Daisho Con 2012

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One of the reasons I wasn't thrilled about late night volunteer hours was the lost window for hitting room parties. Granted, after the many debacles last year, Kitsune was the only room party going on. However, their room party was shut down Friday night due to noise complaints. Difficulty: their room party was scheduled for Saturday night. In fact, nobody was in that room when the police arrived.

This has to be the first time a room party was properly accredited per Star Otaku's qualifications (a visit from security), despite an attendance of zero.


Next up on the list was something called electroswing. Daisho's house DJ did a sample set of it during Pher's show at Geek.Kon. Electroswing is exactly what it says on the tin and it is amazing. We were all looking forward to more.

Pher and Simone even dressed the part.

While planning this evening out, I had wondered what the exact time window was for this to be played, recognizing that as cool as it was, it wasn't going to be blasting for multiple hours straight.

Indeed, that proved to be the case, as there was no electroswing in sight. It looked and sounded downright conventional. In fact, the DJ was wrapping up his set at the time, closing out with a song he was playing due to overwhelming popular demand, as if everybody didn't know it would be Gangnam Style.

So we got to do Gangnam Style, which was fun, but the lack of swing left us disappointed. That, along with the usual factors, prompted us to leave early.

Not that it mattered, since I had a midnight shift to attend to anyway. The good news was that a late cancellation allowed me to swap Saturday's 10 pm shift for a 10 am shift, freeing up tomorrow night. Now if only there would be a room party to hit up in celebration.

While my badge shift was scheduled for a panel room, the staff had noticed that congoers were sneaking into the dance through the back entrance to main programming across from this panel room. The solution was for me to badge both rooms at once.

You shall not pass... without a badge... and a photo ID proving that you're over 18 if you're going into the panel.

Anyway, eventually the panel ended and I had to spend the rest of the shift by the door badging the dance like a commoner. Yawn.

That was it for Friday. Saturday began with... oh, right, I'm volunteering at 10 am now. That was fast!

For a change of pace, this was a projectionist shift. And when I say change of pace, I mean I've never worked a viewing room in my life. It's hardly brain surgery, but there is a strange feeling of responsibility when you, the volunteer, are the only order in the room. During the 11:00 switchover, I spent most of the time wondering if I was doing things right. And I've been at the helm of an entire convention before.

My shift was smack in the middle of the Crispin Freeman Power Hour, where he played the insufferable Hideki in Chobits and “that one character with the same name as my cat” Tsume in Wolf's Rain. Considering my public distaste for Chobits and the fact that all I knew of Wolf's Rain came from an improvised 1337band song at No Brand '05, this was perhaps my comeuppance for talking Nick Izumi into supervising the Lucky Star screening at Geek.Kon.09.

Oh well, it meant I got the rest of the day off.

After finally trading in the godforsaken copy of Tenchi GXP that I got in a grabbag at ACen '10, John shows me his fine wears available in exchange. Like a High School Musical dance game.

Ahem... I bought Puni Puni Poemy because all the other Excel Saga fans in my life say that they nearly scratched their eyes out from the insanity and that I must see it. Somehow I never had the chance.

Red with his new Mega Man cap. Evan partially funded the purchase on the condition that Red wear it for the rest of the con.

Clearly Scott stopped by the table. With it still in capable hands, Simone and I went to lunch.

Again, we were going to hit the Perkins, but then realized that there was a Ponderosa in town. A Ponderosa with a (not real) horse. No word on the (not real) horse's degree of badness.

We got back in time to catch the second half of the proper SKAmbies concert, which included a surprisingly workmanlike cover of Feel Good, Inc.

Random wanderings happened next, mostly just enjoying the afternoon crowd...

And the madness of getting pre-judged for the cosplay contest. Kim's stories about getting Judal's wig together are legend.

Looking for something to do and friends to do it with, we found my old pals Jasmine and Spencer playing a round of Apples to Apples with some younger kids (Cards Against Humanity was a glaring omission in their otherwise-solid tabletop room). When I say young, I mean Jasmine was lamenting that they didn't know who folks like James Dean were. Because Jasmine and I are totally old enough to remember going to James Dean movies.

She made enough of a deal about it that I was legitimately worried playing Rosa Parks while one of them was a judge (it wasn't that bad, and I won the card). It was a nice diversion (and a throwback to when this was a con mainstay) and killed time until my Digimon panel.

So here we go... the monster at the end of the book!