Thanks to an unusual illness that came and went while I was sleeping, I woke up at exactly 8:00 am.

I threw myself into barely acceptable form and stumbled into my shift (and as next year's workforce head for Geek.Kon, I must note that I don't encourage this in volunteers), knowing that it was a floater shift anyway and probably not too important. The job to stay in the staff room and serve as a backup in case something happens and an extra volunteer is needed.

The staff room wasn't even open.

I found some staff lounging outside. They aren't usually posed like this (nor are their security vests that glowy). They declared that I was entirely unnecessary for the first hour (and was free to do whatever) and absolutely crucial for the second hour (as they did not have anybody badging the vendor room in the hour before it opened).

So that's what I did. Between doing it here and at Geek.Kon.10, it's safe to call it one of the trickier badge shifts you can have, as it involves letting in vendors to open their booths while excluding congoers as the vendors aren't ready yet. To compound the difficulty, congoers are dying to get in while vendors are tired and bored by the third day and aren't as impassioned.

Following that, Simone and I checked out of the room with no incident (which I feel is worth mentioning as there's usually incident). With that done, we killed time at the central atrium of the Kalahari, enjoying some wake-up juice, watching the adorable tiger cubs play-fighting and keeping an eye on my Premiere League team. In the interest of staying integrated with the convention, we later took this to the con table just for old time's sake.

Hey, the Ghostbusters made some friends!

We stopped by the Daisho Show to see Pher do a short standup routine, solving assorted fandom battles in a giant anime battle royale. He declared that the winner would be Excel Saga, narrowly edging out Madoka Magica. It's hard to disagree with that.

We drifted into the tabletop room, where Zach was engaged in the giant chessboard. I remember playing that once a couple years ago.

We found Kenny and Katie and decided to try the whole “pickup board game” thing again, despite having less than an hour before my final shift. This was far more successful, getting through (and much enjoying) a game of Dixit, which has a similar mechanic to Apples to Apples using words and phrases to describe vague illustrations on cards.

My final shift was short and uneventful, mostly spent following the Packer game on my Touchpad. Not the best way to end the convention with the final recap, but there we are.

And so, after ten years and journeys spanning from Minnesota to Maryland, it comes to an end. My convention experiences stretch from being a clueless college student to an overworked reporter to a property owner with an awesome gal. Once I saw a Rei Ayanami cosplayer step into my elevator and wondered what I was getting into. Now I help run these. Once I was offended that a voice actress signed my program book when I didn't know who she was. Now Tiffany and I are legit con buddies. I've made countless friends in the process, yet still find ways to hang out with Scott and Nick F. I owe Nick a particular debt of gratitude, as he helped get me into anime in the first place and is thus responsible for all this.

Obviously, I'll still go to conventions and will probably still take pictures for Facebook and stuff. If you're still itching for a recap of conventions of this region, I'll direct you to Richard, who has taken up the habit.

So what's next for me? Well, as I've been watching Digimon Tamers for my blog, I've been dying to watch Serial Experiments Lain again. All this nostalgia for convention experiences has led me to believe there's only one way to do it...

That's right. I'm doing it again. In the early morning hours on Saturday, December 8, I'm re-watching all of Serial Experiments Lain, just as I did at Anime Central ten years ago. Starting at 1:00 am, the whole thing, straight through. I'll be liveblogging the mental degradation on Tumblr. Anybody who can get to Columbus that night is welcome to join me. I'll even buy you pizza. The only rule is that you can't sleep, because Lain will eat you.

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