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Welcome to the English Anime Lyrics Archive, your stop for the best *singable* English translations online. The EALA currently has more than 35 songs from anime like Cardcaptor Sakura (as you could probably guess by the picture) and Digimon to Love Hina and InuYasha.

The goal of the EALA is to write English lyrics that are both true to the original Japanese words, while implementing English musical and poetic elements to make the song fun to sing.

***UPDATED 10/6/2007 - Three New Songs!***

 Song Anime Japanese Song Title Description Lyricist
 edge .hack edge //liminality Opening A. R. Pulver
 After the Storm Angelic Layer Ameagari 2nd Ending Pat McCarthy
 The Starry Sky Angelic Layer The Starry Sky 1st Ending A. R. Pulver
 Catch You, Catch Me Cardcaptor Sakura Catch You, Catch Me 1st Opening A. R. Pulver
 Groovy! Cardcaptor Sakura Groovy! 1st Ending A. R. Pulver
 The Endless Road Cardcaptor Sakura Tooi Kono Machide 1st Movie Theme A. R. Pulver
 Never, Never, Never Cardcaptor Sakura Zutto, Zutto, Zutto Songbook- Sakura / Kero A. R. Pulver
 Come Here Cardcaptor Sakura Kotchi wo Muite Songbook- Meiling A. R. Pulver
 My Only Movie Star Cardcaptor Sakura Watashi Dake no Movie Star Songbook- Tomoyo A. R. Pulver
 Prism Cardcaptor Sakura Purizumu Songbook- Sakura A. R. Pulver
 Let Me Be With You Chobits Let Me Be With You Opening A. R. Pulver
 Pleasure Line Chrno Crusade Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line Opening Chris Homer
 The Real Folk Blues Cowboy Bebop The Real Folk Blues Ending Chris Homer
 Party Night Di Gi Charat Party Night Insert Song A. R. Pulver
 Be All Right Digimon Adventure Be All Right Takeru Takaishi Song A. R. Pulver
 Brave Heart Digimon Adventure Brave Heart Evolution Song A. R. Pulver
 Butterfly Digimon Adventure Butter-Fly Opening A. R. Pulver
 Evo! Digimon Tamers Evo! Evolution Song A. R. Pulver
 My Style Digimon Tamers My Style Girls' Festival- Ruki A. R. Pulver
 One Vision Digimon Tamers One Vision Matrix Evolution Song A. R. Pulver
 When I'm Saying Goodbye Digimon Tamers Sayonara Dake ga Shitteta Juri Katou Song A. R. Pulver
 Fire Digimon Frontier FIRE!! Opening A. R. Pulver
 Don't Stop The Music Doki Doki School Hours Furare Kibun de Rock 'n Roll Ending A. R. Pulver
 Any Promise From You Escaflowne Yakusoku wa Iranai Opening A. R. Pulver
 Love (Loyalty) Excel Saga Ai (Chuuseishin) Opening A. R. Pulver
 And Maybe They Call This Love Full Metal Panic Sore ga Ai Deshou Fumoffu Opening Pat McCarthy
 Never Get Away Fushigi Yuugi Never Get Away Suboshi Song Chris Homer
 From Today to Tomorrow Gate Keepers Kyou Kara Ashita e Ending A. R. Pulver
 Tomorrow's Smile Gate Keepers Asu no Egao no Tameni Opening A. R. Pulver
 Find the Way Gundam Seed Find the Way 3rd Ending Pat McCarthy
 Change the World InuYasha Change the World 1st Opening A. R. Pulver
 My Will InuYasha My Will 1st Ending A. R. Pulver
 You May Dream Kare Kano Tenshi no Yubikiri Opening A. R. Pulver
 7 O'clock News Kodomo no Omocha Jyukuuji no Nyuusu 1st Opening A. R. Pulver
 Pure Snow Legend of Himiko Pure Snow Opening A. R. Pulver
 Ain't Got an Umbrella Love Hina Kasa ga Nai no yo Mitsune Konno Song A. R. Pulver
 Winter Wish Love Hina Winter Wish X-Mas Special Insert Song A. R. Pulver
 Just Fly Away Mon Colle Knight Just Fly Away Opening A. R. Pulver
 Your Number One Nadesico Anata no Ichiban ni Naritai Ruri Hoshino Song A. R. Pulver
 Successful Mission Saber Marionette J Successful Mission Opening A. R. Pulver
 Samba of the Night Sakura Wars Yoru no Samba Ayame Fujieda Song Jessica Lo
 If You Are Breaking Yu-Gi-Oh! Ashita Moshi Kimi ga 
1st Ending A. R. Pulver
 Mayfly Weiß Kreuz Mayfly Nagi Naoe Song Jessica Lo

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