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So Simone and I took the bus to Mall of America for a proper date- decent food and a screening of Brave (which was all right). None of that has anything to do with Convergence.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled convention.

Saturday / Sunday

No Brave pictures, but we got Flynn from Rapunzel.

The bus dropped us off at about 6:00, just in time to join the rest of the gang up in our secret fourth floor headquarters to watch the masquerade.

Once again, we got commentary from Rae on several of the acts. Geek.Kon staff was well represented with Sarah B., John, Rosanna (our costuming head) and Sari all in the mix. Several trophies in there too.

Best in Show went to a representation of all the Doctors as Victorian ladies. It was amazing.

I had a bit of a dilemma at intermission. I was aware that John was going to do the old "propose marriage at the masquerade" chestnut here, and that some sort of confirmation on the tube was likely. Problem was that involved sitting through the truly awful intermission of a couple hacks posing as comedians. Show some support for my friends/staffers or my brain?

Brain won out; I was totally out of there. John, Sarah- congrats anyway.

Walking around before my shift, we found Rosanna and company. Peach was on the disabled list and couldn't attend.

After pretty damn good Italian food for lunch, it was con suite rice for dinner and room party time.

Everybody's busy with the OWL exams, the written trivia quiz that was allegedly easy just because it was based off the movie (it wasn't). The NEWT exam was allegedly hard because it was based off the book (it was).

We were visited by knights again, such as Galahad, joined by Zoot. I got out of accusations of being a witch by explaining that I was a wizard.

Next door in the Brit Con room, they had a shrubbery.

Tuxedo Vader swing by the painting.

And then some heavies came to rough up the place.

Since we hadn't been yet, we picked up some smoothies in the space lounge and admired the giant Connect Four game. Too tired to actually play, though. All in all, a quiet night to wrap things up. Slytherin ended up making a final push, falling to Ravenclaw by just two points.

Since the room was reserved through Monday and I had just a single box of luggage, there was no rush to pack up Sunday morning, freeing me up to check out a panel on naming characters. It's always been an art that I've found curious and wanted to hear discussion from the pros, including author Tamora Pierce. Towards the end, I added a question (considering the disposition of a character's parents in naming a character) not because it was relevant to my work, but because I thought it would provoke discussion.

Sunday was spent dawdling around with Simone, including a late lunch at Friday's just to have one rather than because we were starving. It was a nice, calm way to end what was a relatively nice, calm weekend... at Convergence.

Top-3 finishers of the OWL and NEWT exams frequently stopped by the room for prizes and to get pictures taken by their house of choice. These were Gryffindor's only representatives.

I didn't have anything to do and work the next day, but the room was going to be open Sunday evening to catch any stragglers. The Hogwarts party used it as the one opportunity to serve butterbeer to anyone so inclined.

It's seriously the only reason I stuck around that long. After that, I was out of there.

And so that brings us to the end of Convergence, which may not have been as eventful but was certainly not as stressful as last year. It also brings us to a spot of news that may break a few hearts but is becoming necessary as time goes on and I find myself embroiled in new projects:

The next recap, for Daisho, will be my last.

It's hard to end the tradition, but considering I've been doing these for ten years and have gone from total newbie to knowledgeable attendee to staff member to chairman of a whole convention, it's becoming harder to find new things to write about and my schedule means it's taking me longer to do so. I'll still be taking pictures and putting them on Facebook, but the days of the blow-by-blow text recaps will come to an end at the end of this year. So Daisho will have both a recap of that con and the recaps themselves. Let's make it a swan song to remember!

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