CONvergence 2012

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The room party felt very streamlined this year, with fewer active players running the room itself. So it was less about visiting with the characters and more getting swept into the room itself for a moment.

Any character moments to be had happened Thursday.


Condensed to one room for sanity purposes, we stuck to the Great Hall, with banners of each of the four houses and a running visitor tracker vote for House Cup.

The bookcase is now on the balcony as a study. At least it would be nice if not for...

You can bet these two were hamming it up all night.

The House Cup voting ended up dominating day one, or at least the campaigning for it. A very loud and persistent Hufflepuff contingency needed response, and it usually came in the form of mocking them incessantly for trying to represent Hufflepuff. We ripped them for failing to be “good finders” when someone lost their sunglasses. When a Green Lantern cosplayer left, we joked that he was the only one who would ever fear Hufflepuff. And what are they doing cheering for badgers in Minnesota? Their response was that badgers don't care.

Not that it mattered. It's a geek convention; Ravenclaw killed everybody.

Apparently Professor Quirrell was a Ravenclaw. I'm sure he's the pride of that house.

Simone and I snuck out of this mob halfway through. We weren't officially scheduled for the first night anyway. After some walking around, we discovered an open gaming room incorporated into the con suite area. After a rather uninteresting game of Fluxx, we decided to indulge in a card game that had been catching my eye due to sheer horror- Kittens In A Blender.

The object of the game is, yes, to puree your opponent's kittens and save your own. We kept to this with the lone exception of Pancake, who was the most adorable of the adorable and had to be spared no matter whose team he was on. He got blended anyway.

Ah, Cards Against Humanity! This'll make us feel better about ourselves! It's a knockoff of Apples to Apples where both decks are designed for people who play Apples to Apples the way we do. I won "Good to the Last Drop" with "The Blood of Christ."

Bob's working on variations of it for Geek.Kon. One may involve the children's edition of Trivial Pursuit.

In other news, on one of our fliers, somebody put googly eyes on Geekbot. They kinda work for him.

We got back to the room after the party closed and agreed with everybody else that it was bedtime. Simone and I took the balcony, although everybody else thought we were crazy given the thumping music from right downstairs. I figured that I'd be able to hear the music whether in the room or out on the balcony, but out on the balcony I wouldn't be able to hear any snoring. Impeccable logic... still didn't get any sleep.

There were some panels I was sort of interested in checking out Friday morning, but I was too tired for legitimate con activity. Simone led me to the coffee bar part of the consuite, which I had never thought to try last year. They have cappuccino too! I'll drink that!

With a little caffeine in our system, we were ready for the first big event bright and early at noon.

Some of the old college friends that I still hang out with have gotten me addicted to the game Red Dragon Inn, where a bunch of D&D adventurers settle down, have some drinks and try not to kill each other. The object of the game is to be the last one standing after everybody else goes broke or passes out from too much alcohol or too many blows to the head. It's delightful. Simone and I had seen posters advertising a run of these game and we were in.

Inspired by the con's theme "Wonder Women," we were only allowed to use the female characters in the game, which is fine as those are generally the most fun (save for Zot the Wizard and his pet killer rabbit Pooky). I took Wizgille the Tinkerer (a gnome that relies on her inventions... that may or may not actually work) while Simone had Deirdre the Priestess. There turned out to be incentive as the winner got a deck from an upcoming expansion.

Simone was knocked out second. I held on and managed a nice gold stash, but my drinks got too potent and I could only turn so many of them into gold. I took third out of the six players. Kaylinn the fairy (and her wolf companion that changes moods every turn) won.

We ended up having back at Dairy Queen for lunch, which makes two straight meals there if you're counting. Not that I mind. We saw this in the parking lot on our way back.

There was also dodgeball, which I probably would have gotten into if it weren't so hot... and if any voice actors had popped in looking to get their bell rung.

I snuck a quick nap up in the "study" while everyone was dawdling in the hall, and took the opportunity to grab a shower as well. Refreshed, it was time to actually do con stuff at this con.

I've never written music before, and only a few song parodies that qualify as comedy, but I wanted to hit Writing Comedy Music just to hear a discussion of the craft. What defines good comedy music has always intrigued me, and is probably why I run stuff like the Geek Music panel and get down with nerdcore and such.

And just for the hell of it, puppets.

By the time I got back, it was supper time. We sure as hell weren't going back to Dairy Queen, leaving us with few options. But few is not zero, so it's not going to be a problem.

Onwards to the problem...